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1) I get all of this: That wins are wins are wins. That the bottom line is, did you get the two points? That there’s no such thing as a perfect game. That sometimes you have to win when you don’t play your best. That it says something when you gut it out and find a way. But I think the Rangers lately are playing too many incomplete games and getting away with them, and that often leads into a losing streak. Just sayin’.

2) This whole Michael Del Zotto thing is a dangerous game. John Tortorella has handed out tough love to skilled players in the past, and he knows what he’s doing. You’d have to grant him the benefit of the doubt on that. And maybe a little trip to Hartford would have long-term benefit. Or maybe it won’t come to that, and instead these healthy scratches will be enough. But I think there’s a risk that Del Zotto will become too shell-shocked, that he will be afraid to be aggressive and to use his skills and weapons. And I think back to Brian Leetch, who went from being an all-star to an all-timer when Mark Messier arrived and he learned to not worry about making a big mistake once in a while. And I also think that other than, perhaps, Marc Staal, no Rangers defenseman has more potential to be a special player than Del Zotto.

3) I know I ride Staal sometimes. I thought he was fabulous in this game. His partner, Dan Girardi, too.

4) In every game there are good bounces and bad bounces, good breaks and bad breaks. Well, that’s true, but the Rangers got a great bounce and a great break when Jason Arnott had that enormous chance late in the third and shot it over the crossbar and into the screen.

5) Henrik Lundqvist was terrific, and he needed to be that, and he really does rule the Devils.

6) Brian Boyle=Monster.

7) The Devils are a mess, and you already knew that. But when you have a team that scores exactly one goal every game, how is it a good thing to bring in a Jacques Lemaire to coach it, a guy who believes in backing off and squelching offense? Was the thinking that, “well, we can’t score two, so we’d better try to win 1-0?”

8) Anybody glad it was Lou Lamoriello, and not Glen Sather, who went after Ilya Kovalchuk?

9) Wonder if we’re going to see Dubinsky-Stepan-Gaborik for a while now. And if Erik Christensen’s injury means another dose of Dale Weise.


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  1. Devils Arnott scoring. Devils Arnott any good. Devils Arnott making the playoffs. This is fun.

    Rangers miss Callahan’s work ethic, although not as much as the Devils are missing Parise. The Rangers have enough guys who still give it their all even with Callahan out.

  2. oh henry bar..its got chocolate…nougat…its delicious!

    agree with the fact that too many of these ‘winning without your best stuff games’ leads to problems. might be the right time to get Del Z back in too. whatever message hes trying to send shoulda been received by now

  3. The best part about last night was the Fishsticks ended Hotdog Lips’ streak and the comparisons to TGO are quiet, for now.


    Yes, the Boys better get their game together. They’ve been lucky.

  4. the Rangers played a desperate team playing desperate hockey and won. I don’t think that is a sign of a team getting ready to go on a losing streak, I think it is a sign of a good team.
    on MDZ,
    who are you going to take out? Gilroy, who has been playing well. what kind of message does that send. MDZ is going to have to sit and wait his turn now.

  5. Very well said, bull dog. On both accounts. The Devils, and it was obvious, decided to come out with the effort equaled to game 7. It was almost like, if we can’t do it against the Rangers, then we just can’t, period. The Rangers won by at least matching the intensity of a desperate team in stretches, some luck, superior goaltending, and by an outstanding PK. And yes, they will have to elevate their game more after the NY, no doubt. And they need Callahan back..

    The issue with MDZ is much more complex. Gilroy isn’t coming out the way he’s been playing. Who is?

    Lastly, if I were the Devils fan, I’d be suicidal today. They came out and gave, arguably, their best effort so far, played hard, generated chances, Marty was on his game, etc..And they still lost.

  6. Morning all. I will take the two points and run. I agree they weren’t their best last night, but I am hoping when they get back on the gravy train of more games after the break, they will bring it. I feel they are a little better under pressure and always look a little shaky inconsistent after a break. And Boyle! love it. I feel he is def one of the guys who gives everything like Cally would, so it is nice to watch! Isles ending Sausage lips made my heart sing! Have a great day all

  7. Don’t want to get carried away, but this team has a lot of potential. And something must be wrong with the universe, because I’m almost starting to like Torts.

  8. Kc I actually like Torts. It may have something to do with the fact that he looks like “the Fonz” and I had a huge crush on him when I was little. But I do really like his style. I think it is rough at times, but I respect it just the same.

  9. Maybe it’s just winning, but he was often unprofessional last year in his handling of the press, which reflected badly on the team. But good for him, he seems to have changed his attitude this year.

