It’s Go Time!


Yee-hah! Hockey in Texas!

Sean Avery makes his return to Dallas, his first since his “sloppy” exit. He’s going to play where he finished the last game, with Artem Anisimov and Marian Gaborik. Those three had some good stuff going — I thought it was one of Avery’s best games, and one of Gaborik’s best, too.

John Tortorella told reporters in Big D that Avery is going to get minutes because he deserves them off of last game, but I’d bet that even if Avery hadn’t had that game, Tortorella would ride him tonight. Why? Because a motivated Avery is the good Avery, the annoyingly effective Avery that we often see vs. the Devils, Flyers and Islanders. I expect him to be flying and yapping and taking Stars down with him tonight.

Ryan McDonagh makes his NHL debut in place of Michal Rozsival (ribs). There are no pruchas.

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  1. lol No, his priorities are not in order. He’s probably only seen and been on here for 5 games in the last 2 months. Ever since this new chick came along, ARGHHH!! If he misses Yankees games next year, Im gonna be pisssssed! :)

    Orr – Deal!

    Zucca just said “work my ass off” on MSG and then said “sorry for the language”!!! HAHA!

    WooHooo Roszival is out tonight! McDonagh is in!


    enforcer = you can’t play hockey or skate very well, so you bully guys, talk carcillo, take penalties, and start fights…

  3. repost:
    i wanted brad richards. and then i saw stepan play and changed my mind.
    also, wish I was in Dallas rather in Houston at work :(

  4. TORTS! He just explained his use of Avery re TOI. And how Avery is inconsistent, and if Aves gets it going like Wednesday, he’ll see more ice time.

  5. >>…the minor league blog, AKA Blueshirt Bulletin.

    Don’t Rangers fans have to pay to join that league?

  6. Yeah, I did, Orr. I think Prust figured since Torts bullied Gilroy all year long and it work, he’d do it before every game

  7. Jaime Langenbrunner: “The Captain of the Detroit Devils” Hmmm, Sam, drink a bit too much?

  8. Looking a little too much like the 10-2 game or whatever it was a couple of yrs back.

  9. Hungover Del Headzo on

    Think they’re having McD play tonight for the Stars organization? A little trade bait for Richards?

  10. Great Headzo!!

    Zucca nearly scored there.

    n country – you can use it again tonight if you want :)

  11. orr, ROFLMAO on the minor leagues of ranger blog…blueshirt bulletin!!! I’m dying ova heah!! you feel me, bro-dizzle?

  12. these dallas announcers are putting me on some major monkey steaming like a dumpling!

  13. N.CountryNYRFan on

    hey Tiki I found a link on that is working, if it gets to choppy i’ll take you up on your offer, thanks

  14. Hungover Del Headzo on

    I think I’m more impressed with MZA’s willingness to throw his small body around than his hockey talent. I wish the guys who are taller than him on this team threw their bodies around a little more.

  15. no problem n country!

    1st goal in 30 games for this loser Sutherby.

    Mabye Avery can answer this game with one or more of his own.

  16. can they make ONE byfuglien pass to each other?!?!?!

    they look like it’s a shinny and they’re just hitting the puck around and chasing it.

  17. Blue Seat Horror on

    If Richards cleans up against the Rangers tonight he’ll be wearing blue on July 1. And the way the Rangers are playing in their zone that very well could happen.

  18. miked, you mean Gomez wasn’t creative? He had a new entry into the offensive zone every time. ;)

  19. Blue Seat Horror on

    Can’t blame McD for that first goal. He may not know that his goalie can’t play the puck.

  20. Blue Seat Horror on

    I don’t want to see a replay of that Staal miss because I don’t want to know how much room he really had.

  21. one thing about finally having the chance to really watch Zuc play
    is that every time he’s on the ice it always looks like something good
    is about to happen.

  22. Blue Seat Horror on

    They started looking better toward the end there. Let’s hope they can keep that up.

  23. Very entertaining, albeit low scoring, game. How many of those we saw last year involving the Rangers?

  24. As a New Year resolution for AA I would like him to gain about 30 lb. of bison’s shoulders quality meat on his big frame and couple free lessons from Klichko brothers.

  25. N.CountryNYRFan on

    not worried about being 1 down after the first, we’ve been a better second half team lately

  26. Blue Seat Horror on

    Seemed like McD got alot of minutes in the first…or maybe I just made a point to notice when he was on the ice.

