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The youth movement continues, as Todd White was sent to Connecticut (formerly Hartford, or Reddenville) today. I don’t blame Todd White at all. He didn’t fit here, and he had no chance to succeed here, and he certainly didn’t hurt the Rangers, though he also didn’t help. And that trade (which got Donald Brashear off the Rangers’ salary cap books) remains a very good one for the Rangers.

So it appears Mats Zuccarello is going to stay for a while, and  John Tortorella told reporters tonight that Dale Weise might get another recall.

Zuccarello will play with Derek Stepan and Marian Gaborik again tonight, as the lineup remains the same, meaning Michael Del Zotto is the only prucha. Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal, as always, against the Devils.

The Rangers come into the first of a stertch of five on six on the road with 12 road wins, tied with Pittsburgh for the league lead.

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  1. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Agreed Ria. If I won that I’d be down in Del Boca Vista Phase 4 faster than you can say Byfuglien. But not before renting a luxury suite at MSG for the craziest Bonehead fest ever!

  2. I finally figured out what that thing in Duguay’s pocket reminded me of. It looks exactly like dog housebreaking wee wee pads they sell. Made in Bangladesh.

  3. Let’s Go Rangers!! Wanted to go to this game tonight (easy tickets) but my son has a game at 9:30 tonight, so it’ll have to be 2 periods of Rangers and 1 of JV.

  4. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    CT – Pebble full of Rangers fans?

    Orr – your call is Dubi & MZA with goals?

  5. NORE!!!!

    Better than 2 periods of Rangers and 1 of youth hockey (Islanders)!!!!! :)

    WHERE in the BYFUGLIENING world is IZZY!!!!!!!

  6. I came up with a perfect question for MZA that Trautwig could have asked…if he was a professional.

    Mats – What is it like being in a city that’s twice the size in population of your native home, Norway? What was it like playing in front of the greatest fans in the world in the greatest place in the world?

  7. HEY GANG!

    I get to see a game for the first time in a week! WOOHOO!!

    Can’t wait to see what MZA brings.

  8. Tiki, those questions aren’t smarmy enough for Al, he goes for the cheap, embarrassing little digs.

  9. With Jacques Letrapeur at the helm, this game will have no flow whatsoever. Patience will be key for the Rangers.

  10. So this is what Rangers hockey looks like. NIIIICE to see.

    And hey, MAAAARTY! Wonder if he got his daily dose of donuts before the game…

  11. “Look at that stupid Snooki girl behind the Devils bench…”

    *Another* coaching change by the evil genius Lamoriello already?

  12. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    It’s a saucer pass goal!

    Marty Hors d’œuvre let’s up a softie. Orr – no magic tonight.

  13. Hmm. If Staal and Girardi are really going to both stand in the crease alongside Lundqvist rather than taking a man, you think stopping that shot might be an idea?


  14. Julie-Who hardly ever posts on

    Geez, I walk away for a minute and the Rangers score! It never fails!! I’ll have to walk away more often!

  15. How many more times will these guys say “Brodeur doesn’t give up those too often”? I’m been hearing that since three playoffs ago.

  16. On my travels again, so forced to watch the game on mute. Chico has never sounded so balanced, insightful and incisive.

  17. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Julie – please go lock yourself in the bathroom for the next two hours…

  18. Julie-Who hardly ever posts on

    Sure thing Cally! I’m telling ya, whenever I go to the kitchen, the Rangers seem to score. It’s weird!

  19. Chico keeps drawing yellow circles on the replays. Either that or he’s spilling mustard from his many hot dogs on the telestrator.

  20. Julie-Who hardly ever posts on

    Cookies–we sure have a lot of them here from Christmas baking. Been trying to get rid of them. I wish I could send some off to all of you.

  21. Noah-allahan, 28 on

    I think Parise might be my favorite Devil all-time. Such a good dude. Feel badly for him.

  22. No problem. Sucks being out of market.

    Is it just me, or does the ice look particularly terrible tonight?

  23. Julie-Who hardly ever posts on

    I bet Torts will give them an earful during the break in between periods. Somebody needs to wake these guys up!!

  24. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Why did we have to ask Julie for cocktails? As a good girl she should have had them in the boys hands as soon as we came in.

  25. sorry, but Pariseis not a great player or great leader. A good person? Okay A good/very good player? Okay.

    Not great. Unless the requirements for great have significantly decreased.

