Glen Sather Live! … on the Wolski-Rozsival trade


I will live blog portions of the conference call, and if it’s not too long, I may transcribe the entire call later.

Stay right here and refresh often after 5:15.

Glen Sather:

“Spoken to Donnie about a month ago but there wasn’t a way to make a deal. … guy I’ve been interested in for a while, surprised last year when Colorado traded him …”

Frolov injury made it more urgent.

On Del Zotto tie-in?: “We like our young defense … we know it’s a little risky … but opportunity to do something with a 24-year old who’s been a goal scorer, we thought too good an opportunity to turn down.”

“I think the obvious reason is we have a lot of good young defensemen progressing the way we like them. We’ve been building our organization around youth … moving a guy who’s 32 years old with this year and next left on his contract, it was a good opportunity for us to get younger and bigger and give young defensemen a chance to play.”

“I was very happy with the way Rozy played. He’s a good player, durable, works hard, played through a lot of pain in his career. We have nothing but good things to say about him. I thought he was treated unfairly once in a while. We liked him a lot. He was a good person.”

Hopes Wolski will be here long-term. “He’s a skillful player.”

Doesn’t know if Rozsival’s treatment was tied into his salary.

“Just a situation where we thought we could strengthen ourselves at forward after we lost a pretty good winger the other night.”

“The other side of the coin … it’s created another opportunity … this reduces our cap by $1.2M so it might give us an opportunity to do something else in the future … (this) makes sense for us for a lot of reasons.”

“Deal came together real quick.”

“I think the Coyotes team has changed quite a bit from the way they were built last year. Sometimes things change within a team for a player … we think we have some players he might be able to be successful with. We think our (coaches) might be (able to help him be successful).”

“He’s got the ability to play (on any line) on our team.”

Wolski gets in tonight, will be available tomorrow. Newbury is staying (for the time being).

“The way we’ve been losing people this year, a lot of these guys from Connecticut could be here at any time.”

“If you look historically back at some of the deals that are made for players at this age, you find you’re not going tobe able to get (a player like this) unless something goes wrong. … every trade is a hit and miss. … we’re going to give this guy an opportunity (said he thinks the coaches can “rehab” his game.”

Watched him since Brampton. Checked with junior coaches “have a full analytical dossier” on him.

(The end.)

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  1. Noah-el Zotto, 28 on

    Bring back Derek Morris with him! If nothing else, he has the same name as Zack Morris’ dad.


    GOODBYE BLOWZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Another deal with Phoenix for Slatipuss, one of the only teams he can deal with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Wolski has no points in his last 7, and it looks like he’s been riding the pine a bit in his last 3.

  4. Wolksi has 16 points in 32 games, not exactly burning up the league. Rozie on the other hand has not been great lately. So I guess getting something for him is a good thing.

  5. From Maloney

    “I know Michal well from my time with the Rangers in New York,” said Maloney. “He is an intelligent, puck moving defenseman who can play heavy minutes against good players. He will make our strong defense even better.”

    Haha! What!

    By the way, I know Wolski has struggled this season, but I lot of guys there have been on and off with the Yotes this season.

    When he was traded last year, he did really well. So, who knows.

  6. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Wolski was great on Colorado, but hasn’t really been the same player. He’s only 24 and maybe Torts’ system will get him going. Unlike most Rangers’ fans, I’ll actually miss Rosy. Guy took a lot of hits for us and put his body on the line in the playoffs all those years with Jagr (had a knee surgery and 2 major hip surgeries). Came up with some clutch moments too. Sure he sucked at some points, but he always worked his ass off and did whatever Renney or Torts asked. Good luck to him in Phoenix.

    Hope our centers can get Wolski going again.

  7. Wow, Malik, Redden, and now Rozival.
    There is no one to Boo at games anymore! It’s a Christmas miracle.

  8. The indecisiveness of Roszival is what lead him to his (long overdue) downfall. As our young kids continued to come up and show confidence when playing the puck his weaknesses with the puck finally started to show and looked more out of place than ever (even though his defense has picked up this year, which is what gave him any trade value in the first place)

  9. Oh…didnt know wolski has the same length contract as roszival.. only 3.8 cap hit…not terrible. maybe wolski can turn it around with us. roszival has been a lost cause for years.

  10. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I think this move opens up a vet d man coming in, hopefully with crease clearing ability!!

  11. I’m actually surprised that they got a player in return. After all, when Callahan comes back then Newberry goes back to the Whale. I guess Wolski will replace Newberry for now and Cally will bump Weise back to Hartford.

    I don’t think it’s the trade of the year, but Wolski is still young and could have an upside. Rozsival…um no.

  12. True Blue Mike on

    wow i cant believe this. Brad Richards will be a Ranger this season and the Rangers will make a strong push in the playoffs mark my words!

  13. So I guess we’re running with 6 D all under the age of 26 for the rest of the year (7 if DZ comes back up).

  14. Goodbye Rozi, it’s been nice
    Hope you find your paradise!

    ala Michael Scott at Toby’s going away party on The Office. I think I’m as happy as Michael Scott was that day :)

  15. well, it would have been nice to see what Newbury could do.
    wonder if he still gets the start on tuesday or Wolski pops in somewhere in the line up.
    i would have to think he would be in one of the top lines
    probably with Gabby…
    if not, second line duty.

  16. agree this does leave some room a Vet Dman. good trade, maybe lightning in a bottle. another young forward added to the stable.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, that’s what I was saying. And I have been saying it since last season. Rozsi’s front-loaded contract would make him appealing to a cash-stricken club.

  18. I think wolski goes on the left of Gabby and AA for now. eventually wolski and Gabby go with Stepan, and AA goes back with Dubi, and Cally.

