Some hockey stories


… just because, when I see certain people it reminds me of stories.

George McPhee:

He was playing for the Rangers and living in Rye. One night he heard some noise in his driveway and saw a large fellow with a flashlight in his car, attempting to remove the stereo.

McPhee immediately ran out. The thief, seeing this little guy coming at him, and having the large flashlight as a weapon, thought he could handle the situation.

Long story short, and needless to say, when the police arrived, the perp was happy to see them.


Mike Knuble:

In ’99-2000, Rangers coach John Muckler was on the verge of being fired (debatable, because Jim Dolan wouldn’t let Neil Smith do the honors for most of that season). But it was one of those situations where you just felt that if the Rangers lost one more in a row, there would have to be a coaching change.

Well, Knuble scored in overtime to save Muckler, I think it was in Washington. Soon after, the coach had a hand in that brilliant trade of Knuble to Boston for Rob DiMaio.

Now the end of the season comes, and the Rangers are in Boston, Muckler and Smith have been fired, John Tortorella is interim coach, and Knuble is in the hallway talking about his former team. It was mentioned to him how he had temporarily saved Muckler’s job.

“What the (byfuglien) was I thinking?” Knuble smiled.


Tony Granato:

(I apologize if I’ve told this one before).

Always an agitator, Granato had goaded Marty McSorley of the Kings into a penalty, and when they came together, Granato speared McSorley, perhaps in the southern hemisphere. Anyway, McSorley — known to have a wee bit of a temper — went berserk. The linesmen were trying to get him into the penalty box, and he was flinging them around like rag dolls trying to get loose and get at Granato.

They finally got him in the box, but McSorley was still going nuts, shaking the glass and pounding on it with his stick, so they gave him a game misconduct. Now they had to escort him to the dressing room, and on the way, McSorley was spinning and flailing, still trying to get free so he could get at Granato. He never did.

A few months later, Granato and Tomas Sandstrom were traded to the Kings for Bernie Nicholls.

Granato’s wife told him, “You can’t go there. That man is there and he is going to kill you.”

Of course, Granato and McSorley became friends in LA.

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  1. Great stories Carp. I always say that Hockey has a better and more interesting historythan any other sport. Baseball fans will differ, but I believe hockey lore is by far the best by far.

  2. Gift of GAB-orik *(26)* on

    Awesome stories!

    My favorite personal story comes from my own days of high school hockey.

    I played wing pretty much my whole life until my high school days, when they switched me to D. I wasn’t big, (6’1, 150 soaking wet) but i could skate, and had a decent shot.

    Well on this day in 98, while playing on the JV team, I see a turnover about to happen at our defensive blue line, and make a dash from in front of the net up towards the line, sure enough, my teammate stole the puck from their D man, and i was already in the neutral zone all by myself.

    I screamed as loud as I could to get his attention, and he slid me a pass, and i had a clear breakaway all the way from my side of the neutral zone.

    I came in on the goalie, did a fake forehand shot, went to the backhand, and slid the puck in the net going 5 hole on the goalie.

    What made it special for me, was it was my birthday, and it was the first goal i scored that season. And i STILL have that puck.

    I was a kid then…. now, i’m 26.

  3. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    LOL @ all the stories. I still kinda wish we had Knuble here, he was always solid on both sides of the rink.

  4. Carp, great stories. Love the reaction from Granto’s wife on him going to play in LA. ” That man is there and he is going to kill you” LMAO ….bwahahah!

    Ugh, moving Knuble for DiMaio was such a waste. Not to mention many of the other “prudent” moves made by Sather while he was “rebuilding” after taking over for Smith.

    Can’t wait for 24/7 on Wednesday. The Rangers awesome win over the Peguins to break their win streak will surely be featured! Plus, we get to hear more f-bombs from Humpty Dumpty!

  5. As long as it’s not Stan The Maven.

    CT, those are fabulous Cup stories … and my friend Mike Brophy wrote a book, I think it was called, “If the Stanley Cup Could Talk.”

    Joekuh, I think it was Tim Taylor who told us way back when that Knuble would be a great power forward, and we kind of laughed at him because Knuble didn’t really gain confidence in the physical side of his game right away. But sure enough, he’s a pretty good power forward in the league, isn’t he?

    Congrats, Gabby.

  6. Gift of GAB-orik *(26)* on

    Thanks Carp!

    I love hockey history stories. There is so much interesting stuff that happens that we don’t hear about.

  7. Nice stories, Carp. I heard McPhee story before, not the other two. Well, add this one to a long list of dumb moves made by Muckler.

