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Some hockey stories

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… just because, when I see certain people it reminds me of stories.

George McPhee:

He was playing for the Rangers and living in Rye. One night he heard some noise in his driveway and saw a large fellow with a flashlight in his car, attempting to remove the stereo.

McPhee immediately ran out. The thief, seeing this little guy coming at him, and having the large flashlight as a weapon, thought he could handle the situation.

Long story short, and needless to say, when the police arrived, the perp was happy to see them.


Mike Knuble:

In ’99-2000, Rangers coach John Muckler was on the verge of being fired (debatable, because Jim Dolan wouldn’t let Neil Smith do the honors for most of that season). But it was one of those situations where you just felt that if the Rangers lost one more in a row, there would have to be a coaching change.

Well, Knuble scored in overtime to save Muckler, I think it was in Washington. Soon after, the coach had a hand in that brilliant trade of Knuble to Boston for Rob DiMaio.

Now the end of the season comes, and the Rangers are in Boston, Muckler and Smith have been fired, John Tortorella is interim coach, and Knuble is in the hallway talking about his former team. It was mentioned to him how he had temporarily saved Muckler’s job.

“What the (byfuglien) was I thinking?” Knuble smiled.


Tony Granato:

(I apologize if I’ve told this one before).

Always an agitator, Granato had goaded Marty McSorley of the Kings into a penalty, and when they came together, Granato speared McSorley, perhaps in the southern hemisphere. Anyway, McSorley — known to have a wee bit of a temper — went berserk. The linesmen were trying to get him into the penalty box, and he was flinging them around like rag dolls trying to get loose and get at Granato.

They finally got him in the box, but McSorley was still going nuts, shaking the glass and pounding on it with his stick, so they gave him a game misconduct. Now they had to escort him to the dressing room, and on the way, McSorley was spinning and flailing, still trying to get free so he could get at Granato. He never did.

A few months later, Granato and Tomas Sandstrom were traded to the Kings for Bernie Nicholls.

Granato’s wife told him, “You can’t go there. That man is there and he is going to kill you.”

Of course, Granato and McSorley became friends in LA.

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