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John Tortorella:

Started by saying that “you guys are really going to give it to me, aren’t you?” for the prediction that the Rangers wouldn’t be able to win 1-0. Then when he was told that the pressbox was praying it would hold up so we could give it to him, he said, “I was praying that they’d tie it up and we’d win 2-1 in overtime so I wouldn’t have to face this.”

I called him Nostradamos.

“I’m willing to eat those words, I’ll tell you.”

I asked him what it says about the Rangers that they’ve had so much success against the NHL’s elite:

“The thing I like about it is that everybody contributes in all the little things. I think that’s what’s helping us in those types of games, just the little things, the little battles. Like I said before, I think we’re a good team and more importantly, the players need to think we’re a good team and not worry about who we’re playing, or whether you think it’s stacked against you, and go play your game. We played harder tonight than the Montreal game. I don’t think we played bad (against) Montreal, but tonight was just a grittier effort. Especially after the first period, when I thought we turned it up. So it’s growing. It’s just growing as a team.”

To win a 1-0 game:

“Again, even before the game when we talked, we have been defending well. I thought we defended very well tonight. For a few minutes in the first period it was a bit of a struggle. Most of the middle part of the game, until the last five or six minutes — that’s when they got a lot of their chances — I thought we did a really good job defending. And we have to defend first. Boyle’s line and Staal and Girardi against the Sedin line, they did one helluva job against some good players, not only defending but making them play in their own end zone a number of shifts. So that’s important, and to win those one-goal games, this is a 1-0 game, this is the way it’s going to be in the second half.”

Best performance of year?

“I don’t know. I can’t remember all the other ones. I don’t want to put it up against anything or determine this is the best one. It was a good answer for us, and that’s what we talked about. We haven’t had many instances when we haven’t answered the correct way after a tough loss. That Montreal game was a tough loss. I thought we were a little sluggish, maybe (after) the trip and three really good wins. But we came back and answered tonight the way we need to play. And I don’t think we went in the back door. I thought we played the game we needed to play.”

Close to a 60-minute game:

“Yeah, we played good in the first period. The chances were even, but I thought we had the better chances. I just didn’t think we were doing enough in the neutral zone to slow them down. That’s where I thought we got better as the game went on, is that the D stood up. I thought McDonagh played very well as far as his arrogance standing up. We really wanted to close the neutral zone off against a really good club, and I thought we did a better job as the game went on.”

Key to the 5-on3:

“Blocked shots. (Boyle) makes a couple of blocks. We lose the faceoffs. We need to win one of those faceoffs. We don’t do it but we end up blocking a couple of shots. I thought our sticks were good when they were making cross-ice plays. Brian Boyle, I mean, he hung himself out there tonight. He had a huge impact on the game tonight.”

On the six D:

“It’s a group that continues to improve. I really like, you know, I’m watching McDonagh very closely just to see what his mindset is in a game like this. And that was important for us as a team, not to go in and see what type of game this is going to be because of their record and what they’d done coming into this game. And especially for a young guy like that, you want to see how he’d play. And he had the right type of strut in his game as far as closing the neutral zone off. All of them contributed. Danny and Marc get a lot of the credit because of the top line but they have a pretty good unit right on through their team, and so all our guys had to play against some pretty good players.”

On the Burrows-Staal incident:

“Oh, It’s ridiculous. That’s dangerous. The thing that bothers me is, how don’t you (the referees) see it? That’s what agitated me is that they didn’t see it. Sean Avery chips the puck in and gets hit. It’s interference.

“But that’s a dangerous play on Marc Staal, and it’s beyond me how two guys, one guy in the corner and one guy in the neutral zone, can’t see it. And we end up down, which usually happens if you retaliate. But if I’m Marc Staal, I’d retaliate too. I’d try to break his ankle on something like that. It’s ridiculous.”

On the PP:

“It was better. Better puck movement. I thought Gilly did a pretty good job in helping us there. We retrieved second and third pucks to keep it going. I think that helped us. The goal we scored was kind of a busted play off a faceoff, but it was better.”

On Gaborik being close (post, breakaway):

“He’s coming, and snakebitten. He blocks a shot, and to try to get him over that hill, if he scores that goal it would be a huge thing for him. But he blocks. It’s a big play in blocking the shot, his legs are moving, and he’s creating. So, that’s good news, and we still find a way to win some of these games without his production. But little by little, he’s coming.”

