It’s Go Time!


Rangers vs. Habs and P.K. Slewfoot. Not sure if revenge will be on the Rangers’ minds, but I’d be willing to bet they’ll look for it if it presents itself.

Moreover, the Road Warrior Rangers would love to follow up that outstanding 1-0 win over the Canucks and pay back the Canadiens for the only loss in their last five games, and have a nice head of steam going into tomorrow’s home game against the Flys.

Lundqvist is back in goal. Kris Newbury, No. 45, makes his Rangers debut in place of Dale Weise, who is prucha’d, though coach John Tortorella said to not read anything into that other than he wants to get a look at Newbury.

The kid will center Sean Avery and Chris Drury, who moves over to right wing. The rest of the lineup remains the same as Thursday:



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  1. Woski Del Headzo on

    If you’re gonna live in a butcher shop I’m gonna treat you like a piece of meat.

  2. Mama – first of all, it’s tiki, and second, why the grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?

    I was carped, woooohooooO!!!!

  3. Good evening again, Carp! I might be around tonight, at least for a little bit. Tomorrow night probably not at all. I will be with you in spirit!

  4. Woski Del Headzo on

    Anybody else disgusted that they allowed the fly-girls to practice in Central Park today?

  5. LETS GO RANGERS!! Do you feel that, sons?? No team I hate more than Montreal…even more than Devils because I can’t stand the Montreal fans…total cornballs…like pretty much everyone outside of NY and Paris…RANGERS IS BACK, USA is bACK!!! YES!! Real Estate is back! POMO is back! The Bernanke is BACK!

  6. MAO!!

    Sorry for the Avery comment Mama. Of course he’s not expendable. His attitude and inspiration is key to this Rangers team!

  7. LOL! I love the Mao!! I love the Mama! I love the ilb!! I love the Carp! I love the CCCP! I love the Orr! BOOOOOOM!

  8. If this is a Rangers broadcast why the hell do i have to watch an intro full of isles and dev highlights?

  9. Due to a defensive blunder my favourite team was scored on in the afternoon after with they were up by one goal with four minutes left in the game…Nobody could exspect to get the equalizer, but..that is sport, if you dont convert your previous chances you get penalized…

    I hope it will not happen again with the Rangers tonight in Montreal…

  10. Which of these two All-Star goalies will give up the old important fluke goal. OK, please don’t answer that!

  11. Hey can someone help me out?


    I only saw him on the Rangers debut game and I thought he probably got a stern talking to from Ken Daneyko about Ken making commments off camera on how hot Stepan’s mom was. When I saw him do that on air, I thought Ken would kill him later because Ken’s wife would probably say something later to Ken.

    I know Pat was supposed to fill in for Butch who was on all the time.

    Thanks everyone!


    He’s a “guest analyst” who hasn’t been invited back yet.

  13. JBytes, CTB- stay positive, guys. Don’t make us invite Burrows on the blog to deal with you :-)

  14. Hockey broadcasters love to talk about “Original Six” matches. It would be great if the NHL had an Original Six Cup.

  15. Woski Del Headzo on

    My guess is that Hank insisted bout playing tonight to make up for his performance the last time they played these guys.

  16. I was watching the NHL Network earlier. They had the CBC pregame show for the game tonight. It included a pretty good Torts interview and the analysts (including Milberry) were praising Torts and Dubinsky. They were comparing Dubinsky’s play to Ryan Kesler.

    It’s a pretty nice feeling for the Rangers to be respected around the league as a tough team to beat.

    LGR! Looking for a big game from Gaby and MZA tonight! Hank needs this one…

  17. >>Don’t make us invite Burrows on the blog to deal with you :-)

    It would take a lot of cojones for you to do that.


  19. No offense to any Canadiens on here, but does anyone else here dislike the Canadien National Anthem as much as I?

  20. Joekuh-rury-mire - I'm AWESOME! on

    I’m interested to see what Newbury brings tonight. The guy singing the national anthems is pretty good, I must admit. LGR!!!! LGR!!!! LGR!!!!

