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This is some nice little run here by your New York Rangers. OK, they lost to Montreal, and didn’t play their usual grind-it-out game that night. Imagine if they had. Imagine what this would-be five-game winning streak might look like?

So now the Rangers have Western pelts of Vancouver, Dallas, St. Louis,  Nashville, Phoenix and the defending Stanley Cup champs from Chicago. And they have beaten Pittsburgh (twice, on the road) and Washington (soundly), and Boston, some of the beasts of the Least.

Say what you want about barometers. That’s eye-opening stuff. And they have a chance to add Philly, the East’s top team — which has a pair of 4-1 victories over the Rangers this season — on Sunday at MSG.


1) I thought that second period was as good a period as the Rangers have played all year, and the way they defended in the third, against all those weapons, was almost as good.

2) Boyle+Prust=Double Monster (that’s for you, Mickey).

3) Seriously, as good as Lundqvist and Staal and Dubinsky and Girardi and Prust and everybody else was, Brian Boyle was the best player in the game. He’s probably the most improved player in the league and certainly one of the most important players to any team. What would the odds have been that those words might ever be spoken, back in September?

4) That stuff with John Tortorella saying they couldn’t win that game 1-0 before the game and then, by the longest of long shots, it actually happening, was ridiculous and hilarious. And Tortorella took a lot of ribbing for it, and handled it great (see last night’s quotes thread).

5) Speaking of which, a lot of the big hockey writers are taking notice and jumping on our Tortorella/Jack Adams Award bandwagon now, and rightly so. Of course, that is one award that is voted upon by the broadcasters, not the writers. On the downside for Torts, he might have ticked off some broadcasters last year — guys who haven’t had the opportunity to have banter with the New Torts this year. On the upside, Tortorella treats a lot of the visiting ‘casters pretty well, and he himself was a broadcaster for a while, so he knows a lot of them. On the flat side, Tortorella probably couldn’t care less if he wins the award. But he absolutely deserves it.

6) Speaking of which, Puck Daddy did his list yesterday of the most disappointing player for each team over the first half. The Rangers’ was Alex Frolov. Ironically, Phoenix’s was Wojtek Wolski. And also on the list were perennial disappointers, Alex Kovalev and Nik Zherdev.

7) Too bad that Marc Staal couldn’t stand up after Alex Burrows tried to neuter him, because I think Staal would have beaten the holy hell out of him instead of trying to break his ankle with his stick and taking that penalty. Staal and Burrows had some pretty good battles all night, but that shot to the protective cup (which really isn’t so protective, is it?) should be a suspendable offense. Staal and Dan Girardi — as we say almost daily now — were fabulous against the Sedins, as were Boyle, Prust and Ruslan Fedotenko.

8) Henrik Lundqvist is back to being the elite-level goalie he usually is, and it couldn’t come at a better time. The Rangers have won four of five while scoring a total of nine goals. Credit Lundqvist (and Martin Biron). He (they) will have to be this good down the stretch, because the Rangers will have times when they struggle for goals. And the King will have to be this good in the playoffs.

9) I really like the young (which one isn’t?) defense pair of McDonagh and Gilroy. I still think Michael Del Zotto is a big, big piece of the Rangers future, and has the tools to perhaps be the best of all the young defensemen they have, but it’s going to be difficult for him to replace one of the current six, and it makes no sense for him to be here as a seventh, even though I think the Rangers would love to have him back here soon. So it’s a dilemma for now. Though you know there will always be nicks and bruises, if not worse, on defense.

10) I thought this was Chris Drury’s best game of the season, even with the inadvertent delay penalty (on which, by the way, the linesman closest to the play, said the puck ticked off the glass, and indeed was arguing with the Canucks’ bench even while the referee was over at the penalty box making the call). Drury, Sean Avery and Dale Weise were effective, though with the matching of Boyle against the Sedins, and the need to get the Gaborik and Dubinsky lines on the ice, limited the fourth line’s minutes.

11) A lot of stuff happened on that winning power-play goal. Dubinsky was chased from the faceoff dot. Wolski stepped in and, in effect, lost the draw. Gaborik stepped up and regained the puck, though, and set up Dubinsky for a shot. Gaborik drove to the net and rang the rebound off the post. Wolski drove to the net and banged in the rebound. Good stuff, even if not textbook.


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  1. Gift of GAB-orik on

    now Girardi! meaning #4 and #5 respectively. It’s my new way of not being Giacomin, or even Leetch.

  2. Awesome game last night…and totally agree with all of your points, Carp…I was yelling at my tv screen “Even the (bleeping) linesman is shaking his head no at their bench….”….I still hate the referees in the NHL against the Rangers….how Avery can get hipchecked three seconds after dumping it right in front of the ref and not have it called is absurd…as most of the missed calls against the Rangers are….slewfoot from Subban, spear, etc….it really pisses me off….but i love how our boys dont stop playing and dont let it affect them…..when Avery got hipchecked i kept thinking of Micheletti’s version of the rule “if the defenseman leaves his lane”…etc……im really in love with this Rangers team…

  3. Gift of GAB-orik on

    DAMN! Carp snuck his post in there and Redden’ed me. Wait… does that mean I have to post on the Whale blog now??

  4. 12) Rangers Report has assigned Gift of GAB-orik to Connecticut (AHL).

    13) Thanks for the reminder, BroadwayRoe.

    Good morning, Sally!

