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Brian Boyle:

I asked him what it says about the Rangers to have so many good wins against top teams in the league, or if they even notice:

“Yeah, we notice. It says we’re a good team. We’re a good team and we like the challenge. Obviously you want to be consistent and win every single night. But things happen and it doesn’t always work out that way. But when we gear down and we play the way we can, we’re going to gieb ourselves a good chance. It’s great to be a part of it and it’s a lot of fun.”

On the second period, which I thought was as good a period as they’ve played this year:

“I don’t know. Usually our best is the third, and I thought we did a good job clamping down in the third. But I thought we were pretty good throughout.”

“I think it was holding on to pucks a little bit (in the second). We were trying to make some plays in the first and shots weren’t quite there. … We just tried to create a forecheck and a cycle and that gives you momentum and keeps you going and you take over control of the game.”

“I think the whole game, if we play the way we can … obviously we have respect for Vancouver, but I think we’re a good team, too. If we play our way, we have a good chance of winning every night. You’ve got Hank back there making great stops, we had some good possession time. It was a good game for our line to bounce back. We didn’t play as well as we wanted to against Montreal. But right from the start, no one was scared, no one was worried.

“We killed a penelty (early) but a 5-on-3 against any team in the league, you kill it off it’s a good momentum swing. There are good players. It’s the NHL.”

On the third period:

“That’s the way you want to play. It’s zone to zone. That’s the way we play. It’s a staple of our game to go zone to zone. It starts in our end. You’ve got to win battles getting it out. It goes to the neutral zone, you’ve got to get it all the way down. Then you’ve got to forecheck. I thought our forecheck was awesome. We knocked them off pucks, we got them back and then we got chances from there. That’s the way you’ve got to play. When you’re in their end, they’re going to have a hard time scoring.”

On Wolski:

“He’s played a lot of games. He’s got enough experience where he can adapt pretty quickly. Obviously the talent he has is obvious. He’s getting chances. System-wise it might be a little different, but he’s adapted pretty well and he was huge tonight. Obviously, he was the difference.”

Wojtek Wolski:

“They definitely showed why they’re at  the top of the league and I think we played incredible. We really matched their work ethic and played our game.”

“It was exciting. The fans were really into it, we were into it, our coaching staff, everybody was ready and getting involved and putting the effort forward, and we were excited to get the win.”

“I’ll take them however I can get them. I don’t care if they’re pretty or not. It helped out and we won, so I’m excited.”

Marc Staal:

“Those guys were rolling and we were able to stop them and stop the little streak they had, and it feels pretty good.”

“We were playing pretty solid, I think. We weren’t really opening up too much. They started to take some chances and we were able to stop them. Hank made the saves when we needed them. Obviously he’s done that all year long. As a team, defensively, we’ve always been very confident going into third periods with the lead.”

On barometer games:

“We try to go into each game treating it the same. We had a tough loss last game. I think we, most important individually and as a team, we wanted to rebound and play well. We did that, and it just happened up being the Vancouver Canucks that we ended up beating. It feels good to beat teams that are ahead of you in the standings.”

On the young D:

“We are pretty young. We’re bugging Emmy (Steve Eminger, age 27). He’s the wily veteran now. We’re a confident group. We’re all going to learn each day and keep getting better and try to do our best job.”

On the Sedins:

“They’re a unique line, the way they know where each other are on the ice. I think as a team, as five guys on the ice, we didn’t really give them much room out there at all. They got a few chances and Hankie made some big saves for us, but for the most part I thought we did a pretty good job on them.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“It’s going to be a tight race, so every game feels like it matters.”

“It was pretty tough. I was pretty tired going into the third. I don’t know why. But then we played so well, the first 10 minutes it started to come a little more, and the last five minutes was pretty intense. So I’m probably going to sit down for five minutes when I’m done with you guys.”

“It was just a great feeling to get the win and the crowd was really going tonight. It was a fun atmosphere out there. I think everybody enjoyed it.”

“It’s a 1-0 game. It’s so important for us to come up big like that (on the 5-on-3). We made some big blocks. We played really well. They like to go across, but we did exactly what we talked about. To keep it 1-0 going into the third, that’s a big difference. That was definitely a big part of the win tonight, that kill.”

“I think everybody felt it. I think the building got going, too. Especially the way the second penalty came. (Drury) makes a big block and the puck just turns up in the stands. It’s tough to get that as a second penalty, but an even better feeling to kill it off and get going in the third, 1-0.”

