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  1. Going back a couple posts:

    Seeing how the Carpisms are an ever growing thesarus of terms we should add the “DiPietro”

    di-pEE-et-rOH n. 1. World class f*** up.
    2. Self-abusing, with no sense of accountability.

    “DiPietroed” or “DP” v. 1. To royally f*** up and show no remorse.
    2. Any NHL ref who screws the New York Rangers.
    “UGH!!! Crosby slewfooted our entire team and the f***ing refs DPed us!!!”

  2. nice read , Carp. Thanks.

    Burke is a character guy. Always liked him as he is a very smart hockey guy but reading this makes me respect him as a good man and father.

  3. Great story, Carp….I don’t remember when I had tears last time…The more you read about Burke, the more you respect him. I remember when his son came out, and what Burke said then, but that story has more details and he just seems to grow on you…It also reinforces how strong a person he is.

  4. Afternoon gang!

    The Blogfather on FIRE with the posts. Even on this slow news day. Gotta love it!

    Great story, Carp. Always thought the world of Richter and how insightful his answers were.

    Back to work. Catch up with you all later!

  5. Speaking of Burke, if the Leafs don’t get their sh*t together, then they’re going to hand their rivals yet another top five pick in the draft.

    And with Kessel struggling to score goals, it only makes it worse.

    Unless Seguin and this potential top five pick turn out to be nothing more than third liners, then it’s a good deal.

  6. No, I said “unless”

    Obviously, it’s far too early to tell. You can see the talent.

    Not all top three picks turn into stars so quickly. It took Bobby Ryan a while to become a consistent forward in the NHL, and Kevin Lowe basically called him a bust. Now he’s one of the top scorers on the Ducks, and played great in the Olympic for USA.

    Kyle Turris is another one that comes to mind. He’s playing his best hockey now.

  7. 4generations 4 cups on

    Fantastic read.

    Lost my brother due to suicide (homosexuality) and one of my best friends is gay. Its good to know there are people who wont ever change for somebody else.

  8. That is awesome, Orr. Gary Throrne is the man. Miss him doing hockey games.

    “Can you believe it ? Can! You! Believe it!?” – Thorne’s call after Messier hit the open net for his trick in game 6 versus the Devils in ’94.

  9. I bought the Rangers Holiday Pack (6 tickets, a shirt, an autographed puck, etc), and got my goodie bag today. My puck was signed by Derek Boogaard.

    I was hoping for Cally, Hank, Staal, etc. Oh well. At least it wasn’t White, Redden, or Brashear.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    The same one who didn’t know the difference between winning the Conference Finals or winning the Stanley Cup.

  11. Carp – You have banned Rod Lurks in the past.

    This morning, Rod Lurks tried insulting Blogmama by calling her fat.

    First, there is nothing wrong with people with a little extra weight.

    Second, Rod Lurks couldnt be farther from the truth re: Mama’s weight.

    Finally, I think Rod Lurks should be banned again for insensitive and attacking comments towards Blogmama!

  12. I guess I shouldve waited until Festivus to air my grievances, but i felt it necessary to mention today.

  13. Noah-allahan, 28 on

    Hearing Gary Thorne yell “1940 is history!” after Matteau’s goal is classic stuff. While he is a nitwit sometimes, I still enjoyed him and Bill Clement when they were on ESPN. I miss that and I miss the NHL on ESPN music too.

  14. Im aware of that, Orr. But comments like that have no place on this blog or any other blog. I dont care what Rod Lurks says, it’s more a matter of principle.

  15. tiki
    if you want principle, nobody on this site likes you. your a fool that has an axe to grind with rod.

  16. tiki
    if you want principle, nobody on this site likes you. your a fool that has an axe to grind with rod.

  17. shove it up your on

    if you want principle, nobody on this site likes you. your a fool that has an ax to grind with rod.

  18. go and shove it- you have an interesting definition of “nobody”….I happen to like him too.

  19. Tiki- the idiot said it about mama before. And Carp did ban him. But Carp doesn’t do brain transplants. And, seemingly, that’s the only way to change certain personalities. In the meantime, may I suggest “ignore” button?

  20. NYR_FAN- he actually said:?Do you believe it!? Do you believe it!??


    Oops, my bad. Yes, ilb, that’s right. Thanks for the correction! Still an awesome call.