  5. Carp are you including Staal in the group of young D? I have high hopes for DZ, but I think Staal already is their best D and will continue to be. DZ certainly has the higher offensive upside, but he won’t be asked to match against the top lines of every team something Staal has been doing for the past couple of seasons and excelling at it this year.

  6. You’re the best Carp! And I’m so excited about this team. Despite all of the Canucks fans last night, the Garden was electric. It’s a beautiful thing.

  7. Noah-el Zotto-ospal-allahan, 28 on

    Sometimes the energy in MSG doesn’t translate on the broadcast. It sure did translate last night.

    Must’ve been a great game to be at.

  8. I will add this. Yes, there were a lot of Canucks fans … there always are, for some reason.

    And the Garden was alive. No doubt. But the Garden isn’t like it used to be. When the Rangers had those consecutive forecheck shifts, the place got loud and some people stood. When they killed the 5-on-3, the place got louder, and more people stood.

    In the old days, the whole place would have been on its feet and the roof would have shaken. I looked around at both instances last night, and not only were most people still seated, but a lot of them were talking on their phones or reading their phones, or ordering food, or just clapping. And I think the Garden doesn’t get filled with diehards anymore, probably because the prices don’t allow the diehards to go to all 41 games anymore. So more casual fans, and more geeks get into the building, than ever before.

    It just isn’t the same.

  9. Awesome game last night. I was cheering hard for Prust/Boyle/Feds to chip in a goal. They’ve all worked so hard and been so good lately, it would have been nice to see them rewarded on the scoresheet.

  10. Boy, that 1999 draft was all kinds of horrible. Aside from the Sedins, there are only three other players who made the All-Star Game: Martin Havlat (26th overall), Ryan Miller (138th), and the Zetterberger (210th). I have never heard of any of our picks besides the first-rounders, the immortal Jamie Lundmark and Pavel Brendl. Alexei Semenov was 36th overall, Auld 40th, Commodore (future Ranger?) 42nd, Adam Hall 52nd, Andrew Hutchinson 54th. Wow, we’ve dealt with a lot of those second rounders. Other decent players include Tim Connolly (5th), Taylor Pyatt (8th), Jordan Leopold (44th), Craig Anderson (77th), Mike Comrie (91st), Ryan Malone (115th), Michael Leighton (165th), Radim Vrbata (212th), and of course Vikingstad at 180th!

  11. Gift of GAB-orik on

    haha… well I’m gonna have to go blog about MDZ and Redden… hopefully they can show me around Hartford. I’ll work on getting my game back, and more confidence, and hopefully i’ll get recalled soon!

  12. Good post, Carp!
    And a loud yes on Boyle being the best player. This blog said last night after their announced three stars, he should’ve been sharing it with Hank. In the middle of the first, after the Rangers were being pinned in their zone for some stretches, by the end of the shift, he delivered a huge hit near the boards. TV time out, and the boys came back as a different team. Plus everything else. He earned his first 1+M contract, probably for a few years, for sure.

  13. If I’m Staal, all hell would’ve broken loose when Burrows skated past me on that offsides call. Seriously. I’m

  14. *im talking theo peckham crazy.

    LOL @ GoG going to brasheddenville. come back soon!

    One more thing. I think that big hit BB delivered was on the linesman, LAWL!

  15. I think it’s the pricing of tickets and also the fact that you can easily get tickets in the scalpers/secondary market that makes it easier for visiting fans to invade another arena.

    At my father’s house he still has a bunch of ticket stubs from when we would get treated to games by bankers/salesmen doing business with my mother’s company during the mid 90’s. We would get the seats right off the tunnel from the Rangers lockerroom, if memory serves I think back then those seats were around $80 face value. Last night I sat in section 421 and the face value on those is $37. Season ticket face for blueline seats is around $65 I think. That’s a lot of dough for 2 or 4 seats X’s 40+ games a year.

  16. Noah-el Zotto-ospal-allahan, 28 on

    I think if Dubi scored on that great short-handed chance, the roof might’ve come close to being blown off.

    I know at home, my roommates and I were ready to explode if he put that in.

  17. Yeah a SHG off the 5 on 3 would have sent the place wild, also our entire section was on its feet on the Gaborik breakaway.

  18. Carp,

    Longtime reader, irregular poster…. but thanks for doing such a great job. I dont bother going anywhere else for my hockey fix and havent since receiving the link to this blog from a senior NHL employee a few years ago.

    The information is timely, insights supported, and debate spirited. Obviously everything’s being viewed through a rose colored lense when the Devils are awful and the Rangers play with heart but still…. THANKS!

    As an aside, I’m loving watching Zuccarello w/ the puck…. he always seems hungry and focused on getting the biscuit near the net. The maturation of Dubi blows my mind and watching Staal step up to the best in the league night after night is a joy. Its like watching Revis in that you can sit back with confidence knowing the job will get done.

    Fingers crossed that Drury and Gabbi find their games…. unlike the masses, I still believe Capt. Clutch has a few more strong years in him and I for one have a problem rooting against the C for any team that I support.

    Now if we can just wipe that smug smirk off of Carcillo/Hartnell….

  19. All I can say is that Boyle was unbelievable last night. What an effort. Absolutely incredible.

    Regarding the Defense – McDonagh / Gilroy is a hell of a pair. If you put them on the ice alternate Staal / Girardi you have a hell of a defense.

    Second period was the best period of hockey all year. Easily.

    Wolski and Gaborik seem like they mesh well. Could this actually mean Gaborik starts scoring? He missed two (at least) golden opportunities last night. Now I know why he isn’t used in shootouts.

