Fedotenko ready to go


That’s the main news out of practice today, that Ruslan Fedotenko made it through a full practice with his bruised hand, and will play tomorrow.

Will have more info and some quotes in a bit.

John Tortorella:

On Fedotenko.

“He’s a big part of our team. He’s much better today and I’m sure he’ll be much better tomorrow.

“It’s just a great signing as far as what we signed him for, and he’s grown into a guy that I use in all situations — we’ve lost some people, Gaborik for a number of games this year, Prospal hasn’t even played — and I’ve been able to move Feds up to top-line situations. And you have to consider Boyle’s line one of our top lines now, and he plays on that too. It’s just been a good line all along. We put him in penalty-kill situations. He’s a big part to our game this year.”

On McDonagh:

“I have no assessment at all. I can’t tell in practice. He can skate like hell, though, and I knew that. I’ve watched him and he’s a terrific skater.”

“I know Kenny (Gernander) runs a high-tempo practice down there. They practice very hard, and we try to do the same thing here, but there’s more skill. I think there’s more tempo and it gives us, the NHL coaching staff, to get a look at him. Whether he plays a game or not, I don’t know. But he has come along, the way you’re supposed to in the American League. He’s grown little by little in a tough position, so this is good stuff. It’s another young kid that we’re looking at here, at a very important position.”

“(Gilroy’s) going in. Gilly deserves to play . And Del Z will pop into (McDonagh’s) spot and play a ton of minutes down there.”

“I think (Gilroy) has more confidence (now). He’s done a really good job in pinching, keeping our offense going. He’s carried the puck very well. He’s improved defensively. As I said when I was making decision and he was out, there really wasn’t much difference along the way there. Sometimes it was (Eminger), sometimes it was Del Z, sometimes with (Rozsival) I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. But we made the decision that those are the six and Gilly was sitting out. But Michael’s game has struggled and Gilly’s game has improved, so these are the six, and we just don’t want Michael sitting around.

“It’s important that he get playing and I think get in better shape, too. He’s missed some time (working out) with the break and his groin and all that, so conditioning’s a thing, too.”

“(Gilroy) handled himself well (during his time out of the lineup). He certainly wasn’t running around and being a social chairman around here. He was upset he wasn’t playing, which I hope players are upset when they’re not playing, but it wasn’t putting an effect on the team and dragging anybody down. He just kept waiting his turn. We’d put him in and take him out, and he just kept himself ready and has improved. Gilly isn’t a top four for us right now, but he has shown, mentally he has stayed together and has improved his game.”

On Del Zotto’s demotion:

“I just don’t think it’s a big deal. This is part of the process for the young players, especially at that position. Gilly’s 24 and we sent him down. Michael’s 20 years old. I think it might be a little different because Michael spent the whole year (here) last year and came in with a little bit of a flash. But as you settle in, you keep on playing, there’s still a lot of things to learn in this game for a 20-year-old defenseman. This is what we feel is best for him right now. We have to be concerned about putting our best team out there, but also be concerned about developing our players. That’s why you have a minor-league team.”

On Weise learning from the offensive-zone penalty he took:

“I hope so. We’ll see. You get pinned to the bench after just a dumb penalty. We did a lot of tape-work as a team and he was on the clips as what’s expected and you hope it happens.”

On the youth, and whether it keeps a coach up nights:

“Are you kidding me? This is the great … I couldn’t be happier as far as the youth on our team, and whether we make mistakes, this is where it’s at for this organization. I say it again … and I’m looking to bring more young guys if we can. I think it’s terrific and I couldn’t be more excited about the foundation of our team, and that’s our kids. So if there’s another one and another guy falters, I will not be afraid to put a kid in. There will be some mistakes. There’s going to be bumps. But I couldn’t be happier as far as the youth of our club.

“And I mean it. I couldn’t be more excited about the youth.”

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  1. Oh, yes! It’s actually good news. I was afraid they were trading someone away….Good work, Carp!

  2. I’m all for a Parise offer sheet. We should have drafted him to begin with. Best US-born player in the league right now.

