Frolov out for the season, Newbury up


Here are the two announcements from the Rangers:

Expected to be Sidelined for the Remainder of the Season

New York, January 9, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that Alex Frolov has suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament, a second degree sprain of his medial collateral ligament and a medial meniscus tear in his right knee, and will undergo season-ending surgery.

Frolov was examined by Dr. Andrew Feldman and had an MRI performed earlier today.  He sustained the injury during a 2-1 win at St. Louis last night.  Frolov has registered seven goals and nine assists for 16 points, along with eight penalty minutes in 43 games this season.

New York, January 9, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Kris Newbury has been recalled from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Newbury, 28, has registered five goals and 30 assists for 35 points, along with 87 penalty minutes in 41 games with Connecticut this season. He is currently tied for 11th in the AHL in scoring with 35 points, while his 30 assists are tied for third in the league. He also leads the team in points and assists, and ranks fourth in penalty minutes. Newbury has registered a team-high, 10 multi-point performances this season, including two separate streaks of three games with multiple points – November 13 vs. Springfield to November 19 at Springfield (six assists), and December 3 at Providence to December 11 vs. Manchester (one goal, six assists). The 5-11, 213-pounder established a career-high with an eight-game assist streak from November 28 vs. Adirondack to December 17 vs. Worcester, recording three goals and 12 assists over the span.

Last season, Newbury split the season between Grand Rapids and Hartford, registering 15 goals and 36 assists for 51 points, along with 205 penalty minutes in 70 AHL contests. He tied for the Wolf Pack lead in scoring with 18 points (four goals, 14 assists) in 18 games after joining the team on March 3. He made his Hartford debut on March 6 at Hamilton. Prior to his trade, Newbury led Grand Rapids and tied for 19th in the AHL with 144 penalty minutes, and ranked third on the Griffins in points (33) and assists (22). He also recorded one goal in four games with the Detroit Red Wings, and has recorded seven points (four goals, three assists) and 64 penalty minutes in 48 career NHL contests over four seasons.

The Brampton, Ontario native was originally San Jose’s fifth round pick, 139th overall, in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft. He was acquired by the Rangers from Detroit in exchange for forward Jordan Owens on March 3, 2010.

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  1. Newbury will add some toughness. I would have expected to see Grachev come up, but with Boogaard out They must feel they need some toughness. Newbury is having a better season than Grachev. Grachev is just not ready for the big time yet, he may never be.

  2. Frolov really never impressed me, but hate to hear about anyone suffering a season ending injury.

    I wonder if we will make a trade because of it.

  3. Yikes, about 30 minutes behind, never saw the new post. Things that happen when you are balancing the checkbook, watching the Eagles/Packers, making dinner and cleaning up. LOL.

    Alex, your wrap-arounds will be missed. Not really, but still hate to see this happen to any player.

    Newbury is an interesting call-up. I wonder if a trade for a forward happens now.

  4. wow, thats a major injury. i can’t believe he tried to keep playing on that.

    i don’t see Newbury as a permanent replacement but who knows for 39 games.

  5. Well, every time I look at the box score Newbury would have another assist. Good for him on getting a chance. I don’t know if there is a no brainer choice on who should be called up. It just seems like a very conservative move – yes, one likely to be followed by something else.

  6. no loss imo…. Bring up Grachev and let him play big time minutes, take that 3mill off the cap


  8. chris,

    grachev can’t get it done in hartford. look at his stats, they are terrible. at least newbury has been producingdown there and plays with an edge.

    like its been said already frolov wasn’t as advertised offensively but he played well in the defensive end he will be missed that way. tough way to end the season.

  9. I think it was James G that said Linda was dealing with personal issues. Everyone here loves Linzotenko!

  10. Paul in sunrise on

    Thank you all for indulging my obviously poor attempt at armchair GM. Never would have picked Newbury. He saw some action last year. Non-factor does not do him justice. Fourth liner at NHL. But I have been wrong all day.

