Tortorella post-game


John Tortorella:

When asked about it being low-energy at the start, like Montreal:

“No, I don’t agree with you. Low-energy is the wrong way of putting it.

“I think (it was) a team that puts itself in some bad spots with some untimely penalties that take momentum when you’re trying to gain some momentum. A little ragged, I’d say. A little ragged. But we found ourselves and tried to find a way to get back into it.”

On Gaborik being hurt:


On the PP failures spreading to the even-strength offense:

“We had a lot of chances. I mean, the second half of the game we had a lot of chances, especially in the third period. We just didn’t finish. Our power play is a struggle. But, no, I don’t … some guys just need to score a goal to try to gain some confidence. I don’t think it’s the power play. I think it’s our team in general. I think they’re trying like hell. The second half of the game we developed a lot of good scoring chances. We just haven’t been able to finish.”

On Gaborik’s slump:

“I mean, it’s just, we need production. I’ll leave it at that. We need production. We’ve got guys grinding their ass off, developing scoring chances. We need some of our skill guys to score a goal for us.”

On the issue being effort:

“It’s not effort. I mean, what game did you watch? Did you think they were lazy tonight? Let me ask you a question. Did you think our team was lazy tonight.”

When it was suggested they were outworked for the first two periods:

“I totally disagree with you. … does that shut it down? Thanks guys.”

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  1. alright, MAO! Ive been told to lay off the stuff, and ive been meaning to for quite some time now. ill just wait until the NFL playoffs are over, ok?

    Im energized by greatness!!

    I told a few people recently to not be content with good or average, but to desire greatness!

    And that’s just what the Jets did today! And we better keep our foot on the pedal next game!


  2. Drury’s comments from the last thread…. My mouth actually dropped open at that. Wow, Chris, bitter much?

  3. Yeah man, stay away from the tylenol pm. I was addicted to the stuff a few years back, and if you think you can’t sleep now, just wait until your try to after you stop taking it. Awful.

  4. And Tiki, I’d tell you to ask me ex about not loving me, but apparently he’s still in love with me after I dumped him 4 years ago, lol.

  5. Nasty -Thanks for the advice. And I cant sleep now with it, haha! Ive been worried about the Patriots for the last 2 and a half months…I think that weight lifted off of me should do me wonders!

  6. Yeah, what’s with that Portman girl? Something about her…. little spooky.

    I’d say feel good… on balance Rangers are playing very very well.
    Every team has sluggish starts or hot/cold special teams (though our PP has sucked the entire Sather era).

    If Gabby was burying and Cally was in they’d be right near the top.

    They weren’t the deepest team offensively to begin with.

    Imagine where’d they’d be right now w/o Wolski and Zuke, not to mention Stepan.

  7. lol Mickey! I bet you’ve never gotten to know a person that didnt like you or that you didnt leave a lasting positive impact on! :)

  8. So Rod…whatcha think of Sanchez now, baby?!!!! He has some trouble keeping the ball down, but my oh my, this kid has got it!

  9. This team desperately needs the All Star break, imo. Lots of tired guys, lots of guys who need the mental break too (Gaborik, I’m looking at you). Too bad it’s still 2 weeks away.

  10. Orr – Brady can get his wounds licked by Gisele, and Ill dream of licking Rex Ryan’s feet!! Because the Jets are moving on and Brady’s one year closer to the end!

  11. Au contraire, Tiki. There are plenty of people that never seemed to like me when I was in school. At the time it bothered me, but when I got to college I learned to not give a carcillo about those people. Their loss.

    But enough about me..

  12. Their loss indeed, Mickey! You’re perfect just the way you are! As are the rest of you boneheads! ♥


  13. Tiki,

    You DEFINITELY won’t get an argument from me today! Unreal.
    Said it in a prior thread, 2 AFC title games in two years. Full Marks :)

    WOOOOOOW. Someone MUST nail down that Drury quote because if accurate it’s almost worthy of ripping the “C” off before the next game. WTF?
    Was hoping he was settling into 4th line faceoff specialist role, but that’d sure make me believe the more negative side of the double entendres he’s uttered in the past.

    Want to reserve judgement by that’s F’d up if so. Not what this team needs.

  14. I vote we drag Leetch back from retirement to run the PP. Dress 7 D, use Gilroy as a swing forward/Dman and Leetchie can play the PP exclusively.

