Quick contest for Boneheads and others; win tix


One of your fellow Boneheads had some tickets that he said he’d like to donate to you guys. So he asked me if we could run a contest to determine who gets them. There are tickets for two Rangers games. The first is Feb. 17 against the Kings.

So here’s what we’re going to do for that first pair:

We’re going to have a very simple contest. Pick the score of tomorrow night’s game against Toronto. Of course we will need tiebreakers.

So tiebreaker No. 1 will be who scores the game-winning goal (and that will include the decisive goal in a shootout). But it’s possible nobody gets that. So the second tiebreaker will be the number of shots for the Rangers, closest without going over. The third tiebreaker will be the number of shots for the Maple Leaves, closest without going over.

I am going to ask you guys to respect the spirit of the game and to only enter once, and not send in multiple entries under fake names. I can and will check IP addresses if I must, but I’d really prefer not have to undertake any extra work for what is intended to be a fun game. OK? So please enter once ONLY.

Entries close at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 19.

Your entry should look something like this:

Rangers 4, Toronto 1. GWG: Eminger. Shots: Rangers 12, Leaves 11.

Any entry that doesn’t  have all the necessary tiebreaker info will be declared void. The judge (me) reserves the right to make arbitrary decisions (because I can) if necessary.

If ties are unable to be broken, Sally wins.

And if this goes well, we will do it with another pair of tickets for a March game.

OK. Have fun. Good luck.


I was beaten to this because I slept in a bit, but a very happy 50th birthday to The Captain!

Part of me finds it hard to believe he’s 50, because I remember when he was 18 or 19 and came into the Garden for the first time as an Oiler. Part of me finds it hard to believe he’s only 50 because it seemed skeptical people were acting as if he was 40 when the Rangers got him in 1991, and because it seemed he played until he was 49.

Whatever, he was one of the handful of greatest players to ever have put on skates, one of the most complete packages of skill and strength and mean-streak and leadership in the history of sports, and certainly the most influential and important player/person in the history of the Rangers.

Happy Half a Century, Mess. Celebrate like it’s 1994.


The NHL announced that Eric Staal of host Carolina and Detroit’s Nick Lidstrom will be captains for the all-star game. They will choose up sides on Jan. 29. Wonder if Eric will choose Marc.

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangers 2, Leafs 1. GWG: Wolski (as an added bonus, I think it’s a shootout). Shots, Rangers 32, Leaves 28.

  2. True Blue Mike on

    Rangers 2, Toronto 4. GWG: Grabovski. Shots: Rangers 22, Leaves 29.

    Sorry Guys i had to…

  3. Rangers: 4, Leafs: 2. GWG Gaborik. Shots: Rangers: 24, Leafs 32.

    Happy Birthday Mark! The greatest captain and leader the sports world will ever know!

  4. The NHL announced that Eric Staal of host Carolina and Detroit’s Nick Lidstrom will be captains for the all-star game. They will choose up sides on Jan. 29. Wonder if Eric will choose Marc.

  5. Not sure everyone is ready for this but tie-breakers are for suckers, thats why I go with ….DRURY!

    Rangers 3 Toronto 2 GWG Drury Shots Rangers 27 Leafs 31

  6. LMAO! I love all the Seinfeld references. My other half of Tiki, his girlfriend can cite nearly every line of Seinfeld. Hearing the story from Tiki 2, it’s hartnelling hilarious. He was telling me something the other day about Jerry being ANTI-DENTITE!

  7. Rangers 2, Leaves 1, GWG – Zuccarello, Rangers 37, Leafs 30

    4th tiebreaker. 3rd period shots: Rangers 18, Leaves 11

  8. Does anyone know if the Rangers-Pittsburgh game is still an afternoon game on the 13th of February? My calendar says “subject to change.” Thanks a lot.

  9. Rangers 3, Toronto 1. GWG: Boyle. Shots: Rangers 28, Leaves 31

    If i win, will someone else donate transatlantic flights and hotel for me?

