Rangers-Islanders in review


If you didn’t watch this game and just saw the score and the boxscore, you might think it was an impressive beatdown. I didn’t think it really was. I thought the first period was lousy, and I didn’t think the second was miles better. But the Rangers did get going, and then Roloson — the goalie who’s going to make a difference for some contender at the trade deadline (huh?) — started letting in softies, and then the Islanders quit.

I thought the Rangers played much, much better vs. Tampa Bay the other night.

Some other thoughts:

1) The start of the game reminded me of some of last year’s home games. I call it the “Scrimmage Speed” malady. You know, you think you’re playing hard, but really you’re only skating at scrimmage speed. And that gets contagious. Before long, several players are going less than full speed, and before much longer, the other team is going faster. I could break down tape and show you dozens of away-from-the-puck instances of guys going scrimmage speed and getting bitten by it.

2) Girardi and Staal, the shutdown pair, sure made it easy on the P.A. Parenteau goal … got beaten in a footrace by one of the worst skaters in the league. In fact, the shutdowners were pretty far off for almost two periods. And, if you want to take it a step further, Michael Del Zotto hasn’t done anything lately as bad as what Staal, Girardi and Michal Rozsival were doing in the first half of the game, and he’s found himself in the pressbox.

3) Just moments before the Gaborik PPG, the kid, Derek Stepan, playing the point on the power play, made as good a play on a 2-on-1 Islanders break as any Rangers defenseman has made on a 2-on-1 all year, taking away the pass and forcing the shot. And Henrik Lundqvist made a heckuva save, when he might have been reeling from the first two goals.

4) For the calendar year 2010, the Rangers went 27-25-8 at home (which is really 27-33). And that ain’t nearly good enough.

5) There have been shenanigans in the pre-game warmup of every Rangers-Islanders game this season, and the NHL continues to just look the other way and wait for a complete brawl to erupt … because until they put officials on the ice, or at least at the benches, during warmups, a pre-game melee is coming. No doubt, it’s coming.

6) They ought to take the clip of that Brian Boyle goal and use it to teach kids how to lower the shoulder and burst around a defenseman, and to teach kids and professionals alike how not to do too much with the puck once you get around the D-man; just get it on net and watch what can happen.

7) Here we go. The Rangers are either A) going to trade Del Zotto or B) showcasing Gilroy for a trade. That’s typical knee-jerk reaction and rumor and speculation. I don’t think they want to trade either one. Why wouldn’t you want to keep two young puck-moving defensemen? I think Tortorella likes both of them, and is putting them through the learning process. Don’t get me wrong. If the Rangers can make a great deal with either one, or anyone for that matter, in the trade, they do it. But I seriously doubt they’re actively shopping either guy.


AP photo, above.

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  1. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    Very well put with #5 Carpfather. When said brawl DOES erupt, the NHL will bask in the glory privately yet denounce it publicly.

  2. It’s true they didn’t play a great game but in the past they would have lost the game. They find ways to get it done even if it’s not pretty or not their best effort. That’s key to this season.

  3. MickeyM is in DC right now and not happy about it! on

    greetings for washington’s reagan national airport. i wasn’t supposed to be here, i was supposed to be at work today. in st louis. lousy weather and the philly airport(byfuglien philly!) forced me to be rerouted to dc last night, where i spent a lovely night in a sheraton near the airport. now i’m delayed outta dc to charlotte and hoping to make my connecting flight to st louis. flying in winter sucks :(

    so the news of the rangers shellacking the isles on the scoreboard is GREATNESS for me!

  4. wasnt all pretty but they got it done, 2 pts is 2 pts in my book… pack it up and move on to the next one… why put on blast a team that dished out a major 7-2 beatdown??

  5. Good post, Carp!

    I’ll start with #7. Totally agree. Let it go, folks. No one is actively shopping those two youngsters. This is a different organization. And good for them. And us. Gilroy will be an RFA, with his TOI so far he won’t be overly expensive to resign. If anything, they might be looking to move Roszival, which is most likely to happen in the offseason than now. Remember, he has a limited (can list 8 teams not to be traded to) NTC. He is making $4M this year, with cap hit of $5M, he will be making $3M next year. That may make him attractive to some teams with low payroll and difficulties to reach the floor. Problem is, he can put those teams ( Edmonton, anyone?) on his list. On the other hand, Slats may remind him that he can be paired with Redden if he does that. It’ll be interesting, for sure.

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Great post, carp.

