Panthers-Rangers in review


This one was bad. The Rangers played a stinker. Again, you can’t argue with the effort, but there were errors in all three zones.

So home they go with one goal and a single point in two games in Florida.


1) This may have been the worst game of the season in terms of making the pass out of the defensive zone, and just as bad offensively through the neutral zone.

2) In my opinion, the Rangers’ defensemen, 1 through 7, are awful against the 2-on-1, with that sliding attempt to stop the pass instead of taking away the pass and allowing the goalie to handle the shooter. You know, like it says in Hockey 101.

3) The Rangers really need to re-assess whether it’s worth it to block all these shots, and the way they do it. I know, they’re trying to build an identity and that’s part of it, and I know the idea is to “get big” in front of shots. But the other way to do it is to get closer to the shooter and go in standing up, where most of the blocks will hit the shinpads and thighpads (or cup … gulp). When you’re that far away, and going to a knee to get big, that puck can hit you anywhere, and with the sheer number of shots the Rangers block, there are going to be more injuries. Book that. So the other side is maybe you don’t block so many shots and your goalie has to make an occasional extra save on a  40-footer. The other flip side is that, when you block a shot standing up, sometimes you get a breakway out of it instead of a broken hand.

4) Michael Del Zotto … as I thought might happen after four straight pruchas, looked even more tentative. I don’t know that a one-game scratch would have had a different effect. Or if four was the right number, or what. And I don’t know if the scratchings will have a positive effect next week or next month or next season. All I know, or suspect, is that it could cause him to question his instincts and be afraid to make a great play, and in fact worried every time he handles the puck.

5) Meanwhile, Michal Rozsival, playing the right point, deflected two consecutive PP passes out of the offensive zone. And you never hear a bad word about him. He did make that spinning, odd-looking break-up of a three-on-one in front in the third period, though.

6) Shouldn’t the referees have stopped the game and declared the Panthers the winners when Christopher Higgins scored.

7) Hey, what were the Panthers doing wearing the Penguins’ Winter Classic jerseys?

8) Ruslan Fedotenko is only day to day, but until he gets back, I really think they ought to give Sean Avery a shot at Fedotenko’s minutes, and not Chris Drury.

9) I blame the captain — maybe not completely because Brandon Dubinsky fouled it up too, but surely in part — on the 1-0 PPG. He was fishing for the puck and helped David Booth get completely wide open in the slot as Steve Eminger was bowling over his man on top of Martin Biron.

10) Biron may actually be better than Lundqvist on certain shots — from bad angles, and back-handers up high.

11) One thing I never understood: Why in the world would a goalie put the net back on its pegs after it’s been knocked off? A goal can’t be scored if it’s off, and there’s no rule that says it’s up to the goalie to put it back on. Nothing bad can happen if you’re the goalie and you leave it off the pegs. Simple, right?


AP photo, above.

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  1. first? Hope they can get back on tracck this week. Carp agreed on Avery. It looked like he was ready to go the other night against Tampa and just didnt get the minutes. kind of a waste.

  2. onecupin71yearsandcounting on

    Drury should be in hartford getting into shape..
    Can’t wait until he’s gone.

  3. Carp’ed:

    CTBlueshirt January 3rd, 2011 at 8:08 am
    Vehemently disagree about Avery. Torts didn’t ruin Avery, Avery ruined Avery. Extrapolating his benching in the playoffs 2 years ago to how he’s currently treated doesn’t hold much water.  In general I think his supporters amongst the Rangers fanbase have a romanticized view of the type of contributions he makes to the team. 
    He was needed when there was the old guard of Jagr and Shanny and the team needed a kick in the pants. The players that drive the team now, especially this year show they are much more motivated. 
    He looked like he was about to turn a corner earlier this year when he was chipping in with assists and playing actual hockey. But let’s face it, against teams that keep their cool when he mouths off or don’t have an easily irritated star he’s basically useless as an agitator and that’s compounded when he doesn’t score or create chances. To further exacerbate his situation he makes very poor decisions with the puck and these days you can almost set your watch to him carrying the puck up the boards, making a quick reverse and then flinging a blind pass that results in a turnover. I don’t think anyone doubts his athletic abilities but after nearly a decade in the league there’s a lot of evidence that suggests his play is always going to be style over substance. 
    As for Chris Phillips, if it’s Rozi going the other way (extremely unlikely) then ok. If not, especially if the Sens ask for youth, then pass. The Rangers haven’t really made trades of youth for vets in the post lockout era, free agent signings are a different story.  Besides they’ve already paid more than enough $ to expensive Ottawa D-men. 