  19. Yes, his 4-3 million dollar salary at $5mil cap hit helped a cash stricken team in PHO, but if he didnt have a decent defensive season he would have been a toxic asset and no team would have likely touched him

  20. Doodie,

    Yes this probably helps PHX hit the salary floor next year but pay less in actual $.

  21. Another silent Bonehead here – good move! Wolski definitely has upside potential, especially with a good coach on his butt.

  22. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I still think drury pulls a naslund!

    This could quite possibly lead to avery being slowly weeded from the line up by torts!

  23. ?I think the obvious reason is we have a lot of good young defensemen progressing the way we like them. We?ve been building our organization around youth ? moving a guy who?s 32 years old with this year and next left on his contract, it was a good opportunity for us to get younger and bigger and give young defensemen a chance to play”


    Who are you and what have you done with the real Glen Sather?

  24. “Hope our centers can get Wolski going again.”

    What centers?!? Stepan? What center on the Rangers can get ANYONE going?!? They can’t even get GABORIK GOING!!!

    Unless you are assuming Brad Richards is on his way…

  25. Wolski had 23 goals and 42 assists last season. While his numbers this season have been dissapointing, playing with Gaborik and Anisimov is a hell of a lot better than what he had to work with in Phoenix.

  26. A silent Bonehead here as well but Rozi being traded deserves a post! I am ecstatic over this move! I’m still not a huge fan of Sather but moves like this make me second guess hating him.

  27. Right now the NYR need a vet Dman. Torts will have an an aneurysm with Gilroy and MDZ in the same lineup this season.

  28. Wolski is a mere replacement for Frolov. Except he is only 24, 6-3, 200. Former first rounder NHL player. With much better upside. The hope is that Torts will get the best out of him. Who knows. They saved $1.2M in cap numbers and got rid of what is excessive in our system at the moment- Dmen. Nobody young went the other way. What’s there not to like?

  29. Trading for Richards is smart if you give up assets you can afford to lose…

    Signing Richards for 5 years at $8m per is stupid….

  30. Doodie Machetto

    I said the Rangers would not make a trade for a stop gap to hold the fort nor would they give up anything of value. This trade had nothing to do with Newbury not being able to play on the 4th line but b/c they robbed the shit out of Phoenix.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    oleo, all I said was they didn’t want to use Newbury and they would make a trade. Sather himself said the Frolov injury made the need to deal urgent.

  32. NYR_FAN

    8 mil for 5 years is a bit steep but 7.25 mil over 5 years is what I would offer as the max.

  33. May I ask why very few people are responding to my posts? Im feeling a bit unloved, especially by my Carpy! I need my Carp love :(

    Orr, why did you have to put the link to that picture up. It’s so disturbingly sick…

  34. Wolski is similar to Frolov in that he has skill, but leaves you wanting more effort and drive and grittiness. he has great hands and moves, but tends to disappear after a while. He will probably look good for a couple weeks here , then taper off

    But it is an excellent trade for the Rangers, because I don’t care what anyone says, Blowsival was a lower pair dman in Pitt who was paid and used as a top pair guy here, and that was criminal to the ranger fans. And especially the young dmen have shown that they can hold up ok if guys like Blowsival are moved aside to give them some ice time. hell, Eminger has come in and played more solid than Blowsival at a low price.

  35. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I think we are all losing focus on what is really important here…I had two firsts in a row and a carping….A gordie howe hat trick!!

  36. “I love that trading Rozi is causing the silent RR followers to post”

    Haha, yeah! Even Kaspar may show up!

    Sorry, Tik. I had to post it, because I didn’t feel right seeing that picture all by myself. I needed a few others to be freaked out as much as I am.

    His math teacher said he had a “Joker” type of grin. Now I know why he said that.

  37. Doodie Machetto

    they made this trade b/c they felt they needed a top 6 player not b/c they felt Newbury was not good enough to play on the 4th line. heck, they might send Weise down and play Newbury for all we know.

  38. They didn’t rob anything from Phoenix. Wolski isn’t some offensive god. He’s undiscplined and out of shape and once he scores a goal, he’s lazy as all hell for 2 weeks. He has skill, but doens’t have the attitude, just got to hope he finds it under Torts.

    And I know why everyone hates Rozy, but people forget that he backlined us in the playoffs with a busted knee and tore up his hip two season in a row. Guy never bailed on the team, didn’t pull a Redden and complain when he was getting benched, and didn’t let the fans/media get to him. I give him credit for at least being a solid professional and being a dedicated Ranger. Nice guy in person as well and was great to all the fans when he met them.

  39. lol Orr. I hope that guy rots in prison for the rest of his life, and has his soap bar drop many times a day in the shower.

  40. WHOA! Where the Byfuglien did this come from? Not expected at all. I didn’t realize Wolski’s cap hit was so high, but this is still a good trade, right? No more defensemen to hate on? I think we will be focused on Eminger now, with possibilities for Gilroy and MDZ, though they are still young and learning of course. Who ever thought we could trade Rozsival for someone decent and clear cap space? Though as Doodie said, Wolski is in a funk right now.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    “And I know why everyone hates Rozy, but people forget that he backlined us in the playoffs with a busted knee and tore up his hip two season in a row. Guy never bailed on the team, didn’t pull a Redden and complain when he was getting benched, and didn’t let the fans/media get to him. I give him credit for at least being a solid professional and being a dedicated Ranger. Nice guy in person as well and was great to all the fans when he met them.”

    Well said.

  42. Johnny, this is a robbing! It doesn’t matter if Wolski sucks. We’ve dealt with Frolov, so it will be like nothing changed. He’ll go to the 4th line!

    But, Blowzy is always in the lineup, taking away a spot from a younger, more deserving guy.

    Great trade for us!

