It’s Go Time!


No Pronger for the Flys, no Callahan for the Rangers. That sounds about even.

Lundqvist starts in goal (not sure which of the three Flyers goalies starts, or if it even matters).

Derek Stepan is moving to the wing, and Chris Drury dropping down to the fourth line, according to Jesse Spector:


Gilroy and White are prucha’d.

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  1. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Thanks Lin!

    I enjoy bringing laughter to Bonehead nation! Alot of peeps on here are clever and witty… and i usually get a good laugh reading these posts…. long live the Boneheads!

  2. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    oh Lord, please don’t have me stuck with the Flyers guys for the broadcast! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

  3. >>What’s with Torts sticking the centermen of our future on the wing?

    He wants to turn him into another Dubinsky.

  4. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    just think, when he’s 52, it will be the 26th anniversary of his 26th birthday

  5. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    omg give me a Rangers feed already please! I’m bored with toronto sports radio

  6. That was a great piece on Step. Didn’t know that about his dad. And Sauer is too hot for words :)

    LGR!! See ya during the game!

  7. I think Kurt, and Michael are related to a Sauer who plays in the NFL as well.

    Athletic family.

    Sauer looks a lot younger without the visor and helmet. It’s like Darth Vader. With the helmet he looks cool, but without it, he looks like a sick old annoying guy you don’t want to be around, because he keeps coughing on you.

  8. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    LETS GO RANGERS!! another day closer to Cally’s return!!!

  9. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    great point JB. he needs to get himself going. Maybe put HIM On the 4th line for a period, sheesh

  10. Flyers broadcast for me (shock). Voted the second most homer-fied NHL broadcast crew in Pennsylvania for each of the last 15 years.

  11. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    LW, what do you watch on? I think gamecenter live gives you an option of home or away broadcasts

  12. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!


  13. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    shelley a scratch

  14. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    hi linda

  15. Linda – No Gamecenter Live over here. I get the games through an ESPN Player – can choose whatever game I like, but can’t choose the home/away broadcast. It has the MSG coverage about 15% of the time.

  16. not happy with Frolov. the last game he went in down the right wing with clear shots at the net, and instead he decided to turn his back on the dman and turn back and hold on. the coaches have been telling him they want him to shoot, so he just ignores everybody and continues to screw it up. yes, he has played better lately overall, but he still will not correct that huge flaw in his game

  17. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    that’s rough LW. wish i could share my hockeystreams with you.

    OK GIRLS, you can fight amongst yourselves for Weise lol

  18. Frolov’s game is kind of like when you repeatedly hit the wrong button in NHL 11. YOu mean to hit shoot and it defaults to wrap around.

  19. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    so, does that mean, in addition to Friggins, frolov can also be calle DEFAULT ?

  20. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    lol Nor, he’s the buttaface.. Boogie is just scary lol

  21. Have two Flyers fans paid for seat between the benches, only to have that idiot Coates stand in front of them all game?

  22. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    lw, that coates guy is absolutely horrid!

    and trailer parks across north america celebrate

  23. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    Well this was fun, gotta make the girls some food so dvr on, see you guys later!!!


  24. The NHL needs to fix its ridiculous conference seeding format. Teams with 40 points are seeded ahead of Rangers and their 41 points?

  25. Oh baby, this is a gonna be a game. OK, dumb penalty there, but I like the early message that was sent.

  26. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    yes JB, its quite silly. Like in football… i cant remember which team it is,but they have a horrible record but they are in first place so they get a playoff nod, whereas a team in another division with 3 more wins, may not .

  27. Wow, Lundqvist with a rare trip out of the blue paint. I was afraid he’d pull a Labarbera there for a second.

  28. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    lmao JB i was like WTB get in your lil blue area hank!!

    nice shot by Step

  29. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    just saw the play youse guys were complaining about… grrrrr

  30. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    blah, if your record is 7-9 and you lead your division,you should NOT get a playoff berth lol

  31. what’s even more amateur-hour is the Flyers jersey … my goodness, that white box with the name on the back of the jersey? wow, takes the cake …

  32. >>Division winners should get a playoff berth, but get seeded according to their points.

    Exactly! That formula must have made too much sense to Bettman and company.

  33. Doodie machetto on

    Ha, didn’t know that there was another thread. To recap the posts I had on the last thread:

    1) good news! Found a store (barber shop) with the game on tv.