  27. N.CountryNYRFan on

    kinda gald i have the Dallas broadcast on the link I found so i don’t have to listen to Joe M.

  28. Blue Seat Horror on

    CT Whale facing Ranger killer Cedrick Desjardin tonight. 2-2 in the 3rd period.

  29. He’s the 6th rookie to make his debut this season, Giannone, not the 5th.

    And I’m calling dibs on McD.

  30. so they show the replay again
    and Hank looked like Rozy at the blueline
    during a pp
    as usual
    the other Rangers didn’t bother
    to cover the middle of the ice.

  31. well, Clutch i guess was just busy following
    Gilroy to find out what he wanted on his pizza
    rather than cover someone in front of net.

    Dubi got there late.

    yeah…………still sick and still cranky.

  32. Blue Seat Horror on

    That’s hilarious Orr! I had the crack part but you made the Alladin connection for me.

  33. Blue Seat Horror on

    I hope they show us Langenbrunner arriving at least 3 more times. It must have been heartbreaking for Langenbrunner to be traded away.

  34. this period reminds me of watching the playoffs against Washington a few years ago. Dubinsky is out there making things happen but he has no help.

  35. Exactly how do they think they’re going to fit Richards under the cap with the RFAs.

  36. I’m kind of OK with McD making small mistakes – him being baptised in a game like this is w.orth it

  37. if they’re going to call ott for that little tap against Artie
    then they should have called the punch in the face to Sauer

  38. Ott is playing the NEW YORK RANGERS…that’s why he didnt get more than 2 minutes. Quit laughing like one of the 3 stooges, Joe. You’re a moronic piece of carcillo. Although I always appreciate homerism, Girardi/Staal is the best defensive duo in the NHL? Loser.

  39. “Pass 1, Pass 2 Pass 3 Pass 4 Pass 5 Pass 6 Pass 7 Pass 8 Pass 9 Pass 10, shot, shot, shot, pass, goal”

    Wow, Joe, you fuggin piece of crap, no team in the history of the NHL has ever completed 5 straight passes on a power play and then gotten lucky to have 2 rebounds go right back to them.

  40. Blue Seat Horror on

    Drury is 100% in the faceoff circle tonight. The rest of the team is 27%. (Too bad clutch has taken only 1 faceoff).

  41. You’re right mao!

    New York is the center of the universe; the greatest and most diverse place in the world.

  42. boxcareddiehospodar on

    can someone please explain to the rangers the idea of a powerplay is to move the puck quickly and make the defense react.

    why do we always stick handle on the perimeter with the puck and make 3 foot passes?

    is it really this difficult? why don;t we try watching the caps/penguins/stars?

  43. So, now that the Devils aren’t so good, Brodeur is constantly taking himself out of the lineup. Could it be because he doesn’t want to end up with the most losses record [352]? If so, look for him to retire very soon because he stands at 342 losses already. Bwahahah! Uncle Daddy cannot take the good with the bad, eh?

  44. >>New york should become its own country!!

    That’s how civil wars start, you know? Anyway, I say let’s wait and see how Québec pulls it off first.

  45. >>…the idea of a powerplay is to move the puck quickly

    You need skilled and finessed guys to move the puck quickly.

  46. I still think Rangers play good. What make me proud, team shows that we can succsesfuly play on their level with 1st in the West and East. (with 2nd at East is a problem thou).

  47. I dont think Joe is hating on us. He’s just a stupid moron with no intelligence whatsoever. He’s dumber than my puppy, Teddy, who falls while running up steps all the time. My dog knows more about hockey than the idiot.

    Tiki has been hailed! She is on her throne, wearing her booties! Queen Tiki!

    All hail King Mao!

  48. I really cant stand Conan OBrien. he’s not even remotely funny. he has the sense of humor of a mime.

  49. mao – i feel you. of course, every opposing announcers hate on all new york teams. i would love to hear a broadcast of the stars/bruins on the dallas feed…. they’d be lauding the bruins and bashing their own players like “Brad Richards should be more like Tyler Seguin”

  50. mao,
    You can’t survive in China with name like that, particular written with no capital letter. You’ll be accused of superiority complex and discourse to Greatest Great,(not Gretsky).

  51. the refs are just cheating us tonight, simplest answer.

    although we’ve been treated quite fairly for some of this year.