  20. Haven’t posted in awhile so a few thoughts on last night and the Rangers as a whole.

    Last night, really for the first time this season had the feel of a playoff game. It was the kind of hockey that you can show to non-hockey fans and say this is how the game should be played. And despite the 1-0 score it was exciting and there was plenty of scoring chances.

    About the Rangers, this team is exactly why I’ve said for years now that the team doesn’t have to go out and spend a fortune on name players because NY demands that. There is NOTHING that NY fans love more than a young scrappy team that plays hard every night. That is what this Rangers team is. C’mon, even if we weren’t that good, but played the same way, we’d still love this team by the way they play. And they ARE winning and have a chance in the playoffs so that’s the icing on the cake. I look back on the big spending spree the team had a few years ago and really only Drury is left and he’s been minimalized. Reddon…whaled, Gomez….traded for a talented young kid, Rozy…..traded for another talented kid. THAT my friends is how you build a franchise to WIN, not squeak into the playoffs!

  21. GoG, posting from the greyhound?

    ilb, you’re right, just saw the hit again. lol @ boyle getting his own 2 on 1.

  22. >>Sometimes the energy in MSG doesn’t translate on the broadcast.

    Even when Sam Rosen repeats, “And the crowd with a Let’s Go Rangers chant” a dozen times?

  23. Carp-
    I hear you about the Garden crowds. I always say that it’s a sad sign of the times when you stand up for the national anthem and you see the 300’s and 400’s packed, the 200’s half full and a majority of empty seats by the ice. A Canucks fan in front of me made the comment last night as well that all the real fans are up top.

    Unfortunately, it isn’t just the Garden. Every baseball game I’ve been to this year there are suits by the field with 20 empty seats around them while the bleachers are sold out.

  24. Noah-el Zotto-ospal-allahan, 28 on

    How about Sam’s voice cracking after WW’s goal? I had to rewind it, I was laughing so hard.

  25. You are right on with your analysis of the atmospere in the Garden. i sell 10 games per season (of course I decided in September to sell last night’s tickets) to make the price more affordable. And Broadway Roe is exactly correct about the fans in the lower bowl. Many of those overpriced seats are owned by corporations that can write off the cost and hand them out to clients, most of whom have little or no interest in the Rangers and who barely seem to watch the game. I’ve sat down there, 7 rows from the ice, several times in the last 2 years, courtesy of corporate seats from my son-in-law. People down there are more interested in ordering food and drinks from the club menu than the game. I rcall the old days when, as Carp said, the roof literally vibrated from the noise levels at big moments. You don’t hear anything approaching that now.

  26. By the way, Gaborik is suffering from a bad case of Higginsitis, for which there is no known treatment. However, with the chances he has been getting klately and his track record as a goal scorer, it’s just a matter of time before the puck starts going in. At least I hope so.

  27. I dunno why people would be that interested in the food at MSG, it’s not really that good.

    It was a strange night in the blue seats, they weren’t booing any Ranger when he touched the puck :)

  28. Old Coach and others. I think that’s so sad about the atmosphere at MSG. Maybe this team with turn that around.

  29. Not likely Marji, the better this team does and especially if they put a decent playoff run together, the higher the ticket prices are going to be (which was bound to happen anyway due to the MSG renovation). It’s just becoming too expensive for the diehard fan without some nice disposable income to enjoy on a consistent basis.

  30. Habs fans can be very annoying out of all the Canadian teams I’ve seen at MSG. The Canuck fans were on average very polite last night.

  31. CT
    They are intersted in the food and drinks because many of them are there on expense accounts so that they don’t pay for them. Actually, since the corporation deduct them from their taxes, I guess that we are all paying for their clients to go to the games, sit in the best seats, and consume the food, all without really caring about the team or the game.

  32. Noah-el Zotto-ospal-allahan, 28 on

    I enjoy the Ranch 1 grilled chicken sandwich and waffles fries. That’s about it.

    Oh…and the beers. :-)

  33. coach, I can understand that they order without restraint, but I’m surprised the corporate card crowd would be interested in the fare at MSG. I’d rather order a few beers and snacks and then go out to a real restaurant afterwards.

  34. and, actually, it gets worse as the team does better because it becomes a place to be, a place to be seen, and more casual fans start showing up … like at Knicks and Yankees games.

  35. LMAO CCCP! That’s why youre my favorite sexy russian-accented guy! Irregular, HA!


  36. And right as I wake up and post, my Carpy says that! It’s no different than at Sox or Bruins, or Celtics games with their fairweather fans.

  37. I love the Canucks! They gave us NYR fans one of the greatest memories of our lifetimes, and we both had Pavel The Sexy Russian Rocket Bure for a time.

    Did I ever tell any of you how I seriously got within one inch of kissing Bure’s cheek – when he was a Ranger – but chose not to b/c I didnt want to get my behind tossed from the arena??

  38. >>I dunno why people would be that interested in the food at MSG, it’s not really that good.

    When people are hungry, they’ll eat anything and enjoy it.

  39. Good afternoon all! I am still in glorious post-game glee. If you haven’t seen the video of Wolly (LOL) and his sick hands in last thread, you should go back.

    Carp, how do you get all that stuff up here so fast!! Carp = monster!

    I really wish we didn’t have Habs right before Philly on Sunday, but am praying the boys will pull it off. I want the next two (games) and four (points). LGR!!!!

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    “I enjoy the Ranch 1 grilled chicken sandwich and waffles fries. That’s about it.”

