Happy Boxing Day!


To review this week:

Tuesday: Festivus Eve Eve.
Wednesday: Festivus Eve.
Thursday: Festivus.
Friday: Christmas Eve.
Saturday: Christmas.
Today: Boxing Day.
Tomorrow: Go Time (vs. Islanders)!

It really is the holidays!

Our friend Joekuh volunteered to write a guest post to give the Blogfather a day off today. Not that I needed one. But the thought was much appreciated, and the post was very well done. So here goes:


Just Wide

First and foremost, thanks Mr. Carp for giving me the chance to write another guest post. I had a LOT of fun writing the 1st one over the summer about learning hockey through NHL’94, hopefully this will one be more fun. Secondly, where the Heatley is the FB Boneheads page?!?! (Someone shoot me a link to it, touch718@hotmail.com, thanks!) Thirdly, shoutout to the silent boneheads who really help keep this place we have, to discuss everything from Anisimov to Zuccarello, alive.

Alright, in the spirit of everyone recently discussing their fondest autobiographical hockey memory, I’ll share the memory of my 1st time playing hockey. I never took the chance to play hockey in NY, being that I never really thought of doing it before the family moved to FL. Being that it’s hot down here, there aren’t too many ICE skating rinks around. But, a 15 minute bus ride from my parents’ house is a huge park with a couple of ROLLERBLADE rinks. Cue the light bulb turning on in your head.

I’ve always been a reader. Blogs, books, magazines, you name it, if I find it interesting, I will read it from front to back to front again. So in the local sports section, I’d always read about a rollerblade hockey league, with scores and stories.  I’d always wonder to myself, “I wonder where they play ….”

I went to HS with a friend who played baseball. Being bored one day, I went with him for the heck of it. Being that baseball practice is boring as hell when you’re not involved it, and younger than 16, I went wandering around the park. I saw lot of bright lights in one corner of the park, and kept hearing this hollow “thunk”, kinda like a bat hitting a ball, then cheering every once in a while. Curiously, I approached.  As I turned a corner, I see this middle age guy walking away from the brightly-lit area with all kinds of hockey stuff on him, headed for his car. Now I’m totally confused, and intrigued. I turn the corner, and BANG — 4 rollerblade hockey rinks.

It was like I’d found the fountain of youth. I must’ve been there for a couple hours watching the games. I was in love, and decided right then and there that I’d play one day in one of those rinks. I found an old stick somewhere, and bought some skates. I could move in a straight line pretty well, but DO NOT ask me to stop or turn quickly, under ANY circumstances, it wasn’t happening, LOL. I went a couple Sundays when the rinks were quiet and started teaching myself how skate like a hockey player. I kinda figured out how to slide stop, and got pretty good at cross-stepping. I didn’t skate with the stick in hand though, I thought it’d be weird to come to the park on the bus, skates over the shoulder, stick in hand. I was self-conscious fat boy back then. Sue me.

Finally the time came that I decided I was going to play. I begged a ride from Mom dukes, and got to the rink. I was nervous as hell, and had no idea why. There was a pickup game going on, and people were just jumping in and out, so I just jumped into it. So here I am, barely able to stay in the same direction without falling on my face, playing the game. People are zooming by me like I’m Boogaard. I’m like, “What the hell did I do all this work for? I suck! Get off the rink and never come back!!!” ( I can be pretty hard on myself. ) Suddenly, the ball/puck came to me at my blue line. Brian Leetch making a rush up the zone came into my head. I saw glory and honor and pretty much everything I had ever hoped and dreamed of. I took off. Suddenly, skating wasn’t so hard. I crossed the red line. I had eyes on the net, and ONLY the net. I crossed the blue line.

Suddenly, I noticed a D-Man from the other team coming at me. All positive thoughts went completely out of my head. Why? Because I suddenly forgot how to stop!  Me full tilt going one way + D-Man full tilt coming my way = BODIES EVERYWHERE. I tried to dodge him into the boards, but no luck. Just before we came together, I tried to throw the puck at the net. Then we collided. We both went down. He got up 1st, then helped me up. While laughing at me, he said, “Don’t know how to stop, do you?” I just shook my head no, face down, embarrassed as all Heatley. One of my teammates skated up to me and said, “Nice shot. Just went wide.” The biggest smile must’ve hit my face, and it didn’t leave until I got home. I still hold that as one of my fondest hockey memories. Most likely because I got busy and haven’t played since that day.