    2) good hussle by EC in drawing the penalty. I think he canfeel the fire under his ass.

    3) Carcillo got the best of Avery.

    4) the more I see of MDZ, the less I like him. Consistently terrible decisions with the puck. How much longer can he get a pass on his potential alone?

  34. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    right near the big toe,that someones gonna put up Joes tush

  35. Blue Seat Horror on

    “Parity” means giving teams that haven’t earned their seed a leg up into the playoffs, right?

  36. N.CountryNYRFan on

    agreed the more I see MDZ the less confident i am in his play, on the other hand the more I see Sauer play the better he seems to get

  37. Blue Seat Horror on

    I skipped a few hours in the thread so I don’t know if there was an answer, but I’d guess Torts took Stepan off center because he’s so horrible at faceoffs and he knows the Rangers can’t afford to lose faceoffs against the Flyers.

    I love how even shots that go horribly wide are still saves by Lundqvist, eh Sam?

  38. Rozsival is back to his old trick, eh? He must miss Rade Wedden and want to join him in Connecticut.

  39. thanks heavens for Hank! Cripes, just my hair colored Thursday and already the grays are back!!!

  40. The Gaborik-Stepan-EC line is terrible on D. They need someone like Feds to help with the defensive side.

  41. >>we need to see Gabby step it up today

    I can assure you, it will not be today. He only steps it up against the Uniondales and the Edmontons of the league.

  42. N.CountryNYRFan on

    what dubi got laid out before the high stick and the puck wasn’t anywhere near him, BS

  43. Memo to Flyers announcer: Why not save some of your excitement for when the Flyers actually score? Sounds like you’ve wet yourself everytime you whelp “SHOT!”

  44. N.CountryNYRFan on

    how didn’t hartnell get a charging call, hit skating in from the blue line to hit rozy

  45. Yeah, N.CountryNYRFan, I have to agree. It wasn’t a perfect period, but overall, I thought they played very solid hockey.

  46. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    its seems that 30 seconds is the magic window for late hits JB

  47. >>too unselfish is killing them…

    Gaborik is getting paid to put the puck in the net, not to be unselfish.

  48. Blue Seat Horror on

    “Where’s the “character” and the “jam”?”

    I’d say they’re playing exactly how they need to. They’re very much outskilled and are playing a game to limit mistakes. And, Roszival aside, are doing a good job. This is their game against teams with more skill and better depth.

    Decent period. Need to bury the chances they are waiting to get. Shoot, don’t look for pretty passes.

  49. 5 on 5 they had some ok play. Too many times on the rush the Flyers D pressure the puck carrier and that’s where you need to make a smart pass to a teammate that will be left open. The open players need to skate into better passing areas first.

  50. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    Kurt and Mike Sauer are related to Craig Sauer who used to play in the NFL. He’s now retired.

  51. Blue Seat Horror on

    Gaborik should be playing with Artie and Dubinsky in this game. Needs tougher help who will carry the puck for him and allow him to get open.

  52. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    Weise looks like Staals mom and boogeys dad had a fling! ;-)

  53. Gaborik should be playing with Artie and Dubinsky in this game. Needs tougher help who will carry the puck for him and allow him to get open.


    Couldn’t agree more…Gaby does his best when he has some protection and big bodies that can give him room…

  54. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    wow,that’s one electric green shirt! duguay raided the clothes mako threw out

  55. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    3rd period Nor! he makes us wait for it….waaaaaaaaaaait!

    LOL Blue,it’s a good thing the world did not spontaneously combust

  56. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    lmao @ Kovalchuk is back in atlanta, and will STILL LOSE!

  57. >>if the rangers have a chance in winning this game they will need Lundqvist’s “A” game.

    He’s been ON thus far, but I expect a softie at any moment. I always do!

  58. Czechthemout!!! on

    Not a very good period by the boys. Blowzy was particularly bad. I am also really concerned with the play of MDZ. If this were the pre season, I am convinced he would not make the team. Sauer looking really good again. I would like to see Weise get some more time as well. Gabby looks like he has the shakes when with the puck. He is not playing like the force he should be.

  59. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    lmao this e harmony commercial is hilarious… and it looked like the guy wanted to sniff his post nasal drippage in at the end.


