It’s Go Time!


I’ll join youse guys in progress tonight. Have to be somewhere from 6:30-7:30 or so.

Henrik Lundqvist is in goal again. Chad Kolarik will play, Brodie Dupont will skate in warmup and be prucha’d unless somebody else is felled.

That’s all I’ve got.

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  1. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, if you injure enough Rangers he’s bound to move up eventually. Are they running out of Centers in Hartford?

  2. Somehow it’s pronounced Caloric. (Kolarik)

    Thanks ilb and Mama – I’m getting close to 26 in real life, creeping up on it, three years away. But on here, I’m 26, at least for every game night. ;)

    Seven goals last night for each of our injured Rangers: Fankist, Boogeyman, Cally, EC, Froggins, Dubi, Fedotenko.

  3. No, they’re good down there, Olga. They have Todd White, he can fill in on all four lines, if need to..Very versatile player.

  4. Love the Carolina third jerseys. If I had the extra cash, I would buy a Staal in black and red.

    Sounds like Marc has a cold, or he’s going through puberty. :)

  5. Woski Del Headzo on

    Oh no – next thing you know Carp goes down with a sprained typing finger out 2 -4 weeks!




  6. I posted a link to cheap authentic jerseys today Spider, let me know if you’d like to see it again and I can send it you via FB.

  7. Jersey choice for tonight:

    Gaborik white
    Staal blue
    Del Zotto blue
    Callahan heritage
    Leech white

  8. The Drury skates like a newborn baby turtle washed up on the shore trying to navigate the beach.

  9. i cant wait for the drury throwback performance tonight.. 2 blocked shots and one pk.. and joe will talk about much this GREAT man brings to a hockey club.. such a great great great man

  10. Look at all these great chances by a team that got beaten 2 times in regulation in the last 4 days by a total combined score of 10-2 by the Bruins. :mad:

  11. shhhh. ilb, you’re scaring people :)

    hey, who was it on the last thread who came up with the new Joe M (who I dopily called John G last night, oh well) drinking game? There is not enough liquor in all of Westchester to keep up with that :)

  12. I thought that puck was saved by one of our defenders. And our 2 idiots just kept saying it was a post.

  13. Blue Seat Horror on

    I guess they don’t call delay of game for deliberately knocking the net off the moorings anymore.

  14. This Carolina team showed ZERO effort in 2 games against the Bruins. And their “great skater” Skinner is a nothing, a ZERO

  15. Blue Seat Horror on

    Spider, Gaborik bumped him but he made sure he finished the job. Gaborik didn’t hit him that hard.

  16. Why would MZA try clearing the puck from that angle? How did he expect it to get past Hank??

    Good effort though, just unfortunate.

  17. Joe : “It looks like nothing is going to happen.” laughs like a weasel “And then the seas open up and force the goaltenders to make saves” laughs again like a weasel

  18. Blue Seat Horror on

    Eminger must still be hurt from the Colton Orr chop. It’s effecting his skating tonight.

  19. And Joe is talking about “explodes.” I swear, this guy is sickening. “Fast and hard” Nothing like trying to watch hockey and listening to a closet …

    UGH! Im disgusted already.

  20. Blue Seat Horror on

    ilb, there’s a longer version of the Abe Lincoln commercial where you can see him wrestling with himself to not tell her the truth.

  21. Woski Del Headzo on

    Drinking game: Sip of brew for each “Staal” uttered. We’ll be carcillo-faced in no time!

  22. Woski Del Headzo on

    Mama – I hate hate hate hate all Geico commercials…and I’m a byfuglien customer of theirs! I almost cancelled the ploicy cuz of that. I do like the bud light commercials though.

  23. The referee just came in at the commercial break like a bat out of hell and grabbed Avery?????

    How about the Carolina guy, ref?

    If I were Avery, I wouldve taken the ref and thrown him down and said “Get the Byfuglien off me!”