  8. Reginald Dunlop on

    the last game ever worked by that off-ice official in the penalty box……..still working but never will step in there again… that was brand new glass…..the rink guy “RED” spent all day showing it off as his brand new glass…..almost had a coronary when Marty began ripping it out…….. ha ha ha

  9. This original Rangers draft pick started his career with 7 straight seasons of 20 or more goals, notching over 300 for his career.

    His is a past winner of the XXXXXXXXXX award given to the ice hockey player of the year from his home country.

    The players to win that award the following two years are currently in the league and happen to be on the same team.

    Name this former Rangers player?

  10. Always love the hockey stories, Carp! Liked that Digital Christmas video too. Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy holidays!

  11. Noah-allahan, 28 on

    Between Cliff Lee going to the Phillies, the Flyers easily beating the Rangers, and the Giants’ epic collapse against the Eagles yesterday, this has not been a banner sports week by any stretch.

    Let’s turn this tide around starting Thursday, eh?

    Happy almost Festivus!

  12. and those two previous winners not only share the same country of origin and current team but also the same birthday

  13. A bit misleading because Ulf Dahlen won the Golden Puck in 1998 while playing in the SEL after playing about 10 years in the NHL.

    He was drafted #7 overall in 1985.

  14. Sandstrom also I think had 7 20 goal seasons to start off his NHL career and 300+ (almost 400) for his career. Rangers have done pretty well with picking out Swedes from the draft over the years.

  15. >>Can’t wait for 24/7 on Wednesday. The Rangers awesome win over the Peguins to break
    >>their win streak…

    Rangers didn’t break Penguins’ winning streak; Flyers did.

  16. “Today, Thomas Sandström works as a firefighter in Malmö, Sweden.”

    lol – Still putting himself in harms way.

    Sorry, Joekuh :)

  17. Cally's Broken Hand Del Headzo on

    Great stories Carp. How about embarrassing stories?

    Gift – I scored on my own goalie once in high school & once in college! But let’s not talk about that anymore!

  18. True Blue Mike on

    Haha when i was younger playing soccer i once scored two own goals in the same game… bad day.

  19. i know i said i wouldnt be around…but i cant help but chime in….

    1st, ilb, your suggestion was exactly what i needed. puppies always heal a wounded heart :)

    2nd, I played soccer, was a defenseman, rarely got scoring opportunities. One time, i found myself with a breakaway, and my shorts fell down while i was on the edge of the box, and i tripped….i had my sliders on so it wasnt totally embarrassing, but the crowd gave me a standing ovation, and it was so so embarrassing.

  20. Hey, if it makes you all feel better- I play tennis almost every day. I beat myself every other, lol.

  21. Gift of GAB-orik *(26)* on

    I was playing in a hockey tournament in California, and I got a pass with the goalie down and out of position, had a WIDE OPEN NET… and totally flubbed the shot. The goalie was able to get his stick in the way and stop the puck. We won the game, but my teammates broke my chops the whole night after that game.

  22. Gift of GAB-orik *(26)* on

    I also took a baseball to the face during a toss around in Little league. I thought i was ok at first… then got real dizzy and fell over. I never saw it coming, hit me right on the bridge of my nose.

  23. Carp,
    i’m no friend of basketball.
    when we played on a concrete gym floor in grade school
    it was more like rugby, which i enjoyed since i was better
    at tackling someone with the ball than actually
    shooting into the hoop.

    then one summer day i was playing against some friends
    and after a layup my chin came down on someone’s head
    which caused me to bite the inside of my top lip.
    lots of blood. no stitches.
    lip recovered.
    interest in basketball didn’t.

  24. ilb , that sounds like that Tikkanen comment from the link Linda posted the other day.

    In one of Tikkanen’s clearer moments, he stated, “We need to play like a team, right now we’re just playing with ourselves.”

  25. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    AHAHAHAH @ that Tikkanen quote. Carp, any chance of letting one of us Boneheads do a quick guest post?

  26. great stories, Carp!

    i once got hit on the fingers during a spring weekend softball tourney in college. it was only 9am, but the other team had some cold beer cans that i used as an ice pack. ahhh, those were the days…

    saw the lines at practice today. good for Torts to realize that Gabby and Stepan need some physicality on their line. not so sure of Frolov-AA- Drury though

  27. Joekuh, are you interested in doing one the next couple of days?

    My favorite Tikkanese:

    After one particularly terrible shift … “It was like a Chinese fireplace.”

