Del Zotto is Whaled (updated)


Still awaiting the official announcement, but Michael Del Zotto had been sent down to Connecticut of the AHL after being scratched for four straight games, and then sliding out of the play on Christopher Higgins’ goal Sunday in Sunrise, Fla.

Del Zotto had been scratched once earlier this season, and the feeling then was that a game in the pressbox, where he was told to take notes, might fix his struggling game.

Del Zotto, who worked hard with ex-NHLer Gary Roberts over the summer to try and add some muscle and avoid the dreaded “sophomore slump,” did not avoid it. Though coach John Tortorella has praised Del Zotto’s “arrogance” — his confidence and lack of fear while trying to make great plays — that apparently is exactly what got him a seat during games, and ultimately this move.

Del Zotto looked tentative and unsure in his return to the lineup Sunday, and perhaps this move is best for him — a move to the Whale (formerly the Wolf Pack), where he can try to get back his confidence and get his game in order. Also, he will be able to play and log big minutes instead of sitting out.

The Rangers recalled Ryan McDonagh, the touted rookie D-man they obtained in the Scott Gomez deal, which might mean that Matt Gilroy — who had been the regular scratch before Del Zotto, and who did a similar slide along the ice on the game-winning goal for Tampa Bay on Saturday, will return to street clothes Wednesday when the Rangers host Carolina.


Here’s the official announcement from the Rangers:


New York, January 3, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that defenseman Ryan McDonagh has been recalled from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL), while defenseman Michael Del Zotto has been assigned to Connecticut.

McDonagh, 21, has registered one goal and seven assists, along with 12 penalty minutes in 38 games with Connecticut this season. He ranks second among Whale defensemen in scoring with eight points, and is second with seven assists. McDonagh tallied five points (one goal, four assists) in an eight-game span from December 11 vs. Manchester to December 29 vs. Portland, ending the stretch with a three-game assist streak from December 21 at Manchester to December 29. He notched his first professional goal with a power play tally on December 11 vs. Manchester. McDonagh has posted a plus or even rating in 20 of his last 24 games, registering a plus-nine rating over the span. The former first round pick made his professional debut on October 9 vs. Charlotte, and registered his first career point with an assist on November 7 vs. Bridgeport.

Last season, the 6-1, 213-pounder established collegiate career-highs in games played (43), assists (14), points (18), and penalty minutes (73) while skating with the NCAA runner-up University of Wisconsin Badgers. He also ranked second on the team with a plus-22 rating. McDonagh registered an assist on the game-winning goal in the National Semifinal game vs. R.I.T. on April 8, 2010 to help Wisconsin advance to the National Championship game vs. Boston College. In three seasons with the Badgers, he registered 14 goals and 32 assists for 46 points, along with 174 penalty minutes in 119 career games.

The St. Paul, Minnesota native was originally Montreal’s first round choice, 12th overall, in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft. He was acquired by the Rangers, along with forward Christopher Higgins and defenseman Pavel Valentenko, from Montreal in exchange for forwards Scott Gomez and Tom Pyatt, and defenseman Mike Busto on June 30, 2009.

Del Zotto, 20, has registered two goals and seven assists, along with 14 penalty minutes in 35 games this season. Five of his nine points have been recorded on the power play. He made his 100th career NHL appearance on November 19 at Colorado.

The Stouffville, Ontario native was originally the Rangers’ first round choice, 20th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

The Rangers’ practice schedule for tomorrow, January 4, is 11:00 a.m. at the MSG Training Center.


EVENING UPDATE, 4:57 p.m.: According to several reports, John Tortorella said that McDonagh probably will not play on Wednesday or remain on the NHL roster.

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  1. loneranger January 3rd, 2011 at 4:26 pm Last post before New one
    In Junior Hockey, USA plays Canada tonite at 7:30 on NHL Network. Should be more interesting than Isles & Flames

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    I wanna make one other clear about our BlogMama – who should be referred to as the BlogQueen IMO…

    Not only is she real and spectacular, every part of her is real and spectacular! :)

    Does anyone even care about knowing my secret? If not, Ill just keep it to myself!

  3. I think it will do Delzotto good to play in Hartford for a few games. It will be nice to see Mcdonagh, I hope he’s ready.

