It’s Go Time!


Rangers open 2011 against the Lightnings (7:30 start).

Lundqvist starts in goal.

Del Zotto is the only prucha, again.

Weise makes his return.

Probable lines to start:


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  1. GO BB! LGR! Go Sweet 16!!!

    you will all regret that i can watch and blog at same time :)

  2. Holy Carp, was anyone just watching the NHL Network? They just had 2 jackwagons (both wearing Crysby jerseys) inside the stadium playing a shootout in the NHL 2011 videogame. And out of the 6 shooters who do you think the only one to score was!?!?! Even in videogames, Buttman got his little baby to win the game on the last shot! Excuse me, I’m going to finish throwing up.

  3. Im excited to have our Mama with us during the Rangers game without having to run back and forth!!!!!!!!!!!

    My Mama Bear!!!

  4. is it cracking anyone else up that Drury is being waaaaaaaay too serious about making that pizza? “we don’t flip the dough here Brian! that’s how fingers get broken!”

  5. James, their loss!

    chick was bad interviewer who liked showing off her “chicks”. blech.

  6. Hey, everyone! HNY! I have zero interest in the Winter Classic. Heck, I hate winter.


  7. Chico says it’s shocking for their poor start, Uh Chico youre last in the league for a reason.

  8. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I love winter, my fave season and winter classic gets dvr’d.

    Nice French mama!!

    LGR and that pizza thing was a riot…who was that chick?

  9. The ultimate insult:

    We don’t get the Rangers game tonight because the NHL channel is showing Cindy warm his hot dog lips up for the winter classic.

    I’m hoping after NBC picks up the 8:00 start they will switch to the Rangers. Anyone else blocked out? We have center ice, but it’s not listed on any channel other than the NHL one.

  10. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    gotta go eat diner…LGR!!

    later assens!

  11. I got carped for the first time!:

    Pretty nice stat here: Rangers are 7th in the leauge in GAA, and 8th in the league for GFA

  12. Im hung! :)

    Mama, it was a French response to your “merci…”

    They ran into Lundqvist, that’s a penalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I like it so far, they matched their intensity and started to forecheck. And they actually match their speed.

  14. >>c’est moi, tres simple :) j’taime wicky et tous les wicksters :)

    Hey, stop the flirting [unless it’s with me]!

  15. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Gaborik hurts the PP more than he helps it. he is not a QB and rarely gets himself in good position for the shot. He just stays by the side boards.

    something needs to be changed with the PP

  16. >>brodeur pulled already lol

    “Marty doesn’t give up those types of goals too often.”

  17. gaborik fired a puck into 3 lightning players knowing that the puck would go the other way. then he takes himself completely out of the play by “trying” to throw a hit and doesnt get back to help on defense.

  18. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Well I want to watch the Winter Classic too and with a 16month old, only time for 1 game during the day so i will pull a late one tonight ;)

    Im sure it was fun for some people, we just stayed in bed and watched Glee…lol.

  19. Tampa is NOT a team we can reasonably expect to beat unless we get an offensive talent upgrade somwhere.

    I saw rumors that Calgary has offered Iginla to the Rangers already. Del Zotto is one of the players they want.

  20. >>Gaborik hurts the PP more than he helps it.

    You’re too right! It’s not that the guy doesn’t score, it’s that he’s rarely in a position to score.

  21. awww, that girl singing the National anthem is cute!

    I think we should all start liking Sydney Crysby! Who’s with me?

  22. Oh and Frolov should officially be written off as yet another Ranger UFA bust and should be dumped any possible way immediately.

  23. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I just turned 40 three days ago so I am embracing my old fogeyness with open arms

  24. This one is far from over. They need to stop odd man rushes. Otherwise, if they keep pressing in Tampa’s zone, they’ll be ok. Tampa gives up a lot of goals

  25. for fans at the “classic”…seems like closest seats are the 300s at MSG. what’s the point? I wouldn’t even go see the Rangers at Yankee stadium if I were 3 miles away from blue line….someone explain this to me….

  26. ilb, oh please…been there done that :)

    Blue, those records were supposed to be expunged!! :))))

  27. MAMA!

    It’s the experience of being at a football stadium for a hockey game. The pregame festivities, the atmosphere, the weather.

  28. >>for fans at the “classic”…seems like closest seats are the 300s at MSG. what’s the point?

    I think the point is to just be able to say, “I was there.” That’s it!

  29. Hyundai should fire their advertisement manager. He should join the Devils ticket sales office. Can’t do much more damage there..