    The Prime Rib Sandwich is amazing but has 2 big drawbacks:

    1) The line to get one can be 30 minutes or more
    2) It’s TERRIBLE for you.

  41. re: the red seaters…..when mrs. tr and I went the game I got the cool gift tix for, right on the glass behind Hank, she and I were the only ones getting loud and proud. It’s been that way for a while, and makes me sad. If you look at the studhub maps of available seats, there’s usually lots more lower bowl seats than upper tier, which goes to what everyone’s been saying here. Oh well.
    I will say this though, it’s nice to be able to get sips and snacks without having to leave the game or wait on line during breaks :)

  42. Carp, there were alot of Canuck fans and the Garden vibe is lightyears different than say 10+ years ago. But, the epic U.S.A. chant in the face of loud Canuck fans was pretty awesome. Never heard that at a Ranger game before. And after Wolski scored and his name was announced with Dubi and Gabby, the place went nuts.

    I thought Schneider was great. The Rangers had much better chances than Vancouver to score in the game. Best game of the season.

    Boyle = Beast

  43. everyone here knows i cant stand most announcers, and namely, Doc Emrick. But when Emrick screamed over Kesler beating Canada, I thought that was amazing.

    I wish USA had beaten Canada just for the reaction Emrick would have had.

  44. Oh yeah Emrick went crazy when Kesler got the ENG. I had to replay that one right after it happened.

  45. Gift of GAB-orik on

    is it just me.. or was that shirt Torts wearing in the post game an optical illusion??
    it was moving and blurring…. it was like the shirt was in the corner and then it was in front of the net!

  46. Great game last night. Boyle is quickly becoming one of my favorite players, he just brings it.

    CT – Funny but accurate comment about not hearing any booing for certain payers. It’s amazing, we really don’t have anyone left for us to boo on a consistent basis… Maybe Captain Clutch? What a transformation this team has gone through. Players who stand up for each other and who we can be proud of!

  47. I’m going to give Drury the benefit of the doubt because he missed most of the season. He did win a few important draws and made a couple good defensive plays. But on the forecheck, he doesn’t look like he can keep up with Avery and Weise physically and speed wise.

  48. I was fairly underwhelmed with the job Torts did last year (but still nowhere near the Fire Torts bandwagon) – I felt few players had improved under his watch, poorly constructed roster or not. But that’s certainly not the case this year so far – he’s done an outstanding job.

    Still, if Tampa Bay end up anywhere above 14th, the Canadian media’s unconditional love affair with all things Yzerman will mean Guy Boucher will likely win the Jack Adams, deserved or not.

  49. tiki

    you left pats fans out of the fairweather fan post.. and they are the biggest fairfeather fans in the last 25 years. Its disgusting.

  50. CCCP – thanks for that very precise explanation about the Sedins in the last post. Much appreciated.

  51. Carp

    I argued many times last season that Torts may not be the right guy for this team and these kids. Now you argue that he may be coach of the year.

    I couldn’t have been more wrong. And you couldn’t be more right.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know if he should get the Jack Adams, but he is certainly worthy of consideration. Marc Crawford is doing great things in Dallas, Barry Trotz continues to amaze me with the work he does in Nashville, and Craig Ramsey has turned what should be a last place Thrashers team into playoff contenders.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, just because their teams are supposed to be good doesn’t mean that Peter Laviollette, Mike Babcock, and Alain Vigneault don’t deserve consideration also.

  54. Doodie, when you factor in the ages of the players on the Rangers, I think that gives Torts an edge.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    The Thrashers are not only young, but on paper, should have been no higher than 13th in the Conference.

  56. Dallas has a lot of talent, and leadership though. The only thing that was a huge question mark for them was goaltending.

    NYR on the other hand are one of the youngest teams in the league, with probably the youngest defense in the league, and are not loaded with superstar talent, and they have remained a competitive team for the first half, and are only four-five points out of the division lead.

    Torts = Jack Adams Monster

    Speaking of the Stars, the Leafs acquired Fabian Brunnstrom

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Torts is doing an amazing job. I’m just not sure he’s some sort of runaway favorite.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    John McClean already won it, although Todd McClellan is making a strong case for a recount.

  59. You’re right, Doodie. There’s plenty of competition, and deserving guys … ps, Ramsay was Torts’ assistant when they won the Cup.

  60. goooooood afternoon gang!!

    thanks Carp! i honestly snickered out loud when i saw that. :)

    i watched the replay of the game late last night, and was again, astonished at how nearly perfect they played. the kids have arrived, for sure.

    any news on burrows getting suspended?

  61. I thought the Islanders’ first coach deserved the Boudreau-Jackwagon award. Especially when he stormed out of the room the only time he had any media attention at all, because he was asked about that other jackwagon, Wisniewski and his gesture toward Avery.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I didn’t know that about Ramsay. Interesting. That year really did a lot for the guys on that team.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    The only reason I wouldn’t say the Islanders’ coach is because did anyone expect them to compete for anything outside of a lottery pick, especially after they lost Streit and Okposo to extended injuries? Then the poor guy gets fired to boot.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey Carp, do you remember last year when you said that you would consider trading the Islanders’ group of young forwards for ours? How about now?

  65. Gift of GAB-orik and Norweigans! on

    Doodie… good call, and good memory! I’m sure Carp is “glad to eat those words”

    This from TSN:
    NOTES: Wolski became the 17th Rangers player credited with at least one game-winning goal, most in the NHL this season. … The Rangers lead the league in one-goal games with a record of 13-3-3. … The Rangers were never more than six games over .500 last season when they missed the playoffs for first time since 2004.