  21. >>Don’t make us invite Burrows on the blog to deal with you :-)

    It would take a lot of cojones for you to do that.

    OK, I snickered at this exchange ;)

  22. oh joy, we’ve got don van mASSenhoven as our referee tonight! Yay, we can expect to be cheated!

  23. Actually, Tiki, I really like the Canadian National Anthem. I could probably sing it, if I had to.


  24. “What kinda name IS PK anyways? It?s as bad as Chipper.”

    Thats like Scooter Vaughan who plays for Michigan. Good player, silly name.

  25. Start Biron? Biron is not even close to Hank’s league..Hank is elite..that is all! This is a big game on the road…Elite goalies only…thank you very much!

  26. 4generations 4 cups on

    I absolutely love Brian Boyle. To believe I said at the beginning of the season, ‘What if Boyle actually works and hits?’ What an outstanding player.

  27. Julie-Who hardly ever posts on

    Of course, I walked away from the TV and the Rangers scored!!!!! Never fails! ( :

  28. Look at how hot Dubi looks with that facial hair! I may have to steal him from Mickey and Sassy!

  29. Canadian announcers said that the Boyle/Prust line is “hard to contain.” who would have thought last year that we would have heard that description about our then fourth line?!?

  30. A little bit, Tiki. But now I’m just feeling tired and blah. Might be coming down with something :(

  31. the Anisimov reminds me a lot of Antropov but more mobile and smaller obviously…Antropov played really well when he was with us, and is immensely talented

  32. This goal was for Duby’s slewed foot, next, please, for Staal’s pride pair and another for the Land of the Braves!

  33. 4generations 4 cups on

    We’re not going to win this if its going to be a pissing contest between power play units. Torts needs to take a TO or do something to calm this team down, they care way too much about revenge.

  34. Woski Del Headzo on

    Here we go again. Torts blood pressure up. Can’t wait to hear Sully’s interveiw & get those thoughts.

  35. 4generations 4 cups on

    Dammit, Orr already got to it. Dubinsky needs to live his words or he’s just going to be another Ovechkin running his mouth and doing nothing to shut up the opponent.

  36. Blue Seat Horror on

    Montreal taking advantage of Van massenhoven’s poor eyesight and dropping every time a Ranger gets near them. Dubi didn’t hit Subban hard enough for him to drop like a bundle of tinders. Cowardly Montreal hockey. Typical.

  37. that’s what I was afraid of,Not only the got a goal, they get a momentum and as a result…snowball – game changer. Dubie can’t to know…want to hurt him – do for real to eliminate… or dont touch at all. Refie watching. unforgivable!

  38. I get that we are trying to bully them but we ain’t winning this one if this keeps up. Torts needs to take a TO NOW.

  39. Blue Seat Horror on

    Jimbo. Didn’t say that one wasn’t deserved. Still steaming over the Subban garbage. They should just focus on revenge and try to make this game entertaining. They’re certainly not going to do it by scoring the way they’re playing.

  40. Blue Seat Horror on

    Have a good night all. I’m going to go pull out my fingernails to try to relieve some stress.

  41. Havent any of you watched this team enough this year to know this game is far from over?

    Ack, now we’re down 2. I hate Montreal…these dirtbags dont show up for their own division rival Bruins, but they show up against us.

  42. What did I say this morning? I love Lundqvist but TAKE HIM OUT! I’m not in the mood for the annual “Rangers get blown out in Montreal”

  43. Woski Del Headzo on

    Thanks dubi. Pull lundquist & save him for Philly. Make him sit next to Dubi the rest of the night.

    Fishler – still think this team can go all the way?

  44. 4generations 4 cups on

    Orr you cant be more right. Hank just doesn’t seem to deal with this ridiculous pressure well.

