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  1. This is the Tortorella that I thought we were getting the day Renney was given his walking papers. Yeah he’s got an attitude made of steel but he’s a good guy at the end. One who cares about his players and his organization and wants to win the correct way. I just hope that come trade deadline and offseason that he isn’t underminded by the higher ups when it comes to what direction they go in. He’s deserving of coach of the year consideration.

  2. Geez, I hardly ever post and when I do I get Carped. repost

    “credit to them, the coaching staff and …um…sather?”

    How much of this was Sather? It is not a coincidence that the youth movement didn’t start until Torts became coach. I have a suspicion that Torts came in and told Sather no more overpriced, underperforming vets and Sather swallowed his cigar and gave in.

    Of course, if you want to give Sather credit you can give it to him by drafting guys like Anisimov and Stepan, but I think that if Sather was running the club solely on his judgement then they would have traded for Kovalev early in the season because Stepan “needed more seasoning.”

    Do you realize that this team is only 3 points behind Pittsburgh and 4 behind Philadelphia? Back in September would you have thought this happening? Thank you Torts for making hockey relevant again.

  3. IMO a lot of the big changes came after they let Jagr, Straka and Shanny go. A big chunk of the veteran leadership although they overestimated Drury and Gomez’s ability to carry a team. And of course there was the Redden fiasco but also a complete change from a veteran team like the first 3 years of Renney’s tenure to a youthful core wasn’t going to happen overnight. I do think Torts has pushed the youth movement faster than someone like Renney would have preferred but the Rangers have also been a little fortunate that some of their picks have panned out especially those from the mid to late rounds. Now if their getting better success out of their early round picks that will male them the best Rangers we’ve seen in a long time.

  4. Also, post lockout the Rangers haven’t really done any damaging youth for vets trades. FA signings are a different story but their traded are more of “spare parts for spare parts” or “failed project for failed project” trade. I think most of the damaging trades of youth for vets were done by Neil Smith but that was obviously a different era in the NHL and for the Rangers.

  5. Great story, Carp. Well one.

    Congrats on the first, James.

    last night did not go as planned, all bars were closing, so instead we went to Dennys and had coffee. it was fun and i liked her a lot. went to bed around 5 and woke up 20 mins ago to catch the rest of the Man U game.

    Im having a lady issue with another lady…

    i just cant figure out why she doesnt even want to give me a chance. i just feel like she thinks im not good enough for her. all her friends are jealous of her and she’s not even remotely interested. :(

  6. First of all, I was the one who got carped. Second, Carp, we already read your story long before you woke up. Courtesy of Morg (see previous post). And most of our positive responses to it are left there too. Very enjoyable read, indeed.

  7. Have to echo everything that’s already been said about the article, Carp. Nice job
    of capturing both personalities of Torts and the turnaround to the coach he is
    today. He’s in the right place, at the right time!

  8. lol So it was Carpicide Charlie. but great post nontheless. and I did look at the standings today. maybe the 4th time this year ive actually looked? excitind stuff.

    CT- great points as always. I don’t fear the kids for veterans trade as i once did with this team. but at some point im sure theyll go for broke if the move in question makes sense to them

  9. this team is closer than a lot you give them credit for. I for one think they can make a run this season. they have all the secondary parts in place. they just need one more solid scorer on the wing and then I think they would be a very dangerous play off team.

  10. James: Like you, the Tortorella we are seeing now is the one I expected to see when he came on board 2 years ago. The one we saw last year was, in a word, a prick. There’s a time to be confrontational and a time to console/stroke/etc. I realize it’s simplier said than done and is, in fact, a fine line to walk that many (if not most) either don’t understand or are incapable of doing.

    The best coaches do and are rewarded with success appropriately.

    Tortorella this year, is one of those. Good on him and good on the Rangers (and good on Sather for hiring him).

  11. What’s wrong with a little Bosco in your milk? Although personally I prefer Hershey’s Syrup and a piece of cake or a good glazed donut.

  12. “I for one think they can make a run this season”

    I agree. A skilled center and a bedrock d-man should put them right there. Right there.

    I’ve almost always been for the Rangers making big moves. Even back in the big UFA days, I argued their problem wasn’t too many UFAs but too few, guys like Gretzky having no one to play with etc.