  10. Tiki:

    The Rangers schedule has their game against the Pens on 2/13 as an NBC matinee. I am flying into NY, but can’t do that night. Wondering if it is still a matinee as NBC can elect which games to air. If they don’t air it, I believe MSG moves it back to a night game.

    Carp? Anyone?

  11. Good afternoon all! Carp, before I even got there, I predicted you’d have Sally win if nobody wins, so that means I get the second ticket :)

    Nice to see everyone (mostly…boo to the others) picking our boys to win.

    happy birthday to my true Rangers love!!!!

  12. Rangers 5 – Leafs 2 – Girardi – Shots NYR: 31/ TOR: 24

    Born one day before Messier. Dammit Ma!

  13. I just followed this entire posting all the way down, and it was like reading a page from Lewis Carroll. When does the Red Queen off someone’s head?

  14. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    morning ILB and all (and I mean ALL)!!

    Who sends the dog sled for me if I win??

    Rangers 4 Leaves 1 GWG Wolski Shots Rangers 38 Leaves 29

    Blues got hosed again, bet JD is pissed. They are just going to have to trade to get someone or over pay so no one claims them!!

  15. Rangers 1, Leafs 0 GWG Zuccarello, Shots Rangers 19, Leafs 23 !

    Carp, I dont want to win the tickets, I just want to give my prediction as I probababy cant travel because I am from overseas…

    Is it then possible to give the tickets to my favourite poster here on the blog ????

  16. Carp ! I heard that the Rangers were asked by the NHL to open next season here in Europe and I cant wait to see them live as I have missed them in Berne und Prague last time due to my illness..

    Is it true that they should play one game at least in Sweden they maybe make a game as well here in Germany either in Hamburg or in Berlin ????

  17. The Dude abides!

    Mao! Yes, I promise! I did get some oxycontin from a family member yesterday and it did absolutely nothing to help the pain. :(

  18. fran, these young kids may not know of Lewis Carroll and his wonderful penchant for alliteration, alas, kind sir…i think that is reserved only for us old-timers.

  19. TIKI??? the only OXY you should be taking is Occidental Petroleum of the exchange of gentlemen, the NYSE, or the pimple medicine for facially wayward teens! Stop medicating! That’s all we do these days….i want you to please promise that you will stop! Eat better foods, and get exercise!! I told him good, blogmama! He will listen to the Mao… ahhhh soooo!™

  20. agree, tony!! Those who pick the leafs shall be ignored for one whole year! So it is written, so it shall be!

  21. As Carp said: “The judge (me) reserves the right to make arbitrary decisions (because I can) if necessary.”
    all Toronto win bets should be disqualified…tix go Sally :)

    thanks mao! OK all, off for a while……later!

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    “Your entry should look something like this:

    Rangers 4, Toronto 1. GWG: Eminger. Shots: Rangers 12, Leaves 11.”

    If anyone’s entry looks like that, I guarantee they won’t win.

  23. Happy Birthday Mark Messier….class act, amazing leader and the best Captain of Any Team in Any Sport….ever….

  24. Blue Seat Horror on

    Chris F, The Rangers-Penguins game for Feb 13 is listed as 3 pm and on NBC on NHL.com. Don’t know if that’s officially decided yet..

    Also, I see PK Slewban scored the GWG last night. That must make Dubinsky so angry that he’s going to take another game breaking penalty on Wednesday. (Hope not).

  25. # Cross Check Charlie January 18th, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    I have no idea why I think the Rangers are going to score 5 goals. When was the last time they scored 3?

    That just means they’re due!

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    “That just means they’re due!”

    Or that they’re slumping. I took the slumping route in my prediction.

  27. Blue Seat Horror on

    # Doodie Machetto January 18th, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    “Your entry should look something like this:

    Rangers 4, Toronto 1. GWG: Eminger. Shots: Rangers 12, Leaves 11.”

    If anyone’s entry looks like that, I guarantee they won’t win.


    Doodie, is that like when Tortorella guaranteed the Rangers couldn’t beat Vancouver 1-0?