  24. Olga Folkyerself on

    I liked the Abe Lincoln commercial for about the first 500 times I saw it. Now? Not so much…

  25. Headzo, why?! I, naturally, like the bud lite ads when they make fun of the guys….don’t so much enjoy the bikini mud girls…..tho I’m sure we may differ on that too :)

  26. Mama – Hope you feel better soon.

    I like the Geico commercials the first few times also, then, not so much.

    We actually were forced to see figure skating of an opposing player. :furious: Where’s video of our players when they were young?

    MSG…opponents’ home network?

  27. awwww. nice try Zucca…

    hey, I got computer and tv in same room for a change…….come join me……:)

  28. JBytes, new contest: I figure at least 1 jillion more times. Your bet?
    ha, I love this bud lite ad!

  29. Headzo, yes, there is that…:)

    Spider, if the game was every time Joe said big, we’d all be posting from rehab :)

    and FUG!

  30. >>…I figure at least 1 jillion more times. Your bet?

    Mama, I say 1 kajillion and fifteen more times.

  31. Blue Seat Horror on

    They “released” too much last night. Didn’t save any “big explosions” for tonight.

  32. Blue Seat Horror on

    Since Kaloric (yeah I know it’s misspelled, but if that’s how they’re going to pronounce it…) is wearing #25, does that improve his chances of being Prucha’d?

  33. Penguin announcer when Max Talbot penalized for interfering with Martin Broudeur on an iffy call:

    “That’s just respect for an elderly goaltender.”

  34. I swear, I really cant stand watching Drury hang his mouth guard out of his mouth after whistles. This guy does absolutely nothing for this team.

  35. Carolina could be still had tonight. They look very porous defensively. The Rangers need to tighten up in their zone first. They are not plating their game

  36. Goalie, that makes me sick

    Olga, LOL

    ilb, plating? are u driving your iPhone or was that a metaphor for being a good kitchen worker? hahahaha….mama love!

  37. Czechthemout!!! on

    I think we scored our goal allotment for the week last night. Missed way too many good chances.
    Eminger looks awful. Has no clue what to do with the puck on his stick.

  38. MSG has way too many goofy people involved in Rangers game broadcast. Why do we need to hear from Ron Dugay and Bill Pidto between periods?

  39. back in the day, a couple of years ago before I hit 26, I adored Ron. Now I am just perplxed.

  40. >>Carolina could be still had tonight. They look very porous defensively.

    The problem is, Rangers lack good finishers. Two breakaways and nothing to show for it.

  41. JBytes, dang, forgot to pay the bill, no phone :)

    Headzo, 3 years ago…..

    and HARTNELL!!!!!

  42. Blue Seat Horror on

    The funny thing is the Rangers are playing exactly like they did last night, except their opponent is different.

  43. Woski Del Headzo on

    Spider – they’re paying him $7 million for that goal. He needs to get it before the end of the season.

  44. I hope, they are not trying to even back goals difference in standing, after yesterday, it is just – 4 to go.

  45. >>Joe, shaut up!!

    We should start a letter writing campaign to have him canned at the end of the season.

  46. JBytes – It will never work. New York doesnt care what broadcasters do their games or about their fans. Ive tried that each of the last 5 years to have Michael Kay fired off YES, but it will never happen. We’re destined to listen to idiots that dont care about our teams.

  47. Damn, I knew this would happen. The Rangers go on to lose and they are 4 losses in the past 6 games with matches in Atlanta and Washington looming – they could very well end up in a 2 and 6 stretch with the Canes poised to push them into 9th overall.

  48. Blue Seat Horror on

    If the second period ends 3-0, this game will be a 3-2 final…again. They better either score or give up a goal.

  49. we will take the Caps…..injured players will be back. I have hope and no worries. I am a Ranger.

  50. >>I predict a “too little, too late” 3rd!

    I still predict a shutout. Gaborik hurt his shoulder again while scoring that fourth goal last night.

  51. Blue Seat Horror on

    Sucks to be Mike Weber. He blocked a shot with his knee and crumpled to the ice in the slot and ended up getting hit with a few more shots while he was writihing in pain.