  10. Grabbywaffles(sir spins alot)-URY on

    bulldog- gilroy wasnt that good last night. his 2 goals were flukey at best. i say put dz back in. how does gilroy make that horrible pass right to the devil player in the first period? that was horrific, especially for a guy fighting to stay in the lineup. he hasnt made as many mistakes as dz, but dz is gonna have to play soon. its hard even to take rozy out cuz hes ben solid most times too. but they should not keep sitting dz. sned him to hartford. they might be trading gilroy soon. maybe thats why hes playing so much now.

  11. Kovalchuk would be in a much better situation in NY. Torts would hold him accountable but let him loose on offense.

    Difference between this years team and last years is that they aren’t afraid to make that extra pass. Seems like Torts preaches creativity and the guys are making those extra cross ice passes if it’s there to setup the open man. It’s finally a fun team to watch.

  12. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Gilroy’s gloals were fluky but he got them…got them by joining/leading the rush, getting shot through and on net. Dont see many of our dmen doing that. dont take that away from him.

  13. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I for one don’t think kovie would be much different here. he looks like a player trying to do too much, trying to live up to the hype and the contract.

  14. I survived Newark!

    Actually as a Ranger fan there’s absolutely no reason to feel threatened in the Pebble. I put the video of Dubi’s empty netter on my FB. You might not be able to see the puck go into the net because I think I raised my arms to slap high fives with the rows of Rangers fans sitting around me by the time puck crosses the line.

    Devils fans are a fragile bunch. They were rightfully happy when they scored, but after Boyle tied it so quickly I think there was a collective “here we go again”. As much as the Devils pelted Lundqvist, I think the Rangers remained very composed and calm in trying to collect rebounds and loose pucks. They didn’t pressure the Devils D as much as I thought they should have, but I thought they cleaned up the mess in their own end when it needed cleaning.

    It’s funny to hear the Devils fans hatred of Avery. Not only is he in some of the Devils players heads, but the entire “fanbase” as well.

    And yes, Brian Boyle is becoming a force. Scoring, fighting, creating chances. He also looks to be one of the guys that keeps the lockerroom loose. That trade is looking better and better each game.

  15. Had my first chance to use a friend’s VIP seats last night @ the Rock.

    Unbelievably good. There’s basically an outrageous, all-you-can-eat catering hall/bar about 20 rows from the ice. Perfect sight lines, absolutely gorgeous arena that puts MSG to shame. The Belvedere girls were a plus. :)

    Just saying if anyone wants to treat themselves, even if it’s not a NYR-NJ game, definitely go for it. Tix run $250 per, though you could probably catch’em on Stub Hub for a lot less.

    Torts was right, Staal was an animal in the 3rd, and up close Brian Boyle looks like a freakin’ building. He’s also got that (dare I say?) Mario Lemieux thing going.

    He doesn’t look that fast, but no one’s catching him!

  16. Oh I dont know if I need a psychiatrist but the Rangers left me sleepless last night.. It was very strange …I felt so tired shortly before the game but with the prospect that the game would start in 10 minutes before seven local time ten minutes to 1 am in the morning I decided to start to watch it despite needing to work the next day aroundd 8 am…

    But I dont know what it was..I probably fell asleep half because I thought I would watch it there were a dozen of shots by the Devils in the first period on the shotclock but I probably didnt have seen them..

    Very strange, I hope its not a serious defiency but I hope if it is like that then its possible to heal it…..

  17. it was a great night. rangers win in there home-away-from-home and the fish-sticks end cindys streak!

    carp, i agree with what you said a few days ago. gilroy is being showcased for a trade later on. but, dont be surprised to see MDZ back in v. tb. gilroy played well but had some bad TO’s last night.

    i mentioned this back in the summer, but i think brad richards would be huge on this team. i have been watching him alot this season knowing he will be traded at the deadline or a UFA in July. he is one of the best playmakers in the league. he as 17G 25A 42 PTS in 37 games.
    only 30 and i think he has a conn smythe trophy too? how good will a dubi-richards-gaborik line look?

    dallas can use a puck moving dman (who doesnt) the rangers have depth at D. makes sense. i wouldnt trade anyone off the roster except gilroy, roszy or eminger, but at the deadline we have seen really good players go for peanuts in the past as salary dumps.

    what do you think?

  18. Today it is just crazy, I feel the whole day absolut whacked…

    Come on ! Rangers fans cant be kind of a sissi like that needs to come through with only an hour of sleep with the next three days off!!!!!

  19. On MDZ – I don’t think yet having him pressboxed will have negative repercussions, but keeping him there like Tortorella did previously with Gilroy is the wrong thing to do.

    At 20 years of age, he needs to play, both for his confidence and to gain experience. If he cannot make it regularly into the top 6, then off to the Whale he must go, IMO.

    The other factor is possible trades. It doesn’t have to be MDZ (and given his skillset, I’d prefer he remain a Ranger), but what would Girardi fetch, I wonder? Again, I’m not saying Girardi must go, but let’s face facts: This team still is suspect when it comes to overall skill, especially on the forward lines. I have no idea what might be out there, but if there’s a top 6 young forward available and the team with that player is looking to shore up it’s defense, it’s worth exploring, I think.

