It’s Go Time!


Steve Zipay reported earlier that Martin Biron will start in goal, and that Michael Del Zotto goes back into the lineup. Zip says that Tortorella called it a tough decision to prucha Matt Gilroy.

The rest of the lineup remains the same since the Rangers only have one extra player.

Tonight ends a three-game trip (1-0-1) with a two-game trip to start after the Rangers hit the mid-season point Wednesday at home against Carolina.

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  1. # Tiki January 2nd, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    The Rangers are the only original 6 franchise that have yet to take part in a Winter Classic.

    The Flyers are the early favorites to land next year’s Classic.

    And according to an ESPN article, all the classic or great stadiums have hosted the Classic (conveniently forgetting Yankee Stadium). And if you wanna pull the it’s the new Yankee Stadium BS, save it!


    Where is IZZY??? Im sick of this carcillo! And ilby again with the first! Ah, maybe he’ll be the new Izzy :hopeful:

  2. According to the beat writers tweets, there is a fire emergency in the arena and no one moved. Kinda like when people pulled the fire alarm in my college dorm, it happened so often, we rarely left.

  3. Good evening all! Happy game day! Think I’m gonna blog old school tonight…I could use the excercise :) LGR!

  4. Vinny’s had a setback with his knee, too. I’m beginning to think that he won’t play at all this season.

  5. That’s what I always used to do in school. Someone pulls the fire alarm, I’d just sneak away and hang around in the empty school.

    Nothing more creepy than an empty school. I used to have visions of Maxim Afinagenov chasing me down the hallway in skin tight leather pants, and not blinking for a second.

    Fuggin horrifying.

  6. Brandon Dubinsky-Derek Stepan-Mats Zuccarello
    Ruslan Fedotenko-Brian Boyle-Brandon Prust
    Alex Frolov-Artem Anisimov-Marian Gaborik
    Sean Avery-Chris Drury-Dale Weise
    Marc Staal-Dan Girardi
    Michael Del Zotto-Mike Sauer
    Steve Eminger-Michal Rozsival


  7. Funny, Mama, I’m exercising, too. Going up and down 2 flights stairs as I do ALL the laundry in the universe.

  8. Mama dont need exercise! Mama’s got a Jaromir-like backside and a Christina Aguilera-like shape to boot!

  9. Tiki, Yankee Stadium — new — took itself out of the running by scheduling those college football games for December-January time.

  10. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Gaborik is screwing up all over the ice, lately. One-dimensional game down to about 1/3 of a dimension. Gilroy has to sit? All the other D’s are Christ walking on water, now, so they never have to sit? Nice to know that, thanks, Carp. Eminger and Blozy are up for post-season honors, or something?

  11. Yes, Carp, they did. Larry Brooks suggested to play it in Central Park, lol. Did you see it?

  12. Mama, it’s one of the things I really miss about my previous living arraignements! I only had to go down one flight of stairs and it was FREE to do laundry.

  13. So the Panthers have “much more depth” on the 3rd and 4th lines than the Rangers, according to Bill Lindsay. Riiiight…

  14. The wood chuckin’ Geico commercial MIGHT be funnier than the jackwagon one. I can’t tell since I laugh my assen off at both of them every time.

  15. I already need to head back to the nail place tomorrow; my pink nails are fading ;-)

    Krisy!! Our Norwegian hobbit master!

  16. Amazing how Gilroy plays on a ‘zero tolerance rule’ one costly mistake after being solid and he’s back in the press box so Del Zotto can get back in. Meanwhile Rozsi gets to be Rozsi for 82 games

  17. Looks like a broken hand for Feds (blocked a shot, a la Cally). Boyle blocked a shot with his ankle. He’s still playing, but does look affected by it.

  18. Krissy, you have to check out the Rangers’ January schedule wallpaper!

  19. so I’m sitting here thinking about it and when you consider how healthy the Rangers have been over the last several seasons you realize that this is almost just the law of averages catching up to them. I mean going back to the Jagr days there really wasn’t much loss of man power on the ice aside from Jags’ groin and Shanny’s concussion. I’d say this is the most unhealthy this team has been since the lock out

  20. James, I don’t know about their health, but they sure are breaking, pulling and twisting a lot this year!

  21. Man do they look clueless or what. Plus they’re dropping like flies. This does not bode well for the immediate future.

  22. James G – I don’t have the numbers before 2008/09, but I’ve been tracking man-games missed to injury/illness taking into account the cap hit of each player for the last three years.

    The Rangers were the least injured team in the whole league for each of the last two years and (up to 30 November at least) have been the most injured this year.

    I’ll post links for anyone geeky enough.

    2010/11 (so far):

  23. LW, I swear I was going to ask if somebody had tracked that info….as we say to my niece, good job!

  24. ilb, yeah, I saw that Central Park thing. Made no sense at all. Where are they going to get 40,000 or more seats?

    If it comes to NY, it will be in the Meadowlands’ PSL Stadium.

