It’s Festivus Eve!


We will begin airing grievances tomorrow.

OK, here’s my Ulf Samuelsson story. Or stories. I personally loved his habit of pushing an opponent’s helmet from behind, so it would cover his eyes.

It was also Ulf who checked a player into the glass, which then fell on top of Janet Gretzky, sending her to a hospital.

And Ulf always, always, walked around before a game completely naked. I’m not talking about in the lockerroom. But also in the hallway outside the room, and in the room across the hall where the players had a little snack buffet before games. He’d go in there before every game, buck naked, and come out with a sandwich and a cookie on top of the sandwich. Not a very pleasant sight.

Also, he was known for bringing the kids to the arena, and they’d play hockey or soccer in the hallway, or in the lockerroom, and it would always turn rough, and Ulf would proudly say, “The game’s not over until somebody cries.”

But here’s my fave story. I was Sports Illustrated’s correspondent on the Rangers. They had one in every NHL city, and they paid you a few bucks to contribute notes and things, and once in a while they’d ask you to canvas players for one of their player surveys.

This one in particular was: Who is the dirtiest player in the NHL. Naturally, I had to ask Ulf.

So I did. He looked at me like he was going to rip my heart out, then he smiled a tiny smile and said, “Can you vote for yourself?” That was the quote Sports Illustrated used.

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  1. Happy Festivus Eve!

    Carp you are really outdoing yourself with this stories – classic stuff! You need to put a warning on top so we early birds aren’t shooting morning coffee out our noses – loved Richter admitting to the chicken dance, and all this Ulfie stuff. Hysterical!

  2. He was a handful, that’s for sure.

    I bet that “naked” story wasn’t the one Wicky wad looking for :-)

  3. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Happy Festivus Eve, and Happy Game Day Eve my beloved boneheads!!!

    Carp…hilarious stories!! I’m wondering how much of the players buffet was left behind after Nature Boy went and got his food lol!!

  4. Carp, Loved Ulf one of my favorite all time Rangers even tho he wasnt here long. I`m gonna guess because when youre over 50 thats all you can do with time frames LOL I used to have season tickets and at one point during the season they held a game at the Garden with the Rangers and celebs. One year I lucked out and got tickets on the glass behind the Ranger bench. I brought my daughter at the time who was about 5-6 but a big fan. Near the end and right after the game she was at the railing with a book I bought here trying to get autographs to no avail which I could see was breaking her heart. Ulf sees this from the bench gets up and comes to the rail in the hallway leading to the locker room. He then lifts her over spent about 5 mins walking her up and down getting autographs. She was smiling from ear to ear, for that I will always keep Ulf as a big favorite. PS the only one who really ignored her was Nedved figures right.

  5. Carp,

    It shows you what a bad season Gaborik is having when he has not received one vote for MVP this year. Amazing Rangers are where they are without his production. Shows they are so much more diverse and a much better team this year.

  6. BANJ, I was wondering when somebody would get that. I’ve sprinkled a few of those references around lately, with very little response … of course, Johnny LaRue hasn’t been around much.

  7. Yes, Carp. Ulfie’s son is a top prospect. However, just read that he was cut from the US Juniors Team…

  8. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I like the true story told by former NHL referee Red Storey, re Eddie Shack, when he was a rookie with the Rangers. The team took the train to Montreal in those days. When they arrived at the border, Customs officials would ask everyone a couple questions. Eddie, when asked for his “Place of birth” responded: “Upper Nine.”

  9. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Another Eddie Shack story from Red Storey…. When Eddie was a kid the Shack family was in a restaurant having Sunday brunch. When Eddie’s father asked Eddie’s older brother what he wanted from the menu, the brother said: “Let me have some of them God damn eggs.” SMACK! Eddie’s father smacked his brother hard on the side of the head. When it was Eddies turn to order his father said to him: O.K. Eddie, what do you want?” Eddie replied: “I don’t know, but I know I don’t want none of them God damn eggs!”

  10. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Haha, good story. I’ve been in the ‘green room’ with all those blond headed, let’s call them feisty, kids…thank god I never saw Ulfie naked though.

  11. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Oh and figure you get a little kick out of this. They just put up all the Seinfeld seasons On Demand here…and with ‘here’ being France that’s kinda a random thing, not many people have heard about that show.

    Well almost 4am here and been watching for hours. need to get to the Festivus episode before xmas.

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