    Sorry to hear about Frolov. That’s 6-9 months easy. Maybe a year. He did not light it up offensively but never hurt the team defensively. Good luck to him in rehab.

  11. Hope Linda’s not out for the season also !
    I don’t know what happened with her, but I hope she comes back.
    Maybe if Torts, Aves, Boyle, Cally & Prust call her …..

  12. 4generations 4 cups on

    Its unfortunate to see this happen especially considering he wasnt by any means a bad player but wasnt by any means a good player by the same token. He needed to do more, a lot more. He couldnt hit the broad side of a barn for the first 2 months, and then he cashed in a little, then stopped. A win-win situation at this point considering he was playing 4th line minutes and costing 3 million on the cap. Put him on the IR and forget about him until he walks over to Russia for his money. It only makes sense. Then we have the money to be able to pick up anyone at the deadline without having to give that much up in core players, we can deal more in futures/considerations than just straight up player trading. I have no idea who we would trade off our roster at this point because this team is the first Rangers team since I’ve been attentively watching hockey in 96′ that has no straight weakest link. Post lockout its been: Malik, Ozolinsh, Reitz (not for long), Kalinin, Rozsival (whom turned his game around) Redden. Most importantly these guys are defenseman, and that makes their slacking more serious. I just wish that Drury would just show up one of these days! Even Daniel Briere and Scott Gomez have found their places in the sun doing SOMETHING! But Drury? Dont let it bother him that he’s pissing Rangers money right out Jim Dolan’s arse (not that it concerns us) but its still egregious, at very best. He needs to start playing hockey, any hockey. Captain Crutch.

  13. Bring Back Straka on

    Hate to see I guy get hurt, but IMO this takes a guy out of the equation that wasn’t really producing. When Prospal, Callahan and Christensen come back, I felt Weise and Frolov would get the boot. Now it will just be easier for Torts boot some of the Connecticut boys when the team gets healthy.

  14. Grachev does not belong in the NHL anytime soon. I was kind of surprised by the Newbury callup but that was before I realized that Drury will be back on a top 9 role now.

  15. Nice piece by Carp on Coach Tortellini totally obscured by the lackluster design of the people running the site. there are a gazillion better templates out there that would be a huge upgrade to the Soviet Walmart style design at present.

  16. C3, that would make mama very upset. Guys, and gals, everyone misses Linda, and I, too, hope she comes back. For whatever reason, she has made a decision that nobody here likes, but let’s not turn it into an intra-blog issue, OK. That would make me very, very upset.

    mao, LOL!!!

  17. Lots of injuries this year but they find a way to win and make no excuses. You have to love that about this team.

  18. this site generates some serious traffic lohud has a US Traffic Rank on Alexa of 14,814 …that is nothing to sneeze at…the sheer number of comments here is consistently blockbuster. Most web pages would deal with the merchant of venice for that kinda traffic… excelsior!!

  19. That injury will take a long time. Could be a year. Chuck- yup, unhappy or O’Donoghue triad. Not good.

  20. Thinking further about this, they just needed a guy to fit on the 4th line for the next few weeks, so Newbury fits the bill. The top 3 lines stay as is, I would imagine, and Newbury slides onto the 4th with Drury and Weise.

    Then, when whoever of Cally or Vinny comes back, the lines get re-re-configured and Newbury goes back down.

    In short, he’s a stopgap until someone gets healthy.

  21. i feel bad for Chad Kolarik. He’s been the hottest player in HFD lately but he’s been hurt the last few games.

  22. Paul in sunrise on

    Chuck-yes we do.
    Rangers have been ultra lucky with injuries in years past. They have handled this season with courage confidence and gritt. They have played the way teams need to play to win in the playoffs.
    Frolov injury saves EC. I suppose. And I might be in the minority but I would move prust to left wing with AA nag Gabby. Drury has not done enough to move up. Prust plays hard and will find AA and Gabby for some finish. Hopefully

  23. i would not separate Boyle’s line. They have been a great checking line all season. Personally I would keep Avery with Gaborik and have Drury be the LW with Newbury and Weise until Tortorella gets pissed at Avery again and replaces him with Drury

  24. ilb,
    A good literary triad may be the witches of Macbeth…. or the sisters Gorgon!! Now that was a scary crew!! One of them was as ugly as stone! OMG!! Take my wife, please!!