  15. I swear stevezipay had this tweet but it disappeared

    Torts last words: “Ask a question about the game , god—- it.” And walking out:”Bleepin clowns.”

    lol Even if he is misguided at times I love his emotion and tonight I think he was trying to protect the teams psyche

  16. Trade Drury (“ask them”), and Gaborik (“don’t ask me”) together for 2 old puck bags. I would rather watch Newbury fight guys and take faceoffs than watch these $7mill bums float and give half-ass effort while the team grinders put it all on the line night after night. Sick of the Ranger golden parachutes for prima donnas whose production falls off the more they are given.

  17. ROD!! I knew you’d come around! The kid’s learning and growing! He’s got the stuff! And he dont need no stinkin’ videotapes to be good! IT”S A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!! U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No Bullcarcillo ORRsie! It’s called loyalty, baby!

  18. Drury is actually hurting the team this year. His return to the lineup has done absolutely nothing for the team except keep someone out of it. Seriously. Once Christensen or Callahan come back to me there is a serious question as to who comes out of the roster.

    Gaborik is fighting it, but I think he’ll get it back. He’s been PPG player his whole career, no reason for him to stop now. I think the injuries and whatnot have just highlighted his slump.

    Moreso than any other game I’ve watched, tonight they miss the bomb on the point desperately. Nobody has a shot back there that needs to be respected. The Rangers can throw to the puck back to the point all they want, unless they can get a shot from in closer, nobody is going to score. Staal has the hardest shot for sure, but he has trouble teeing it up, especially for a 1-timer. It’s something I’d work on if I were him.

  19. Drury earned his spot on the 4th line. Torts is rewarding players that constantly show effort and generate chances, like putting Prust on the PP. He’s barely even helped on faceoffs.

    It’s actually worse if Gaborik isn’t hurt. That just means he has no excuse for his play.

  20. So the $7,000,000 4th line captain is starting to pout. Nice! On the bright side, if it continues, it gives Tortorella just cause to pressbox the bum (mind you, the fact that he’s basically invisible every game and is arguably the worse forward on the team is more than enough just cause for me).

  21. Damn; “The Florida Panthers will be without the services of captain Bryan McCabe for the foreseeable future as the defenceman is out several weeks after undergoing surgery Sunday to repair multiple facial fractures.”

    McCabe also has a busted finger but full stories say only a few weeks, maybe two.

  22. What purpose does Drury serve. He’s a disgrace. A lot of money for just face-offs & PK. Lets trade him with Gabby & a draft pick for some goal scorer. Torts is mixing too many lines.

  23. dde, that tweet was from the post-gamer in Montreal. Apparently it was a media circus and they kept asking questions after he was done … and somebody asked something about something that happened in the stands behind the bench, and that’s when Torts uttered, “byfyglien clowns.”

    You’re welcome, Jimbo.

    Good night, Sally!

  24. you know…i kinda felt sorry for drury in a sick, twisted way…
    maybe the injuries/concussions, etc….
    but then he comes out and pouts about not being on the power play and that reminded me of all his other horrible quotes and zombie-like demeanor. he needs to be traded or just do us all a favor and retire. if i was him i wouldn’t want my name to be tarnished anymore than it already is….

  25. Who would be trading for him at this point, especially with his contract? It’s an impossible situation.

  26. Hmmmmm. Just quickly scrolling through before real read later, but lots of interesting quotes posted by Carp tonight, and comments here :) I am beat. Til later (much)….TA!

  27. “Drury will come around. He’s a winner at every level. His attitude is what sets him apart as a natural leader.”

  28. Gotta love that Drury quote:
    “I don’t play the power play. There are 10 other guys in this room who do. Ask them.”
    Some captain we have.

  29. I read all of your postings, and I look for the answers, but they’re not there. Nor does Tortorella respond to the obvious.

    My question is simply this” When this team practices,
    IF they truly practice, WHAT do they practice? In my memory I;ve never seen an entire team that so consistently is incapable of firing pucks at the net, and hitting it. Oh, they hit the post a lot, and they shoot very wide a lot, but putting the puck on the net seems to defy their abilities. And when new people come to the team, they seem to handle themselves reasonably well, but after a few weeks they too succumb to the “caint hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle” routine.

    Someone mentioned that they never take one timers. They cannot – because in order to do that they’d have to forego the wrist shot from the blue line and bang away. Apparently all the confidence in making hard slap shots from way out has been dislodged from their respective dnas.

    And their passing game is sophomoric compared to that displayed by both Montreal and last night by Philly.