  60. >>jBytes!!!! grrrrrrrrr

    Mama, you must admit, my pessimism has been working wonders for the team lately. I think they put my posts on the bulletin board before each match.

  61. These linesmen are too eager to call icing. The guy is skating two feet away from the puck and he couldn’t play it??

  62. (hangs head in shame)

    I know, Linda, I know. Was runninh errands, came home at 12:30 and did dishes, then sat down and went, ‘CARCILLO!”

    Shame on me :(

  63. Any fights so far?

    Also, Stepan-PeeWee-Gabby? Against the Flygirls? What is Torts smoking today?

  64. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    mickey, torts hung out with miley cyrus and her bong last night lol

  65. then gaborik should not be considered elite, or given that kind of salary. he is supposed to make other players better, not vice versa. if all you expect him to do is tap in perfect setups, then he is not worth it.

  66. Blue Seat Horror on

    “Rangers baking some holiday turnovers this afternoon.”

    Rangers forgot they weren’t wearing the orange jerseys today.

  67. Well I am 30,000 ft in the air. I don’t really comment so often but have been a daily lurker since the days of Sam. I want all of u my ranger fan brethren to know how awesome a blog we have. Bieng that I have an Isuck touch I cannot watch this match. But there is nothing more comforting then having all u boneheads keep me informed about our fave squad as I make my way to fla. U all rock! Carp and his army of ranger boneheads! PS… Keep up all that good chatter it’s about the only thing that makes this flytrap bearable! Let go RANGERS! Swat that fly!

  68. HAHAHA Nicky Z got dropped twice on the same play and than takes a stupid penalty. Serves him right

  69. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    afine…hockeystreams does have a phone/itouch option. not sure how much it costs, but it’s called iStream

  70. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    AND LMFAO @ Afine using the term ‘lurker’ classic

  71. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    we all knew THAT would happen… maybe not that way, but you just knew it would….damnit

    LETS GO RANGERS, shots on the net, toss it on ya never know what’s going to find a seam and go in!

  72. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Joe M. being a total D-bag to Sam. “we’ll talk about that later Sam, but lets take a look at that goal”. Joe u suck!

  73. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    joe is so smug

    ‘we’ll talk about that later sam” stfu asshat

  74. Blue Seat Horror on

    So, maybe they ought to keep trying to pass the puck through the center of the ice some more and maybe by the end of the game it’ll start working.

  75. >>Maybe one of our offensively useless Russians can score [Feds, Froloaf]

    Isn’t Feds Ukrainian?

  76. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    i know people are gonna jump all over my next comment but…

    Gabby has been quite a let down so far this season. Yea, I know he missed 13 games and all, and that he hit his shoulder on the post with that one goal he scored, but man. We kill Drury all the time, but Gabby makes big cash to put the puck in the net and make those around him better. Not happening.

  77. Blue Seat Horror on

    I hate to say it, but I think Gaborik and Kovalchuk are drinking from the same well this year.

  78. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    lmao you know what that made me think of Mickey

    Paging Mr.Herman, you have a telephone call at the front desk

  79. Linda, I doubt most people will jump on you for that. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who could actually argue the opposite. He has just looked MIA all year.

  80. Blue Seat Horror on

    Weise is so Hartford. He didn’t get the memo that you’re supposed to pass when you have a breakaway. Back to Hartford for him, like between periods 2 and 3. Torts won’t even wait for the end of the game.

  81. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    oh man that was sooooooooo freakin close.

    st0w, do you think the shoulder may be bothering him at all???

  82. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    JB, i guess i just expect a lot from guys making over 5, 6, or 7 million dollars

  83. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    lmao Czech. to be fair, Todd “casper” White DID win a face off the other night!

  84. Blue Seat Horror on

    I just don’t get it with Gaborik. This never happens. Sather signs someone who’s really good elsewhere and then they get to New York and disappear…but at least Torts will tell us how hard he’s trying.

  85. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    HOLY COW 909!! that’s awesome! You got accepted at BOTH!?!?!?

  86. Linda – hard to say. I could see that possibly being it, but sometimes I watch him and he just looks like he’s loafing around. I mean, zero passion for the game, zero effort being put forth. This is not the same guy who was putting them in the back of the net so frequently last season. He loses the puck all the time, his shots are weak.. If it’s something still wrong with this shoulder, he should take the time to get it worked out… But I don’t think that can really explain it completely, personally.