  20. I think MDZ’s biggest problem is fatigue. He played a full rookie season, is playing a full sophmore season, and the constant rushing and physical play he has been exhibiting is taking a toll mentally. Fatigue is usually the major cause of mistakes on the ice. Conversely, we are seeing a fresh Gilroy, who is motivated and rested. Now Gilroy is older, and much closer to physical maturity at 26. I think MDZ either needs afew days off or even a stint in Hartford (not quite as rigorous). Maybe this “groing injury” will require the rehab stint with the Whale and their wonderful tutor Wade Redden.

    MDZ is a cornerstone of the NYR future. Don’t worry about him.

  21. Some thoughts, the NYR definitely need to address some things:

    1) Bad giveaways and soft play by Roszival…not acceptable. He should be the leader on defense. Far from it. It is outrageous. There have been too many games of the same carcillo with him.

    2) Tomas Kundratek should be called up and MDZ should be sent to CT to work on his game. Blowzy should be the #7 d-man.

    3) Dale the Whale is looking to stay longer this time.

    4) Brian Boyle deserves an even bigger role on the team. He has been the most consistently productive forward on the team…It is a toss up btw him and Dubi for NYR MVP this seaon

    5) Does anybody really miss Boogaard? NYR should buy him out. What a waste of space (cap & physical).

  22. Remember this about MDZ: he was surely gonna be sent to the minors last year. No one expected him to start at MSG and be quite effective at that. To me, this whole MDZ thing has been a great surprise. The wall he has hit is just a part of the process. He will be fine. This isn’t EC we are talking about. This kid has stones.

  23. jim,

    no need to trade girardi. last year i wanted him gone after the gabby situation in philly. but now i say no way. staal and girardi are turning into a great combo and a staple of the team.

    no need to trade girardi because sather can get what the team needs for alot less than girardi

  24. MDZ has potential to be great but I think he needs to play. Sitting and watching won’t do him any good. Send him to CT for a week or 2.

  25. Girardi’s been their most consistent defensive D this year. Staal can definitely play better than him when he’s on his game (Staal adds more to the offensive side of the game as well) but Girardi’s had to best game to game performances.

    No to Richards, especially with what Dallas will probably ask if there’s a lot of bidders for his services. Stepan and Anisimov might not be Yzerman/Fedorov or Sakic/Forsberg but they’re very much part of the present of the franchise and should be part of the future. You need to let them play and Richards would cut into their ice time and growth.

  26. the way mdz has been playing Whale jersey is a perfect fit. Its not a bad thing, he will be a Ranger for many more years to come…. He needs to take a step back and go back to the basics

  27. its funny how the tone has changed here in the past year…last year this time we were all b*&ching about how bad the team was playing and how sather should just go away and let messier take over.

    2011 looks like it could be a good year. not expecting a cup but its going to fun to watch and support this team again.

    boyle= almost a monster. nobody could ever expect what he has done so far this season

    prust- more like tikkanen than avery is right now. with cally out for a while, prust role as lunch pale guy more important.

    dubi- i wasn’t sold on him until this season. he really took off when gabby was out.

    fedotenko- nice surprise, i like his game

    stepan- better than advertised…potential 30 goal, 50 assist guy in future

    staal- has been all star caliber dman

    girardi- close to all star caliber

    sauer- big surprise

    gabby, henke, cally- all stars already.

    i hate to say it but you gotta give satan (i mean sather) and torts credit.

  28. Anisimov is a nice player, but you don’t win cups with 3rd line centers. In fact, Anisimov is a very weak player for a guy his size. He has talent for sure, but again, he is a 3rd line center. The Rangers have a franchise full of #3 centers. I am not advocating trading anyone right now, but if you can get Richards as UFA (especially with White, Frolov, etc. coming off the books), you MUST do it. MUST.

    Richards is arguably a top 5 NHL center. Abolutely what the NYR will need July 1.

  29. Sather gets killed on here (and most of it is warranted)…but you look at the makeup of this team currently and forget about his MANY mistakes and he’s assembled a pretty nice little core. I haven’t seen this much homegrown talent on this team in quite a while.

    Now he just needs to trade Frolov.

  30. And it has taken a couple years, but this team has really started to take on the personality of it’s coach. I like it.