    It’s also worth noting that girardi setup one of the TB goals, just as roszival did from about the same spot with errant passes. Staal also lost coverage on Lecavalier and tried that knee block play on the ensuing pass that Lecavalier put in for the third goal.

    Yet, MDZ is a healthy scratch.

    Come on Torts.

  7. True, Carp, they were sleepwalking through long stretches, but with the exception of 7-10 min during first period, they looked like more superior team.. Score reflects that, plus Roloson was riding high on his waive of NHL first star of the week.


  8. By the way, Carp, on that PA goal, it was Drury’s dumb pass through the middle that trapped our forwards deep. And Girardi had to turn to catch up with them, that’s why he was late.

  9. Blueshirt in Paris on

    At a 1.75 mil cap hit can we afford to keep Gilroy considering his ice time to date?? With McD presumably making the jump next year, we are back to a numbers game. Worth noting that McD is a -2 while Valentenko is a +12 this season. I know that doesn’t tell the whole story just that maybe he makes the jump as well.

    I assume we keep Sauer and he gets a decent raise. Does that mean Eminger is the odd man out an not signed?

  10. Its almost the half way point. youd like to see this team put to rest a fair amount of the bad habits its had. didnt matter what team was on the other bench. after 2 losses and a holiday break they should ccome out hard.

  11. Morning guys…. I agree 100% with everything you said in this post Carp. I am sure if the Rangers did decide to trade MDZ or Gilroy, they would come to regret it down the road. I believe that both these guys will be very good defencemen. Staal, Girardy and Rozy were pretty bad last night for sure. The minutes played didn’t show it though. Both Staal and Girardy are up and down at times, but Rozy it seems is back to his old game making mistakes a plenty. I don’t understand why he is getting the minutes he certainly does not deserve. Torts is teaching MDZ a lesson by benching him for making a few blunders, I wonder what he is thinking watching the way Rozy has been playing. What kind of lesson is that. Torts just keeps putting him out there when there is a better D man sitting watching the game. I just don’t get it.

  12. The beginning was very loosey-goosey. The early goal probably gave them a bit of overconfidence. The two quick goals by the Isles woke them up. They really turned it on the last few minutes of the first and it was only a matter of time before they hit paydirt.

    But make no mistake, the Isles are a terrible team and I don’t see last night as an indication of a game where the youngsters are trying to learn a system. What kind of a system is when you yield mass amounts of shots and sustained pressure? I know Tavares has great hands and good instincts but he’s got miles to go before he can be considered an elite player. He’s not particularly fast nor does he have great balance and agility. Most top pair D-men will be able to take him out of the play pretty easily unless he dramatically improves his skating.

  13. Tony, now I know why you didn’t invite us all to AZ to avoid the storm here. You weren’t going to be home. I feel better. ;)

  14. Until the last 2 games Gilroy was pressboxed for 4 straight games and something like 7 over the last 10. IMO, the Rangers should not be doing that with MDZ – at 20, he’s too young and green not to be playing regularly. I don’t think either of Sauer or Eminger, based on their play, deserve pressbox time and despite some occasional struggles from both, neither Staal or Girardi are about to see the pressbox. That leaves Rozey (or Gilroy again). Does Torts have the gonads to face the possible noisy fallout if he pressboxes the former? Obviously, if the Rangers are shopping Rozey, he won’t get pressboxed, although I find it difficult to believe there’s much interest in him, mainly because he’s, at best, a 2nd pairing guy but is paid more like a 1st pairing guy.

    All that said, it’s a nice dilemma to have, I guess, definitely a change from the previous years. I have no idea what’s out there, but I’d move MDZ if the price is right.

  15. I’m starting to wonder if Tavares is going to live up to his expectations at all. He sure isn’t going to be catching up with TGO’s numbers, eh Carp?

  16. MDZ has another cost controlled year, Gilroy is already a RFA at the end of the season. MDZ is 20 and a number of years off from his physical peak, Gilroy at 26 is already closer to his physical peak as an elite athlete.

    MDZ probably should have been eased into his role a bit slower last year but after he got off to such a great start it was hard not to give him ice time.

    I think for this season neither should be actively moved mostly because the Rangers don’t need to swap a project for a project (i.e. Filatov on CBJ as per the rumors from the other day), nor are they one piece away (i.e. Brad Richards). Just give each of them as much ice time as possible. If it comes at the expense of Rozi or even Eminger who I know has played a lot better as the season has wore on but he’s most likely not in the long term plans for the club.

  17. Exactly, CTB. Eminger is an UFA and it seems with our depth, he is unlikely to come back. MDZ should not be moved at all, not with his upside. And not before Gilroy.

