And the winner is … Matt


Well, that contest was fun. Not as simple as I’d hoped because nobody saw the 7-0 score coming. I figured we’d have multiple entries with the correct score and then we’d go to the tiebreaker.

But since nobody had the correct score, we went to the first tiebreaker: GWG. Well, 47 people picked Marian Gaborik. So then we went to the third tiebreaker: Rangers’ shots.

Three people, including a possible imposter, had the Rangers with 28, the correct answer.

So we had to go to the final tiebreaker, Leaves’ shots, and if that was still tied, then Sally would have won (see fine print in the rules).

But Matt was closest of the three to the Leaves’ shots, so he is hereby declared the winner of the two tickets for the game against the Kings.

Matt, I need you to e-mail me at

Thanks for the overwhelming response, and thanks for playing. Our Bonehead ticket donor has another pair up for grabs, so we’ll do this again in the near future. (and this time we’ll pray for a more normal final score).

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  1. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    don’t you have a job or something to be at??

  2. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    and btw, thanks carp and ticket donor….really awesome of you both!!!

  3. Matt also had seven goals being scored in the game: Rangers 5, Leaves 2. Not that that matters.

    OK, capologists, I need to ask you: If Boogaard’s concussion causes him to retire — or never play again, or whatever the technical term is — how does that effect the cap hit?

  4. Hah! (from end of previous thread). Only our friend Tony in AZ could enter the contest the day after the game is played and still get the first tiebreaker wrong! He did have the final score, so he would win … you know, if he hadn’t entered 18 hours after the deadline.

    Find some shade down there, Tony.

  5. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    His cap hit is 1.625 mil/season in each of his 4 years. If he retires, his cap hit comes off the books.

    If he is put on LTIR, his cap hit will be pro-rated for this season.

  6. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    His cap hit will remain so long as he is on the active roster. They would have to make a decision on him at the beginning of next season if he doesn’t retire. Once a player comes off the LTIR list, his cap his goes back into effect for the remainder of the season. (prorated as well)

  7. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    The LTI list may actually NOT relieve them of salary. They are allowed to replace that player, so long as the new players salary does not exceed the player they are replacing. These by-laws are confusing.

  8. If Boogaard retires, he’s off our cap entirely!

    Hi tr! I must see you when you’re in NY next month!

    Thanks to Carp and thanks to the tickets donor – who must be a very special person.

    Congrats to Matt!

  9. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Yes, retirement is the only way it comes off completely. If they buy him out, the cap hit would be adjusted, but still remain, as well it would still remain if he stays on the LTI list. His contract is insured, he’ll still get paid, so it’s interesting to see what happens.

  10. Not to be a jerk or anything, but didn’t the rules state that you had to be closest to the number of shots without going over?

  11. I don’t know about you guys, but if we have a similar result in the next contest (Rangers blowing the opposition out of the water unexpectedly), I am fine with that.

  12. lol CCCP! If you touch the Mama, Ill chop yer hands off!

    I cant wait to meet the Mama bear! And you CCCP! Just have emergency staff on standby for when I fall into a coma b/c of your beauty!

  13. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I’ll be at the game 2/20 against the Flyers… just giving some advanced notice.

  14. I believe LTIR is on a per season basis. Boogaard’s cap hit will come back in the summer and they will have to place him on LTIR again if he can’t play. They can also waive him and send him to Hartford for the cap hit to disappear. Alternatively, he can retire and the cap hit also disappears in that scenario as well.

  15. great job by Torts benching Gaborik the previous game. Torts has done a real good job of pressing the right buttons to get the most out of guys. But, Gaborik has to deliver in close games against better teams. That would be more important to the Rangers than him padding his stats vs poor teams like he has done this year.

  16. NYR, that’s what I was looking for. In other words, can he permanently be on LTIR for the remainder of his contract and have the number come off the books?

    Ross, yes the rules said that, and whomever wrote the rules is the jerk. But the intent and spirit of the rule was the winner would be the closest to the actual number, and that if that tie had to be broken — if one had 27 and the other had 29 and the actual shots total was 28, 27 would win because he didn’t go over. See? Is that clear to everybody? I don’t want any controversy.

