It’s Go Time!


Last home game of 2010.

Mats Zuccarello made it back, dashing through the snow, from Hartford. Marian Gaborik is expected to return from a groin issue. Matt Gilroy stays in the lineup. Michael Del Zotto gets prucha’d again, along with Todd White. Lundqvist in goal.

Here are the probable lines, according to Andrew Gross:


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  1. Your last two Bumps were blanks, Izzy….Thought it was time to change it…

    And let me say for the record: You both are better than me.

  2. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    ilb – damn it! you cost us by seconds. Izzy needs to get first on these posts. going to miss some of the game tonight, got a few things to do, someone who shall not be named kept me on the phone ALL DAY! Thhhhpppppt! :)

    seriously, though, im devastated… and you know what i mean, person who shall not be named :(

  3. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    ilb- you’re not paying attention, Butterbean. The Izzy bump is not just #1, it’s the World’s Greatest.

  4. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    I know, Izzy. the last 2 or 3 times you’ve missed the bump, we’ve lossed. im quite perturbed by this. you ought to be getting first every single god damn go time post. no excuses. get your act together.

    and to person who shall not be named, i could actually be devastated by 4 things.

    1. Giants sleeping through yesterday’s game
    2. losing a lot of money on the arsenal game
    3. not getting to speak to a certain someone for the next few days
    4. not having a scheduled delivery get to the recipient on time

    But it’s number 4 that irks me…wait til i get on the phone with them and demand compensation. damn blizzard. UGHHHH!!!

  5. iDoodie machetto on

    Not terrible for me because I actually went to work this morning, but my poor wife met me here

  6. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Great – now Dubi & EC are gonna have bellyaches, cavities, & diabetes..

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Zucco is back!!!"...& Greg L. on

    GO TIME!!!!!!

    ALRIGHT!!!!!! lets go lets go lets go!!!!!!

    GO GO GO TIME!!!!

  8. Last home game of 2010.
    I’m going to the Pebble on Wednesday, I thought that counted as a home game.

  9. Dubinsky t-shirt, check
    Callahan heritage jersey (I got it the day he broke his hand but they won and they won every other game I’ve worn it for the whole game, the TB game doesn’t count because I left my house after the 1st), check
    Rangers knit cap part of a buy 2 get 1 free from NHL store, check

  10. Pebble’s ‘hood isn’t bad. I went to game 1 of the Rangers-Devils playoffs there a couple of years ago. I was more concerned wearing a Rangers Gomez jersey than walking around Newark. He had 3 assists that game, I got all sorts of profanities yelled at me on the way out. It was worth it.

  11. boxcareddiehospodar on

    what has Drury done to be awarded playing with the second line and avery still on the fourth?

    better than that why is drury even shooting in a shootout?


  12. CTB – watch out for people Kovalchuking in the bathrooms at Prudential Center. Disgusting behaviour from some fans there…

  13. They also put Rangers logos at the bottom of the urinals at that game I went to. I hope Marty washed his hands after placing them there.

  14. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Welcome Mama…hop you had a nice festivus. Did you find a Sauer calendar under your pole Festivus morning?

  15. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Ok, so now im convinced Gilroy is being shopped around. Joe is talking him up like a used car salesman.

  16. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Miked – noticed that too. How about a little spray?

    Mandatory PAP goal vs Rangers as well.

  17. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Giants yesterday, Rangers today…please – I can’t take it. Thank God for WWE @ 9pm…

  18. Blue Seat Horror on

    Henrik Limpqvist tonight. Wake up Hank! They didn’t cancel the game. Really. It’s on. Really.

  19. Blue Seat Horror on

    Looking at how poorly the Islanders are playing in their defensive zone, the Rangers will have to want to lose this one. If the Rangers lose is will be by design.