  28. hey Carp
    if you’re looking for people to fill in,
    especially when there’s some down time in the
    Rangers schedule
    i may consider
    even more important (can’t believe i typed those words!)
    is it possible to get a post from
    Mitch Beck to enlighten us
    about the Whale — are the players developing as well as winning, who is showing promise, who isn’t and why, who is close to NHL ready, is Gernander the right man for the job…

  29. according to bluejackets beat writer
    it’s just a matter of other GMs “sniffing” around
    due to MDZ getting some time to watch.

    hope it doesn’t happen unless it brings back
    Rick Nash (haha!)
    i’m not happy with his play but i do believe that he’ll turn it around
    just hoping that it will be with us and not someone else.

  30. Anyone see 24/7 Penguins Capitals? Although it has my most hated team and another team that has tormented us for years it’s a very good documentary. Should be good for the game I hope it’s like hard knocks and they do it every season that’d be sweet.

    Anyone that’s seen it: catch the Slapshot tribute traveling montage? That was sweet

  31. I am, jp!

    Anybody see this? It’s a totally OMGodish moment!

    “In the Edmonton Journal yesterday, Jim Matheson writes about Hugh Jessiman and how Tom Renney chose him for the Rangers with the 12th pick in 2003.”

    “Yup. That was me.”

    “Renney was the Rangers vice president of player development at the time before being promoted to coach during the 2003-04 season”

    Umm….fire Renney?

  32. If Bogaard has a concussion he could be out awhile. He had a few in his career. Maybe Weise becomes a regular.

  33. I think he is just still dizzy from that goal he scored against Washington. He’ll come around.

  34. could use a Festivus miracle

    jpg’s sis just found out she’s being let go at the end of january
    (probably after they make her set up a major spring event!)

    have a friend losing him mind due to how screwed up the workplace is
    and i’m getting a little frustrated here!!!

    jpg is not happy!!

  35. Hello!

    any of you seen “The Price is Right” today with Roenick, Crosby and Ovechkin?

    Before she got to the showcase she won two leather chairs with any NHL team logo, 3D HDTV with 4 pairs of 3D glasses, variety of NHL “Fathead”, Air hockey table, rubik’s cube with 6 original teams on it instead of colors, NHL monopoly and Wayne Gretzky McFarlane figure AND 2 tickets to two Stanley Cup Final games! not too shabby! i rather have that than a car!

  36. braunschweiger on

    I saw it, couldnt understand a word Ovie said, sux they both over bid at the end and no one won the NHL showcase

  37. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    Carpfather, in fact, yes, yes I am interested in doing one. Got a pretty good topic in mind as well.

  38. Noonan,
    Yes that was the song from Slapshot, right?!?
    That 24/7 was great. I loved the Orr v Englland tilt and the banter during and after.
    Also LOVED the Dubi v OV tilt. How bout hem saying,”Nice job, buddy to each other when it was over?!?

    I can’t wait for the next episode.

  39. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    LAWL @ this Festivus quote:

    Frank Costanza: “Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way.”

  40. thanks ilb
    i’ll let her know.

    been having my own “fun” time
    with bloody noses
    and not a punch was thrown!!!

    3 in one week. saw doc at urgent care
    was hoping to just get it cauterized
    but he looked and saw nothing troubling.
    just felt it was a matter of dryness of being indoors.

    still doesn’t help since i have a cold and can’t blow my nose.
    couldn’t help dad with bringing down decorations
    and not allowed to exercise.

    counting down the days when i can be more mobile…

    got it better than Boogieman

  41. okay, here’s my hockey story.

    first time skating.
    it was 10 degrees out, a flooded area at a local park
    and 11 a.m. on a sunday. not surprisingly, i was the only
    person out there. mom stayed in car and waited.

    somehow i just took to it immediately, other than
    being able to stop correctly.

    only problem, possibly due to flat feet, i got terrible
    cramps at the bottom of my feet. so bad that i would just fall into
    a snowdrift, wait it out and start again.

  42. Thanks for the stories and the smilew, Carp. Hope the Rangers make me smile on Thursday with a win. I just got layed off today. Merry Christmas to me! My last day is end of January 2011

  43. Ok, so Torts announced today that he wants to keep Staal and Girardi as pair….not only against the top lines of other teams…

    Ummmm….yikes! The only other guy that has been solid back there this season has been Sauer…

    You have to break Staal and Girardi up, for Messier’s sake! Do I have to go into details of why, i.e. the play of MDZ, Eminger, and Blowzy?!?

  44. Btw, have any of youse seen what LW/C Tomas Fleischman has done since leaving the Craps?

    9 GP 5G 6A 11PTS (3 PPG)

    Ummm, where was Uncle Glennie on that one?