  31. ctblueshirt,

    take a look back at the last few deadline days. most high end guys who are potential UFAs get traded for 3rd round picks or low end talent. i agree, dont trade any of the young forwards or MDZ. believe me, when richards is traded, to whatever team it is, you will say wow thats all they got for him!

    the stars are in a bad spot, they know he is going, they cant pay him what he wants. everyone in the league knows that. he will be traded for a pick and a 5th dman or a prospect from AHL or jr’s

  32. Noah,
    Sather gets killed, but I blame the individual players as well. Sather made a lotta guys wealthy beyond their dreams expecting them to live up to their end of the bargain. Redden a prime example. If you have the balls to sign that deal, you better live up to it. That is why I hate Drury and Rozi. Yes, Sather was dumb enough to pay them, but they owe the NYR something for that $$$. Prust makes less that $1mil per. Drury and others should be ashamed of themselves. If these guys had half the shame Markus Naslund had, they would retire and give some of that money back.

  33. Anisimov is still just 22, in his 2nd full season. In his pre-NHL career he’s shown that he can adapt very quickly to the next level of competition. It takes some of the bigger guys some time to grow into their bodies and get comfortable with the NHL.

    Richards is going to demand Drury/Gomez type money and probably at least a 5 year deal. For the next season the Rangers can’t afford to do that since they have RFA deals with Dubi, Cally, Anisimov to work on even with Prospal/Frolov/White coming off the books.

    I’d put Crosby, Malkin, Backstrom, Dastyuk, Zetterberg, Toews, Mike Richards, Sedin ahead of Brad Richards. But Brad will be the only one available, still you’re going to be paying an awful lot for the last couple of years of his peak production and there’s always the risk his production sags as we’ve seen so many times with big name FAs coming to NY.

  34. cw: MDZ could not be sent to the AHL last year – a demotion meant back to juniors for the remainder of the season. In other words, the Rangers options when it came to handling a struggling MDZ were very limited last year.

    Not so much this year. IMO, the biggest concern is his missing offense. I suspect that’s due in large part to him concentrating on shoring up his play without the puck (and he’s done a decent job at improving that piece of his game). Of course, we shouldn’t forget that he’s only 20 and a year removed from junior hockey where he excelled offensively but his game without the puck was oftentimes horrible, to put it bluntly.

    In terms of his offensive game, he needs to keep things simple – all too often he seems to be trying to force things. Instead, make the simple pass when it’s there and carry the puck when there’s an opening. Stop trying the long bomb pass and the fancy moves to beat players. Revert to keeping things simple and before you know, the ice opens up.

    If it takes a stint in the AHL to get him to realize that, so be it.

  35. granted, richards will demand a huge salary and you never know about UFAs coming to new york. thats why i say trade for him and see how he does before he becomes a FA. if it doesnt work its ok. remember, its not gonna be a core player traded. if he is as advertised you have about $5-7 million off the cap already and am i the only guys who thinks avery’s days are numbered?

  36. Players like Dominic Moore and Antropov garnered 2nd rounders. Ollie Jokinen was part of a package that returned a 1st rounder between Phoenix and Calgary. A very productive Richards will take a lot, especially if there are other teams in the hunt.

  37. For the record, I’m not against improving the team. I think the Rangers are finally moving in the right direction, but let’s see them at least beat Tampa, Flyers and a few of the elite teams from out West before we start cashing in some valuable trading chips.

  38. nyr13: I hear you on the Staal/Girardi combo, but I think Staal and Sauer potentially could be a better combo. From what I’ve seen Sauer is more steady that Girardi.

    Wouldn’t that be cool? Both were drafting in 2005, Staal in the 1st round and Sauer in the 2nd.

    Part of the equation when it comes to trading Girardi (or MDZ or anyone on the backline) is how close anyone on the Whale are. It would be mistake to trade away one of those 7 when there’s no one capable to stepping in should an injury of 2 occur.

    Anyone in here have any valid insight to how the likes of Valentenko, McDonagh and Kundratek are doing? Are any of these guys close yet? I’ve heard some good stuff about the latter…

  39. TR,

    I think McDonagh has time to develop. V-Tank too. Especially dissappointing that McD hasn’t shown more.

    Kundratek seems to be what we need, a left-handed shot, physical with some crease clearing ability, and a good shot from the point. He has impressed coachesand fans in CT. MDZ and Roszi need wakeup calls…and Kundratek should get the nod

    I love the fact that the NYR have so much depth on defense.

  40. the defense is pretty deep right now.
    staal, girardi, sauer, MDZ are all gonna be here for a long time we hope.

    roszy is gone after next season, or sooner.

    gilroy could be used in a trade

    eminger has been a nice addition

    mcdonaugh is supposed to be the next one to step up

    i cant pretend to know what the other guys are doing in ct but its a safe bet to say that only one of them will be a future rangers given the depth right now

  41. Good morning all!!!! Just popping in for a quick hello (still in ice cold Maine).
    I didn’t get to watch or listen to game last night, but got updates, so I went to bed happy! I do agree with Carp on point 1, (actually, they were all grand points today) but I’ll worry about that another time for now :)

  42. Its a funny thing. McDonagh was supposed to come in and own a spot, be kind of like Ike Davis was for the Mets. Just a quiet solid rookie that looked like he could occupy a roster spot for years. And he has. Except his name is Michael Sauer.