  20. 5 min. of sudden collective letargy (including Hank) cost us just 2 ins.(nerves demage including)

  21. I think MZA is missing a lot of high quality American profanity by not staying in the lockerroom

  22. As my good friend Frank once said, just don’t sniff that yellow snow. and if you don’t get that, then I’m sure someone else will explain :)

  23. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    but your voice is sexy, Mama! Torts’ voice isnt! So profanity coming out of your mouth sounds hot! :)

    HI FOZZY! LOVE YA, SIS! Hope the Rangers win for you tonight!

  24. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    i see the goals came from Parenteau and Schrempf. Parenteau again, ARRRRGH, i hate that guy. And Schrempf?? The basketball player that used to play for the Trailblazers, Detlef? I mean, who in the blue hell is Schrempf?

  25. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    I dont mind Lafontaine! Especially since he was all and only New York during his career. What a great guy, to play only in New York in his career. He obviously knew that this is the greatest place in the world!

    Dont blame Lafontaine for not knowing what he’s talking about. Listening to Joe Buck yesterday, he didnt know what the byfuglien he was talking about, and he mostly covers the NFC East.


    FOZZY! You gotten the package?

  26. Avery really needs to stop with the reverse moves inside his own zone. It hardly ever works.

  27. It’s Avery trade mark – same place on ice, same stupid trick and inevitable giveaway.WTB?!

  28. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    what a terrible decision by 16. stupid mistakes is what the 2010-11 NYR mostly give up goals on. Cut out the stupid boneheaded plays and we have a real chance to win the Cup.

  29. Not yet Tiki…we got so much snow though…lot’s of places were closed today. I’ll let you know! :)

  30. Yowza!!! mama getting elbow’d!!! yet, I am never wrong…interesting conundrum we have here tonight :)

  31. May be Avery just get dizzy after his 1/2 spinorama.But why always at the same place in own zone 1 ft. away from save passage?

  32. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    okie dokie FOZZY bear! one of my special packages, i picked today to have it be delivered when i ordered it, and even though UPS isnt delivering to maine, massach., and new hampshire, they also werent delivering to the zip code in new york that my package was going to! ARGH!!!

  33. Tiki, It seemed the storm hit the entire east coast pretty hard! I’m sure it’s all weather realated! Hartnell weather!

  34. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Mama – LOL! I sent my teenage cousin in NJ my Derek Jeter signed 2009 World Series authentic jersey with the World Series patch and the Inaugural year of the New Yankee Stadium patch.

    He’s grown up a Yankees fan, but in recent years, he became disinterested in baseball and became a hockey fan, a Devils fan!!!! So now, with the jersey, he is excited about the Yankees again!! :)

  35. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    oh, and of course i never wore the Jeter jersey…i always keep the tags on special stuff like that! :) i didnt just give him a used jersey!

  36. I’d do that too ORR, but they’re my cat sitters so I can’t.

    tki, how does one go from yankees to devils??? wtb!

  37. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Of course – couldn’t get through a game without hearing about hot dog lips.

  38. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    For Giants fans:

    We need a Saints loss tonight and a Saints loss next week, or a Packers loss next week……..coupled with a Giants win and we’re in.


  39. Blue Seat Horror on

    How much you wanna bet that Gilroy gets Prucha’d after such a great game? Don’t know why Torts hates him so much.

  40. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Mama – he lives in NJ!

    Fozzy – he did love it; he even said he’d start watching the Yanks again in 2011. Im trying to pull him away from the Debbies! :)

  41. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Is ORR God? Or the Devil, perhaps?

    he makes teams lose with a black cloud of bad luck.

    he predicts Gilly to have a goal tonight, after gilly not having goal in 50+ games, then gilly scores 2 goals???? WTB!!!

  42. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    it’s one thing if you predicted an OVechkin goal, Orr, or if you predicted a Gilly goal every game. But you dont!!!

    And Ill slash Hot Dog Lips’ hot dog lips if someone will pay my bail money!!