  4. I haven’t seen one journalist comment on the fact that, although Gilroy did go down a little early on the game winner by TB, the goal was scored because Gaby did not back check at all. If you recall the play, Thompson blew by Gaborik who didn’t bother to skate to help out. If Torts blames Gilroy for that, he’s more clueless than I thought. Emminger and Rozi have been pretty miserable lately, Rozi a little more so. One of them should sit Wednesday. But probably won’t.
    As far as DZ, he had a dreadful game no doubt vs Florida, but I thought he really didn’t play bad defensively all year with a few well documented exceptions. I thought he was physical which he wasn’t at all his rookie year and focused more on his defensive play. I don’t know why the coaching staff continued to let him try those ridiculously long passes that worked for half a year last year until every team we played figured it out. So they knew for half a season last yr and half this year that he shouldn’t be doing it but couldn’t rein him in? And started blaming him for continuing to do that? I find that hard to believe.

  5. I don’t get why Gilroy isn’t inserted back into the fuggin lineup, and instead passed over for a guy who hasn’t played in an NHL game.

    Is their a rule against sliding down to block a pass on a 2 on 1 and failing that gets you scratched or sent to the AHL?

    Why’s Blowzy still on the team?

    Fugg it all!

  6. NYR_FAN January 3rd, 2011 at 4:31 pm
    cw said :
    Kundratek is a righty shot, that is probably the last thing the NYR need on D.


    Um, Kundratek is a lefty shot. That is exactly what the NYR need. Owned.

    EVERY picture I see of Kundratek shows a right shooting Kundratek. . . . unless he is faking it.

    But thanks for correcting me. . . .

  7. Noah-el Zotto, 28 on

    I trust MDZ will get his act together, especially with the guidance of FLAVAH and Prust. Those guys won’t let him slip into oblivion.

  8. Not only is she (Blagmama) real and spectacular, every part of her is real and spectacular! :)


    yes, i can confirm that too… every part of her felt real and spectacular… i repeat…felt real and spectacular! :)

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    My CCCP is back!! YOWEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s only person close to Kate Beckinsale on the sexy voice list, aside from Blogmama – and that’s CCCP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tiki has new christmas striped booties for her paws on


    Ill be feeling my Mama real soon!

  11. no worries nyr. . . . . I am no expert on the Whale. I was just looking for a reason why the NYR called MacD and not Kundratek, as someone who doesn’t really know, that was the assumtion I made. Unless he is Chris Chelios who I saw take a slapshot lefty once. In a Game!!!

  12. Thanks C3P! I needed that ;)

    The McD call up definitely makes more sense in the context that they need a lefty d-man. I was awalys under the assumption that Kundratek was a lefty. I just have heard so many great things about him from people who follow the Whale. I haven’t heard enough positive things about McD to make me think he will stick in the NHL. Let’s hope he does!!

  13. Oy. I gotta run, thankfully……..boys, settle down will ya. Geez. You need your own AHL for heads…..later all! Ta for now!!!

  14. A stint with the Whale is just what MDZ needs. Hopefully he gets a ton of ice and plays well. This will go a long way to restore his confidence and let the talent that he has come through. He is still very young playing at a position that requires a lot of maturity. I hope for his sake as well as the Rangers that we will see him here for a long time to come.

  15. and fyi, nobody has, or is, feeling anything!!!! OK, there’s a bad movie up the street with my name on it….TA!

  16. FYI, before you get too excited about seeing McDonagh, Tortorella said he isn’t planning to use him Wednesday, and that he might not stay on the NHL roster.

  17. Carp, that makes me even more confused about this whole thing. Why even call up anyone? Could it be that Roszival is getting traded?

    Ha! A guy can dream, can’t he?

  18. I just saw the same quote, Carp and I’m glad that Gilroy will be back on theice on Wednesday. In my opinion he has been playing a solid D over the past weeks and has been adding some offense to his game. I was puzzled as to why he was out last night and hoped that it wasn’t the start of a long Pruchaing for hjm.

  19. Glad I missed the two weekend games now.

    I gather that nobody here is interested in Prucha for half price?

    Carp – Then they just called up McDonagh for experience with the team? Torts is being shady again!

  20. Prucha on reentry waivers for the Coyotes as per Bleeding Blue. What do you think guys? Prucha for half his salary? No one is wearing 25

  21. bull dog line on

    yes lets bring back Prucha, along with Betts, Sjoostrom, and Orr. Prucha sucks, end of story.

  22. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Banish MDZ to CT after totally mind *bleeping” him with the benching, homework assignment, then let him play one game scared. Unreal.