  43. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    plays a “hard” game. “Stiff” defencively. “Jam” around the net in the offencive zone!

  44. True Blue Mike on

    Wolski gets in tonight, will be available tomorrow. Newbury is staying (for the time being).

    Looks like he will be playing tomorrow!

  45. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    ILB and Orr
    Liked both of those better!

  46. i echo the well said to Jonny D about Roszival. I shouldnt have called him Blowzy…he never quit on us…but he’s just not that effective.

  47. unless their season suddenly tanks i can’t see dallas trading
    Richards to us or anyone.
    the team is gearing up for the playoffs not just because they’re playing
    but also because it gets the fanbase excited and sets it up for new ownership.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    They should give Wolski the start at the Garden tomorrow night so he can get the applause from the fans.

  49. some perspective. roszival is not as bad as many think. he is overpaid at $5 mill but at $2.5 probably not.

    As others posted, this has nothing to do with the 4th line, rangers need some guys who can score and have skill. Wolski has talent, is he a typical softie, probably.

    torts needs to get in his head and maybe the other rangers work ethic will incent him to play hard.

    this is a net good trade. rangers reduce cap, get a forward, they have tons of young d men, this is a win win for both teams. roszival will play well for phx.

    only issue for the rangers is there defense is scary young, scary. oldest guy is emminger at 27, they may need some old grit, they can solve that issue at the deadline…

  50. Tik, sadly that wont happen. If you read all the crap he wrote on youtube, and myspace, and you look at pics of him from a few years ago, compared to his mugshot, it’s pretty clear that he’ll be breaking bread with Charles Manson, and the other loony freaks.

    I’m not even a fan of the death penalty. Instead of that, they should just torture him for the rest of his life.

    Brutal, yes, but deserving!

  51. “I love that trading Rozi is causing the silent RR followers to post”

    I’ve read the blog for about 3 years, maybe posted 1-2 times when I started reading and never since. And this is post #3 about the trade!


    I’m kinda surprised that Wolski makes so much. wtf were the coyotes thinking?

    Think about what the Rangers look like in 2 years: Stepan, AA, Dubi, Cally, MDZ, Staal all continue to develop, Gabby and King are still only 30, new rookies like Krieder and Grachev and McDonough are here, and the cap hits of Drury, Redden, Rozy, White, Prospal, Brasher, Frolov, and Wolski (if he sucks) are off the books! This team is going places!

  52. Cap hit is pretty high on Wolski- another Sather “project”. He is young and has upside, just hope NY lights a fire under him and he doesn’t resort back to being lazy. But, all in all, Rozy’s 5 million a year cap hit is gone.
    now all we need is for sather or someone (anyone!) to convince Drury to retire…

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Nah, they looked at Semenov during training camp this year and gave him the boot.

    I think they bring in a retread at the deadline.

  54. Remains to be seen what sort of performance can be coaxed out of Wolski and, like it or not, Rozsival’s 20+ minutes aren’t easy to replace, so the deal is not without risk. Still, it feels somewhat different for the Rangers to be able to make a deal like this from a position of relative strength rather than scrambling around to find a Sutter of Gainey to unload a pile of crap on.

    Presumably Wolski immediately slots in at #2 on the list of all-time Polish Rangers, behind Krzysztof Oliwa?

  55. Doodie, I have no idea. It’s as if he completely vanished off the face of the earth. I hope everything is alright with him.

    You know, Sauer and Semenov would make a good D-unit. Sauer-Semen. Sounds aboot right.

    And I can’t wait to hear the Yotes fans complain.

    And Blowzy is going to get more responsibility there, so he’s going to struggle.

  56. Wolski’s cap hit is $3.8M, same length as Roszival’s, but $1.2M less. He is an RFA after and has no restrictions on his contract (NMC or NTC). Except he is only 24. If it doesn’t work out, they don’t have to qualify him. Frolov’s experiment, unfortunately was over before he got injured. The Rangers do need to have legit NHLers in the lineup because of all the injuries.

  57. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    What if slatipuss actually is able to add a vet crease clearing d man and a centre by the deadline?? I mean hypothetically, that would be impressive!!!

  58. sauer will get a increased role and more minutes because else staal and girardi are going to burn out.

    roszival did play alot of minutes and all 3 phases but he is slow, and not physicla at all.

    we will see if sauer, emminger , and others increased minutes are a good thing down the road.

    the rangers are abunch of plumbers so when you can get a guy who is lazy and soft but can make great plays on occasion and score it is a skill the rangers have in short supply.

    add cally to the forwards and this team is a good team. torts has to learn to play 4 lines when the troops come back and this will help them wear down teams, increase the intensity on there forecheck etc….


  59. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, see, I thought Frolov was a lot better than his numbers were.

    I’ll tell you this much, if Wolski is out of shape, we will find out about it really quickly. Torts isn’t one to pull punches when it comes to conditioning.

  60. Rozi wasn’t dogpoop. His contract was. But this isn’t exactly highway robbery. I believe this is the begining of something bigger. HAs to be with this D:


  61. Wolski should enjoy it here in NYC – we have a large Polish population that loves folks from back home…he could become a local fan favorite, and could visit Greenpoint for a “taste of home”!

  62. As young as our defencs is, Rozie and sometimes girardy were the guys I felt lack of confidence in. Rozie it seemed to me was getting worse, especially battling in the corners and behind the goal. It is time for him to go. He put in his time as a Ranger, and he had his up and downs. I wish him all the best in Phoenix. I still can’t believe that Sather found a taker for him. I considered him way overpaid. That said it is going to be interesting watching this young D go to work. They have some good young defenceman here now, I don’t think there is that much concern about them being able to handle the load.

