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The Rangers have recalled Mats Zuccarello from Hartford, because Marian Gaborik is not skating today due to a groin injury.

Here’s the official announcement, from the Rangers:

New York, December 22, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Mats Zuccarello has been recalled from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL).
Zuccarello, 23, has registered a point in five of the last six games, tallying four goals and four assists over the span, and has recorded 22 points (11 goals, 11 assists) in the last 20 games.  In his first AHL season, Zuccarello has registered 13 goals and 11 assists for 24 points, along with 16 penalty minutes in 32 games with Connecticut.  He is tied for second among AHL rookies and ranks second on the team in goals, and is tied for third in the league among rookies and third on the Whale in scoring with 24 points.  He is also tied for second on the team with 97 shots on goal, fourth with three power play goals and ranks fifth in assists.  Zuccarello posted an AHL career-high, four points, including his first career hat trick in a 7-1 win vs. Bridgeport on November 7.  He made his AHL debut on October 9 vs. Charlotte, and tallied his first career point with a goal on October 15 at Albany.
Prior to joining Connecticut, the 5-7, 174-pounder skated in 90 games over two seasons with Modo of the Swedish Elite League (SEL), registering 35 goals and 69 assists for 104 points, along with 100 penalty minutes.  He led the SEL in scoring and captured the Guldhjalmen award as the league’s Most Valuable Player last season, establishing career-highs in goals (23), assists (41), points (64), and penalty minutes (62).  Zuccarello also represented Norway at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, finishing third on the team in scoring with three points (one goal, two assists) in four contests.
The Oslo, Norway native signed with the Rangers as a free agent on May 26, 2010.
The Rangers return to action tomorrow when they will face-off against the Tampa Bay Lightning at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.).  Prior to the game, the Blueshirts optional morning skate is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. at the MSG Training Center.  The contest will be televised live on MSG Network, and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio and at

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  1. MZA is here! MDZ is out, in bed with stomach virus.

    @MichaelDelZotto: “Stuck in bed with a stomach virus :( hope everyone else is doing well. 3 more days till xmas!”

  2. TR happy on Twitter: “god *byfuglien* damnit why did the rangers call up mza? why? did they know i was goin to the game on sunday? *byfug’s* sake!

  3. hahaha
    yep, i said that.

    the only good news from this is his first nhl game will be against hedman who also played for modo.
    so yeah… theres that.

  4. Carp,
    I was gonna post a similar tale here. I like watching this year. A lot of fun, and a lot of anticipation for 2012.

  5. yeah well i figured it would be around the same time cally was called up. one can only hope he does everything in his power to make it difficult to be sent down.

  6. Great links, Carp! Not much to complain about this year. Unless, of course it’s The Airing of Grievances time!

  7. Well, things always have a way of pulling me back to new york teams. I didnt see the Jets game on Sunday – my first missed Jets game in 10 years. I seriously wasnt going to watch the next few Rangers games. But if MZA is starting, I will have to watch; I have a feeling this kid is gonna be a star, speed, skill, scoring, the Marty St. Louis of the NYR!

  8. and this lets Gaborik off the hook for his poor play. Everyone on here called it, it was an injury. This goes on Sather for signing a career injury-proned star to a big deal.

  9. shocking marian is having some issues.

    he is there most capable offensive player obviously but he dissapears often and is injury prone. that is the truth.

  10. I hope Gabby’s been playing with a groin injury this whole time. It would explain a lot. It must be, because he’s been doing jack sh*t to hurt his groin.

    You know, I just started re-watching the Lord Of The Rings trilogy for the fiftieth time, because I was so excited that there’s going to be a part two to “The Hobbit”. I’m probably the reason why MZA was called up.

    All that aside, I just want this team to get back on a fuggin winning streak. Should be a tough one.

  11. yeah, i dont mind the loss of Gabby that much. Give him as much time as he needs to fully heal. Our scoring is very spread out this season, all he does while injured is slow things down and ruin the flow.

  12. Tik, In my opinion, this doesn’t let him off the hook. I called Gabby and idiot for fighting Carcillo when we needed him on the ice, and I called him a moron for playing in the Olympics and fuggin up the rest of his year with the team that pay him all the money to buy what ever sh*t he buys.

    Now, I’m calling him a stupid dopey fugg-head for playing with a groin injury. All he’s doing is making it worse.

    I’ll never understand “playing hurt”, especially so early in the season.