  43. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    It’s what all the ladies on this blog likes to hear: “Boyle sticks it in”

  44. Somehow managed to completely lose internet connection on my laptop after the first period and can’t get it back since I need the network password again and I’m at my parents, who have gone to bed.

    Now reduced to following the game on here and Twitter while driving my iPhone, which still is connected for some reason.

  45. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    “# Cally’s Broken Hand Del Headzo December 27th, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    It’s what all the ladies on this blog likes to hear: “Boyle sticks it in””

    LMHAO!! All the ladies, and me! ;-)

  46. Blue Seat Horror on

    Ha! “Mom jeans.”

    Giannone’s been dreaming of having twins all his life. He finally got his wish!

  47. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    ILB – question about the roster and the injured reserve…

    First, since Boogaard is going to be out for a while, is he already on the IR?

    Second, how long must a player remain on IR before you can activate him off the IR?

  48. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Wait – Tiki, you’re a dude? What does that “H” stand for in LMHAO?
    ….Not that there’s anything worng with that!

  49. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Yes, Cally, Im a dude! Im not actually like that, not that there’s anything wrong with that! :)

    H stands for Hartnelling!

    A tremendously tremendous term that I cannot take credit for, our Mama came up with that!

  50. Orr you are cracking me up. I am at my fav bar watching the game
    MZR is looking great and I am happy for Gilroy. And of course my favorite
    Brian who’s tshirt is still not available in the team store!
    Now I am thinking I shouldve walked!

  51. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Are these Ferraro’s related to Chicken Parm/TSN Ray Ferraro?

    Thanks Dubiiii!

  52. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Gotcha Tiki.

    …Not that there’s anything wrong with that…unlike the brother’s Ferraro hairdos

  53. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Thanks as well, ilby! Boogaard aint going to be playing for a while; he should be put on IR.

  54. Yeah the Ferraro twins were a huge disappointment. I guess you tell the difference between the two with who has the bigger spike in their hair. Chris Ferraro kissing light sockets lately?

  55. Are these Ferraro’s related to Chicken Parm/TSN Ray Ferraro?


    Related in that they should have never been allowed to put on the Rangers jersey for a real game.

  56. B.B. now has as many goals as Ovechkin, Byfuglien, and Zetterberg, and has more goals then Datsyuk, Kessel, and Alfredsson…….Brian Boyle is an All Star.

  57. One thing is for sure- they better play well in the third. Fishsticks have nothing to lose. NJ is winning the last place race anyway…

  58. Prust and Boyle next to each other looks like “there’s Brian Boyle with his son, Brandon”.

  59. >>…NJ is winning the last place race anyway…

    Arrrrrrgh!!! I wouldn’t mind if they started winning by next month.

  60. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    ~YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
    ~GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

  61. If Rangers win tonight, and I believe they will, Hank have to thank Gilroy for a change, not other way around. ?

  62. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on


    ~just kidding Mama. and dont ever say game over before it’s over. it’s bad luck~

  63. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Drury must have some pizza grease on his stick blade. Couldn’t handle the saucer.

  64. Blue Seat Horror on

    Fedetenko!!!! Woohoo! Great night to be snowed in…though I was supposed to be at this game.

  65. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    ~Everyone great, Sally, now that youve joined us!~




    ~GET UP for our NYR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

  66. Blue Seat Horror on

    How did the Islanders manage to not lose 5 in a row? I know one of those games were against the Devils but what about the other 4. They’re really awful.

  67. Julie-Who Hardly Ever Posts on

    Hey guys! Just checking in. I love it when our Rangers score so many goals! LGR!!!!!

  68. Hey Ilb! How are you doing? No work today! A REAL day off! Slept in late, long lunch with a good friend, finally started getting Hanukkah presents for mom, now hockey with yall!

