Stars-Rangers in review


How many times, in how many ways, can we keep saying the same things about this Rangers team and the way it gets points, especially tough points, especially on the road? That’s some kind of win, and in the old days that would have been some kind of tie.


1) That was a pretty careless first period in the Rangers’ end. Starting when Marc Staal got beat one-on-one and Dan Girardi over-reacted, slid across, didn’t prevent the pass, and Lundqvist had to make a great save. Though I did think Staal and Girardi were pretty sensational most of the night.

2) The first Dallas goal, which was wrongly blamed on McDonagh (I think so, anyway though he and Lundqvist had a miscommunication behind the net), was at  least in part caused because the two wingers, Gaborik and Avery, didn’t read Anisimov behind the goal line. That left a man WIDE open in front. And I think that’s why we didn’t see too much of Avery-Gaborik thereafter. You can have one defensively-deficient forward on the ice, but not two. Otherwise, I thought Avery played pretty well.

3) Give Ruslan Fedotenko credit for the short-hander, and give Dallas an assist because of a bad change by future Ranger Brad Richards. But, again, this was the nightly bad-angle goal against a goalie abandoning the post to go to his knees needlessly. Epidemic.

4) Lots of Texans were dressed as seats. Maybe it was the snow. What’s that? There was no snow down there?

5) Brandon Dubinsky=Monster.

6) That was pretty sad when Drury got tossed like a sack of potatoes.

7) Henrik Lundqvist has a two-game point streak, which is only 49 short of Wayne Gretzky’s NHL record. And longer than Sidney Crosby’s current streak. Say this about the goalkeeper. He’s really back on track lately. Not a moment too soon.

8) I don’t like to complain too much about the officials, and even you conspiracy theorists have to admit that the third-period too-many-men call against the Stars was borderline and the refs missed Dan Girardi’s high stick late in the game. But if they’re going to call that penalty on Brandon Prust for finishing his check, then the NHL should just outlaw all contact and let the guys take off their pads and helmets.

9) Did I mention how I feel about the skills competition?

10) Does that Dallas team remind you of another team? You know, the one that wears red, white and blue and has all that young talent and plays so aggressively and hits everything and grinds?

11) How about that Italian kid, Zuccarello? Two shootout goals, and an overtime goal in five minutes in the NHL.


The Rangers have an 8 p.m. game in St. Louis tonight (they go head to head with the Super Bowl champion Jets). Third in four nights, second in two on the road, against a third consecutive very formidable foe.

I will have the pre-game notes as soon as I finish snow-blowing and shoveling.

AP Photo, above.

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  1. First?

    Great, great game. I’m feeling really good about this team. And this is all without Cally.

  2. Ah ilb, you beat me to it. But that’s ok… nothing can bring me down today. Well- maybe the Jets.

  3. Carpie- where the heck do you live that you have to use a snowblower? I was expecting so much more snow, and nothing stuck on the ground here.

  4. Sorry, Roe.

    LMAO @ Italian kid, Carp.

    The last thing before I run out, Dallas isn’t trading Richards. The way they play and yesterday’s trade suggest they want to go deep in the playoffs. Remember, the ownership is still unknown, making a few extra bucks can only make the club more attractive for someone.

  5. Great review as usual Carp. Unfortunately, I must have fallen asleep during the first intermission and missed most of the game. At least I have Rangers in 60 at 11am.

  6. Another tough fought contest, Little Mats has some moves. Was Staal on the ice the entire game? It sure seemed like it. Overall they were pretty sound defensively, everyone worked hard, there wasn’t much coasting going on. Hank was good, very good. Without him in goal I doubt they win. I thought the McD man held his own for the most part. He looked bad on a goal there, but I don’t think it was his fault, Hank misplayed the puck. Torts should be happy with the way they played, against a team that has been playing as good as Dallas has been. Tonight will be another tough test. St louis has some guys out, but they are no lame duck. I am looking forward to it.

  7. [Heads Up!]

    >>Knicks win on the road. Rangers win on the road. Cmon Jets keep the streak going!

    The law of averages is not favouring the Jets right now.