  63. I don’t think Grachev is gonna pan out. I know it’s early, but he’s literally shown nothing since coming out of juniors to think that he’s going to be a top 6 player in the NHL. He’s got amazing size, reminds me of Malkin with how he can use it, but he needs to get some rockets on those skates. He adds a little speed and he’ll have a chance, but man he’s been struggling.

  64. shrewd giving up on a 20 year old grachev………….

    i will give up on him in 3 years until then have some patience and let the guy develop.

    look at dubi today compared to 2 years ago, night and day.

    sauer was not suppose to make the team, think he belongs?

  65. Doodie- Frolov was very good for this team, he was strong in the corners and almost never gave up the puck. But that wasn’t what he was signed here for.

  66. Hey guys I’ve been catching bits and pieces of games here and there hard to get a good consistent fix between a new home and TWC albany’s inconsistent showing schedule. Well actually its Buffalo and Bettman and blackouts but whatever.

    Rosi is gone!!! I can’t believe it and of all the years we finally move him its the year he is playing some of his better hockey. Now I’m not crushed but I do think ROsi did enough to deserve a moment of silence
    and we’re done. Good luck.

    Oh and BTW anyone who wonders what youth and emotion can do in the playoffs go talk to Saints fan, ask them how they feel right now.

  67. Blueshirt in Paris on

    –Rozi wasn’t dogpoop. His contract was. But this isn’t exactly highway robbery. I believe this is the begining of something bigger. HAs to be with this D:


    Uh Sauer??? Probably our 3rd best this year.

  68. hehe, another zinger from TSN comments:

    11 mins ago
    …now Rozsival can get booed in Spanish too!

  69. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    you still want him?? I thought you wanted willie mitchell?

  70. I think it should be stated, that this trade would not have been possible today without the incredibly solid and consistant play of Steve Eminger… and playing mostly on his off-side.

    Can’t remember this organization being this flexible with players moving in and out of the lineup for one reason or another…

    Good pool of players right now… GREAT coaching…


  71. Doodie, that Rosy video u posted from the Buffalo series…wanna know the best part about it?? Drury had another jersey on lol….love this move let the young dmen play and id rather have wolski then new ury…wolskis proven

  72. Rosi has been better this year then in previous years, but the trade is proof that our young D can play. I don’t think torts has a problem with gilroy and MDZ in the same lineup.

  73. LW3H,
    you left out the “polish prince” Pete Stemkowski in ranking of Polish Rangers. I would think Stemmer would have to be number 1 in the rankings.

  74. Btw, that also means that they will have to buy out Drury if the want to sign Richards July 1st…

  75. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    i don’t think he will get the booing previous whipping boys have.

    If he does, he will just rationalize it as druuing.

  76. That is why it is good to have buddies in GM jobs in other towns. Too bad we can’t get Keith Yandle. Great young dman

  77. Holy Cow Rozi is gone! that was a coup in itself.

    Wolski was not too bad here in Colorado. He averaged about 45 points a year or better for 4 years straight before he got traded.

  78. Czechthemout!!! on

    Great trade!!!!!!

    Wolski has scored in this league already. He scored 65 pts last year. He is an enigma. But so was Brian Boyle. Kudos to Torts for developing Boyle into a player. If he can get Wolski to play with passion and be consistent than we may have a another big time player cause he is still only 24 and 6″3 215 lbs! Even if he doesn’t pan out, dumping blowzy is still a great move. It is also a testament to Torts for his getting his way in pushing for youth and developing it.

  79. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    here is the lw post from earlier today

    LW3H January 10th, 2011 at 6:13 pm
    So all this new-found cap space is to be used to sign Brendan Witt, right?

  80. I, as usually in minorities, feel sorry and emptiness – on whom fellow bloggers will sharpen their sarcastic and humorous skills and tools!? Last of Mohegan’s left the building together with Elvis. Oh, sorry, Dreary (right?)is still here… Sigh of relief. Fire Sather! ?

  81. Sather was right, Rozsival played in pain, frequently.

    Boo Girardi?

    The guy is a human shot blocking machine.

    What’s he have to do? Die? Sheesh….

  82. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    slatipuss might wait to see if commodore goes on re entry, wouldn’ t take a shot at him at his full salary.

  83. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I wouldn’t take a shot at him at full salary….sheesh

    don’t we all have a concussion history….sheesh x2

  84. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    If we trade for a vet d man between now and the deadline, IMHO it means the organization feels it can make a significant playoff run and wants leadership back there.

  85. ilb2001

    technically they can squeeze Richards in there but with Wolski and Richards it creates a log jam and someone would need to go.

  86. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    our second half schedule looks brutal (sorry about changing topics for a minute).

  87. I think Drury is way out of shape. He is not playing to bad for a guy out of condition. He will be getting lots of extra work, as his conditioning improves. He might even score a few down the stretch, I am Hopeful.

  88. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    ever the optimist, nice!

  89. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Not sure we need a veteran d at this time.

    Torts has to increase Sauer’s playing time. He’s big enough to clear the crease.

    Might even play mcdonagh alot more.

    We have a lot of good trade bait for this year or next year.

    Might be a good time to move Boyle if we think this year is a fluke.

  90. got my rangers email re the trade…here’s the key to the trade:

    “He has been one of the NHL’s top performers in overtime shootouts and shares the league record for shootout goals in one season. He also holds the NHL record for shootout goals made by a player with at least 10 attempts in one season (83.3 percent).”

    kill 2 birds with one stone…replace Frolov AND Christensen

  91. Dubinsky-Richards-Gaborik

    signing Richards now creates a log jam at center and leaves Zuccarello, a probable top 9 player stuck in HFD, leaves Anisimov or Stepan playing out of position. basically if Richards is going to come here, either Wolski or Anisimov/Stepan and one of Avery/Boogaard gotta go if Zuccarello is going to be here.