  28. playing along just for fun (unless it’s a weekend game and then i might consider flying to nyc just for the game)

    Rangers 4 Leaves 1 GWG: Gilroy
    shots: Rangers 33 Leaves 36

  29. Lidstrom will pick Marc Staal- he knows what’s up with defense. You know he’ll want The King too.

  30. Longtime daily reader , 1st time poster.
    Rangers 6, Toronto 2. GWG Staal. shots: Rangers 38, Leafs 31.
    Carp, can you arrange the tix to be donated to someone through Garden of Dreams if I win?

  31. Tiki,

    I have tickets for the Feb. 13th Pitt game as well. I believe it will be changed to 12:30 pm if NBC broadcasts and if not will be at 3 pm. Do not think night is an option. NBC announces the game 13 days in advance and last year I got an email from the Rangers confirming the time.

    I would prefer 3 pm if I had to choose. 12:30 pm would be my second choice over an evening game.

  32. Rangers 2, Toronto 1 – GWG: Girardi – Shots: Rangers 19, Leafs 34

    Dj, after playing with Hank in last years Olympics, he might skip him :P

    Marc Staal said he thinks Eric Staal, and Lidstrom have an agreement to pick him last.


  33. Ok, it is not a criticism by any means, just astonishment. It never seized to amaze me, what freebies do for people and business, as well, as pure love for gambling. There are over 150 posts within few hours, with no sign of any discussions. Wow. This is a stunning example – the most populated (by given time) and boring RR I ever saw. Not like I’m “above” it, just strange to me – never can get use to… Carp is The cleverest, skillful and hard working Blogfather in all blogosphere. Sorry.

  34. I know, I just deliberately called for friendly fire upon myself in pathetic attempt to (maybe) stir some controversy and will make it a little bit more interesting, with more wrathful posts, which again good for the blog.

  35. So, attending last night’s forum with Boyle (Boiler), Prust (Prusty), Henrik (Hank), Callahan (Cally), Prospal (Vinny) and McDonagh (Mac), I learned some things I thought that the Boneheads would find interesting.

    First and Foremost: Prusty indicated that if he’s channel surfing and sees Seinfeld, he watches it. It doesn’t matter if he’s seen the episode 8 times. He can’t get enough.

    Second: Vinny is one funny guy. He had the entire forum cracking up and a number of occasions. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes completely unplanned. He’s also a little bit nervous that he may never play again :( but promised his son he’d be back, so, he’ll be back.

    Third: The Prusty and Boiler really get along and love being linemates. “Lineys for life” – Boiler

    Fourth: The team really enjoys ragging on Hank for being the Prom King in how he dresses. I wonder if MSG will start selling Prom King Henrik crowns instead of just King Henrik crowns?

    Those were just some of my highlights from a very enjoyable night.

  36. Blue Seat Horror on

    Rangers should have claimed Wellwood off waivers and tried to trade him to St. Louis for prospects or picks.

    Also, I hope Maloney wasn’t smart enough to add a condition in the trade for Wolski that said if Roszival didn’t play because of injury the Rangers had to cough up a pick. Ha!Ha!Ha! Sather pulled off another Jedi trade.

    Sather: “This is the defenseman you’re looking for.”
    Maloney: “This is the defenseman I’m looking for.”

  37. If I win, either the winning tickets or my tickets will go to the Garden of Dreams, but this seems fun:

    Rangers 3, Toronto 1. GWG: Gaborik. Shots: Rangers 27, Leaves 26

    Oh and Cally said last night that he’s hoping to be back February 1st after the All Star break against Pittsburgh!

  38. The start time for the 2/13 game will not be confirmed until 1/31. The policy is 13 days before the game.

  39. “Prust wasn’t aware of Briere’s $1,000 fine for punch in head from bench. “You made my day.” To Biron: “Tell your pal he’s a pigeon.””

    From Zipay. Funny stuff.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    I question JD’s abilities. He’s been at the helm for a few years now with nothing to show for it.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    A few people have picked the Leaves.

