Weise is called up


Here’s the official announcement from NYR:

NEW YORK RANGERS TRANSACTION UPDATE New York, December 17, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Dale Weise has been recalled from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL).
Weise, 22, has registered a point in three consecutive games, tallying three goals and two assists over the span.  The third-year pro tallied the game-winning goal in each of the Whale’s last two games, a home-and-home set against the Adirondack Phantoms, with a two-goal performance in a 4-3 win at Connecticut on Sunday and the power play, game-winner in the third period of a 6-4 win at Adirondack on Wednesday.  Weise has registered six goals and five assists for 11 points, along with 22 penalty minutes in 12 games with the Whale this season.  He averages 0.92 points per game, which ranks second on the team, and is tied for third with three power play goals and ranks fourth with six goals despite missing 18 games due to injury this season.
The 6-2, 210-pounder has registered 45 goals and 39 assists for 84 points, along with 200 penalty minutes in 159 career AHL games with the Hartford Wolf Pack/Connecticut Whale.  Last season, Weise established AHL career-highs in goals (28), assists (22), points (50), penalty minutes (114), power play goals (four), shorthanded goals (five), game-winning goals (seven), and shots (177), and tied his career-high with a plus-eight rating.  His five shorthanded goals tied for the AHL lead, while his 28 goals tied for 14th in the league.  He also led the team and tied for fourth in the AHL in game-winning goals, and ranked second on the team in goals and shots, third in points, fifth in penalty minutes, and tied for fourth in power play goals and plus/minus rating, and seventh in assists.
The Winnipeg, Manitoba native was originally the Rangers’ fourth round choice, 111th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.
The Rangers return to action tomorrow when they will face-off against the Philadelphia Flyers at Wells Fargo Center (1:00 p.m.).  The contest will be televised live on MSG Network, and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio or at newyorkrangers.com.

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  1. repost:

    Torts on Weise: “We’re looking for some jam on that 4th line…I like him & thought he had good camp…in that role, it’s an easier call up”

    Love the Torts-isms….jam…lmao!

  2. One of those games that you want to say:”Shhhh…don’t tell anyone know. Hey, but we got 2 points!”
    This type of an effort will lead to 5-1 loss to the Flyers. Still love how they never seem to give up.

  3. Orr- I don’t think you want that. It will make Sather delusional and he will trade all our kids for a couple of over the hill have-beens to try to go for a SC this year.

  4. Weise is a good call-up because he’s physical and has some skill. To my knowledge, however, what he isn’t is a goon and I don’t know if he’s up to even fighting Cancerillo. He might be, however. And if he is and actually fights him and wins, wouldn’t that be wonderful for both the Rangers and Weise?

    Certainly, it makes more sense to have him play over Todd White. Hopefully, Weise will make a big enough impression that he’ll stay and White will get farmed out.

    That said, Weise is only into his 3rd pro season and I don’t think it’s in his best interests to be prucha’d too much.

  5. What might be going under the radar about the Flyers due to so much noise being made about their physical play is the fact that they have 2 very strong offensive lines. The Rangers don’t even have 1.

    In other words, the King has to be on his game and the Ranger D, especially Staal and Girardi, all have to play smart and physical.

    Will Gilroy sit again? I am assuming so – if not, I suppose MZA would be pressboxed, but he often plays with an edge and that’s how the D needs to play against the Flyers.

  6. Weiss can answer the bell. So can Dubi, Boyle, Sauer, Avery and Feds. Wouldn’t it be nice if Girardi got around the dropping em?

  7. The physical play or an effort isn’t the main difference between the Rangers and the Flyers. Not this year. In fact, I believe we can outmatch them in either, if not by much. The skill and the depth. That’s what they have more comparing to us. Rangers are only better than them in the net. And there are few more teams in the league that we can’t compare in these departments. And that’s why I believe we shouldn’t trade anyone for Richards or anybody else. Not this year. They will make the playoffs with what they have now.

  8. In other words, the King has to be on his game and the Ranger D, especially Staal and Girardi, all have to play smart and physical.


    Like many of you, including Carp, I don’t think Torts has to keep those two guys together. The jury is defeintely still out on the “best shutdown pair in the league”. They have been ok when together but I’m not sure they are all that great together.

  9. Oops…yeah, MDZ. With regards, to MZA, he’s been putting up some very good numbers over the past 15 games – seems like he’s finding his way around the NA rinks and style of game.

    Should be interesting to see if he keeps it up with Weise called up. Will he pout because he didn’t get recalled?