  52. “He stays with it”

    “Not anymore, hahahahahahaha” says Joe M.

    Well, thanks Joe for laughing at our player.

    I reallly dislike this guy.

  53. prust made sure that there was a make up call.

    too bad we’re now on the pp
    rather than pk

    (would show more offensive threats)

  54. A number of close interference calls not made, look when the Rangers dump the puck in at the line the Stars constantly engage the Rangers player.

  55. to local viewers: I would rather live in my car than hire David Babel to handle my bankruptcy :)

  56. Sean Avery will score the game winning goal tonight.

    Sean Avery will score the game winning goal tonight.

    Sean Avery will score the game winning goal tonight.

  57. we would have had cherapanov in this mix!! i can’t stop thinking about our Ranger taken too soon!!

  58. ilb, just imagine if Joel Lundqvist was still on the Stars then some of the players would really look similar.

  59. they made a big deal over it.

    we got away with a penalty for the 3rd time all season. our opposition has gotten away with 2 million calls already this season.

  60. The only way drury gets a winner in OT is he throws the puck in the net like that video we posted earlier today. Then again he was a LLWS champ.

  61. Torts you realize Boyle would crush you like he crushes Natty Lights with DZ in the offseason?

  62. my only guess is that he didn’t stretch out and push hard
    to the net for the tip in….i guess

  63. I was going to say before the end of the game when it was tied, didn’t want to jinx it but if they get 2 points out of this weekend I will be thrilled. Dallas and StL are definitely tougher than most Eastern teams.

  64. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HARTNELL YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ZUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAA is BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    MOTHER HARTNELLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  65. GREGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HUGE! What fight and spirit in this young team! ZUCCCA BABY!!!!!!

  66. Nothin’ better than a Torts smile, baby! Pull the shorts off Mr. Torts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!! Road warriors!!!!

  67. Headzo and Greg, LMAO…….

    two game winners by the zippy newbie!!! he gets sent down, I may have to move and sell my blog rights…..

  68. N.CountryNYRFan on

    this team has more fight than any team we have had in years. Past teams would have crumbled.

  69. ORR’
    we are all remember your “not sure, not belong” sh*t long before. Admit, you were wrong, for team sake.

  70. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Great win but what happened to Gaborik and Aves tonight, pretty invisible?? And Drury, useless pretty much.

  71. headzo, double lmao, but I pray that’s not true :)

    Man, I just want to adopt MZA and cuddle him like a kitty. I think I have to go lean Norwegian…

  72. There is a lot of speculation around Richards now asking after his old buddy Torts from the Tampa times ????

    My question is just simply, why would Dallas trade him, when they are in that state of winning right now and I dont think that the Rangers would be able to fit him under the cap ????

    And Richards doesnt looke like that he is disgruntled in Dallas !!!

  73. Hungover Del Headzo on

    They have to play the King tomorrow – he’s got a two game point streak on the line!

  74. Dallas is not going to trade Richards, not after they got Langs to help with their depth. Honestly I thought their bottom 2 lines tonight weren’t anything special even though they produced the 1st goal.

  75. >>Great win but what happened to Gaborik and Aves tonight, pretty invisible??

    It sounds like you had missed a lot of Rangers games this season.

  76. I mean Richards is definitely a top guy in the league, but the Rangers would have to someone from high caliber like Dubi, Animisov or Frolov to get him under the cap ???

    I never like this cap system at all but you cant change it….

  77. CT, truth to be told I have only seen the last two minutes, the OT and the shootout because I am from overseas and I woke up shortly before 5:)

  78. N.CountryNYRFan on

    well jbytes both Gabby and Aves seemed to come alive last game so i got my hopes up, gabby was flying and getting chances last game

  79. Richards would command something similar to the package that Kovalchuk or Hossa got traded for. That means one or two solid NHL players (Dubi, Cally, Stepan, AA), one near NHL or high ceiling prospect (Del Zotto, McDonagh) and a first round pick. Hossa and Kovalchuk were also impending unrestricted FAs so that much of a return for Richards is definitely possible.

  80. Did anyone notice Drury falling hard after the hit in the second period and then, all of a sudden, coming up with a couple of good shifts before disappearing again? I think it could be a good idea for Torts to kick him in the face several times during each game, that may turn the season around for him.

