Interview with Del Zotto


My friend Bruce Berlet interviewed Michael Del Zotto today after practice in Hartford, on Mitch Beck’s Howlings blog.

You can read it here.

I’ll have to ask Mitch one of these days if he’s going to have to change the blog’s name, you know, since Whales don’t howl.

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  1. I believe most whales sing and hum…

    They could rename it something like that…

    anyway, he always says the right things… which is good. I just hope he really does take advantage of the opportunity to just remember to play the game again. He started thinking ahead of himself a little bit it seemed. He needs to just forget that he’s a second-year player at the age of 20, in New York (or Haaaaaatfuhd) a budding star.

    He needs to just remember that he’s a hockey player… and play his game.


  2. Anybody hear aboot this.

    I know Tiki and Mama will shed tears after reading it…

    “Authorities are currently on the search for a very deranged teenager who filmed himself suffocating two kittens and posted it on Youtube. The teenager placed the kittens into an airtight bag and sucked out the air with a vacuum cleaner”


  3. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    Yeah Orr i remember reading about that story last week. BTW, DO NOT WATCH THE KNICKS GAME!!!!!

  4. Are serious, Orr? I’ll tell you one thing- if he met Mama, Tiki and myself, he would begging for police to find him. You can also rest assured that this type of a person will not hesitate to hurt a human.

  5. Tiki tried to get out of her harness today on

    I knew about that Orr last week. That was the link that I posted on here in tinyurl format that I told ilby to not read.

    I hope they find the sick piece of carcillo and suck the life out of him.

  6. Tiki tried to get out of her harness today on

    the link i posted was of the story, not the youtube clip. i repeat, not the youtube video. i couldnt watch crap like that for any amount of money.

    they were the cutest little kitties, too.

  7. yeah I kind of wish that I was warned before reading that. I’ve heard stories about retaliation on such acts and I really hope that kid gets something in return!!

    Unbelievable, I’m going to be sick!


  8. Tiki tried to get out of her harness today on

    I DIDNT post the video. Ive never seen the video. I posted the story!!

  9. Tiki tried to get out of her harness today on

    # Tiki – I heart Brett Favre December 26th, 2010 at 11:47 am

    Well done with the charity recommendations, ilb. As you said, every dollar counts and it really is a tragedy that people are still dying from hunger.



    If anyone does not want to be upset today or get sick today, dont visit the site below. I hope they find this kid/guy and lock him up for a long time.


    That was my post. The url leads to TheSun article about it.

  10. Someone please direct that kid to my jiu jitsu academy – he can learn what it’s like to have air cut off from his lungs and blood from his brain.

  11. I haven’t seen the video either. I’m not into torture videos.

    Unless it’s a Bin Laden torture video, then I’m getting some popcorn, IBC root-beer, some tacos, and having a little party.

    That kid should watch Dexter. Dexter was killing animals before his dad taught him to kill rapists, pedophiles, and murderers. He should do the same thing. Useless fugger!

  12. Paul in sunrise on

    Not to bring up old stuff but dead kitties not for me so (love cats).
    I think McD is up because promises were made. The kid left school early only to get the whale instead of broadway. He gets to feel the speed. Gets a road trip. Then swaps out with another d-man until MDZ is back. My theory.

    Please don’t trade the youth. Not yet. This team is good not close. Just wait and develop the youth.

  13. Tiki tried to get out of her harness today on

    Ok, didnt see the latest posts. let’s put it behind us on the blog, but in our everyday lives, we can all help animals by reporting anyone we know for abuse of animals. the law doesnt provide much protection for animals, so people think they can get away with it. so if anyone sees this in their daily lives, take a stand and help protect an animal.

  14. Did you see the goal Devs just let in? They really can’t get any luck either this year. Not that I feel bad

  15. Paul in sunrise, I tend to agree with you re: McD. He was convinced by the Rangers brass to leave Wisconsin early because he was penciled in as a Ranger before the season. That was until Mike “The House” Sauer beat him out for the spot in camp. I think Slats is just making do on a promise to give him some minutes in the NHL this year.

  16. Vey good read, Carp, thanks. Looks like MDZ knows what to do in Hartford. So do his new coaches. Also a bit more light on why McD was calked up.

  17. ilb,
    From what I see and read, if they truly meant to bring up their best d-man, Kundratek and Valentenko might have earned the call up more than McD.

  18. NYR_FAN- who knows what really is behind it. It could be Slats promise, somehow I doubt that. Could also be what they are willing to show to the scouts…

  19. NYR_FAN

    how do you figure Kundratek is more deserving than McDonagh. I can understand wanting Valentenko instead but Kundratek? come on

  20. Tiki tried to get out of her harness today on

    YEAH! A standing ovation for the New York Knicks!

    Bravo Knicks! The Knicks are back!

    Just beat the best team in the NBA. Congratulations! The Knicks are gonna be good for a long time!

    A’Mare Stoudemire! Ray Felton! Wilson Chandler! Landry Fields!

  21. Kundratek plays with “jam” and has adjusted to the pro game well. Everything I have heard about him has been positive. Can’t say I watch the Whale everyday but have heard great things.

  22. but McDonagh has been their best d-man of late and plays in all situations. Valentenko and Kundratek rarely kill penalties and dont get the minutes McDonagh does…

  23. OK, fair enough, oleosmirf. The one thing going against Kundratek is that he needs to get bigger and stronger, still not fully grown. I have heard that McD’s play has been up and down this season but very good of late.

  24. That guy deserves what he has coming.

    Good for MDZ, sounds like he understands what he needs to do. I have a feeling he may not be down there too long.

    I’m checking out prices for Saturday’s game on stubhub. Lots of tix at decent prices

  25. What would I do without you folks? I bypass news articles and run straight to this blog to find out what’s going on.

    Remarkable the insight you people have ( I had to use the word people so as not to diminish the notable contributions by the damsels who con Bueno!tribute to this site.

    OK Momma and all? ……Bueno.

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