  92. ilb, so smart even with the flu! That is sturdy Russian stock my friend!

    LMAO at silent posters out on this trade :) stay all!

    off to read the links…..

  93. From Puckdaddy:

    “Of course, Rangers fans by and large don’t care about this. Rozsival is gone, and Wolski isn’t named “a bag of pucks.”


  94. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    you bring up a valid point about the logjam, but that would be going on the assumption that we lose no one of importance/active roster (i.e. dubi or aa or stepan) in acquiring him (as UFA perhaps).

  95. i gotta say that I agree with you cw, Until now I couldn’t see anyone taking Rozie on a trade for anything but maybe a bag of pucks.

  96. if Tortorella can get Wolski playing like he did last season then its an absolute steal, if he is nothing special, i expect him to be moved this offseason….

  97. Wow Sather’s really making good for all his past failures. Surprised Maloney didn’t get more for this exchange. Swap of the Century. The guy’s big and a scorer. might work well with Gabs & arte or Drury and Weese. Four really balanced lines. Only downside is if have any future injuries to our defensive corp.

  98. Holy crap!

    I finish work and go to the gym and what do I discover when I get home? Rozy traded. And for a young forward that can score goals, albeit having a down year. Plus, giving the team more cap room. As much as I defended Rozy, this is a really amazing deal for Sather to pull of.

  99. Mama, I’ve been reading here for three years, but I don’t usually have much to say – thank you for the invite, though!

  100. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    if we traded for him. Usually (usually) you can not trade for something without giving up something. I do not want to see those guys traded, but you would have to think that if we did trade for him, one of those would have to be included.

  101. Having said all that, this team desperately needs a veteran Dman. Hopefully it’s not McCabe or Kaberle and god, forbid, Phaneuf (like some rumours are saying). No way can Staal and Girardi play 30 minutes plus a night every night and still have gas left for the playoffs.

  102. oleo, bite your tongue. I want MZA to stay, absolutely, but if we have to lose someone on your list, I prefer Boo. After all, we have Pru!!!

  103. This Wolski makes more than Frolov and is really no better. Let’s not brand this the deal of the century.

    Far from it.

  104. Mickey, what you said :)

    Jimbo, most folks here don’t have much to say, but they say it anyway :)

    all, I kid, I kid!!!

  105. cw, i agree 1000 percent with you. but there’s upside, and maybe Tortorella can do with him what he did with Boyle. At worst, it opens a little cap space and gives a top-4, D-spot to a young kid, and if he stinks they can send him to Reddenville and erase him from the books. It’s win-win-win, with the potential to be WIN-win-win if they can find his game.

  106. Even if he’s a Frolov, it’s still a great deal. Bury his ass on the 4th line if he half-asses it.

    I’m just glad Blowzy is gone. That’s all that matters.

    This team just got so much more cooler! Just have to get rid of EC, and we’re going to be friggin Aww-some.

  107. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore :)

    4ever, you are so much more intelligible before midnight :)

  108. wow just got back from moving into new home. love the move becasue we gain the cap space but we still need a vet dmen .

  109. Hey now, Mama, there is no jibberish (gibberish) around here at all. Just talking facts and line combos.

  110. Fugg veterans to hell n back!

    Lets have a fun young team! Let them go into the playoffs on their own. They don’t need some old useless bouche to hold their hands.

    Slats needs to stay smart. I know he has a lot of dumb in that brain of his, but he needs to just let everything go, and keep this team as is.

  111. Joekuh-rury-mire - I'm AWESOME! on

    I only have one thing to say aboot everything’s that’s happened today…..WHERE’S UNCLE GLENNIE!?!?!?!?

  112. LOL…

    Funniest line about the deal.F or all the Mets fans here…and I’m paraphrasing the WFANtweet…

    If the NYR can get a live body for Roszival, then there may still be hope (for trading Ollie)

  113. Another player being shipped to the Phoenix Jr. Rangers ??? I never had a problem with Rozy, but it was time for him to go….. too many good, young D-men coming up the pipeline.

    I feel this opens the door for Richards either at the deadline or most likely in FA over the summer.

    EXTRA BONUS — “The Candy Lineup” episode of Seinfeld was on tonight (one of my favs)

  114. considering the Rangers continued youth movement even as expressed by Sather, i just cant see how they would all of a sudden trade multiple young players/prospects for a veteran.

    Its not like Richards is actually going to turn down playing for the Rangers, that just doesnt happen.

  115. Carp,
    This deal is $1.2 mil in cap space. That alone is a success I guess. But we have to spend that $$$ on veteran D. So, to me, It is a sideways deal at best. I believe this deal is a pre-cursor to a bigger deal for a lefty veteran Dman.

    But to call it the deal of the century or highway robbery is crazy. This is the EXACT deal I talked about last year when it was considered impossible to trade Rozi. No on gave us a superstar for an old goat. I will tell you that right now.

    If Wolski turns it around, great. But this guy has Kotalik/Olli/Ozolinsh/Frolov/Karpa/Kamensky/(insert crappy player here) written all over him.

  116. Olga Folkyerself on

    Just another great move. Sather fixes a big mistake with probably another mistake. He’s a Genus. (Some classification of organism…)


  117. anyone remember jeff finley? i remember i scored a hat trick with him against dominek hasek on one of the ea sports nhl games

  118. Staal/Girardi



    Del Zotto

    Am I the only one who’s totally fine heading into the rest of the season with this blueline?

  119. Paul in sunrise on

    Sather cannot bury all his bad FA signings in Conn. So rozi gets moved for a player that can be easily moved to Conn. Waivers permitting.