  4. Still not sure I agree about the point on defending 2-on-1s. Isn’t the whole point of the slide to minimise the area along the ice the forward can use to make the pass, i.e. to force either a saucer pass or a delay in making the pass?

    Yes, it looks bad when it doesn’t come off, but to my eyes, it’s successful more than not. And players (around the league, not just the Rangers) seem to play it that way so often, it would seem to be coached into them.

  5. Good morning all…I did not watch the game last night, and feel better for it. If more minutes for Avery will help him play better, then I’m all for it. In a good percentage of the games he has played lately, he has done very little to help the Ranger cause. Almost anyone in Hartford would be more effective.

  6. So 3 goals in 3 games in which collectively, the Rangers score 3 points and now are a 2 game losing streak. The Canes game is shaping up as an important one in that another meagre offensive output that results in a loss risks setting a negative trend.

    Is it a coincidence that Tortorella’s ugly demeanor we saw several times last year surfaced again with Weise’s penalty? Weise didn’t see the ice again after returning from the box and then Tortorella made sure everyone in the press conference knew what he thought about the penalty (at least he didn’t tear into him verbally in front of all the TV cameras like he did to MDZ last season). My beef? Yes it was a stupid penalty but Tortorella behaved like it was the first time any Ranger ever did this. And Weise was reacting, right or wrong, to a hit from behind to Prust that sent Prust face first into the boards. Why didn’t anyone – ESPECIALLY THE COACH – make some noise about that dirty play that went uncalled? Meanwhile, Rozey continues to handle the puck on the PP like it’s a grenade, losing it inexplicably at the blueline twice. Tortorella’s response? Keep him out there. Geeesh….just how freakin’ big is Rozey’s ‘bank account’ anyways?



  8. Good morning, boneheads!

    A stinker it was. Tough to find any excuses.
    The injuries are starting to hurt them. I’m not that certain about Fedotenko, hate to be negative. It hit him above the glove from what I saw. I wouldn’t be surprised if he requires an MRI, X-ray sometimes doesn’t show small, linear fractures. He was too far from the shooter to block it, Joe mentioned it last night.
    Which brings me to another point. Agree with Jim, Torts reaction to Weise’s penalty is disturbing. The hit on Prust was borderline, and Weise obviously saw it differently. This isn’t what you want to preach to your young players, they need to go and defend their teammates, sometimes penalty be damned. Weise has shown that he can compete on this level, and with all injuries, we need him.
    Gilroy may be inserted as a forward, that’s another option.

  9. BTW, totally concur with Carp on how MDZ looked last night – IMO, it’s a direct consequence of pressboxing him for 4 games.

    If, as I am suggesting, he goes out in favour of Gilroy against the Canes, then Tortorella is risk setting the kid’s game back even further.

    IMO, if that’s the plan, send him to Hartford where he can find his game without so much pressure, lest this season ends up being a complete wash in his overall development.

  10. repost:

    # Tiki snores January 3rd, 2011 at 4:17 am

    What am I still doing up?

    Is there a Jaromir in the building?

    Man, I love Kate Beckinsale.

    I hope Tommy Coughlin is fired and Bill Cowher hired.

    The Rangers had a bad couple of games, but should be fine.

    Where is Sean Avery? Anybody? Does Mama have Avery man-napped?

    Ill repeat this later, but if anyone needs any of the World Juniors on DVD, let me know.

    Cruel Intentions 2 is in an hour, Amy Adams is hot in that.

    My jaw is killing me.

    I just absolutely love Kate Beckinsale.

    That site provided by orr Egotastic is awesome.

    Man, the things I would do to Kate Beckinsale…

    Maria Menounos pulled a Lohan/Hilton/etc. Cant say Im surprised…she’s a red sox fan. boo!

    Aside from looks and personality, i love a woman with a really hot voice! Kate Beckinsale! And of course, our plotzer Blogmama!

    Ive got something Ive been wanting to tell all of you – a secret of sorts – as a New Years resolution.

    And no, the secret is not terrible like that Im an ex-con, or current convict….. or that Im gay!

    Not only does my girl Tiki yip at night when she has bad dreams, she also snores!

    What else can I think of for this morning?

    I feel terrible about the Giants current situation and our future. Tom Coughlin has lost the players’ respect, rightfully, and it really is time for him to go.