  26. Julie-Who hardly ever posts on

    If you don’t have high blood pressure, you will after you are a fan of the Rangers! haha

  27. Alright, lucky to get out of this one even. The Devils came out ready. Any ideas what Torts might be saying to them at the moment?

  28. >>since when is Zach Parise a great leader? great player?

    He’s a great leader in the same vein as Callahan; they both play hard and never stop. I hate his team, but Parise is a nice little player.

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Can anyone clarify what staal and girardi were doing on the devils goal? Looked too much like the parenteau goal and the rangers defense from last year.

  30. Orr – Exactly. It’s not a knock on Parise. Great leader, the best leader is Mark Messier. Mark Messier could get a teammate to throw himself in front of a bus if that’s what Messier wanted.
    Great player – Sidney Crosby, a guy that can do it all, score, pass, backcheck, make every one of his teammates better.

  31. Parise is awesome. If you are American, you should be a fan of his. You don’t have to like Kovalchoke and the rest of those “cats” on the Devils to be fan…

    Assuming they hit RFA, NYR should sign Parise and Stamkos to offer sheets! :)

  32. I started to be worried about this game right after Isles. Rangers have a nasty habit to lose after big wins. My hatred to Debbies can be only matched by my love to Rangers and they are now a wounded beast. And yes, it is mental and rivalry, despite some disdain shown. I would be totally devastated to see’em brake losing strike on Rangers. Can’t relax…

  33. Julie-Who hardly ever posts on

    I’ve always liked Parise. He’s a great team leader and gives it his all every game.

  34. JBytes – Okay, i see the point. Well, I love Cally, but he’s not a great player. He gives full effort and then some all game, every game, but that doesnt make him a great leader or player.

  35. okay, well that’s why many of you like Parise. Because he’s on the USA team. I dont really care about the USA team. I mean, when they played in the final versus Canada, i wanted them to win.

    But, in actuality, I wanted the Czech Jaromirs or the Sweden Lundqvists to win gold!

  36. True Fans – I believe Girardi was doing the front crawl and Staal was standing motionless before assuming the Wisniewski position, while both were either next to or behind Lundqvist in the crease, while Zajac’s 0.1mph shot fluttered past them all.

  37. I figured, Mickey. I just hope he also reminds them they’re being outplayed by the ream that already lost 50 points.

    Gaborik looks very tentative tonight.

  38. ilb,
    if torts could speak Russian it would be: -Vy chto rebjata, oxueli? Budem igrat’ ili valjat’ xui i glazki stroit>

  39. Spider – Unless Ive confused LQ’s body, which I ogle all the time, with Biron’s, that was LQ in net in the 1st.

  40. Tik, I like Parise because he plays the game in a way I’ve really never seen before. He is so unique and creative at what he does in close around the crease. The intensity and speed he plays at is always impressive. The way he finds lose pucks and his work ethic are amazing things to watch. He is a very special player (maybe top 3), I think he’s up there there with Malkin, Crybaby, & Ovechkin.

    Ok, back to game!

  41. Noah-allahan, 28 on

    FWIW, Parise would absolutely shine under Torts, I feel.

    And let’s not forget…the guy scored 40 goals…with the Devils. That’s pretty impressive.

  42. Tiki – It says on the box score that Biron was in there at some point. I didn’t see everything, so I don’t know. I guess it’s an error since nobody mentioned it, haha.

  43. >>…Mark Messier could get a teammate to throw himself in front of a bus if that’s what Messier

    What happened during his Vancouver years? What happened when he came back to the Rangers? When will hockey people stop with this “great leader” myth? I do not know the man, but if I were to bet, I’d say Messier probably was one of the more egotistical/self-centered players ever.

  44. lol i was just making a joke Spider.

    Orr- Im the king of facial hair. Crosby’s is horrible. Dubi’s is not!

  45. JBytes – Im not trying to translate leadership into wins. Just because his Vancouver years and second Rangers stint weren’t that great doesnt take away from his leadership. His diminished skill had something to do with that.

  46. Julie-Who hardly ever posts on

    Poor Hank must feel like he’s carrying the world on his shoulders sometimes.

  47. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Froggin Marty Hors d’œuvre. Probably thought Gabo shot a cupcake at him. He never misses those.

  48. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Another period I can’t wait for them to get out of. I think Gabo got into Drury’s valium stash.

  49. what i left out of my last post is…..even if Messier was the greatest leader in the history of the world, he couldnt make others around him have more skill – like the Ferraro brothers :)

    Yes, Orr, we are getting outhustled and outplayed. Looks like they have their New Years plans on their minds.