  45. Don’t think a minor AHL suspension would stop an MZA call-up, if the Rangers did want to (which they seemingly don’t, in any case). Nazem Kadri still has a two-game AHL ban to serve when/if the Leafs send him down.

  46. Carp,
    I was in N.Y. last week and was at MSG for the Rangers’ win over the Coyotes. great game! Anyway, I was telling my uncle I guest blogged for your site before and he said ” I know Carpy. he is a great guy.” Do you know the video replay Judge John? That is him.

  47. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    are we still telling stories? if so, i have one from when i was on the school volleyball team lol

  48. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    haaaaaa! miked, they’d have shown a riot in the stands, and I’d have known it was you!!

  49. thanks MickeyM

    this is going to be one year i’ll be glad to say good riddance due to a number of things.

  50. okay,
    need a little help here

    is on Dec. 22 or 23 (got the second date from the Festivus book website, the other date elsewhere…)

  51. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lol, ok

    so here we are, in the midst of a game, and it’s my turn to serve. Somehow, i hit the ball just right because it got stuck in the overhead heating ducts. So, they get another ball, i serve it again, hit it in the same spot and knock the ball out. Was never able to do it again, and damn, it hurt lol. I was probably 11.

  52. are you replacing the world “puck” with “ball”?

    when i played tennis with sis i spent a portion of my time
    running out of the court area to chase tennis balls that she hit over
    the 20-foot fence.
    ….ah, good times.

  53. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    i did make a JD type save in floor hockey during gym once lol!

    ORR, maybe you need to become a Pens fan and bring your death grip upon them!

  54. Hmmm Vinny Prospal wearing “orange” non-contact jersey on ice for full Rangers practice this morning.

    Ya know, he *was* drafted by the Flyers and didn’t have a single point in 5 games against them last year.

    Maybe it was just too obvious. Maybe ‘Fankist’ has been showing us his ‘true colors’ all along.

    We should have seen it in his face.

  55. Those are awesome stories!!! I like the McPhee one best :)

    jpg’s sister, welcome to my world!! good luck to you…

    jpg: “this is going to be one year i’ll be glad to say good riddance due to a number of things.”

    amen to that brother!!!!

  56. jpg’s sister, that’s terrible. hang in there, spend time with your family during the holidays and with us the rest of the time. Good luck.

    Joekuh, drop me an email at

    Festivus is the 23rd. Kramer gets the job at H&H Bagels for the holidays, but he asks for Dec. 23 off so he can celebrate Festivus.

    I can’t even tell you how excited I am for the banter and jibberish (and gibberish) that day. Not to mention the airing of grievances.

  57. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    this just in, move the thrashers out of atlanta!!!

  58. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    the airing of grievances and utter, chaotic gibberish/jibberish! What a freakin awesome day on the blog this will be!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    ilbzo, whoever can overhead press Crosbys lips for the most reps, without taking a break, gets an 8×10 glossy of Carpy!!

  60. Someone wished me a Happy New Year today. I was taken aback by it and only managed an uncomfortable laugh. I just couldn’t bring myself to returning the wish considering that it’s not even Christmas yet.

  61. Festivius is the 23rd? Damn, I’ll be traveling most of that day. Have to be at the airport at 7:30am and don’t know if Lambert or the Philly airport have free wifi. My grievances may have to wait until much later in the day.

  62. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    I remember now that we got DiMaio back for Knuble. I had stricken it from my mind because it was that bad of a trade. The memories are flooding back….make it go away again :(

  63. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lol Mickey, i’m sure he wouldn’t mind, since you’ll be stuck in airports/airplanes for a good part of the day!!

  64. Thanks Carp. Tomorrow is my last day before December vacation and then one month in January. I will take your advice and spend time with my family, the Rangers and the boneheads

  65. Only from 7:30 to 5:30. Then I am demanding my Dad take me to a local hot dog place for dinner and then we’ll sit down and laugh our assens off at Jeff Dunham’s specials that are playing all night on Comedy Central. Maybe after that I’ll air my grievances, as I’m watching Rangers in 60.

  66. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Pimp, you saw Redden write a check???

    Tony, I steered clear of your FB today after seeing your message to your employees! YIKES!!

  67. Mao_Did You Say Dung? on

    We get to air grievances on Festivus? I shall bring a dollop of grievances my good friends!