  18. Taveras is dismal for sure. I know his team sucks, but he is a far cry from Sid for a 1st overall.

    Is Gilroy an RFA or a UFA? I think the answer to Gilroy’s uture will come right after New Years when the teams can offer contracts (extensions) to those players. On the surface, Carp may be right. This is a knee-jerk reaction. But Gilroy is 25+. If he isn’t extended after Jan 1, I don’t see him sticking around.

  19. ilb2001: Derrick Brassard out of Columbus, although given the BJ’s lack of skilled centerman, I highly doubt he’s available.

  20. ilb,
    I think Eminger adds a physical presence that is lacking in MDZ, Gilroy, etc. Sauer may be the heir apparent to Emminger, but I think Eminger may get an offer from Slats before Gilroy. Yes the NYR are deep at D, but until Velentenko or McIllrath are ready, the NYR will be back at square 1 with no jam on D.

    Eminger gets resigned. Gilroy gets moved. . . . .I think.

  21. I think Tavares will still be a good player, just not great. Definitely could see him being a high 30 goal scorer just because of his prowess around the net. If he plays with a good speedster who can also play a setup role then he might do better. But Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Stamkos, Kane and all those top 1/2/3 picks over the last few years can all skate well above average. Tavares is still only 19-20 but pure acceleration is hard to improve even if you go through Gary Roberts’s boot camp.

  22. Jim- how about Drew Doughty? Duncan Keith? Seebrook? You have to be realistic who’s available and who isn’t.

  23. Carp please don t be so critical about the Rangers when you are personally one of the reason that the Rangers didnt play as good as they played lately.

    You didnt make it to the Garden yesterday so the coach definitely missed your infamous press talk around 5 pm when usually very important strategic points will be discussed prompting Torts to reveal that he decided to pick the lines after talking to the other guys Schoenfeld and Sullivan at 6.10 pm probably making the wrong decisions..You have seen in the presser after the game that Torts was not really happy about the performance of the Rangers either but his critics was more lame..:)

    And as you have heard from Hendrik Lundqvist the explanation was very easy…

    Too much ham and swedish meatballs and probably a very hefty christmas turkey !!!
    As you guys from the press always must be so critical :)

    Everybody can understand this apology :)

  24. ilb: None of those guys will be available and swapping a puck carrying d-man for another makes no sense for either team, IMO.

    The Rangers need skilled forwards so if they are considering shopping MZA they need to be talking with a team looking for that type of player. Maybe Carolina? NJ has no one with MDZ’s resume on their backline. Hell, for that matter, neither do the Islanders. I’ll be Buffalo would be interested, too.

    MDZ for Zach Kassian and 2nd? MDZ for Marcus Foligno and a 2nd?

  25. And for the record, this is pure musing – I like MDZ and I’m not advocating trading him. I don’t believe, however, he should be spending copious amounts of time in the pressbox – if the 6 ahead of him aren’t coming out of the lineup, farm him out for a while or explore the trade market.

  26. My point was that talking about Brassard wasn’t useful since he isn’t available. None of other mentioned trades would be a smart move on Rangers part, IMO

  27. Well, it will be ineresting to see where this goes. The numbers are saying that we have a glut of promising D, and no dynamic offense. Nor do we have that 3rd. lefty D that we will need to make a run this season.

    I don’t think they should, but maybe MDZ is the chip to get a strong presence up front.

  28. Ideally you build most of your top 6 out of homegrown, high ceiling players. The 3rd and 4th lines can be journeymen (EC, Fedetenko), risk/reward type signings (Prospal, Frolov) and holdovers from previous years (Drury, Avery).

    Going into next year you’d have to imagine both Cally and Dubi get re-signed. Then also you have Gaborik and Stepan. In the farm, the best forward prospect is Kreider, who will probably enter the NHL as a LW. So you’ve got 4 of the top 6 as definitely on the roster, Zuccarello could very well be a 5th. 6th is a toss up.

    Therefore, I think trading MDZ this year for another high ceiling but “project” of a player at forward while losing his upside on the blueline would be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  29. I also think that MDZ is in the Rangers plans for future to come. 20 year old who makes mistakes and learns from them, even if it takes occasional sitting in the press box, isn’t a bad thing. The good thing, we can afford to do that with what we have. We also forget that he can be pretty physical.

  30. I think MDZ has played the max number of games a player of his experience level can play before needing to go through waivers.