    Little Zucharello is something to marvel at. This little guy gets more creativity and gumption from that small frame than many of the so called bruisers on the team.

    Quo Vadis Rangers? To playoffs …or to oblivion?

  30. “I don’t play the power play. There are 10 other guys in this room who do. Ask them.” This is the captain.

    Hopefully, this is the second to last thing Drury ever says as a Ranger. . . . .

  31. if that is the actual Drury quote, then I think that this has to the end for him. he is right, he doesn’t play the power play, but that is because of what he has become. the captain must stand up and take ownership of the whole team, not just the parts where he plays.

  32. I dunno! Im delirious! This is such a great feeling! The Jets! And Im so totally smitten! But, enough enjoyment of this win and, on to next Sunday!

    Get rid of Drury! Maybe Boogaard can drop a Boogaard smash on him!

  33. Just like I said, pop Brady in the mouth, and he’ll back away like a scared lil mother hartneller! BOOM! Edwards and Holmes, FTW!

  34. Where’s Bill Simmons on this glorious Monday Morning? No ESPN article to mock New York fans and play up his favorite teams?! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Hartnell You, Bill!

  35. I cant wait to hear Boston John Buccigross later on live Sportscenter! Whine, John, whine! Numbah 4 Bobby Orr!!! When’s the last time the Bruins were even relevant?!! BOOOM!

  36. ugh, Monday morrning. and on 4.5 hrs of sleep too.

    tell me when its nap time.

    a lost for sure, and they are struggling to score, but in the end, big picture wise, i think they will be fine. need to find a way to start games better, that is for sure.

  37. If Drury doesn’t graciously retire this offseason after realizing he’s got NOTHING left in the tank, he will almost certainly get bought out.

    He is a lifelong hardcore Ranger fan, he got to be Captain of the team, he won a Stanley Cup with COL, and he represented USA in different international competitions for a long time. Nothing left for him to do as a player. He’s obviously banged up, from the Glencross headshot last season to the broken finger x2 this season. The man is done. That is all.

  38. He WILL be bought out.

    . . . . and with the NYR luck, he will go to the Bruins of Flyers and get a lucky last second goal to crush the Rangers.

  39. Oh and (I’m serious about this)- the Rangers should investigate their options re: Gaborik. I don’t see him as a player who will help us get to the promised land. Apparently Torts doesn’t think enough of him to give him an “A.” We saw shades of this last year with all the “Team Slovakia Jersey” jokes.

  40. “The look that Jets defenders saw on Brady’s face for long stretches of the game was more revealing. “He looked a little confused,” Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis said.”

    Yep, that’s what happens when you dont have videotape of other team’s practices and walkthroughs.

    It’s tough when ya aint cheatin’! BOOOOM!

    Grabby! Grabby! Grabby! Good luck with your new lady friend, and your ex is estupido for letting your daughter listen to Lady Gaga! You’re a great father, buddy! :)

  41. Therealmikeynj on

    Drury is just invisible. even Newbury was noticeable last night. If he actually said this torts won’t tolerate it. Who knew christiansen would be missed so much. Once he come back, sit the captain.

  42. Man, I really wish we had beaten the Colts in the AFCCG last year…

    Stick Tawmmy Broddy in the mouth, and he crumbles like the faux star he always has been!


    “”You got the guru on the other side,” Scott said sarcastically. “You talk about how great he is. Maybe you guys’ll start giving our coach some credit for knowing what he’s doing.

    “I love my coach. Let me tell you something: I would die for that man.”

    Now that’s a leader! Make Bart Scott the Rangers captain! Can this hartnelling waste Drury!

  44. Talking to a friend last night about whether i hoped the Rangers had lost last night 3-0 or 3-2.

    And usually, my answer would be 3-0 because then we ought to be more motivated the next game and play better and score some goals.

    But Im happy we lost 3-2, because once again, it shows that our young team does not quit and that they have the ability to come back from any deficit (although we did not actually complete the comeback)

  45. Dear Carp:

    Do you have any insider information as to why Boogaard hasn’t seen the ice for so long? Is he really injured or is he in Chateau Bow-Wow with Torts?

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, thanks for posting the lines in response to my inquiry last night.

    I hate to say it, but Avery’s fight is what really sparked the team. Too bad they ran out of time.

  47. I _really_ hope someone in the media digs deeper on this Drury “ask them” thing… he deserves it. I bet he’d love to answer Jane’s question about the Cancer Foundation now.