  68. Mao_Did You Say Dung? on

    I have a few good hockey stories…grew up playing ice hockey in staten island and high school hockey in brooklyn…later played for the powerfully violent Violets of NYU. lol ….well, when we were early teens, my buddy had season tickets to the devils…so we got to skate with the devils players at south mountain arena once a year…. had a race with Dougie Brown…the guy was INSANELY fast…was like a speeding hydrant…then we got to talk with shanny and dave maley (i think was Maley) and my friend hilariously picked his nose and put a monster booger on Maley’s jersey… We were in tears and shanny looked at us like nutsos…then we got some great fist to face pics of the legendary troy crowder..that guy was a monster….. other notables: got to talk with theo fleury of the flames at NJD game..i was a tiny player like him, so he was my idol growing up….. skated with Luc Robitaille right before he left NYR…guy had a lethal shot…he could hit the crossbar at will from nearly anywhere..great guy..we played a pickup game at the new chelsea rink when it first opened..this was like 2 am or so….lastly, our NYU games used to be at 33rd and 10th in the old sky rink…that neighborhood was filled with street walkers…well, when i drove away from game at like 3am, cops pulled me over (i had saved for a great old sports car that looked WAY more expensive than it really was) because all the ladies of the night gathered around my car at the light…one streetwalker asked me if i was ’21 jump street’…i looked very young)…cops ask me to pull over and why I am sweating…i said just came from hockey game…check the trunk(i knew that hockey bag smelled like manure with all the sweat etc) ..they open trunk… female cop yells..this guy got sweaty hockey equipment here..i laughed so hard…good times…i drove away to the sounds of LA women on the old west side highway on way back to brooklyn without a care in the world…wish i could go back to those days…sigh.

  69. Linda CalPrustBoylayan on

    fine thanks Mao, and yourself!? Don’t hide! enjoyed your story up there!!


  70. I just finished watching Black Swan. Trippy movie. I liked it. Some dope must have lost a dvd screener of the movie, and it ended up online, and I *illegally* downloaded it! Bwaha!. Just saved me $20, and the horror of some freak wanking during the Kunis/Portman lezzie scene, Pee Wee Herman style.

    Kuni + Portman = Gold

  71. “I’m still trying to get over the Giant loss yesterday.
    I’ve been speechless for 24 hours.”

    Only 24?

    4 touchdowns in 7 minutes? Didn’t think that was possible.

    Vick(I want a dog!?) had 100 yards rushing – in the 4th quarter.

    Anisimov for Richards.

  72. C3, your post is making me hungry!
    Just saw finale of eclipse….the world is too cool.
    LGR!!!! TA!

  73. I can definitely vouch for Doug Brown’s speed. I took a week of power skating lessons from the same instructor that Brown learned from. He came in one day and ran through the drills with us. It is amazing how fast these guys can move even at cruising speed. I can almost guarantee the guy that was the Yotes backup the other night would have looked like he was moving in slow motion had he been forced to play.

  74. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I just looked ahead to the January schedule…. 5… FIVE back to backs in January….

    Someone very high up hates us.

    Fortunately, their plan for our demise seems to be backfiring thusfar.

  75. BlogMama = Size 16

    CCCP; Was going to crack you for yet another unprovoked snark
    but now you made me want pastrami.

    Hope you’re happy.

  76. Here’s a very funny story

    Rangers are playing up in Montreal during the 93-94 or maybe the 95 season. After the game, the team goes to a bar and the place is really crowded. My wife and I find seclusion in a waitress service alcove in the back of the bar and are hanging out. We are eventually joined by Steve Larmer and Joe Kocur in the alcove. Kocur is chewing a wad of tobacco and is spitting the juice into a garbage can looking receptacle under the counter. After spitting into it at least a dozen times, a waitress comes over with a basket, puts it into the can, and comes out with a basket full of popcorn to bring to a table. The look on Kocur’s face was absolutely hysterical. The 4 of us couldn’t stop laughing for about 5 minutes.

  77. Fran

    No matter where yu go, and how far back you go on Hockey stories, there are always bound to be some nutty ones.

    When I lived in Duluth there were pickup teams all over the place and we got one scraped together from the northerners at the base where a Fighter Pilot who went to Dartmouth hockey tried to cobble a team together. I volunteered to play right wing ( where I always wound up no matter what,) and some of the guys were civies and local. One of them was a goal tender, and he came to the dressing room with all his gear an no chest protector. I asked him where it was and he said that he didn’t wear slowed him down. This guy was a Finn ( up there they called the “Finnlanders”) The Swedes and Danes swore they were all nuts and after this guy I believed them. So the game was played ( I don’t recall who won) and was soon forgotten, but I remembered all the big black bruises on this nutty GT’s chest and just had to shake my head. He got dressed, thought nothing of it and disappeared. Never saw him again.

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