  13. Bwahaha! Did anybody hear aboot this?

    “The New York Jets are on the verge of making the playoffs, but the focus once again is off the field as coach Rex Ryan is being asked whether his wife, Michelle, posted foot-fetish videos on the Internet”

    “In a conference call with Chicago reporters leading up to Sunday’s big game with the Bears, Ryan didn’t deny a report that shows a number of videos of a woman who looks very much like his wife showing off her feet while a cameraman — who sounds like Ryan — talks to the woman”

    Bwaha! Drunk driving, coaches tripping players, f’bombs galore, arrogance, sexual harassment of a smoking hot reporter, and now foot fetishes.

    If I’m not bad luck for this team, then my mind is blown!

  14. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    Orr, PLEASE read the comments on that link. If you’re a Venture Bros fan, you’ll see why!

  15. Tiki - I ♥ Brett Favre on

    i meant to say this….I LOVE Brett Favre. A remarkable man, a classy man, a great man.

    Beat the Patriots in a Super Bowl, lost to the Giants in an NFC Championship game en route to a Giants Super Bowl, helped keep the Patriots out of the playoffs while with the Jets, and then – in hindsight i shouldve realized Brett’s streak would come to an end to help out the Giants – ends his streak to help the Giants win a game.

    And fellas, that’s the reason why everyone despises Brett Favre, and why I will forever cherish his legacy.

  16. It really bugs me that his name is spelled “Favre” but pronounced “Farve”… but I’ll try to keep it to myself until tomorrow…

  17. Orr, I heard about the Ryan foot fetish earlier…what a joke the Jets have become. The story of the Jets this season is not football. It is every other day of the week aside from Sunday. Sunday is the most boring day of the week for people who follow the Jets.

  18. 24/7 PENGUINS/CAPITALS: ROAD TO THE NHL – episode 1 is available on for free!

    i was thinking… why not have the All Star game outside instead of Winter Classic?

    All Star game means every team will be represented which will give fans a lot more to look forward to than just two random teams play each other…especially when team like Pissburgh seems to be the favorite team for WC all the time.

  19. All Star game outside is the dumbest idea of all time. Why would you want a meaningless game to be played outside?

    The All Star game is a total wimp-fest where every guy laughs, tells jokes, and slaps each others asses as they allow each other every scoring chance, and takes all the fun and physicality out of the game.

    Fugg that!

  20. Orr, I’m with you. Football is boring except for the part where you start drinking at 8:00am with a bunch of guys in facepaint and zubaz.

  21. I wish hockey fans wore zubaz.

    Hockey > football because all of our players’ names are spelled phonetically. Like Lundqvist and Byfuglien.

  22. is Cindy vs Ovi game more meaningful? maybe to Craps and Pissburgh fans but not to me! You wouldn’t watch Dubi or Gaborik or Hank skate in All Star game? I would…and so would other fans who would want to see their own players skate in an outdoor game even if it is All Star game… i don’t care about Cindy and i have only watched 1 Winter Classic game and it wasn’t even to the end. But i haven’t missed a single All Star game.

  23. NHL ASG is usually a terrible game. Never competitive. Skills competition is more fun to watch…

  24. good luck to Zucurello
    someone did mention the other day
    that an AHL suspension won’t stop the
    player from NHL roster

    wonder if Gabby wasn’t well past couple of games
    reason for his lack of exceptional play

    on a side note, i can’t believe that Cheechoo is in the AHL. wow!

  25. okay,
    here’s my dream vision of
    tomorrow’s game.
    a win (of course)
    and then when they come to center ice
    to do the salute
    Avery or Hank raises a Festivus pole
    rather than a hockey stick.

  26. I could care less if Dublowsky, Hank, or Butt-Chin Gabby make the ASG. I wont watch it because I don’t give a flying fugg aboot that borefest of a game.

    I don’t care aboot Crybaby vs OvechCANT either. I just like seeing a game outside. And it does have meaning because it’s a regular season game, as opposed to the ASG that does nothing for your team aside from potentially injuring your player/s.

    If it were up to me, I’d get rid of the All Star game.

    In fact, I’d be tempted to set up a mini-Olympic series between a few countries. Have the best players in the NHL represent their countries, and who ever wins, gets a badass trophy. That’s worth getting injured for!