    The same act of red face, yelling like a maniac gets tiring when no changes are made. When there’s no discipline, urgency, or awareness, that’s on the coach.

    We have an opportunity to replace a one-year contract, lame duck head coach with Bill Cowher, we ought to do it.

    Under no circumstance should we go into the season with a lame-duck coach in the NFC East. It will amount to a wasted season.

    Ive just a little over $1000 on Ebay and Ioffer in the past few days!

    I wish I could win the lottery so I could help the Yankees pay for more players and up the payroll to a comfortable $250 million at least.

    Why do we Rangers fans hate the Devils?

    Nice to see Lovie Smith not care about keeping their main rival out of the playoffs! Only to hurt the Giants, of course!

    I spoke to my brother the other day, and I told him how the Eagles losing against Minnesota screwed us and that they lost intentionally to hurt the Giants, and he said “You sound like a crazy person.” And I responded “You know that it’s the truth and that you believe it” and he responds “Yeah, I do” followed by laughter!

    Ive been having severe acid reflux/chest pains the past week. A lot of stress, coupled with a lot of stress about the Patriots. Please Dear Lord allow the Patriots to lose!

    For Olga, FIRE SATHER!

    The Knicks look pretty good. Got a nice future ahead of them. A’Mare is a beast; I have fallen head over heels in love with him!

    I got a history lesson about the English Monarch and English Royalty the other day from a friend…and I realized something….Blogfather and Blogmama should be considered our royalty! Our King and Queen!

    Alright, I think Im done.

    Ah, maybe not.

    I got House seasons 4 and 5 on DVD, I need to catch up on that show.

    Man, the things Id do to Kate Beckinsale! Yoweee!

    It’s time to have myself a nice dream involving Kate Beckinsale, Jaromir, Avery, and Lundqvist


    Addition: I have yet to go to sleep!

  11. morning gang!

    an ugly florida trip, cannot deny that.

    they looked gassed in both games. their style of play is hurting them, both in terms of shotblocking and the relentless,hard skating forechecking.

    said it last night and i will say it gain, they miss callahan right now, more tha they missed gabby when he ws out.

    ok, gotta work now.

  12. Stinker last night for sure. Here are some of my thoughts.

    Del Zotto was no worse than any other player on the Rangers with bad passes. He was very tentative but at least most of them got through. Also, it’s party on the other player to receive the pass, and it looked like most of the team had bricks taped to the end of their sticks. I counted at least 3 good MDZ passes that simply skittered or deflected off the blades of teammates. The puck was there, you gotta catch that pass.

    Avery has been awful. I’m a huge fan of his, always have been. But he has played some beer-league level hockey lately. The major difference I see in his game is that he’s being too unselfish. Where in seasons past he’d blaze into the offensive zone and hammer a shot on net, now he’ll blaze into the offensive zone, hold up, and try to force a pass that isn’t there. The result is a bad turnover more often than not. He doesn’t have the puck skills to deke through defenders and dangle, but a good, hard, low shot could easily result in a juicy rebound for a charging teammate on the other side of the ice. I also like that he’s one of the better guys at making the pass from behind the net to the front. He’s hard on the boards, and the Rangers get caught in that perimeter game a little too much lately. The puck eventually needs to find its way in front of the net.

    Rozsival had a strong defensive game.

    You gotta start to wonder whether Zuccarello is just snake bitten or lacks the ability to finish. He’s had glorious chances in the past couple games, and gotten stoned on all of them.

    Drury’s presence has helped in terms of faceoffs won, and just barely, and that’s about it. The guy has been totally invisible. And considering the past 2 games have been real tight, a “clutch” goal may have been nice.

    Gaborik needs to get himself going. Sure, he’d like to have a legit playmaking center, but in the absence of one, he needs to start taking games over himself. He’s got the talent.

  13. TIKI!!! – It’s absolutely time for a nap my man!

    CARP – I agree totally about MDZ’s handling – kid looked tentative playing and on the verge of tears on the bench rather than a confident player. I think that Torts’ way of “motivating” players works on some guys who (see famous Prospal clip) who want to “stick it to him” but I believe that just as many guys – particularly young players – have their confidence completely destroyed by his tactics. Wondering if being benched and called out in the press has a truly negative effect on MDZ and even possibly Gabby to some extent.