PS, I have a new Festivus Greivance: Why didn’t I ever go play again? I could’ve been one of the best!

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  1. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    Broward County, Plantation, Central Park. There’s a couple in Coral Springs too.

    ilb, my feat of strength will be to carry a full hockey gear set to the rink, and skate in it. I think that would be pretty amazing..

  2. So, does anyone know the origin of Boxing Day? Way too many explanations, but I was hoping that the boneheads would use it today to help people in need. There are multiple great causes, choose whatever tou like. If you aren’t sure whether the charity is worth donating, check it out on this site :

    Any charity with program expenses above 85% is a great, well run charity.

    A few I like are related to children. It’s just mind-boggling that with all the wealth and food abundance in this country, there are children around the world that are dying from hunger.

    This one is easy to use, just feel the cup.



  3. Lol @ your comment is awaiting moderation! I guess there too many links I posted. Carp, can you let my comment go through, please?

  4. Good morning all! I wasn’t dreaming of a white boxing day, but looks like that’s what we’re getting here anyway. Byfuglien.
    Nice job Joekuh! Now get back on the “ice!”

  5. Thanks, Carp!

    I didn’t finish what I was writing. I want to add one more:


    Apparently, the cholera outbreak hasn’t been fully contained in Haiti yet. In fact, there is fear that it may get worse. If that happens, the loss of human lives may topple what has been lost during the earthquake.

    Anyway, please help. Any dollar counts.

  6. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    So does that count as a wicky for Blogmama? She said last night, TA until 2011…

    Well, anyhow, glad to have the Blogmamodel back with us!

  7. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Happy Boxing Day! Happy Recovering from Christmas indulgences Day! Happy Game Day Eve!!

    nice story Joekuh

  8. No, I did not say that :) I said mama and I were closing out the holidays til New Year’s…..I still get to play here til tomorrow’s game!

  9. Anybody want to take a guess at the attendance at the Devils game tonight?!?! Wonder if it’ll beat the 347 at that Devils-Flames game from the 80’s!

  10. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    My girl has her anti-itch powder and a wrapping bandage on her paw… she usually spends each morning driving me insane as I sleep by licking her wrapping repeatedly. she’s now vomited 3 mornings in the past week from licking that horrible smelling, probably horrible tasting wrapping. Is her continued licking a product of stubbornness or being a stupidhead, or both? :)

  11. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    fyi, this isnt anything serious, thankfully! but what can i put over the wrapping besides more wrapping?

  12. she still may try to get it anyway, but use some plastic wrap and strong tape around the tape. not too tight tho!!!

  13. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Well done with the charity recommendations, ilb. As you said, every dollar counts and it really is a tragedy that people are still dying from hunger.



    If anyone does not want to be upset today or get sick today, dont visit the site below. I hope they find this kid/guy and lock him up for a long time.


  14. Dude! I don’t know where in Florida you are, but in Tampa there’s not only street hockey, but they have a couple of national street hockey tournaments every year.

    I played street hockey as a kid, then moved to NC. When I was 50 I found a street hockey league. It’s never too late!

  15. usa vs finland 5 pm PST and 8 pm EST on the hockey network.

    see how kreider is progressing.

    stepan 1 year ago today in the tourney now a real contributor with huge upside.

    trade Roszi now, gilroy is fine and free up some cap.

    MDZ should be back Monday and White should be in hartford…

  16. Happy Day After aka Boxing Day, fellow ‘heads. Great story, Joekuh. I wonder if the boys have practice today. Can you imagine??? after indulging on Christmas? UGH

    Fran, are you ready for the blizzard? Bet you are wishing you stayed in FL.

    Since Tony didn’t invite us to his place (and we were going to bring pizza!) we are going to have to suffer through it.

    ilb, that Charity Navigator site is really good. I discovered it this month. I was appalled to see how much money some of the organizations’ top person earns. It sure changed my mind about some of my giving. There is no lack of worthwhile causes and organizations. Do your research so you know your money really gets to the problem.

  17. Yes, Marjie, it’s great. If you navigate the site itself it explains to you how to evaluate the efficiency, how to spot a fake charity. I’ve had a few calls where I told the person to hold on for a second and went on the site. And I did confront a few of them with their numbers etc. Click! Never heard from them after.

  18. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Happy Boxing Day ILB and all!!

    Thanks for the post, and I agree with others, never too late!

    The mrs and I took care of our Boxing Day donations on Thursday so we have a WJ day here!!

