Team USA roster finalized (updated)


Chris Kreider and Ryan Bourque, no surprise, are on the defending champion U.S. national junior team, which begins play in the World Juniors Sunday in the Buffalo area.

Here’s the final roster.

Team USA is 0-2 in the first two of its three warmup games, losing in shootouts (ugh!) both times, against RPI and the Czechs.


I’m going to be on Blueshirt Banter blogtalkradio with Jim and Eddie tonight a little after 8 p.m. I believe there will be a fair amount of Festivus j(g)ibberish during the show, plus some Rangers talk.

You can listen here, so please do, and let me know what you think.

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  1. Good morning all! Happy Festivus Eve! Dang, I won’t be home to hear you on radio tonight Carp. That’s my first grievance.
    Excellent prior post. I loved Ulfie. Just one comment….”Not a very pleasant sight.” Sez you :)

  2. i always liked Mikael (sp?) Samuelsson, ha! Cant believe he turned out to be a productive NHLer with the Wings, etc.

  3. Along time ago, in a galaxy far far away, my brother took me the Rangers fan club dinner as a Christmas present. He snagged us the table with Ulfie, then managed to find out where the players were going after, where a whole crew gathered at a long table. My seatmate was Leetch. I gushed over how grand he was and he says to me “But I’m just a kid.”
    Great memory, great night. Thanks again bro :)

  4. Yes, but I was tall, so they served me anyway.
    I think I’ve told this before, but my brother accidentally witnessed Mess once, um, “dressed” like Ulfie in Minnesota locker room after a game. He was a bit taken aback. I’ve hated him for that ever since :)

  5. okay okay, mention of Messier’s and Ulfie’s pole. Time for me take a cold shower. I hate your brother, Mama. Hate!

  6. Kreider: “The fastest player to ever play at BC.” – BC coach, Jerry York

    Wow, that is praise…Can’t wait to watch this kid play…

  7. Ulfie was my favorite when he was here. i thgought that was a GREAT trade to get him here. I remember once, he stepped up un a kid at the blueline. Scott Stevens would blush at this hit. I remember the kid he hit was a promising rookie, who suffered a broken shoulder on the hit and never played again. I can’t remember the hit, nor can I find it on youtube. Can anyone else remember the play?

  8. You can put this one on my list of grievances: they traded Kloucek, Marek Zidlicky and somebody else for Mike Dunham. Why am I nauseous?

  9. Happy Festivus Eve to all! Buck Naked Ulfie must have been quite a sight, thank goodness I didn’t have to witness it. Reminds me of the story from Jim Bouton’s tell all Ball Four about the Yankees. It seems that Yogi had the same habit of appearing at the post-game buffet in his bithday suit. Bouton said that he could never bring himself to eat after seeing Berra’s boys dangling over the cold cuts. Can’t say as I blame him.

  10. ilb, grievance airing begins at midnight. but that’s a good one.

    sort of like Jay Buhner.

    BANJ, not sure I understand the question.

  11. coach, that was one of the great books of all-time. especially loved Schultz’s two-word vocabulary. He’d be banned from here.

  12. MZA is here! MDZ is out, in bed with stomach virus.

    @MichaelDelZotto: “Stuck in bed with a stomach virus :( hope everyone else is doing well. 3 more days till xmas!”

  13. Looking forward to you being on the show Carp, and you Boneheads are always great when you join us.

    For those of you that miss the show, the podcast is available on the show site about an hour after the show is done, and is also available on Itunes and Microsoft Zune.

    See you all tonight,


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