    The actual McDonagh was still having some issues adapting to the pro game last I heard.

  43. Interesting to be amongst the Devils fans last night. All revved up to start, excited and vocal after the first goal. Rangers answer right back (with Brodeur shockingly off on his angle leaving Boyle a half-open net). As the game progressed and Henrik continued to make stops…….the fear and dread crept in. When Rozy scored, the air came out of the place and no matter how much that annoying screamer of a PA announcer spoke, no matter how much the “Devils Dancers” performed, the angst was palpable until the 10 minute to go mark, when the Devil fans started to leave. How often has that been us in the past. Nice to see it be them this time.

  44. I think Sauer had been overlooked by the organization, partly because he had problems staying on the ice. I agree with the sentiment that you can see a tangible benefit to developing Sauer at the pace they did versus what they’ve done with Del Zotto, but every player develops differently and DZ filled a much needed role last year and was expected to this year. If they gave McD a similar growth curve then I can’t see how it won’t help him down the road. Even with Sauer they still have one of the youngest bluelines in the entire league.

  45. Did anyone at the game see when the Rangers fan walked onto the background of the stage the Devils dancers were on? Then after about 30 seconds the Pebble security finally realized that he was on the stage and escorted him off?

  46. The mom from Modern Family is the PGA (or whatever the assoc. is called for the fiml) press handler lady in Happy Gilmore.

  47. CTB – LOL! Yes, it’s Julie Bowen!

    Re: Carp’s point number 1. Brilliant minds think alike, Carp!

    Last night, I was updating Mama via texts about the game…I told her at end of 2nd period, when we were up 2-1, that we were being outworked and outplayed by a hungrier team. (Any team with FATSO on it must be hungry!) To which Mama responded “OY.” I then told her “No Oy! We aint gonna play great every game. but good teams pull these games out.”

    I also agree with you, Carp, that we have not been playing complete games, and that must change heading forward.

    I do not like to confuse actions with results. Even though our results have been wins recently, our actions of not playing complete games is not healthy and must change going forward.

  48. Brian Boyle…525K…14 Goals.
    Dustin Byfuglien…3Mil…14 Goals.
    Bobby Ryan…3.25Mil…14 Goals.
    Dany Heatly…8Mil…14 Goals.
    Alex Ovechkin…9Mil…14 Goals.

  49. Oh yeah, after Boyle tied the game last night I got a bunch of fans to start yelling “More Goals Than Kovalchuk!”

  50. Gift of GAB-orik *(26)* on

    Hey all!

    Love to watch the Devils misery continue at the hands of our boys in blue! (white)

    Hank’s mastery of the Devils continues… I love it.

    And Cindy’s streak being snapped by the Islanders is just plain wonderful.

    DiPietro spelled backwards is Streakbuster. Weird.

  51. Olga Folkyerself on

    Crysby’s streak is stopped. :) That’s what it takes for me to root for the Islanders.

    If you rearrange the letters in Sidney Crosby you get “Deny, Cry, is SOB”

  52. If Christensen is out we better hope there are no shootouts coming up.

    The Islanders had 3 of 4 shooters score in their shootout. We had what, 1 out of 11 last time?

  53. MDZ to the Whale is a big possibility since Rangers reassigned Baldwin to the ECHL. I can see one of the 4 AHL rookie D’s getting a call up soon.

  54. Langenbrunner and Rolston trades currently being worked on and the NYI-Semin deal (pending Wang’s approval) will be announced after Winter Classic…

    All according to Incarceratedbob…

    Langenbrunner waived his NTC for Toronto apparently…

  55. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    This team still has the same problem it had last year in one aspect, opposing teams with big lines down low give us problems. We are still not rugged enough on the blueline.

    We were physically outplayed for the second game in a row, but we are clearly a better team than the devils. Last year we would have found a way to lose that game.

    Eminger was the best d man we had last night.

    Not sure why we are all asking if it should be mdz or gilroy when we should just sit rozy, who still sucks.

    Good for weise, and i’m not a fan of EC but I hope he is ok.

    I miss boogey! Team plays bigger with him in the line up!

    Good on boyle for the scrap!

    Avery might be the odd man out as forwards come back, but don’t count out trader glen and some kind of deal that may clear that log jam as well (not sure who would go for what though).

    Lastly, not sure if vtank or kundratek (sp?) are ready, but I would like to see one or both of them up at some point to see what they can do. I’m not that interested in mcdonut either way at this point, in the limited time I saw him, he didn’t seem to play very physical. I would still have no problem letting OPG go (he has played pretty decent this season) to make room for a more overtly physical d man if it came to that. But I would rather see it be rozy or gilroy.

  56. Also saw rumors of Gomez being traded to the Blues, apparently JD loves him…they have plenty of cap space to make it a reality

  57. you guys do know “incarceratedbob” is a fool that’s never right? He may be right on these, but he’s generally never right.