On Wolski and Gaborik together:

“I think that line tonight needs to understand that there’s some grind in the game, too. It can be a dangerous line offensively, but I think we have a little teaching to understand the grind. That’s who we are. That’s not coming out of our game and no one is exempt from adding grind to their game. That’s going to be ongoing. That’s where we’re going to be teaching Wolly. I’m not sure he totally understands that yet. But I talked to him on the bench during a timeout, that this is where we’re going to teach you and this is where you’re going to have to progress, because that’s a big part of winning and that’s a big part of the way this team plays.”

On Lundqvist:

“He played really good late there. He made some really good saves in the third period and it’s a really good game for him to bounce back. I think he was a little irritated on the goal in the game against Montreal. But I think he had some fight to him, especially at the end. There were a couple of really good close-in chances that he made some great saves on to secure the win.”



“Good night, kids.”

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  1. LOL! yeah, after tonight why not? But in your opinion, who will be a ranger longer, Cally or Staal?

  2. Wolly? LOL. I know it’s tradition to shorten a guys’s name for his nickname, but Wolly? That is just ridiculously funny.

  3. Nasty – Staal jersey.

    Just a great game. Effort by Boyle and Prust. Boyle on his knees holding the puck along the boards. Players diving around blocking pucks and sticking pucks out of the zone. Staal taking it in the man-junk and getting right back up to help his team. Henrik standing on his head for his team. The new guy creating and scoring. Gaborik skating at full speed showing maximum effort. Dubi with the key assist. This was a full team effort. TEAM TOUGHNESS. Teammates Together. United we stand, divided we fall.

    This is a Rangers team to be proud of, Rangers and Rangerettes. This team is worth the price of admission and some.

    Huge, huge win. We hung with the big boys and won, and should’ve won by a 3 goal margin.

    An inspiring victory for this year’s Rangers and the future Rangers.

    And Zucca, taking huge hits, putting hits on opponents, and diving all over the place to clear the zone and get pucks deep in the other end. Just an all out effort of a team united.

    Please Glen dont screw this up trying to make a big splash at the deadline.

  4. Nasty’s Number 1 – Staal is a defensive machine you build your team around. I love love love love Cally, and he’s got skill, is a hard worker, max effort, awesome teammate, but he’s replaceable. Staal is a franchise defensive player.

  5. Thanks all. Staal it is :) I agree with all the comments. He definitely is a franchise defenseman. It was a tough decision, and I don’t really buy jerseys often, so I wanted to get someone that is going to be around a while, and someone that I enjoy watching play and really appreciate. That is why it came down to those two guys.

  6. You’re awesome Nasty 1! This Rangers team is awesome! Every bonehead is awesome! Life is awesome! Mostly, Carp is awesome!

  7. >>…Staal or Cally jersey?

    You’ll have to go to the previous blog entry to get my answer. Sorry, but I do not repost when I get carped.

  8. Czechthemout!!! on

    I think Mr. McDonough has arrived! Great game by that kid. I know it’s only been 4 games but this kid is solid.

    Anybody miss Blowzy?

    Sauer once again was outstanding. As was the top pair. This group of dmen will be awesome for many years to come.

    Dubi is a wildebeest!

  9. As I told Nasty I actually have both a Cally (heritage jersey) and Staal (home) so I can have my cake and eat it too. But I’m on a 3 game win streak with my Cally jersey (Phoenix, Devils in Newark and tonight).

  10. Sauer’s really starting to move his feet and is much more comfortable with the puck.

    I’d just like to see him crack people a bit more and he’ll be terrific.

  11. Remember when Carp used to post what day it was? Yesterday was national rubber ducky day. So there’s that. Listened to the final period in the car. What a game!! Just finished watching the end of Rangers in 60. I wonder if Burrows will be suspended, but probably not in this wacky NHL justice system. So happy for this team!

    WOWO! (pronounced VOVO)

  12. what a game!! what a team!! what a win!! what else can a fan ask for? nothing!

    Boyle should’ve shared first star with Hank

  13. Al Trautwig said:

    “Marc Staal get speared where he did and still has a deep voice… go figure”

    Yeah, i hope Staal’s manhood is OK…the kid just got married!

  14. Wow, what a win. Great, great fun.

    But, I’d hate to see that Canucks team in a 7 game series. They have some sick talent.

    I remember the Sedins coming into the league, but can anyone remind me how they ended up on the same team? Did they refuse to be separated or did Vancouver deal to draft them both?

  15. The Canucks already possessed the 3rd overall pick in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft that was used to select Henrik Sedin. They then acquired the 2nd overall pick to select Daniel as follows.