  31. ilb,
    Eminger is a UFA, but seeing how finding dependable physical D men is so difficult I have to believe he will be re-upped. I could be wrong, but I think he can be re-signed for a reasonable price. And Sather should do it.

  32. Why doesen’t Torts/Sather consider making Gilroy a F/D? He could play like Dandnault played for Detroit years ago. He has to be as effective as Todd White, and if a D gets hurt, he can drop right back midgame!!! I always wondered why this was so unusual. It seems like a “utilty” player would be very valuable to a team.

  33. With MZA getting a call up and playing well, Todd White has resumed his role as one of the best paid spectators at MSG.

  34. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on


    I’m not sure I agree with you. I thought the Rangers were pretty good offensively and certainy they tightened up defensively in the second half of the game. The Isles, however, looked much paler than the last couple of games, and they were almost worse in their d-zone than the Oilers were.

    On the Staal/Girardi debate, I think some latitude must be given since they are generally pretty good vs. top players, get the bulk of the ice-time and are still fairly young. I do think they’ve been pretty consistent, but comparing them to Keith, Seabrook, Orpik, Lidstrom, Pronger is in my opinion premature and a bit outlandish.

    Somebody mentioned that Gilly is 26 compared to MDZs 20 which is obviously important i terms of trade speculations. I hope, and I believe that none of them will be traded and I’m farily sure that MDZ is going to sign a lengthy mid-range contract soon. The best thing in the off-season would to somehow get rid of Rozy, signing Gilly and Emmi and bring someone up from the Whale. I think that Eminger has been one of the biggest surprises so far, he is better than Riszival at almost a fifth of the cost.

    I also think MZA belongs on the team even when Cally and Prospal returns, but it seems unlikely. I say get rid of Boogey, White, Christensen and Frolov, and maybe try to go after a elite centerman.

  35. Being patient allows the team to see what transpires with Stepan and AA( who was again very, very good last night). If you wait for a couple of years, they may turn into true 1-2 centers. If not, by that time the Rangers will hopefully have ready to play- Staal, Girardi, Sauer, MDZ, Gilroy, McD, Valentenko, Pashinin on D. That’s when you truly have choices to make a solid trade.

  36. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Ban cw for that profanity!!!!!!!!!

    This is a family site, there’s to be no suggesting Redden back to MSG. EVER!!!!!

  37. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    Maybe I should add that I’m generally against the heavy-weight goon business (I say, a player has to be able to play), but then again, I’m European so what do I know…

  38. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    I agree with Carp’s #7. The Rangers arent actively shopping MDZ or Gilroy. What would we get for them anyway besides a 5th round draft pick, anyways? Of course, if a deal that comes along makes us better as a team and doesnt hurt our salary cap, then nobody’s off limits besides LQ.

  39. Tiki,
    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sorry, I know that is an awful thing to suggest. But Redden does count against the salary cap on July 1. I don’t know why, but it can effect UFA signings next summer. Maybe someone can explain it a little better…..

  40. To be fair to Roli, it was his second start in a row (he’s 41 years old) after a crazy blizzard at night that forced them to go into NYC and stay their at night late after their previous game, and his teammates gave him no help. He gave up a ton of weak goals, but I’d say he was pretty fatigued.

    If the walking injury could play (DiPi), he would’ve been given the night off.

  41. Let me be (one of) the first to declare Matt Carkner the NHL heavyweight champ. He is laying waste to the heavyweights in the league. He smashed Goddard’s face yesterday.

  42. Engalland is good too, but no one is devestating guys like Carkner. No one. He may have ended Boogaard’s career.

  43. Also, everyone was calling Stamkos a bust in his rookie year. The next season, he ties for league lead in goals, and will finish top two in goals this year, and is officially a superstar, and the most important player on that Bolts team.

    Tavares has dealt with a concussion, and some other injury this year. It’s still way too early to say he’s not this guy, or that guy.

  44. Stamkos definitely has a lot more going for him as far as his supporting cast. PA Parenteau or Marty StL, hm???

    Still, Stamkos is a much better skater than Tavares and it will be hard for him to create goals from anything farther out than the around the net if he doesn’t improve. I think he can be a point per game type guy, but I doubt he’ll be mentioned in the same phrases as Stamkos and Crosby.

  45. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    im playing call of duty black ops zombies,, and one of the other guys is “Festivus” HAHAHAH!