    Also… they lead the league in Shorthanded goals, and ALSO have the best record in the NHL when trailing after 2 periods.

    All that says Rangers=MONSTER.

  66. Gift of GAB-orik and Norweigans! on

    great addition JT!

    Those are really impressive stats for our squad. Unbelieveable how well they are meshing together. PASSION is the key… and they believe they can beat anyone. I love it.

  67. Hey Carp, do you remember last year when you said that you would consider trading the Islanders’ group of young forwards for ours? How about now?
    About 13 months ago:

    I just skimmed the first few lines of the game reviews from around that time. I almost forgot how dire the team was back around Dec 09-Jan 10. After today’s blog entry, let us never speak of them again.

  68. Talking aboot the Canuck fans are the garden last night – I was at the Yotes/ Toronto game last night.
    Half empty arena with 50% Toronto fans. But we also chanted “USA” when the Yotes went up 5-1.
    BTW – No Rozy – still has “upper body” injury.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Putting up the bounty is a common practice. It’s silly that players can do it but a coach cannot.

  70. Noah-el Zotto-ospal-allahan, 28 on

    Would Staal’s injury last night be considered a “lower body” injury? I think a stick to that area deserves a different moniker outside of the dumb upper/lower stuff.

  71. It is silly, Doodie….But, apparently, coach represents the organization. Hence, it could be salary cap violation. Total BC.

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    Imagine what would have happened if they had signed Briere instead of Drury and/or Gomez.

  73. Just a little something something. Boyle # 22 Points, 22, Lundqvist #30, 30 shutouts, Dubinsky#17, 17 goals, Avery #16, 16 points. Now Gilroy only needs 89 more points to join this club hahaha

  74. Presumably nothing is going to happen with Burrows, since it’s already out there that Mike Brown and Shane O’Brien are to have hearings due to incidents in games last night.

  75. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Man, eminger seriously took the body last night….next to boyle, I thought he really stood out!!

  76. Doing great GAB!! The sad coincidence about the little girl in the Phx shooting…Very very disheartening.


    Our entire team looks like awesome. If MDZ can get it together and come back up and help us, goodness.

  77. You keep suggesting those trades, Orr, you’ll end up with much worse damage than Staal sustained last night…:-)

  78. Yeah I’d cool it Orr, ilb is a doctor, he knows which organs are the most vital and has access to the tools to ruin them.

  79. I certainly won’t need to use the stick. And I promise no suffering, at least not durin the procedure, lol

  80. I dunno if anyone mentioned this yet, but, didn’t Carp post something about Mike/Brad Richards standing up to block shots and get breakaways?

    Well, your wish came true Carp! Except Gaborik didn’t bury it last night. He just needs to stop overthinking it and fire a wrist shot past the goalie.

  81. haha ilb!

    lol Orr! By the way, you failed to answer me yesterday on this, so Im repeating…

    I need you to not game watch or not score watch the Jets game on Sunday. This game means the world to me. I really need it. Can you promise me?

  82. He was too close to goaltender when he let his shot go, Latona. He broke away with too much speed…

  83. good stuff, Carp. But from the opposite side that goal showed the knock on Bieksa. he is a tough, solid dman on many levels, BUT he is a mistake prone player who either does things like he did on that faceoff, which was inexcusable as he just stepped away from his man during the drop and then just stood back and watched as the Rangers got several whacks in front. or he often times takes really dumb and stupid penalties. THAT is why he has been mentioned as trade bait. I don’t think they should trade him, but he is going to continue to frustrate them at times.

  84. We already have one Mats.

    We dont need 2 Mats.

    That’s just more mats for the other team to wipe their feet on…

  85. Their goaltender was very, very good last night, let’s not forget. He made some crucial saves too.

  86. Hey Carp, in response to your first few paragraphs in which you described the Rangers’ fine play this season, I think a little perspective is called for. At the halfway mark last season, the Rangers had earned 43 points in the standings. This season at the halfway mark, they had 49. Based on the performance of this year’s team in comparison to last year’, I would have thought they’d have many more points. Still, the six extra points could easily be the difference between making the playoffs or staying home, or in having home ice advantage in a series.

  87. CT, can I have a little ketchup for those words … in truth, though, let’s wait a while. I think now that the Rangers group is far superior. But what if Tavares becomes a superstar? What young Rangers forward is going to be a superstar? And surely, nobody had any idea who Prust was, or that Boyle would still be in the NHL, at that point. It was — I’m guessing in hindsight — basically a couple of grinders like Dubinsky and Callahan, against Tavares and Okposo when I said it.

    Orr, if you trade Del Zotto for McCabe or anybody of that ilk, it will be regretted like the Zubov trade for a decade. Not that Del Zotto is going to be Zubov, but he has a chance to be an absolute standout in the league.

    Doodie, the Rangers braintrust laughed at me way back when, as I asked if they were interested in Briere — for free! — when Phoenix waived him.

    Latona, yeah, I heard it from a few people, including some MSG people, when Gaborik got that breakaway by blocking the shot standing up. And, by the way, I think those final 30 seconds might have gone a little more smoothly had not all those Rangers been laying on the ice. Courageous as it is, being on your skates is often the better decision in that situation.

  88. Gift of GAB-orik on

    LOL@ mats to wipe their feet on!

    Night and day with this team is right. We’re currently sitting 4 points off the Eastern Conference lead. 4 POINTS!!