  8. I pose a question:

    Whom would you rather be:

    Muhammed Ali in the ring against Larry Holmes circa 1980


    Drury on any NHL rink circa 2011


  9. That game was really fast paces in the the first and 2nd period ..they skated thier Aessen’s off

  10. Dallas won’t trade Richards nor will the league let Dallas trade him if they are in contention and their sole reason for doing so is their ownership situation. See: Phoenix being a major buyer at the last deadline, the Texas Rangers getting Cliff Lee. Bettman needs the Stars to be good in order to facilitate their sale. In all likelihood, unless we are offer sheeting Parise, Richards will be a Ranger on July 1.

    Our deadline acquisition this season will almost definitely be a veteran defenseman.

  11. i think the dallas fans were dressed as seats because all the cotton bowl was going on at same time and had a texas team in the game. another reason why the leagues biggest flaw is too many teams. 24 teams would be great but that will never happen and is an argument for another day


    i probably missed it being discussed already but what was torts so pissed aboot at end of the game? he was ripping boyle a new one

  12. Amazing how we can say pretty much after each game- it was a great effort, they played their socks off, never gave up, etc., etc. It was a revelation at the beginning of the year, but now we know that’s how they will play. I’d give the credit to Torts. Took some time, but they bought in, finally. And, admittedly, he is much better with kids than most of us predicted.

  13. Torts is Adams material. No question. This team has taken on his personality. And that is a good thing. He is probably pissed at Boyle because he has had two bad games in a row. Torts gave him a break on the Staal gaffe the other night, but he probably feels that this could be a trend. This is Torts’ way of keeping BB on his toes. This will be a test for Boyle. Let’s se if he has REALLY changed as a player.

    I think he should be thankful that Tort’s is on his case.

  14. Anisimov keeps shooting like that, he will score 40 one year. Very deceptive wrist shot, the goalies have difficulties seeing it until it’s too late. And he is almost flawless in his own zone, at least twice last night he was in the right place and prevented scoring chances. Third line center my foot!

  15. Remember this: Your boss isn’t your friend. In a succesful company anyway. I think that was ultimately Renney’s downfall.

  16. Time for Torts to cut back – more than a little – Staal & Girardi’s minutes.

    25+ mins a night, night after night, is insanity. They’re going to wear down or get hurt.

    Unless/until they can import some blueline help (Frolov for Roman Hamrlik?),
    the Rangers have to live n die playing their 2nd and 3rd pairings a bit more.

  17. Why would Montreal trade Hamrlik for a forward when they’re in contention and Markov and Gorges are both done for the year?

  18. Gift of GAB-orik and Norweigans! on

    I agree with ilb… i’m wondering why Torts was blasting Boyle on the bench. MSG even showed clips of Boyle’s shift before that… I didn’t see anything to get riled up about… but i’m not Torts.

    Staal took a breather last night… in between periods. He was everywhere!

    That eye-talian kid has some talent… another young guy breathing energy into the room. I LOVE THIS TEAM!

    Yea Drury got deposited on his backside… but he got up, got back in the play, and threw a nice hit of his own later that shift.

  19. 7) Henrik Lundqvist has a two-game point streak, which is only 49 short of Wayne Gretzky’s NHL record. And longer than Sidney Crosby’s current streak.

    LOL I love it. and Henke has more points this week than Kovalchuk.

    I too would like to know what the deal was with Boyle. Thought he played well and it felt like he was on the ice for nearly 60 minutes.

  20. Paul in sunrise on

    There should be no trades for veterans. Let the kids get the time they have earned. Develop the young core. If they keep playing this way they will get all of the veteran help from their injured list. EC may not see the ice again. Cally comes back and allows Weise to return to Hartford. MZA stays. Team can only improve by keeping true to this years blueprint. Youth. I can see potentially trades to lease out some vets at the deadline and infuse more youth. This team is hungry. They can make the playoffs. Give the kids a taste of the intensity and speed. Be better next year. Solid.

  21. I think Torts was on Boyle because with 33 seconds left in regulation he tried a long pass to Prust that didn’t work that resulted in a icing. It was funny it seemed that Torts smacked him upside the head with his cipboard at one point. No one dared to ask him this in the post-game, though, for fear of getting smacked with the same clipboard.