  25. Sad to hear about Frolov. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: he seems like a good guy but it just didn’t work out for him as a Ranger. Now that $1.5M in additional cap space opened up we can pick up a veteran forward for a playoff run.

  26. I really felt like he was ready to bust out. Well.. maybe not bust out, but have a shot go in off his skate or something

  27. Everything I’ve read about the Rangers says we’re looking for a defenseman, names which came up are Kaberle and McCabe.

  28. ilb, yes…scarlet fever…but maybe it was the strawberry gobstopper I ate….. (groucho marx horn sound)

  29. Basically, we can deal for anyone who is a candidate to be dealt to a contender on deadline day.

  30. mao, Henny and William! Now I am impressed!!!

    Note to Slats: Torts really seems to know what he’s doing and is building a great team. Please, step away from the thought box.

  31. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    WOW, been a while since I got carped….THANKS!!!

    here is my repost for tiki re newbury (in tortarellanese)

    plays a “hard” game. “Stiff” defencively. “Jam” around the net in the offencive zone!

    Beat the hell out of that devs guy in the preseason.

    Sucks about fro, sorry he is injured. Hate to see that.

    BIG FAT FRAKKING NO TO THE D MEN BEING TALKED ABOUT!! I’d honestly rather have commodore or bieksa (or numerous others) before either one of those two!

  32. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    If porta potty is gone, so am I!!!

    Has anyone seen olga?

  33. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    OK, I wouldn’t leave (sorry to get most of you excited for a sec) but porta potty better stay and linda needs to come back from one plank holder to another!!

  34. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Is that another hat trick??

  35. As far adding a player at the deadline, I hope Slats does nothing. But given his past, we all know that won’t happen.

    Not sure who Slats would trade…I’d say Girardi is probably the most tradeable, if we add a legit top-six forward…The thinking may be that Sauer is ready to step up and play with Staal…

    Iginla? Semin? Bieksa? Kaberle? Is there really anyone worth trading for? Out of that bunch I like Iginla and Bieksa…

  36. Don’t want to start any rumours here, but was watching the pregame from last night earlier today and the Blues announcers mentioned something about a “heated argument” between Dubinsky and Fedentenko during the pregame soccer game. I imagine it was just boys blowing off steam or fooling around in front of the cameras, but still I found it odd that the opposing team’s announcers would mention it.

    Trying to create controversy, possibly? I don’t know…

  37. Wow, tough news on Frolov. For some reason I had kinda a soft spot for him. He played hard, tried to be responsible defensively, was good along the wall, and logged a lot of minutes without taking ridiculous penalties (see Avery, Sean).
    So I’d say it’s not a given a Newbury or whomever can provide quality minutes in his stead.
    And maybe we were about to get somthing for him in a trade, but, oh well…
    That said, Frolov certainly won’t be irreplaceable – and we get cap space.

    If you’re looking for a reliable d-man left-handed who can play tough and man the point – and the Rangers are – you could do a lot worse than McCabe, even if it’s just for remainder of the season.

    Plus, I always thought he looked, in his skating and appearance, a bit like Brad Park. A bit.

  38. Rod,
    Can’t help myself, but like your posts more and more, witch brings me to think about dualism of human nature. How people can transform from complete, rude jerks to nice, smart judgment and civilized talking. You epitomized that in positive way. I, your harshest opponent in the past, just agree with most of your post to my own amazement.