    But this is a plainly different animal. It’s organic, what’s happening, and it feels pretty special.

    It just makes no sense to give up quality assets, even guys like AA, who I think is in the middle of the pack of the “core youts” for say, a Richards rental.

    Better to let them go through the year on their own if the prices are astronomical.

    Cut the remaining dead wood in the off season and if Richards wants to be a part of it going forward, he’ll have his chance.

  13. “Cross Check, if you post after I write “new post” then you’ve carped yourself.”

    You posted new post while I was typing. If that isn’t a backdoor Carp then nothing is. lol

    Under the previous coaches if a young player struggled he was eithe sat down or sent down while struggling veterans continued to play. What if they did that to Stepan after his first game when he went scoreless for so long? They stuck with him and now it’s paying dividends.

    I don’t think they should be a major player at the trade deadline. I don’t know who would be available that would make the team better in the long run. I could see them sending guys like Frolov and maybe Prospal to somebody at the deadline though.

  14. cross check,
    you have a team with 53 points as we speak, dumping players at the deadline. if they do anything at the deadline, it will be adding, not dumping.

  15. Carp -Great job with the Torts article and game review

    Sounds like much of Torts ‘tude’ last year could have been due to the 6.5 million pound boulder in the road to where he wanted to go.
    I’m sure the hip thing didn’t help.

    bull dog- In Torts words:

    “We’re at an earlier stage right now, but we didn’t think the year we won it, in ’04, that we were ready.
    So you never know. But you’ve got to stay with it.”

  16. he is trying to keep the expectations down, dd. this team is close, and Torts knows it.

  17. Good story, Carp. I do think Torts is on the right track. I was very impressed with last night’s win. You could tell that the team was getting tired towards the end of the game, but they toughed it out, anyway. Sometimes, in the past, I’d criticize them for not playing a full 60 minutes and being lazy. Last night, I could see they were starting to wilt a little near the end, but, knowing what they went through the night before, I could understand it and didn’t mind a bit. And they STILL won. Impressive.

  18. Carp, I really enjoyed waking up and enjoying my coffee while reading your Torts piece. Job well done, sir.

    The comparison of Torts to Coughlin is interesting. Although they are in different sports, they do have very similar coaching styles and are successful employing them. Players seem to embrace a good kick in the Aasen to get them going. I can think of a few Giants and Rangers this applies to.

    I wouldn’t call Gomez a bust. I actually think he would fit better with this group then the invisible Chris Drury we have seen of late. Gomez loved playing for Torts towards the end of his last NYR season. You hope its just a slump with Chris but I think it may be over for him. He looks hesitant out there. You don’t see him get to the dirty areas of the ice or taking shots.

    I’ve followed the Rangers since I was a seven year old. I am 27. This year is different from any other winning Ranger season in memory. We *don’t* have a Hall of Fame-type leader on this team like Mess, Leetch, or Jags. Yet, the Rangers really do look like a team that has a chance to win every night and can do deep in the playoffs because of their style of play…

    Stepan and Zuccarello are a big part of the future of this team. I absolutely love it.

    Dubinsky is a completely different player this season. He has transformed his personality and matured into a man. He is an All-Star and the MVP of this team. He really has taken the team on his back this year. Captain?

  19. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!!!

    great job!! Love it!

    I agree with bull dog’s assessment of the team’s chances to make a run.

    Short game recap…ever notice how these 3rd and 4th liners score against us? Why is that, because they are usually more physical, bigger players that are right in front of the net and we don’t have the dman that can (or will) routinely move them!…..If dubi=monster, then backes=one badassen mo fo uber-monster….I think drury is undervalued in many aspects (certainly not his bank account though), but he needs to naslund. Since he came back from the finger, looks only partially focused to me. In the offseason I had potential back up goalies for hank listed as hedburg then biron. Glad we got biron, he was very very good…..lastly, did I see another double secret handshake with stepan and biron at the end of the game??

  20. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Forgot, mcdonut was ok but i would like to see what ktek and vtank could do with the big club for a comparison.

    Gotta love the prust!!!

  21. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    oops, was I supposed to say hat trick or something??