  19. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    despite the propaganda someone here likes to spew (no names mentioned mama), those are called LAURELS, not wickys!!!

  20. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Is the second episode of 24/7 available online yet any where?

  21. world juniors get underway today. 2 games on NHL Network – Russia vs Canada at 4 and USA vs Finland at 8. Lets Go Borque and Kreider!

  22. onecupin71yearsandcounting on

    Its never too late to learn how to play ice hockey.
    Find open skates at local rinks and get out there.
    Cheaper than golf and its a great workout.

  23. lmao @ Orr messin with Jets fans, watching the game for a quick Bears score then switching to something else to allow the Jets to tie it. Orr, you are evil.

  24. twitter: thenyrangers

    Torts says he is not sure who will come out of the lineup, but that Zuccarello will absolutely play vs. Isles tomorrow

  25. twitter: thenyrangers

    Torts says he expects Gaborik to play tomorrow, but that Del Zotto will not play “I was happy with our 6 D last game..we’ll stay with it”

  26. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    orr – that doesnt cut it. no watching the score either. it’s not like you care whether they win or lose! for the love of Tiki :)

  27. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    orr, whats the score? i lost the video stream on atdhe and the audio on nfl network

  28. Linda- I guess, the last of the sugar plum fairies are yet to stop dancing in my head, but I’m not sure I follow.

    I hope everyone’s had a great Holiday.

  29. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lol the post about MDZ and torts liking the d from the previous game lol
    maybe i should have ‘sung’ dah dah daaaaaaaaaaaaah instead

  30. Orr- NHL Network 4:00 PM 2011 World Junior Championship: Russia vs. Canada

    Finland vs. USA @ 8:00

    Stay away from the Giants

  31. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    orr – haha; you did it again! ya dont learn, do ya! no score watching, no game watching.

    now, no score or game watching of the Giants. and hopefully the Redskins can win and put the Jets in the playoffs.

  32. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    the last thing we need is the jaguars in the playoffs.

    2 teams that will not beat the patriots are the jaguars and the chiefs. so, hopefully, the jags miss the playoffs and the Colts get in, and the chiefs get the 3 seed with a win next week, so they wont make it to the AFC Championship game to lose to the patriots.

  33. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I need your address real quick so I can super expedite ship some movies and other things to do so you DO NOT watch the Canada or US juniors games!

  34. Linda, Sorry Orr screwed you over :(

    dah dah daaaaaaaaaaaaah ??

    I only know

    Baa ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
    Ba baa ba ba ba baaaa


    De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da??

  35. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    ddeb – jets arent screwed. got a home game with the bills next week for the playoffs, if the jaguars win in OT against the skins today. if jags lose, Jets in.

    The Giants game today is a must win.

  36. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao Orr’s all good with me! He can watch whatever he wants, i think it’s hilarious!!!!
    If hehad that much control over them winning and losing, I’m sure Rex “TOES” Ryan would sign him for special teams

  37. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    any one think the rangers trade for a ning player that was with torts in 04 if the rangers are fairly sure to make the playoffs (which I think they will) by the trade deadline? Just curious.

  38. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    after all the food i ate yesterday, i feel fat today! and to steal 3CP’s line, our great Blogmama is PHAT everyday!!! :)

  39. CCCP- are you watching Canada-Russia? Did you read Russian coach’s lips after that penalty? LMAO!

  40. Of course I’m kidding Orr, too.

    I wouldn’t want any shy, lurking bonehead that sports their own personal black cloud to feel unwelcome here.

  41. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    while watching an unprepared Giants team throw away chances at the playoffs and hoping the end of Tommy Coughlin is near, i was just thinking of a recent Ranger to compare our Mama to… And I come up with Jaromir. A mix of brains and beauty! Sophisticated and successful with a diverse background and a love of life :)

    ♥ Mama!

  42. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Go Boogaard!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Happy boxing day to all!!!!

    yo ORR ease up on Canaduh eh , half your retired players are Canadian and current players such as Staalsie,Prust and delzotto are from there…myself included so it can’t be all that bad of a place ,can it?

  43. MZA is coming back after the Whale’s game tonight.

    Nice job by Andrew Gross picking up on Torts trying to be diplomatic with several players he’s apparently not seeing eye to eye with, including Gaborik and Avery. He’s also pretty openly now saying Del Zotto has to wait his turn to get back in the lineup.