  87. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    great post st0w. noones bigger than the team, take a seat if you’re not 100%. He’s not strong like bull as Prust is lol

  88. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    and why does it always seem we have at least one guy a season who floats/glides/loafs? OY VEY!! You’re playing hockey in NY for cryin out loud!

  89. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    ok, just like vs the Pens, we’re only down 1-0. And they’ve been lighting it up in the 3rd this week. I still totally believe they are gonna win it in the 3rd! Boyle gets his bday goal, and methinks Ani gets one also

  90. N.CountryNYRFan on

    mdz hasn’t been able to feed gabby those long passes this season to spring him in for some goals, both are sucking right now

  91. Blue Seat Horror on

    At least Lundqvist is getting into Philly’s heads. Quite a few times they have had great shots and passed them up to make better plays and lost their opportunities.

    Ha, great interview with Richards: “I heard Lundqvist banging his stick and knew Zherdev was coming out of the box (paraphrase).”

  92. Well I’m not going to sit here and say Gaborik has been good this year. He hasn’t. His shot isn’t as lethal as last year and he’s missing that extra gear he seemed to have as well. But it’s a 15-20 game sample size for a guy that’s 6th among active players in goals per game. And would you rather have last year where he dazzled with goals and the team was lousy or where he’s made softer contributions and the team is better?

    He is leaps and bounds better than Kovalchuk defensively (not to mention he has more goals and points in 9 less games) who gives up just as many scoring chances against as he creates.

    But yes, he needs to be a difference maker in games like this especially when the Flyers are missing Pronger.

  93. Czechthemout!!! on

    Another bad period. Gabby is just coasting out there. Staal needs to make faster decisions in the offensive zone. He has had several opportunities to make a play and failed.

  94. >>… take a seat if you’re not 100%.

    I never understood the whole “playing hurt” culture in hockey.

  95. Congrats, ranger909! Now you get to join the rest of us who are paying off their loans for the next 50 years.

    Nor, good point! LOL

  96. Weise-r? Barely know her! on

    Not sure about these lines at all, the offense looks out of sorts, and not much hitting. Too much to the outside.

  97. I don’t know the reason for Gaborik’s poor play and wouldn’t especially defend him, but suppose he suddenly took time off to heal an injury that he’s been playing with while less than 100%. He’d get slaughtered by the majority of people on here for being soft and not playing hurt.

  98. We haven’t even showed up today and it’s only 1-0… we’re the No-Quit Kids!! Come on, let’s get another comeback going!!

  99. Blue Seat Horror on

    CT, I’d rather have Gaborik playing like he did last year with this year’s improved team…which was how it was supposed to work. :-)

  100. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    JB, exactly!!!!!!!!!! monster 3rd periods all week! I’m expecting the same today. They lull us in the first 2 and them it’s like they have a case of the runs and just explode in the 3rd to get to the end of the game with a victory!!!!!!!!!

  101. it still stings that they lost to mr avg goalie, Boo-shay, in that final game last season. and now this one. they need to beat this sieve in the 3rd

  102. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    i could never understand how the play of the game is decided on before the game is over……wtf is up with that mess!

    Hey, is the “WELLS FARGO CENTER” sign on a white background, like the jerseys, so they can just peel it off next year when it’s renamed the Charmin Center?

  103. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    lol mickey, didnt they HAVE brashear at one point???

  104. Blue Seat Horror on

    Would like to see Gilroy in the next game. Give DelZotto another homework assignment. The last one didn’t stick.

    Sam you ASSHAT! “Henrik Lundqviist has given up two goals in the…ooooh there’s a goal.”

  105. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    what a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge save

    Hank gets 2 kotalik forearms for that!

  106. right. what happened to Torts saying that the young guys would not come out for Drury? he already moved Step out of his center spot for captain clunk

  107. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! thats a killah

  108. Orr, I was waiting for that. hahahahah Every time I see the Rangers let up in some horrible manner like that, you’ve got me thinking that in my head. Regardless of whether or not I’m near a computer.

  109. Nikky Z scores a highlight reel goal coming out of the box…

    We’re making Boucher look like a Vezina contender…

    Absolutely no sustained fore-check with scoring chances by NYR…

    Blowzy sucks…Gaby sucks…

    Some guy named Noodle scores…

    All this without Pronger…

    What’s going on with our Rangers?