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Anyone have a link to Gaborik arguing with the refs? If that’s the case (and gabby was saying that it was his goal) that kind of pisses me off. For a guy that’s not playing so great (gabby) to take go out of his way to take the goal from Avery, who was the work-horse on that play on the near boards, really tells me something about Gab’s character … and let’s say it’s not all the nice things that Torts likes to say about the Prust’s and Boyle’s.

  23. They can go deep in the playoffs by adding one playmaking center and a physical D-man, agree. But I think it will take a bit more than that to beat the Flyers in 7. Next year- different story. Letting our young core mature one more year and then add some players will make a difference. Having said that, I’d add someone at the deadline if for no other reason but to give the young guys experience going deep in the playoffs. The price of that trade is a big issue. I doubt they can get someone of value by giving up second tier prospects and picks. Every team will start with MDZ, AA, Dubinsky etc. And then some. Got to be careful. The goal is to be good for long time, stick to it.

  24. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    here’s hoping that someone else knocks the flyers out before we would face them!

  25. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    off to work.

    Later assens!!

  26. This is why you’re the best around Carp… excellent read!

    Excellent ride this team is already taking us on… it’s starting to be where you’re wondering each game who’s going to make the play to turn the game around. Not, “if” anyone can!

    How can any of us not be in a good mood today?


  27. For all anyone knows Gabby was arguing with the refs that his shot DIDN’T go in and it should be Avery’s goal.

    Let’s not be so quick to assume and paint him as some stat-crazed greedy #%*!.

  28. I have a different persepective on the Gaborik possible goal situation. I have no problem with him arguing wether or not it was his goal for this reason: what if Avery wasn’t there to bang-in the rebound? I think if anything he was arguing with the fact that he thought his shot went over the line and should have stood up before Avery’s was necessary. Maybe the official on the ice was attiment to Gaborik that his shot wasn’t in and said that he didn’t need to look at it upstairs or something like that. When Gaborik really felt his shot was in.

    Watching it on replay in slow-mo, it was really hard to tell… but I understand why Gaborik was arguing with the ref about it. I don’t think he meant any disrespect to Avery whatsoever… and I’m sure he’s happy with the end result. He may be a goal scorer, and make goal scorer money… but he’s no DIVA…

    I think he has a right to have the discussion with the ref at the time. I just wish someone could ask if the conversation was about specifically. I think it looks a lot worse that it was.

    What if Avery wasn’t there? Hopefully it would have been too close to not look at it in the booth, but who knows? At least Avery was there!!! =D


  29. BTW, McDonagh played a decent game last night and certainly didn’t make me pine for the return of Rozey. If he can continue, that will truly make Rozey’s presence redundant.

    I cannot help but believe Sather will buy either Dreary or Rozey out this summer. Hopefully, it will be the former because somehow he’ll succeed in moving the latter in a trade. I think if he does, however, he’ll have to accept some salary back.

    How about Rozey and Girardi for Commodore and the rights to Ryan Johansen? Just pure musing here mind you cuz I really like Girardi, but you aren’t going to fill a gaping hole (skilled center) without giving up something and right now, it’s looking like the Rangers strongest position organizationally is on defence.

  30. And mark my words, Ryan Johansen is the real deal. He was the BJ’s first pick last June (4th overall) and was a force in the just recently completed WJC. He’s big, mobile, aggressive and skilled (17 goals and 37 points in 32 games) and made things happen for Canada on almost every shift he had – he was the only Canadian to garner at a point in every game. Consistent, in other words. A true number 1 center in the making, IMO.

    All that said, it’s highly doubtful Columbus would trade him, but there are desperate times over there lately – they aren’t winning and the pressure to make the POs may force the GMs hand.

  31. Jim- buying out Roszival doesn’t make that much sense from cap savings perspective. Buying out Drury makes much more sense.

    Girardi is a vital part of our 1st pair. I don’t think he will be on the market.

  32. Also, Girardi surely would be missed, but AFAIC, Sauer looks quite ready to step into being Staal’s partner on the number 1 d-pairing. Eminger can play with Gilroy and Commodore with McDonagh. And if injuries occur, MDZ can return.

    Surely it’s worth considering…

  33. ilb: Re Girardi – I hear ya, but like I said, you can’t fill a gap like skilled center by offering up the likes of Christensen and Frolov. I guess it really depends on 3 things: 1) How badly you feel the need is to address the number 1 center spot. 2) What you think of Johansen (because getting him does nothing to immediately address that gap and in fact, may not address it for at least another year) 3) How valuable you consider Girardi to the team to be.

