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John Tortorella:

On Brandon Dubinsky’s injury:

“No one specific thing (caused it). He’s been complaining a little bit about soreness. We gave him a day off here and there, but there was no one specific thing. They looked at it yesterday and looked at it again today, more closely, and it’s a stress fracture.

“He’s been struggling through it for the past couple of weeks here.”

“Weise is in.”

Other moves before the trip?

“I just worry about tonight. (The team leaves tonight for a three-game trip). This is our team.  At this point, this is our team.”

“You play. You can’t worry about how difficult it is. You’ve got to find a way to get it done. We have five games in seven nights here. There’s no time to think, there’s no time to whine. It’s time to play and just try to find a way to get points.”

“Again, he was struggling through it, but still was playing very well. When Rammer (trainer Jim Ramsay) talked to me about it … yesterday, yeah, it’s a surprise. But you’ve got to move right by it. It gives other guys opportunities. You just go out and play.”

“(Dubinsky) is in every situation. He’s maturing, he’s becoming a leader, and that’s just stuff off the ice. You can see him maturing off the ice. And he’s a big player for us. He’s a very important guy in all situations, offensively and defensively. We’ve been using him more, because of our struggles, taking faceoffs on one circle. We’ve been using him more there. So it’s a big hole. It’s a big hole. But we can’t — as much as you like to sit here and whine about it and pine about it, we can’t. We have games. We have five games in seven nights, so someone, as a group — and this is how we’ve won here, as a team. You’ve got to pull together as a team and try find a way to scrap points here. Then after the all-star break, maybe we’ll see the health of some other guys (Ryan Callahan expected back on or around Feb. 1) who can maybe help us.”

Where this loss hurts the most:

“Everything. Everything. It’s a big hole. I’m not going to shy away from it. He is a huge piece here. It’s everything. He’s a huge penalty killer for us. He’s one of our leading scorers. He adds jam on our forecheck. He has done everything and he deserves credit for how we’ve played this year, so it’s a hole. It’s a pretty big hole for us.”

Fedotenko will go back with Boyle and Prust. Avery will play with Anisimov and Gaborik. Stepan will remain with Zuccarello and Wolski. Drury will play the left with Newbury and Weise. Lundqvist is in goal.

On what to do to get a guy like Gaborik going.

“When you’re dealing with players, all players, not just Gabby, you’re always going through one way of a process to get him through and he’s a very important guy for us. So we think he’s going to work himself out of it and be a big part of this.”

Eminger is moving back to his natural right side, and Gilroy, also a righty shot, will go back to the left.

“We’re trying to help Emmy. It’s been a little inconsistent on the left side a little bit with Emmy. So I think it balances our six D. We need to play and get some minutes more filtered through (the six) playing five in seven nights. We feel that Gilly is playing with confidence. I’m not sure how (he’s) going to react going to the left side, but we feel he’s improved so much, we want to try him there and give Emmy a chance at the right side.”

Expect him to be as aggressive on the pinch on the right?

“We hope so. I think he will be. I don’t think he overthinks that. We want him to be aggressive there. I don’t think that’s going to be a problem with him. It’s always, when you switch the D and this is where I think Emmy has fought it sometimes, you kind of get blocked out sometimes as far as passing. And Emmy on the left side as a right-handed defensemen, we feel he’s just holding onto the puck too much. There’s been a few turnovers because we haven’t moved the puck quickly enough. So we want him to see the ice on the right side, give him a chance there, and it does balance our six D, we feel, as far as our personnel right now. It’s not going to be divvied up completely even, but we can play three and four, five and six, more.”

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  1. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me Carp, but do you think they will call up MDZ to be a 7th defenseman or will they bring up a forward like Grachev? I can’t imagine they go on a 3 game road trip without an extra player, especially with the way they have been getting hurt this season. Yes, I realize any answer you give will be speculation since Torts basically said “no comment” on this point. I know you are a fan of the 7 defenseman idea.

    I used to point at the Rangers and say how they rarely suffered serious injuries. This season has been nothing but. We have to be in the top 3 of total man games lost to injury, if not #1.