  58. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on


    Who is this tr poster?? (I kid I kid, how you been bro?)

  59. I’ve found him to be pretty accurate, Tiki. I get a kick out of how the mainstream media trys to take credit for breaking a story, days (sometimes weeks) after he tweets it…

  60. okay NYRfan. Ill take your word for it. Maybe Im wrong and it’s a different guy.

    Agree as well, wickster, about Rosy. Not sure what he’s doing on this team, besides holding it back.

    For me, I like shots on goal, from any angle. The fact that Rosy was 2 feet in front of the net last night, and still fired it wide is disturbing to me. Yes, Im happy with the result (the goal), but Im not happy with the lack of awareness to miss the net entirely.

  61. JD would never make that deal for Blowmez.

    They have Boyes, Berglund, and Oshie down the middle. Also Steen, who leads them in goals.

    JD is smart. He knows, just like most of the GM’s do, Blowmez is a has-been. His “best” years are way behind him.

    And he wouldn’t include any of those players in a deal for that has-been.

  62. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    you rock!

    well I’m off to …..never mind you guys know by now I’m sure!

    Later assens!

  63. I was suprised when I saw that Gomez was linked to the Blues…They do have plenty of depth at center…I guess we’ll see what happens!

  64. NYR, that’s because the mainstream media have to maintain a level of credibility, at least here in the Lower 48. A few of us will just keep throwing stuff against a wall until something sticks, but not most.

    I could report that the Rangers will trade Rozsival at the deadline right now and then claim credit for it if it happens. But I won’t because I don’t like to be wrong and because I won’t just guess or go with a wild rumor … because I work for a legit news organization.

  65. >>…Tortorella…he seems to have changed his attitude this year.

    He seems to enjoy talking to the press this year. Last season, win or lose, he sounded as if he was there just to meet his obligations.

  66. >>…Blues have a d-man named Nikita Nikitin.

    I wonder if his teammates nickname him “La Femme”.

  67. Carp – You and Chad/Sam at the Yankees are very professional blog, and dont have that professionalism in common with most of your colleagues.

    Most other mainstream media members like to throw carcillo at the wall and see what sticks and are also like bloodhounds.

  68. Carp, that is why I love your blog. You are the best at what you do. Unfortunately, in this digital world where information is stale after 10 seconds, you can’t trust anyone really.

    But I trust you to report the truth, Carp. I don’t trust incarceratedbob, his info is more for amusement. I just follow him on Twitter; That is where he belongs.

  69. correction:
    the word “blog” in the first line of my above post should be after Yankees. Yankees blog

  70. Gift of GAB-orik on

    “This just in, Rangers are interested in Rick Nash”

    a line from the great Carp. Still makes me laugh.

    Roszival translated to english means: Puts puck wide when not lost at blueline.

  71. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Oh and Gretzky spelled backwards is Crosbycantholdmyjock. Which is weird… cuz that’s alot more letters.

  72. Gift of GAB-orik on

    And an interesting side note… if you rearrange the letters of Rick DiPietro, you get


    Sure there’s an extra R in there… but that’s damn amusing!

  73. I’m a little worried about this organization becoming delusional and thinking that we could truly contend this year. That might lead to some dumb unnecessary and premature trades. And wouldn’t even think remotely about trading either AA or Stepan. AA isn’t a third line center. In fact, I believe he could turn into one of the better two way, 2nd line centers in the league for years to come. With much better offensive skills than most of them. The only question is whether Stepan can truly be first line center. I think the answer is yes, but it will take time to know for sure. The only reason to bring Richards is to make sure they don’t the window of opportunity considering that Hank and Gaborik aren’t getting younger. But that decision, IMHO, should be postponed until after this season. No need to give up anything.
    Richards, btw, has a full NTC. Which means that he has to say yes to any trade. In other words, if he would approve NY trade during the season, there is no reason to believe he wouldn’t come here as a free agent. CTB- I don’t want to go through all the numbers, I did that before, but, yes, they can afford to add him to their payroll during the offseason.

  74. ilb – I know exactly what you are worried about and agree that the NYR should not make any rash decisions and stupid trades to hurt our salary cap or mortgage our future, but we can contend this year with the team we have. Our team scoring is evenly spread out, our defense is pretty good, as is our penalty kill. Gabby has yet to really get going, LQ is finally reaching peak form. If the right trade came along, then I would not be opposed to it. Your thoughts?

  75. The only reason to bring a veteran or two this year is two win the SC, Tiki. Even with Richards, and even if we give up more and bring a solid, Wicky style D-man, we are not coming out of the East. One word- the Flyers. And I, arguably, can add at least two more teams. Why break up the core? The same blue chips they have now, will probably be worth more a year from now. We should be looking to be a force long term, not to win a round or two. It will take a major letdown on Rangers part, coupled with a miracle run of some of teams in the East for them not to make the playoffs at the moment. No need to give up anybody young and of value.