    Sather always wins the trade. He has been great at that. This is medium risk high reward.

    Sauer was the second round pick after Staal. They were just as excited about him back then. I juries delayed his arrival. But he is here and very good.

  120. From what I hear, Wolski may be a guy that can benefit from Torts’ style of play and what he demands from his players. Maybe he just needs a good kick in the Aasen. He is a well documented “enimiga” with good size and world class talent. I like the idea of him with Anisimov and Gaborik.

    New York is not your average hockey town and no one ever knows what to expect from a player when they are traded here. Look at Brandon Prust…did anybody think he would be leading the league in SH goals this year when we got him?

    Moving Roszival was necessary to give the Rangers cap flexibility this coming off-season…

  121. And I am referring to RFAs when it comes to cap flexibility….Dubi, Sauer, and Boyle should expect big raises…

  122. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    This is all upside if you look at the big picture, even though it’s not anything near a robbery or anything like that.

    A young, talented – obvously troublesome – kid for a painfully diminishing and injury-ridden D-man. I am willing to bet that Sather knows all about Wolskis potential softness, and perhaps theres even some attitude issues. However, remember that he will be supervised by one of the toughest coaches in the leauge who wont hesitate to burn his message into a players forhead, especially concerning work ethic and conditioning in a young player (he is obviosly a bit softer on vets, as he sometimes should be).

    Also, I think that this can also be a risk they are willing to take just to patch things up til Cally returns, even though the obvious reason is to get rid of Roszys cap hit and keep growing the young D.

    My biggest hope is that this is not a prelude to a Richards-for-hire bust where they throw away someone like MDZ or Artie or Step (with picks). I say cool it for now, keep an eye out for a solid lefty on D (for injury-security as much as anything) and maybe go after Richards when he turn UFA.

  123. according to CapGeek – Rozsival’s NTC includes a list of 8 teams he will not accept a trade to.

    Sather only trades with 5-6 teams anyway, so if Rozy was smart he should’ve put PHX on that list …. unless he wanted to be traded.

    Which makes you wonder … who were the 8 teams

  124. “Am I the only one who’s totally fine heading into the rest of the season with this blueline?”

    Not me. I don’t want Del Z or McDonut rotting in the press-box.

    Slats does need to bring in a 7th d-man. We can’t have a kid wasting time in New York over playing minutes in Connecticut.

    But, I love the idea of a young defense!

  125. Wolski is too young, has too much promise and too much of a track record of success to wind up buried in HFD. Lets say he disappoints the Rangers can easily trade him in the offseason for a draft pick or for a defenseman.

  126. I agree with most, just getting rid of Rosi is worth it. The polish prince won’t be here long term and we save some cash. A big hole on D needs to be filled and we do need a top 6 forward if when Cally comes back and now we have even more cap room excellent. BTW I thought Rosi’s high sides weren’t even that high. No heart, completly in unsure of himself out there and banged up constantly. See ya wouldn’t want to be ya

  127. Paul in sunrise on

    Hate to say it, but McCabe is not a bad option – good vet – leader – pp guy – will help young guys. Thought it was a Rozi for McCabe straight swap when heard about the conference call. McCabe is a UFA at end of season so no long term issue. He is tough enough. You guys all hate, but I see him down here a lot, he is in all of the highlights. He would work well.

    Wonder if Feds moves up and WW plays with BB and Prust. He can offense to that line while not hurting the overall defensive conscience.

  128. why won’t he be here long term. he is 24, I would think the Rangers are looking long term on this.

  129. This is a medium risk – high reward trade…

    Wolski could turn out reach his potential, he is a former 1st rounder. Look at Brian Boyle now versus when we got him…

    I agree that a d-man (Bieksa!?) should be the next move…

  130. Count me in as well as being fine with this D as is…I really think no one is mentioning that Ryan Mcdonagh may be the reason why they feel they can take a chance….that kid has special written all over him…I want to give him a dubikiss!!

    We prayed for youth and now we have it and we are above average and the overwhelming response is to bring in veterans?? You guys are more loco in the coco than I previously thought. you feel me? Espero que ustedes no siguen con babosadas…me sientes? Andale pues!

  131. So, with Christensen, Wolski, & MZA, do we have the best shoot-out starting 3 in the league?

  132. tiki, I love you.. don’t ever feel saddened… i may not be entirely right in the head, but that is part of the allure.

  133. Paul in sunrise on

    With the King in net, four very young defenseman should not scare anyone. What a great chance for development. Small insurance policy. I think he would enjoy the challenge.

    This is the kind of year we as Ranger fans have been waiting almost 13 years for. And it only took Slats tens years to figure it out. Better late than never.

    I have been a Gilroy fan since his arrival. Like his game and have commented here regarding the same. I only hope that he gets locked up for a 2-3 year deal at around the same money. He will be worth it.

    Who isn’t the young core at this point?

  134. youve got gold! great point!! wowszer…this guy wolski insane on shootouts…i posted some of his youtube vids..they awaiting moderation

  135. mao, I get what you are saying, but I honestly think that they need a veteran Dman. Someone who’s been the playoffs before and can help mentor/settle down the young’uns when the going gets really tough. I wouldn’t mind it being someone who can serve as a 7th Dmen/reduced role while still being able to help the young D.

  136. Great trade, further adds to the youth movement. Ranger fans from Glendale to Riverhead must be stoked for WW. Bruins just scored 2 in 15 secs as I was typing.

  137. 3 minutes left in 3rd bruins score 4 straight to win 4-2 in regulation!!

    oh and good trade slats. i’ll miss rozy though. wolski does suck. another project. but we really have a very young d now. we have to be making more trades.