  3. If there’s one team that Lou doesn’t let Parise go to, no matter the cost, it’s the Rangers.

    And Ryan Miller would be a pretty good choice along with Parise.

  4. Dreary in the Olympics, if you go back and look at the game summaries, received less and less icetime as the tournament wore on. IMO, he was asked more due to past history than anything else and as the coaching staff got first hand looks at what he can and cannot do, his icetime accordingly plummetted.

    I mean, it’s beyond obvious: This is a guy who, at best, is a second line forward. The problem is his best years occurred before he became a Ranger. You can’t deny that he’s a hard worker and a team-first player, but one can be both and be no more effective than a 4th liner, which is, IMO, where Dreary is now.

    It’s his ridiculous contract, plus the fact that he’s wearing the C, that makes him stand out now. Unfortunately.

  5. miked: Its a very very fair comparison if you look at their careers and what they became known for at basically the same junctures within them.

  6. The Devils could afford that, they just wouldn’t put out much of a team for next year. It would be all rookies or rushed prospects.

    I’m not a fan of signing Richards, but I’d rather sign him for just money than sign Parise to a deal that forfeits 1st round draft for next half decade.

  7. bet Callahan is wishing he had extra padding in his gloves like Feds did.

    where are all the Iginl rumours coming from? Much as i like and respect the guy, no way does he fit in anywhere’s on this team.

  8. Artie can be a hockey god if he fills out his large frame and plays with more confidence?

    We haven’t even seen the kid grow into his body yet. Artie should not be traded. His upside is tremendous…

  9. Me too excited that this team is building through youth !
    Gone are the days of signing old has-beens & trading youth for over the hill hockey players.
    I love our new attitude !

  10. I hope we are waiving Rosival this summer, even at his reduced 3mill hit for 11/12 he is an absolute liability.

    He cannot skate.

  11. Dreary is an American hero!

    I never understood why people complained aboot him being the “Captain”. Everyone always expects the fan favorites to be the “Captain”. Some of those guys couldn’t lead a prostitute to a fresh erection, let alone lead a team. I never cared for the letter anyway, so it’s no big deal to me. You don’t need a letter to be a leader!

    By the way, real leaders can break hockey sticks over their thighs! Dreary can do that :P

    I remember seeing him do it against the Hawks when Tommy “Chewing Gum” Renney was coaching. I was laughing so hard I thought I concussed myself.

  12. Good point, NYR. He’s still awkwardly lanky.

    If he gets traded, maybe you all can visit me in prison because I’ll have Sather blood on my hands.

    I’ll be sure to send Olga a gift-wrapped box with Sather’s heart in it, with an American Flag toothpick in it with a message that says “now you can finally try and get a life :P”

  13. No fit for Iginla? Some of you have been huffing paint chips.

    I’m not saying give up an arm or a leg for the guy via rental or anything but he’s a complete hockey player as far as forwards go. The dying breed of the power forward that can still play todays game.

    And the flames SUCK. He’ll fit in on any team. Imagine if the Rangers had him and Gaborik. We’d just need a center (or two) and veteran D-man. And Cally back!

  14. Rozi’s salary is $3mn, but his cap hit remains the same. Cap hit is total $ over the length of the deal.

    For that very reason he could potentially be attractive to teams that are looking to his the salary floor but not pay a lot in actual $. I don’t know what the list of players with similar deals is off the top of my head but I’m sure lots of teams have similar contracts like that to sell off.

  15. Artie has a few more points than the supposed “next power forward” Van Riemsdyk. They get similar ice time, Artie gets slightly more because he plays the PK and occasional PP and I don’t think JVR plays much special teams. He’s 7 points off matching his season total for last year in just over half the games played. He’s got better passing vision than Dubinsky and honestly I think has a higher offensive upside than Dubi. You hold onto him.

  16. Tiki tried to get out of her harness today on

    Orr – You really ought to get COD Black Ops. You seem like a call of duty kind of guy

  17. Thanks, Orr. I did see a few posts today that alluded to trading Artie and I had voice my opinion on it. He should be considered untouchable. He is still developing and will get better and better. He’s been cold for most of the year and he still has 21 points in 40 games.

