It’s Go Time!


Same lineup, except for Lundqvist back in goal and Gilroy goes back in for Del Zotto. McDonagh is the only prucha. Same lines to start.

The last game of the first half of the season, and the only home game in a stretch of six. So, it’s somewhat important. Also important for the Rangers to start winning consistently at home, and for them to play well against a fast team. And for them to play better than they have in the last few, especially the stinker in Florida.

Special guest in the house tonight: The Little Ball of Hate.

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  1. AA’s fav shows is Stargate? I wonder which one- SG-1 or Atlantic. Doesn’t matter cause I love him even more for saying that. Both those shows are awesome.

  2. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    verbeek! Absolutely one of my fave rangers of all time. Huge HUGE mistake letting him go.


    Off to dinner and dvr. See you guys after the game!!

  3. Does anybody think Avery may finish the season with a shooting % lover than 1%?

    I certainly think it is possible! Wow, weaksauce…

  4. Huh, just realized that neither Eric nor Marc have the ‘K’ on the end of their first name, when they potentially could have. Wonder if their parents have an adversion to the letter.

  5. Blue Seat Horror on

    Are you kidding me? Since when did Eric Staal become Sidney Crosby? Can’t touch him or it’s a penalty.

  6. Tiki was howling earlier with her 2 brothers on

    You guys know what happens when a team dominates possession in the offensive zone?

    They get the defense tired and draw penalties.

    Apparently, the Canes didnt commit one penalty in that entire flurry of offense from the Rangers.

  7. OMG Whomever is lucky enough to be at the garden get a lets go rangers chant going they are working hard playin fast give them some support !!!!!!!!!

  8. N.CountryNYRFan on

    for some unknown reason the game is blacked out for me tonight and I can’t find a working link!!! WTB!!! Usually they only black out games in my area if buffalo is playing and i don’t think they are tonight.

  9. Tiki was howling earlier with her 2 brothers on

    Wow, Joe Micheletti is a moron.

    What kind of game does Dubinsky thrive in?

    Do you have any stats to back that up?

    What kind of game is this?

    This game is important to win, but it’s not a must-win game. This guy makes me sick.

  10. Tiki was howling earlier with her 2 brothers on

    n country….

    do you want to borrow my hockeystreams HD account and watch it?

  11. Those shots really annoy me, when they shoot wide it goes out of the zone the other way.

  12. [Hmm, I wonder if Eric Staal will try another one of his trick/bad angle shots on Lundqvist tonight.]

  13. Tiki was howling earlier with her 2 brothers on

    you give me your email address…i give you the username and password…i trust you not to change the info. :) Simple!

  14. >>Wow, Joe Micheletti is a moron.

    You know, I haven’t heard a word he said tonight. I’ve been doing a pretty good job tuning him out lately.

  15. I want a stick salute so bad!!!!

    Liked the 2nd half of that period mostly. Listening to Maloney interview MZA….he is too cute even on radio!

  16. Tiki was howling earlier with her 2 brothers on

    My bonehead brother is an X Files fan. He loaned me season 1 of Xfiles on DVD to watch 7 months ago, I still have it and have yet to watch any episodes.


  17. tiki, aliens, cats and dogs living together. mass hysteria! (that will be mean nothing to you though if you haven’t seen the flick I’m citing :)

  18. wrath of God was from Ray. mass hysteria from Venkman….you don’t want to challenge on me on this one :)

  19. Tiki was howling earlier with her 2 brothers on

    Lol JBytes @ the Xfiles reference and the tuning out of Joe M. I wish I could do the same.

  20. Tiki was howling earlier with her 2 brothers on

    # MickeyM January 5th, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    Oh, god, SHUT UP, JOE

    Lord have mercy

  21. lol, Orr. Imagine how he’d get if all FOUR brothers were in the same game. He’d lose his mind.

  22. Blue Seat Horror on

    Michiletti: The way these teams are playing you get the feeling that first goal wins.

    Bwahahahha! He stole that from NHL11!

  23. will MZA please score a goal?
    that is all.

    Mark looks like he’s getting really tired of talking about
    his brothers during interview. gonna go postal one of these days!

  24. we’ll see if Avery comes back from blocking that shot with hand.
    damn ORR!! just cause you didn’t want to lose that bet
    you had to send some evil voodoo his way!!!

  25. Blue Seat Horror on

    Guess you don’t have to starve yourself Orr. Tell that chicken to finish its last will and testament.

  26. You guys are ticking me off!!!!!

    btw, a former boss/colleague of mine just sent me the most amazing letter of recommendation….made me want to cry. I’d certainly hire me! Thank you MM!!!

  27. Tiki's daddy needs to grow a pair, as her daddy was told very rudely on

    Cam Ward was so 4 years ago…

  28. Blue Seat Horror on

    Frolov shoots 50 feet wide and Sam calls it a pretty good shot. I’m not sure who’s worse in this game, the refs or the announcers.