  45. My comment was not directed at yours, Blue Seat…it was an extension of my own comment about the Bell Centre being one of the worst arenas for hometown calls…..but the penalty that had just been called (Gomez trip) was warranted…..

    I’m disgusted.

  46. We came back from a 3 goal deficit in Montreal 3 years ago. We can do it again, but this time from 2 goals.

  47. Drury looks awful on the pk. Both goals were a shot and pass right from his man at the point.

  48. 4generations 4 cups on

    I still cheer for my team, why is it jumping off the bandwagon to make an objective observation? Gaborik has been absolutely invisible just like DJK just said and Dubinsky has been ridiculously immature.

  49. Blue Seat Horror on

    Josh, I’m not off the bandwagon. Still love ’em, but I’d rather watch Riding in Cars with Boys than see them play like this.

    Must be catching. MDZ has been on the ice for the last 4 opponent goals in Reddenville.

  50. Awful period. Outskated, outhit and taking dumb penalties. Torts is gonna give it to them big time

  51. Young team in Montreal, ladies and germs…part of having a young team… worries we still love them.

  52. ilb, cant blame the kids for bit unsettled…but Orr is right…the dubi penalty got us off our game…im staying a rangers fan tho!!

  53. Blue Seat Horror on

    Too bad 24/7 wasn’t in the locker room between periods for this one…I’d like to see if Torts could out f-bomb Boudreau.

  54. 4generations 4 cups on

    I feel like Torts is going to rape their ears individually in the 17 minute break.

  55. >>Fishler – still think this team can go all the way?

    People still take that guy seriously? I see him more as a hockey historian than anything else.

  56. We have a shot here, it’s not over yet. We will NEED Gaborik to put on a superstar performance this game. He can’t coast.

  57. Jimbo – LMAO! Something just seems wrong and/or painful about the words “butthole ripping” :)

  58. >>I feel like Torts is going to rape their ears individually…

    WHAO! Easy there, big fella! There might be some ripping, but hopefully no raping.

  59. My worse presentiment. ..
    Everyone knew before about retaliation and controversy, so? And look at Subban – he is of course, now skating like an innocent girl from catholic school, with this smirk…Arghhh! and we have 3 in the hole.

  60. 4generations 4 cups on

    JBytes, just a condition of severity, no sexual connotation intended :D.

    Rape as in more severe than rip.

  61. yes, despite the carcillo period, let’s mind our language all :) though I sure have some choice words for Subblechan…..

    yes you are tiki!

  62. >>Rape as in more severe than rip.

    Perhaps, but don’t you think using it in a sport context trivialises the crime?

  63. Joekuh, even so, he clearly said in his pre-game interview that he, and the team wont be paying attention to Subban, yet the only thing he did in that entire period was shadow Subban.

    If he wants to be a leader, that’s not how you lead.

    Now he’s made himself, and the team look pathetic.

    If the Habs score another goal, then he can mess with Subban.

  64. No, Orr. The team with the alleged rapist beats the team with the guy who obstructed justice in a homicide case.

  65. # JBytes January 15th, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    >>Rape as in more severe than rip.

    Perhaps, but don’t you think using it in a sport context trivialises the crime?


    Agree. It gets used on sports blogs quite a bit, and even occasionally, Ive used it…but it does indeed trivialize a traumatizing crime.

    Why dont we just drop the whole thing and not use it anymore?

  66. Joekuh-rury-mire - I'm AWESOME! on

    Oh. I missed the pre-game interview. If that’s the case, then you’re right. After he drew that 1st one on Subban, he should’ve just left it alone, until the time presented itself again. And it WILL present itself again.

  67. BTW, I don’t think there is Hank’s fault. Even in an open third – Kostitsyn got it right in upper corner. All others are due to the panicked defense.

  68. At least it’s taken 46 games this year for Orr to find something to complain about with Dubinsky. We’re making progress.