    Btw, ASG voting is complete and utter joke. Kris Letang got more votes than Nick Lidstrom and Dustin Byfuglien combined.

  18. I rented the last one, but didn’t play it much.

    I haven’t played my PS3 in forever. I had to clean the dust of it the other day, and the only reason I did was because I didn’t like the shade of gray. I need my PS3 to be jet black at all times. This is the first time in a long time that I haven’t played the new NHL game.

    Van Riemsdyk has only started getting his game back in December, I think. He had a pretty bad start to the season. I think he scored his first goal 20 games into the season, more or less.

    And NO to Iginla! What can he do for this team? Honestly? He’ll score a few goals, and make a few great speeches. This isn’t Hollywood, that wont win us the Cup.

    He’s a good player, but I’m not willing to trade anybody for him. Let the kids play, let the kids develop!

    Getting Iggy would be a waste of time.

  19. Tiki tried to get out of her harness today on

    Orr – The last one was made by a different company than this one. Even though it’s the same franchise, 2 diff companies make the games. World at War was made by same company as Black Ops. I never played World at War, but my friends absolutely loved it. I played Modern Warfare 2 about 2 times, and it was horrible, and my friends did not like that either. Black Ops is made by the World at War people and is awesome. You might wanna try it.

  20. great to hear Torts talking like that. It is about time that someone in the Rangers org started emphasizing the young players. all the years in the nhl wilderness were mainly the result of ignoring young players and going with the washed up, overpaid vet of the day.

    creating a team identity comes from homegrown kids, not mercenaries

  21. I’m also not convinced Richards should be even signed as a free agent. More time needs to be allowed to see if Stepan becomes a true 1st line center. If that’s the case, we are set for years. Add more left wing scoring instead, see what your young D-men can do. Trade away some blue chips when ready to contend.

  22. WHY doesn’t some enlightened soul get wise to the fact that these pantywaist gloves that are worn now are responsible for many of the hand and ( unprecedented)
    forearm injuries. Ye Gods I’ve seen brides going to the altar with more rugged looking gloves than these modern types are.

    Of course I’d make an exception for the er, Minnesota Wild ( oh that precious name), ” The Wild” …doesn’t that get your juices flowing, THE WILD …and visions of Satyrs and Elfs and ah, Fairies dancing about the ice doing their thing……but I digress….get some rugged and protective gloves with longer gauntlet cuffs and upholster them. So it’s a little heavier than the ones they wear now, but several generations of hall of fame players wore them effectively. You’d see a drop off of those injuries.

  23. No to Richards but yes to Iginla?

    No to a guy that is gonna come for nothing but $$$, but yes to a guy that is gonna cost some talent?

    No to an all star #1 center who will fit into Torts’ system, but yes to a guy in decline who may not even fit in here in NY?

    Makes all the sense in the world.

  24. AA is developing just fine. He is already one of the most defensively reliable centers. And he’s shown offensive skills that, when fully developed, should make him one of the better 2-way centers in the league. Trading him would be a huge mistake. Luckily, I think this organization realizes it.

  25. Maybe I’ll take a look at it. I’ve been meaning to sign up for Gamefly.

    I can never just play a game for a few minutes though. It’s either play for two-three hours or don’t play at all.

    It’s like heroin addicts on Intervention. They never just use heroin once a day. They do it three times a day, and sometimes even more.

    Speaking of weirdos. Anybody see that new show “My Strange Addiction”? I saw the trailer. Bwaha! There was a chick for was addicted to eating toilet paper, and one that would drink laundry detergent, or something. Unreal!

  26. Arty is stiil a kid. I agree. But he is a softy. Maybe time will change things but right now, he is easy to seperate from the puck, and he isn’t keen on going into those dirty areas of the rink.

  27. If I were to decide, both Iginla and Richards would not be on our team any time soon. For many, well described above reasons. I just feel that Torts is really pushing for Richards.