  138. In the present the ‘Yotes may have. I’m not a firm believer in the “change of scenery trade” over the long term in the narrow context of Wolski’s production. However this gives the Rangers payroll flexiblity and accelerates the learning curve of the deepest part of the Rangers prospect system, so in that lens it’s a big win for the Rangers.

  139. >>wow. tsn’s mike johnson thinks coyotes got best end of the deal

    One of the guys on the Coyotes’ broadcast just said of Rozsival, “he plays that physical type of game on the blue line.”

  140. mickeym,
    these kids going to learn on the fly…the main cog is still Hank back there…i feel you on the playoff experience…no way to replicate that until they perform in that situation.

  141. BTW I remember crunching the numbers after the Pens won at MSG a couple of months ago and thought the Pens were relying too heavily on Crosby. He contributes about 47% of their offense, for a team that has other good talent that’s a bit too much but hey a more balanced team doesn’t sell the Winter Classic ::snark::

  142. Czechthemout!!! on

    Umm, he’ll no on McCabe! Too old and slow. I think a guys like Kaberle is a possibility. I however am comfortable going with what they have on the defense. All this talk of a vet presence on defense. Why? They already have three of them in the lineup. Staal and Girardi play 25 plus minutes a night. Eminger has been in the league for 5-6 years. The Blackhawks did ok for themselves last year with a mostly young defensive corps. I am hoping to use some of the assets that are here for a top notch mid twenties number one center but I wouldn’t push that so much either unless it is a slam dunk deal.

  143. Rozi, physical? This is why I rarely trust media outlets that cover the league as a whole. In some ways reports like that validate the opinions of local bloggers even more because they at least pay attention to the players on a daily basis.

  144. Very valid point Czech, the best players on D the whole season have been the younger ones (Staal/Girardi/Sauer). Kaberle and McCabe don’t exactly have much playoff experience either at least not recently.

  145. Czechthemout!!! on

    The dopes on TSN and NHL network are fools. The bottom line is that Blowzy is nothing more than a number5/6 defenseman that is being paid like a number two. He is a turnover machine who has one good game every ten games. The other factor here is that Blowzy has missed several games this year and the team has not missed a beat. I only worry about one thing. We are only 4 points out of first place in the conference with less than half the season left (WOW), Sather may look to sacrifice youth for a short term run for the cup. I hope he won’t because it means giving up some good youth for a vet who may screw up the chemistry on the team.

    Be patient Slats! Listen to Torts. He’s the man!

  146. well i can bet that Wolski won’t be in the type of shape that Torts demands, not playing 9 min a game in phoenix. i wouldn’t expect him to keep up with Gabby for 21 minutes, at least not at first. so maybe avery stays there with gabby for a few more games.

  147. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    rozy biggest problem was the yips when opposing players came in on the forecheck. If anyone got close, he would turn the puck over.

    Obviously he was not a “physical” d man

  148. wicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YAHOOO!!! Like a few others here, I feel bad for Roszy, and he always gave his best to us, which I appreciate, but his best wasnt ever good enough. Good riddance to defensive and offensive rubbish!

  149. Rozsival was physical enough. he wasnt the crease clearing defenseman you have such a hard on for but he was in the top 50% of defenseman in the NHL thats for sure and when Jagr was here he played at an all star caliber level

  150. Lots of rhetoric on here tonight. The guy was a solid defenseman, not flashy but definitely a top 3 on most NHL teams these days. Everyone remembers the gaffes but the guy can play. You have to put Rozsival’s deal into context, it was signed pre-recession when everyone thought the cap was going up every year – Staal would have cost the Rangers +$6mn if he had signed at the same time. If Rozsival had been Canadian or American, fans would be up in arms right now.

  151. omg!!!!!!
    i can’t take the revision of Rozy anymore!!!!

    i didn’t think it was right to boo him and it was obvious
    that it bothered him and the other Ranger players
    he was overpaid for what he did here.

    he wasn’t physical enough in his zone
    he wasn’t in the right place positionally in his zone
    he gave the puck up a lot in his zone
    he didn’t shoot enough in the offensive zone
    and he did that with or without Jagr playing on the team
    bigger still,
    he didn’t shoot or contribute much on the power play
    he had that good year, post-lock out
    when a lot of things went right with the team
    he had the hip problem
    and overpassed and would regularly pass off to Jagr
    and kept doing that after Jags was gone.

    if the pickings weren’t so slim that year it’s possible that
    he would not have been resigned to the Rangers
    but he was and now he’s gone.

  152. Oh my goodness, Roszival is not and was never an All Star caliber defenseman, either offensively or defensively.

    If he was All Star caliber, then the NHL is or was severely lacking talent.

    Like I said, I love Roszival, but his lack of awareness both defensively and offensively was evident more times than not.

  153. Thanks for all you did for this team and organization, Rozy. Sadly, it was time to move on, though. Good luck in the desert.

    Realization… Hank is the ONLY player left from the post-lockout team. Wow.

  154. when Jagr was here he played at an all star caliber level


    when Jagr was here everyone who played with him played at an all star level! When Jagr left, Rozi was in such shock that he kept looking for Jagr to pass to ever since

  155. I just read this, it’s a MIRACLE!!!! Rozy was so shot, he lost every battle in the corners. Love giving the young D a chance to learn on the job. If only Sather can now get rid of Girardi.

  156. Rozsival was our best defenseman….that one year…
    but injuries and his contract really did him in.

  157. “Fat Boy McKenzie says the Yotes win this trade.”

    re: I saw Bob McKenzie on TSN and he sounded like he liked the move for the Rangers… He mentioned the cap room and how the Rangers thought Rozy was slowing down, and would be even slower in his final year. Time to push Gilroy, Del Zotto and McDonagh for more important minutes.