  39. As for Frolov, I have to shamefully confess – I experience some sort of relief. He was my biggest almost insulting disappointment this season, despite of his honest efforts, he never lived to our expectations and looks to me no one knew what really to do with him. Now this problem painlessly (not for him, pan intended) disappeared itself, opening some new, curious at least, horizons. I wish him wholeheartedly, full recovery and wonderful potential carrier outside Rangers organization. Good kid (maybe…)

  40. Hi y’all
    So I’m in New York, hoping to see my Rangers take on Montreal and win – but they seem to be a 50/50 team at home and a demon on the road. Shall I save my $$ and catch them on the road to make my first game a win? Kidding – looking forward to seeing the Garden, the retired numbers, the whole thing.

  41. Jim,

    McCabe is 35. We now have the young team Ranger fans have dreamt of forever.

    But what, you can’t help the team if you’re not 25 years old? Cmon. He would help, at least for the rest of this year. Then he’s a UFA.

    This Ranger D had best get some quality reinforcements, and actually, helping their powerplay might be one of the biggest things they can do to lessen the enormous burdens being carried by Staal and Girardi in tight games.

    Can’t you see every night Staal has fresh gashes all over his face? That’s just the beginning. 25-33 minutes a night is NUTS, especially since Girardi just can’t help himself from diving in front of shots.

    Torts should know better. He starting to really tick me off with that.

    And you know how I get.

  42. 4ever and Rod…..LMHAO!!!!!! long live the RR! if only countries could solve their problems like we do here, world peace! but still hate for the Pens, Debs, Flyers….well, OK, not NHL peace…:)

  43. i share the same sentiment. Welcome aboard, Rod! You provide great insights. But if you ever insult my hot drooling sexy Mark Sanchez again, Ill get my aasen on a plane and whoop you :)

  44. Kiwi, where you from? No matter, a visit to NY for Rangers fan is incomplete without a game!!!

  45. my favorite wordpress message: you’re posting too quickly. slow down

    anyone ever get that :) if everyone is gone, I’m gonna say niters…

  46. I more and more grew strong in feeling – this team is baked from playoff’s dough now, and my hopes are rising accordingly like this dough in warmth.

  47. Tiki,

    You killjoy :)

    Why’d you have to go mention Sanchez? Man o man…..

    I’ll refrain, but it’ll take everything I’ve got.

  48. 4ever, you can’t be a baker cause that metaphor made my brain all doughy..wha??

    Rod, and I mean this with mama love…as we say to my 16-month-old niece….Good job!!!!
    Seriously, I enjoy having you here :) John Lennon would be so proud of us all …..

  49. Heya Mama
    From Middle Earth – New Zealand. Balmy 64 degrees F and SPF50 suntan lotion required. Quite the shock walking around Lower Manhattan today let me tell you!

  50. off topic, kinda, but is anyone into Beatles memorabilia, I am friends with a renowned collector who is looking to sell some stuff. Interested? e-mail me at Use subject line Beatles. This is no lie……:)

  51. Ahhh! Duh! Should have got that from Kiwi!! btw, I adore Flight of the Concordes…you must know them?!
    Even in warm weather Lower Manhattan must be shock from Middle Earth….you going to game Tuesday….free after for a meet up at the famous warren or must you work? I love foreign boneheads :) bring your whole crew…..

  52. Look, Laurel, I’m not a “peacenik” at all, albeit being a 60ies child. I’, just fierce fighter for RR values, but love all participants (even combatant) who obeys the rules. Always give honest credit, as I feel it, when it due, if I feel it. Peaceful warrior or militant peacemaker. Love and Peace. LOL.

  53. the Rangers do not have enough top line talent to be major players for the Stanley Cup. because of that, we should not be big buyers at the deadline. however the one thing we really need is good offensive d-man especially for he PP. Im not sure if he would be available but Shea Weber is someone I would love to pry away from Nashville.

    he is going to need to be locked up long term but a top line of Staal-Weber would be great. I would not hesitate to include Del Zotto and Grachev in a deal for Weber.

  54. Middle Earth is truly small, but I must admit I’ve not bumped into my famous countrymen (they’re Wellingtonians, I’m from Orcland). I’m hoping to get tickets for Tuesday from AckP, just have to work out how to pay him etc. Travelling with an ex-team mate from back home who was here for the World Junior Champs, but he’s under age, so I’m not sure if I can join you all for a post game beverage, as tasty and tempting as that sounds! Just where is the “Famous Warren” though?

