Brandon Dubinsky out 3-4 weeks with stress fracture in leg


Oh, boy, here’s some bad news for the Rangers. Here’s the official announcement from the Rangers:


Expected to be Sidelined for Three to Four Weeks                                                       

New York, January 19, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that Brandon Dubinsky has suffered a stress fracture of the fibula in his left leg, and is expected to be sidelined for three to four weeks.

Dubinsky was examined by Dr. Andrew Feldman and had an MRI and bone scan performed earlier today.  Dubinsky has registered 17 goals and 21 assists for 38 points, along with 60 penalty minutes in 47 games this season.  He is currently tied for 27th in the league with 17 goals, seventh with two shorthanded and three shorthanded points, and 23rd with 19 road points.  Dubinsky leads the team in goals, assists, points, shots (124), power play goals (four), power play assists (six), and power play points (10), and leads all team forwards in average ice time (20:07).

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  1. Wolski Del Headzo on

    Cally – heal quickly buddy.

    Carp – can I change my entry for the ticket giveaway now?!!

  2. I revise my entry in the contest:

    Rangers 4, Toronto 3. GWG: Stephan. Shots: Rangers 28, Leafs 28.

  3. Mao – just looked up Savella. It’s for fibromyalgia and depression. Does it actually help with tmj?

  4. So who comes up to take Dubi’s spot? I’d like to see Dupont get a shot honestly. Another thing, why did we send down Kennedy again?

  5. Hartnell! Byfuglien! Cooke! Byfulgien!

    This is an injury that will most def hurt the Rangers…

  6. “Our playoffs life’s in jeopardy, baby.” This injury thing has got to be some sort of kinhspiracy.

  7. tiki, my TMJ comes from Fibro …its better than a 1995 old school warehouse rave! ..ok, maybe not that good…but it helps a lot. Please, get better help tho…you have to find better way to manage the pain.

  8. Czechthemout!!! on

    The one player we could not afford to lose. This of course now means that we only have a shot now for the eighth spot. Too bad. Dubi looked like a shoo in for 30 goals and 40 assists this year.
    AA needs to pick his game up now and Stepan as well. Let us see what happens with Gabby also.

  9. They say the stress fracture’s in the left leg. I remember the ref in the corner while the PK slewfoot was going on, and IF i remember correctly it was Dubi’s right leg that was slew footed out, putting stress on his left before he went to the ice…

  10. There isn’t necessarily a question of when it happened… Stress fractures occur over a period of time due to over use. He could have had this issue for a month, but it was only serious enough to do something about it now.

  11. Pardon Me Machetto on

    “Dubinsky leads the team in goals, assists, points, shots (124), power play goals (four), power play assists (six), and power play points (10), and leads all team forwards in average ice time (20:07)”

    That sentence pretty much sums it up.

    Parodn Me Rangers, but you’re pretty Buffed. You’re up Carcillo’s Creek without a paddle.

    Pardon me Glen, but please, PLEASE don’t try and get a band-aid for him.

  12. wolski- I was thinking the same thing! If we’re allowed to change our answer for GWG, I’d have to go with Stepan.

    NYR_FAN- Dubi was on the ice for the last few minutes of the last game… maybe he was injured in practice?

  13. Oh carcillo. This is bad news. If Wiese and Newberry are in the same lineup, I am gonna watch Pawn Stars.

  14. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon Me everybody, but it certainly sucks for all of the people who picked Dubinsky to have the GWG.

  15. Wolski Del Headzo on

    Dubi should have stress fracture in all of his bones. He’s been bearing the weight of most of the forwards on this team.

  16. Man, that sucks. Luckily the All-Star break counts for a few extra days where he won’t miss an actual game. And hopefully Cally and Vinny will be back shortly. As long as we stay in contention, then get everyone back and healthy in time for a playoff run…

  17. “Dubi should have stress fracture in all of his bones. He’s been bearing the weight of most of the forwards on this team.”

    Carrying Drury’s “C” could have caused this stress fracture…

  18. From a tweet on SNYRangersblog:

    @kevshockey: Spot on @AdamRotter RT @dansplosion: With all these injuries @thenyrangers are more cursed than mr. burns’ company softball team.

  19. while i feel bad about Dubi’s situation
    what’s important right now
    is that other players (finally!!) pick up their game.
    hear that Cap’n Clutch, Gaborick, Avery, Boyle…!!!!

    it’s just possible that if the Rangers actually won some
    faceoffs (like Carp mentioned in his column today)
    made passes to each other rather than shooting the puck to a spot on the ice
    and then chasing it
    they could actually move forward while the other players are on the mend.

  20. Dubinsky=Monster on

    Rangers 4 Toronto 0 GWG wolski PP Shots NYR 28 Toronto 26

    since dubinsjy got hurt i want to change mine to that

  21. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Prospal out all season so far, Frolov out for the season, Drury missed the first 30 games or so, Callahan, Dubinsky, Christensen, and Boogaard out for weeks.

    Marian Gaborik: somehow remains uninjured since his return from offseason surgery.

  22. Wolski Del Headzo on

    If HBO did a 24/7 on the rangers they’d be at the hospital 24/7.
    This is a big carcillo sandwich!

    Sire Father!

    Linda come back!!

  23. Pardon Me Machetto on

    “This is all Doodie’s grandmother-in law’s fault”

    Pardon me CTB, but all suffering in this world is her fault. She is the devil.

  24. Is it okay to change mt prediction for tonight since I had Dubisnky with the game winner? If it’s okay, I’m only changing the scorer – Rangers 3-1 GWG Prust Shots Rangers 24 Leafs 20

  25. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Parodn me Orr, but I had believed he started the season hurt but had not been out of the lineup since. I see now that he played in the first 3 games. He also missed a game with a groin issue.

    Still, the fact that he has missed only 13 games while other, let’s say, heartier players, have missed significantly more, is still surprising.

  26. I first thought that it is our regular, sarcastic joke.considered how many already are on IR. Unfreakinbelievable!
    When I was talking about interchangable players on Rangers bench, Duby this season is definately NOT one of them. Double carsillo! Now, this could easily ruin the season and after, jokes aside. It’s always bad in any time, but couldn’t happend in a worse time, when team is on a slamp and need leadership, not to mention losing best overall player this season IMO.

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