  30. Im already done with this winter classic. Nobody can ruin hockey quite like Pierre Maguire and Doc Emrick.

    I guess that’s why I dont watch sports, or hockey, for fun, because the commentary is terribly terrible.

  31. I was there = (honest answer: and regret it. saw nothing. froze. drank overpriced beer. hung from new year’s. remember nothing. had great time. who won?)

  32. im startin’ to regret Mama overload tonight :(

    the winter classic is one of the few things the NHL has done right….
    except for of course not yet getting the Rangers in it at Yankee Stadium.

  33. Chico said something to the effect of, “If I’m a Devil player, the first time I feel a little tug or pull I’m going down. The refs have to feel like they should give the Devils a power play, although they would never admit that.”

  34. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Just to watch an outdoor game is amazing. Brings back memories for me; can only imagine what it is like for the players.

  35. Mama’s Unsweet 16 needs to actually show up for a change.

    Gaborik took a nice backhand there that missed the net. Nice aggressiveness.

  36. the idiot actually owns a pizza place.. how about focusing on clutching some clutch goals in like you did in Game 5 against us, Chris!

  37. NOw that they are not only on the boards they are getting some chances.

    Too bad when it is 5-on-5, they will stick to the boards.

  38. I gotta tell you all….don’t know how you do this all the time, watch and blog…kudos….i am on brain overload….may go back to my usual way next game :)

  39. Blue Seat Horror on

    Another bang up job by the officials. Apparently Marc Staal’s invisible tonight.

  40. >>….don’t know how you do this all the time, watch and blog…

    Try it a few more times; you’ll do just fine.

  41. Orr – havent you learned anything from this Rangers team? That they dont quit and have balanced scoring and can come back from multiple-goal deficits.

  42. thanks JBytes :) I can see it does take practice. I think tonight I’m just so blog happy …. I’ll find balance …..:)

  43. It’s all my fault. Every time I go to the Rangers in Tampa, we always win. Never lost. Didnt go either game this year, though.

  44. ORR, even Coke got smart and gave up “classic” and just went back to Coke….

    p.s I love the Stanley Geico commercial. cracks me up.

  45. My Lightning front office contact couldnt get me the free tickets behind the Rangers bench that I wanted. Must be because the Lightning are good this year :(

  46. >>shite JB, that brings me back :)

    Oh? I’m shocked that someone recognises one of my songs. I think that one was a moderate hit in the US.

  47. I think they need to give the fourth line a bit more ice time. Avery is skating well and Weise looks good. The only problem, Drury last scored before he opened his restaurant.

  48. former rangers jed ortmeyer was signed by the houston aeros. I will get to see him in person now lol

  49. refs arent hung! they become referees b/c of low self-esteem and a need for power and control! if they were hung, they wouldnt have low self-esteem :)

  50. oy. why do they keep referring to moore as the harvard man. so hartnelling what?!!

    and playing the rocky song during fights is beyond stupid

  51. i know i’m late with this but moore goes crazy
    Dubi pulls him off of Staal
    and get punched in the face by moore
    Dubi gets 2 minutes.

    the biggest consolation is that we’re better
    offensively when we’re down a man.

  52. OY. I don’t know what to say. thank heavens for Hank, and we’re certainly holding them….but something feels wrong in my gut….

  53. Rangers just don’t have it tonight. Can’t pass, can’t shoot.

    Half the team is minor leaguers, half the team is 3rd and 4th liners and the other half is high priced guys who are doing zilch.

  54. Shots on goal through two periods
    Gaborik: 1
    Stamkos: 5

    I wonder which of the two is trying to earn his pay cheque.

  55. No smoking, guys and gals!!!!

    That’s the worst thing any of you can do, is smoke!!!

    You want to cheer the Rangers longer, then quit smoking so you’ll be alive longer to see them!


  56. That’s the type of the game where we need Gaborik….They’re getting some chances, but can’t put one in the net. All they need is one shot

  57. The good news: Rangers have had their best effort in recent games in third periods.
    The bad news: the next goal will probably be an empty-netter.

  58. true ilb, true….it’s just that i had the most perfect 9 nine days through holidays (miracle!) and I just want to end it with tonight…..

  59. Blue, I know!!!! blech!!! tried them first time I went over the pond…to be suave and cool….almost died…:)

  60. For any die hard Gabby fans on here, i hope this doesnt offend you…

    but on Gaborik’s FB page, he still has a picture of him holding his 5 pucks from his 5 goal performance against the Rangers. It’s one of 4 pictures of him on there.

