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  1. Gift of GAB-orik and Norweigans! on

    If they put the players NHL team logo on the shoulder like they’ve done in the past that will help… but these jerseys are ugly. Too much going on with the sleeve stripes.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Did they say who the captains are? Or are they waiting before they announce Sid vs. Ovechkin (what they had in mind the whole time).

  3. I just ordered a customized Sean Avery All-Star jersey for $375.
    I figured I’d really stick it to Bettman ;)

  4. Gaborik had one of the best seasons in Rangers history last year despite not having any real help. This year, he’s had lesser linemates with Prospal being out and his still on pace for 30 goals, 30 assists over an 82 game span.

    Wolski replacing Frolov/Avery/Drury is going to make a difference b/c even if he’s inconsistant, Wolski is a very skilled player and represents a legitimate threat to the opposition, something Gaborik has never really had here.

    Remember this is a guy who scored 4 goals in 7 playoff games against the Red Wings last year.

  5. It looks like they contracted out the body and the sleeves to different designers and threw it together without checking whether it made any sense.

  6. very nice, Carp, very nice !!

    I just can imagine how you would looke like in one of those jerseys !:)
    We have an old saw in my native country
    Clothes making people :)

  7. Good afternoon all! I wouldn’t spend $1 on those. There are also so many players on the All Stars team who I hate, I’m not sure what to do about this game! I guess, I only care when Hank’s in goal :)

  8. Oleo, I’m definitely a huge Gaborik fan and I think he was kind of thrown under the bus at the end of the season by Torts when he said he didn’t think he showed up in big games (as opposed to the 70 or so games where Gaborik was their only skater to show up on a consistent basis).

    I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a few weeks after his return, but this year he hasn’t made a lot happen and with his ability he doesn’t need players to do a lot of the work for him as many have suggested. I’m hoping he turns it on because teams need to have a few wins where they run away with it from time to time and his goal scoring has a lot do with that. Lately the Rangers are playing a lot of grind it out wins that obviously help the bottom line, but with the injuries mounting up they do need him to step it up to provide the grinders some breathing room.

  9. That’s the way to be Blogmama! All we care about is when Hankie Bear is in net and that he does not get injured.

  10. the whole reason the Rangers are winning this season is because they are NOT playing like Gaborik. They are playing gritty, shotblocking, hitting, defensive hockey. THAT is the formula of their success. If gaborik can score a few key goals, great. but that is not the heart of this Ranger team.

  11. CTBlueshirt

    while that is true, if he has a linemate that the defense also needs to think twice about when they’re on the ice then it opens it up more for him. Im sure opposing teams have some sort of gameplan to stop Gaborik and what Gaborik needs is not really someone to give him the puck but just someone with one on one skill that can open the ice up for him.

    While Prospal is not a star player by any means, he could make things happen on his own and that freed up space for Gabby to work with. Wolski has that skill, he just needs to be more consistent with his effort and his play.

  12. Hey nice looking jerseys I think, I wonder if they sparkle? Reminders of years gone by. When is Gabby going to start producing? Sam and Joe are always saying Gaborik is going tonight, but I wonder where he’s going. He may be going but he certainly isn’t getting much done. Maybe tonight right? I will wait patiently.

  13. the whole reason the Rangers are winning this season is because they are NOT playing like Gaborik. They are playing gritty, shotblocking, hitting, defensive hockey. THAT is the formula of their success. If gaborik can score a few key goals, great. but that is not the heart of this Ranger team.


    Actually, the Rangers have been among the better teams in the NHL in goals allowed for most of the post-lockout era. Stopping goals hasn’t been an issue, scoring goals has been particularly in the last 3 or so seasons. They’re just finally getting enough goal scoring from their entire lineup that you can’t shut down one guy and shut down the team. Gaborik going back to a 40 goal pace (basically scoring 25+ goals in the next 40 games) will make a big difference.

  14. Fell asleep. What did I miss? Did Wolski arrive in time for practice? Or will Torts just have to watch the tapes before inserting him in the lineup? Hey, that’s how he evaluates his players anyway. lol

  15. I missed a lot of yesterday’s action — has anyone watched Wolski play a bunch? If so, thoughts? Sorry if this is old news…

  16. I wouldn’t be too quick to bury Gaborik just yet. The guy is too good to stay down this long. He was making some strong moves the other night, and with a little time he will be back to his old self. He was injured. Let’s give him a pass here. The team is winning. Let’s revisit this when the NYR are losing.

  17. Colorful uniforms, indeed. Remind of those free doggie blankets HSUS sends you if you donate to their cause.

  18. ilb, ha! hope you’re feeling better. I had plans tonight to meet Kiwi at warren but the hartnelling storm is keeping me home. Double drats. I hate winter.

  19. yes, they are scoring more goals while gaborik is scoring less. iow, they are doing it by teamwork, defense leading to offense, and by committee. That is why Wolski needs to buy into the gritty formula to help this team.

  20. I watched Wolski’s “fight”. . . .his moves in the shootout are patented Forsberg. He appears to have good hands. He must have considerable reach as every one of his SO goals is him sweeping the puck past the goalis extended skate.

    Whatever. Let’s see tonight.

  21. Glad youre feeling better, pal.

    I think Wolski is going to be a big help to us. A new team in a city full of faithful and endearing fans.

    Im so glad our Mama is staying home and putting herself in harm’s way. I feel bad for Kiwi that he wont be able to meet the great Mama, and vice versa.

  22. “It is worth noting Eminger, the 12th overall pick from 2002, was traded four times before his 27th birthday, but seems to have found a spot deep on New York’s defense corps under Tortorella. Brian Boyle, the 26th overall pick from 2003, was acquired in 2009 for next to nothing after only playing 36 games with the Kings. He’s now got 22 points and averages 15:15 of ice time per game.

    In Tampa Bay, Dan Boyle first broke out as an effective defenseman as a 25-year-old under Tortorella after the Panthers let him get away for nothing. Martin St-Louis went from 40 points to 70 points and beyond under ‘Torts’ after Calgary let him loose. Heck, even Fredrik Modin enjoyed his best years under Tortorella in Tampa Bay, who acquired Modin from Toronto for Cory Cross. Oh ya, and they won a Cup, too.

    While the Rangers shave a little more than $1 million off the cap, opening up other possibilities as the Feb. 28 trade deadline nears, New York made this move believing their coach could get Wolski back on track. While Phoenix knows what it’s getting on their end, the Rangers are waiting to see if their coach can work his magic on another misfit.”

    I had no idea Emminger was a 1st round pick!!! You have to wonder what Torts is gonna get out of this kid. This Ranger blueprint is very similar to. . . .

  23. I wish Hank wouldn’t even show up at that joke of an event. Goalies are there for nothing more than target practice the whole time.



  25. just saw Staal and Hank were named All Stars. well deserved for both players. disappointed that Dubi did not get the recognition he deserved.

  26. cw- they forgot to mention the most important player on that list- VL. Even though he was far away from being a first round bust, it’s well known, and VL admitted that, he would never be able to achieve what he has if it wasn’t for Torts.

  27. Oh the list of former 1st round picks to play with the Rangers since the lockout is quite extensive. Off the top of my head:

    Jason Ward
    Aaron Ward
    Derek Morris

    There might be more, but yeah that’s a pretty long list.

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