  76. Possible retained players for next year with cap hits in $USmn, *theoretical cap hits in parenthesis. Cap hits from capgeek

    Forwards – 12
    Gaborik 7.5
    Drury 7.05
    Dubinksy (3.5) use recent contracts for Giroux and Backes as comps
    Callahan (3.5) use recent contracts for Giroux and Backes as comps
    Boyle (2) possibly lower based on only one good season
    Avery 1.9375
    Anisimov (1.75) use Dubi/Cally’s first RFA contracts as a comp
    Zuccarello 1.75
    Boogaard 1.625
    Christensen 0.925
    Stepan 0.875
    Prust 0.800

    Defensemen – 7
    Rozsival 5.0
    Staal 3.975
    Girardi 3.325
    Gilroy (1.925) based on a qualifying offer of 110% of previous contract
    McDonagh 1.3
    Del Zotto 1.0875
    Sauer (1) double what he makes now, still reasonable

    Goalie – 2
    Lundqvist 6.875
    Biron 0.875

    Forwards total = 33.125
    Defense total = 17.6125
    Goalie total = 7.75
    Team Total = 58.4875

    The current cap is 59.4, if you allow a 5% increase to 62.37 that’s 2.97 under the cap.

    Keep in mind you’re not bringing back Frolov, Prospal, Fedotenko and Eminger in this scenario. Only way to fit Richards in is to trade Rozi who may be an attractive option due to his actual salary being lower than his cap hit for a team that needs to hit the cap floor. This is also assuming that McDonagh is ready and Gilroy is retained. You could maybe save some money by not bringing back Gilroy and promoting V-tenk, but that’s minimal savings because V-tenk is a RFA. The Callahan and Dubi numbers in my opinion are very realistic as I saw a lot of analysis done when Backes and Giroux were extended and how that will affect the bargaining power for Dubi and Cally. I might be high on Boyle, but again not by anything more than $0.5mn give or take.

  77. Sorry, my cap space number was for the difference between this year’s cap plus 5%. The cap space under my scenario is 3.88

  78. ilb – I agree; there’s no reason to give up someone young or of value. I believe we can win the Stanley Cup with what we’ve got. We’ve hung with the Flyers, Penguins, and Capitals this year.

    I do not want Richards, but if a salary dump 1 year contract can be gotten at the trade deadline for a late round draft pick and betters our team, then Im all for it.

  79. I really hate to say this, because as you all know, I absolutely ADORE Avery and so does our Mama, and I dont want to offend my Mama bear!

    But if the veteran could possibly take Avery’s spot and/or minutes…

    I think Avery has not been that useful this year.

  80. I think the cap will go up by 2-3%, the last I heard.

    Good work. Easier math- remove all UFA’s- Frolov(3), Prospal (2.1 incl bonus), ‘Tenko (1), White (2.375, DARN IT!), Eminger (1.125), gives them $9.6M. Plenty to give sufficient raises and resign all our UFAs(Callahan, Dubinsly, AA, Boyle, Sauer and Gilroy, if they decide to keep him.

    And you’re right, they will try to move Roszival. His contract isn’t good for buy out. $5M more off the cap.

    However, I think if Richards is coming, they will buy out Drury. His cap savings, in that case, for the next year will be $3.3M ( 2/3 of 5M salary). His cap hit next year will be $3.7M ( $7M-$3.3M). His cap hit for 2012-2013 will be only $1.66M (half of $3.3M). Not a bad buyout.

    10% increase during the summer will essentially account for Redden’s contract before he is sent down. That leaves $8.3M to sign Richards and some.

  81. I don’t think the Rangers could be either the Flyers or Pens in a 7 game series. They haven’t matched up well against the Flyers and were outplayed by the Pens in the OT win in Pitt and in the lone game at MSG. Don’t forget that the Pens haven’t had Jordan Staal in their lineup, while not Crosby or Malkin level talent, he makes their team deeper and affords them different match ups.

    I do think they could take the Caps, just because until I see the Caps actually play tight checking, playoff style hockey and succeed I think they can be beaten. The talent mismatch between the Rangers and Caps this year is much smaller than 2 years ago.

  82. A buy out of Drury in some ways works better because you’re not taking back on any salary as you probably would with a trade of Rozi. But as much as they’ll try to move Rozi, I wouldn’t hold my breath on getting him traded. As much as I think Rozi’s a good trade candidate for the reasons we’ve enumerated you rarely see the “add cap hit” trades go through and I’m sure there are plenty of other candidates around the league to satisfy those teams that need a bump to hit the floor.