    Regarding the latter, I’d argue Sauer might make him redundant and if McDonagh proves to be the real deal, then with him, Sauer and Girardi you have 3 players of the same style.

    Again, pure musings here.

    What is nice is that the Rangers positive season is making guys like Girardi more valuable to other GMs, which, of course, allows Sather to ask for more in return in trade talks. For the first time really since he came to NY, Sather, when it comes to trade talks, will be in a position of power.

    How wonderfully refreshing!

  34. bull dog-
    I’m not sure how to respond to that. He’s stated several times that he likes this team. There is no doubting there is something special about how this team has played.
    I personally think that much can be accomplished by hard work, belief and pure will alone. But how much? Well….how hard are you willing to work?, how much much do you truly believe? How stubborn are you in your refusal to accept anything other than a positive outcome?

    It’s almost unfair but sometimes it takes 3 tablespoons of effort to equal 1 tablespoon of talent.
    We do have guys with talent but they are young and still improving. Of our core guys not one has peaked yet. And IMO opinion that includes a guy like Prust whom some may see as an overachiever.
    I just feel at this point in time, for the growth of the individuals as well as the growth of the team collectively the burden should be on them. They own this team. Let’s see what ya got. Sink or swim. Let the core own this thing.

    They’ve felt the disappointment of not making the playoffs (in a skillz competition in game freakin 82) and it seems they’ve learned greatly from it. Perhaps, as the next step, they need to feel the bitter sting of playoff failure.

    Can I assume you’ve changed your opinion on MZA’s skating since you said he needed to be sent back down because of it? Obviously, his talent could be significant to any type of run.

  35. Sent: Sunday, January 09, 2011 10:29 AM
    To: Carpiniello, Richard
    Subject: coach Tortorella

    As a ranger fan for 40 years, I was actually wanted to email the Rangers
    about coach Tortorella and the great job he is doing. We the fans need
    to get the message to Sather and Dolan ,not to let coach Tortorella get
    away. The way our kids are our future, Tortorella is the Rangers future.
    We finally have someone with a plan. After reading your article ,you
    took my thoughts and put them to words. I am emailing you to get the
    massege to coach Tortorella, and the Rangers. I feel if I email the
    garden about this message it will never reach the coach.

  36. Very good article. And Torts definitely needed to improve his attitude from last year, and it is a great example to show the players that such improvements are possible. Torts was very flawed last season, and has definitely worked on his own style. Good for him.

  37. Remember when I told you all that Torts is the man for the job, and everyone disagreed?


    It’s eerie how right I’ve been before and during the season. Torts, Boyle, MZA, Frolov, Feds, EC, etc.

    I’ve been spot on.

    I take full credit :P

  38. Not sure about that, but you do have a knack for shameless self promotion. :)

    What did you say about Feds?

  39. Larry Brooks -tweet

    Indication is that Frolov is going to be out for a while with knee. Another recall will be necessary.
    4 minutes ago via web

  40. Paul in sunrise on

    Frolov out per Brooksie. Who gets the call from the whale. More fourth line minutes. Dupont?

  41. Dubinsky is a completely different player this season. He has transformed his personality and matured into a man. He is an All-Star and the MVP of this team. He really has taken the team on his back this year. Captain?

    Great point and I agree. The thing I love most about Dubinsky is that he leads the team with 20 assists at this point in time. That certainly shut me up after a couple of seasons of calling him a puck hog who was streaky with the offense as a result of not being willing/able to get the puck to his teammates more often. I was actually worried that we’d get LESS out of him as a winger but the kid has been money. I just hope we don’t hit a wall working out a new contract for him.

  42. Man the injury bug is jumping around locker to locker. I wonder if they might call up either Jeremy Williams or perhaps Tim Kennedy. Williams is hot right now for the Whale and Kennedy has some NHL experience.

    Any word on Prospal? I know the were aiming for the middle of this month to get him going again. I still say it’d be great if he could come back and contribute.

  43. I don’t remember what he did preseason but Fed’s averaged less than 14 goals over the last four years. What *were* the expectations for him?

