Christensen out 4-6 weeks


From the Rangers:

Expected to be out of the lineup for four to six weeks
New York, December 30, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that Erik Christensen has suffered a second degree sprain to the medial collateral ligament in his right knee, and will be sidelined four to six weeks.
Christensen was examined by Dr. Anthony Maddalo and had an MRI performed earlier today.  He sustained the injury during a 3-1 win at New Jersey last night.  Christensen has registered six goals and eight assists for 14 points, along with 12 penalty minutes in 37 games this season.

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  1. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Christensen spelled backwards is Busdriver. Whatever…. somebody else will get more ice time now!

  2. I think EC is below average just like everyone else, and I believe Drury or Dubi cab fill a vacant C spot, but Twitter is abuzz with scouts of the NYR in Toronto tonite. They don’t play for another 3 weeks. . . . .

  3. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    did you guys hear that?? I think I heard the rumour bus start up outside!!!

  4. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    we all know slats likes those early year deals….

  5. wickster, can you use Mama’s special powers to will Roszival into stopping his length of the ice passes, and start clearing the crease with actual defense. He certainly has the body for it!

  6. I think EC is a talented player or would be on some team. I have a problem with him on this team though. He doesn’t seem to fit – in that he is just not physical at all. Not at all. He may have but one hit the entire season. I see has good hands and is good on a breakaway or shootout. He is a very good passer. But he is the ONLY Ranger where I can’t think of a single check he has thrown. To me he seems very out of place on this team.

  7. i agree that christensen is invisible alot of nights, but the goals he has scored this year tend to be big ones… he isn’t afraid to shoot when he’s got a look and he’s gotten some fluky goals because of it. plus you add in his prowess in the shootout and i do think he’s going to be missed…

  8. Colin White is a b*tch-boy. I remember in Dublowsky’s first time in the playoffs, on one shift he put White on his ass, and seconds later White tried to hit him back, and he put him on his ass again, bwaha!

    Of course he elbowed Dublowsky seconds later, and the refs did d*ck aboot it.

    I fuggin loved that playoff series. Those games were classics for me. Especially Game 4, when Staal ripped that shot past Brodiva, which turned out to be the game winner. The game before, obviously the puck went in off his foot, and lost us the game in OT, so that was a little poetic justice.

    By the way, if Sauer=Monster, then according to Torts, Staal=Animal.

  9. Finally caught up- whew

    ilb, CTB interesting exchange … stay the course, it sounds like youse agree

    ilb are you concerned that AA may be traded?

  10. christenson is a very good 4th line player.

    he has his moments but is soft and inconsistent.

    they will overcome his injury. weise looked good in his 1 game, give him a try and then go from there.

    listening to ecklund on trade rumors is moronic… the rangers are not making a big trade after losing a 4th or 3rd liner for 3 or 4 weeks.

    need cally back ASAP.

  11. Great to see some new posters and some be less silent
    WTB did Troutlips say this time? Not another Frodo remark? Really?

  12. Kings announcers do sound boring…

    have you heard announcers in Edmonton?? Color commentator dude sounds like a lady!

    and Buffalo announcer is the most annoying one in the entire NHL the way he talks nonstop and screams like idiot!

  13. The best play by play in all of hockey is Chuck Kaiten of the Hurricanes. Always has been and probably always will be.

    And if you disagree with me ….prove it.

  14. EC kinda looks like Steve-O from jackass now that I think about it. Anyway he’s out for a while. Hope we don’t go to the shootout in the next 4-6 weeks. As for lines- presuming everything stays the same with the top 2 lines I guess we have Avery/Drury/MZA and Weise/Anisimov/player whose name eludes me at the moment..??

  15. wait wait I remember’s Frobag…no no…Fro-no? nooo…Fro something..think we signed him because we lost a bet in the off season. oh- mail- it- in-ov…no that’s not it either!

  16. >>The best play by play in all of hockey is Chuck Kaiten of the Hurricanes.

    Actually, he’s one of the guys who don’t bother me.

    Amongst those that I absolutely cannot stand:
    Jack Edwards: the guy wets himself every time a Boston player makes a tape-to-tape pass.
    Rick Jeanneret: overall annoying fellow who sees only his team on the ice.
    I’d like Versus [or Capitals] to give Andrés Cantor a shot. He can’t possibly be any worse than Joe Beninati.


    Sorry about the Caps lock, I wasn’t watching. If this team trades Dubinski,they are more than crazy..he could be the actual brain of this team, as Callahan is notably the the heart beat.

    What a plus to have this duo on the same team…and let’s not all get wrapped up in Gabomania here, because he is not nearly as important to this team as are these two stalwarts. Face it…Gabo is a loaded gun, but it has to be primed and aimed in order to be effective. Doesn’t always happen…but you know what you get with the other two when they are out there, and for those who slam Dubinksy, all I can say is, go back to Hockey school 101, and invest in the chapter that is called ” Recognizing true talent”.

  18. As far as announcers go, Gary Thorne calling the junior tourney is great to hear. sure he gets a little excited and fumbles words, but fumbled smooth is still smooth. For the analyst, i like Billy Jaffee. Aaron Ward isn’t too bad either, i like him on the Big 10 games. He seems nervous when he’s in the VS studio.

    And nobody is trading Dubi, except nose picker.

  19. Paul in sunrise on

    if team plays well and weise specifically effective. EC may finally get jettisoned. Love the team currently. Need cally back. Time to get that 2nd rounder for Feds when cally returns. Happy to see rozi score and increase his trade value from 7th to 6th rounder.

  20. Paul in sunrise on

    As much as I hate the islanders rozi is the contract dream for Wang right. Get a prospect or pick and they reach cap floor. He cannot hurt the rangers even 6 times a year.

  21. My lord, you’d think the people on this board work on Wall St. “Oh we finally have some decent assests on this team? SELL SELL SELL!” I’m sorry(i’m not sorry) but stock piling draft picks hoping to contend in 2015 doesnt make sense when you have a top 10 team in the leauge…There were some clear issues last year(No reliable back up to Hank, Quitter Attitudes, Lack of Blue Collar guys). Those issues from my POV have been fixed. I figure get healthy, be smart with jumbling the roster and see how we play the Pens and Flyers in March. Move Frolov or Rozival fine, but beyond that this is a very solid team. And Richards? The guy has never scored more than 30 Goals. He’s a good player to have on your team, but look at his and Vinny’s stats next to one another, and you wont see that great of a difference if you think he’s the end all be all to the cup. Last year…284 shots for 24 goals. Yikes. Dubi right now has 94 shots for 16, and Boyle 90 for 14. Richards 141 for 17. But if we are gonna stack this team with Ghost of Torts’ Tampa past, I say look no further then Dave Andreychuk!

  22. maestro

    You are a hard man to repute…so I,m not even gonna try. I don’t always agree with everything here, but I do this time. And the day I see Roszival come into the Garden in a different uniform, then I will finally relax.

  23. Hey, to everyone in Boneheads-ville. Wishing each of you a happy and healthy new year.

    Special shout out to Carp at Blog HQ.

    ILB, after a restorative trip to the nail salon, I’m ready for 2011! Life is good.

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