  46. Tiki, which reminds me. I was also glad they won because I bumped Izzy from his Bump and they still won. Had they lost, you’d eat me up alive :-). I just figured Izzy’s last two Bumps lead to two losses, so perhaps it was time to unbump him :-)

  47. Kinda off topic, but just have to say, I was at the point where I could NOT watch the game yesterday because of John and Joe’s ridiculous banter. I’ll cut John some slack, he isn’t really getting paid to call the game.

    And then Sam came along. Oh, how I love Sam. Joe really needs to let Sam call the game from whistle to whistle and then give his analysis when the play is did. All broadcast teams should monitor their calls after Hockey Night in Canada. I love Bob Cole.

  48. Alex T- I’m European too, but I think it would’ve been nice to have Boogaard last night “talking” to Gillies instead of Prust

  49. Even with Isles, and the potential top three pick they’ll have playing next season, they’ll still be worth making fun of.

    They wont be a competitive team for a while.

    Actually, they’ll always be competitive with us, because that’s just the way it is, for some dumb reason.

    Latona, why not mute the fuggin game? It’s pretty simple. I do it all the time on Versus, or when I watch a game online. Play music. It makes it more dramatic.

  50. When the Rangers played the Devils in the playoffs a couple years ago and a bunch of the games were on Versus, I would mute Doc and get the radio feed.

  51. Stamkos also had Vinny Lecav, Prospal, 62 games of Mark Recchi, Ryan Malone and his personal fitness instructor Gary Roberts. That’s a hell of a lot better than the sludge the Isles put out with Tavares.

  52. LMAO at “the sludge”

    Good point, Orr. Guess he was upset the Rangers kept trying to score til the end. Boogaard better be ready next time they play.

  53. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    LOL ilb. I wouldnt have eaten you alive, and I was quite happy they won for that reason too.

    but….our last 2 losses came when Izzy didnt get the bump. And I know for sure, because on one of them, Gift of Gab got first, and I was kinda sorta angry at him b/c we lost. And I love Gift of Gabby! :)

  54. Yeah, but that didn’t stop them from ending up as the second worst team in the NHL. So, it’s a bit of a wash.

    Good guys to learn from though, so you do have a point, and you’re right.

    The only guys Tavares had to look up to was Guerin, and Weight. This year is definitely worse.

  55. TB’s problems that year and, the year before, the year after and this year as well are that they’re bottom 2 or 3 in the league in goals against.

    BTW, the Devils have 61 GF, 112 GA. That’s getting very close to a 2 to 1 ratio. With 7 goals last night, the Rangers equaled about 10% of the Devils entire season scoring!

  56. I wonder if TB wonders what would have happened if they kept Richards over Lecav or even Dan Boyle over Lecav.

  57. Lol, LW3H! Interesting math….you seem to love the Devils as much as I do. Are your neighbors from NJ too? That would be a novelty- Devils fans in UK

  58. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    ilb – on TheSun. thesun.co.uk I dont go there for the negative news. It’s like a gossip rag, I go there for celebrity news and soccer news, but they report everything, especially the bad stuff. they even have a pet photo contest of the week i enjoy looking at.

  59. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I disagree (and agree). I think the Rangers played a terrfic game except for the couple of minutes of the first period.

    I think if Rozy was held to the same standard as the kids, then he should get prucha’d. Think of how young (and how good ) our line up becomes with Girardi-Staal, Eminger-MDZ, Gilroy-Sauer.

    MZA should stay for now. When Prospal and Cally get back, we can take turns scratching EC, Avery, Frolov, Boogaard, etc. Maybe we can trade Frolov for prospects or draft picks

  60. Regarding #2. I don’t have a strong opinion on what the D pairings should be but as far as the PAP goal:

    Islanders have a 3 on 2. PAP attempts an around the back pass to Mouslon on the left wing. Girardi steps up to intercept and it looks like it hits Girardi’s skate and deflects behind him headed softly towards the net. Mouslon barely gets a stick on the puck which LQ doesn’t handle and PAP puts in the rebound.

    My point:

    1) The play is a 3 on 2 to begin with
    2) There is no footrace Girardi stepped up and was headed in the opposite direction
    3) Girardi actually broke up PAP’s pass but got a bad bounce
    4) LQ needs to do a better job controlling the puck there

  61. I hope the US Postal Service is equipped to cope with the many, many thousands of requests for those attractive matchups, ilb. I await the inevitable sellouts.

  62. I totally agree with the first half of the game, and specifically the first period was the worst pice of defending I’ve seen in a long time. The thing that stood out for me was that Gilroy was the best defensive Dman on the Rangers along with Sauer. I haven’t seen a lot of games this year, just the Flyers and Tampa game and I’m pretty tired of the turnover tandem in Girardi and Blozival and am wondering when Staal will find his game again from the start of the season.