  81. N.CountryNYRFan on

    who would have thought that our first line would ever have been Dubi, Stepan, MZA at the beginning of the season, WOW!!!

  82. i will be really really surprised if Richards is traded
    because the stars have a good thing going with him,
    with their spot in the standings, with langenbruner brought in
    for depth and a solid hard worker with a little clutchness left

  83. NYR_FAN ♥ 's MZA on

    1. MZA is here to stay. If he goes back to Hartford, I stop watching hockey.

    2. Brad Richards ain’t got carcillo on Brandon Dubinsky.

    3. Robidas is Dallas’ best player…

    4. Eminger = Awkwardly physical; doesn’t give up much; doesn’t instill fear; takes dumb penalties at bad times, leading to power play goals.

    5. Will the real Marian Gaborik please stand up?

    6. Steve Ott owned Dale “The Pale” Weise

    7. Brenden Morrow is an example of the type of player Drury USED TO BE. Drury looks like he is going to retire soon. He was losing key faceoffs.

    8. Where is Linda?

    9. Wicky, Valabik would have not been able to keep up with the pace of this game.

    10. Blowzy wasn’t missed.

    11. Tiki, don’t start the parade yet.

    12. If Artie puts on say 25-30 pounds, we will have ourselves a premier 2-way NHL center

  84. I couldn’t see how John J torture poor AA with a questions, even US born player will have a difficulty to answer.

  85. one can only hope that Drury retires soon because he doesn’t look like he
    has much in the tank — a few faceoff wins, a blocked shot if he doesn’t injure himself.
    not much else to contribute right now.

  86. I wont be able to imagine that the Rangers would move Cally, Stepan or Dubi in order to accomodate Richards…

    So its just speculation or in this case blabla….But with Glen Sather in the mix, you never know…
    He is always known for throwing around big money

  87. It’s speculation chapico. There’s too many bloggers and “journalists” that see a bunch of un-connected dots like: Dallas wasn’t good last year + Richards is an upcoming FA + Richards used to play for Torts = trade rumors.

  88. NYR_FAN ? 's MZA on

    Orr, I thought Ott caught Dale hard, at least 2 twice, in the face/nose…Let me know if you find a link…

  89. I am sory to say that but once in a while you cant take the NHL for serious…Toronto scores six goals in Atlanta in the second period and look at the standings or Tampa Bay shoutout the Caps and next game they were romped by the Pens with eight goals…

    Once in a while you get the opinion that the regular season is not as important as it should be…or they need to have a couple of fewer teams to have a real competition going on…

  90. Don’t blame it on the sport, blame it on the morons that run the league. Things would look much different if they adopted the soccer style system and made regulation wins 3 points, OT/SO wins 2 points, OT/SO losses 1 point, regulation losses 0 points. The NYTimes hockey blog used to run an adjusted standings using that point system.

  91. Yeah its right… I know the NHL got used to have 3 games in four nights but its not good for the level of play when you as an athlete have to perform best….

    But what can you do when money and number of games makes the world go around :)

    But its an old story I know !!!!

  92. newsflash the rangers won….

    also the rangers are playing without cally and others.

    btw clowns maybe we should trade staal after all he is 23 and not bobby orr yet.. remember those type of comments from the shrewd talent evaluators on the site in the past.

    the rangers shoot out guys are; 20 years old, 23, and 22 years old. tonight the oldest d man was emminger who just turned 27… sauer is 23 friggin years old… this team is building a HUGE FOUNDATION…

  93. especially when six or eight teams in the NHL playing constantly in front half empty arenas !!!!

  94. Huge foundation even without Kotalik’s forearms? That’s right they got traded for Prust.

  95. NYR_FAN ? 's MZA on

    Orr, just saw it again. Weise did get a pretty good shot in but I think Ott owns that one. You could see Weise looking at the ref to stop the fight…

  96. Good night everyone. Love you all. I’m one happy “sleeper” tonight. Till tommorow for new battle. Ta, Mama…

  97. It’s not crazy to think Dallas brought back a fan favorite in Langenbrunner because they’re about to dump a fan favorite in Richards.

    It also gives them a little bit of cover so they can say they didn’t give up on the season,
    in trading their No. 1 center when they’re in first place.

    Real question for NYR is, is there a fit?

    Hard to think about trading Anisimov when he plays like he did tonight, if Dallas even wanted him. I kept hearing they want Stepan, which ain’t never happening.

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