    “I’m starting to think that Torts not only has issues with Avery that he refuses to admit, but also with Gabby. ” The onus is on Gaborik. ” How many times have we heard that? Regarding Avery on the show, Behind the Bench. “Go ask Sean” How many times have we heard that remark?
    One profound remark from Torts that I will remember for a long time is his take on Sauer. ” With Sauer, during the course of a game you don’t notice him.” ” That can be a good thing.” Interesting take that warrants merit.

    Another Sunday, another Sanchez INT. He actually threw better today, bad wing and all.
    Still, game on the line, he coughed it up. Not good.

  44. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Welcome Rod Lurks. Bygones be bygones?

    Sanchez is an NFL QB, led the Jets to the playoffs 2 consecutive years. With better play calling and better coaching (i.e. with Bill Belichick) he could be a star. He could be a star in the future anyway, even with the poor coaching..he’s just being held back right now by the coaching, and the Jets WRs dropsies :)

  45. sure Tiki on bygones, but Sanchez irritates the hell out of me.
    This is a hockey board so I wont get into it.

    But it wasn’t dropsies today, he missed a lot of passes (including one in the end zone to Holmes that they needed) as always. That’s to say little of the throws he doesnt outright butcher, which are always a step or two behind or in front of his receivers, and he’s going to get someone killed. Just not a fan.

    Message to Torts – Prust-Boyle-MZA.

    But it sounds instead like Dubi-Stepan-Zuke. I’ll live.

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Go Boogaard!!!"...& Greg L. on

    I heard maybe we might be getting Wille Mitchell …maybe Rod can give us the scoop?

  47. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Dustin Keller dropped a TD today at the end of the 1st half. He is still young, growing, and learning. Today’s NYJ loss is actually beneficial to the NYJ, guaranteeing us of the 6th seed instead of the 5 seed. Well actually, if Pitt loses, Baltimore wins, and the Jets lose next week, we unfortunately get the 5 seed.

  48. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    …the dropped TD by Keller led to a FG, and also Sanchez was playing with a hurt shoulder today as well.

  49. Rod-I’m sure you’re capable of settling whatever you’re offended by without Tiki’s help. And without resorting to those words that are not allowed on this blog. Or are you?

  50. Whale win 4-0

    Brodie Dupont, Jeremy Williams, and Chad Kolarik(2) with goals.

    Dale Weise with a fight and ‘Hanging’ Chad Johnson AKA ‘Hanging’ Johnson with the SO.

  51. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Go Boogaard!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Yo Rod , I was just teasing you , ya mutha firetrucking moron. You come on here and swear ? Your a turd that should have been flushed.

  52. Here’s a scoop – Zz or Greg L – or whatever the hell your name is.

    It’s not an accident I’ve never responded to a single one of your posts, or your requests for me to “email you” so I could share info/rumors with you.

    It’s because I’m pretty sure in having read a few of your posts that you are easily the single most frightening excuse for a poster I’ve ever seen on the internet anywhere, just a horrifying blend of incoherence and instability.

    Sure ILB, I can try to watch it, if you and your virgin ears can try to get over it.

  53. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Rod – on top of what ilb said, i dont think i can do anything about the way others act towards you. What I can do is follow Mama and ilb’s lead and treat you with respect.

    My advice: When I first came on this blog, I acted like an ass and was nearly banned for it. Something clicked for me (I think it was the now deceased P&C blog) and I realized what a special place full of special people this blog was. In essence, what I did was…I found something I had in common with the boneheads, my love of animals, and bonded with them. You wont find another blog with the love, respect, and tolerance of differing opinions that this blog has.

  54. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Rod – After reading your 5:37 post, it seems that you enjoy controversy. Im no psychologist, but if you want to belong here, or any place in life, you cant treat everyone with disrespect.

    It has nothing to do with virgin ears…Im pretty sure ilb doesnt care about hearing those words….

    This is a family site, likely with many children followers. Do you think Carp, or Gannett, wants young children reading inappropriate words? For that matter, do you?

  55. Yeah, well, I hate animals.

    and if that was a backdoor way of calling me an ass, you didn’t disquise it very well.

    Those who want respect show it. I am not backing up.

    If anyone cared to notice, I don’t come here initiating trouble.

    I ALWAYS want to talk NYR hockey. Only time I think I’ve deviated is to mention the Jets,
    cause they drive me nuts!

  56. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    No, I was not calling you an ass at all. I assure you, I was only calling myself an ass; i had no intention of calling you one.