  83. Additionally, to augur your view that Drury will be bought out over Rozi getting traded, if they trade Rozi they are making their D even younger. I know a lot of people give Rozi a ton of of grief for his play but he’d still be consistently better than a very green McD or Valentenko. Obviously Staal and Girardi would absorb a lot of those minutes, but having a D like Sauer, Del Zotto, Mc D and V-tenk would give the Rangers bottom 4 blueliners a collective 3 full years of NHL experience. Too young in opinion if you want to contend.

  84. CTB – I think whereas we don’t match up well with the Flyers and the Pens are more talented, Im of the belief that anything can happen once you get in the playoffs, especially when Henrik is your starter and you also have a good backup goalie like Biron. The Flyers have nobody at goalie.

    If somehow, some way, in a world of miracles, we end up with a WICKY crease-clearing Dman for the remainder of this year for a draft pick and Roszival on IR, we really can win.

    Also, remember that injuries play a huge part of all sports. Staal got injured last year in the playoffs.

    If Crosby goes down…..

  85. ilb – True about the ifs and hopes. And just an FYI, I am certainly not hoping injury on anyone. As a final statement on the topic, I do believe that we can win it all this year with the team as it’s currently constructed. When Gabby and Avery perform a little better, and if Roszival decides to forget his ice-length passes completely and focus on actually playing defense, we can win.

  86. I will have to leave you for tonight, ‘heads. Mrs and I are having our annual holiday party for my doctors-in-training at our house. I’ll make sure to toast to our team. Even though I don’t think any of them are hockey fans. I need to make sure I do a better job hiring them for next July in that regard :-). If anyone wants to join us, let me know, I’ll give you driving directions. In all seriousness, TR, if you’re there( he is closer to my house than anyone else), hit me on FB, I’ll give you the address.

  87. Trying to ketchup but still lagging, read over 600 posts trying to do so, 3rd star for me for trying.

    #1 Excellent point -something I’m concerned about when the rubber hit the road/playoffs
    #2 It *is* a fine line , when to to coddle/instill confidence. when to give a kick in the aasen, that’s why they get paid the big bucks IMHO Torts has done a very good job

    #2 has a jpg feel to it BTW

    #3 Carp, I think I tend to do the same thing as you -that is when there is a little to much hype in one direction you throw a heavy counter balance

    #5 LQ was terrific, seeing him in person was more impressive than TV, the Rangers go as deep into the playoffs as LQ leads them

    #6 Brian Boyle, I love the guy. give me 9 or 12 of him, Prust too.

  88. I like Prust, but 12 Prusts and the team will barely score. Seeing him lose the puck off his stick repeatedly goes to show that players such as Prust contribute to a hockey team with very little skill and a lot of heart and effort. But 9 or 12 Prusts, no thanks! :)

  89. Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!


    with all the talk about contending for the Cup. i think management is feeling pretty confident about making the playoffs at this time, which would, at least get them that playoff $$.

    if they’re still going with the youth movement and it’s working, then i think (and hope) that they don’t mess with it by trading away some important pieces just for a vet.

    i don’t know how he’s doing lately but i wonder if someone like Grachev could be packaged at some point
    we were to trade any young players.

  90. Tiki,

    The Flyers made it to the finals with the same goalies they have now and they have a pretty decent goalie in Bob the goalie. The Pens have a better D than last year and as I said they’re playing without a pretty vital player. Between those two teams alone they account for the past 3 Eastern champs with the same core(s).

  91. Please everyone who has posted on this forum, can we not all agree upon the fact that rozy has to go, hes not very good, he routinely misses simple passes while on the power play, never generates any good scoring chances, misses the net with every shot and is not pyhsical at all….the only part of this game thats good for rozy is his passing game, and at 5 million a year hes not even close to worth that much….

    as far as gilroy goes, im partial to his skating, puck possesion skills and offensive abilities…i think hes as pysical as mdz, and more so than rozy…sauer is scared to step up but his sound d-game has been very consistent…but thats the only nhl caliber part of his game. i say gilroy stays and saur heads back down after mdz has a small stint at hartford….eminger has played a great all around game, but i dont think our prospects in hartford would play that much worse than he plays…i say give 1 of them a chance…..with a smaller paycheck.

    Is everyone forgettin the gritty, grinding, in your face style that avery brings to our team?? our winning percentage with him in the lineup has been fantastic over the last three years… its really not his fault for his diminished role in the lineup…its torts’s feelings (resentment, embarassment, etc) towards him for past wrong doings….hes a good player who can pass and make plays with his toughness in the corners.

    ive watched almost every rangers game in the past 5 years and im defintely excited about this years squad, and they have a real chance to at least win one playoff series if not more. they can grind any team, and they will always have a legit shot with strong goaltending from lundquist…he might have had a rough first quarter of this season, but his play will become elite for many stretches of the season causing many winning streaks and a guaranteed playoff spot ahead of us!!

    Lets Go Rangers!!

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