  52. JByes, if not, what’s the point?

    eesh. fight less, score more boys. You ain’t the chippy Leaves….

  53. if Prust learns of Joe’s comment about him needing “longer arms for Christmas” I hope he gets him in the stocking…

  54. 3:0 for Rangers is a point of no return. This game could’ve went both ways, but is a perfect illustration of one team ability to score on same chances, good goalies given.

  55. josh….LOL….Carp outplays everyone :) Though I do want him to finally meet Orr on the greens and see how that works out :)

  56. Should’ve played Biron. He’s got like 7 straight wins against this team. Useless 40 minutes for Hank. Oh, well.

  57. dreary back with weise and newbury…. money well spent!!! i see a clutch bunt coming up from the captain

  58. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Why are they talking about Pitkannen again?

    Because the Skinner figure skating tape is all worn out.

  59. The sad part is that nobody that’s injured would really make a big improvement on the PP as far as puck carrying and passing goes.

  60. Umm, Carolina announcer… McBain played with BOTH Stepan AND McDonagh at Wisconsin. Heck, he and McD were D partners.

  61. As far as being a PP QB or being the set up man? None of those players do that. Dubinsky can carry the puck the PP was pretty dreadful with him in the line up too.

  62. Shoot kids… still watching game (sigh) but bestest friend insists on talking on phone so I gotta sign off here early….can only do so much at once….LGR!!! keep the faith!

    and you, you know who I’m talking about….behave!!! :)


  63. Unlike Rangers game – 2 good fights, but almost no good forecheck. Loosing in “open” game against this kind of team.

  64. I’m too tired to actually care. I just hope they tred water until some of the injured guys come back.

  65. Bye bye Rangers – 4 losses in the past 6 games. The Rangers cannot compete offensively with the Canes – Staal, Sutter and Skinner put to embarassing shame what the Rangers can present at the center position.

    Let’s see, Staal drafted 4th overall, Skinner 7th and Sutter 11th – mmm…rewards of finishing in the bottom 1/4 to bottom 1/3 of the league.

    What a concept!

  66. Is it anything positive out of this game, except Kolarik first NHL point? Interesting to hear from Tortilas

  67. BTW, am I the only 1 who finds the drivel Rosen and Shitelitti keep spewing throughout the MSG broadcasts maddenly frustrating?

    They’ll banter back and forth like 2 idiots for entire stretches of play, only stopping to focus on the game when there’s a whistle. And Shitelitti’s George Bush little laugh I find infuriating.

    Damn, I wish Dave Maloney did the colour in these games.

  68. we aint makin the playoffs with this lineup. 1 win in last 4 games. slowly lsoing ground here

  69. Have it muted cause I don’t want to hear MSG’s bull, especially about Kolarik.

    He doesn’t look terrible, but had two good chances early and didn’t drive to the open side of net either time, instead making very ordinary plays.
    Hey, it’s one game, not killing the guy. He doesn’t look out of place.

    This game was just annoying from the get-go. Better to forget it and get 2 points in Atlanta.

    That’s what Torts was thinking when he said after last night ‘we had to get the home game’.
    He was hoping for a split the next two.

  70. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jim. Do what I do. Shut off the sound and play some good music during the game. You can follow the game all by yourself. The commercials are better too.

  71. Congrats to Kolarik and McDonagh on their 1st NHL points. That is about the only positive tonight.

    I personally think Cam Ward is on of the elite goalies in the NHL, right there with Lundqvist, Thomas, and Miller. I thought he should have started over Luongo and Brodeur in the Olympics for Canada. If the Canes make the playoffs, they have enough grit, experience, and talent to make a serious run, no question. And guys like Jokinen and Staal have been clutch in the playoffs. I think they will make a run and win that division.

    You can’t be too upset over this loss, coming off of a game like last night. Just rest and focus on the next game boys…

  72. two of those losses were to the best team in the NHL, im not worried. When we start losing to NJ, NYI, TOR, BUF then i’ll be worried.