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Go Boogaard!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Rod , heres the scoop…you whinne like a little 5 year old girl. You act like a kid who has a secret but wont tell the class because 1 or 2 students were bad. You act like we give a Carp. Dude , we DONT CARE what you know..why? cuz we dont believe you. Your stuff about Wille Mitchell was wrong like you. I have been really good to you and have acted civil. You can call me what ever ya want cuz I dont care. Im on here to be with my people and share views on Rangers. I AM NOT HERE for your amusement or profanity. I dont need a punk like you trying to be the “TR” ’round here. Well Rod , you are not him . You have no respect for the blog nor you have any reason to be here. Youll be banned soon enough.

  58. Hey Greg,

    That’s w-h-i-n-e.

    Again with Willie Mitchell? Christ. The guy refused to turn over his medical records. Believe what you want.


  59. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    this doesn’t have anything to do with me or my party affiliation. The people that run this blog, namely Carp, dont want profanity used on here. It really is not hard to avoid use of inappropriate language. Carp respectfully asked me to stop using the word s-bag, and I have done so. I thought it would be difficult for me, but actually it wasnt, and it’s been a good habit to break. Thanks Carp!

  60. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I don’t think ILB was overly concerned personally about the usage of certain words, but more the overall “guidelines” of the blog itself. Let’s all relax!

  61. Very good game. Canada dominated physically, this one is over, I’m sure. I am not convinced that Canada would be able to do the same against USA. It looked at some point like Russians could break through with their skills.

  62. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " We want Zucco back!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Aww come on fans , we dont have to “ole”… yer right Ilb the game is perty good.

    “The cats away so the mouse will play” – seems like when Carp is gone certain peeps come outta the woodwork and start acting all internet tough guy like.

    Listen to Tiki . He talks alot of sense.

  63. It’s at 8, Orr…We will be able to see Isles or the Devils for one period. Bet you both games will be over by then anyway :-)

  64. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    kassian should be (should be) a monster in this tourney. I like the way leblanc plays.

  65. nice write up JOEKUH

    at least your experience turned out better than mine.
    first time playing hockey
    i broke my pinkie on my first backhand shot taken during practice.
    (had some eggshell-like areas on my hands when i was a child, nearly all filled in over time)
    because it was so cold and i always heard that if you break something
    it really hurts
    i thought that i somehow just pulled it out of place.
    so i kept playing but it was hurting a little more and more
    and every time i’d shoot or pass it felt like it went out of place again
    i had someone tape it to my ring finger and played without a glove on.

    got home later that saturday night
    and didn’t see a doctor til monday afternoon. it was broken.
    surmised that it would hurt worse to get a shot of novocaine and then get it set
    so i went without.
    after a minute or two i told the doc to stop and he came back with the novo…

    post-problem. i’m left-handed, was attending college and didn’t want to record classes so i taught myself how to write with my right hand in order to take notes.

    Happy Boxing Day!!

  66. Rod Lurks-

    FWIW, A simple mistake I’m sure, but most of what you attribute to Andrew Gross in your 4:48 post is actually comments from one of the posters.

  67. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I wonder if zaitsev from russia is related to the world war 2 sniper?

  68. ddebened ,

    You’re right and I stand corrected. I should probably give that poster (NYR16) credit, because a few of those Torts remarks stayed with me too. He’s definitely trying to get his message out there, slyly & delicately in some cases, as with Avery, who we know he’s not the biggest fan of.

    Maybe he hasn’t “grown to love him” as Sather predicted. haha…

    The ones on Gaborik are obvious. The one on Sauer stuck out to me too.
    It could be read as a compliment or a mild knock.

    He’s done a real nice job Tortorella in how he’s gone about his business this year.

    Sorry Carp! Please note I was talkin’ hockey and took an elbow!

  69. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    Thanks ppl for the kind words about my story. I definitely want to get back out there. Street hockey in Tampa sounds interesting, I’ll look into that.

    I’m loving being able to watch this USA-Finland game. Bourque sighting!

  70. wicky, you can laurel all you want, but I wicky!!!!!
    thanks tiki!

    sigh, does everyone by now not know how I feel about language here?

  71. Only 3000 something at Islanders and 5000 something in New Jersey in attendance…
    I am not from NY area and they never have a lot of fans there but is there a snowing
    disaster going on ))?????

  72. Islanders did us a favour by beating Canadiens. We ought to thank them with a good spanking tomorrow.

  73. Hey gang.

    Good guest post Joekuh.

    Past 2 days have been a blast with family and friends. Not looking forward to going back to STL tomorrow with the weather. Sure will be dicey getting out of ALB and into/outta PHL.