  50. does Joe Micheletti even think before he speaks?

    Neither referee was watcing Anisimov with the puck??? You mean while the guy is on a 1 on 1 in open ice, the referees arent looking?? Get your act together, Micheletti. Were the refs watching the fans instead??? They chose not to call it, simple as that.

  51. Unreal… From 10 feet out Rozi still manages to shoot 8 feet wide but it goes in anyway! Hahahaha


    atleast this time it led to a goal, but c’mon… ON NET BOYS, ON NET.

  53. Um, what’s the shot total again?

    Lundqvist is earning his pay thus far tonight [knock on formica].

  54. >>Unreal… From 10 feet out Rozi still manages to shoot 8 feet wide…

    That was a trick shot. It worked, didn’t it?

  55. Dantherangerfan on

    Lundy makes me piss my pants on every shot. Hes making the saves just looks like a scattering mess doing it. If he looks behind him one more time im going to have to change my panties…LOve him but come on I have a weak heart…

  56. I love the addition of all these “silent” ‘heads, Ria, Julie, and Marjie!! Is there a silent Jaromir in the house?

  57. Dantherangerfan on

    Does anyone else watch the game on MUTE… or am I the only one. I miss the days of sam and john going back and fourth

  58. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Tiki my computer isn’t in the same room as the t.v. so i listen to Kenny & Dave while i’m on the computer but there are times I need to catch the replays.

  59. I’d watch the game on mute….but I need it on while i use the computer, so i dont miss anything.

    Chico is terrible, but at least he’s a homer. Joe is a clown and doesnt give a flying patootie about the Rangers.

  60. Julie-Who hardly ever posts on

    Well, that was a better period than the first was. I hope they come out flying in the third!

  61. we played better in second period
    i’m getting really sick of hearing of
    hearing Sam and Joe going out of their
    to praise the devs, especially tubby,
    again and again…
    just irritating!

  62. >>Joe is a clown and doesnt give a flying patootie about the Rangers.

    He’s probably an Islanders fan.

  63. Ria- shocker..

    I was surprised they said two of our guys were on the point streak of 4-5 games and didn’t say:” Sidney Crosby, however…”

  64. I’m totally ashamed to admit, but by character of this game I’ll be glad for tie in regulation. But will accept nothing except win in a most desperate for Devils way.

  65. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Don’t really mind listening to Kenny & Dave better then listening to Sam & Joe . Unfortunately Dave has A hoarse throat tonight so its hard for him to “express” him self

  66. with this kind of forechecking game I really miss Cally – he would definetely change the game drawing and disign, IMHO.

  67. Ria – Mama also enjoys listening to Kenny and Dave. Is there any way to listen to them online or must I live in New York to do so?

    For anyone that didnt know, Sidney Crosby currently has a 383 game point streak.

    Have fun at your son’s game Nora!!!

  68. Blue Seat Horror on

    That interview with Elias was hilarious. Didn’t sound like he even cared he was playing a hockey game.

  69. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i heard something about EC being hurt?? Sounds like it could be the break (no pun intended) MZA needs to stick around longer.

  70. MZA wasn’t fitting in Gaborik’s line today. He isn’t able to retrieve the puck for Gaborik because the Devils are very physical against him.

  71. >>That interview with Elias was hilarious. Didn’t sound like he even cared he was playing a hockey

    Oh him!! I thought he was back playing in the Czech Extraliga this season.

  72. Will Orr’s score prediction hold true?

    Will the Rangers finally wake up in this game?

    Questions will be answered

  73. Boyle and Rozi. Who would have guessed? Come on boys, find a way to win this one. Silent heads need wins, too.

  74. Blue Seat Horror on

    Great work by Boyle! Devils losing the illusion that they had any chance to win this one.

  75. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    JB – we left him on the island. No reason to use him against any other team.

  76. >>we left him on the island. No reason to use him against any other team.

    Oh OK! When do we play Uniondale again?

  77. Blue Seat Horror on

    Friggins really needs a bus ride to Hartford. Too bad he couldn’t split fare with White.

  78. Looks like Hank is going to have to stand on his head in order for us to win this one. Come on. SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Blue Seat Horror on

    Julie, I think Avery already blew his chance. I don’t think he’ll get much more ice time.

  80. Nor – first time my dad saw the Hyundai commercials, he thought they were local crap.

    MickeyM – History *will* be made.