    Am also sorry to see him back to his old ways of calling players out for sticking up for a teammate. Whether or not it was a bad penalty, this is a kid trying to do the right thing by Prust and getting ripped for it. Gotta agree with ILB there.

    Finally, Gilroy and Avery cannot buy minutes from this coach. Not saying Aves has looked great but he is second on the team in assists with these limited minutes and has always seemed a competitive guy. MZA spoke about him trying to help him too. Seems like Torts threw him on the top line for 2 games and back to the bottom he went. He did well early on with Stepan and Fedetenko – he does actually have some skill and should be given more minutes. Gilroy has shown improvement too but doesn’t seem to get a fair shake or be allowed to have “growing pains” like others.


    Im SO TIRED!

    Im hooked on this video game for the PS3. Call of Duty! I went to level 31 (which is okay, not great) in Zombies and just finished a 5 hour game now!

  15. TIKI – think it might be symbolic that you have had no sleep, played a 5 hour game of “ZOMBIES” :) Go to bed man – and

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and all the bonehead, to Carp and Mama!!!

  16. Why is Torts still here? He preachs about the youth and yet destroys their confidence. For a coach whos barely above 500 why does he get such a long leash. He brings in Sullivan as a PP and defense coach Guess what it aint working he seems to be the same egotistical lunatic as Torts. Does anyone remember the playoff loss to washington when Torts 1st took over ? Based on his body of work I say show him the door at the end of the year and take Sullivan with him oh and Allaire too

  17. Blueblood! Happy New Year to you too! Symbolic? As in the Rangers performance last night? :)

    Just made another $300 off ioffer! Geez, Im only half way through one 18-gallon tub of memorabilia. I still have storage facilities with at least 100 more 18-gallon tubs full! BOOM!

  18. awwwwwwwwwwwwww, man. one of my favorite actors of all time passed away.

    R.I.P. Pete Postlethwaite

  19. Bytes

    The keyboard is OK, it’s my bloody Florida fingers, trying to operate up here in CT with a computer in a basement apt that’s my problem. I could stop and correct each cap lock moment but it would take me half an hour to post it. Eh!

  20. Carp I believe Linda is at work after a looong New Year’s weekend haha. I’ll make sure she knows you have the search party out for her.

    Somebody give me a CHICKEN salad. on RYE. with a TEA!

  21. Tiki and Orr with the natural hat tricks the past few days. what would a Gordie Howe hat trick consist of on here? I guess a post followed by someone arguing with it in the following post and a post after that which is inspired by yours haha. sounds hard.


    Fran, you do have a way with words.

  23. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Re the chris phillips thing. forgot what I was watching the other night, might have been cbc, but they said something about moving him somewhere possibly because he is a UFA i believe at the end of the season. He seems defencively responsible so was just curious.

    About avery. I think he plays well when he gets 12 to 15 minutes a game. Torts just will not give him that. You look at his stats, when he gets the minutes he is statistically better than most of the rangers. Torts has long stated he had probs with avery before becoming coach again and has not done anything overall to overtly disprove that.

    I saw avery do something last night that I had not seen to this point from him, he regularly passed up opportunities to hit people. Whether it is torts doing or avery’s, he is really sliding.

    you ok bro? What were you watching with beckinsale in it?

    Here is a mcilrath fight from last night. Not much of a scrap, but can’t wait to see this guy with the rangers!!

    Off to work so see you assens tonight!

  24. Tony, I think it’s funnier than a Seinfeld highlight episode :)

    All, I obviously agree on Aves needing the minutes. That’s all I’ll say for now.

  25. >>where’s Linda?

    I’ve been asking that question for a couple of match day threads now. Maybe she Fringe’d into another universe? If so, we need to send 3CP to retrieve her and bring her back where she belongs.

  26. Mila Kunis and Michael Jackson’s puppet AKA Macaulay Culkin have broken up!

    Weeee! How that weirdo ever managed to pick up a babe like that is beyond me.

    It’s funny how life works. She gets a Golden Globe nominee, and finally realizes she’s a star dating a has-been. Bwaha!

    I think this is the first good thing to happen in 2011.

  27. The question is will the rangers go into a funk like last year where they play bad for a month or two and than have to fight to the end for the eight spot. Time will tell.

  28. I mentioned this a while ago and will again. Torts has no gonads when it comes to benching these older guys. He has no problem sitting out Gilroy or MDZ, but continues leaving Rosi on the ice. Frolov has been doing better, but as usual, not doing what he was brought here to do (score goals).

