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Marian Gaborik:

On being benched for a stretch of the second and third periods:

“Yeah (was surprised). At times, I think last year, once it happened (vs. Atlanta).”

“Obviously I haven’t produced much lately (no goals in eight games), obviously in these type of games where it’s a big game. But, I’m not giving up. I just got to work hard and work harder and try to get out of it. That’s just the bottom line.”

On his confidence:

“Confidence if obviously a very big part. I think the last few games I felt good. I created chances. I think things were happening, it just wasn’t going in. Obviously it surprised me tonight to get benched there. But coach’s decision, so bottom line is I just have to produce and help this team to win games.”

On having had stretches like this before:

“It’s hard to say. Obviously there’ve been stretches. You want to get going and I’m trying not to think about, ‘I’ve got to score, I’ve got to score.’ And try to think, when I go out there, just do my job defensively and then just create something offensively. That’s what I’ve got to do. If I just have to shoot, obviously lately I’ve been a little unlucky, hitting posts here and there, but bottom line is I have to play harder and hopefully just start turning it around.”

On being motivated by a benching:

“Well, every time you want to be out there. I wasn’t playing in a stretch in the second there, and jumped on the ice a couple of shifts. I think we had momentum there. So, yeah, definitely, you want to go out there and prove that you should be on the ice.”

Brandon Dubinsky:

On the PP:

“We haven’t been battling hard enough. We’ve got to battle harder. The guys have to treat it like a privilege, who are on it, and battle for pucks harder and retrieve pucks and start shooting the puck a little bit more instead of making some of those pretty plays.”

On the first two periods:

“I don’t know. I can’t even think the right words to talk about the first and second periods, the first period especially. I don’t know. I don’t have an answer for you. We just have to be better from the start and play 60 the way we’re capable of. We can’t be spotting these good teams leads.”

On the PK:

“I think we’ve got to be a little more engaged in the zone and just continue to pressure and continue to block shots the way we have all year, and it will get back to where it needs to be. Two games is two games. It’s a long season and we’ve just got to focus and get better for the next game.”

“Obviously we need to start better and play the way we’re capable of, because it’s one thing if we play the whole game like that, but obviously you see the way we played in the second half of tonight’s game, and the third period last night, and that’s the way we’re capable of playing. We’ve got to find a way to maybe prepare better to get that effort for 60.”

Brian Boyle:

“We needed more jam. It felt like we were a little bit … you know, you get excited for certain games, you get up, and you come out with fire. And it wasn’t there like we wanted it to be tonight, and I think the penalties again put us in a hole. … We needed to be physical and take back the momentum. It just took us a little while to do that, longer than it should have.”

“We came with the right mindset. I thought we were ready to go. We believe in each other here and we had the confidence we were going to do it. And even down 3-zip, I thought we started peppering them in the second. But, the start, it’s tough. You can’t use fatigue or playing last night or traveling as an (excuse). That’s why you get in shape and why you work so hard in the off-season and all through the season. But, we’ve got to come out, especially against a top team in the East like this, a division rival. It’s disappointing. We all want to do it. Sometimes it’s hard. At least we came in and fought hard and didn’t let it get out of hand and gave ourselves a chance. Too little too late.”


A couple of things:

The Flyers were all ticked off at Sean Avery for fighting Matt Carle, and especially for the extra punches thrown at the end of the fight. I got one remark second-hand, from Peter Laviollette, who said, “Everybody wanted to dance with him but he didn’t want to dance.” I guess it’s OK when a thug fights the opponent’s top scorer, though.

Also, second-hand: Rangers captain Chris Drury was spitting out cliches about the difference between winning and losing being so slim, when somebody asked him about the power play. And I paraphrase, because I got this second-hand from reporters who were there, but he said essentially, “I don’t play the power play. There are 10 other guys in this room who do. Ask them.” This is the captain.

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  1. yo, tiki, chill with those tylenols, bra…im worried about you…that stuff is bad news…you feel me, bruh?

  2. lol MAO!! I feel ya, but Ive been doing it for so long!! Im of the attitude, whatever happens happens! Love ya MAO!!!!

    These are the moments that I live for!! NEW YORK! NEW YORK! NEW YORK! NEW YORK! NEW YORK! NEW YORK! NEW YORK!


  3. I wonder where Wes Welker is now with all his Foot jabs at Rex Ryan!!!!! I bet he’s got his FOOT in his mouth now, baby!!!! DENNIS BYRD!! ♥

  4. I’m sick of this cat Drury….he is the last bum that has to go…I am still very pleased with how this team has played…the Flyers are super talented at forward…these kids do not give up…they are building character and getting experience every game, every situation…to be this competitive over the course of so many games against top flight teams is wonderful. A few snafus here and there is normal…garden hasnt been this electric since the Jagr came here…and hasnt been as fun to watch since the Bure was scoring a goal a game. Man that dude was electric!

  5. Get rid of Drury! The guy dont care! He collects his paycheck and has a big fat smile on his face! Start bringing in people who care. Torts cares!! We care!! Avery cares!! Hank cares!! Drury dont care!!

  6. tiki, try some sort of herbal tea…if headaches are being cause by computer or reading or some other action..then stop that action til you feel better…i know i joke often, but im serious…tylenol and ibuprofen are real dangers…i love you too much, bra! THE TIKI is full of love not tylenol!

  7. So…the context of the Drury thing…it can be taken in a couple different ways. Most people are assuming he’s angry and saying he doesn’t care.

    Think about it this way: You’re asking Chris Drury to tell you what is wrong with the power play. He’s not the coach and he’s not one of the players ON the power play. Captain or not I don’t feel HE should be the one answering the question. That question is asking someone not involved to dish blame. So yeah…talk to someone who is on the power play about the problem, don’t ask someone else to tell you what his teammates are doing wrong.

    That’s kinda like asking Erik Christensen if you think Sean Avery threw a sucker punch. EC’s opinion never should have been asked.

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