  110. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    NYR, still 15 minutes left. I’m not ready to give up onthis game yet

  111. Actually… after watching it a few times, it looks like he didn’t kick/move his skate until after the puck had contacted it, and might be a good goal. But I don’t think it’s “overwhelmingly conclusive” evidence.

  112. hahahhaha I love how Artie just stared at Weise, like he was thinking, “does this kid even know how to drink fluids?”

    Nice to see some life! YEAH STEPPPPPPPERRRRR!!

  113. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on


    CHING CHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on


    the comeback has been launched!!

    so let it be written, so let it be done!

  115. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    ORR, i doubt gabbys mom would register on your HOT CHICKOMETER

  116. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    omg joe, i had no idea about that banging of the goalie stick

  117. That was all Blowzy’s fault for letting Briere in the zone…He is terrible…Trade EC for Richards!

  118. Blue Seat Horror on

    JB, the traffic cone wanted a NMC, and since it was an RFA Sather’s trying to lowball it, so it’s holding out.

  119. There is little to no hitting. No taking the body, and no shot blocking as we are accustomed to.

    The physical play is what is absent, and is what is and will cost us the game.

  120. Blue Seat Horror on

    Are you sure that was DelZotto that tried that home run pass that was intercepted?…because he never does that.

  121. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Have we seen enough of roszival and del zotto together?

    time to move sauer up and roszival down.

    we still run around like chickens with no heads in our own zone!!!!

    Roszival out of position again on the 2nd goal.

    Time to get what we can for del zotto!

  122. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    i just ordered a life alert for rozsi…… aaaaaaaaaand a hoverround

  123. I know why MDZ is having a horrid game. He switched up his breakfast routine this morning, per his twitter. Go back to what you normally eat, kid.

  124. Rosival is having a rough few games, he is finally getting to be noticed on the goal…. He is unbelievably slow lately

    Sam and Joe ripping Del Zotto for a -3 when he isnt the reason for the goals, his linemate is Rosival any coincidence here?

  125. Ive had it with Del zottos play. Hes been on the ice for all three goals. Its his break out passing that twice have gotten intercepted and returned for goals. His defense is terrible and he dosent have the offensive production to hide it. He dosent deserve his spot right now and Id give Gilroy his shot to play and make a difference.

  126. Does MDZ ever skate the puck out of the zone If I see him with one more BS long pass I`m gonna shoot myself, cherry picking time is over

  127. Blue Seat Horror on

    Hartnell hasn’t even had to run Lundqvist today, that’s how unthreatened the Flyers feel.

  128. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    Stepan has had a good game. I really like that he’s settled in and looks confident.

  129. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    eeeeeeeesh i thought my boyle prediction was about to come true

  130. Blue Seat Horror on

    I hate to say it, but Roszival has been better at the home run pass this year than Del Zotto. Not that either have been good, but #33 has a better success rate.

  131. It’s a soft game. Not even any scrums to get into the Flyers heads. It’s almost like looking at the last few years, when they never wanted to hit. Shows how much of a difference Cally makes.

  132. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    this is a game where they really missed Cally and his wrecking ball attitude

  133. Blue Seat Horror on

    Let’s let Zherdev get a hat trick and get this over with. Good evening boys and girls.

  134. just got home to see this ****** ***** ***** piece of crap Zherdev score his second goal.

    I hope somebody breaks Zherdev’s wrists.

    That was a great shot, soemthing that loser never did with us.

    I hope someone injures that cooke hartnelling carcillo.

  135. well, what can I say. had hoped for better, but i still love my boys. and you can’t hang this one on hank…well, you can if you want, but you shouldn’t. Sigh.

  136. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    Zherdev = the new Kovalev/ Ranger killer


    out of 8 possible points against upper echelon teams, our Rangers got 6. I’d consider that a successful week when everyone outside of Rangers fans felt they’d be lucky to get 2.

  137. Blue Seat Horror on

    Nice, keep Weise up. Carcillo thought he was smart picking on the rookie. What a coward. And a loser. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  138. Yalzin you are saying everything I’m thinking.I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come until Callahan gets back.

  139. I despise Zherdev.

    I see the Gabby comments again. I guess that overpaid prick did nothing. I had a friend updating throughout the game today via texts and didnt mention Gabby’s name once. I didnt wonder why. im sick of that scummy sack of crap. Play a 3rd place game for your country but dont bother showing up for the team that signs your paychecks.