  48. is that evander kane beatdown of Cooke a fresh one? didnt he one punck KO him already? BOOOOM!! Cooke needs more ‘beatins’..what kind of beatin’? An old school Chris Farley/Adam Sandler ‘How Much you Bench’ SNL legendary skit kinda beatin!

  49. Boogaard has PCS from when Matt Carkner popped him in the face. He’s probably done for the season.

  50. Captain Dreary is almost impossible to trade – who the heck wants a 4th liner making $7,000,000? The only possibility involves taking back an equally stupid contract. That said, it’s worth exploring because by moving Dreary, you solve the captaincy issue.

    I can think of a few teams who might be interested, but it’s more to do with what Dreary is supposed to be able to bring to the table, not what’s he accomplishing now.

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: The Rangers will likely buy him out this summer. I’m not sure what the cap hit will be, but it’s gotta be better than having this guy back doing the same thing next year.

  51. That Kane pummelling of Cooke is from last year. It’s a wonderful sight isn’t? What started it was the usual Cooke crap – hit ran Kane from behind along the boards.

    What a punk.

    And the best thing about it (other than the fact that Cooke got knocked cold) is how Kane after sending Cooke to the ice with a rockin’ solid punch) hits him flush on the face a second time as Cooke is going down.

    The hockey Gods were all aglow that day!

  52. Drury should have been dealt with years ago. He’s been a joke since the minute he got here and flipped the puck with Gomez cause he wanted his baseball hero number.

  53. At a recent Pizza convention, Chris ‘4th Line’ Dreary, when asked about why the Mozzarella was sliding off recent pies said, “Look I got 10 different guys back there making all kinds of pies. Ask them. No one wants a plain Margherita pizza any more. ALways with the pineapple or ham or some sheet. If It were up to me, i throw some basil on the thinnest of pies, and just say that’s how they do it in Naples. I’m hoping this kid Zuccarello can give us a hand, but now I hear he is from Norway. Do they make good pizza in Norway?”

  54. Drury’s buyout after this season would be a cap hit of 4.7 for the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons.

    cap hit on a buyout is 2/3 of the balance of the contract, over double the term.

    Or they could just bury him in the minors for 1 season and eat the 7 mill.

  55. Drury will be bought out..Joe in DE- actually if he is bought out, his cap savings for 2011-2012 will be $3.3M, his cap hit for 2011-2102 will be $3.7M, and his cap hit for 2012-2013 will be $1.6M. That is nothing to worry about for that year, not to mention it will be the year after new CBA, may not be an issue at all

  56. Doodie, I agree about the spark from Avery’s fight. People can say what they want about the guy, and yes, he was definitely out of control when all that stuff happened in Dallas, but he was completely neutered when he came back in to the league, and mismanaged, and left confused and not really knowing what his role is on this team. He is more of an impact player than he really gets credit for anymore, and it is obvious that he and Torts do not get along. But Torts, needs to just let Sean go out there and be Sean. The guy is a very good player along the boards, and behind the net. We have seen this to be true many times. There have also been many times this year, where he has gone a bit over the line, or gotten in to a fight, and it has sparked the team to a win. I know there are people who love the guy, and people who despise him, I like him, a lot. I think every team needs a guy like him on their team, as long as they are able to play their game. If this was what they had in mind when they wanted to bring him back, they should not have done it at all. Giving him 8 minutes a game, playing with guys who are not finishers, he is not going to really be very effective. Sean is a pretty damn good passer, and should be on a line with at least one person who can finish. Maybe a line of Avery, Gabby, and Dubi. Who knows, but he needs to be allowed to go over the line and do his thing. The team usually kills the penalties that Aves takes.

    P.S. I have no problem with his two extra punches last night. I have no problem with it at all. And it is funny that such a deal is being made of it, because when I watch games, especially lately, and you see a fight, watch now many times you see a few extra thrown while a guy is going down, and already down. I especially don’t mind because it was against the Flyers, with their douche of a captain Richards, who after he scores a goal, mockingly bangs the glass with a carcillo eating smirk, in the face of a little kid. Yes, the same Richards who is known around the league as a cheap shot head hunter. Aves might have done that last night, may have sucker punched someone in one fight, but he is not a dirty player. And as far as his mouth goes, BUG DEAL, sticks and stones. You are a grown men, and if you choose to let what another grown man says get to you that much, then you are just as much to blame for getting drawn in to it.

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