  73. Agreed gotta grant the Rangers some slack due to their depleted lineup…but they looked sloppy defensively several times and like so often with a full lineup, missed several glorious opportunities.

    As Rod says – move on from this and look for 2 points against the Thrashers.

  74. Breakdown of the forty shots taken by the Rangers.
    Anisimov: 7
    Wolski: 5
    Kolarik: 4
    Staal: 4
    Prust: 3
    *Gaborik: 2 [a fat -1, to boot]*

    Right! Gaborik certainly is leading these young pack of Rangers, isn’t he? So much for regaining his “confidence” and scoring form!

  75. Mickey: Ah, I see. I’m Canadian and therefore, get NHL center ice to watch the Rangers – the MSG feed was all I could find – usually if there are dual feeds, I’ll listen to the opposition’s broadcast (although I cannot stand to listen to those Penguin idiots) just because Rosen and Shitelitti (especially Shite) drive me bonkers.

    And yeah, when I do, often I get annoyed at the overkill from those announcers…

  76. two of those losses were to the best team in the NHL, im not worried. When we start losing to NJ, NYI, TOR, BUF then i’ll be worried.


    but none of those teams are going to playoffs…

    aren’t you supposed to beat the best teams to win postseason?

  77. Canes have more offensive talent than us, we can’t expect to beat them with half our regulars hurt.

    Can’t get too down, have to focus on Atlanta.

  78. Jim, I get center ice, too, but my only option was the Canes ‘cast.

    Y’know, the Canes are a really good team and Ward a really good goaltender. With how depleted the team is right now, I’m OK with the loss. As I said before, they just need to tred water/hang around .500 until the injured guys get back.

  79. JBytes: Agreed – it will be interesting to see if Gaborik continues his year long pattern of scoring in bunches (10 goals in 3 games) and then averaging 1 every 6 inbetween. I know Carp was sorta defending him in an earlier blog saying how goal scorers pile up goals against weak teams and often have goalless droughts, but IMO, what Gabbie has does this year isn’t at all the norm for snipers.

    The Rangers play Atlanta Saturday, Washington Monday and Florida Tuesday – if Gabbie comes away with a single goal in total, he’s back to form and that, IMO, is worrisome and worthy of Sather entertaining trade offers (if there are any serious ones out there).

  80. JBytes was Gaborik the only Ranger that was a -1? Or are you emphasizing that stat because you have an unusual obsession with making sure the rest of us know he didn’t get on the scoresheet again?

  81. Jeez guys, anybody here NOT want to win every single game? Every period?

    Never happened. Don’t sweat it or draw grand conclusions. F’d up night. Move on.

    We are depleted right now to the point where we’re treading close to being unrecognizable.

    Main thing is getting people back healthy, without recurrences.

    Then it starts to look like a whale of a team. Then comes the trade deadline.

    So these are our dog days….

  82. Minnesota fans did have a lot of the same complaints about Gaborik when he was a member of the Wild…

    Just sayin…

  83. Rod/josh: Yep, agreed. Some of us just expressing some concern is all…no big whup.

    Question: When does Biron get back in? IMO, he should have started tonight and the King against Atlanta and Washington and the Biron again against Florida.

    But what do I know!?

  84. Biron should have been in there tonight. Was surprised it was HL.

    I like the way they play in front of Biron, and he’s shown he can handle more than the 20 games they penciled him in for.

  85. “Actually Gaborik has some pretty famous company”

    Reasonable argument of course, but don’t forget, unlike those droughts, take away the 3 big games and Gabbie has 5 goals in 32 games. That’s simply, IMO, not good enough if it’s to continue the remainder of the season.

    Hopefully, in the next 3 games he’ll pot at least 2 goals – that would indicate he’s turning the corner.

  86. I’m not trying to excuse Gaborik for failing to make an impact for long periods this year. It’s frustrating and very disappointing. But he also showed last year that he can be a force on a consistent basis and got zero support for long periods of time. So maybe his game is somewhere in between being the force he was last year and the ghost he’s been this year.