    We need to get MDZ in asap (if he’s got the right attitude) for anyone of Eminger, Rozival. And please trade Girardi for someone who know how to defend. He’s not gonna get any better than this, and this ain’t good enough….

  63. Andrew Gross twitter-

    ~ Tortorella does not discount possibility of sending Del Zotto to Connecticut (AHL) in order to get him playing time.

    ~ Michael Del Zotto, whose groin/abdomen has been sore for a couple of days, had a cortisone shot today. Will not play tomorrow.

  64. LW3H- I’m afraid you’ll be changing your grandkids diapers before the Devils have their next sellout.

    We can do all the nitpicking we want. There will never be a perfect game. Every team makes mistakes. Doesn’t matter, as long as they turn back and go after the opposing team the way they did last night, and win.

  65. As per Gross, Tortorella not discounting possible move to have MDZ spend some time in Hartford. Apparently, the coach is a tad annoyed over MDZ’s refusal to listen to the staff about keeping things simple (ie 40 foot high risk passes instead of 10 foot off the board plays). I think the other plus of having MDZ play some games in Hartford is it hopefully will help him find his offensive game again.

    Let’s face it – this kid isn’t likely to make it long term in the NHL as a defensive defenceman. In addition, there’s some high-end offensive skill that’s been submerged this year that once rediscovered and honed will potentiallly make him an all-star one day.

  66. With respect, RangerSwede, if you admit to only seeing two or three games all year, it’s a bit of an overreaction to demand a Girardi trade based on a couple of mistakes in those games.

    Not claiming he’s Nick Lidstrom, but Girardi has been very solid for the most part and much-improved from last year. I think wicky even half-praised the guy at one point.

  67. They did, dde? I guess his 30 day routine expired. Except, the way MZA has been playing, they may actually send him down this time for good. Let me see if I have vodka in the fridge.

  68. “We can do all the nitpicking we want. There will never be a perfect game. Every team makes mistakes.”

    And ‘fans’ will look for and exaggerate those mistakes when committed by their personal scapegoat and ignore them when the player is their darling.

  69. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    White sent down for good?! Stoli for everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. And ‘fans’ will look for and exaggerate those mistakes when committed by their personal scapegoat and ignore them when the player is their darling.


    I think I heard Todd White didn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom in the players suite last night. How’s that for nitpicking?

  71. LW3H… I’ve seen a few more but as you say, to few maybe to say something about it (that bloody time difference…). But, I’ve seen the last three and do think both him and Staal where better in the beginning of the season. And my point is that I think that what we’ve seen from Girardi in the first half of the year is as good as it gets and that he’ll get back to last years form…

    Also if wicky half-praised him he should be a good asset and therefore get something useful in return.. :)

  72. CTB- considering there is a stomach flu around, I think it’s an egregious mistake on his part!

  73. Speaking of contagious. Did you see LB twitter:

    NYP_Brooksie Del Zotto not skating bkz of groin problem. Gabby must have been contagious.
    about 2 hours ago

  74. And, my favorite:

    NYP_Brooksie Todd White on waivers again. With Zuccarello here,could mean end this time.
    about 2 hours ago

    If I don’t post for a few days, can someone come over and un-cross my fingers? Thanks!

  75. I would trade Girardi for a signed photograph of Kevin Bieksa (condition: fair).

    Didn’t Todd White scratch ilb’s iPhone?

  76. lol CTB,ilb

    Not sure if it’s Adam Rotter or Brooks calling it ‘the Todd White Experience”

    but does that mean he’ll light his stick on fire

  77. Blueshirt in Paris on

    RangerSwede, Im in France and watch the games on demand the next day. check out hockeystreams.com

  78. Todd White = new Virus


    CT, no one can replace Virus! The Todd White Experience was thrilling while it lasted. Let’s hope he was able to dig his car out of the snow and is on his way up Rt 95 to meet his new coach, Kenny Gernander…

  79. Hm, does that mean White puts LSD into the headband on his helmet. So as he sweats it gets absorbed into his skin? Oh wait he doesn’t get enough ice time to sweat.

  80. Let’s hope he was able to dig his car out of the snow and is on his way up Rt 95


    And if he can stop off at exit 10 off the CT-Turnpike can he shovel out the rest of driveway?