    BTW he’s done a great job and could easily match his high of 16 goals he’s had over that span.

  44. bull dog line on

    my opinion of MZA has not changed. he is a very skilled player, and the only thing holding him back is his skating. right now he is invisible for long periods of the game, he flashes, then he is invisible again.

  45. Paul in sunrise

    I would call up Dupont as well. Grachev has been a bust so far and since he is still very young he should remain in CONN until he starts to play and produce at a high level.

  46. Replacing Frolov’s offensive production shouldn’t be a difficult task. Instead, whoever they recall needs to have size, skate well and be defensively responsible.

    Sally, which boy is a Monster?

  47. geez, another injury. murphy’s law.

    Dubinsky is a MonSTAR!!!!! BOOOOM!!!! And he carries a monster as luggage!! BOOOOM!!


  48. NYR_FAN

    Todd White needs to be placed on re-entry waivers so he is not an option at all for the rest of the season.

  49. Someone mentioned Kennedy. He isn’t coming back. Many GMs would pick him up for $125K just to fill up the AHL roster.. The Rangers would be stuck with the other half and would have to feel his position in Hartford.

  50. NYR_FAN

    that might be true but it’s still an unneeded risk especially when the recalled player is only going to play sparingly.

    At this point, Dupont makes the most sense…

  51. My point is that he only has the rest of this season remaining on his deal , so even if another team picks him up, it won’t hurt the Rangers’ cap…

  52. Good afternoon all! Holy hartnell Carp, I always love reading you, but this article was brilliant. Took me a while cause I kept reading certain parts over and over. (btw, awesome lede and great use of the word fanny!) Just a great great job.


  53. what if they want to take on a rental player at the deadline whom has a large cap hit. Chances are they wont need that cap space but there is no reason to just risk it for no reason.

  54. I guess you didn’t ask him about his ties though :) oh well…..

    ilb, thanks for the tip…..haven’t gotten to that section yet.

  55. True. and fair point…

    I am really not if sure Dupont is the guy? I don’t know much about him. Does he fit into LT plans for the Rangers? Wouldn’t they want to give Grachev another taste of the NHL instead and maybe showcase him for a trade?

  56. A lot of people here thought Feds could help the offense, during the pre-season. I didn’t understand why.

    Frolov injured? Meh, NEXT!

    I have to say, this injury bug started off annoying, but now I kind of like it. EC, Blowzy, Froloaf, bwaha. Sorry guys :P

    Who ever gets the call up, it should be a 4th liner scrub. No need to let any talented kids suffer 4th line minutes.

    Give Weise the promotion, and we’re good to go.

  57. Paul in sunrise on

    Grachev has thrived with the extra responsibility with MZA and Weise in NY. He is staying in Conn. White/Kennedy are no for re-entry waivers. While Kennedy cap hit seems small every dollar counts and he might be snagged. Dupont is an original Ranger prospect and seems logical. A goon type is the other possibility. Or gilroy to wing and rozi back in.

  58. I said on Wednesday that I thought it was going to snow on Friday.

    What about Ryan’s injury?


  59. That’s nice to hear Paul. I have heard he has been doing well lately and that’s why I thought he would be good for a call up. I guess Dupont is the best bet then…

  60. NYR_FAN

    b/c Grachev is struggling majorly in the AHL and needs to be playing top minutes there. There is nothing to really showcase at this point.

    I dont know much about Dupont either but he’s 6’2″ 215 and has put up around 40 points each of the past 2 seasons. He probably is nothing more than a 4th liner but thats what were looking for right now

  61. lol Damn you Paul, but a an alternate view

    I haven’t seen any TOI numbers but a pleasant by product of MZA being up might be extra time for Grachev.

    2 G and 2 Assists in his last 5 games which coincides with MZA’s call up. Looks like his shots are up too. He’s +4

    That’s 4 of his 11 points in the last 5 of 35 games. Maybe time to kick his confidence into overdrive.

    Dubi Step MZA
    Grachev AA Gabby
    Feds Boyle Prust
    Avery Drury Weise

  62. How is Aves supposed to accomplish anything on that line? Or Weise for that matter? Boo, no fair.

  63. But Feds has, and will continue to help the offense. Vital secondary scoring, 15-20 goals probably and a big part of what has been our most consistent line. And you have the checking, defense etc

  64. Blogmama – Avery can accomplish anything he wants to on any line. He’s that awesome! He scored the game winner last night, i know you must have been thrilled over that.