    I think that says everything we need to know about Gaborik. Sure, he’d like to win, but he doesnt really care if we win or lose, or if he helps our team win. He has no loyalty to us.

  61. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Go RANGERS!!!"...& Greg L. on

    im watching both , Rangers online and the winter classic on tv ( no sound).

    we need a goal and were golden , we have won these tye of road games …thats why were the best.

  62. Tiki, not sure how much involved Gaborik is on his FB page…
    AND…he scored 5 goals, I’d be proud no matter who it was against….

  63. Blueshirt in Paris on

    In about 10yrs ill be smoking them, drinking pastis and playing boules probably…lol

  64. miked – no matter who runs his FB page, that picture should not be there. You’re right, he should be proud, but now he works for the New York Rangers, and that picture shouldnt be there, bottom line. Like I said, he has no loyalty to us. As evidenced by his presence in the 3rd place game in the Olympics last year.

  65. Blue, LMAO again! …if you don’t mind, would love to chat american in paris with you some time. I hope to get back there in 2011….e-mail me at merci beaucoup

  66. I love France, I love French, but listening to this goalie’s name every 2 seconds is making me want to go all Italy on his assen@!!! :)

  67. Tiki,
    I agree on the Olympics, but the photo of the 5-goal game is not a big deal IMO.
    I’m not the biggest Gaborik fan by any means. yes, he gives us a legit sniper, but he isn’t the consistent gamebreaker we’d all hoped.
    I’d trade Gaborki and Lundqvist to L.A. for Brown and Quick. Color me crazy, but i would

  68. OMG!!!!!

    i’m going to keep asking this until some answers arrives
    and makes an iota of sense!!!!

    is that our only breakout play out of our zone — bounce the puck along
    the boards???? is it??? IS IT?!?!?!!?!??!

    how byfuglien pathetic is that each and everytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can’t take much more it.

  69. we’re holding them, but that’s all. and that’s good, but not enough. Canes beating Debbies, too…(well, no surprise). Looks like the weathermen are taking over tonight. winter classic inhartnellingdeed.

  70. This team’s ability to make rookie goalies look like Vezina winners is in full effect tonight

  71. miked – Id get rid of Gaborik and his $7 million cap hit in a heartbeat. Not LQ. Great goalies dont grow on trees. :)

  72. JB, for all the shite Kovalbuckets get, I’d take his deal in a sec !!! show me the money!!!! for nothing!!!!

  73. Blueshirt in Paris on

    If you do, we should meet up for a drink. Though we might be moving out of Paris this year, down to the Loire Valley but will still be working some days in Paris. Would love to have a few and chat hockey.

  74. agreed on goalies. I just think Quick will be the next/ better than Ryan Miller sooner, rather later

  75. I love beautiful women who speak French and have a unique and awesome name! That must mean I love my Mama bear!

  76. Blue, I think I can suffer in the LV….:) e-mail me s’il te plait? the pastis is on me…..

  77. i don’t know if this game is just taking forever and ever
    or it’s just the red wine working its way through me.

  78. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Well I should warn you we might be buying a vineyard so you will have to suffer drinking lots of wine…can you handle it?

    Ok, will do.

  79. funny, i was just talking about that — trade Gabby

    and buy out cap clutch (ala the thoughts of the Rodent)

    drop frolov like a hot potato

    ummm…..need more wine

  80. Would be nice to see Avery or Gaborik do SOMETHING, ANYTHING this game to help us get a point out of this at least.

  81. huh? we’ve added equipment to protect from shot blocking? where was it earlier? I am, naturally, confused…

  82. buying out the players doesnt do anything….their cap hit still stays.. i knew the moment we signed Gabby, mainly b/c he’s injury prone, it was wasted money

  83. Blue…..can’t talk now. am online exploring flights etc…..Here’s my new resume start: Dear employer, please hire me but I’ll need time off at a moment’s notice and don’t know when I’ll be back. e-mail me at BluehostingAveryfanforawhile….:)

  84. wow! the best physical move of the night.
    Rozy taking moore down for the extra whack on Hank.

    carcillo-esque announcers for the ‘bolts
    (forced to listen due to Rangers radio being
    a minute behind tv video feed.)
    complaining about how opposing teams
    suddenly act tough on moore
    when they come in the building
    it was a swipe at Boyle
    then Rozy

  85. Mama, I think Cally’s broken hand so freaked out Torts that he ordered the extra padding the second he found out about it

  86. Tiki

    right now, i can handle the injury prone
    aspect of Gabby if he would show a thing or
    two when he is on the ice!!!!

    over the past 5 games (or more)
    he’s shot about as well as Boogard

  87. Blue Seat Horror on

    It’s pretty bad when Dominic Moore is a better agitator than Sean Avery (sorry mama).