    Then… let’s call up McD, and then not even let him play a shift. Why recall him at all?

    This junk makes no sense.

    I’m seriously questioning these moves. You’re messing with guys psyche, and not letting them work out of it.

  23. Tiki has new christmas striped booties for her paws on

    Gift of Gab – it’s just more New York mismanagement.

  24. i guess its sort of old new but i just found out! Super excited!! First time since 2007 Russians will be plying for gold!

    The ideal final for me, would be Russia beating Canada for gold to get Olympic revenge!

  25. Tiki is annoying me with her licking on

    russia deserved its olympic fate after OV decided to cheap shot my Jaromir!

  26. i know you love your Jaromir and i love Jaromir too, but that was not a cheap shot…that was a pure open ice hockey hit.

  27. Tiki is annoying me with her licking on

    Tony – Probably not. MDZ is probably under team control for a while, and is a 2 way player, meaning he can be brought up and sent down whenever.

    CCCP – LOL! First, OV left his feet to make the hit…illegal. Second, you dont lay a crippling hit on a 38 year old man, and specifically, a gentile perfect man such as Jaromir. It’s not right, and certainly not in the Olympics, which is about sportsmanship.

    Now obviously, OV’s hit was much cleaner than that dirty dirtpile Jarkko Ruutu in 2006 – in which Ruutu tried to decapitate Jaromir.

  28. Czechthemout!!! on

    Good move sending MDZ to work on his game. Followed of course by a dumb move in calling up a player a letting him know ahead of time that he won’t play. Just dumb!

    This is the type of sh@&$/@&$ stupid mind games that the genius coach Tom Renney used to play with.

    How sad

  29. My son gave me a wonderful (if they’ll win) gift – 2 tix. for Carolina game this wed., after long forceful timeout from MSG, induced by damn sickness. I will be in sec.213 back to excited crowd and just wondering if I could possibly see any of my fellow boneheads nearby?

  30. Tiki is annoying me with her licking on

    awesome 4ever! great present! great son you’ve got!

    anyone ever wonder why things come in bunches (speaking of personal life). like it’s just one thing after another, with no rest for the weary. very frustrating.

  31. 4ever
    My seats are in 417 so I’ll be over your head to the left (Almost directly over Carp’s head, if he’s there. )

  32. Tiki, two way doesn’t mean he can get promoted/demoted without waivers, just that his AHL salary is a fraction of his NHL wage. 

    As for the swap of the D today, I’m going to refer to what bulldog said in the previous post that this is the type of move an organization with depth can afford to make. DZ needs meaningful minutes to find his offensive game, the aspect of his game that got him drafted in the 1st round, and he can work on it there without costing the Rangers points in the big leagues. McD gets a few skates in with the team, maybe just checking his “temperature” while they have a few days in between games.  Think back to a couple of years ago where the first choice AHL call up was Corey Potter. Anyone here from him lately?

    I don’t think this is a prelude to a deal unless they’re getting rid of at least 2 or 3 players and taking only one back in return. Despite the injuries and White’s presumably permanent banishment to HFD, they will still have Prospal, Boog, EC and Cally to fit on the team when they recover and they have to be cognizant of the AHL veteran rule when demoting guys with veteran contracts. 

  33. Thanks, Tiki.
    Actually, I have 2 sons (all three of us use to play hockey in a different time and together too) and daughter, who is a big Rangers fan. I banned her, however from reading this blog, she was frequent on, because sometimes in frustration or just for fun, we – the Russian part of the RR, sometimes use, how to say mildly, in normative, or non-regulatory kind of lexicon/vocabulary, and honestly, I find it difficult and annoying for myself to try to explain it every time in suitable form (funny part – she is pretty familiar and I would say strangely comfortable with plethora of English expletives).

  34. I got it coach, thank you. You will have no problem to recognize us, as soon you’ll see under 2 big bold (bone)heads together,one old,one young. See ya.

  35. Oi. I don’t get a good feeling with this move. Del Z needs playing time but at what cost? I don’t want to see him come back broken ala Avery. I hope this all works out for the best.

  36. Poor MDZ. Banished to Reddenville. Let Rozi take a turn in Reddenville. I hope he’s back in a flash. When do the Whale play next? Maybe MDZ will be back for Wednesday night. One can hope.

  37. Am I the only one who wonders how much input Darth Vader has in who goes up and down and even how much ice time they get?