  21. Ilb! I’m sorry I missed Mrs. Ilb’s birthday! I hope she had a lovely day and got lots of cake and presents.

    I was super busy with finals. Now I’m on winter break and I seem to be working just as hard. Also I’ve been hanging out with a certain special fleshy quite a bit. And I just picked up a 2nd job, but I get to catch up with you guys while I’m working. I’ve missed so much!

    Damn that Burke article is sad.

  22. I think we should ask for “It’s go time!” at 7:30 and watch the Devils getting killed by OV and Co.
    Who is with me?

  23. Thanks, Ilb ;)

    I think it’s interesting that Burke thought he wasn’t a good person to be an advocate… for so many reasons I think he’s perfect for it. You’re right, Ilb… very inspiring.

    Is everyone watching the Caps game? I’m hoping I can find a feed for the Sabres game that will work on this old computer.

  24. ilbvechkin2001 on

    So, how about “It’s Go Time!” for the Devs-Caps game, Carp?

    If there is no Edzo, maybe we will adjust our names like that…

  25. ilbvechkin2001 on

    FYI, I’m fully aware that it’s much better for the Rangers if Caps lose to the Devils….But there is no way I can root for them….No byfuglien way!

  26. Thanks Carp! Happy to be back!

    Fleshy (noun): A person with whom you communicate in close physical proximity, rather than through a computer screen.

  27. Gift of GAB-orik *(26)* on

    That Burke story was pretty sad, and inspiring as well. Great journeys begin with a first step. And if this is the one that helps get hatred, homophobia, and discrimination out of the NHL… than i’m all for it.

    Discrimination is a disgusting thing, and it takes people from all walks of life to get rid of it.

  28. ilby – yes, ill ignore. was just trying to make a point.

    Welcome back, Sassy! lmao @ fleshy. sounds like something outta Buffy the Vampire Slayer :)

  29. ilbvechkin2001 on

    Gift- well said. I just think the NHL has ways to go. Have you heard anyone come out after that story? Do you really think there is no gay players in the NHL right now?

  30. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    Hey all
    put on the “hell yes I love tiki and so do the wickys” train!!

    Hey Carp,
    You have to have a great ulfie story or two…c’mon give some love to a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man and tell us an ulfie story!!!

  31. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    should read put US on the…..

  32. sorry, ilb, i was decorating the tree and didn’t get to your new It’s Go Time! Dangerous precedent anyway, doing it for Devils games, isn’t it?

    wick, Ulfie stories coming up tomorrow.

    Maybe a Tikkanen, too.

  33. >>…if Caps lose to the Devils….But there is no way I can root for them….

    It’s a pretty tough thing to do. I just keep telling myself that I’m really rooting against Caps, not for Devils. Yeah, it makes me sleep better…just a little.

  34. miked, have you ever heard that ad on WFAN, I think it’s Christine Quinn — she’s something in NYC government, councilwoman or something, I forget what.

    Anyway, her message is:

    “Love love. Hate hate.”

  35. It’s ok, Carp. Well, we could’ve called it: “It’s Go Where You Belong, Devils, Time!”. I got to tell you, I’m watching the game and the best description of it would belong to Miami…They are already saying Maaartyy…

    Besides, Brian Burke story should be up for a little longer…

  36. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Good evening ‘Heads and WB SALLY!!!! Is fleshy VG out of town? LOL

    Happy Festivus Eve Eve, does everyone have their grievances ready????

  37. Ha! official grievances form!

    I expect a lot of j(g)ibberish starting at midnight tomorrow. Lots of reciting of lines from that episode (anybody need reminders? It’s the one with Denim Vest, the Two-Face, and H&H Bagels and Atomic Subs). Lots of great lines throughout.

    Plus we can air grievances with one another, but even better, airing of grievances we might have, you know, hockey related. Please wait until it’s actually Dec. 23, though.

  38. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    I’m not versed in the lines, but i’ll definitely air some grievances!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  39. I don’t think g(j)ibberish will be difficult to find here that day, Carp. On any other day for that matter.

  40. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Same to you Carpy CarpCarp!!!

    another Hanukkah/Festivus/Christmas/New Year with the boneheads!! Only thing that would be better is if i was in NY enjoying it with youse guys fleshy style!!!