    But the entire team stunk tonight outside of Lundqvist and a lot of young and raw players are playing important roles. There are going to be nights and weeks where this team struggles. If the Caps, who were pretty healthy during their losing stretch can lose 8 games in a row then the Rangers are certainly not immune to poor play either.

  87. All right, gang. Been a long assen day, so I’m checking out and crashing early.

    See ya laters.

  88. I actually didn’t think of it much aside from being surprised when I saw Hank in there,
    but really, what’s the rationale for going with Lundqvist tonight?

    Probably go with your best and hope to get the first of the CAR-ATL games, then go with Biron.

    But Hank had a shutout last night, why not let him feel good and rest up, and at same time make Biron feel important, and not just a mop-up man?

    it’s been rare I’ve disagreed with Torts this year. But that’d be one (admittedly in retrospect).

  89. Jim, I agree it’s not good enough if he scores only 10 or so goals the rest of the way. But if the Rangers season is that highly tied to one player then maybe they aren’t as good as we think they are.

    I for one would rather have a team like Chicago did last year where they had 6 20 twenty goal scorers, with a few players on pace to score more than 30 based on their goals/game pace. As much as having a big time player is crucial, so is overall depth.

  90. It’s also easy to forget what these guys go through sometimes.

    This kid Dupont (2005 3rd rounder, good size, decent#’s @ HTFD) was saying how it was nice to get the callup after being in the organization for 6 years. That’s a long time to be chomping at the bit, and it can’t be easy when hotshots like Zuke get signed and zoom right past you.

    So he gets called, and scratched. Hope they give him a look next game.

  91. oh stfu about Gaborik jesus moses allah, did he look lazy out there? no. did he drive to the net? yes. did he look to shoot? Yes. stop simply trying to start some argument. entire team looked a step slow today, it happens, move on. new day tomorrow.

  92. CTBlueshirt, most of the forwards finished the night on the minus side, but they’re not the guys with the huge contract and being advertised as sniper extraordinaire and “leader of the pack” by the MSG propaganda machine. Until he starts living up to that billing, my unusual obsession will continue.

  93. I’d give Dupont a look over Weise. Weise’s best game was his debut in Philly where he had a goal overruled, otherwise he hasn’t been given enough time or really hasn’t done a whole lot with his minutes to justify a permanent spot even in this depleted lineup.

  94. JBytes, but Drury is also part of the hype machine. Maybe he’s not the featured star in the commercials anymore, but Sam and Joe really try to paint the best picture possible for him. Out of all the big money deals that the Rangers have lavished on players, Gaborik has been the one that’s come closest to fulfilling his.

  95. CTBlue: Agreed it would be nice, but with this group that ain’t happening. Yet. Guys like Stepan, MDZ and AA have to continue to develop before that happens.

    So yeah, the team is relying on Gabbie to score more often and more consistently than his current pace.

    Imagine if in those 32 games instead of 5 goals, he’d scored in 1/2 of them (which is close to what he achieved last year) – I’ll bet instead of 57 points, they’d have at least 6 more which would put them at 63 points and challenging for first overall in the east.

    I don’t think that’s an unreasonable projection – lots of 1 goal games where 10 more of his could have made a real difference.

    That’s what I find frustrating about his season – the Rangers are doing well without him contributing much on the scoreboard.

  96. >>but Drury is also part of the hype machine.

    CT, I think even the MSGHeads have given up on hyping Drury since his return from injury. They were literally begging for him to score a goal last night. Even they realise that his tank is empty because it’s got a big hole at the bottom and can never be full again.

  97. Only Sam and Shite drone on about Dreary now – but it’s kinda embarassing because it’s so damn hollow, you know?

  98. Thanks everyone for thoughtful, content-rich and substantive discussion and good night. Hope for none of aftertaste in the morning.
    Oh, and don’t forget to FIRE OLGA and FOLKYERSELF KLAN!

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