  74. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    not to change subjects here, but any nhl11 folks out there tell me whose roster patrice cormier is on? I can’t find him any where.

  75. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Wow, you guys are awesome hockey fans. Ive said this before, but when the Rangers arent on, I cant get far enough away from hockey! :)

  76. MAKO holding hands & frolicking in the snow w/ his Sis on

    Hey Guys I know its a little late but HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  77. lmao add MZA to the names of the US and Finn rosters and the possibilities are endless

    Pulkkinen. Aasen and Zucker

    Tuominen, Aasen, Shore

    Määttä, Kreider, Aasen

    Faulk, Morin, Aasen

  78. MAKO holding hands & frolicking in the snow w/ his Sis on

    MY WONDERFUL SISTER!!!!!!!!! Im enjoying skipping through the snow drifts with you!


  79. MAKO holding hands & frolicking in the snow w/ his Sis on

    When it comes to great times with my sis! I think that word suits our fun!

  80. MAKO holding hands & frolicking in the snow w/ his Sis on

    *hears crickets*

    Sis are we in the woods… I hear crickets?

  81. MAKO holding hands & frolicking in the snow w/ his Sis on

    I am indeed… come here we can all get snugglies for your man and us and sit by the fire and drink hot toddy’s

  82. MAKO holding hands & frolicking in the snow w/ his Sis on

    although I dont think that thing would fit me or him LOL

  83. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    haaaaaaaaaaa!!! i got him a snuggie last year as a joke

    ya know, when i could afford joke gifts lol

  84. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on


    how long is the storm supposed to last? Will the game tomorrow night be affected in any way?

  85. MAKO holding hands & frolicking in the snow w/ his Sis on

    They said tomorrow afternoon it should stop. I heard thunder a few times LOL

  86. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    so bro, long time no read, how are you liking our Rangers so far this season? I know you aren’t able to watch many of the games in full, but what’s your take so far?

  87. Zdrasti! Hello!! Good evening!

    I just got stock in the worst blizzard EVER!! Took me like three hours to get to Brooklyn from the 34 street in the city! Took “F” train to Brooklyn and on Jay Street it caught on fire!!! Took almost an hour to get out! Got out…transferred to another train which ended up going on some other train route!! Had to find another way! Found “D” train and as soon as it got out of the tunnel outside it stopped and didn’t move for at least 20 minutes!! Conductor said that due to severe weather conditions the train is unable to move!! And at the end i still didn’t get home…i ended up at my mom’s house! WOOOOOOHHHHHOOO FOR WEATHER!!!

  88. MAKO holding hands & frolicking in the snow w/ his Sis on

    wow Sis that’s a loaded question. They look great! I mean again I have been saying all along you dont need a top heavy “talented” team to be successful – you need hungry players, that play with passion and fire. Make smart simple plays, basic hockey and they will be successful. They have one of the best goalies in the world. They need a play making / scoring center and another really tough D man and I think they will go very far.

    but what do I know…. I’ve only played hockey since Im 5

  89. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    well, you should have been playing since you were 3!!

    KISS, that’s the mantra

    and thankfully Torts seems a bit more level this year, that hip must’ve been killing him

  90. Tiki - I heart Brett Favre on

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas, MAKO, and have a great end to 2010!!!

    Glad ya made it through the blizzard, 3CP!

    I always wished Id be in a blizzard…maybe next time :)

  91. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    that is where I looked and didn’t see him, maybe I need an update or something.


    night assens!

  92. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Happy Game Day morning everyone.

    All youse guys stuck in that winter wonderland, please be careful today!! If you’re traveling, please be extra attentive to road conditions and STAY SAFE! For anyone digging out, don’t do too much all at once.

    C3, I hope you can make it to your place today ;-)

  93. I’m spose to be going to the game with my brother, he’s still stuck in the city from 1030 last night. And since the trains aren’t running I don’t have a way to get in.

  94. I’m supposed to be taking my grandson tonight. I guess it depends on the roads and NJ Transit. They say the trains are running on a Sunday schedule, so I hope that means that they are running.

  95. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Enjoy the snow safely everyone, I wish we had…oh nevermind!!

  96. Ohh, old coach, we all hope you don’t miss the game. I’m sure he is all excited..

    Wicky, we got 2 feet. What’s your excuse?

  97. Good morning all! Happy post blizzard day! I plan to stay cozy in my house all day…let’s here it for the unemployed!!!! and LGR!!!!

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