  2. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me Torts, but I think you’re playing with fire by icing an Avery-Anisimov-Gaborik line. You know Avery is good for a few turnovers and without a solid defensive player to cover for him, one of them WILL end up in our net.

  3. Always hearing about how the Rangers have the best medical staff. And yet Prospal is not back yet after his surgeries, and now they missed Dubi’s stress fracture. What else are they missing or ignoring?

  4. I first thought that it is our regular, sarcastic joke.considered how many already are on IR. Unfreakinbelievable!
    When I was talking about interchangable players on Rangers bench, Duby this season is definately NOT one of them. Double carsillo! Now, this could easily ruin the season and after, jokes aside. It’s always bad in any time, but couldn’t happend in a worse time, when team is on a slump and need leadership, not to mention losing best overall player this season IMO.

  5. Pardon me, Pardon me, but I don’t think they’re calling up anybody at this point, and certainly not Del Zotto as a seventh. It makes zero sense for him to come up and not play, IMO. And they’re going with the six they have here. I imagine a Grachev is next on the list, since some of the other guys in Hartford would be claimed (and become a half-a-cap-hit for the Rangers if so) if they are recalled. But they plan on going with the 20 they have standing for the moment.

    And I agree with Avery … though I think Gaborik needs somebody to work the wall while he finds a hole in the D. Avery and Gaborik could be a major minus waiting to happen. I’d like to see Gaborik with Prust and Boyle. That would give him defensive protection, two guys to go get the puck, and a chance to play major minutes against the other team’s offensive players rather than their checkers.

  6. Don’t know about you, but I mentally prepare myself, – if our guys will get 4 points in the next 5 games, I will consider them a heroes, that’s how bad all situation looks to me. Anything above – I’ll be ecstatic and will forgive Torts his ties.

  7. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon Me Carp, I had envisioned a 7 defenseman scenario where they dress all 7 for the game. Gilroy could take a few shifts as a 4th line wing (like Jason Strudwick a few years ago). I certainly agree with you that bringing up MDZ just to sit would be a mistake.

    I also really like your Prust-Boyle-Gaborik line suggestion, but see two issues:

    1) I’m not sure Prust is versatile enough to play the left side.
    2) No one is going to confuse Boyle and Prust with Adam Oates any time soon.

    Gaborik needs to be fed the puck, and Boyle’s line is all about going hard to the puck and forcing the other team to make mistakes. While I like the idea of Gaborik having strong defenders and guys that can possibly create puck-possession, I’m just not sure he can get the puck on his stick enough to make something happen.

  8. Bring up MDZ- go with 7 D. If somebody else gets hurt. Gilroy can play wing. I would love to see what he could do as a foward.

  9. im trying to find something positive in this so here it goes…

    next season due to the missed time, Dubinsky and Callahan will both have a smaller cap hit then they would had they played the whole season..

  10. Pardon, yes, but who can? And also, don’t those guys get the puck in front to other cement-hand guys fairly regularly, including each other?

  11. I think it would be a mistake to call Grachev up now. He is finally putting some points up in HFD and bringing him here to play limited minutes can potentially screw up whatever he is doing right…

  12. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me Carp, but I think they get the puck to the front of the net, and then the other cement-hand guys crash the net to get to it and make something happen. Call me crazy, but I don’t see Gaborik getting his hands dirty like that.

  13. carp, I predicted dubinsky for the game winner not knowing he would be injured. I now say the GWG will be zucarella

  14. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Well TomG, you’re still going to lose since the Rangers don’t have a guy named Zucarella on the team.

    I kid, I kid.

  15. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Rangers 4, Leaves 2 – GWG Prust, Shots NYR 31, Leaves 29

    Ouch about Dubi, thats gonna hurt, but if this team can stay in the playoff hunt then get healthy towards the end of the season maybe we can make a run.

  16. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Gabby has to step up now big time, he has to be the elite player we expect him to be now.

  17. on top of it all, the game tonight is again on the NHL Network, and not Center Ice. This is absolute BS!

    This occurred on Saturday night with the Habs and now tonight with the Leafs. It’s a bunch of Carcillo!

  18. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Will Captain Clutch show up in Dubi’s absence??? Probably not, me thinks.

    We essentially have no captain on the ice now, maybe Staal, or Prust?

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