    Huge 2 games coming up, especially the Philthy game.

  89. iWanna, I think it’s been pretty convincingly established that this team is light years better than last year’s team, no matter what the record says.

  90. also, iWanna, I think the Least is a lot stronger this year than it was last year. West is still Best, but the Least has closed the gap.

  91. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Anyone else think Tavares will bolt from the Islanders the second his contract is up? He’s an RFA after next season… with the state of the NYI franchise… why would he stick around?

  92. Shoot the puck Barry on

    Guys, what a pleasure it is to watch this team. Grit and determination personified! Even a guy like Mats (the one we have) gets it and is a pesky son of a gun. Makes you wonder who will sit when Callie gets back.

    Carp, I am a big Del Zotto fan, but do you think management would really consider trading him for a power forward type or big-time D-man? I personally believe this team is running in parallel to the Knicks in terms of development– some very good young players developing around a solid core– who need more time to see how far this group can go. Personally, I think that next year is the year– and at that point you consider making that trade that puts the last piece of the puzzle in place. But they have shown that they can compete, so it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to make a fairly deep run in the playoffs…

  93. Blue Seat Horror on

    iWanna, you want to multiply that by 2 to make it 12 extra points in the standings if we believe they’ll continue to be equally better in the second half of the season. That’s a pretty big difference.

  94. Carp, it was Doodie that posed the initial question about remembering swapping Rangers and Islanders last year.

    Personally, I don’t know if Tavares skates well enough right now to be the stud center that Stamkos or Crosby are. Both those guys are more fluid and have that shiftiness in traffic to maintain control of the puck to get into prime scoring areas. Tavares has good hands, but I remember watching Staal easily muscle him off the puck in a few of the games vs the Islanders. Out of the top forwards from his draft year, I’m more impressed with Matt Duchene. I was at the Avs game at the beginning of the year and his skating ability was the first thing that stood out about him.

    At its core, the Rangers strength will be on the blueline. I think they’ll be better than a team that just has to score a couple of goals to win, but they won’t be a high flying team, but a well balanced team. I think the Islanders have not handled some of their best prospects that well, rushing to the NHL all for the sake of keeping costs down. This was a crucial year for Okposo and him missing most of it is a bit of sidetrack for his career.

  95. Really like the new Torts. But still wondering if his good twin has actually taken over the team.

  96. Part of what makes this year feel different is the consistency. Last year I remember Lundqvist saying after a victory against the Devils that they aren’t necessarily a better team, they’re just more consistent.

    It has not been a boom then bust cycle like last year. While the 4th win in a row has proven to be elusive, not having more than 3 losses in a row (regulation or OT) gives you the feeling that in general they’re winning more than they lose. And for the most part any losing streak has been offset by a win streak of equal or greater length.

  97. Shoot the Puck, yes or maybe, if you think you’re close and you can get a star player in his prime, i.e. Brad Richards (contract extension a must, though). No for a washed-up old defenseman or a Bill Guerin/Mark Recchi rental type. Absolutely no.

    sorry CT.

  98. Right, Orr. Weise goes back to Reddenville.

    I wonder, though, if Prospal comes back and the lineup is all healthy, does Drury get the hook? Those things all usually work out because somebody else gets hurt.

  99. Any news on byfuglien Burrow, “The Nutcracker”? Wouldn’t it be nice, if when NHL comes with players disqualification, they simultaneously disqualify officiated ref. team for the same amount of games with pay lost, if subject of player disqualification wasn’t call during the game?
    It would, probably, if not totally eliminate, but at least reduce, absolutely obvious, unexplainable, and outrageous cases, like that.

  100. It’s going to get interesting when EC and Vinny get back. Booger is done, that goes without saying. But, what happens when those two come back? Who’s in, who’s out?

    By the way, everyone is being a little too hard on Dreary. I don’t expect him to be an offensive force, healthy or not, but give the guy a break, he just came back from a hand injury. What were you all expecting? Be happy that he’s on the 4th line, and not even on the PP. Some people just need to complain.

  101. New poll down the right side.

    4ever, I know. Tortorella said it bothers him when the refs don’t see an infraction like that. It bothers me a lot more when the ref sees it (i.e. P.K. Slewfoot vs. Dubinsky the other night) and doesn’t call it.

    Gotta go now. See youse later.

  102. Gift of GAB-orik on


    It is true the Rangers have ducked roster issues due to injuries. What also has shown is they have some solid talent at the AHL level, and in the next 2 years, should have more ready to make a splash, and prospects for the future (Valentenko,Krieder, Borque, McIllwrath)

    I do see the Rangers making a push for BRich if he’s available… I also see with such a young core of players, the Rangers being a good team for a long time, providing they don’t have to overpay when contracts come up for renewal… though, without a Dubinsky or Callahan, or Anisimov etc becoming ‘superstar’ status… salaries shouldn’t be out of whack.

  103. Gift of GAB-orik on


    Do you think Boogey is still hurt, or are they shelving him because of how the team is playing? Is his injury really that bad?

  104. the cap is expected to go up about $3m next year, so that will take care of some of the salary increases.

  105. Regarding the Burrows low blow: Surprised that no one mentioned that in addition to the missed call, Burrows also did a major dive in reacting to Stall’s slash. Stall’s stick barely touches Burrows foot but he reacts as if he’s been shot, his head even snaps back. How can the refs be so easily fooled? Or are they just not very bright? The player’s should address the poor officiating and the fact that the refs aren’t answerable to anyone except the league office. It would be mighty interesting to hear the officials answer to the press regarding their performance.