    As far as the shootout around the league:

    I love the guys that we have for the shootout… not just the three mentioned. I’d still love Gaborik in-waiting… along with Stepan, Dubinsky and even Staal. Not sure why Avery hardly gets a chance?

    Around the league there are some sick combo possibilities on some of these teams. Not to mention those teams having one or two more scary options.

    Philly: Richards, Giroux, Briere
    Pitt: Crosby, Kunitz, Malkin
    Tampa: St. Louis, Stamkos, Lecavalier * maybe scariest 3?
    Toronto: Kessel, Versteeg, Kulemin
    Wash: Semin, Green, Ovechkin * maybe scariest 3?
    Anaheim:Perry, Selanne, Ryan *maybe scariest 4 with a healthy Getzlaf?
    Calgary: Iginla, Tanguay, Jokinen
    Chicago:Kane, Toews, Sharp *definitely scariest 4 with Hossa in fold.
    Colorado: Duchene, Stastny, Stewart * the Calgary one was a joke (Jokinen), with the success of these Rangers I can finally say that I’m over that debacle!
    Detroit: Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Franzen
    Edmonton:Hall, Eberle, Penner
    L.A. : Kopitar, Williams, Stoll
    San Jose: Heatley, Marleau, Couture
    Vancouver: Sedin 2X, Kesler

    …those are some lethal trios… but I love the fact that the guys we would throw out there are wildcards… some talented kids.

    Love this team…


  158. I just realized this moment that the title did not say “Glen Sather Lives” but rather it reads “Glen Sather Live”


  159. jpg… I had to read your post before like three times to make sure it didn’t rhyme! Still not sure?? Trying different methods…


  160. “Not sure why Avery hardly gets a chance?”

    Because he sucks…

    The video on TSN didn’t load for me, but it said “There’s one clear winner, the Yotes” or something like that, so I thought Fat Boy Mack said that.

  161. Agree to disagree… Avery has speed, good hands, and a quick shot… he may not be too good on breakaways though, perhaps that’s why he’s low-man on the totem?

    Those videos have problems a lot… it’s a conspiracy because they don’t like us Americans watching their programs… ; )

    He does sound like he likes what Glen did for the fact of having extra $ for either the deadline or the summer.


  162. Tiki, that is correct. Rozy and Hank were the only ones left, and now it’s just Hank.

    CCCP- I’m backing Orr on this one. Cally and Dubi were still in juniors in 05-06, I believe. Or at least Dubi was and Cally was in Hartford. Dubi would have been just 20 in 06 and Cally 21.

  163. Avery struggles defensively playing Torts’ style…talk about giveaways! That’s why he gets limited minutes…I would like to see him improve his game and earn more time (which he has of late).

    I am glad Blowzy is gone now; He used to be our franchise d-man when Jags was here. When Jagr left, Michal Roszival lost his game and suffered through tough injuries. His play was already on the decline because of injuries yet Slats gave him his current contract. I’ll never understand why Slats gave him that deal. From then on he become known as “Blowzy”…

    It is incredible how Sather has dumped Gomez, Kotalik, and now Blowzy…I’ll give credit where credit is do…

  164. already did, hence my confusion…

    plus, I’ve done more reading today than normal overall and my eyes are working for someone else right now.


  165. maybe talking to myself here but
    need to vent

    just watched bruins/pens highlights (bruins win!)
    there’s matt cooke taking it to savard again.
    wasn’t vicious but just strange that
    he basically stopped his momentum in
    order to hit savard.

  166. tough news tonight for a very close friend of mine…please keep my friend in your thoughts.

    nite family of bonehead. love all of you.

  167. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    wow, usually you make decent sense, but rozy was not anywhere close to being “physical”. Not as physical as OPG, staal, eminger, sauer, or mdz……not sure what you are talking about.

    And why are you thinking about my crotch?? That’s a little creepy, just saying!

  168. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    on an outside note from hockey, time to honour a hero..

    RIP Major Dick Winters

  169. I think the best way to sum up Rozi is not to criticize his play as much as his contract. In real $$$ he is probably worth what he is actually getting paid.

    My concern now is the NYR D. They absolutely need some experience back there. If I were Sather, I would look to Columbus. They have a glut of Dmen including Tyutin who I think has both experience and youth. Commadore may be a half price deal on recall.

    On the bright side, the NYR have 6 young Dmen who could dominate the NHL for years to come. . . . just not yet.

    Now, if we could just do something with the rotting corpse formerly known as. . . .

  170. cw, rangers aren’t ready to make that final jump into contender yet. Until then there is no reason to worry about the defense being too young, because they have played well.

  171. 4 pts out of first? The time may be now. I am not saying break the bank. I am saying get a solid veteran D. Carry 7 D. When one is slumping or struggling (MDZ, Gilroy) you have a healthy scratch. I would think that this would only be for this season and perhaps next.

    By then, the NYR D will have the experience.

  172. Agree to disagree, then. Sure we are 4 points out of first but i do not think we have the talent to consistently compete with Philly and Pittsburgh. I would rather take our chances with the kids and live with the growing pains for the rest of the year.

  173. I classify Matt Cooke as one of the nastiest players in the league. Goes out of his way to injure opponents. Pay attention to him some time and see if you don’t agree.

  174. Geez Fran,
    Read any of my posts? His own teammates think he is a scumbag. Guerin had to set him straight last season (guess it didn’t work). I posted recently that Sid got his head shot, and when guuys like Cooke take out opposing teams’ stars, Sid better look out too.

    That’s the major difference between Cooke and Avery. Avery is rude, but Cooke wants to injure guys. Evander KAne dealt with Cooke properly. Others should take note.

  175. Here’s an interesting question:

    Who has gotten the better of the trades between Maloney and Sather?

    I think this Rozi trade is a wash.

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