  81. LW3H… lmao that’s a good one!

    Paris… I know that’s a possibility, but I don’t have much time in between all the football practices and I’ve got something against watching any kind of game if it isn’t live. I even sit on the live stream and click “live” all the time to make sure, I’m stupid, I know…

  82. Ales Kotalik scored his 1st goal of the season last night for the Calgary Flame. They won. Amazing, I know.

    The Flame GM, Darryl “Hideous Face” Sutter has resigned…

  83. For the record- I don’t hate Todd White. I don’t particularly like him because I remember a few years ago he scored a goal (a GWG, IIRC) against us at MSG while playing for Ottawa. I was at the game. But I don’t hate him. It’s more about the Rangers keeping him from day 1 of this season. Had they sent him down during the camp instead of Kennedy, they would’ve been able to afford a player with just over $7M contract by the trading deadline, if needed to. Even now, they will be able to afford someone close to $3M. If he goes down, that is.

  84. Or maybe Willie Mitchell. That’s it, Todd White is the reason Willie Mitchell isn’t a Ranger…yet.

  85. I think Calgary has to be on that list. Then again Sather traded Kotalik to CGY and that was on his NTC as well.

  86. There is a Feaster and Tortarella connection. I assume know that Sutter is gone, Feaster is gonna start making moves to rid Calgary of Sutter’s disasterous signings. I don’t see any of Calgary’s crap coming this way. Robyn Regehr? Maybe the best Dman to ever come from Brazil.

  87. Ooops, my bad. Mike Greenlay was a goalie who played 2 games for Edmonton. He was born in Brazil.

  88. HAHAHA!!!

    Geez CT. I forgot futbol was a sport.

    Robyn Regehr? Maybe the best ICE HOCKEY Dman to ever come from Brazil.

  89. ilb,
    I just found that out. Racife is also one of the shark attack capitals of the world. . . . . or is it capitols?!?

  90. I think Roberto Carlos would shoot more than Rozi from the point. Even accounting for the fact that the guy probably has never skated in his life.

  91. Canada vs. Czech Republic about to start
    Rangers prospect #23 Roman Horák playing for Czech team

  92. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    gisele bundchen is horrilble. ugly face and terrilbe example to young women re: body appearance.

  93. You know, I was never a fan of Gisele, now that I think aboot it. But, I saw these pics of her changing her clothes in a van, and lately she’s been climbing my hot list.

    Nothing compared to Miranda Kerr [the not pregnant version], and Candice Swanepoel, Irina Shayk, Marisa Miller, Brooklyn Decker, etc.

    She’s a milf. Newbie milf.

  94. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    lol cw…. “horrible” is brazilian for married to thom braddy!

    ya got me, Orrsie! Am i that transparent? :)

  95. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Afternoon ILB and all!!
    Only a few moments here on lunch to comment or reply…

    why pick on crease clearing d men like that. And instead of standing at the window yelling, maybe that guy should have went down and helped or something?

    Did anyone hear gilroy’s post game comments? He really does get it!

    I did praise OPG. He has been ok, just still not sure he is worth the $$$, but time will tell.

    I wish we would give vtank a shot to see if he can play with the big club. I would certainly rather see him than rozy. I agree with cw about eminger.

    Back to work, later assens!!

  96. Did anyone else just see that the Iceholes traded Wisniewski to the Habs for a 2nd and a 5th? Bleh…

  97. They traded Wisniewski? Damn, he was just starting to have such a positive influence on the team. Roloson, for example, was on his knees all game long last night…

  98. “Did anyone hear gilroy’s post game comments? He really does get it!”

    Yes, I commented when I heard him at the time. I’d like to see/hear or read it again though if anyone comes across it. I think it was John Giannone that asked him how he stayed positive while sitting out.

  99. MDZ has been brutal, and needs to go to Hartford to find his game. Gilroy, when he gets the chance, has been playing with confidence. he needs to stay in the lineup for the foreseeable future.

  100. Wicky, I was wondering the same thing. Why didn’t the guy run outside and try to prevent it instead of cursing and filming it. Go figure.

  101. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    CCCP – My favorite ‘head! Where ya been, pal? Check your FB msgs, Ill be back soon, gotta walk the super pooper dupers!!!!!

  102. The “flu” can mean influenza and it can also mean withdrawal from pain meds; ie, vicodin, oxys, etc.

    Torts has expressed worry about the “NYC life” that MDZ seems to enjoy. “Hockey comes first” Torts said regarding MDZ and party life.

    He has also intimated that MDZ has an ego problem. Torts has no lack of self confidence himself and the two may clash.