  140. 6 of 8 points against a few pretty good teams. I really hope the season series vs the Flyers is like how they used to be against the Pens for a few years where the home team wins every game.

  141. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    no game until Thursday. they’re gonna stew in this one for a long freakin time

  142. N.CountryNYRFan on

    it seems like everytime the rangers lose this season they have like a week off between games

  143. Ok folks, enjoy the next few days of thinking about this painful showing. Hopefully the boys can come back on Thursday. Not that we’ve had luck against Tampa recently…

  144. Bring Back Straka on

    Tough loss. A couple of posts on our end, but if you change up or even get rid of that Rozi-MDZ pairing, I’m pretty satisfied with the team.

  145. Oh PUH-LEEEZ! Spare me with the timeout nonsense. My goodness, why do these announcers continue to perpetuate these ridiculous cliches?

  146. Pretty much a team loss. The offense didn’t do much until the 3rd and not just Gaborik. Bad games by Rozi and MDZ. Henrik gets a pass, he made some great saves to keep the game close but not a lot went right by the guys in front of him.

  147. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    crappy game, although i thought Stepan had a really good game.

    Gabby better get his head outta his aassen and start scoring,and caring.

    Gilly in next game. Can we trade Rozsi before the holiday trade freeze goes into effect?

  148. Blue Seat Horror on

    “I guess we’ll see Gilly in the next game.”

    Yeah, knowing Torts he’ll bench Sauer to put Gilroy in.

  149. 3 games in 3.5 days. I think they ran out of gas late in the third.

    Still, I will take the 3 wins out of 4 this week when going into the week, I was hoping/expecting only 1 win. It will be tough to sit on this for 3 days, but this team has proved so resiliant this season that I think they will be OK. Plus, the time off can only help heal the bumps and bruises we all know they have.

    Also, as much as I hate to say this, the Flyers looked very good.

  150. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    oh HELLZ NO Blue!!!

    Sauerboom is our meanest dman!! we need one or two more like him!!

  151. I don’t know if anyone heard it but Larry Brooks was with Dave Maloney on the radio during the 1st intermission. He said that Sean Avery is being used incorrectly by the Rangers. He thinks Avery can be much more effective playing 12-14 minutes rather than 7 per game. Torts doesn’t trust him and can’t find the right balance playing him. I happen to agree.

  152. Bring, I’m with you. Totally bummed by the loss, and thought we came pretty close, all things considered. But hats off to the week overall. I don’t wanna stew though, and I actually have things to do today, so ta for now at least until carp’s review :)

  153. im interested to see what some of the “educated” fans on here have to say about this loss.

  154. Sauer should play a hell of a lot more. The guy doesn’t make mistakes as often as everyone else on the team.


    Absolutely, Orr. He should play with Staal on 1st pairing. He’s been so solid.

  155. wtf does “their best record after 34 games from start from a season” mean and why the firetruck were the flyer announcers talking about it so many times during the game? if they win their next game i guess it will be the “their best 35 game record from start from a season…then who knows? they could have their 3rd best 53 game record at some point….talk about meaningless drivel! please stfu



  156. here is why Sauer not playing 20 minutes a game:

    2004-05 Portland Winter Hawks WHL 32 2 11 13 10 — — — — —
    2005-06 Portland Winter Hawks WHL 59 8 23 31 68 12 4 2 6 8
    2006-07 Portland Winter Hawks WHL 33 4 8 12 46 — — — — —
    2006-07 Medicine Hat Tigers WHL 32 1 10 11 29 23 1 5 6 34
    2007-08 Hartford Wolf Pack AHL 71 4 7 11 80 2 0 0 0 0
    2008-09 New York Rangers NHL 3 0 0 0 0 — — — — —
    2008-09 Hartford Wolf Pack AHL 64 6 17 23 35 6 0 0 0 10
    2009-10 Hartford Wolf Pack AHL 42 3 9 12 45 — — — — —
    2010-11 New York Rangers NHL 28 1 3 4 30

  157. that was sloppy but Sauer hasnt played more than 80 games in a season at any level in his life. you expect him now to play at a high level for 82 games + the playoffs as a rookie.

    not gonna happen…

  158. N.CountryNYRFan on

    even though we looked pretty bad today we could have easily won this game if it weren’t for a few bad bounces, we hit three posts (i think), and had a goal disallowed (even though it appeared to me that the puck hit his skate, THEN he made an insticntive kicking motion).