  28. Tiki tried to get out of her harness today on

    ilb – I agree with you. With one exception: if we could get Richards without giving up anything of value, Id take him for a run at the Cup.

  29. cw, what happens to Stepan, AA, and Boyle when you bring in Richards?

    You have to make room for either of them. The Rangers aren’t weak down the middle. The lack scroing touch on the wing. Yes, Dubinsky is finishing more this year. Boyle has been a monster. But in order to compete with Pitt, Was, Boston, & Philly we are going to need a guy that can put the puck in the net.

    Richards would be a good fit but I really don’t think we *need* him. We need another sniper. NYR will never finish low eneough to draft a legit sniper. We have enough assets on the farm to make a trade for Iginla happen. Dallas isn’t trading Richards. Richards is going to want a long contract (5 years, at least). Iggy has a only 2 years left on his deal and would be a better fit capwise. Do Rangers fans really want to see Sather hand out another contract to an agining vet? I’d rather we try to sign Parise or Semin…at least they are young!

  30. Artie last year got creamed when he tried to carry the puck in the middle because he put his head down too much. This year he’s learning to avoid those hits but yes that’s forced him out on the perimeter. He’s got better hands than most of the other youngsters and like ilb said a better understanding of his side of the red line. All said, he’s improved on his skates. Like Boyle, he’s a lanky kid that makes a big target for opposing D. Add that to him being a center and the primary puck carrier for his line then he’s going to get tagged and bumped. He’ll grow into it.

  31. the kids are alright on

    posts calling for washed up Iginla just play right into the hands of Sather. he can then say “see, they won’t stand for a rebuild here. they won’t wait for the kids to develop” it is everything that has been wrong with this franchise for over a decade.

  32. several quickies:

    why does billy the kid deserve a pardon? (not up on the history)

    good to hear Torts so enthusiastic
    about going with youth in the lineup

    i’ve watched more flames minutes than stars so i’m wondering
    if Iginla is still really the Man
    wherein he would elevate a team like the Rangers
    or he’s slipped a bit due to the onset of wear-and-tear
    and being in calgary
    and would only thrive in a situation that’s already doing quite well.

  33. >>Arty is stiil a kid. I agree. But he is a softy.

    Way too soft for my comfort! He seems to get hit HARD quite a bit. I sometimes feel that he’s just a bigger Prucha.

  34. By adding Richards in free agency, you are taking away potential ice time and opportunities to center the top line from youngsters like Stepan and AA. I’d rather stay the course with Stepan.

    By trading for Iginla, you are adding another proven scoring threat, a tremndous leader and personality, someone who can take some pressure off Gaby. A former 50-goal scorer. A guy who lead his team to the SC finals. One of the best all-around players ever to play the game.

    Does everyone understand that we need to replace Frolov, Feds, and Prospal? These guys are not coming back next year.

    For the first time ever, the Rangers have an abundence of prospects that they can afford to trade . I highly doubt any NYR roster players would need to be included in a deal for Iggy.

  35. Jpg,

    “130 years ago, territorial governor Lew Wallace promised Billy a pardon in exchange for a testimony about the killings he witnessed”

    Wallace did not meet the end of his bargai”n and Billy was shot dead in 1881 by Sherriff Patrick Garrett after killing two deputies and escaping jail. He had been sentenced to hang”

    “Governor Richardson has said in the past that he was interested in the story and tried to pardon Billy to fulfill the promise of clemency. However, he decided against it due to insufficient details”

    I remember him from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure :P

    Ilb, I love that pre-season goal against the B’s, and the goal against the Devs.

  36. cw, what happens to Stepan, AA, and Boyle when you bring in Richards?

    hmmmmm. . . . . Stepan would be considered a success if he could become a 2nd line center. Still a big IF. AA and Boyle are 3rd line centers at best (assuming Boyle hasn’t earned himself a $3mil+ contract already-I love Boyle). I don’t see a first line center on this team. Who’s toes would Richards be stepping on?

  37. cw- take a careful look at the link I posted above. Typical moves of a garden variety third line center. At best, no less. And at 22 yrs of age.