    Why was Gilroy scratched last night? Because he made a mistake in Tampa? Well, why shouldn’t Rosi sit out for the mistakes he made that night and all the other nights? We should have more tolerance to the younger core when it comes to them making mistakes. I do not understand why this team does the complete opposite. A veteran should know better, which is why you should scratched them when they continue to make mistakes.

    I was a big fan of Avery, but he has not shown up for awhile. But with that said, perhaps it is because he has received little ice time. Even when he was playing well, Torts did not play him much.

    But give Drury and Rosi all the ice time, they are the big guns for us.

  29. Sitting here pondering what their best options are here without the likes of Callahan or Fedetenko in the lineup. MZA doesn’t appear to be able to finish despite doing some good things as someone said earlier. Bottom line here is that there isn’t an instant fix and they’re going to have to get the job done with the guys they have. To do that I think they’re just going to have to pair up guys that had some kind of success together at some point this season- Dubinsky and Anisimov would be my first choice for a reunion followed by Avery taking Feds’ spot with Boyle and Prust. After that it’s a toss up. if Pizza the hut was in a little better skating shape id like to see him on the left side of Stepan and Gaborik. I don’t see how he could produce less than Frolov. But that may just be too dang risky. All I know is they better find something that works soon because the schedule isnt getting any easier

  30. Also been thinking about this Rozsival situation and my gut feeling is telling me that Torts was told by either Slats or someone higher up that he has to play this guy because of the contract. There’s just no way he’s slithered through the ropes of accountability. I mean even when he’s good he’s not amazing so I just don’t get it unless it has to do with the contract. I will break dance and maybe even krump when this guy is gone. Hell I’ll even youtube it and post it here for you guys.

  31. and by accountability btw I mean the Torts process of sitting guys that get him frustrated or guys on D not named Staal Girardi or Eminger

  32. Gravey / James G – That’s what I am thinking. Torts may want to bench Rozsival, but as much attitude as he shows, he can’t disobey Sather’s wishes and do it. Sather probably thinks it would look worse to have Rozsival benched, but the Boneheads know it looks worse to keep him out there every game.

  33. I don’t understand why Torts doesn’t sit certain guys as well. Like I’ve said in the past, I have a feeling that Slats wants to save some face, and forces him to play guys like Dredden, and Blowzy, and all of his bad contracts.

    If we didn’t have so little room in the cap, I wonder if Dredden would have even been sent down.

    By the way, I don’t know why people say Torts “ruined Avery”. The guy ruined himself. He’s becoming pretty useless these days.

  34. Funny part about Avery is that this is still the team he can/does play his best for. he’d be a complete and utter head case anywhere else and probably a healthy scratch a lot of the time as a result. But here he gets a chance to play every night no matter how many minutes. I wish he and Torts could just get on the same damn page so he could be utilized as best as possible. I say they HAVE to give him more minutes just because he has more capability and is a better skater than the only other options you have for Fed’s spot while he’s out. If the sane Sean shows up we may be alright.

  35. As far as Avery, he is the same player he always was. Say what you want about him, but he puts fans in the seats and his style of play won the Rangers important games over the years. How many Avery jerseys do you see worn by fans at MSG on a given night the Rangers play?

    Torts hasn’t given him consistent ice and his game has been muted as a result. Torts doesn’t trust him. You can cleary see that. I’m not sure Avery is as effective as he used to be since the refs and opposition are on to him and his tactics. If he wants to make an impact, he has to start scoring goals or create offense like a regular NHL player. Plain and simple. Torts probably thinks he has a better chance for a goal with other guys getting more minutes. Avery better start scoring, for his own sake…

    If Drury is only going to play fourth line minutes, then Roszival should be the 7th d-man. No preferential treatment for overpaid veterans!!!

  36. I don’t trust Aves either.

    I have this argument with my Grandma every time I see her. Sometimes I think Blogmama is my Grandma :P

    Torts has given Aves chances, but he hasn’t done well enough. He seems to only play well against the crappy teams, sort of like Gabby.

    He’s a liability when he’s on the ice. It’s pretty evident.

  37. line changes, line changes… why doesn’t Torts try Dubi/AA/ Gabby? Can’t hurt is what i figure. i wonder what a Boyle/ Prust/MZA line would look like too.

    Avery’s been too quiet all year, but i don’t put all the blame on Torts. Sean has to take responsibility for his own play, too. I am beginning to wonder if he’s worn down physically. He’s not the biggest guy and has played the same physical, agatating style since he came into the league a decade ago.