  69. I was just thinking the same, Blue Seat. They wouldn’t be able to defend against the worst AHL team. 7-2.

  70. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    ~His gorgeous FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

    ~its a power play goal, and this game is was a Rangers statement, baby! Im not one for rubbing it in, but pile on Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

  71. Hi Fozzy!!! How’s it goin girl??

    Ilb, ehh I wish. She’s getting all her Hanukkah presents for her bday in early January. LOL!

  72. Maybe ilb, I think Voros would have gotten beaten up by Cam Janssen on his way to fight Gillies or Konopka.

  73. The loss to the Lighning in the skills competition is acceptable if it means the Rangers follow it up by doing the Isles and Devs dirty like this.

  74. isles aren’t even mad that the rangers are trying really hard to keep scoring

    in the old days, this would be an all out brawl by now

  75. So based on the results (Pitt, PHX, tonight) the Cally heritage jersey is coming with me to the Pebble on Wed.

  76. Sather's Wrapup on

    Hello Ranger Fans! Here we are at the World’s Most Flurrymous Arena!

    Did any of you catch Muckler in the Christmas commercial? He was in a Budweiser Ad. You know the one with the Clydesdale? The horse turns around to go back to the barn, and you can see Muckler. Looked just like him…

    I want to wish all the Islander fans (you know who you two guys are) a very Merry Christmas. You finally got the one thing you have asked for all these years- a team that’s better than the Devils….

    Messier: Good news Slats. We’re going to get Ovechkin next month! I made an offer to McPhee and he said it would be a damn cold day when he trades Ovie to Glen Sather. So I figure that’s in January…

    Glennie: Mess, you’re an idiot. It’s cold in February too…

    I was sitting in a bar one time, when this guy walks in with a dog under his arm. The dog is wearing a NY Islanders jersey and the guy is holding an Islanders pennant.
    The bartender says, “Hey! No pets allowed in here! You’ll have to leave! ”
    The man begs, “Look I’m desperate. We’re both big Isles fans, my TV set is broken, and this is the only place we can see the game! ”
    After securing a promise that the dog will behave and warning him that if there is any trouble they will be thrown out, the bartender relents and allows them to stay in the bar and watch the game.
    The game begins with the Islanders winning the faceoff. They sweep across the blueline, fire a shot and it rings off the crossbar and in the net. With that the dog jumps up on the bar and begins walking up and down the bar barking and giving everyone a high-five.
    This continues throughout the game and the islanders win. The dog goes nuts! He starts barking like mad, does a few back flips, and begins licking the owners face.
    The bartender says, “Wow that is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! What does the dog do if they win a playoff series?”

    “I don’t know,” replies the owner, “I’ve only had him for seventeen years.”

    Well have a Happy New Year Ranger fans, and remember, don’t drink and drive. It’s almost as bad as texting. If you have to drink, do like I do, pull over first…

    Looks like I’m good for a few more years as GM
    Uncle Glennie

  77. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    ~These are the games the Rangers must win if we are to the rule the world in 2011!!!!!!~

    ~The games against bad teams, the letdown games, are the games that the Rangers are proving themselves time and again this year~

    ~Ya never know, guys. The Stanley Cup. Why not us?~

  78. Blue Seat Horror on

    I wonder if when congratulating each other this exhibition would even allow them to say “Good Game?”

  79. Good grief, can we take the win and be happy!? I am very happy, thrilled in fact!
    and Cally, you have cracked me up all night!

    Fozzy, me too!!!

  80. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    ~sauer defending Hankie was another bright spot on a bright and glowing season. Teammates fighting for one another; teaching other teams that there will be no cheap shots on Hankie. all steps in the right direction. GILROY!!!!!!!!!!~

  81. great win although to me, the most impressive player on the ice was Anisimov. He has been flying lately and looks like he’s poised to have a big second half.

  82. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    It’s what I’m here for Mama! Now let’s do it again Wednesday night! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  83. Nothing but class from Gilly. He’s right. He could bi*ch and moan aboot getting scratched, but there’s a lot of people out there who have it worse.