    Also, Carp, a word on why they are called the Maple Leafs. I believe it is because “Maple Leaf” is a proper name. An example: The Kennedys, not the Kennedies.

  42. Rangers 2, Toronto 0 GWG: Gaborik, Shots: Rangers: 33, Toronto: 24

    It’s time for Gabby to get back on track!

  43. Maple Leafs 3, Rangers 2; GWG: Grabovski; Rangers shots 31, Leafs shots 25

    (Figured everyone will pick the NYR; hope NYR wins but if not got a chance at the tix!)

  44. I don’t care what anyone says. There is no reason why the Rangers had to come out in the Flyers game and run around like a bunch of Gerbils that found a way out of the cage, but then what?

    Two periods of simple minded plays and passes, and it took them that long to find out the answer to the puzzle. The way was led by the much maligned Avery ( and undeservedly in my opinion for most of it), and the little guy showed the way for the 3rd period, but was anyone paying attention?

    I agree with those of you who are having an angst problem with Anisimov, like the debutante who has grown old waiting for her debut.

    I’d be willing to bet that a broth of a lad or so, waits in Hartford for an opportunity to try out for his spot.

    Too many of these broken reeds are being called on to deliver and simply do not have the capacity.
    Drury is another token piece that has outlived his history.

    The pendulum still swings, and the days grow short…but there’s too much “sameness” to the inadequacy of this team’s offensive endeavor…and they must get rid of the reeds…..and soon.

  45. The tix should go to Sally, Mama, or Tony, because they’re all so hot. Or CCCP, because his voice is sexy sexy sexy!

  46. Oh, I know youre hot Tony! Your kids ought to thank you each day for the genes you passed down! And when I hear your voice, Im sure my knees will buckle :)

  47. Orr –

    January Jones broke up her boytoy and had this quote

    “”Dear men of America, I like beer, I like football. I’m probably the most interesting girl you’ll ever meet.”

    Here’s your chance, Orrsie! Be a real man!

  48. LOL Orr! I must’ve missed that!

    Dont say that, CCCP! I cant wait to meet you; you are the very definition of awesomeness! ♥

  49. Zach the Hitman on

    Toronto 4, Rangers 2. GWG: Versteeg (if he isn’t traded by then!). Shots, Rangers 29, Leaves 28.

  50. I want to become an avery groupie and have no problem with him kicking carle’s ass.

    if he plays stronger on the puck, shoots when he should, not pass backwards(euro style) and plays smart I am more then happy to get my membership in his fandom.

    avery is a small piece why the rangers cannot score but playing 10 minutes or less a game is what avery deserves…

  51. CCCP,
    I saw that no else had picked Avery, and his name had not been mentioned for a couple of hours, so I thought to save the blog from imploding Id mentioned his name.
    he is the new Blair Betts here you know. can’t go a day with somebody bringing him up.

  52. oh i love how Avery went after Carle and dropped him. That was AWESOME the only redeeming part of the game.

  53. Good evening, Carp!

    I’m definitely hoping for a tie! It’d be pretty sweet to blow of my first day of classes to go to a Rangers game.

    Tony, ouch!

  54. I predict the Rangers transform into a giant Sam Rosen fighter robot and smash the Leaves. (Orr escapes unscathed and good-looking.) Then Carp scores the game winning goal.

  55. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I agree with orr about the tickets to Linda (and if not, yes to sally)!

  56. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    did my hollweg/valabik fight link ever post from last night??

  57. I think the Gaborik is going to light it up in the second half….beats the heck outta having a hot start and cold finish! all hail the gaborik! So it is written, so it shall be!!

  58. Everyone loves you Sallyski! ♥

    Mao, I took another couple oxycontin today and it worked for a nice length of time, and it’s starting to wear off right about now! After February 6, Ill set up an appointment with a pain management doctor and see if I can get a non-addicting painkiller. Deal? :)

  59. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    what the hell am i? chopped blog goon??

  60. *Oh No!!*

    The end of the world is drawing near!!!