  22. That might be it Timay, and also Tortorella knows which guys need to be pushed, and I think Boyle is one of those. We saw how he reacted to the idea of playing in the AHL this year, and how hard he worked in the offseason with that hanging over his head. He might be one of those guys who needs a kick in the aasen, like Dubinsky (who admits it in my story on Torts tomorrow).

  23. 2) Carpie if your gonna start throwing people under the bus other than McD & Henrik for that goal, please start with Gilroy. Watch that play again. he trys to break up the play at NY blue line, no problem with that. My problem is that he drags his butt getting back into position. His job to cover the slot when his partner goes to pick up the puck. That was an “effort” goal. Bad on gilroy who has been great of late.

  24. That said, Torts tore him a new one, then went over twice and encouraged him.

    I thought at the moment that the tirade might have been because Boyle had a chance to change and instead went on the offensive.

    Say this, too: Tonight is going to be interesting to see how Staal and Girardi and Dubinsky, who were horses last night, survive in a rugged battle in a different city the following night.

  25. boxcar, I noticed that too. But the guy who popped open had to be a winger’s responsibility there. Even if Gilroy busted it back, and he sure didn’t, that guy was on the other side of the net.

    Roe, we had about eight inches of snow, and I have a long driveway, hence the snowblower.

  26. But Gilroy was getting into position to carry the puck bc he was assuming Hank would tee it up for McD. I think the majority of blame should go to Hank with 20% going to the wingers (aves and #10).

  27. 8 inches? Bet you Sally didn’t have nearly that much.

    I think that goal is blown out of proportions a little bit. I don’t think even Torts said much about it. Miscommunication. McD, who doesn’t know Hank’s tendencies, thought Henrik would just stop the puck for him to pick up, which, btw, was the safest thing at that moment. The rest we all know.

  28. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    LMAO @ Torts hitting Boyle over the head with his clipboard. All I saw was him hit Boyle twice on the shoulder pads afterwards. MSG make an agreement with U-Verse already so I can watch Rangers in 60!!!!!

  29. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    Gab, I also noticed Drury get up and go hit someone else pretty well. But yeah, that hit on him DID look bad.

  30. the prust penalty was disgraceful. interference get real.

    timay you are probably right on the boyle tirade by torts, the homerun pass went wrong icing.

    kamrlik is not getting traded for frolov, montreal lost 2 d men for the year.

    the rangers are such a likeable team. can’t wait to cally gets back and let’s see if prospal has anything left.

    mcdonagh played well, first goal henrik’s porr stick handling he is not brodeur with the puck.

  31. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    I find it freakin hilarious that in the shootout people keep trying to deke the King. That’s the WORST thing to do. Better off taking a quick shot high.

  32. Re BB getting lambasted (I didn’t see the game so I’m responding to the comments in here): I agree 100% with Carp that good coaches know their players, their personalities and therefore, know how hard they can push each player. And the more veteran the player, the less likely he gets publicly raked over the coals (ie yelling and screaming at someone like Rozey simply doesn’t happen).

    BB is having a great season, but I noticed back in early December he had stopped hitting, something that is an effective part of his game and what helped him, IMO, have a strong start to his season. He’s been hitting again, so I gotta think he was spoken to about it.

    Also, I saw a youtube of Tortorella press conference recently where he used a bank account analogy when it came to how to handle different personalities. Every player has a bank account when it comes to how much pushing they can take – someone like BB’s account is surely larger than say Rozey’s and obviously, the more veteran the player, the smaller the account.

    The key for a good coach is to figure out the sizes of those accounts. Tortorella this year, seems to have gained that understanding.

  33. Also, Marc Staal played an incredible 33 minutes last night! No wonder there are comments in here that he seemd to be on the ice all game. It was a 65 minute game with the OT and he played over 1/2 of it!

    What a horse!

    Folks we are watching a future Norris trophy candidate blossoming right before our eyes. Ain’t it wonderful to see?

  34. Paul in sunrise on

    Personally I think boyle line over played last night. Cannot get much offense going if checking line out every other shift. They have been good but fatigue setting in for sure. But what doi know.

  35. BTW, with Gaborik contributing very little to the Ranger O would anyone consider shopping him? Given his struggles this year, the market may be soft, but we all know LA is keen on adding a proven sniper and have lots of assets to move.