    But hey thats hockey, no need to get down on the team. Although I think MDZ needs to sit a few games and give Gilroy a chance to play a little more.

  159. Well that’s the issue with the Rangers having a young D oleo. It’s no secret that DZ should be seeing less ice time 5 on 5 as he was early last year when he played mostly PP time and sparingly 5 on 5. Sauer is getting the appropriate ice time for his level of experience and is doing fine on the PK. Although he’s not that experienced at the NHL level he’s still had a few years against more mature competition in HFD compared to MDZ who made the jump directly from juniors.

  160. Long time sice last post for me, but I have to say:

    I was kind of bracing myself for a really one-sided game, sort of like the Pens game. But except the score and some individual breakdowns I thought this was a really close game. And considering that the Flyers are the best team in the East, thats not bad. This was always going to be a difficult game.

    Cheer up guys, even though it’s tougher than anything to loose a winnable game.

    Just my take, anyway…

  161. the only way you get better is by playing. MDZ needs to play and if it costs them some goals here or there then so be it…

    any timetable for Prospal’s return??? we could really use him up there with Gaborik.

  162. At least everything now is in supposed place. Better team wins. Against all expectation game wasn’t too physical – more technical. Despite lost, I believe Rangers play a decent game against much more skilled team, making 3fold more mistakes and turnovers than opposition and it cost’em. Hunk was good, his old self, at least no softies…Weis impressed by his drive in going to goal and fight, of course. My biggest worries are Gabby doing carsillo and too prolonged awfully bad stretch by MDZ, who is now habitually, is out of position and constantly losing puck along the boards. But an efforts was there and I’m not bitter at all and DO BELIEVE in our team. LGR.

  163. Overall though the Rangers shot themselves in the foot with really poor breakout passing and they tried far too many cross ice passes through traffic. I think they should have tried a dump and chase for a while but they also have a habit of dumping and then not chasing with any sort of vigor.

    As you said though, the Flyers are a good team this year. They’ve got 3 deep lines and pretty good D without Pronger (Timmonen, Carle and Cobourn). They did well keeping some of their bigger guns off the board like Richards, Carter and Giroux. But that’s what depth affords you, you can stop the primary threats but then have guys like Zherdev and Leino to worry about as well.

  164. Blue Seat Horror on

    Please don’t mistake my sarcasm. I don’t want Sauer benched.

    As per Del Zotto he’s still learning. Patience. And please, Torts, make him do pushups every time he tries the homerun pass. I still would like to see Gilroy though because he’s an offensive D-man who’s more apt to carry the puck that try the long ball.

    The difference makers in this game: Lundqvist for keeping them in it with some stellar saves and the poor play of #4 an #33. It doesn’t all fall on those 2. On the first Flyers goal Del Zotto is the only player back. Where’s the other point man? On the Flyers second goal there are 4 Rangers on one side of the ice and Noodle is all alone on the other side.

  165. 4everanger,

    Could not agree more.

    Last years “game 7”-game was dominated by the flyers. This could have gone either way, had the Rangers had some luck, and better play from MDZ/Rozy.

    Don’t forget that Staal, even though he had a strong game as a whole – took a incredibly bad penalty that led to the Leino goal.

  166. I agree in principal oleo that MDZ can’t be just a PP specialist, but I think scaling him back a little when the going gets rough isn’t going to stunt his growth. They’re not going to do with him what they’ve done with Gilroy, the organization has high hopes for him. If anything I’d rather they have him find his offense for a bit because that’s what his meal ticket will ultimately be in the NHL. He used to get almost all of the PP time from the point but Staal has deservedly been getting some good minutes in that situation.

    It’s tough, because as a team they’re not in a situation where they should simply tank and let kids get all the important minutes. At the same time they’re not probably a legitimate threat for the Cup. I do believe there’s a chance that should they make the playoffs they could do some damage given the weakness of the conference but a game like today show there’s still a gap to be covered between them and the top teams of the league.

  167. Oh, and I think that the fourth line was as good as a fourth line can be. Keep it, and give Avery more minutes if other lines need some jump.