  55. 4ever, to paraphrase the philosopher Bruce, we’re all riding through this tunnel of love, and sometimes it get dark……:)
    mama says, to paraphrase the philosopher Bruce, let’s all see the light of day :)

    oy, I’m even getting sick of myself :)

    I am very sad for Folo…..who will know now….just horrible, regardless. doesn’t deserve this.

  56. Look, life, and pro hockey in particular, is not fair, like socialim. It has nothing to do with deserving…It’s painful, but not like giving birth(not my experience) and didn’t lost any money, plenty of regular folks last years. He’ll be OK.

  57. Kiwi, if you want tix there are other ways to get them….mama can help. just let me know. so, you’re also a hockey player as is your friend? or am i wrong?…..can’t he just have a club soda or is he 12?

    the famous Warren is Aves’ place in Chelsea…..

    oleo, shaddup you jinxer! I’m not done with these boys

  58. I have a smell in my kitchen that is not from the garbage or litter box (or me, fyi) despite febreze…wtb!

    anyway, a late night thought/problem

  59. I’m strictly beer league, but yep, played 14 years back in NZ. My friend on the other hand is a bit of a star. He’s only 17 (or is it 18), but he’s pretty good (not like NHL/AHL/AAA but he should make the NZ team if he keeps at it)
    Appreciate the offer with the tix – will look you up if I can’t get hold of AckP in time. Will check how far from the hostel Chelsea is – might just have to buy the boy some lemonades!

  60. Children time, creative people (who still sober) just start working or having fun. Where are evrybody?

  61. 4ever, they only serve limoncello :) wha on the other comment?

    Kiwi, good luck and have a blast! reach me if you need help…enjoy NYC!!

  62. only you and and the unemployed (me) up…sorry…you owe me a response tomorrow to my wha?! Niters all! TA!

  63. ha…sorry 4ever, did not know that….is for carcillo yet not in some ways eh? then again, I’m single no kids……may be different for yiou

  64. LMHAO!!!!!!! duh again, sorry I didn’t get that joke. Most excellent! yet, the tv is off…..byfuglien!

  65. Start making spelling mistakes – unmistakable sign, time to go to bad. It was my distinct pleasure, Lauren, as usual. Good night. TA-A-A-A-A!

  66. Nice talk to you without anoying competition – you’re blog’s favorite, deservedly(not sure this word exsist?) so.

  67. I better stop, the more I type,… goes worse. Drinking and typing after 12 – incompatible.

  68. I agree! go to sleep, fade to black like mama….ta! and catch up tomorrow!……(fading to black and signing off…thanks 4ever and see you lame heads later!)

    still have the smell in my kitchen. off to empty garbage just in case…TA!

  69. spasibo, spasiba…potayto, potahto….:) will you fade to black please!!!

    I am! final TA!!! 4ever…mama love

  70. Brian Boyle should get a VH1 dating show and call it “Flavah Of Love”

    20 Girls from all across the world [minus Philly, Pissburgh, New Jersey, and Long Island] all (keyword)~~> *jammed* into a New York City condo, and forced to fight for the love of Flavah. There will be bad boob jobs, overblown lip jobs, weird accents, huge fights with massive explosions to the mout, and much much more.

    I know there’s been a “Flavor Of Love”, so maybe the name would have to be “Flavah Of Like”, who knows.

    It sure as hell would be better than Jersey Shore, I’ll tell you that.

  71. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    umm, hate to interrupt the umm convo here (and all the laurels), but night assens!

  72. Does the current CBA allow for a player who would normally have to clear re-entry waivers
    to by-pass re-entry waivers if he’s replacing someone on the injured reserve or LT injury list…like Kennedy.
    I still don’t understand why Sather did not send White down earlier in the season. White’s salary and age would have precluded management from having any problem bringing him up
    or sending him down.