    20 dead harp seals, hundreds of catfish, and other marine life, like sea slugs, sea urchins and starfish have been washing up on the shores of Boat Harbour, Newfoundland in Canada.

    *End Of The World*

    Rangers better win a Cup quick!

  61. Tiki, where is your pain? tummy? ….you need an endoscopy possibly…I need you to go to doctor before feb 6th, bra…that is too far off in the distance..i love ya, man…anything happens to you, and i’ll be sick…do it for the rangers, bro….do it for the dubinsky ….maybe one day I share the story of why the Mao is such a positive person…it is actually pretty darn amazing…it did deal with physical injury, and I ate anti-inflammatories like they was coming out a pez dispenser…but i swore all that medicine off…pain is good, it builds character…makes you stronger, so then you can go NOM NOM NOM to your enemies…that is all!

  62. That’s some crazy carcillo, Orr. I’ve seen similar stories like that for like 2 months already…

    Just saw this on SNY…

    Korpikoski is the 5th leading scorer on the Yotes. (11G 13 A 24 pts). Same as Gaborik


  63. Sam Rosen and Billy Jaffe are doing the Montréal-Bufallo match on Versus. Isn’t that the duo we’ve been asking for on MSG?

  64. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    is there a vid of the meet and greet or what ever it was you guys were talking about earlier?

  65. Is anyone watching Buffalo- Montreal? Unreal. End of first- Camallieri gets cross- checked, he us out. Wisniewski launches the shot from the point- hits his own player- Pacioretti (SP?), he is out. Halpern is out (got hit). And now looks like PK got hit by the puck. Not sure he us coming back.

  66. If this continues any longer, we might be able to trade Drury to Montreal for first rounder.

  67. Wow….lots of entries to look through.

    I was wondering how many people would make Leaves picks.

    Rangers-3 Leafs-2………GWG- Zuccarello………Shots: NYR- 28 ML- 27

  68. Flyers Visor boys bash Prust on

    “There were a few guys yelling at him, but what are we gonna do?” Briere said. “We can’t jump on the ice because then it’s an I don’t know how many games suspension.”

    Hartnell said Prust deserved what he got.

    “(Prust) was right by our bench,” said Hartnell, whose last suspension came in 2007 on a hit from behind to Andrew Alberts. “I don’t think I touched him. It’s against the rules, obviously, to do that, but to hit (Timonen) like that when he’s in a vulnerable position at the end of the game. It was a cheap play and you expect more from a guy like (Prust). A blindside hit like that when (Timonen) is three feet away from the boards. If we did that to (Marian) Gaborik they’d be throwing a hissy fit, too.”

  69. Carp, I have scrolled through one millin entries for the tickets and result predictions, I hope you have notified them all and I hope you dont forget my prediction 1-0 for the Rangers ….

    it is 3.54 in the morning…I am sleepless, TV is running from the Australian Open out of Melbourne of Australian without sound in order not to wake up the others who are around me :)

    Life is difficult when Rangers dont play when i can not sleep !!!!:)

  70. I like how Scotty Hartnell says he doesn’t “think” he touched Prust. Yet, he says its against the rules and still defends doing it because Timonen got jumped. What a hartnelling jackwagon.

  71. Woski Del Headzo on

    Headzo’s entry:

    Rangers 2, Maple Leafs 4 : GWG: Kessel, shots: Rangers 27 Maple Leafs 31

    Headzo a liitle down on the boys…sorry

  72. Longtime reader, first time poster. Hello, all.

    Rangers 3, Toronto 0. GWG: Gilroy. Shots: Rangers 29, Toronto 24.

  73. >>Gomez with a dumb penalty at the end of the game. Buffalo wins it in OT.

    Too bad Buffalo couldn’t score in regulation time. Gomez set up last night’s overtime winner and took it back tonight.

  74. >>I think the Gaborik is going to light it up in the second half…

    Gaborik will score no more than eight goals the rest of the season. Three will be against the Islanders.