    1. The Canucks traded Bryan McCabe and their first-round pick in 2000 or 2001 to the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for the Blackhawks’ first round pick (4th overall).

    2. The 4th overall pick acquired from the Blackhawks was then traded along with two third-round picks in the 1999 draft (75th and 88th) to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for the Lightning’s first-round pick (1st overall).

    3. The 1st overall pick acquired from the Lightning, along with a conditional third-round pick in the 2000 draft, was then traded to the Atlanta Thrashers for the Thrashers’ first-round pick (2nd overall) under the condition that then-Thrashers GM Don Waddell not select either Sedin with the first overall pick.

  16. any one see either of the brawls by section 130ish? Some dude in a callahan jersey headbutted a vancouver fan, broke his nose. Classic rangers.

  17. def a great full 60 min effort ..really well played and NYR over came 2 really bad missed calls ..the interference and the spear

  18. U see That?, how did I not see that?

    C3P, could you tell me what Tampa Bay ended up with from that deal, and if it helped the Lightnings win a Cup?

    Good night, Sallyski!

  19. Scotty Hockey:
    “Our Captain America needs to be put out to pasture. He did have some late heroics deep in the Ranger end but the rest of his game was utter garbage. Drury has become utterly inept in the offensive zone and, possibly due to his limited ice time, tries to do too much everywhere else. It at least seems like he or the team is acknowledging that his tenure is near its end as Dubinsky was the one to skate to the refs for the controversial calls.”

    I am so glad Rozi is gone so I can focus on the REAL problem on the NYR. If he has any honor left, he should take that page out of the Markus Naslund handbook and RETIRE ALREADY!!!

  20. So i have a question for you guys/gals. In regards to sean avery only getting 6 mins last night even tho he hit like a machine and played pretty well.. Torts quote about the burrow spear he says ” Sean Avery chips the puck in and gets hit. It’s interference.” Now im assuming he means sean doesnt do anything yet they call him for penalties while missing the spear on staal, anyway is it fair to say that torts doesnt put avery in more for fear of the refs calling a bs penalty on him more so then anything else? I kinda thought torts had it out for him but im starting to think he just realizes the refs hate him and the calls that go against him are going to hurt the team more then giving him 10 more mins of ice a night is going to help with the exceptions of those games were hes really flying.

  21. nostradamos? Is he now Greek? ‘us’ …like the rangers….a team of ‘us’ …ily rangers, ily usa, ily tiki!

  22. bull dog lineski on

    Avery plays 6 minutes because he is 4th liner, plain and simple. if they need a spark, and somebody is struggling, Avery gets more time. this is his role, and it should be.

  23. Carp

    The 4th overall pick acquired from the Blackhawks was then traded along with two third-round picks in the 1999 draft (75th and 88th) to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for the Lightning’s first-round pick (1st overall).

    So, the fourth overall turned into Pavel Brendl (remember him?) acquired by the New York Rangers from Chicago via Tampa Bay Lightning via Vancouver. 75th overall turned into Brett Scheffelmaier (never heard of him) and 88th turned into Jimmie Ölvestad (never heard of him either). The 1st overall then was traded to Atlanta in that same draft year which turned into Patrik Stefan (remember him?)

    And to answer your question…no, none of those picks helped Tampa win anything! The big winner here is Vancouver

  24. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    ok can someone PLEASE give Drury a new pair of pants to wear?!?!?! it’s embarrassing. The ones he has are ripped out and worn thin. There are pieces of fabric hanging off of them.
    Its like putting Corduroys on a sumo wrestler… inevitable blowout

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, to answer your question, no, Tampa Bay did not get anything that would even indirectly become part of their Stanley Cup team.

  26. Shhhh, Doodie, Carp’s sleeping.

    Good morning, ‘heads!

    This win could be an important milestone in developing their team’s identity. And it could speed up the maturing process of their young defense.

  27. Gift of GAB-orik on


    I was in the same position a month ago about whether to get a Cally or Staal Heritage jersey… I went with Staal. I have my Avery home, and my wife has a Dubinsky, and I had to shelf my Jagr jersey after it got autographed. (which now joins the Drury and Lundqvist jerseys i have as well).

    I love Cally just as much as the next Ranger fan for all he brings… but Staal is a beast, and should be on the Ranger blue line for a long long time.

  28. Gift of GAB-orik on

    And it’s not absurd for me to go along the lines of what Carp said, and get a Prust, or Boyle, but when i get ‘bubble’ players jerseys it hasn’t gone well (ie Voros, Zherdev). That Voros one went especially bad.

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