  38. Lets see if Boyle even returns. I get the feeling Slats will lowball him, and we’ll lose him.

    I hope he’s re-signed. I was happy when we got him from LA, and I’ve always been a fan of his, and I’m thrilled to see him making a believer out of everyone else.

    This team doesn’t need “jam”, they need flavah!

    You do raise a great point, cw. You bring in Richards, then you’re taking time from guys who are going to be here a hell of a lot longer than Richards. With the way Boyle is playing, he doesn’t deserve to be on the 4th line.

    To hell with Gabby and his need for a veteran centerman. He’s just a one dimensional player.

    Play the kids! Keep this team young! I’m sick of you non-26 year olds!!

  39. >>…my personal favorite Billy Joel song “Ballad Of Billy The Kid”

    One of my favourite Billy Joel tunes has got to be Captain Jack.

  40. cw, I see Stepan as the #1 NYR center for years to come. He has shown enough in his brief NYR tenure to make me believe that he will be a special player for us. Maybe I’m too optimistic. I just don’t want to see young guys crowded out by someone like Richards. Plus, you know Sather would overpay him and sign him for too many years…another huge turnoff and reason to say no thanks…

  41. I think labeling AA as a 3rd line center only halfway through his 2nd full season in the NHL is a bit premature. With the exception of the very best, usually it’s between the 3rd and 5th season where you start to see what a player can and can’t do in the NHL.

    For all the fuss made over Boyle’s breakout, AA is just 1 point behind and is 4 years younger. He made a giant leap in between his first and second years in HFD, he’s already on pace to add about 20 points from his rookie year. If he becomes a 60 point player in his 3rd year that compares very favorably to 2nd liners from most of the teams in the league. For instance, Brooks Laich who was the Caps primary 2nd line center on by far the highest scoring team in the league last year didn’t become a 50 point guy until his 4th full season (08-09) and was at 59 last year. Assuming he stays healthy, I think about 55 points is very attainable for AA next year.

  42. LOL Orr. You are funny.

    We can have a bona fide #1 center for nothing. I don’t see a more glaring need right now on this team. We all have our opinions. Arty isn’t garbage by any means. Boyle is good too. I mean, how can you not love these guys? But they are not blue chip players. They are not world class players. Richards is in Gaborik’s league. Henke’s league. You win cups with these guys. You know, Gaborik has no center. He has no teammates that are at his skill level. His window isn’t unlimited. Richards is the kind of guy that can change an entire team. He understands Torts’ system. He won a cup with Richards as a major cog on that team. Torts isn’t goin anywhere. This is a no-brainer and will be a done deal July 1.

  43. Now, what Sather signs him to is a completely different story. And I can’t defend anything Sather may or may not do. But even if he signs him to a long crazt deal like Lou L. did with Kovy, Rozi and Drury will be gone. Replaced by all those wonderful kids you have mentioned.

    Free agency has ruined the NYR for years. This will be one signing that makes complete sense, fits the team’s system, and fills glaring hole.

  44. You are right, cw. It will probably be done. And he will absolutely make this team better. In order to do that, they will have to buy out Drury and move Roszival, both good things. But Richards doesn’t make them a contender, not immediately at least. And whether his skills last long enough to help them in the future, remains to be seen. But you don’t want to end up with another washed out vet with big, long contract and NMC. That’s what we all should worry about.

  45. I think that’s the fly in the ointment cw. What will the contract be? Ideally it’s less than 5 years, but I think it’s going to be on par with Drury’s deal, possibly longer.

    And to sign Richards next year you have to move Rozi. Now I’m not saying that you’re losing a Norris candidate by dumping him, but then you’re faced with having the 2nd and 3rd pair D look like Del Zotto/McD/Sauer/V-tenk. Maybe one of Eminger or Gilroy will return but I think they’ll be looking for bigger pay days than what the Rangers can afford after signing another $7mn-$7.5mn deal and then giving raises to Dubi/Cally/AA/Boyle/Sauer.

    So even though they’ll solve some holes up front with getting a premier center to pair with a premier winger along with solid 2nd/3rd lines, 2/3rds of the D could have a collective 3 years of NHL experience.