    Here’s a suggestion, though maybe impossible: Michie Stadium at West Point.

  25. LW3H – I don’t think they’d be able to survive those type of injuries 2-3 years ago.

  26. ilb – Don’t know about that. Chris Chelios died in 1993 and still went on to play another 17 years in the league.

  27. Maybe the Rangers should look into wearing gloves made from the same material as Brodeur’s equipment. Nothing seems to hit them.

  28. Joe, it’s Callahan. And for Feds it was the right hand and for Cally, his left.

    Someon get Micheletti some memory pills, stat!

  29. >>Caption on the Panthers broadcast: “Marian Gaborik: Is he still an elite scorer?”

    Would you guys like me to answer that one for them?

  30. oh well, looks like Jay Cutler and Lovie Smith didnt care much about keeping their main rival out of the playoffs. they just hate New York more, such is life.

  31. Olga Folkyerself on

    I guess you can’t play run and gun against a powerhouse team like the Panthers.

  32. oh well. with any luck, Jay Cutler and his lack of effort has just sealed Tom Coughlin’s fate.

    It makes ZERO sense to go into next year with Coughlin as a lame duck head coach.

    But, New York has a long list of loser organizations!

    Im on Olga’s train! FIRE SATHER! FIRE SATHER!

  33. we actually gave up a goal to Higgins… looks like i may make a trip down to South Beach and Tanya Harding (Jeff Gilooly) Higgins’ legs.

  34. new york teams’ mismanagement makes me want to pull a mcsorley on myself.


    and these loser idiot Giants are clapping and hugging and shaking hands after their victory….led by fuggtard tom coughlin.

    hey tom, we missed the playoffs b/c of your lack of coaching, quit clapping you piece of carcillo

  35. Ranger killers remain Ranger killers even when they become Rangers on

    This team has no chance of going anywhere till they do something about their soft and confused D. Add that they can’t score goals, and it shows that their record so far is no more than a smoke screen! Fire Sather!!!

  36. not a great start to year, and yes, this is unusual for us on a back-to-back roader, but puhleeze, let’s not get ready for golf just yet shall we?

  37. so they drop 2 in a row have scored 1 goal in 2 games and haven’t looked good in about 6 games..with the tougher part of their schedule about to kick into gear…not good

  38. I had the craving of a 6 year old today and made strawberry Jello for the first time in 200 years, though sadly had no bananas to add in. Should be ready by 9. So I am not giving up on my Sunday, especially since I don’t have to work tomorrow! Positive unemployed attitude! LGR!!!!

  39. I have to agree with Joe, they desperately miss Callahan’s energy, forechecking and dare I say it, leadership.

  40. Can try to be a little positive. Basically a 1-goal game throughout, on a night where Rangers looked completely disjointed, had zero offensive flow, and couldn’t make a pass out of their own zone to save their skin (plus, Florida was rested, waiting, and played pretty well).

    Think I even saw more botched handoffs around the net than I have the whole season combined.

    Still, they hung in, worked, and gave themselves a chance late in game. About all you can hope for.

    The injuries have piled up and some guys (Drury? Did he dress?) barely showed up.

  41. Czechthemout!!! on

    Some random thoughts about this “game”

    Cris Drury is finished as a hockey player! He should stick to his pizza business full time! And his so called leadership skills? Bawahahahahaha!

    To all the blowzy defenders out there I have a question. Do you guys watch the games at all? I mean this clown is a turnover machine! He is the most in decisive player I have ever seen. And I know why. When he does decide on a play, it usually is the wrong one. He simply sucks! The legend of Steve Eminger is coming to an expected end. His play has been awful the last several weeks.

    I am very concerned by the last couple of games. Even the islanders game was not a well played game. I smell a losing streak coming.

    And in general, the lack of a puck moving damn on this team is disturbing. I thought we had one with MDZ but that has not materialized yet.

    Avery now has no confidence in his game at all. Good job Torts!

    Tough stretch of games coming up. I hope they can straighten out their play and stop playing for one point plus the shoot out like yesterday.

  42. Hammer, thanks for update. Phew….I know some of you have issues with him, but I like tenko and want him back….

  43. ddeb….aw. that’s not nice. there are plenty of jackwagons in the world. don’t think that qualifies…..

  44. Tryin’ Mama.

    They’ve shown us enough this year to warrant some faith. Things are a little out of sync right now; they’ll be some roster moves coming shortly that will start to sort things out.

    Not gonna win’em all. Managed a point from two tough road games. Not the end of the world.

    I’d sure like to see Zuke get his first though!

  45. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Prucha Gilroy??? When the hell does Torts Prucha Eminger? What is Eminger now, the new God on defense? The Redden-Rozy-Backman-Kalinin-Strudwick-Mara-Malik untouchable heir apparent? Christ, he’s a journeyman, sit him down for 2 games a month, even if he’s dating your sister. His plus-minus is going South, and fast, in case anyone hasn’t noticed. Meaning what, he gets to dress for 82 games?

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