    If a trade for Brayden Schenn (he was a monster at the WJC and IMO has a bright NHL future ahead of him) and a first was offered up, would you do it?

  36. Let’s not trade Gaborik yet. He should be in their near future plans. When our core matures, he could an invaluable asset. Half year of struggle doesn’t make him expendable. We have no one with nearly his goal scoring ability in our system.

  37. Joekuh-rury-mire - I'm AWESOME! on

    LOL Thanks Tiki. That was an AWESOME link. Gaborik is having some AWESOME struggles, but lets wait and see if he has an AWESOME 2nd half/playoffs. Thats an AWESOME bank account analogy. I wonder why veteran players have a smaller account than young players. What, they can’t be coached once they pass a certain age??

  38. Gaborik has had some off nights … I didn’t think he was bad last night, and thought he was very good the game before, and he scored their only goal in Florida last weekend.

    He has also been hurt and playing with a groin issue … and yet he has 11 goals in 28 games. Dubinsky has 16 in 42 and we want to put him in the Hall of Fame, but you want to get rid of Gaborik?

    He’s going to be a crucial piece for this team going down the stretch. It can’t win every game 2-1, coming from behind in the third period. Gaborik will have to win games for them.

  39. gregm_section403 on

    Hey Carp,

    Only 11 “in review” points?” Not 13?

    Taking it easy today, eh? Just bustin ya!

    Love the “game in review” posts.

    Keep up the great work!

  40. Paul in sunrise on

    Gabby was not who I was talking about when there were vets to trade. Eminger (ufa) Feds (ufa). Those guys can be leased out and brought back of needed next year. He stays. ILB is right.

  41. Gaborik isn’t going anywhere. Nor is any of their young talents. We should know it by now, this isn’t our team’s philosophy. Something changed, for whatever reason. And we are finally starting to see what we were looking for years.

  42. Did Gaborik play last night?? Anyone wonder if his groin still bothers him or maybe some other injury? He just does’nt seem dominant like he was last year.

    That being said, How freakin awesome is it to have the youth on this team producing and knowing we can only be better next year with them having another year of experience under their belt? LGR!!!!!!!!!

  43. All the Thanks go to James G!

    Im deliriously tired, have not gone to sleep yet, and will be missing the Rangers game tonight. :(

    This Rangers team is great and inspiring. They always fight until the final whistle, and they dont back down from (broadstreet) bullies.

    What we dont have in skill, we make up in heart. We want the Cup! We want the Cup! We want the Cup!

    Madison Square Garden – The World’s Most Famous Arena in the Greatest Place in the World!

  44. I, too, believe he’s hurt because he doesn’t appear to have that 0 to 60 MPH accelleration we saw so much last year. I also believe he’s missing Prospal.

    If I’m correct on both accounts, IMO it’s worrisome because 1) he’s ALWAYS hurt and 2) Prospal isn’t coming soon – if ever.

    Mmmm…really I’m just musing is all. I’m not advocating moving him, but curious what others might think about the possibility. I’m also curious about what he might fetch.

    All that said, even if he’s not very productive (and let’s remember 6 of his goals came in 2 games, meaning he’s got a measily 5 goals in the 26 others he’s played and that’s simply terrible for the $$ he’s making and the role he’s supposed to be playing), if he was gone, it would allow the opposition to pay more attention to others. In other words, whether the stats are there or not, he remains theoritically a threat to score any time he’s on the ice and the opposition is surely aware of that.

  45. Good morning, Carp!

    Ilb, 8 inches of what? Har har. I’m pretty sure the city’s had more snow than Buffalo this winter. Or we’re just tough and don’t need to talk about it ;)

  46. LMAO, Sally, I knew someone would bite on that. Didn’t think it was going to be you. Of course I meant you didn’t get that much snow in Bufallo! What do you think this- a Rangers website or g(j)ibberish discussion ?

  47. NYR_FAN ♥ 's MZA on

    Just saw this on twitter, for those interested…

    Via, SKA St. Petersburg coach Vaclav Sykora told that his team is negotiating with #Coyotes forward Petr Prucha.

  48. Bahahahaha!

    MZA at the end is hilarious! That video is a must see!

    Naslund, the Sedins and Foppa!

