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John Tortorella:

“I don’t think there’s any one best thing. Obviously, Gabby getting untracked in a game here hopefully will help his confidence. Our penalty killing I thought was the biggest point early in the game. It’s something we didn’t want to do — we talked about that before the game, trying to get some momentum and not taking early penaties. And everybody contributed.”

On Avery on Gaborik’s line:

“Yeah, that line was good. That line was good.”

“I thought all of them contributed. Sean made some good plays, Artie made some good plays. Gabby scored some goals, and had some great plays himself. So it wasn’t one guy. It was a good line.”

On Fedotenko:

“He’s 2-4 weeks, second-degree a.c. sprain (in left shoulder).”

On how to deal with it:

“You do. You have to. So we’ve got a couple guys coming from Hartford, Kolarik and Brodie Dupont.

“You know what, Kenny (Gernander) and his staff down there have done a tremendous job, especially with the year we’re going through with injuries. These guys come up and it’s a pretty seamless process as far as them understanding how we play. They try to play very similar to us. They’re in shape and they come in and they produce, so not too much talked about, about Kenny Gernander and his staff, but they’ve done one helluva job as far as keeping their team afloat and then we’re taking half of their club and allowing us to keep on trying to compete in this league. So they deserve a lot of credit.”

“As far as conditioning, they’re in shape. It’s Kenny and his whole staff. That is such a big thing in the cap world. And what we’re going through, it’s really kind of taken on a life of its own with injuries. He’s done a terrific job. We’re on the phone with him every other day right now, and the thing I like about it is we don’t have to do too much teaching because they’re understanding it down there. They’re trying to play very similar to what we are. There’s a couple little things that we work on, but they’ve come right up and produced and helped us stay competitive.”

On not playing Staal in the third:

“Yeah, we just tried to get him some rest when we could.”

On Colton Orr’s slash on Steve Eminger’s left hand/wrist (He said “Eminger’s OK”):

“I was nervous the whole game with Orrsie. It’s just, I told my guys, ‘Don’t fight him.’ I’ll tell you guys that. I didn’t want them fighting him. I just don’t get some of the bull(carcillo) that goes on. And I respect Colton Orr. I really do.”

On Lundqvist working harder, even down to his nutrition, to improve this year:

“He’s a pretty good goalie. So we’re trying to do the right thing as far as what we talked about right from the get-go, reducing his load. Marty Biron has played very well for us. So I think in the long run, as we go through this part of it, especially when you get to the real grind after the all-star break, I think it’s going to help Hank.”

On Drury’s game tonight.

“Yeah, here’s Dru, and I’ve talked to him. He’s assumed a new role here and we’re trying to play more of our kids, trying to develop them while we’re trying to win, and it’s put Dru in a different role. The three centers — Boyle, Anisimov and Stepan — has put Dru in different role, and he’s handled himself very well. If there’s one thing I wish happened tonight it was that he scored a goal. He was all over the net, he was all over the puck. He’s a good man. It’s a bit of a transition for him. It’s tough. It’s tough. And he’s handled himself well.”

On this win, coming off the two losses and starting the stretch of five in seven nights, minus Dubinsky (and now Fedotenko):

“Yeah, you needed to win your home one here before we go. We’ve got a tough road trip here and now we lose … I look at Dubinsky and Fedotenko, these are two main guys as far as situational play. I rely on them so much in a lot of different areas other than just a regular shift. So it’s good we got one under our belts, and again it just gives other players opportunities. I thought some players stepped up tonight and grabbed the ice time and played well. We’re going to have to do it. This is a tough road trip coming up.”

On the shutout:

“Yeah. I don’t think Hank was that busy, but he made some good saves in the third period and, I’m not sure how many that is for him (he was told it’s seven, tied for the league-lead with Tim Thomas). Seven shutouts. Good for him.”

On whether Gaborik scoring adds to the team’s swagger (God, I hate that term):

“I think we have the right type of swagger or style. We’re trying to keep it simple. With some of the injuries we’re going through we’re even trying to simplify it more. If Gabby plays like that and produces like that — and it’s not going to be like that every night obviously — but if he assumes his role with this team it helps us because one mistake doesn’t cost you the game. That’s the key thing with Gabby. He can help, maybe, extend us a little bit. Maybe we’re 1-0; he scores a big goal, it’s 2-0. So, sure that helps your confidence. That’s a very important role for Marian. It’s not just him, but it’s just been a little bit of a struggle for him of late, and certainly to get him playing with confidence is going to help this club.”

On Boyle getting the power-play goal:

“He’s a big man that stands in front of the net. We used that line as a power-play group and I thought they did a pretty good job. They score a goal and, that line has done a lot of things for this hockey club this year. I’m glad they get rewarded with a power-play goal.”

On the changes on defense:

“I liked it. I looked at one play that stands out to me. I watched McDonagh turn the net, lose a guy using the net as a screen, turn the net and gain the middle of the ice. You could just see his skating. We tried to put him in more situations. He killed some penalties. Yeah, the balance was there. Again, this game gets out of hand pretty quickly. We’re going to find out about our defense, and about our team, these next four games, because it’s a different club with all the injuries. But we’ve handled ourselves very well when we’ve gone through this. It’s been going on all year and we’ve handled ourselves very well, so this is going to be a key time for us the next six days.”

On Zuccarello:

“The thing about him, and it goes back to someone asked me a question about strut and all that. You could tell, he knows he’s a good player, and I say that in the right way. For a small man in this game, you have to feel it, and you can see how he carries himself. He’s not timid. He’s not afraid to interact with his teammates, even being a young guy coming to the team. So that’s something that he carries very well. So that’s a strength of his that’s probably gotten him this far in the game as far as what he’s done overseas, in the World Championships, and now with us.”

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  1. Well, we wanted a young team…

    Hey Carp,

    Watching Gustaffson tonight, who dropped to his knees a bunch, do you think the Allaire brothers are to blame?

  2. repost:

    to Doodie in regards to White and Kennedy

    with the way that the cba is set up and cap hits
    that’s why when vets are sent to the minors
    they’re pretty much stuck in siberia for the rest of the

    the only reason we got Avery is that dallas completely
    wanted ‘em out of their system

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Right, I understand that. I’m just saying, the risk has to be worth it at some point, right?

  4. Pardon me, Doodie, but I don’t think it is gamble or risk. I think it is almost a sure thing that White and Kennedy would get claimed. White, at half his cap hit, would be attractive to a lot of teams.

  5. Torts repeats himself under pressure. He repeats himself under pressure.

    (free chocolate mailed to you if you know what tv show that is from)

  6. maybe it’s worth it if our overall cap hit leaves us with LOTS of wiggle room
    but it’s not
    so, every little bit counts.
    it seems to be the same idea with the rest of the nhl.

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