  88. Mickey, after the holidays, if they need extra padding they can just wrap me around them :)

  89. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Well its less of a cap hit but it would be a cap hit for 2 years when he only has one more left. it is not that much of a difference and who takes his place?

  90. druy — buyout

    does NTC mean he cannot be sent down to the Whale?
    even so, i can’t EVER see him being sent down ala
    even when his play looks no better than him.
    i’m tired of him wasting a uniform and a spot on the bench.

    out with him!!!!!!

  91. Blueshirt- it will save them $3.6M next year and will leave only $1.6M cap hit a year after. It does make sense.

  92. Blue Seat Horror on

    If they keep sending worthless vets to Harftord, the farm system will lose too much depth.

  93. ilb

    i like the way you’re thinking.
    at this point,
    his worth in a uniform is worse
    than his cap hit.

    i had a fear that this team would
    start sliding down a hill
    when drury came back

    hate to be right.

  94. What a great play by Frolov. That would have been the highlight of his season to date if he finished that.

  95. While we know this won’t ruin Dru’s New Year……. we want to start the year with 2 points!

  96. For the most part, Im against paying a player to play for another team – in a sport with a salary cap. Like the Stars are doing with Avery. Especially a guy in the final year of his contract as Drury will be next year.

  97. Avery has indeed been very dull most of this season. A few games here and there, he’s been very noticeable, but not the majority of the season. Almost as if he’s got a Blogmama he’s more concerned with gettin’ home to! :)

  98. Blueshirt in Paris on

    So its a 5mil cap hit which carries 1.6 over to a 2nd year or a 1yr 7mil hit…plus he only gets paid 5mil in real dollars next year.

    I know he doesn’t do a lot but who are you going to get to fill in for him for less then 3mil? it would have to be a lot less then 3mil otherwise it doesn’t make sense? No one in Hartford is ready to make the jump and from all reports he is a good captain and a good influence for the kids.

  99. Tiki
    i don’t hink the stars are thinking much about
    that portion of Avery’s salary right now since
    they’re winning

    we were a better team without drury
    and i’d like to see it that way again.


  100. GABBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  101. There’s your one shot ILBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BYFUGLIEN YEAH!!! GABBYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. HOLY HOLY!!!

    wow, i’d been messing around with my guitar most of the game, only half paying attention. then i put it away and watched the last 1:30 and well, timing is everything

  103. Just when I packed up and moved the computer back to the home office!!!! AHHHHHHHH! CONSPIRACY!!!

  104. if drury is such a great leader for the kids
    then why has the team returned to its
    lackluster ways for the entire first period
    with a bit of life in the second and
    then a desperate comeback in the third.

    that type of stuff is NOT good hockey
    and as the club’s leader it’s happened
    TOO many times this year and last.

    what’s the cap hit with drury now?
    isn’t it his whole salary or…?


  105. Blue Seat Horror on

    If they want to get rid of Drury just tell him to keep blocking shots…don’t want him injured…just saying.

  106. oh well, we got a stolen point out of this. good teams manage to get points when they dont deserve them. a victory tonight.

    thanks LQ for getting us that point.

  107. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    You gotta slow em down in the neutral zone. And both D men cant go sliding to stop a pass, SOMEONE has to play the man.

  108. That was Gaborik’s man, but only after Sauer slid down forcing Gilroy to play the pass.

  109. Rangers aren’t doing well against the SE this year:

    1-1-0 vs WSH
    0-1-2 vs TB
    1-0-0 vs FLA
    0-1-0 vs ATL
    0-1-0 vs CAR

    2-4-2, yikes.

  110. Cut the crap, Orr. We fought back to get a much needed point. LQ got us that point with his heroics all game. One lapse in OT ended it. This was a great start to 2011; another sign that the Rangers are headed in the right direction. A much more talented team and we nearly beat them, and didnt quit.

  111. CT
    didn’t matter.
    can’t wait for that faceoff stat tonight
    because it would surprise me if we
    even reached 30% in wins.

    speed kills
    and we got run over

  112. sigh. was actually almost hoping for a SO. sigh.

    well, I’d hoped to start the year on a better note gamewise, but….for the team, it’s still the same year! so LGR!!! even though not a lot of heads here tonight, I had a great time on my inaugural blog/watch night. thanks for tolerating my mama overload…..I’ll learn, as JB said……je t’aime tous les tetes!!!!

    that means, i love all you heads….:) ilb, take it away in Russian please….