On the young D:

“They’re playing well. They’re playing confident. They play with a lot of speed. They’re good skaters and it helps our game, the way they skate and move the puck. We talked about a few things going into this game, about not respecting them too much. They’re a great team, but we definitely played our game and hard work paid off tonight.”

On Tortorella’s prediction that the Rangers would not win a 1-0 game:

“Yeah, I talked to Marty (Biron) about it. It’s pretty funny he said that  and then it turns out to be 1-0. But we’re facing a team, in Vancouver, with so many skilled guys up front you don’t expect it to be a 1-0 game. But we did a great job on their top line and the PK came up really big for us in the second period. We just did a great job. Of course you wish we would have killed the game. We had a couple of chances to really, I felt we had (chances to make it) 2-0 or 3-0. But it was more exciting in the end to have a 1-0 lead and the guys worked so hard and blocked shots and be in the middle, where everything happens.”

On measuring-stick game?

“You know, I don’t feel like the top teams are that much better than any other teams. They’re just more consistent. We had a lot of tough games lately. It doesn’t matter who you play. When you play a tough team like this, you know they’re going to show up every night and play really hard. That’s why they’re up there. So it’s definitely a great win for us, but it’s not going to be easier to play Montreal in Montreal in two days. So every night is just a big battle right now.”

On 30 shutouts:

“Thirty’s a good number. Hopefully I can keep it going for a while. But this is a big win  for us coming back from a tough loss the other night. It’s so important that you respond right away with two points. We have a great challenge this weekend, Montreal on the road and then Philly at home. Those are two tough games, so this definitely helps us.”

“I just try to battle a little bit more the last few weeks and I feel my timing is there. So hopefully I can keep it going and the guys can keep it going in front of me.”

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  1. Carp is faser then my thoughts
    Rangers set a lot of NHL mini-records this season, indicative of hard work, selflessness, playing intensity and team willpower. In short – Team Character. And even regardless of any potential season outcome, we have to be (I definitely am) grateful to them all.

  2. Wasn’t mentioned on broadcast but in closing seconds Boyle positively crushed someone along the boards. What a game for BBB.

    Gaborik is really starting to go. I see people getting on his case and can’t fathom why. He’s not only been hurt (with maybe more than one injury) but he made the key play to set up the only goal tonight. If he stays healthy he’s going to go on an insane run here…

    Zuccarelo was fantastic tonight.

    Maloney called the spear on Staal ‘a good old fashioned shishkabob’, which I guess is funny as long as you’re not on the receiving end.

  3. MickeyM,
    He better learn to work his aasen off as quick as possible. In this team everybody could be a star by contribution and happens now, even the stars are crying sometimes. Skills alone is not enough to make this team. (too much?)

  4. Staal turned 24 today.

    Torts;”“It’s ridiculous. It’s dangerous. The thing that bothers me is how don’t you see it? And that’s what was told to me, that they didn’t see it. That’s a dangerous play on Marc Staal.

    It’s beyond me how two guys don’t see it. If I’m Marc Staal, I try to retaliate too. I try to break his ankles.”

  5. OK, I am ordering a heritage jersey tonight. Cally or Staal, help me decide. CT, I already know your vote.

  6. 4ever, agreed that Wolski better learn to work hard or he’ll be bound for reddenville quickly.

  7. Burrows: “happy birthday, marc” (spears him). “What? You didn’t like my present? I thought it was genuis!”

  8. i told you lads and lasses that Mcdonagh could be special…that is all!!! USA is BACK…RANGERS IS (yes, is) BACK!!! That IS All!!

  9. Nasty, tough call. I vote Staal after his recent stretch of play. Then again, I LOVE Callahan…

  10. I could see Cally getting traded when’s he’s 32 and wearing down, traded by a then 84-year old Sather.

    But minus the offense, when the Rangers look at Staal they see Brian Leetch.

    Then again Sather traded Leetch too!

  11. Wow, didn’t catch it earlier. Wolski got robbed in the 1st on PP.

    This guy could have 3-4 goals already.

  12. >>…Cally or Staal, help me decide. CT, I already know your vote.

    Go with Callahan. Those Staal brothers get enough attention/exposure already.

  13. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    How can any player “quietly” have a fantastic game? Fantastic games stand out. What next, “a quiet hat trick?”

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