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From the New York Rangers:


Rangers Greats Take to the Rink at Rockefeller Center to Support Children with Cancer

New York, January 12, 2010 – On Monday, January 17, 2011, New York Rangers legends Brian Leetch and Rod Gilbert will join several past and current Rangers players to take part in the 17th annual Skate with the Greats event at Rockefeller Center. Skate with the Greats has helped to raise more than $7 million for Ronald McDonald House New York, a facility that provides shelter and support to children battling cancer, as well as the family members who care for them while they undergo active treatment.  Since its founding, more than 25,000 families have stayed at Ronald McDonald House New York.

At this community event, families from all over New York City will join Rangers past and present as they kick off their 85th anniversary year on the ice, bringing cheer and inspiration to the RMH-New York families. The evening will also feature remarks from Rangers team members, executives from two presenting sponsors, RBC Capital Markets and Zurich Financial Services, and families of Ronald McDonald House New York. Ronald McDonald House New York is supported in part by the Rangers through a partnership with the Garden of Dreams Foundation, a non-profit charity that works closely with the Rangers and all areas of Madison Square Garden to make dreams come true for kids in crisis.  This event’s title sponsor is RBC Capital Markets, one of North America’s leading diversified financial services companies and among the largest banks in the world.

WHAT:              The 17th Annual Skate with the Greats

Families Skate with New York Rangers Greats and bid on unique auction items to support a local charity

WHO: New York Rangers alumni and select current players

Ronald McDonald House New York families, volunteers and executives

New York City Community

WHEN:             Monday, January 17, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Silent auction throughout, live auction for valued sports memorabilia & Rangers experiences at 7:00 PM

WHERE:           The Rink and Restaurant at Rockefeller Center

30 Rockefeller Plaza (between 49th & 50th Streets)

For more information about the event or to purchase tickets, please call Rick Martin at 212-639-0206 or email You may also find more information about the Skate with the Greats and the Ronald McDonald House of New York, at

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  1. Or maybe I should take the money I’m saving and just have fun and worry about keeping the cats in kibble later……your thoughts all? :)

  2. Olga Folkyerself on

    “he swoops in, does his good deed, then flies off.”

    Sounds like a pigeon over Sather’s Statue.

  3. off to watch dvr’ing show on Jeff Bridges, aka, The Dude, aka, wish he was my husband…:) and think I shall also TA rather than later….:) me so tired … see you all tomorrow for Canucks!! LGR!!!

  4. also, thanks nelnet for reminding me via email that I still owe you a bajilion dollars for my student loans, you are ever so helpful with that

  5. btw, anybody ever watch the million dollar money drop….sickly and sadly addictive…i hate myself :)

  6. don’t test me Olga…….mama is tried and cranky, a very bad combo…:)

    and fine, wicky wicky wicky…..

  7. She probably went to roll up newspaper for tomorrow. Do you think she uses the Journal News….considering….. just wondering

  8. You all have fun, I’m fading to black….but just know, mama is always watching, so misbehave at your peril….I”ll get you, and your little dog too! TA!!

    (P.S….Marji, not so silent anymore! LOL!!!!)

  9. Last night you were ilbski. Names change awfully fast in Bonehead land. I started writing them all down to keep track of everybody and what they were saying and what times they were on and whether they were there m – f or saturday and sundays too. But the Folkyerself’s got me so confused… I had to start a family tree for them and it just got too overwhelming.

  10. Paul in sunrise on

    Anything interesting happen today. Sky falling yet?
    I missed all of the conversation today.
    Booking a vacation.
    Tell me…what happens to MZA when Cally returns?
    Tell me…why are feds/bb/prusty on every other shift?
    Tell me…why are feds/bb/prusty still together?
    I am probably in the minority, but I think feds trade value is as high as it is ever going to be. Time to do something with that.
    Or is hockey talk over tonight and I missed it.

  11. ilb, you are my favorite pigeon!
    Marji, don’t try figuring out the Folks tree….it will give you an aneurism…..

    Goodnight all!!!!! TA!!!

  12. Paul, MZA stays me think. BB/Prust/Feds are together because they are extremely effective as a unit and their games all compliment each other. And I vote to keep Feds, he hasn’t done anything to hurt this team, he quietly and effectively plays his role, and Torts trusts him.

  13. Paul in sunrise on

    Left wings:
    MZA/Prust (left shot can play that side)

    when cally returns the right wings will be:
    Drury (EC will be center-Weise returned to Whale)

    If somehow Prospal comes back

    Feds has value – obviously rangers need healthy returns, but space is at a premium. Not saying he will be traded, but if the Rangers ever get healthy…what happens to MZA – Fourth line or Whale?

  14. Paul in sunrise on

    Yes the BB trio has played extremely well, but I think they get too much ice time. Too much line matching. Match defensemen fine. But they play the same or just as much as guys who obviously need flow and opportunity. MZA is on the verge everynight of a great pass, shot, play. You can see it in his offensive game. More ice time may result in more opportunity.

    By the way, I don’t visit the capitols blogs, but do you think fans are screaming to trade AO with his below 30 goal pace. Gabby will score. when he does, he will score a lot. Better that he gets hot down the stretch and in the playoffs.

    I like feds for the record. great signing. This is a transition year though.

  15. Fedotenko is one of a few Rangers with great playoff experience. Excellent performer under Torts in Tampa. He isn’t going anywhere unless the Rangers become sellers. And it doesn’t look like it will happen.

  16. ilb, it’s Batman, er, I mean, Carp. Got your e-mail; trying to figure out how to do it. Any suggestions?

    You rule!

  17. Paul in sunrise on

    Last week I wanted Feds with AA and Gabby.
    Thats true – playoffs – and he has played very well this year.
    Just think the line gets too much time.
    Maybe its just that BB has slipped a bit.

    BTW – how many first rounders do the rangers have on the current roster – not drafted by the rangers?
    anyone else – thats impressive i think

  18. Maybe Sather figured he’d have better luck with someone else’s first round picks than his? Where is Olga?

  19. Paul, all 3 of them have had down games recently, but I think as Torts said today, they are a little tired, and imo, they are all banged up. All of which contributes to the downturn in their play.

  20. It is no secret that Torts wants to add skill where he can…it is why he tried so hard to get EC going. That is why MZA being given every chance to stay up with the big club…i think his play would have to falter for him being sent down..i also think that management is being incredibly flexible and forward thinking…not playing by stringent rules, and letting the play of the individual and team dictate moves…a sort of meritocracy on ice! THAT IS ALL! …big dubikisses to everyone so they sleep well… AMERICA IS BACK..the RANGERS is BACK…(yes, using ‘is’ incorrectly for emphasis)..get on board little children,..there is room for many a more!!

  21. So me, my wife, and a couple of buddies of mine (who are all Flyers fans) are going to the game on Sunday Night vs. the Flyers.

    This is my first ever trip to MSG, so Im super pumped !!

    What fellow Boneheads want to meet up for some drinks/shots ??

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