    I still like Gilly, and don’t want him to be traded. I sure as hell prefer him over Blowzy. I hope Gilly keeps up this play, and forces Slats to dump Blowzy.

  84. Sally, did you give Dubi some spoken English lessons. He seems to use less “obviously” already

  85. Ilb, it seems like he got over the “obviously”s a while ago, but then he got stuck on “know what I mean?”s. Lil Man’s never at a lack for something silly to say or do.

  86. Blue Seat Horror on

    If the Islanders can do us a favor and keep Crosby off the board Wednesday I promise to hate them a little less. Actually it’s hard to hate them when they are just so bad. Kind of feels like beating up on a fifth grader.

  87. Oh, boy….I think they’re looking for a hard practice tomorrow…Torts isn’t happy. They need to bring it up a notch against the Devils. 8-2?

  88. Some 5th graders can be carcillos :) they need to be taught a lesson….

    OK all, I gotta go. Hitting the road early with my mama for the north. Great night! and good for the MSG crowd that made it and made noise!! I go to sleep with the end of game happy song in my head! TA!!

  89. Someone from TSN commented: “Del Zotto scratched again and Gilroy’s in, all sorts of fluff from the Rangers announcers about him. So I texted a buddy who’s in the MSG presser. The Rangers are shopping Gilroy and will package him in with Frolov.”

    Can this be remotely true? I mean, it seems pretty reasonable but do organizations actually have their announcers “fluff” a player and play the player in order to increase the value on the respective player?

  90. hmmmm. well then. I admit, I listened more than I saw the game….circumstances being what they are in my house this week :) but OK I guess.

    ha! I got fought/thought!

    wutwut. I ain’t buying that.

    oy, i wicky’d….

  91. i highly doubt someone commenting on TSN has any inside information although I teams (in all sports) will use their announcers to help steer public opinion.

  92. What we possibly get for Frolov n Gilroy that could help us? I have always been ok with Gilroy as 6th or 7th, but he has a bigger $ then he needs. Uncle Glen would have to get a sucker again, but don’t get anything long term back. Frolov is gone after the yr.

  93. It’s called a trial balloon, or BS :)

    OK all, seriously, fading to black….Happy Rangers win we beat debbies next eve eve! TA

  94. “do organizations actually have their announcers “fluff” a player and play the player in order to increase the value on the respective player?”


  95. Has anyone else noticed MSG doesn’t promote the stupid tri-state challenge anymore this year since 2 of those teams happen to be just god awful.

  96. two extremely fluky goals shouldn’t change anyones views on Gilroy. The facts are those were his 1st two goals of the year 2010 and thats simply unacceptable for a guy whose supposed to be great offensively. Maybe all he needs is confidence but his 2 lucky goals tonight really dont show me anything.

  97. He’s too young and inexperienced to play two-three games, then sit for the next eight-ten.

    Playing for NYR is only hurting his development, sadly.

    We’re supposed to be committed to youth, and we’re supposed “stay the course” and “play within our jam”, yet Blowzy continues to play game in, game out.

    Vet leadership? He couldn’t lead a porn star to a fresh hard-on.

    Play Gilly! Waive Blowzy.

  98. Don’t want to spoil my own pleasure, but I start worried about Wednesday game. Rangers have a nasty habit to lose after big wins. My hatred to Debbies can be only matched by my love to Rangers and they are now a wounded beast. And despite some disdain shown above, toward them, I wouldn’t underestimate Debbies and see’em to brake losing strike on Rangers. Can’t relax… and enjoy.

  99. Went to my first game in a while.
    Good scouting report from the blog…thanks.

    Gilroy was good and Zuccarello was very active.

    Evidently, the fans in the Garden were quite intent on expressing their opinion that a certain player named “Potvin” was not very good.

    In fact, I did a little research and it would seem obvious that his skills would have diminished considerably being 57 years old.

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