  69. This is not one of Sauer’s best efforts. I’ll cut him some slack; he’s been great on most nights.

  70. Did anyone on the HNIC broadcast hear this dirtbag Subban.

    “We went into their barn and took 2 points”

    This guy is an arrogant SOB

  71. Agreed JBytes. Some nights in tough atmospheres, we’re gonna get this from some of the kids. But this is how they learn and grow and get better in the future.

  72. 4generations 4 cups on

    Joekuh it’d be the one where they werent allowed in the locker room and all we could hear was the audio of them getting ripped =D

    Hahaha. Lets see what happens!

  73. now we will see about scoring ability and if character alone can get us back to the game.

  74. This loser HNIC broadcast came back from commercial 10 seconds into the period. What a bunch of weasels.

  75. Woski Del Headzo on

    Mama forgive me but I must share this fortune i just got in my fortune cookie. It says “Kindness comes in a hole”. Do you think there was a mispell there?!! LOL!

  76. I dont believe it!

    Staal was wide open in front of the net with 16:33 left and my prediction would have been right!!!!! D’OH!

  77. 4generations 4 cups on

    We need a PP specialist. I’ll eat my words earlier today– this PP has been just completely dismal all year. Maybe we need a new PP coach.

  78. Woski Del Headzo on

    You’re a good sport Mama! How about I change it to “kindness comes in a goal”?

  79. Maybe Montreal can pass their way back into contention for their division title…

    Just a thought…

  80. .Rangers as a team are totally lost today. Talk about collective psychology in hockey game. How one little episode could change momentarily game fabric irrevocably.

  81. 4generations 4 cups on


    I thought he was INJURED? If youre INJURED you need to get OFF! IF youre HURT and you want OFF youre a WHINER!

  82. … Or maybe Montreal is just content to leave their division in the hands of the current 3 seed in the East….and beat us.

  83. 4ever is right…the whole team seems totally “off their game” after the first period..

  84. APB: MISSING PERSONS REPORT: Gaborik, Marian. 28 year old male. 6’1 199lbs. Last seen Thursday December 2nd in a game against the New York Islanders…..

  85. Woski Del Headzo on

    Latest rumors are Gabby to LA & Iginla coming to NYR. Looking not so far-fetched now. Gabo is invisible

  86. Iginla is only signed for 2 more years after this year. Definitely something to think about. Gaborik is a game breaker, but unfortunately, inconsistency is his middle name.

  87. Maybe Gabo needs to pretend his opponents are wearing Rangers jerseys, and then Gabo can actually wake up and give max effort.

  88. I sure hope we come out swinging with a great rebound tomorrow……this is just not our night it seems.

  89. Mama – Game is not over. Always keep the faith. A lucky bounce can change things in an instant.

  90. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    4generations 4 cups January 15th, 2011 at 8:26 pm


    He probably caught his breath

  91. Joekuh-rury-mire - I'm AWESOME! on

    Yeah, definitely aint Hank’s fault we’re losing. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ Hank just going postal.

  92. Hey, Lundqvist should take matters in his own hands since his teammates won’t stand up for him.

  93. Joekuh-rury-mire - I'm AWESOME! on

    I’d like to see more goalies do that if they think they’re being run at.

  94. If that were Tim Thomas…these ******* fools on HNIC wouldnt be claiming a penalty on the goalie.

  95. Julie-Who hardly ever posts on

    Wow, that was a first from Hank! Good for him!!! Took me totally offguard.

  96. Pathetic display by our boys. No goalie should ever have to take matters into his own hands like that! That being said, good for Hank!

  97. As if things couldn’t get worse, the intelligence vacuum that is Mike Milbury is going to be on screen during the intermission.

  98. In the game like this, with predicted lost and mean opponent, I realy regret we dont have a real couple of pure destroyers to just take them to pieces on teir territory. Would be sweet.

  99. lmao LW at intelligence vacuum. He sucks the intelligence out of the viewers?