  49. Question: On a top what our team is currently…
    Can you guys just imagine where Rangers could be now if Gabby would play and score like last season?

  50. Good afternoon, Sally! I feel like my driveway has gotten more snow than Buffalo this year.

    Did somebody say j(g)ibberish?

  51. Tony, he’s Norwegian, obviously, but he must be of Italian descent, no? Like the kid on the Yankees, Cervelli. He’s Hispanic, but of Italian descent. Or like you. You’re Arizonian, but of Italian descent. capice?

  52. Carp, awesome work, by the way. Loved the line about Zuke being Italian and only playing 5 minutes in the NHL…so true!

    Here are some points I had after last night, re-posted for your reading:

    1. MZA is here to stay. If he goes back to Hartford, I stop watching hockey.

    2. Brad Richards ain’t got carcillo on Brandon Dubinsky.

    3. Robidas really is Dallas’ best player…

    4. Eminger = Awkwardly physical; doesn’t give up much; doesn’t instill fear; takes dumb penalties at bad times, leading to power play goals.

    5. Will the real Marian Gaborik please stand up?

    6. Steve Ott owned Dale “The Pale” Weise. Dale got a shot in but Ott was definitely the more dominant guy…Not sure if it makes sense for him to be on the NYR when Cally comes back. He is a good energy player.

    7. Brenden Morrow is an example of the type of player Drury USED TO BE. Drury looks like he is going to retire soon. He was losing key faceoffs.

    8. Blowzy wasn’t missed.

    9. If Artie puts on say 25-30 pounds, we will have ourselves a premier 2-way NHL center

  53. “Dubinsky has 16 in 42 and we want to put him in the Hall of Fame, but you want to get rid of Gaborik?”

    The thing is, to paraphrase Torts ” If you ain’t scoring you better be doing other things”

    Dubi does, Gabby doesn’t.

  54. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Morning ILB (TR and Tiki And Sally) and all!!

    few points…that penalty on prust WAS ridiculous, thought it was charging originally and then saw the replay and just ridiculous……..No opinion on mcdonut yet, just one game, but leaning more towards not impressed…..we need to resign feds for another season or two (there I said it)…..drury really did get tossed didn’t he?

    Who is this brad richards guy everyone keeps talking about?

    Re the enforcer about rupp?

    Best “every shift playable” enforcer ever..hands down Chris Simon (sample stat lines)

    1995-1996 Avalanche 64 16 18 34 10 250
    1999-2000 Capitals 75 29 20 49 11 146
    2003-2004 Rangers 65 14 9 23 14 225

    stats are GP, G, A, PTS, +/-, and PIMs

    he also had 4 other seasons with double digit goals and another with 9 and one with 8.

  55. This team is really headed in the right direction. Did anyone see this coming ?
    And don’t lie, I know you’re all as pleasantly surprised as I am !

  56. ilb, I caught the “8 inches” comment. No way I was going to bite on it and besides I’ve hard on Sally recently.

  57. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    And forgot about weise getting avery’d by torts for unnecessary physical contact detrimental to the team. You will not fight or you will sit on the bench!! “This is not a rough, physical game. Physical borderline contact is not allowed in any way shape or form, just look a the blueline corps I have assembled”….The coach!


  58. The thing with Gaby is that he is not getting shots off and not making plays. He is a shell of the 2009-10 Marian Gaborik. He skating seems to be the problem and it is probably that groin injury. That said, why is he even playing? Shouldn’t we rest him and try to get him healthy for the playoffs?

  59. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    holy laurel a moly last night…sheesh!


  60. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Just got this off twitter

    …torts was chastising boyle on the ranger bench last night in their victory because the coach overheard the player challenge an opponent to a fight..

    (sarcasm x 2)

  61. If Gabby’s hurt let him get healthy if he can’t be productive, According to A.Gross Brian Boyle has back issues, “if his back holds up” was how he phrased it. Prust has a bad shoulder but continues to fight his way through it.

  62. Carp- I know this is a blog and you’re trying to push buttons. Forgive me for my lack of tact when I express my differing views.

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful.

  63. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    yes, I read he had back issue somewhere as well

  64. Who’s Kamerlik?

    Can’t wait for tonight’s game. Luckily for you Jets fans, I’ll be too busy watching NYR :P

    Not that I was planning on watching….