  38. Winning puts fans in the seats. It’s plain and simple why Avery is not being played a lot. He is not playing well, he hasn’t had a good game since, I can’t even remember when, it’s been so long ago. He does a few good things a game, but 95% of the time he is useless out there, turn over after turnover.

  39. Avery’s ice time (he’s played in every single game this year)

    In wins = 14:09
    In losses = 12:31
    When he records a point (10 of 40 games) = 13:01
    When he is shutout (30 of 40 games) = 13:33
    When he is given PIMs (17 of 40 games) = 15:26

  40. Gabby looked better at times- but I wonder if he converts on that Eminger pass if he was feeling “confident”.

    Ice conditions seemed pretty bad, I’m sure it didn’t help the sloppy play.

    If MDZ’s career is ruined by sitting out four games he was never going to have much of a career in the first place.

    I missed the Weise penalty and the hit on Prust that lead to it but Weise also took a hooking penalty against TB midway through a one goal game; here it was midway through a tied game. NG

    People are questioning MZA’s ability to finish?

    HOw cOMe iF SomEone kEeps iNaDvertAntLYy hitting the CaPs LoCk iT dOEsn”T looK liKe ThiS/

  41. Did ORR just refer to me as his grandmother!!!!!!!???? Oh brother, I am collecting a week’s worth of newspapers for your nose buddy.

  42. lol

    I forgot to say that this club also displays the characteristics of being two-bit.:)

  43. Good day all and happy new year!

    i have not been posting much this year but read the blog quite often and obviously following the blueshirts religiously still and i just found out as per larry brooks that MDZ is being sent down to hartford….i think this is the wrong move-granted things have not come as easy for the kid this year and he has had some issues in his own zone but i dont not like the move….Carp, totally agree with you that he played not to make a mistake yesterday and by being conservative in that fashion is bad for his game

  44. Mmmm…Gross reporting that MDZ’s been farmed out but McDonagh’s getting recalled. That makes no sense if he’s gonna replace MDZ’s butt in the pressbox.

    Just a quick look-see perhaps because they hyped him so much during the summer? Or could it be to convince him to sign a year before his UFAgency, they ensured he thought he had a good chance of making the club and, therefore, feel somewhat obligated to give him a game or 2?

  45. Umm…..

    This is a strange move.

    McDonut is too young to be riding the pressbox. Unless our dreams come true, and Blowzy takes a seat.

    I don’t like this move. Del Z sits four games, plays one game where the entire team plays like sh*theads, and he gets sent to Hartford. Give him the benefit of the doubt for crying out loud. At least give him a few games before jumping the gun.

    Oh well. Hopefully this fires him up.

    I officially blame Gary Roberts! That pin-headed old man.

  46. Tiki has new christmas striped booties for her paws on

    Orr – I can assure you that Blogmama is not your grandma! She may not be 26 or even look 26, but the woman is real, and she’s spectacular. She doesn’t look a day over 32, so……she cant be your grandmother!

    Im disappointed in Avery as well, but I still love the guy!

    I was watching Whiteout with Kate, wickster, but it just reminded me of how sexy her voice is and how perfect her face is. Whatever guy gets to go home to her – putting aside the sex part of it – is one lucky SOB!

    I have a thing for sexy voices (man or woman), and Im a phone person, so I spend a lot of the day on the phone with various people. Recently, Ive been on the phone quite a bit with a female friend of mine, and her voice is just so damn hot! I get disappointed every time I hang up with her.

    Now, if I had Kate Beckinsale, I think Id listen to her talk forever!

  47. I BLAME THE CAPTAIN, he spent time fishing this summer when he should have shown leadership and been helping MDZ.

  48. Sort of unfair but I wont complain


    Yikes, that’s not exactly the most mature thing to say. If he doesn’t think his play and his level of experience should dictate this move, that’s not a good sign.

  49. Tiki has new christmas striped booties for her paws on

    Orr – and one other thing…..dont you ever equate Blogmama with a grandmother again! Or else Ill get on a plane to New York? Ghana? Qatar? Russia? or wherever you are and whoop the bejeesus out of you. Seriously. Consider that your one and only warning!

  50. WTB is wrong this organization? Why is McD being called up? McDonagh isn’t even close to being NHL ready…

    Kundratek is supposed to be the guy!

    MDZ will benefit fropm time in Hartford. NYR should suspend his Twitter! No compaining!!