  113. Blueshirt in Paris on

    you are right, it makes even less sense

    Season Actual Salary Cap Hit Buyout Savings Buyout Cap Hit
    2011-2012 $5,000,000 $7,050,000 $1,666,667 $3,333,333 $3,716,667
    2012-2013 $0 $0 $1,666,667 $-1,666,667 $1,666,667

    $3,716,667+$1,666,667=$5,383,334 cap hit over 2 years if we buy him out

    $7,050,000 over 1 year if we don’t.

    Difference of 1,666,666 saved in cap space.

    Considering he has to be replaced with a body that make as least league minimum you are talking about 1mil saved. does that really make a lot of sense to you?

  114. except for the occasional pushing match with moore
    we didn’t show a helluva lot of fight
    pp — awful again
    breakout — nearly non-existent unless you consider
    just shooting it of our zone a breakout
    play in their zone — got better as each minute passed
    but we only really showed something for a few shifts.
    we made their goalie look like an allstar (a typical Ranger gift)
    and didn’t really force a lot play in their end.

  115. vs the NE

    1-1-0 vs BOS
    2-0-0 vs BUF
    0-0-0 vs MTL
    2-0-1 vs TOR
    1-1-0 vs OTT

    Guess it’s not the SouthLeast anymore.

  116. Desjardins had to make some good saves, but that was only when he actually had to face shots. Tampa’s D isn’t exactly clamp down but I agree with those that say the Rangers didn’t have enough sustained pressure.

  117. Blueshirt- you’re averaging what shouldn’t be. 3.6M cap saving next year is a big deal. 1.6M hit for the year after doesn’t hurt that much, since Roszival’s and Avery’s contract will be off the books.

  118. for those wanting to keep drury due to
    what the cap hit will be over time
    put in redden’s name in there instead
    and let’s see if you’d be saying the same

    because at this point in time
    drury isn’t playing much better than redden did last
    time he was in a Ranger uniform.

    where was the CLUTCH tonight or in the past few games?
    MOORE for tampa had MORE Clutch tonight.

    drury looked like he was still working through his
    nye hangover!

  119. The puck is making a wake on the ice in the WC, let it be known they should never play a WC game in Pitt ever again.

  120. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Well if you are saying that as half a joke I will lol and agree.

    But if you really mean it, that’s a bit silly.

    Unless its the difference of going after a difference maker FA signing or trade, I would not due it. We have the cap space to carry him for his 1 year.

  121. >>The puck is making a wake on the ice in the WC

    Are you sure the “Fox puck” didn’t make a comeback?

  122. $3.3M cap savings….Look, I don’t think they will have a choice if they plan to sign anyone of value

  123. As lackluster as Drury plays, it’s not like he’s stealing minutes from anyone on the team that deserves it more at this point. He’s playing 4th line and PK minutes. Last minute with the goalie pulled he wasn’t out there. Would it be nice to have his $7mn in cap space to work with? Of course, but no one is taking him off their hands and he can’t be demoted.

  124. Blue Seat Horror on

    Both the Capitals and Penguins are going to be hammered by the flu after this game. Good thing we won’t have to watch that on 24/7.

  125. anyway to get drury off the team, no matter the fiscal cost, we should do. waste of a roster space

  126. haha wow. winter classic. orpik and malkin holding down , pushing perault. nothing. perault gets up and gets shoved from behind with no helmet on by fleury. no calls

  127. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Redden still has 3 years left after this year, Drury has one.

    ILB, I understand the difference. But you are still carrying extra cap hit on a year that should be the year that we will finally have a lot of options cap space wise.

    I am not in Sathers mind but if there is no need for that cap space next year why would you do it?

    You might not have much for him but a lot of players on the team do respect him. I dont see that as a good message to send.

    Anyway we are wasting time on this (its 4:30am for me) it wont happen, look how long it took for them to deal with Redden.

  128. jpg –
    “i had a fear that this team would
    start sliding down a hill
    when drury came back

    hate to be right.”

    By my count the Rangers have taken 10 out of 14 points since Drury’s been back. While missing one of their most important players in Cally during that same time.

    That would be a 117 point season. Maybe you’re not so right after all. Just sayin’

  129. >>You might not have much for him but a lot of players on the team do respect him.

    That’s hardly good enough reason to waste money on a nonproductive forward. Again, that whole respect and leadership thing is a lot of rubbish.