  65. lmao Mama – yeah, some other guy could be saying the same thing but you never hear him complain do you?

  66. you leave Grachev in HFD and let him play with the veterans left there and hopefully that will lead to increased production.

    between Avery and Drury we have someone to play on the 2nd line so all we need is a 4th liner. Dupont is really a no-brainer as the next call-up and the kid will drop the gloves http://www.hockeyfights.com/players/1663

  67. “i know you must have been thrilled over that.”

    You got the wrong guy Mama. I said at the time, good job following up on the play.

  68. and NYR, I think you made a typo. Don’t you mean you’re 26? :)

    OK all, time to head to the cold world. later!

  69. Was Ben Eager’s 4 game suspension justified? Maybe I didn’t see it right but I had a tough time figuring that one out.

  70. Watched it again, yeah it was pretty bouche no doubt, but it’s like they flick a game spinner to determine the number of games sometimes

    The Whale don’t play until next Saturday FTIW

  71. Wonderful read, Carp. Loved the quote you ended it on, too. Sums up this year perfectly.

    Torts is a completely different person this year than last year, and it’s been good for both him and the team.

    Frolov gone for the rest of the year, maybe? Man, that injury bug is just flying around the room right now.

  72. Just read the Hank article from the NYT. Love getting this type of insight into the players. The part about the dog sleeping on the bed cracked me up. Mainly because my own dog does that, lol.

  73. I suspect either Jeremy or Jason Williams will get recalled but I hope it’s Dupont simply because he’s toiled away down there without protest from the start. That is, of course, unless the Rangers truly feel he can’t cut it even with minimal 4th line minutes.

  74. lol Mickey.

    I actually went out of my way to teach RedBone (Teddy) to jump on the bed. He was always well-trained to keep off beds – unlike Tiki – but after years, i finally taught him.

    but he’s annoying me today, he lays on your legs and doesnt allow you to move. Harumph!

  75. On the other hand, both of those guys have to go through waivers, so perhaps not. Maybe it’s between Dupont and Grachev? The latter has done nothing to warrant a recall from what I can see until the last few games.

    If it’s one of those 2 guys and McDonagh stays in the lineup it will mean the Rangers will dress an incredible 6 rookies on Tuesday. Couple that with how young most of the core is and wow, what a change from even 2 years ago, let alone a decade.

    Very encouraging indeed…

  76. Speaking of dogs, I usually don’t care aboot Football, but I really want to see that crumb-bag, Vick lose.

    And I want to see him cry after the loss.

    Would falling down a flight of stairs and getting a concussion be too much?

  77. Jim, it’s stunning when you sit down and actually think about it. It’s as if the entire organization underwent a brain switch, and the fact that it’s actually working is pretty darn impressive.

  78. Got this from a friend of mine:

    Apparently a tv show on Syfy used the phrase, ‘What in the sweet Sidney Crosby’s going on?”.

    LMAO at this.

  79. Jeremy Williams is Jason Krog’s brother from another mother.

    It’s like this, the Little Mermaid is awesome under the sea, but when she steps on land, she’s useless.

    Williams is great down in the farm, but useless in the big leagues :P

  80. Where did everybody go? afraid of Kris Newbury? I know he is a tough little guy, but hey?

  81. Aaron Rodgers has really grown on me. I didnt like him at first because of the way Favre got booted out the door for an unproven guy. But he really is a stud and one of the best QBs in the NFL, probably the best current QB in the NFL.

  82. great read Carp
    hope you got some nice zzzzzzzzs after posting.

    bosco with milk?
    hmmmmm…..might have to consider that.
    another crappy night of chills and couldn’t fall asleep til
    around 8 a.m.
    (knock wood)
    i may have sweat out the sickness as slept through much of the day.

  83. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I was hoping gilroy to wing, rozy stayed out and vtank or ktek up, but newbury would have been my forward pick.

  84. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    plays a “hard” game. “Stiff” defencively. “Jam” around the net in the offencive zone!

    Beat the hell out of that devs guy in the preseason.

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