    Im not going to post for the rest of this game.

    I guarantee you all, 4 NYR goals in the 3rd period and the Rangers win 5-3.

    Write that down.

  100. my lack of love for Montreal is being ratcheted up a bit tonight!!!

    i always have hope tiki :)

  101. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    all I can say is if avery got that first penalty called on him that dubi did, he would not have seen the ice the rest of the game….bit of a double standard by the coach I think!

  102. Woski Del Headzo on

    Tiki – what are you smoking? It’ll take them 2 more games to score that many goals

  103. Milbury telling Calgary’s GM how to get his team out of the doldrums. Could there possibly be anyone on the planet less qualified to give advice on that situation?

  104. ORR, are you kidding? The only reason we’re not getting totally killed after that period is because of Hank!

  105. Woski Del Headzo on

    That’s what I love about sports. Gomez can say that to the media & it’s laughed off. If that was a politcal event the libs would say Gomez is creating a hateful & threatening environment!

  106. Joekuh-rury-mire - I'm AWESOME! on

    Leave Hank in. Hopefully is he’s showing some fight, the rest of the team will follow his lead.

  107. I foresee an interesting period….Remember, we still have two games against those clowns…

  108. Went to my happy place.. piece of chocolate cake I picked up earlier. It’s divine. And the only thing keeping me from throwing things at the tv.

  109. I’m afraid ORR, that after today’s fiasco, it doesn’t matter against much tougher team.

  110. ilb, I foresee a brutal period :)

    Lw, “Rangers potentially opening the season in Europe again next year, according to HNIC. Works for me…”…..ugh, not for me.

    ORR, good point about tomorrow, but I think it would be worse to pull him now…….

  111. Watching Canadian stream. Watching of these statements are false?

    A) Torts got into with a fan behind the bench. Security had to step in.
    B) Slather is up in the rafters chewing a stoogie in the worst sports coat on earth
    C) Avery sitting on the end of the bench listening to his iPod
    D) French Canadian announcers are laughing their butts off at the rangers game tonight

  112. calll it a spade, it’s gonna be another brutal period, and we’re all still be watching it for some reason.

    I know this team has shown inner fortitude and come-back ability in spades this season, but they are playing too poorly for me to believe it can happen in this game. Plus, Montreal+Saturday night+HNIC= a sure loss.

  113. I’m in a such bad mood right now, after what we see today, that our more or less intelligent theoretical discussion about team character +vs.+ bona fide scorer, seems went to the toilet.

  114. >>Tavares – 4 goal natural hat trick…..against Miller…WTB!?

    I still don’t think he’ll leave a mark in the NHL.

  115. 4ever, I think we’re all in a bad mood right now. I’d venture to say that we all know this team doesn’t suck as much as we might be saying tonight, and that we are all more intelligent and level-headed about the team. Just right now, they are god-awful.

  116. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    so I’m behind on time in the game due to the dvr and am just now at the second intermission….

    good on hank it’s about time…way to go dubi and the rest of the rangers standing around doing nothing so hank has to take care of himself (about time btw)

    bench hank for doing something physical torts, you jack wagon!!!

  117. I heard it (Tavares) on one of those MSG Updates – maybe they took a goal away from him…?

  118. ORR, perhaps I misheard, but that’s what I heard….but I may have misheard :)

    will someone please post what gomer said????

  119. Mickey, I’m with you. At least tonight is not the norm………but the higher the expectations, the harder the fall…..

  120. ORR, my bad. I came into the chat too late. They were talking about his hat trick last month……duh.

  121. He didn’t say all that much – he loves Montreal, loves the fans up there, and is happy not to have to talk to Giannone after every game anymore, since he’s not in this media area any longer…..unless I missed something, that’s about it!