    Put Aves back on the 4th line, and promote Weise! Dale “The Pale Whale” Weise should get a little more time. He brings the jam.

    Gotta give him credit. He’s picking some tough guys to drop the gloves with. He reminds me of the pre-season rookie Dubinsky, before he got knocked out by that Sens player. He was always looking to fight, and took on a few tough guys, like Sutton. Weise is tougher though.

    MZA has to keep playing his ass off if he wants to remain with the team, but I still think that the staff is looking for him to put up some points if they want him to stay up here. I don’t think shootout goals will help.

  65. Brad Richards was 6-16 / 38% on FO last night and is only 49.0% on the year.

    Steve Ott, BTW, was 7-7 / 100% and is 58.9% on the year.

  66. Orr, I agree on Zuc. P.A. Parenteau was good in shootouts also & now he’s a fishstick.
    But I think Zuc will make it as a Ranger. Maybe a few trips down but he’ll be here for sure.
    Don’t ya just love where this team is headed !

  67. 150. Which I don’t mind, because I was originally going to be spending around the same, if not a little more for a replica. It has the patch, assistant A, retired numbers, fight strap. The whole 9. All stitched.

  68. Nasty, what size? The price is perfect.

    Tony, I agree, he’ll definitely be here for good at some point. They’ll definitely be spots available for next camp. I wont cry if he’s sent down, this has been good for him. It will only make him better when he’s sent down, and he’ll be a totally different player down on the farm.

    Torts knows what to do.

    Torts is my vote for MVP! He’s been behind the kids so much, I expect him to replace his fist bumps with a crotch grab and toe stand when goals are scored, like Michael Jackson.

  69. My wife won it. She is saying 150, but I imagine with shipping and whatnot it might be a little more, but even still. I wanted to order from, and the replicas there are 169 before shipping.

  70. Leetchhalloffame on

    Remember when we signed Pizza Drury and Danny Briere was also available? Think we made the wrong move on that one?

  71. Orr, I got for under $200 on ebay – free shipping…no patch but it is official and has fight strap….may get lettering done at NHL store…

  72. Carp

    normally like and agree with much of your analysis
    for some reason
    today’s really really scored a touchdown (playoff reference for ya!)

    especially liked point on McDonough not problem with goal,
    reference to the odd job the refs did.
    the snark regarding Hank’s point streak vs. cindy’s…

  73. Tony, what is going on in AZ right now?!?!? Just heard a congresswoman was shot…Gabrielle Giffords

  74. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    off to work! LGR!!

    You going to the game??

    Later assens!!

  75. What an awful story…some lunatic apparently went on a shooting spree at a political event. They have him in custody…

  76. I thought that Tort was ticked the minute after Boyle took a very bad late penalty for no real reason, because the camera was on him and he looked really teed.

  77. Grabbywaffles(sir spins alot)-URY on

    oshie,perron, kariya and mcdonald are out for blues right? id say that makes this game even. we got prospal,cally,sister christensen, and gabby and frolov out on their feet. need gabby tonight cuz he is lookin real bad. why couldnt he play like he did against the canes? avery sucks too.

  78. Grabbywaffles(sir spins alot)-URY on

    oh and drury. we have like half a team not doing anything and still winning. what if the big money players played how they are supposed to? we wouldnt talk about trades. even if dru scored his avg 55 points thats still pretty damn good. cant believe that wishing drury would just score 15 from here on out is like asking for a miracle.

  79. Grabbywaffles(sir spins alot)-URY on

    tony- idk what happened. i talk to her on Fb, but i have no idea what actually happened. hope she comes back soon cuz i cant see anybody here having a problem with her and if they did, than it couldnt have been a big deal.

  80. Gaborik looks to be coasting a lot and not driving with the puck to the middle. That said he has a NTC so trading him is easier said than done. And he still draws the other teams best D pair and shutdown lines. They were a .500 team without him and win something like 62% of available points with him. But yes he needs to start doing something on a more consistent basis especially on the PP.

  81. Grabbywaffles(sir spins alot)-URY on

    if jokinien came over for lunch, id say whered you park your ufo? haha he looks liek one of those pig looking things from return of teh jedi. the ones in jabba the huts dungeon

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