  38. The Buffalo crowd sounds like when USA fùtbol team is playing against Mexico in California.

  39. Callahan needs to call MDZ with a few words of advice/encouragement. He was also sent to Hartford early in his career.

  40. Tiki is annoying me with her licking on

    Just got off the phone with my special lady friend (the one with the hot voice), and was very disappointed b/c she had to go after like 5 minutes….b/c she was tired :( Well, she needs her rest to stay looking beautiful, so I understand.

    On another note, Id like to apologize to Blogmama for my sometimes (oft times?) inappropriate blog talk about her – which rightfully makes her uncomfortable. My intent is only to flatter her, because she’s such a dynamic, beautiful, classy, and special person, and any man that locks her up and puts a ring on it is one of the luckiest men in the world :)

  41. Earlier today, I was recommending the first Saw to a coworker.

    Speaking of horror movies, À L’intérieur and Frontiere(s) are two sick French flicks.

  42. Tiki – The Master of Galantries…!
    ORR, Reality is scarier, exactly – that’s why ppl. find escape in sport, sex , drugs and movies (horror included)

  43. Can someone explain to me why in Buffalo, which, as I checked last time, albeit close to Canada border, is still American town, crowd cheer for Canada, not American team?

  44. Hah, you watch horror movies to get scared? It’s not something I’ve ever experienced.

    OK, it’s all over for Bourque, Kreider and USA.

  45. Tiki is annoying me with her licking on

    and btw, my 21 y.o. brother got engaged over Christmas. I just learned of this today.

    Please, no congratulations. Im very disappointed in him. This woman is about 6 years older than him and is out for money imo. She is a Rangers fan and Lundqvist fan (but also a Mets fan).

    very frustrating, i thought he’d learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of another brother. :(

    he’s just too young.

  46. bull dog line on

    Orr, you keep saying Cally was sent down because of injury. not exactly true. Cally was injured and came back. did not play well at all, and then was sent down to find his game.

  47. bull dog line on

    he was back for a good 10 games before he was sent down., and I think the point is he went down and found his game.

  48. When I asked @incarceratedbob yesterday if the Rangers were involved in any trade talks, he had this to say:

    Rangers are quiet.. For now. If (More like when) Jerome Iginla becomes available they will be bidding for his services (Confirmed)

  49. NYR-Fan, whoever incarceratedbob is, i wouldn’t take anything he says seriously when he can’t even spell jarome iginila correct

  50. NYR_FAN- ask this incarceratedbob guy if he knows how they plan on fitting Iginla under the cap

  51. Tiki is annoying me with her licking on

    sorry CTB. Im just not up to date on the intricacies of the NHL as I am with MLB and NFL.

  52. Tiki is going sleepy sleepy on

    So is the final of the world juniors next? that’s a pretty quick tournament!

  53. Don’t discount a few things with MDZ going down and McDonagh coming up (but not necessarily playing).

    One is a continued showcase of Gilroy, supposedly the only reason he supplanted Del Zotto in the lineup to begin with. Another could be some discipline problems with MDZ.
    Could be to showcase McDonagh too, ya never know.

    Even today Torts said Del Zotto didn’t take it like MZA, who knew he needed to get some seasoning after camp. Hey, I’m glad if a player isn’t happy to get sent down.

    But then Torts keep talking about ‘mindset’ and ‘conditioning’, and this is a coach that has been speaking in code for some time now.

  54. Tiki is going sleepy sleepy on

    canada russia sounds like a good matchup! i wonder if they have they have these world juniors every year?

  55. WTB!? The World Juniors are being played in the U.S., and USA is getting its butt kicked by Canada in the third period, and during a stoppage the organist plays Oh, Canada!!!!????

  56. Tiki is going sleepy sleepy on

    If the organist was Don Cherry, the song being played would be “Oh, Boston’s great, Oh Boston’s great…Ill turn my back on my countrymen for Boston any day!!!” :)

  57. That “Oh Canada” BS is utter amateur-hour … what a joke.

    I’ve said it time and time again … get ready to live in Spain #2 … this country is in a complete downfall.

  58. 80 percent of the paying spectators at the US/Canada WJC match were Canadian – the Buffalo Sabres likely wouldn’t have a team any longer if it wasn’t for the huge bevy of Canadians who attend every game.

    I was at a Leaf/Sabre game 2 years ago and at least 1/3 of the stands were wearing Leaf jerseys.