  29. Blue Seat Horror on

    I think it would be funny for someone to tell Trautwig the player he is about to interview doesn’t speak English well, even though they speak perfect English.

  30. Spider, then you called it wrong! I’m not pissed at him! Though I would be pissed if his hand broke….oh, I’ve had too long a day. don’t get all math on me…:)

  31. It’s not that funny though. His skate blade was screwed up from the trip that setup the PS, apparently.

    I thought he tried doing a fancy move and failed.

    Like when Forsberg tried the spin-o-rama when he was with the Preds, and completely busted his ass and didn’t get the shot off. Bwaaaha!

  32. Blue Seat Horror on

    Little discussed fact on MSG broadcasts: Shooting the puck into a goalies pads makes him look good.

  33. that may have been the hardest check Gabby has given all season
    too bad it was on our guy in front of
    their net

  34. hahaha. A FB friend who is not into hockey just posted this:
    Word of the day: clutch.
    someone said, purse?
    she said: A critical moment

  35. I see nothing has changed when it comes to the referees. I counted already a handful of obvious penalty non calls that should have been called against the canes.

  36. >> think Joe Mich is a boy chucker.

    “Hey, your name is Boychuck? Stop chucking my boys!”

  37. how many shots on for Aves out of total? I think most…..and there ain’t been all that many. just saying.

  38. CT, ha! Mickey, it’s also cause I’m running back and forth like a roach in the kitchen light :) I gotta find a way to get my set-up set up better…….pant, pant…..

  39. N.CountryNYRFan on

    hope a few suspect non calls by our friends in stripes doesn’t bite us tonight, the bias hasn’t been too bad as of late

  40. Do you guys think Joe M has to relieve himself during TV timeouts? I mean for most of the broadcast he is a like a dog in heat…

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZzust " GO ZUCCO GO!!! "...says Greg L. on

    ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh lets go Rangers!!!!





  42. ZzZz NYR ZzZzust " GO ZUCCO GO!!! "...says Greg L. on





  43. Dubi looked like he was stunned to find Zuc zipping by him
    at the net and then stunned by Zuc’s shot

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZzust " GO ZUCCO GO!!! "...says Greg L. on

    yeahhhh yeahhhh we win we win we win we won!!!!

  45. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Rangers only 4 points out of first, but in 6th, man the eastern conf is getting tight.

  46. jpg, agree on all posts, except the mirror….it would have to be very complicated :) I can move the computer to the TV room now, just have to get decent set up for play/blog…I’ll figure it out :) Hell, even if it wrecks my decor and is a pain, it’s only through June right!

  47. CTBlueshirt January 5th, 2011 at 8:10 pm
    Hobbit is getting close


    Glad he proved me right.

  48. Zukester = no hartnelling way! come on!!!!!!

    hank is psyched for his wedding!

    hey, I’m taller and I looked like MZA next to Boyle when I met him…:)

  49. Zuke! -if only he could finish
    Dubi is a beast
    Gabbby maybe his best this year came even if he didn’t score
    Hank was great
    Gilly with a big goal


  50. btw, happy early birthday to mrs. tr!!!! it’s tomorrow! enjoy your early gift girl!!!

  51. out0fyourelement on

    Great win, and I know my off-topic question may not attract a lot of discussion but if anyone has an answer or articulated guess, thank you in advance.

    Has there ever been any serious consideration by The Powers That Be of MSG to anoint Dave Maloney as the TV Analyst Personality in the past few years? Or information regarding his contract with ESPN 1050 Radio?

    I don’t wish that certain people lose their job, just appreciating Dave Maloney as a intelligent hockey player who articulates some of the lesser known/understood aspects of the game of ice hockey incredibly well. He would be a great tool to help teach the ways in which this game is unique.

  52. N.CountryNYRFan on

    this team is getting it together i can’t remeber ever having so many young good players, we are becoming a deep team.

    if sather doesn’t fugg it up i think this team can be a beast for years to come.

  53. The Canes’ team faceoff % this year is even more putrid than that of the Rangers, so I wouldn’t get too excited by the numbers tonight.

  54. Blue Seat Horror on

    If Canada blows this WJC game I wonder if they’ll get suspended like Nigeria did after the World Cup.

  55. True Blue Mike on

    I just realized that i root against Canada solely due to the fact that i hate crosby so much. Thats sad bc i like Canada

  56. outof, no matter what he does, I just hope he stays somehow. I adore him. Did as a player, and still do. Maloney to me exemplifies the best of what the Rangers are all about.

  57. If Drury has even 50% of Naslund’s class, he should give up his “C” now (to be given to Dubinsky?) and retire this offseason so we’re not stuck with a $7M 4th line center in the final year of his contract. He’s a lifelong hardcore Ranger fan and even he should see that’s what’s best for the team.