  106. Carp,
    “…final 30 seconds might have gone a little more smoothly had not all those Rangers been lying on the ice. Courageous as it is, being on your skates is often the better decision in that situation…”
    I disagree, not necessarily …this32 big, laid down in front of the net bodies, provided a total low down protection of the net and a goalkeeper was taking care of top shelf, particular when all struggle is going so close to crease with min. angles and limited sticks work. For short period of time, of course, which was the case there. I was kind of impressed with this selfnessless Wall of Blue’s/Blue Wall, at last seconds, which somehow epitomized for me a paramount of their super efforts in this whole game with total catharsis after final whistle.

  107. carp, i really like your postgame afterthoughts posts more and more. great job. i look forward to reading your blogs more than ever. i had the best day at work this morning ive had in a long timne. huge win for us. this game and many weve won like this are only bringin the boys together and this is the closest rangers team ive seen in awhile. they really sacrifice themselves for each other and they are embodying what new york is all about. brian effin boyel baby!! i might just get his jersey. cant wait for cally n prospal to come back. we just might do some serious damage this playoffs if those 2 can stay healthy and our other top players. ok, im off to meet a new ladyfriend!!! i wont see youse later! haha but i’ll be back manana!! wish me luck heads!

  108. nyrb, i believe we had that news 24 hours ago.

    4ever, the goaltender doesn’t take care of the top shelf, though. He’s down, too. I think a defender on his feet can clear that rebound all the way down instead of doing snow angels and allowing more shots.

    Heave, I was sitting right there and saw Staal get hit in the onions, and I thought he caught Burrows pretty good with the two-hander to the ankle. I really did.

  109. Oh, yeah, Staal didn’t hold back…If head hunting shows total disrespect to the player, then what do you Burrows’ action?

  110. as much as I want a premier all-star caliber offensive defenseman, the chances of that happening are very low.

    however, Ryan Whitney of the Oilers is someone we could really use. He is signed for 2 more years after this at a manageable cap hit of 4 mil a year. It shouldnt cost more than Gilroy and a 2nd round pick and while Gilroy has been pretty good of late, we would have no use for him if we were to acquire another d-man and its impossible to argue that Gilroy is on the same level as Whitney

  111. Heave Ho – for what it’s worth, I mentioned that I thought Burrows took a dive in the game thread last night. He has got a rep for it, as Stephane Auger would testify.

  112. oleo,
    while I do agree with you that Giroy is prime trade bait, I do not think Ryan Whitney is the way to go. I could see moving Gilroy for another scorer. I still think they need one more. MDZ would be the logical man to replace Giroy if this happened.

  113. Tiki – What’s wrong with scorewatching the Jets game on Sunday? That game may even be decided by the time the Rangers start.

    For the record, LT is a criminal, by definition.

  114. Doodie – At least Carp called this much right in December 2009: “Only the Flyers should get markedly better among those in the bottom nine right now.” :)

  115. totally agree. Whitney is Poti. Want no part of Whitney, who is completely the opposite of a gritty grinder. he does not fit this team at all.

  116. LWE3

    which Tom Poti are you talking about. The one who was great for us at first or the one who seemingly lost his offensive abilities midway through his Ranger tenure…

  117. lol ilb! Always gotta mention Massachusetts!

    Spider – I love ya, but shhhhhh! On both counts! :)

  118. Ryan Whitney is an offensive Dman, his defensive skills are below average and his offensive game diminished since he sustained that trauma. Why would you give a player with much more upside, who can be much better both on offense and defense? Plus a second rounder?

  119. his offense has really not diminished, he is 1 point off the team lead in points and we desperately need offense from the blue line especially on the PP.

  120. The Tom Poti of similar birthplace, size, softness, Oiler connection and moderate but not outstanding offense.

    Obviously, Edmonton won’t be buyers at the deadline. But if you’re arguing Whitney is a talent on a cap-friendly deal, then why would they be in a hurry to deal him? He’s not a 35 year old impending UFA.

  121. Oilers are 26 in the league in GF. Brandon Prust probably would comfortably slide into the score leader position ot that team too…

  122. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    orr can’t watch the jets game? I thought they were eliminated by the patriots last weekend?? (i kid, i kid)

    not going down to block shots? novel concept..haven’t you and I discussed that previously along with positioning in front of the goalie as well??

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    Anyone think if boogey is gone for the season that slats goes after another heavy weight so prust doesn’t have to do all the “heavy” lifting?

  123. ilb2001

    doesnt work like that. Dubinsky we would be lucky to have 30 points if he played on that Oilers team. It was just an idea although some of you believe that you can go deep into the playoffs just on grinding and that doesnt happen.

    you cant survive in the playoffs solely on blocking shots and grinding. Offense ultimately prevails, just look at the past cup winners…

  124. wicky – can anyone seriously make the case that Boogaard has been missed much at all? Agree that Prust should pick his spots rather than risk getting hurt fighting every goon out there, but why bother acquiring another lunk who can’t play?

  125. Gilroy’s game is far from grinding. He is an offensive D-man, his main asset is mobility. And he’s shown he can be very responsible defensively, his speed let’s him return to his position effectively. If i were to give up Gilroy, it wouldn’t be for Whitney.

  126. Thank you Orr. And just to clarify. No game watching or score watching.

    And the game is on a couple hours before the Rangers game, so even if you’re bored, find something else to do.