  122. btw, there is a Habs fassen who’d been taunting Torts all night….but I think coach has learned his lesson there :)

  123. thanks Jimbo……actually, can you blame him for that comment :)

    does anyone understand what the fassens are chanting? I’m not catching it…

  124. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    # Blogmama January 15th, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    does anyone understand what the fassens are chanting? I’m not catching it…

    Not sure, I don’t know much French.

  125. Gaborik reminds me of those DMV clerks. They don’t have to be nice to you, don’t have to be efficient, don’t have to impress you; they just do the bare minimum to earn their pay.

  126. Y’know what, i would be totally OK with someone taking Subban’s head off. The game’s a loss anyways, might as well get physical retaliation.

  127. Fedotenko is one not losing his head, solid defensivly, hit everyone on the way and try to shoot with first opporttunity from any angle. AA relatively good. What else? We need a sniper, who able create goals from nothing and able not to waste any little chance created.

  128. Mama, I’m really frustrated with that Slovak. If he can’t score, he’s useless to us because he brings little else to the table.

  129. For all you negative nancies that gave up after one rough period…tomorrow you must take your cod liver oil!!! And no complaints!!

  130. Newbury hasn’t been half bad, he’s definitely 4th line material but he’s been better than Weise

  131. Joekuh-rury-mire - I'm AWESOME! on

    lol mickey i said the EXACT same thing when i heard him mispronounce Mike’s name THE SECOND TIME TONIGHT. Anyone else notice that Avery is playing with the Boyle Prust line now?

  132. at least we’re not taking stupid penalties and keeping pressure on…….but i think I smell an end of game scuffle

  133. Joekuh-rury-mire - I'm AWESOME! on

    ONLY because he couldn’t pick it up. Newbury’s played a good game.

  134. Blue Seat Horror on

    Poor MDZ. Another rough game. -3. Though he did have an assist on the PP. Whale lose 3-2.

    Drury really is still a Ranger killer.

  135. watch the video keep your eye on the goal cam it goes in and out. somebodyy else has to see this.

  136. .OMG, can anyone find the back of this net? It’s mind boggling how this game could be different if not for this Duby’s carsillo in first. Now the outcome will be their empty netter.

  137. Just fling the puck at anything in front. It doesn’t have to go in off a Rangers stick.

  138. Blue Seat Horror on

    Maybe the goal cam shook because they were trying to follow the puck with it. Looked like it went off Price’s shoulder and off the crossbar.

  139. Damn it, good 3rd period, terrible end of the 1st. Don’t know why they weren’t more like this the entire game.

  140. Blue Seat Horror on

    Too little too late.

    Maybe they can pretend they’re still playing this game at opening face-off tomorrow.

  141. Price played well for his part and we threw this one away in the first. Can’t get too down, the Flyers will get steamrolled tomorrow.

  142. They didn’t deserve the win after their first 2 periods, but man, did they come hard in the third. I’ll eat crow here, I didn’t think they’d even do that.

    Just ran outta time. And if they had a finisher.

  143. Zucco was shoved into the boards by Subban after Zucc lost his stick…….looked fishy to me…

  144. you guys gotta deal better with the highs and lows….let things marinate…you feel me? you were too negative too start the season…now you getting too high…chill out…eat a sandwich…come back tomorrow? you hear?

  145. ORR, language!

    I will give them this credit. that 3rd period rocked, and it showed that they never ever give up. Felt we should have had this one if only……..but it’s the if onlys that get ya……

    I am still with mao, including chicken salad!

  146. # ilb2001 January 15th, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    Got to love the team. Didn’t go their way, but they never gave up..



    They didnt quit, guys. They got the message Torts sent them. They’ve learned to never quit. We’ll get ’em tomorrow.

    Sorry my prediction didnt hold, but I believed it

  147. mao, good points. I just think it’s the ‘heat of the moment’ reactions we all have in the game that leads to all the negativity when things look bad. Come tomorrow, we’ll all be more level-headed. At least until the game starts.

  148. Joekuh-rury-mire - I'm AWESOME! on

    Good effort @ the end, but DEFINITELY not the game we wanted to play. We didn’t start forechecking until the Zuc goal.