  27. i didn’t say that the ASG is some kind of a super physical, end-to-end action, bone breaking, high energy game! I know it’s not! But it is still FUN to watch these players “outside” of their “regular” jobs sort of speak. Anyway…

    so…how long will Gaborik be out? Anyone wants to have guess? I say at least 5 games.

  28. In fact, I’d be tempted to set up a mini-Olympic series between a few countries. Have the best players in the NHL represent their countries, and who ever wins, gets a badass trophy. That’s worth getting injured for!



    so now this type of game is worth getting injured for but Gaborik playing for a chance to win Bronze medal for his country wasn’t worth it? Make up your mind, bro :)

  29. With the upcoming schedule Gabby could get nearly two weeks to recover while missing only 3 games. Good time to shut him down.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    I never really liked the ASG itself, but I liked a lot of the festivities associated with it, like the old-timer’s game (defunct) or the skills competition. It was nice to see them with the helmets off, just having a good time.

  31. So, we need the Fishsticks to beat TB tonight. And tire them out too. I mentioned yesterday there was no byfuiglen way I could root for the Devils. But I can root for the Isles, if need too. I really have problems hating Charles Wang because of his Smile Train program and other philanthropic works.

  32. TIKI, if you’re out there …… I just got the package you sent me.
    In the words of our Messiah – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!!
    I’m in awe of your kindness & thinking of me.
    16 DVD’s of Ranger highlights !! It’s gonna take me all night & lots of beer to watch these.
    Again thanks man.
    Hope you have the greatest of Festivus !

  33. Orr, could go both ways- if they’re coming from a loss to one of the worst teams, maybe their confidence will be down….Anyway you look at it- it’s a win-win. If the Isle win, TB gets 2 less points, if TB wins- well, that’s obvious…Love those type of games :-)

  34. Tiki - I ? Brett Favre on

    “I really have problems hating Charles Wang because of his Smile Train program and other philanthropic works.”

    Im sure you get told this all the time, but ill say it anyway….you are a remarkable person.

  35. Ah water polo, one of the most beautiful, and graceful sports. Water polo was first played in northern Canada by the northern Cree, in James bay. It was first played under the ice by well conditioned young natives, who could hold their breath for very long periods of time. The down side of the early sport was the freezing over of the hole they used to enter the water. They tried using a guy with a pole, who would stand at the hole and break any ice build up while the game being played. That worked fairly well, but the game later moved inside after the invention of the swimming pool. The sport really took off after that.

  36. Blue Seat Horror on

    Who knows what’ll happen tomorrow night. Last game before Christmas break. Del Zotto’s obviously already checked out for the break based on the twitter someone posted here. Wonder where the rest of the team is mentally. And if Tampa’s already checked out too. Who knows where they are.

    It’ll be the team with more focus and less sugarplums dancing in their heads that wins.

    Thanks for the stories these last few days, Carp. Hopefully Ulfie didn’t go buff naked when he brought the kids.

  37. Yes ilb it is a very festivus game. I really hope MZA gets a good look. He is small, but how could he be less physical than Gabby. During the training camp games, I thought he tried to be to physical. If he just goes out and playes his game he will be ok. He played well in the olympics last year. I don’t expect him to dominate, but I hope he playes well.

  38. They wouldn’t give me the day off from work tomorrow.

    That’s it, I’m going on strike. No bagel, no bagel, no bagel.

  39. The last game the Rangers played Tampa. The power play killed them if I remember correctly. The penalty kill for the Ranger has been better, and the Tampa powerplay is not as hot as of late.

  40. ddeb, I’ve been in the store that sells those many, many times. I never really appreciated zubaz until I moved to Buffalo.

    Thanks guys, happy to be back. If today had guts, I would hate them. But there you were… my little ray of sunshine. <3

  41. No goon in the NHL can top Colton Orr as a Ranger. Brash*t, Booger, and anyone else don’t stand a chance.

    We don’t need a goon.

    I feel bad for Greg. He thinks Booger will score four more goals, I bet he didn’t think Booger would be dealing with injuries so much. He has that working against him.

    I think I’ll spend that $20 on a couple of cans of eggnog.

  42. If/when I win my bet with Greg, I’ll use the funds to buy a ladder and donate it to the Rangers so it can be used to inspect the Booger-melon.

  43. All I want to see tomorrow(besides Rangers win) is lightweight fight MZA vs. St.Luis, which would crown MZA’s Gordy’s hattrick. It woudl be real fun. I root for him since TR-909 first mention his name here.

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