  46. I have been saying for years now that building with youth in your system is the way to go. I really didn’t expect Sather to take that road, but it’s see that he seems to be taking that road. I have not been made a believer 100% yet, I am still half waiting to hear someday the Sather has traded away the farm for a super star with two or three good years left. So far so good. Artie has made huge strides since he has been in the system, and I fully believe he will only get better, once he gets some size, and experience. I am also hopeing that Gratchev get it soon, he is a big man and the Rangers could use the big body. It seems though that his learning curve has flattened. The last time he was up he did not impress, right now in Hartford he has 10 points in 32 games. There are some good young guys coming up, and it’s fun to watch the rookies grow into good NHLers. Player development is answer in this league right now, with the cap teams can only afford a couple of big pay guys. The problem here right now is that Sather made some big mistakes, they are still paying for. Things are looking up though.

  47. If they trade for Iginla (which I feel that they won’t), I will not believe a single thing they say about the “direction of the team” anymore.

  48. You just can’t trust Slats. You think he really wants to slowly turn this team into a Stanley Cup contender? By the time that happens, if it happens, he’ll be retired.

    He doesn’t care aboot the the future without him. He wants to win a Cup. I fear he may do something stupid to make that happen.

    This is the crap that keeps me up at night!

  49. Miami, that is awesome. CT, LOL!
    I’m only paying attention to Wild/Devs at the end, to cheer NJ’s next loss :)
    Glad to see folks agreeing with my no on Iginla….I was right after all!!!

  50. Lots of so-called experts said Stamkos wasn’t big enough or strong enough to play in the NHL. Look how that turned out. Get Artie on the Gary Roberts plan and he might be a real power player. MDZ might be struggling this year with him game, but it isn’t because he’s getting pushed around. Artie has sick hands and good scoring touch. Some size could be the missing link in his becoming the total player.

    Speaking of size, Boyle is the kind of guy you want to keep around. Even if he doesn’t use his size like Boogaard, chances are he’ll be less likely to be injured over the course of the season. That durability comes in handy. Aside from a foot injury that sidelined him for a short time, Boyle has had no major injuries. With his improved skating and faceoff ability, he could be a real asset.

    I agree with whoever said something about new gloves being the reason for hand and forearm injuries. I remember when Dubinsky got a cut on his hand deep enough to need stitches after getting hit in the top of the glove. That shouldn’t happen! There has to be some kind of ultra hard, ultra lightweight armor these guys can use in their gloves. A lot of the guys are wearing the new Warrior gloves, which are ridiculously light. It hardly feels like you’re wearing anything, but the weight reduction is coming at a price. Remember the gauntlet-cuff gloves that Gretzky used to wear? I wish I could find a pair of those for my men’s league. These short cuffed gloves suck when you get chopped or hit with a shot, I can only imagine what it’s like coming off an NHL player’s stick

  51. Richards is going to command an astronomical contract due to the horrible FA class. Personally I offer him 5 years 37 mil, take it or leave it.

  52. That’s what I am afraid of, oleosmirf. He could command at least $7m per for 5 years…He will make Drury-type money…

    Why would NYR want to hamstring themselves again with such a contract for an aging vet center!?!?!?

  53. ?When I return (to New York) is not my decision,? Del Zotto said. ?I?ve come here wanting to make the most of this opportunity, and I?m just trying to help out what I?ve already seen is a great group of guys and try to get my game back. I want to do everything I can to help the team win any way I can. That?s what they?re looking for, for me not taking a step back down here and be upset at the world. I just have to move forward and be my usual self, always having a good time, smiling and enjoying life.?
    Del Zotto to Bruce Bertlet at Howlings

  54. NYR_FAN

    the difference is Richards is a far better player now than Drury EVER was. Drury was and always was a complimentary player benefiting from some great linemates he’s had over the years Sure Richards eventually will be overpaid in years 4/5 but Richards is having his best season with not much talent around him and will make us very very strong up the middle for the next 5 years.