  149. Relax, everyone…every loss like that is another lesson for a young team. Last year- the third period would last forever and we’d lose 5-1.

  150. Bench coaches should have tried harder to calm the team down in the first period…difficult task, but they should have tried harder to calm the team down.

  151. sandwiches for everyone mao!!!

    I still love this team, I’m just a bit sad, is all. I’m always telling a friend of mine to not let losses get you so down, so I have to take my own advice tonight :) LGR! And Hank, stand up tall my friend……you are my hero tonight!!!!

  152. Blue Seat Horror on

    Mama, I thought Aves played pretty well. Especially in the third when Montreal was giving the Rangers the behind the net area, which is Avery’s kitchen.

  153. Joekuh-rury-mire - I'm AWESOME! on

    Avery played VERY well. He was pissed Prust didn’t finish one he set him up with nicely from behind the net late. Sigh, 2 shots that looked in off crossbars by Boyle. Who was it that said he was coming down to earth?

  154. If only we have some legit sniper who could just decide the game like this with right shot or two. This is not my obsession, just obvious necessity. Trust me – scoring will be the biggest problem in the rest of the season for increasingly tired and injured (by the admirable but exhausting style of playing).It is already.
    Gabby is a major disappointment – never took this (or any other game) on his shoulders and didn’t even try hard enough. Lost his magic touch and we don’t have a luxury to wait when he will wake up. He was bought for this purpose alone – to singlehandedly, if needed, decide the game like that. That why they are paid such a big bucks. Definitely didn’t keep his side of the contract this year.

  155. It is still a work in progress……the goal scorers need to *score*, though….they can’t stay invisible! The young guys are coming along fine.

  156. CT, got mail, responded….yay!

    oh my, positive Aves comments not just from me….where am I?????!!!!

  157. Being a visiting team in a Saturday night game in Montreal must be a daunting experience, especially for a young team.

  158. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    can’t wait for this torts presser

  159. It’s a cold night, and the sad van has been heating up for about a half an hour. Who is coming with me to Frown Town?

  160. BTW Nasty I ordered the 85th patch from that website you sent to me. I was thinking of getting another one for another one of my jerseys but I kind of think it only belongs on the heritage jersey.

  161. I love the writers tweeting Torts post game presser…

    He loved the emotion Hank showed when he jumped on the Hab. Dubinsky lost his composure in the first. They were slow overall in the first.

  162. Gaborik not having an “A” should tell you something – I dont think he fits in with the team’s identity. Iginla, on the other hand, does. Just sayin’.

  163. This was the kind of game where I enjoyed calling Dublowsky, Dublowsky.

    He really disappointed me tonight. I expected better from him.

    I was glad to see Hank show some balls for once. That’s what he needs to do.

    Tell you the truth, I think that scene was more based on how badly he has done in Montreal, and not that much based on getting plowed every few games.

    But, for the first time, he didn’t let the pressure get to him, and he played well, and kept them in the game. He deserved better.

  164. Hmmmm, it all depends on if I have a ticket to the game. I am waiting on a call back to find out. If I go to the game, then I will definitely be at Warren after.

    CT, that site is pretty good. The guy who runs it is a real nice guy. My buddy has a few jerseys from them, and the are all top notch quality.

  165. I wonder if Gaborik isn’t nursing some hidden injury? He just doesn’t look “right”….

  166. And this is the Torts from last year…

    Per Gross, and I’m paraphrasing..

    called the media in Montreal “byfuglien clowns” for asking about some altercation with a fan behind the bench.

  167. Sure looks like it, Orr….he’s just missing something….not getting into the play enough, and missing the net too often when he does get a sniff….

  168. well, all, time for mama to fade to black…….LGR!!!!!!!!! let’s take Philly!!!!!! hugs to Hank…..TA!

    p.s. nasty, e-mail me…..

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