  75. Not entering in the contest… just want to say…

    …that picture of Messier with his Rangers crest bannering the Cup will forever stop me dead in my tracks, take my breath away and force the biggest smile on my face. Goosebumps…


  76. Hate to drag the discussion away from the predictions, but I come asking for your prayers/good thoughts for a few friends of mine. One of them just learned that her grandfather, whom she is very close to, has only a few months to live and she is understandably devasted. My other friends recently had a child born prematurely, and the baby is still in NICU and while he’s doing OK, he’s still got a ways to go before he can go home with his parents.

    Thanks, gang.

  77. In a face of this kind of real turmoil, you immediately realize how petty and artificial most of our far-fetched passions are. May best of our wishes help you friends and give them strength and Protection.

  78. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    best wishes for you and your friends!

  79. Thanks guys. Means a great deal to me.

    Sad news to pass along, my first friend’s grandfather passed away earlier today. Just learned this. I’m so heartbroken for her.

  80. Very very sorry to hear of your friend’s loss Mickey. And my thoughts are with the little baby. You are truly a wonderful person and I am thinking of you.

    not to take away from the sadness of Mickey……because my issue means nothing compared to the above..only to answer Mao…

    Mao – i suffer really bad tmj. for periods of time, im able to exercise my jaw and it feels okay. most times, as right now, it just kills and it also kills my neck and head. i cannot sleep on pillows, even a special tmj pillow i bought, and i cannot sleep without a pillow, so im sort of stuck b/w a rock and a hard place. Anyways, i took oxy at around 10 am yesterday, and never took anything after. ive been told before to lay off the tylenol, so i will. I never thought id fall in love again, but somehow i found a perfect woman, and i absolutely dont want to risk any harm to myself and risk losing her, so i will lay off the stuff.

  81. johnny lost his walker on

    Rangers: 3~ Maple Leaves: 1~ GWG: Stepan~ Shots: Rangers: 29~ Maple Leaves: 30

  82. (long time lurker first time poster)
    Rangers 3 Leaves 1 GWG:MZA shots Rangers 28, Leaves 22

  83. Rangers 4 Leafs 1, GWG Wolski, SOG Rangers 28 Leaves 28 (My Gitler Gorilla Adult Ice Hockey Team #)

  84. Rangers 2 Toronto 0 GWG Gaborik Shots Rangers 27 Leafs 25

    I posted before but Dubinsky just got hurt so…just changed GWG

  85. Rangers 3 Toronto 1 GWG Wolsky Shots Rangers 31 Leafs 29

    Changed GWG after Dubinsky injury.

  86. Rangers 3, Toronto 2. GWG: Wolski. Shots: Rangers 28, Leaves 26.

    Also changed the “GWG” portion due to the Dubinsky news.


    Original Entry
    Rangers-3 Toronto-1, GWG Dubinsky. Shots Rangers 30 Leafs 24

    Edited Entry
    Rangers-3 Toronto-1, GWG Avery. Shots Rangers 30 Leafs 24

  88. so u never gave a rule if nobody picks the score, i.e. u had tiebreakers but what if nobody picked 7-0? i had 6-0, so did one other guy, and one guy had 7-1, how’s this gonna work? just give the 3 of us a pair of tickets each? we deserve it, nobody else saw the obvious demolition coming. i mean, come on, the rangers have proven they are one of the better teams in the league this season, so clearly after a couple of rough losses they were going to come in and destroy a weak opponent like the leafs. it’s only natural, and if there’s anything the rangers have proven this season it’s their ability to win the games they are supposed to which sadly is not always so easily done. this team is legit and continues to surprise, whether they beat the canucks in a tough battle or the leafs in a dominant fashion, they are legit. there is somethin good brewin here – and only 3 fans who read this blog thought the rangers would crush the leafs??? ha, dubi goes down and gabi steps up. i like this team alot. we finish mildly healthy we are going to surprise a lot of people.

  89. Just extend the contest to the game tom night, Baw23 very impressive for being close but close isnt the right score, no winners therefore the contest should continue

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