  55. more richards blabber…….

    wait to next year to blabber endlessly about this.

    the rangers youth is on the cusp. think they sent down a 20 yr old D man and called up a 21 year old d man whom has a lot of upside.

    imaine no roszival and the top 7 d men would be 27 Emminger, Girardi 26, staal 23, sauer 23, gilroy 25, mdz 20, mcdonagh 21, and whoever. that is the youngest in the league.

    stepan can play he is 20, need a few more forwards, hope kreider leaves school after this year… need a wiese or grachev or zucarrello to become a part of the solution………

    this team has had a lot of injuries up front and they are definitely competing……

  56. Boogaard…Boogaard…uuummm, why does this name sound so familiar?? was he on our team? can’t remember for carcillo :)

  57. your “feeling” is probably as wrong as wrong can be. What would they possibly trade him for?

  58. I just read jpg’s link to article about Cindy. In the comments somebody says Pittsburgh didn’t show up for the hand shake after losing to Washington in the Winter Classic. Is that true?

  59. >>…where exactly are the Devils going all the way?

    ilb2001, I want them out of the Top-5 draft pick zone. They need to start winning some games.

  60. Orr, that’s a good point… the game wasn’t the playoffs but they are trying to showcase the NHL so you could make an argument for showing good sportsmanship.

    On the other hand…….

  61. Boneheads, I am tired of the NYR being a middle of pack team, finishing no better than 5th in the Eastern Conference. I want us to be dominant. Unfortunately, you need to hit rock bottom and scoop up a few #1 draft picks to become a dominant team in this league.

    It really makes me sick when I think of the Islanders and how they are basically going for the #1 draft pick by being a disgrace for most of the year on the ice, near the cap floor. Rumor has it that Wang was to cheap to sign Semin in the proposed Roloson trade with Washington.

    Anyway, my point is that the Rangers will probably never have a #1 pick because this is NYC and Slats will always try to keep the team competitive. That said, I would be fine with a 2 year deal for Richards say $15m. But given Slats’ tendency for terrible contracts and his tendency to overpay, anything longer would be a huge mistake!

    I agree with the poster who said Iginla would be like a “Messier-lite”. This team needs a real leader like that.

  62. The only team that came close to winning the division was that 05-06 team, which was amazing since we only had Jags, Straks, Nylander, and Prucha doing the scoring, and everyone else just 3rd-4th liners.

    If not for Hank’s injury, Weekes suckassy-ness, and the Devils insane winning streak, it would have been ours.

  63. I literally LMAO and almost peed in my pants – Kovy fall to the ground as though mown downopen ice like

  64. Sorry, damn key board…
    I literally LMAO and almost peed in my pants – Kovy fall to the ground as though mown down on an open ice, followed by nice goal by Wild. 1:0. Sweet humiliation – adds to Kovy confidence. Bua-ha-ha.

  65. Give Tom Renney some credit too, Orr. Jags was hands down the MVP of the NHL that year. Jumbo Joe was great but Jags’ play that year was legendary…

  66. I wish I could understand people’s fascination with Richards and Iginla. This team is NOT winning the Cup in the next 2 years, so why trade top prospects OR lock the team up with another 30 plus year old vet who is most likely on the downside in a year or 2? If you want to lock the team up, do it with the likes of Callahan, Dubinsky, Stepan. Make this a TEAM that has grown up together and has learned to win together. THEN, when they do win the Cup (Crosses fingers), it’ll be so much more sweeter.

  67. Pru’s best bet is to sign with in the KHL with Omsk. At least he’d play and be re-united with Jags.

  68. ClaimPruchaOnReentryWaivers on

    Actually it would have been less than half of the 600k since it’s what’s left on his contract

  69. Agree completely on Jags… season was incredible.

    …and I can’t believe people are still so tied to Prucha… he will be a legendary name among the Faithful forever… but will anyone remember who he is outside of here in a few years?

    He had a great season, you can never take that away from him. But once you took away all that powerplay time with Jagr, Straka and Nylander… he was kind of ordinary. He had heart and determination… but I never really got the bandwagon staying full after that season.


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