  51. Tiki has new christmas striped booties for her paws on

    CTB – I agree completely. Just another sign of New York mismanagement. Our players – with Matt Dodge as enemy #1 – are fools. Instead of trying to get better…

  52. McDonagh aside, I agree MDZ needs some time in the AHL – there’s no doubt this kid has some major raw skills, but there’s so much for him to learn. He is now facing one of the most important steps in his professional career – it’s important he accept the assignment and work on what the Rangers are telling him he needs to work on without spending too much dwelling on what was and what could or should be.

    He really needs to find his offensive game again. I saw on more than one occasion last night him joining the play in the Florida game and get open several times within a single forecheck period and his mates got him the puck a couple of times. That’s skill. Unfortunately, he manufactured nothing with those opportunities. Not even 1 genuine scoring chance. One in particular stands out: He went towards the net, got a nice pass (from Gabbie I believe) as he passed by the bottom of the face-off circle and wide open on the other side of the net was Frolov. MDZ saw him and passed – the puck hit the skate of a Panther and bounced harmlessly away. The MDZ I saw in junior and in the Traverse tourney and a couple of times last year would have completed that pass and Frolov would have had an open net to redirect the puck into. The score would have been tied 1-1. Would have.

    IMO, MDZ is better this year than last in his own end, but still not exactly someone you put out in the last 2 minutes of a game where you’re protecting a 1 goal lead. He may never be – that’s difficult to say. What I think is clear is that if he cannot bring an offensive side to his game, he won’t last in the league.

    So let’s hope the Rangers are encouraging him to go rediscover it in Hartford and then come back and be someone the organization still sorely lacks: A true NHL offensive defenseman capable of manning the PP and playing 20 minutes (or more) a night.

  53. Scotty Hockey was calling for MDZ’s demotion for a while. I didn’t quite agree, but Torts has given him a chance. 1 1/2 years. I imagine he would get more one on one help with the Whale than he will with the Rangers, but the MacD move surprises me. I believe as Jim does that this is just Slats fulfilling the promise he made when MacD was talked out of staying in Wisconsin.

    Interesting move for sure. Hopefully it isn’t a move to showcase MacD, or even worse, see if MacD can play so they can move MDZ!!!

  54. BTW, if MDZ had completed that pass (it would have been a gorgeous play) and Frolov had scored and the Rangers had gone on to win, bet he’d not be on his way to the farm today!

    Not saying his demotion is based solely on missing that pass – just saying there’s tons of leeway for a guy who can generate offense like that from the backline on any team, let alone one offensively challenged like the Rangers.

    You know there a game just before his pressboxing where Gabbie set him up twice in front of the net and he capitalized on neither (actually totally blew the 2nd set-up, putting the puck up and into the glass instead of into the empty net). He needs to at least make the goalie make a save on that one and on the FLA opportunity let Frolov screw it up (if the Rangers were destined not to score there). But, nope – he was the culprit on both. For sure the Rangers are seeing this, too.

  55. Definitely agree Jim.

    MDZ’s meal ticket in the NHL is his offense. He worked on his defensive game, and yes he’ll never been the guy you want protecting a one goal lead with important points on the line, but that’s what they have Staal for.

  56. Can’t blame Torts for not giving MDZ a chance. Rozy should be the odd man out here, so maybe THAT is what MDZ is alluding to as “unfair”.

    But you have to believe that a deal is in the works.

    I am excited to see a new kid.

  57. Could be McDonagh’s up just to practice with the Rangers – neither team plays until Wednesday. With MDZ’s demotion, there’s room on the roster both from a numerical and payroll standpoint.

  58. Sheesh, might as well bring up Gernander too and send Torts to Hartford to “develop his game”.

  59. bull dog line on

    when you have organizational depth like the Rangers do, you can send a guy like MDZ down for awhile to get his game back. it is not like they sent him down and brought back a 35 year old journeyman to replace him. they brought up a good young prospect. he will be down for 2 weeks, and during that time maybe they find out about McDonagh. MDZ will be back, and he will be better for it.

  60. Orr, were you joking with this tweet?


    Unfortunately I’ll be playing in the AHL for some time. Sort of unfair but I wont complain 3:10 PM Jan 3rd via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    Wasn’t sure if you were joking, but if you weren’t, it is gone now. Wonder if the Rangers made him remove it.