  130. So, what do you guys think the chances are of the Rangers signing Zach Parise to a massive offer sheet this offseason? The Devils are so byfuglien’d under the cap that there’s no way they can match.

    I think rather than Brad Richards, that’s THE move to make.

  131. Is this really a Rangers fans’ forum? Unbelievable amount of negativity after a gutsy performance to at least get a point from a hot team that’s even hotter when at home.

  132. Wow. This Rangers team reallyl can’t find a way to beat the Tampa or Philly. Two teams that will most certainly stand in their way if they want to try to get ANYwhere in the playoffs.

    Sick of seeing no name goalies from the AHL own the Rangers. doesn’t matter the year, the players on the Rangers roster or who the coach is. Feels like they lose to up and comers more often then Hef’s gotten some at the playboy mansion.

    Say what you want about how we’ve had all these contributors this season on offense. It’s still amazing how once you take away one or two key players there’s maybe one line of legit offense that can be put together.

    Frolov= Waiver candidate.

  133. the play has been bad.
    i’m not talking about points here.
    i’m talking about how the team is playing
    since drury came back.

    it’s been nearly a half dozen games where we’ve started each game
    badly and been outplayed.

    nice cindy barely gets tapped and gets away with a slash on the caps player

  134. So within a week Crosby loses his point scoring streak and then loses in this year’s winter classic. Atleast the start of 2011 isn’t a total disappointment.

  135. Lowell- I don’t think there is that much of negativity. I thought they outplayed Tampa for stretches of second and the whole third period. Tampa goalie made some great saves. And the team persevered again.

  136. N.CountryNYRFan on

    what a bunch of sore losers the pens left the ice before shaking hands like previous winter classic games

  137. ORR, this was not just a regular season match; it was The Winter Classic. Don’t you forget it!

  138. am i happy that we got a point?
    am i amazed AND happy that we got a goal when the
    goalie was pulled?
    (because i recall the multiple times when we looked better offensively
    with a man down than an extra Ranger on the ice….pp and end of game)

    do i feel like we were lucky to get out of there with a point?

    it troubles me that we continue this streak of really really bad first periods
    yes, it’s nice that we come around…eventually.
    and yes, that’s a positive sign
    it should not be that way
    game in and game out.

  139. isles trade roloson to tampa for a prospect. guess they have no faith in the kid tonite or ellis

  140. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    wow, what an interesting last few games by the rangers…kinda make me want to drop a few baise bombs (last one for mama).

    Eminger again was the most physical ranger d man by a lot.

    I agree about making whatever trade sooner than later.

    speaking of trades, we traded rozy and mdz for iginla??

    speaking of mdz, I think it is time he goes to the whale, gilroy sits, and vtank gets a few games.

    speaking of gilroy, I have said it numerous times before, our d men go down waaaayyyy too much.

    That was a good point to get the way we played!

    We need to fight more….our team has lost it’s edge a bit.

    moore absolutely out avery’d avery tonight….avery needs way more ice time or some kind of wake up call. I honestly think he plays his best with 12 to 15 minutes per game. Torts obviously isn’t going to give it to him, so there needs to be a wake up call or something.

  141. Jpg- your point is well taken. But do you realize how mush this team is outclassed by Tampa, talent-wise?

  142. I always
    enjoy jpg’s
    haiku posts
    not only are they enjoyable
    but they’re smart and
    fun to read

    hahaha I make myself LOL…

    see you tomorrow all! TA!!! LGR!

  143. ilb I agree. they make the rangers look slow and unskilled. same as Philly. not trying to drop the negativity bomb but the schedule is going to be a lot tougher starting this month and i have a feeling we’re gonna see this team level off.

    I’m not too fond of this “it was a good loss” thing the guys on this team seem to embrace btw. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about how they’re basically satisfied to come out of the game with a point and how they did some good things. Kind of alarming. especially after a couple of wins that they weren’t exactly flawless in.
    Really not sure what direction this team is going to go in over the next 3 months.

  144. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    btw ILB, shouldn’t you and CCCP turn this into a Ukrainian blog, not russian??

  145. Blueshirt in Paris on

    >>That’s hardly good enough reason to waste money on a nonproductive forward. Again, that whole respect and leadership thing is a lot of rubbish.

    You obviously have never played a team sport then and hundreds of GM who make their livelihood in professional sports are all wrong when they talk about leadership and respect for players in their locker room.

    There is no team, except for the Islanders, that would NOT take Drury at 1mil.

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