  58. Gaborik played a real strong game, an effort like that he start piling in the goals

    Marc Staal logged monster minutes and played like the shutdown D that most projections have him at. When he’s playing like that every night Henrik might have to take a crossword puzzle with him to th net.

    Avery must have had double espresso in his water bottle tonight because he looked more alive than I can remember all season.

  59. N.CountryNYRFan on

    agree DJK or at least renegotiate his contract to get paid 4th liner money and give up the C the either Dubi or Cally.

  60. Two straight losses in the gold medal game for Canada.

    I’m torn between laughing and feeling a little bad for them.

    Congrats Russia!

  61. N.CountryNYRFan on

    yeah, i actually live about 15 miles north of Plattsburgh, only about 8 miles from the Canadian border can’t get to much more north in NY state.

  62. anyone watching the blackhawks/stars game?

    ‘hawks player had a penalty shot
    beat the goalie but puck hit
    other post

    he hasn’t scored in 18 games

  63. True Blue Mike on

    lmfaooo who is watching these russian scream into the camera, i am dieng laughing!

  64. Where are ilb and CCCP to translate what these players are saying? I have no idea and I’m still laughing my assen off.

  65. Dubinsky is starting to look an awful lot like one of the USA power wingers from the 1996 World Cup of Hockey Team. Take your pick of name (Tkachuk? Guerin? One of those dudes).

  66. No contract renegotiations allowed N Country.

    So…a couple of nice stats:

    15th player with a GWG
    No more than 2 regulation losses in a row this year

  67. Pierre McGuedzo doesn’t sound right. What’s wrong with him? Oh wait… Did Canada just blow a three goal lead in the THIRD period? Got it!

  68. ilb and CCCP are busy celebrating

    won’t be hearing from CCCP for some time
    and i doubt ilb will be first thursday morning

  69. Hm. DJK. He skates like Guerin but doesn’t have a heavy shot like him. He’s really got some good open ice moves, better than Guerin or Tkachuk.

  70. I think Callahan, not Dubinsky, gets the C after Drury.

    Jack Campbell goalie of the WJC Tourney.

  71. I just watched all the goals … Canadian defense hung the goalie out to dry … amateur-hour

  72. DJK- A big exciting win … can we give it least 20 min before starting up the nauseatingly boring and repetitive Drury bullcarp!

  73. dde, no Dubi kisses for Zuke as far as I could tell. I might have to do some digging to see there was one, though.

    jpg, I’m with you on the Russian WJC’s. They are hysterical.

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZzust " GO ZUCCO GO!!! "...says Greg L. on

    wtg Russia , you guys deserved it . CCCP ,ilb and other fellow Russians …congrats!! Im disappointed that Canada lost BUT Zucco scored tonight!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Oh and letting Patty Verbeek sign as a UFA w/ Dallas after all the dude did for us was score 40+ goals that season was one of the stupidest things the Rangers ever did.

    And the 1996 USA World Cup of Hockey team was and still is THE most kick-butt hockey team ever assembled.

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZzust " GO ZUCCO GO!!! "...says Greg L. on

    BOOOOO Canada lost but Zucoo scored and Rangers win!!!!!!!

  77. Yes- Avery played hard, but he still can’t hit the broad side of Miami Pimp’s Ranger barn

  78. Great win, boys! Very well played game. If it wasn’t for Cam Ward, this one would’ve been over by the end of the second.

    Came home late, so just finished watching the Rangers. Sorry, I didn’t see a single moment of Russia-Canada game, can’t translate. But I’m really worried about Don Cherry’s well being.

  79. jpg- don’t underestimate Russians, bud…I can celebrate all night and still be “first” in the morning. Except, it looks like I’ll have to be at work very early tomorrow..

  80. Canada fails to win due to mediocre goaltending. There was a time where Canada’s strength in these tourneys was our goaltending. Not in at least the last 1/2 dozen years.

    The Canadian goalie didn’t make a single big save during the 5 goal onslaught. Oh well, a silver is better than a bronze (but here in Canada no doubt tomorrow there will be calls for an investigation into Hockey Canada and why we aren’t churning out quality goaltenders to match the forwards and defensemen – LOL).

  81. “and letting Patty Verbeek sign as a UFA w/ Dallas after all the dude did for us was score 40+ goals that season was one of the stupidest things the Rangers ever did.”

    It most certainly was, real upsetting at the time.

    Poor Little Ball of Hate. Loved him.

    Said I’d been waiting to see it (still they should get an extended look on same line) last week.

    How did MZA and Boyle look after that goal? 5-4 & 6-7! Haha.. awesome.

  82. Don Cherry is sane as he ever was, if he ever was. I just can’t believe people actually take him seriously. Crazy like a fox I guess.

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