    Torts can be emotional and dig his heels in. Talk of sending MDZ to Hartford after a stellar rookie season, is serious stuff. Either Torts is not revealing what is really going on with MDZ or Torts is seeking to show the kid up. Either way, it can make for bad feelings upon an impressionable kid. Confidence among these elite athletes can make the difference between sucess and failure (see Gilroy who DID look like he did in last year’s preseason and early go.

    The dog house is real. Sometimes, it is warranted and other times….well, you get the point.

    Michal Rosival was gawdawful last night, yet he appears to do no wrong in Tort’s eyes.

    Also, Torts language shows particular sensitivity towards MDZ regarding listening to the coach’s instructions. MDZ is creative and likes to think for himself. Torts does not appear to be a fan of such thinking on the part of a 20 year old.

  103. Flu is flu, Seamus. You can have “flu-like” symptoms as a sign of opioid withdrawal, but I never heard anyone call it Flu

  104. Yes, it’s getting interesting. In his defense, Torts does mention that MDZ was told (and shown the tapes of) not to look for long-pass way out of the zone every time, as one of the aspects of his game. And, in terms of showing the kid up- he had his moments with VL. And from what we all understand, that what made him a star.
    Roszival is a lost case. I doubt Torts wants or needs to change much.

  105. the league should investigate wang…how could a carcillo team like the icelanders trade a good,young defenseman for what will be about the 50th pick…it’s gonna be some race between the isles and devils wo gets number one pick….boy do they both suck!!!!! the kc islanders and the quebec devils….

  106. This just out MDZ hooked pain killers. Torts might be upset. MDZ headed for Hartford. Ego mania causing problems. Sather possible on crack, could be the flu.

  107. Is anyone watching Caps- Mtl on Center Ice HD.The best commentators I’ve ever heard. There is no commentators, just the game sounds lol

  108. ilb….. Kassian is a good player, and the hit was clean. they showed it from a few differant angles, and they all looked good to me.

  109. 100% Charles Wang should be investigated by the league. They are deliberately icing an AHL lineup with an AHL coach because the higher the draft pick the Islanders get awarded in the 2011 draft, the more money he will get when he sells the team.

  110. I still think the D-Man that Torts wants to grab out of Calgary is Cory Sarich. I guess you can call him a crease clearer, at least, that’s what he was when Torts had him in TB.

  111. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    i am pleased to inform all of you that Mama and her Mama have made it safely to Maine, and Mama had the bestest day today seeing her cutie patootie niece!!! :)

  112. It’s 9pm. Does anyone know where US goaltender is? He could take knitting classes and sweat more than he’s had

  113. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    i still cant beileve how much hockey all of you watch!! when there’s no Rangers, i cant get far enough away from hockey. im trying to watch the lightning,bruins game on versus, and it’s just painful to sit through. im nearly falling asleep, trying not to get wound up over the least of the 3 boston teams (the one in 3rd in their conference).

  114. maybe marian gaborik can teach these young slovaks something…..how to play injured for their country in a meaningless 3rd place game and let the team that signs his paychecks go by the waistside!

  115. I agree, ilb. IMO, Bourque looks more “ready” than Kreider. Bourque has some crafty moves and is a speedster out there. Even though he didn’t score, he played well in both ends.

    Kreider was not very noticable but I’m looking for him to break out soon. He was tremendous in last year’s tourney, although Stepan was even better…

  116. What happened to the guy that used to post as *Shoryuken on Wade Redden*?…haven’t seen that dude in long time….

  117. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    got it, thanks bro. Have it dvr’d. that just made my decision of what to watch!

  118. Accroing to @incarceratedbob:

    **HUGE BLOCKBUSTER TRADE RUMOR** Washington Capitals have made an offer to the Islanders that could lead to a major blockbuster deal

  119. **BLOCKBUSTER RUMOR** Washington has made Alexander Semin available – 2 Sources in Islanders organization confirms > Snow taking deal 2 Wang

  120. Random question: CT Whale now has two players named J. Williams (Jason and Jeremy). How will they represent the names on the jerseys? Will it be like Dave and Don Maloney who had their full first names written out? Interesting…

  121. incarceratedbob **BREAKING NEWS** Source: Islanders are prepared to claim Brian Rolston off of Re-entry Waivers tmrw (Confirmed):This is leading 2 something

  122. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    interesting rumors, thanks guys.

    Man I liked the way hrasko played last year in this tourney and he is playing the same way this year, guy hits everything. Probably my favorite player to this point. Brown is my favorite american player though.

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