    Regarding the WJC, it’s only us crazy Canucks who pack the rafters whenever the tourney is in Canada, or in this case 15 miles from the Canadian/US border.

  59. If USA hosts WJC again, *please* do it in a city further from Canada than Buffalo so it at least it feels like USA has fans when they host!!

  60. Tiki is going sleepy sleepy on

    Please stop talking about the WJC! This is a hockey site! Oops, nevermind, haha! :)

  61. Bwaha! lmao at incarceratebob, he is an Isles fan:

    incarceratedbob Hows that trade looking now #Snow >*Byfuglien *cooke-hole of the year – Trade one of the hottest goalies in the league & ur backup is made of glass


  62. Maybe the guy we’re scouting from TO is Beauchemin or Komisarek. The TO fans want to be rid of one, if not both, of those guys. I’d take either over Rozsival.

  63. A tad surprised at DZ being sent down, but I think it was a long time coming for him. He needs to re-discover what brought him to the NHL in the first place and he sure as heck wasn’t doing that at the NHL level. Big minutes in the AHL will hopefully help him find that.

    Canada/Russia for the WJC Gold should be an interesting game. From what I’ve read, Russia wasn’t expected to come close to medalling. And Canada, well, they’re Canada, so not surprised.

  64. Toronto huh?

    Hey, guess who on Toronto is a veteran defensman, in the last year of his contract, has been the subject of trade rumors for what seems like forever now… plays key offensive/powerplay minutes… above average moving the puck… and shoots left…


  65. As for fitting Iginla under the cap this season, it’s possible. If Prospal cannot play this season then his cap space is freed. Per the rumors, Calgary wants Dubinsky and Del Zotto for Iginla. Which only makes sense if there is no plan to re-sign Dubinsky for next season when he hits Group II, and if the organization gives up on Del Zotto, and if Iginla is going to be *THE GUY* who will make the Rangers Stanley Cup contenders for the next 2-3 years (which likely means no Brad Richards signing or no Zach Parise offer sheet). Its questionable whether Iginla is capable of being *THE GUY* at this point in his career, and if so, for how long.

    I somehow believe now that Plan A for the Rangers come 7/1/11 is the unmatchable Zach Parise offer sheet, which, if followed by Brodeur’s subsequent retirement, would be the deathblow to the Devils franchise given the way things are over there.

  66. Kaberle would make all the sense in the world to get but the known price for him includes a 1st rounder. If they’d take a player or two that we wouldn’t miss instead I’d do it.

  67. Parise offer sheet means the Devils get our first rounders for about 3-4 seasons along with some other picks depending on the term and AAV of the deal.

  68. I’d be shocked if Slats ever pulled out the offer sheet gag. He’s typical to the ‘old code’ way of doing things, I’m pretty sure he’s not big on offer sheets. (??)

    Not sure it would ever be a wise move to pull an offer sheet from such a stong rival either. That would only cause more headaches in the longrun. There’s no rule against bogus offer sheets!

    I certainly hope they wouldn’t trade Dubinsky and Del Zotto for JUST 33 year-old Iginla… and I mean that. Hey, Dubey has 16 goals too. ; )


  69. Yeah, I’d seriously consider trying to pry away Kaberle for a reasonable fare. Maybe a middle-round and another prospect or two and we could talk… Kaberle is only making $4.25, and the hit for the Rangers would be about half of that!!

    No brainer if they can steal him.


  70. Tiki is going sleepy sleepy on

    Roszival or Drury going the other way.

    No need to get rid of Frolov. He’s only here 1 year. Getting rid of him doesnt help our future cap situation at all.

  71. Tiki is going sleepy sleepy on

    It’s not how much is left on Drury’s contract. It’s his cap hit, which is his AAV, which I think is $7 million for next year.

  72. Doesn’t mean he’ll accept a trade though.

    Like I’ve always said, I only think he’d accept a deal with the Kings, or maybe the Ducks and Sharks, since they’re all in California. Dreary has loads of friends and family there, along with a vacation house, so it would be an easier adjustment for him and his family.

    By the way, we got rid of Dredden’s big contract, so lets not get greedy :P

    And bringing in Kaberle would be a huge mistake. Have we not learned anything?

  73. Tiki is going sleepy sleepy on

    You’re absolutely right, Orr. Of course Drury wont accept a trade to help us out. No player ever helps us out.