  127. Tiki- you will get a heart attack before the game ever starts. What time is the Jets game? We’ll keep Orr busy on the blog to make sure he isn’t looking…

  128. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I can’t really say he is missed and I certainly am not saying that is what we should do. I do think this team played “bigger” with him in the line up and I don’t want to see prust hurt (or anyone for that matter) fighting a “goon”. I just think that slats likes being without one, but that is just a guess.

    I also think the team has played well without him lately (not sure if that is because he isn’t in the lineup or the team just getting better).

  129. No, Im too young for a heart attack. I think the game starts at 4:30, but i could be wrong. I think the Rangers are on at 7.

  130. while I have no problems riding the season out with this team as is, this current team is 2 pieces short of a true cup contender. unfortunately the two pieces we are missing the offensive power firepower to contend.

    It was an awesome win against Vancouver but in a 7 game series a team like that is eventually going to score some goals. While making a trade for a rental is out of the question, unless Gaborik starts playing like he did last year, we aren’t getting past the 2nd round.

  131. Before “…we start sucking each other’s…” you know what, I urge you to realize ever changing current Rangers problem.
    There’s no evil without good and after losing reliable source of scoring in Gabby and reliable on PK and workhorse Dru, not to mention others, team had no choice, but to make a double efforts by anyone in anything on ice, adapting Torts Total System (TTS) everybody on attack- everybody on defense (not for nothing is Hank leading others goalkeepers with most assist.lol). In other words, team, cultivated by Torts preach, quickly, developed to totally New Quality, making grit, grinding and character (qualities so lacked last season) team’s trade mark. Now, we can see, so based on this newly acquired qualities alone, team already shows remarkable and unexpected by most, achievements. But this type of play will sooner rather than later will take a toll, in the way of inevitable tiredness and excessive injuries. To avoid this and go to next, higher level, team has to score to make games easier. Team needs a sniper(s) more than anything else, playmaking center, crease clearing D. We all witnessed, – our guys can create scoring chances as much if not more than any other teams, but can’t finish, which is IMO is pure derivative of skills and intuition, which you can hardly teach or learn, unlike all other components of game, like position, even passing, etc. (The best illustration for me was Tampa – guys are scoring almost on every, even remote chance, we were not, hence lost). Our task to win games will only become harder in 2nd half and almost impossible in playoffs, where we will be undoubtedly. For that, to be a tough team is factor absolutely necessary, but insufficient yet. We have to score! If management is flexible enough to understand team new tendencies and horizons, they will make priority and concentrate an efforts to acquire real sniper, like Iginla (I wouldn’t mind him at all). I know, this species are rare and expensive goods, but can you imagine…on this tough base we start getting 2-3 goals per game more? SC Finals is a limit. Philties last season example must be (for me it was) very inspirational and encouraging.

  132. I know, too long. My appologies to reading public. Just wanted to release some simple thoughts

  133. Ryan Whitney has already played for 3 different teams. That should tell you something right there.

  134. Blue Seat Horror on

    In some parts of the world a Burro(ws) is called a donkey. In other parts of the world a donkey is called an ass.

    In some parts of the world donkeys are beaten when they behave badly. In the NHL, donkeys are allowed to play no matter how poorly they behave.

  135. Funny, from standing standpoint, I shoud be against Tampa, but absolutely can’t force myself to root for Debbies, who are not a threat to us anymore,no matter what…Just pure hatred.

  136. Paul in sunrise on

    No to any trades involving Gilroy or MDZ. No!

    While neither will ever be … I see a future Leach/Zubov 1-2 punch. Keep them both. Stay young. That’s what Hank is for. He can bail out the occasional mistake.

    But… I think Gilroy has the better speed and is a more fluid skater. MDZ is slower. May prevent h from being “elite”

  137. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    did anyone see the avs oreilly get throttled??

  138. Devils = Mickey Mouse Organization
    Rangers right now = What the Devils used to be for the past 10 years.

  139. Trying to ketchup on posts because I value everyone’s opinions

    My favorite: I love this team.

    I think Sally said it first

  140. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    who is the guy on twitter that everyone says always has the rumours?

  141. I like every single player on this team. Eminger is the only guy who’s spot is where I think we can improve with a better player who is bigger and more physical.

    My favorite player to watch is MZA. He is a brilliant hockey mind. Some guys just “get it” better than others. He does. He is like the Little Ball of Hate, only little-er?

    If Slats trades MZA, Stepan, Sauer, or Gilroy, I will be very upset and probably sell my season tickets. We desperately need to nurture and develop young skill players on this team. Torts gets it. These are the types of players are coveted by GMs and scouts around the league. We have them, don’t screw it up!

    Gaborik looks close to returning to form but is not nearly as dazzling as he was last season. Yet, can this trade talk really be true? Could a super-star swap be in the works? That would suck. I think Gaby is one of the best players in the world and you really can’t replace him. He is a unique talent. Someone like Iginla is not only a unique talent but a proven leader, something our GM, Slats, has hard-on about.

    If they trade Gaby for Iginla, you can say goodbye to almost-future-Ranger Brad Richards.

    Can Drury be bought out and then re-sign with the Rangers for less money? Is that allowed? If it was, a real clutch captain would do that for his team :P

  142. Oh yeah, include Del Zotto in that group of youngsters that should remain untouchable…

    no prob, wicky!

  143. Gift of GAB-orik and Norweigans! on

    Trade 27 year old Gaborik for 32 year old Iginla? Come on man. Use your head.

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