  61. grant it del zotto may need an ahl stint, i don’t disagree with him for voicing his opinion on it being “unfair”.
    one word: rosivzal

  62. Oy, you all make some good points, but I’m not sure I’m pleased with the MDZ news. Come on kid, get it together and come back asap!!!

    ORR, start building your bomb shelter! :)

  63. bull dog line on

    let me guess, you are a big MDZ fan. fact of the matter is, MDZ has played poorly all season. the AHL is where he belongs right now. if he has any pride at all, he will go down to the Whale and dominate and be back in a couple of weeks.

  64. bull dog line on

    Rozsival has nothing to do with MDZ. even if they were to scratch Rozsival, it would not change the fact that MDZ has played poorly.

  65. bull dog line on

    I will give you another guy who needs to go down. MZA. he has shown flashes, but he is not an NHL skater. if you are going to be 5 ft 6, and play in the NHL, you better be a good skater. MZA is not.

  66. No, bull dog. I think MDZ should go to Hartford. That is exactly what he needs right now.

    I am just ticked off about the mismanagement of our prospects in CT. Mc Donagh has not been playing well enough to deserve a look in the NHL. Scouting reports I have seen have not been in his favor. It does him and the team no good to be called up when he’s not ready.

    Tomas Kundratek should have been the man called up. He has been the most solid and impressive youngster on D for the Whale. Out of all CT d-men (save Redden), he is the most ready for NHL play.

    I don’t blame MDZ for being pissed off about being sent to Hartford. He hasn’t been has as bad as Roszi…But, he needs to man up and take his assigmment with pride…

  67. I definitely agree with you bulldog. This isn’t the end for MDZ and these types of moves seem out of place for the Rangers because they haven’t had the personnel in place to make such a move in a number of years. Looking back over the past few years their best option from the farm was Corey Potter. They’re in a much different place from those days.

  68. Laurel

    i am always here… in spirit :)

    All MDZ needs is a little bit of uncle Redden’s love!

    Sending MDZ down is a good move for him as well as for the organization in a long run… for sure.

  69. bull dog line on

    ok, that is fair. I have not seen a single Whale game this season, so I just have to trust the Rangers know what they are doing.

  70. Apparently a lot of people saw this coming, Bull Dog.

    I don’t like it. Especially after one game of returning to the lineup. It bugs the sh*t out of me.

    By the way, that tweet was a fake. Haha! I didn’t think everyone would fall for it so easily. Del Z would never say something like that!

  71. bull dog line on

    I also agree with all who felt Avery should have played more in the last 2 games, but I do not agree that he needs to play more on the whole. at this point in his Ranger career he is a 4th liner, and a guy who can fill in on the other lines when necessary. no longer is he a player you can rely on for any length of time.

  72. Thank You Mama Laurel! :)

    may 2011 be a healthy and happy AND job-filled year for you! :)


    of course he felt the need to “tweet”..he has followers, you know!

  73. And here’s some more

    @selenagomez If you are the Girlfriend of Justin I will Kill you I HATE YOU :@ !!!
    — @selenagomez whore cancer i’mm kill myself cuz i saw you and Justin kissing well thankyou Selena thankyou now i’m killing myself
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    Hahaha! So funny!

  74. the avery fandom. he is not very good what are you watching. he is SOFT on the puck. makes bad decisions, has a bad shot. yea he is a wise guy and pest, SO WHAT.

    avery is a 4th liner, he is a good skater so can play up on occassions but his stick skills and decision making with the ouck is 4th line level.

    DZ is 20, good franchises send down young guys when the yare struggling… as others have stated they are not exactly bringing up a 35 year old hasbeen.

  75. thanks C3.
    ORR, we have enough crazy here…..keep the world’s other insane freaks to yourself….how do you know about those tweets anyway, hmmmmmmm :)

  76. MDZ deserves to go to Hartford. He’s been a bust and just can’t understand what he needs to do. McDonagh looked good in pre-season and will probably be far better on defense. He’ll be tougher and grittier in the trenches The only thing that bothers me is that MDZ appears to be very fragile and I wonder how it may affect him in the future.

  77. In Junior Hockey, USA plays Canada tonite at 7:30 on NHL Network. Should be more interesting than Isles & Flames

  78. MDZ has been brutal. go work on your game and make the breakout passes and get out your kinks down there

  79. 1/19 wed vs toronto 7pm game

    selling pair for $110 face value section 330 aisle seats. wife 8 months pregnant wont be able to make it with her. email me if interested.

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