    Of course Frolov decides to pass on that rush. UGH

  81. Blue Seat Horror on

    They need to keep Roszival away from the puck if they want to try to ride the 1 goal lead.

  82. Blue Seat Horror on

    If Christensen’s injured it might be good for Weise. I almost get the feeling Zuccarello is passing his test run.

    Clutch penalty. Drury is playing!

  83. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Julie – the meatloaf! We want it! Now! I never know what she’s doing back there…

  84. >>Dont look now but Cindy doesn’t have a point tonight vs the islanders. Yet

    Aarrrgh, you’ve jinxed it!

  85. >>The Devs always play the most pathetic music.

    They played Rush earlier, and Led Zeppelin just now. That is NOT pathetic music , kid.

    Dubi Dubi Dooo! 3-1. Game, Set, Match!

  86. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Agree with J – at least the music is good.


    Linda – come back into the TV room!

  87. Good win. They were outplayed for a lot of it, but Hank was the difference.

    Great way to end the year.

  88. Julie-Who hardly ever posts on

    They were lucky to get the win tonight after they way they started the game. Much better ending!

  89. Crosby is getting on my last nerve. Hopefully, he gets shut down on in the Classic. Is it me… It was cool watching them convert the field into a hockey rink the first time. Now it’s just BORING!

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Zucco is here to stay!!!"...& Greg L. on

    we won!!! we won!!!! ohhhh baby !!!! we won again!!!!!

    Rangers win anutha road gameeeee!!!

    Boyle and Dubi leading the team in goals!!!! AWsome!!!!

  91. Blue Seat Horror on

    Kunitz is such a loser. Likes to work goalies over with his stick.

    I’d like to personally thank the Islanders for breaking the curse.

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Zucco is here to stay!!!"...& Greg L. on

    oh sorry guys the Penguins are on….

    whohoooooooo anutha win for our brothas!!!!

  93. been sick since monday
    worked every day

    didn’t think that we’d dominate tonight
    but Cranky McCrankus here yelled more than i planned to

    at least we won.

  94. I know he’s not supposed to, but will Bettman change the rules so he does? It wouldn’t surprise me.

  95. sausage lips streak broken?!?!?!!?

    somewhere bob costas is having a hissy fit
    because all his comments talking up cindy
    and comparing him to TGO
    now need to be trashed.

    feel like crap but this night is turning out to be better and better.

  96. Blue Seat Horror on

    There was only 1 assist given on the Conner goal. I’m sure Bettman’ll find a way to fit Cindy in for the secondary assist.

  97. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Fishstick win!

    No points for cindy the whiner

    I think DP is gonna give PAP a DP for his last goal.

  98. Blue Seat Horror on

    You can tell the Islanders main focus tonight was to shut down Cindy. They’re celebrating like they won the cup. I tip my hat to them. DiPietro probably injured himself with that celebration though.

  99. They called a stupid too-many-men penalty on Islanders just to give Sausage Lips a better chance to extend his streak.

  100. Blue Seat Horror on

    And the Whale won in OT on a PP goal by Kennedy, with an assist by this kid Redden who’s playing pretty well down there.

  101. With that win, the Rangers are entering 2011 with season high 8 games above .500. And with that sweet reminder- nite everyone!

  102. >>With that win, the Rangers are entering 2011 with season high 8 games above .500.

    I was looking at the 22-14-2 record and thought how much nicer 24-14-2 would look.

  103. Blue Seat Horror on

    Damn! They’re working over the refs in this episode. Makes you wonder what you have to say to get a misconduct.

  104. blast from the past on

    4everanger December 29th, 2010 at 10:30 pm
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    thanks……………. I appreciate it.

  105. I never imagined this could ever happen, but I do feel sorry for the Devils; what a lost bunch of hopeless losers…

  106. NHL on the Fly sure put the pens/isles game and cindy point streak ending
    deeeeeeeeeeeep into the program

    if it was the opposite i’m sure they’d lead with it.

    and just to keep with the hype they had to pump up what cindy did
    by saying that the last time someone else did it — Sundin had a 30 game streak —
    there was LOTS of scoring going on at that time.
    of course, since Sundin is European that diminishes what he did and make cindy
    that much of a better player.

    how pathetic!

  107. whatta kiss up reporter
    asking cindy a question. “you’ve been doing amazing things
    in the past 25 games…”


    are other reporters that awful?

  108. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they keep gushing and gushing and gushing about cindy right now.
    think i’m going to throw up!

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