  73. had Frolov not gotten injured, i am sure that he would have been traded. he was underperforming scoringwise bigtime, and with UFA upcoming, he was almost certain to be trade bait soon. Now, they will be even more of a gritty team.

  74. I’d take McCabe over
    Kaberle. ( Yeah I’m still here)……..someone has to remain to wipe the vitriolic drool from the chins of the salivators.

    Ask McCabe what he thought of Brian Leetch.

    Anyone see that knee job done to a Detroit player the other night? put that guy down and out on the spot.

    The same type of crappy move that put Peca’s career on
    the edge a few years ago by Tucker. And apparently no call?

    I still think they need some armor on the glove cuffs for those shot blockers.. to H with the added weight etc. What’s more important, a few ounces of extra weight,
    compared to a guy’s career?

    Kaberle is a home boy. He’d come here only under duress, and play like he wishes he was elsewhere. Fuggebaoudim.

    I was up in CT over the Holidays, and the snow was up to my chin. Never got to see the Whale…wish I had, but the weather got in my way. For what has become a
    Floridian, I shivered for two straight weeks. You Noo Yawkuhs had better get your thinking caps on with some of the trades you propose. Some of those mentionables are not quite as good or as bad as you might think. Go up and see a few Whaler games and you’ll get the idea.
    Not everything lies in the stat sheets.

    Hartford is really a small town with a stag and a dome.

  75. Just wondering what your guys thoughts on this is:

    Lots of talk of NJ moving arnott, with prospal most likley not coming back and frolov now down for the season we could fit his 4.5 mil cap hit and hes a UFA at the end of the year. He was producing decently on a terrible NJ team and can play center or wing. I love the youth movement but could aquiring him for a draft pick really hurt more then help for this season?

  76. With Frolov out for the season it makes it more likely that they will not even think about sending MZA back down. That’s a good thing because MZA has shown in the few games that he’s played that he is a much better offensive threat than Frolov. Plus, he’s been good on shootouts. Now, when Cally returns they just send Newberry back down. No problem.

    They signed Frolov to be be a scorer to take the pressure off Gaborik. He has not produced. I’m sorry that he got injured, but him being gone for the season is a good thing for the Rangers.

  77. The way I should have said it is, I don’t think Arnott would fit in with this team. Others may have a different opinion.

    If they’re going to add anybody I think they should add somebody that isn’t in the twilight of their career.

  78. mza is too slow, too small, and in nhl 11 he is rated a 70 with a C potential. idk guys. lol j/k.

  79. arnott sucks. we arent gonna win a cup with adding just him. what does he have 9-10 goals? shit our worst players have almost 10 goals. he has 2 more than froloaf and 1 more than tenko. ye athat’ll spark teh offense!

  80. arnott was a good player but hes kinda old now and besides his leadership qualities(which we have an overabundance of in drury), we dont need him. theres better trades to make. i see your point that we have so many vets down right now, and any leadership would help this young team, but what the team really needs is more talent. a dynamic winger that can play with stepan who will put in 35-40 goals. someone like a gaborik in minnesota.

  81. cuz he score so much, that he wouldnt even wory about sharing one of his goals with a guy liek avery. yea, gabby woulkdnt complain cuz he scores so much, whats 1 lousy goal??? now thats a guy we have to have!!

  82. and whats grachevs problem? ever since he came from the ohl hes sucked bigtime. jessiman style suckage. guy is a beast. hes what, 6’4″- 230 lbs?? he should be puting the puck through goalies sternums and crashing players through teh boards into the parkin lot. looks like we jumped the gun on him. hope he straightens out. am i wrong or has he been much better for the whalers??

  83. i mean the whale. what a stupid name. they must get teased bad. thats almost as bad as the iowa chops a few years ago.

  84. anybody watch on hockeystreams? join me there tommorow for teh game. i’ll be using my secret alias “grabachev”. so you will know who i am. k. now dont tell anyone.