  17. # Matt January 18th, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    Rangers 5, Toronto 2. GWG: Gaborik. Shots: *Rangers 28* Leaves 27.


    is this the Matt, Carp? You’re welcome :)

    he actually guessed GWG and shots! You should get him a foot long hot dog at the MSG, Carp lol

  18. I think so, Carp. It is almost the same scenario with Redden. The cap hit will come back in the offseason until a transaction is made (waiving & sending to CT or placing on LTIR)

  19. Hey carp, I think I left two comments to win the tickets. I did it from my droid and I didn’t think my first comment was posted. So I reposted. I’m not an imposter!

  20. Carp, the rules were clear. Don’t see any controversy.

    I’m hoping that Gabby gets it going during this next stretch. They’ll need him to make up the difference with Dubi and Feds out. He has feasted on the dregs of the NHL. Now is the time to step up.

    It’s also time for Drury to step up and prove that he’s worthy of wearing the C. If he still plays like he has been then buy the freakin’ guy out.

  21. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    I sure will! It will be an honor to meet the blogfather!

    And LTIR does not remove the cap hit, only allows for a replacement player to be added with equal or less salary.

    It’s essentially a substitution of sorts. It allows a team to go over the cap the amount of the injured players salary until that player returns, then the team would have to immediately get back under the cap.

  22. Thanks Carp. No controversy intended by any means, next time i’ll have to go with the famous “Price is Right” contestant move and guess 1 shot :)

  23. Thanks for the clarfication, Gab.

    The Rangers always spend to the cap anyway so LTIR for Boogie will allow the NYR to add a player @ $1.625m per or below. Whereas, waivers and a stay in Reddenville would remove the cap hit altogether and allow the Rangers to spend freely.

  24. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Yes it would. Due to him not being active, i’m not sure that they could assign him to Reddenville. That’s where it gets a bit gray.

    It would be a shame if Boogey can’t make it back to the ice… but we have Avery and Prust, who can scrap, and are much more effective offensively.

  25. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    off to work, later assens and LGR!!!

  26. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    In regards to Drury,

    He’s quietly accepted a diminished role under Torts. He (Torts) talked about talking to Drury about how they want to get younger ,and Drury has to accept different responsibilities. Drury is not going to score 20 goals playing 4th line minutes and penalty killing. Yes he makes a ton of money, and it’s a huge cap hit/waste and this point. But Drury cares, and would/will do anything for this team.

    He’s our leader ( with the ‘C’ on the jersey anyway ) until he hangs up the skates. This is the direction under Torts.

  27. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    It is what it is. When they signed, Gomez and Drury were our 1 and 2 centers. Tells you a bit about where the team was then, and is now.

    Our top 3 centers are kids, and our 7 mil a season captain is relegated to 4th line duty.

  28. afternoon gang. any more injuries? i kid, i kid.

    lines will be interesting for sure tonight. i would imagine AA/Avery/Gabby and Stepan/Wolski/MZA both stay together. and of course, Boyle and Prust as a pair. the rest will be a mishmash.

    another Staal brothers game too. over/under on mentions is 150?

  29. The Flyers had Mike Rathje on LTIR for the last two years of his deal without him retiring, I think.

    Nice to see that idiot Curtis Glencross perform another suspension-worthy hit last night. Just seen somebody d

  30. Think my iPhone needs a trip to the mechanic. Was trying to say that someone (not even wicky) just described Glencross as “an honest player” like this was the first dangerous hit he’d ever made.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey Carp,

    At the last two games I’ve been to, I got there nice and early and thought I’d make a trip to the press box to say hello, except both times it was totally empty! What gives?

  32. Noah-el Zotto-ospal-allahan-insky-tenko, 28 on

    Another Joe M. drinking game tonight:

    Anytime he makes a horrible joke about the Staal brothers and follows it up with raucous laughter while Sam stands there silent, take a drink.

  33. “It is likely that Weise, Dupont and Newbury will skate together since they’ve spent a lot of time on the same line and have had good chemistry in Hartford.”

    Interesting. Should be fun to watch.

  34. Not sure if mentioned here but more than one source now saying Richards has been told by Dallas he will not be traded this season.

    If Petr Prucha had only waited a a week before signing overseas he might be a Ranger again in light of last night’s injuries.

    And where is Todd White on the depth chart? 52 guys hurt and he still doesn’t get the nod.