  74. Why am I still awake? Was supposed to be asleep hours ago. Sigh. LGR and kick the sugarcanes!
    Pardon me if i pass on Iginla. And, sorry, but I think Parise, too…….not worth what we may have to lose for them, but that’s just my humble opinion. I’m sure you all will correct me if you think I’m wrong, though I never am :)
    And now, off to bed….TA!

  75. Tiki is going sleepy sleepy on

    True CCCP. Very true. And Naslund is the classiest of the classy. He’s the exception, not the rule.

  76. Let’s get this m’fer Richards in here already.

    1. Wasted Gretzky with no wing
    2. Wasted Bure with no center
    3. Wasted Gaborik with no center?

  77. Not saying Gaborik isn’t stinking up the joint right now, but we’re having him play with pseudo-wing Dubinsky, rookie Stepan, and POS Christensen.

    You’ve gotta be kidding me.

    Didn’t want to write it, but have to: BUSH-LEAGUE

  78. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    FOR THE LOVE OF EHAT THE HELL EVER, NO TO KABERLE!!! Another marshmallow on the blueline is the last thing we need.

    Rozy would have to be in an iggy trade, no other way the money works.

    I sure as hell hope that mcdonut isn’t going to play. No way he deserves to play over vtank or kundratek. MDZ needed to go to the whale for a bit. Will we still see the double secret handshake?

    Forget why isn’t willie mitchell a ranger yet, why the hell is rozy still a ranger????

    USA got their butts handed to them, thoroughly outplayed physically by Canada, just like the rangers have been lately.

    What movie is mama in??

  79. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    flyers waived leighton??

    I smell fishies.

  80. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I think don cherry and torts were separated at birth!

  81. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I am experiencing a tiki moment…minus kate beckinsale sadly

    Night assens!!

  82. So why didnt we draft fowler? Oh thats right because we had a puck moving dman in del zotto?

    Fowler – 3g 15a in 36g (fresh off the 2010 draft as well, 1 ppg 7ppa)
    Del Z – 2g 7a in 35g (2ppg 3ppa)

    to early in either career to really say anything? yea probably but the numbers right now dont lie

  83. and for the record im only talking about this year because obviously del z had a stellar rookie year. I just think its kinda the way things go around here, we dont draft the best player available to us because we already have a similar player in del z and now this year were sending him down while the 18 year old rookie is having a very nice year.

  84. Just say NO to any Leaf veteran d-man. NO! NO! NO! And NO!

    And just say NO to Iglina, unless he can be had for Frolov and Rozey of course!

  85. Drury is not going anywhere until his contract is up and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was brought back after that on a much smaller deal of course.

    Rozsival, on the other hand, is almost a lock to be traded by next training camp. There are plenty of teams that have cap space that would want him at 1 year 3 mil especially when they wouldnt have to give up much of anything in return. In fact, if McDonagh pulls a Girardi, then Rozsival could be gone at the deadline…

  86. Richards, Iginla and Kaberle are all going to cost a lot. If the likes of Dominic Moore and Nik Antropov could return 2nd rounders and Ollie Jokinen when he was involved in the trade between the Coyotes and Flames could return a 1st rounder, just imagine what any of those 3 very productive players could fetch? And then there’s the fact that all of them have NTC or NMC.

    If you’re thinking about anyone of the 3 you’re talking at least one of Dubi/Cally/Stepan/Anisimov/Del Zotto along with a 1st round pick and probably the top defensive prospect. Just think of what Marian Hossa, who was due to be a UFA returned for Atlanta. 2 players and 1 recent first round pick in Esposito and a 1st round pick or what the Devils gave up for Kovalchuk; 1 player, 1 former first rounder in Bergfors, 1 near NHL-ready prospect in Cormier, a first round pick. In other words, trying to swap the likes of Rozi, Drury if he were to waive his NMC, Frolov, EC aren’t getting it done. Oh yeah, and those big blockbluster deals that teams made who were better contenders, neither of those teams won the Cup.

    The premium on the replacement value of one of those players (vis a vis who you’re giving up) isn’t enough to get the Rangers significantly closer to the Cup than they are right now. The front office has avoided making blockbuster trades such as that the past 5 seasons, they’ve traded trash for trash (Kalinin/Prucha/Dawes for Morris) or a project for a project (Tyutin for Zherdev or Korpikoski for Lisin), but they haven’t repeated Neil Smith’s post-1994 mistakes since the lockout.

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