  85. Frolov hurt is addition by subtraction,i wasnt seeing this “coming on” that Carp was seeing,from Loafer.

  86. well morg, he was playing better but just still couldnt score. and he was playing better, but he still wasnt getting to pucks fast enough and when he did get chances to score, you know what happened. but he seemed like he was getting closer to breaking out. hes been getting more chances than gabby has and thats bad!

  87. somethings up with Gabby hes dinged up or sumpin,Newbury tho,im pumped up to see him,hes got a real nast edge to his game.
    Im still hopeing for a Soryal callup for the upcoming Philthy/Leaves games.

  88. Rod: But what do you propose the Rangers be prepared to give up for McCabe? FLA will want draft picks.

    If he can be had for a 4th, then perhaps. But nothing more!

  89. ive never seen newbury play, but if hes like anything in the nhl 11 game, then yes, he should fit in nicely.

  90. all these bad teams are gonna want lots of high picks. our high position in the league right now makes our picks less valuable too. forget mccabe or kaberle. didnt burke want duby, rozy and a prospect for him one time? or was that ottawa? oh wait, that was for heatley. murray wanted duby, cally and dz. imagine us right now with just heatley, probably no gaborik because at the time all 3 of those players were makin chump change and we had redden still. thank god slats hasnt made any trades lately.

  91. as far as Kabrle or McCabe i say no,lets keep getting younger,let the kids make some mistakes,cause be honest we are 2/3 years from making REAL noise in the playoffs.
    that said,bring me MacIntyre by Jan 16th Slatapuss!

  92. Morning… To bad Frolov got hurt, I hope this doesn’t end his career. For the Rangers it’s not a bad thing. Torts will not have any tough decisions to make when Cally or Prospel return. I really thought That Frolov was starting to play better, now I guess we will never know. Newburg will likely be more effective, he’s tough and I guess he is a good playmaker.

    Lindia you are missed!!

  93. yeah i know Mac wont be ready till 2012/2013 at least ,but hey,its my line combo,make your own ;P

  94. here are some expiring contracts the Rangers could take a look at as rental players:

    Jovanovski, Phillips, Brunette, Connolly Erik Cole, Tanguay, Miettinen S. Sullivan, Upshall, Justin Williams, Sturm, Ponikarovsky, Jussi Jokinen

    personally I like Cole, Upshall, Miettinen and Sullivan but only in the event Zuccarello proves in the next 2 months or so that he is not ready to be a top 6 player. I also like Chris Phillips on defense.

  95. whos macintyre morg?

    oleo, i think jovanovski would be good to have. on forwards, id take williams. he plays both wings doesnt he/ he is having a good season i heard.

  96. Regarding the trade, it’s interesting that there’s plenty of discussion about Wolski being a problem player and/or an underachiever and I suppose part of that is because he was traded up 1 up for an expensive 32 year old defenseman. That and the fact that he will now be playing for his 3rd team in about 12 months.

    What I think some of us are overlooking is the season he had last year – 23 goals and 65 points with a +21 rating AND he was traded for highly regarding Peter Mueller (who’s now out with a serious concussion). Also, he put up 47 goals and 128 points in his final junior year.

    It’s clear this is one talented player. However, his NHL career statistics show that he’s had trouble finding his mark, but for certain, he’s not exactly setting a precedent – there are plenty of players who struggled in the early part of their careers before blossoming.

    That said, he will be 25 in a few weeks – like it or not, if he wants to be the top end player he was once projected to be, time will soon run out if he doesn’t bare down very soon. I would suggest that this stop is the stop if he’s going to be that player. Surely Sather and company recognize this and will sit him down and have exactly that sort of discussion with him. It’s really up to Wolski. IMO, he is walking into a wonderful situation – a young, inspired and upcoming team that truly needs what he can and should bring to the ice.

    Let’s hope for the Rangers and more importantly, for himself he realizes this and runs with it. If so, it’s a win-win. If not, saying goodbye to the rapidly aging Rozey isn’t really a bad thing in it’s on right. In otherwords, good trade that could become a great trade.

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