    Who’daThunk? As things have turned out with Derek Booegard, Rangers might have actually been better off with Brashear!

  35. The player on LTIR can not be sent down. If Boogaard remains on LTIR for the next three years, his cap hit continues to count, but, as previously stated can be used for a replacement player to go over the cap, so yes, it helps somewhat. The problem is, the moment he is declared fit to play by doctors, the cap has be down. At that moment they can send him to AHL. So, yes, if he retires, his cap is off fully, if he stays on LTIR, it’s still very helpful.

  36. Hey Carp,

    At the last two games I’ve been to, I got there nice and early and thought I’d make a trip to the press box to say hello, except both times it was totally empty! What gives?


    last game i was at, the press box was also empty…but you know what i did? i waited for Carp to come…and 2 minutes later Carp appeared! If you wait for him he will come :)

  37. congrats to Matt!

    think there should be a consolation prize (even if it’s a dunkin donuts coupon)
    to whoever thought the Rangers would score 7 goals.
    (no it wasn’t me!)

  38. found this tweet

    Real_ESPNLeBrun Pierre LeBrun
    Just chatted with Wayne Gretzky who turns 50 next week. Said he had a blast last week at surprise 50th bday party for Mark Messier in NYC.

  39. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    lol@ 52 guys hurt and he still doesn’t get the nod.

    Torts wants to see the young guys. I guess it doesn’t say much that 4 guys come up from Reddenville… and none of them are Grachev. He tasted the NHL a bit.. you think he’d step his game up.

  40. From previous post:

    “Roe, congrats! I wish I had seen you at MSG last night. You are a good wife already.”

    Carp- I was looking for you! Didn’t see you in the press box, or I would’ve dropped by to say hi!

    GOALS for GAB-orik:
    Great choice to bring the future hubby to MSG. That man will love you forever, and so will we!
    My wife had a Rangers garter as her ‘something blue’at our wedding. True story. I wanted to marry her all over again!”

    Gab- that’s awesome. I would totally do that, I will have to look into where to get one. If you think that he’ll love me forever just for the pictures, I also cabbed it over to the NHL store on Tuesday to get us both new Heritage jerseys. (Though that was as much for me as it was for him!)

    Tiki and all the rest- thank you! We’ve had a lot of fun with the planning process, not taking anything too seriously, and focusing on the things we love, like the Rangers. If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it right!

  41. Rod- Todd White is too valuable for our AHL team, hence he is staying there. They need fourth line center too. In fact, the way it’s been going lately, it’s not unreasonable to expect Ken Gernander in the lineup very soon down in Hartford again.

  42. Lev, did you post as Lev and as Lev_Rangers? Or are there two levs who both had 28 shots for the Rangers?

    Ross did you have Gaborik and 28 shots for the Rangers? Because only those who had both of those tiebreakers were still alive going to the final tiebreaker.

    Is it me, or weren’t these tiebreakers fairly simple?

    Hedberg, Feb. 1, he hopes.

    Doodie, I’m not in the box until gametime. But if I know you’re there during warmups I’ll go stand behind the box as I have for Tony and ilb and CCCP and so many others. That goes for you, too, Tiki and Gab. Let me know if you’ll be there for warmups.

  43. Or get the tickets right behind Carp, like I did the other day. Just be careful with your beer, folks. It tends to spill very fast, especially if you see Larry Brooks :-)

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, that explains it. Will do the next time I know I will be early. I think you should also end the controversy and just give the tickets to Sally. She told me her entry was 7-0.

  45. if no one picked the right score it should have been who is closest to the right score and has the correct outcome, i.e. if you had the rangers winning that’s the first step, then it’s the difference of goals for each side, so in my case i had rangers win 6-0, so i should be -1. 5-2 would be -4, because 5 was 2 off of 7 and 2 was 2 off of 0. it’s not fair that someone who was so off wins the tickets.

  46. Hey Carp I was the one with the guts to go with 7-1 rangers win how about a consolation prize?????

  47. Carp-

    I was not one of them but how do you not give a prize to the one who picked a Rangers 7-1 victory?!! That takes guts to predict a 7 goal game and then it actually is one. That’s the closest prediction and isn’t that what we were doing? Predicting the game?

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