  41. Carp… ok, that’s fair. Or maybe you should air your grievances with VG for being too tremendously tremendous?

    I would like to air my grievances with my MSW program, internship, and the whole possum/opossum thing cause that’s really confusing.

  42. Apparently it was perfectly okay BlogMomma FIRST said Rod = Hartnell, without provocation.

    And it was, apparently, okay CCCP first said trade Rod for a pastrami sandwich, completely unprovoked, because I’d dared mention Anisimov for Richards (I’m not the first, dunces).

    Really tried to come back here and keep it light, but lowlifes are just that.
    Again, I’m not the only person in and around the game that’s noticed what goes on here. That’s all I’ll say on that score.

    So cmon Carp, do your selective enforcement thing, like last time.

    You know, ban me and let your little b*tches get away with murder, again.
    I know, I know, anyone who doesn’t agree with your selective enforcement and your little nasty group is a jackwagon and should get their shine box. I know. YAWN.

    CMON! It’s obvious you have nothing else to do, telling all your (quite entertaining I’d add, in fairness) stories from the early 90’s.

    Too bad you didn’t have ANY from this decade and this regime.

  43. Hold your grievances, will ya? Two days to go.

    Lol @ Marty getting lit up like Christmas tree! I guess he started his holidays before Festivus.

  44. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    it’s a good thing the grievance airing coincides with a game. I don’t think grievances could have been held until the next day lol. I have a feeling ORR may have a few

  45. Oh… it’s not “great” news cause he’s still got the stink eye, but Gomez was looking better enough yesterday for me to cancel his vet appointment. If he doesn’t keep getting better I’ll take him in. Still, it’s nice to see him looking slightly-less pathetic. Thanks for the well wishes, heads!

  46. >>4-1 Caps. Marty looks average. Devs defense wouldn’t survive in the bush-league.

    It’s safe to say Devils’ season has been hell thus far.

  47. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    uhm. hello… what was wrong with Gomez???? and how am i just learning of this now??

  48. Up 2-nil, the Stars are not playing nice with Les Canadiens. The bad news is, it’s still in the first period.

  49. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    LMAO ORR!!! half the people on that show would never have been considered celebrities 20 years ago lol

  50. Linda, I posted about it in the RR pets group last week sometime, he’s been super funky-eyed!

    Ilb, you smartaasen! I’m pretty sure it was a scratch, not an infection. Gomez & the Princess like to kick each other in the face sometimes.

  51. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    aw man Sally. i hope it clears up for lil gomez soon.

    we’re thinking of taking the stray cat we feed with us when we move, IF he’s still alive lol. He’s the only cat who comes by our windows that Dixie doesn’t mind lol.

  52. Rod Lurks wrote:

    And it was, apparently, okay CCCP first said trade Rod for a pastrami sandwich, completely unprovoked, because I’d dared mention Anisimov for Richards (I’m not the first, dunces).


    you forgot to mention kosher pickle! details are important, Rod!

    ok…I’m done. :)

  53. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    Thanks so very much for the upcoming stories!! I have to work at the assen crack of dawn (actually about 3 hours before dawn since it doesn’t get light until 0800 or so here) so I will read them at lunch or mid afternoon, but thanks in advance!

  54. where is Greg L? YO GREG!!!!

    listen…you MUST email me asap, bro! Your fantasy team email ain’t working! all of the emails i sent you come back to me!

    my email: odessitbk@msn.com

    please email me because you’re starting to get on Freddys bad side with your inactivity in my fantasy league!

  55. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    uh oh….fantasy YARD SALE coming!!!

  56. from Blueshirt Banter

    •Rick Carpiniello from Rangers Report will join us tomorrow night for our Blueshirt Banter Radio Holiday Spectacular. If you haven’t heard Carp on the show before, he is a great guest, and we always have a lot of fun. Plus, Carp’s Boneheads always join us for the show, and they are a great bunch of people. That’s tomorrow night at 8 PM.

  57. You all have been in fine, funny form tonight. Bravo!

    Devils getting slapped by the Caps makes my insanely long day much better. Another long one tomorrow, then packing for my trip home (can you tell I’m super excited about that?)

    I shall air my grievances right after midnight, they might get lost when Carp puts up his post in the morning, but they will be here for all posterity.

    SALLY!! (hugs)

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