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First, you’ve heard the news already, probably:

Ruslan Fedotenko’s out 2-4 weeks with a second-degree sprain of the a.c. joint in his left shoulder. So not only is Chad Kolarik coming up from Connecticut (AHL), but so is Brodie Dupont.

Quotes to follow shortly.


Henrik Lundqvist said he was rooting for Marian Gaborik to score six goals so it would knock from the record book the five he scored in a game against Lundqvist.


Marian Gaborik:

“It was good to get that first one. A big relief to get the monkey off my back. And then we just kept rolling. We didn’t give them much the first period. It’s always, we talk about we have to have a good start, and we did. We have to give a lot of credit to the guys, Aves and Artie there. They’ve been great, and Hank obviously was unbelievable, so it was a huge win for us.”

“It’s been kind of a battle lately in terms of getting goals and I just need to get going, get skating, and forecheck and just get my legs going. It felt good, and it’s always a big relief when you get the first one. We just took off from there.”

“It’s nice. Definitely a good feeling. I need to build on this and be more consistent and hopefully it’s going to go for us.”

On the first goal:

“Aves made a good pass there. It kind of bounced over my stick there, so I couldn’t shoot a one-timer. So I knew that Gustavsson didn’t have a stick, so I just tried to go around him and make a move on him.”

On Avery as a linemate:

“We’ve had a good chemistry in the past. Now we need to see more consistency and you can see what he brings. He’s got speed, he can forecheck, and he can make plays. You could see that. Artie made nice plays there. So we need to keep it up now. With Dubi out, everybody needs to step up, step their game up. It’s a very tough stretch before the break here, so we need to be strong.”

When players like Dubinsky and Fedotenko go out:

“It takes responsibility. It’s a big challenge for myself and I think for everybody here. A lot of guys get more minutes here and a lot of guys need to step up, including myself. It happened tonight, so we need to keep going. We’ve had a lot of injuries this year, so we can’t make excuses. Just keep it up and play with whoever we have in the lineup.”

“There’s always pressure. You put pressure on yourself, as well. It’s been throughout my whole carer, this is how it is, so I need to live up to that.”

On whether he though he was close to breaking out:

“You have chances, you’re hitting posts and stuff. So when I get my legs going and skate, I’ve just got to keep working hard and things happen.”

Brian Boyle:

On Gaborik:

“No matter what anybody seems to think or whatever, the guy puts a lot of pressure on himself and he works extremely hard and he’s really unselfish in that manner. We were just really happy for him. He broke out in a big way tonight and that was a lift for the rest of us.”

On his reaction to losing Dubinsky:

“It was just kind of like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ It was a big surprise, but the way we heard about it, was just when we walked into the rink today — I was here at 4:15 — and it was ‘Did you hear about Dubi?’ ‘No, what happened?’ ‘He’s out’ for however long. I think it was kid of good that we didn’t have a lot of time to dwell on it.

“But he’s obviously a big loss. That said, it’s just been kind of the same-old for us. It’s the next night, whoever else is going to play, when your number’s called, go out there. I think we did a pretty good job of that tonight.”

On his career-high 16 goals:

“I think I had the most I’ve scored in my career in October. It wasn’t very hard to eclipse that. Jeez. No, it’s been good. Obviously you want to come into the league and make a contribution right away, but I’m thankful they were patient with me and they gave me a chance and it’s been a good year so far. Obviously, your mindset changes a bit and I want to score every night now. That’s a good thing. That’s what you want. It’s competitive. So far things have been going pretty good, and I’m blessed and I’m fortunate.”

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  1. Gaborik scores 4 goals, the Leafs don’t touch him. Feds scores one and they have Komisarek injure him?

  2. I was going for a combination of Rangers and Whale, but nothing sounds or looks good..

    Whangers? Ranle? Whalgers? Rangle?

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, I think the way to decide the contest is as follows: Since nobody guessed the correct score, we all tied. It then goes to first tiebreaker, who scored the GWG. Therefore, everybody that said Gaborik is tied. It then goes to third tiebreaker: Shots on Goal. The final tally was Rangers 28, Leaves 22.

    So whomever picked Gaborik and was the closest to 28-22 without going over is the winner.

  4. Just caught up with the game, and all your crazy posts. Great win. Fedotenko’s injury will hurt. He was very good for this team in both ends. The moment I saw Torts’ reaction, I thought : “or, no! Here comes Todd White…”. Well, Brodie Dupont, welcome to NY! I already like you! :-)

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    At some point, you have to think that risking Todd White is better than whatever they get from the Whale, right?

  6. Pardon me, Doodie, but that is exactly how it goes … somebody actually had 7-1 and is probably ticked at that disallowed goal.

    Or I might just award it to Sally.

  7. And Pardon me, Doodie, but I think the thing with White is that if he is claimed they get a cap hit they can’t get rid of, whereas if he stays in Hartford there is no cap hit at all.

  8. Wow…I Carped myself on that one…

    NYR_FAN January 19th, 2011 at 10:30 pm :
    Nice to see you tonight, Marian. Where have you been since October? Please tie your skates like that more often. Thanks for reminding everyone of what kind of dynamic talent you have. Now, please go on a tear for the rest of the season. You can still easily finish with 30 goals and become our MVP. We need you to be yourself with all the injuries we have.

    Gaborik = Elite

  9. I don’t think he is coming up, Doodie. His cap hit at the moment is around $1.1M. Someone will pick him up for $550K, they will get stuck with $550K. That may change what the can afford at the deadline. Besides, Ehite hasn’t been doing much at Hartford.

  10. I had Rangers 28 Leafs 32 GWG Gabby. and then someone used my name to do Leafs 28 Rangers 32 but you can check it wasnt me.

  11. I think the moment that Torts gets 5 minutes by himself he will let out the loudest and longest “byfuglien” ever known to man. And then maybe punch a wall or something.

    Either that or he’ll curl into the fetal poistion and strart rocking back and forth crying “WHY?WHY?WHY?”

    The second one is most unlikely, but it’s quite funny to imagine.

  12. What’s Byfulgien’d up is that we have guys in Hartford like Kennedy and White, who have good NHL experience and deserve to play, but we can’t recall them because of the waiver wire. As J.D. and St Louis showed us, teams will claim 4th liners off waivers. Hartnell.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    I understand the risk of him getting plucked, but that’s the entire point of my statement. At some point, the risk of him getting plucked, and the lost cap space that comes with it, has to be worth more than the dregs they are getting from Connecticut. Same goes for Tim Kennedy, although I am certain he would be claimed.

    You know what’s funny? I bet if Hugh Jessiman were still with the team, he STILL wouldn’t get a call up.

  14. with the way that the cba is set up and cap hits
    that’s why when vets are sent to the minors
    they’re pretty much stuck in siberia for the rest of the

    the only reason we got Avery is that dallas completely
    wanted ’em out of their system

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