  168. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    nice post Alex!!

    oleo, i guess we’re not the educated portion of the blog lol ;-)

  169. I miss Prospal too. However, it might be a quite different Prospal who comes back. After last seasons injury, he never really got into it, and my fear is that he might be done for. But he is obviously a fighter and a good team-mate, so I still got hope…

    Richards you say? Yes, please. It’s going to be very expensive and Leafs are not going to give up easy on him…

  170. I agree on the relax bit. Especially concerning Gabby. I’d rather have spread-out scoring and our elite-scorer biding his time than the other way around, which obviously was the problem last year. He’s been hurt, he’s had no consistent chemistry and he’s still been producing, albeit not at the expected level. That being said, he was not a factor at all today, and he is obviously struggling a bit of late.

  171. Blue Seat Horror on

    JB, hard to block shots when you’re scrambling that much. They lost composure too much.

  172. Alex, I think you mean the Stars..

    Vinny IS a wild card as to how he will be when he gets back. Just trying to look on the positive side here.

  173. No, I mean the Leafs, they will fight the hardest for him come free agency. He is not going to stay in Dallas…

    The team will obviously be better with Vinny, at any rate… Todd White and EC will get the short straws…

  174. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    I think EC will hang tough because of his prowess in the shootout. He’s Torts “weapon” so I dont see him getting prucha’d a lot. More likely white, and friggins once boogey/ Fankist return.

  175. But Linda, that would implicate somebody going through waivers, and I don’t see them putting Boogey through waivers or going without Gilly/Sauer/MDZ as a HS…

  176. Tough loss, some bad mistakes made in this game that led to goals. Flyers do not make many mistakes and won the game.

    That being said, a good week for the Rangers and a week coming up against two teams (Devils and Islanders) we should beat and one team (Tampa Bay) we usually have trouble with.

    Gaborik needs to get his game going. Even though no goals, I think the PP looks better. This team plays with much more confidence. And oh, did I say that Gabby needs to get going.

  177. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    boogey could be prucha’d when we dont need his imposing presence lol
    white will always be prucha’d once our boys come back

    UNLESS,Uncle Glennie is brewin a trade in his warlocks kettle

  178. I don’t see ANY way the rangers are going to make a big trade. Roszival has no market value, and EC gives you nothing. And the kids are not going anywhere. Come playoff-time I truly hope the Rangers stay cool if they’re in or on the verge, i.e. not trading away picks, prospects or “the young core”.

  179. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    Alex, dont forget, Sather still runs this team lol. You never know what that crazy bastage is up to when he’s out of his coffin during the small hours of the morning! ;-)

    damnit, my head is on fire and my hand are freezing. which probably means i’m at normal temp lol

  180. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    how many basketball games are Carpy and Josh 26, covering today???

    and Laurel, there is a pic on the boneheads FB that i cannot believe you have not commented on yet!

  181. Did not see the 3rd period yet.

    gabby should shoot whenever possible instead he passes to who?

    zherdev sucks I hate that pussy. first goal was luck and the dubi penalty was a joke, that would have been zherdev’s 2nd penalty.

    philly got it out of there zone so much easier then the rangers did it was not funny.

    frolov sucks, he is soft on the puck, cannot shoot from more then 3 feet away, and is slow.

    sauer is a lot better then emminger, not even close…………..

  182. Yes, a clean backhand top shelf was a lucky goal after a nice pass from Richards who was fully aware Z was coming out of the box.

    Very lucky.

    Z owns Lundqvist, and that really pisses me off.

    And I called it in the beginning of the season. I told you all Z would own this team, and in two games he has. What does he have, 3 goals 1 assist? Fugg it all!

  183. Linda, HAHAHAHAH! Krissy sent me that a while ago! I keep forgetting to order it!!!! closest I’ll get, if you know what I mean!

  184. Linda CalPrustBoylahan HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY FLAVAH!! on

    at the bottom of the previous link i posted, theres one to the nhls most colorful characters… well.. this so far, is the best quote, from one of our own…

    “The netminder’s flat-top, nickname (his real first name was Lorne) and roly-poly physique automatically made him a character, but his priceless one-liners were icing on the donut. Among his best: when asked which team gave him the most trouble, Worsley replied, “The Rangers.” He was playing for the Rangers at the time.”

    Read more:

    YUPPERS, GUMP WAS A BONEHEAD before the boneheads time!!!!!!

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