  10. Weise is probably most similar to Callahan. He plays a physical game but isnt much of a fighter…

  11. His game is similar to Cally’s but he is a pretty large man @ 6’2″, 210. Did he fight someone in pre-seaon?

  12. NYR-FAN: I agree that S and G don’t have to stay together, but I think the criticism they get is somewhat unfair. Yes, they make mistakes but they are continually out against the opposition’s top line and when skill of that nature, mistakes occur.

    And what are the options? Staal has to be one of the pairing, so who do you put him with? Surely not Rozey. Nor MDZ (still too mistake prone and even tho he throws some big hits, he too often tries to avoid getting hit). That leaves Sauer or Eminger. I do like the notion of moving Sauer up, but let’s not forget he’s a rookie and doing very well with Eminger – in fact, I think part of the reason Eminger is playing well is because of how solid Sauer is. However, I’d prefer to let Sauer continue where he is, lest the Rangers risk overwhelming him.

    And no way do I want Eminger on that pairing.


  13. I thought Roszi struggled in Pittsburgh. However, he had a pretty good bounce back game last night…

    He is our $5 million defenseman, he should be playing top minutes if he is healthy…is he?

    Sauer has been very steady and you can make a case as to why he should be listed as one of the choices for MVP in Carp’s poll. I do think he deserves to play with Staal. Yes, he is a rookie, but a rookie with more years pro experience than MDZ and Matt Gilroy. If he keeps it up, I think Torts will move him up.

  14. I see no reason to change anything on defense. without a doubt, Girardi is our best RD and Staal is our best LD so they belong together.

    Sauer has been injured pretty much his entire career and has never played more than 71 games in any season in his entire life, so its best to prevent him from breaking down.

  15. I just got my wife’s Christmas present in the mail today. NY Ranger curtains/ Valance for our living room. Think she’s gonna like it ? Better then the vacuum cleaner I was going to get her.

  16. Noah-allahan, 28 on

    I tried voting for Redden (MVP for not being here), but Carp didn’t put that as an option.

  17. jim

    mza doesnt play on a line w/ weise. his linemates are dupont and newbury. dont see how weise being called up would affect his play.

  18. You know, I looked at the poll, and I couldn’t pick a name. These guys are all chipping in and playing as a team. Everyone is contributing. That’s as it should be, right? It’s a team sport and a good team has everybody doing their parts. Good job Rangers!

  19. tiki

    last 3 games 3 goals, 2 assists. 1 was an empty netter.
    big game tonight against the sharks. whale are only behind them by 3pts i believe. they havent lost since the name change.

  20. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    Yes, Girardi is the best on-puck RD and Staal is the best on-puck LD, BUT, they both tend to puck watch. That’s why there’s a couple of people (me included) that rather them broken up with Rozy and DZ. Those two tend to be more reactionary, leaving Staal and Gman to play more instinctively.

  21. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    3 in a row! Anyone have a good link to watch the Whale online consistently? I’d love to be able to catch their games.

  22. I am watching replays of Dale Weise fights.

    It’s like he is the Ghost of Arron Voros Past.

    He just gets beat up.

  23. TR, on our ride home last night I was thinking about when you asked if I go any of the HFD games. My wife’s sisters live in the area, so I brought up the idea to her about going with them one day to see a Whale game. It will be tough to suppress my urge to castigate Redden however.

  24. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    His jersey’s over his head, WTF is he gonna do BUT be a punching bag at that point? You cant judge the guy off that fight!

  25. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    Watching these fights, I do have a question about the fight “code”. When a jersey comes up over someone’s head, is there a “rule” to stop the fight?

  26. Carp I looked at the new poll. It was nice to have to really figure out who is the MVP. I wanted to check other for all of the above. What a nice job the line up has done so far. Different stars every game!

  27. Weise eh. Can’t wait til they all start calling him Weese.

    It’s a German word meaning among other things, Wise, and also a Wise person, ( not necessarily a “wiseguy”.) Correct [pronunciation would be Vy-zeh.

  28. Carp – I am mistaken, Girardi dropped the gloves, once, and handled himself well.

    My larger point is the Rangers “D” is not inclined to drop em. Staal, MDZ, Rozival, Eminger and Girardi do not fight.

    Sauer has more fighting majors in one season than all of them combined for their careers.

    That being said, I am not going to complain about much, I really enjoy watching this team compete night in and night out.

  29. Weise may fight occasionally, but his fighting skills are more equal to those of Dubinsky or Callahan (ie shows up but fighting isn’t his strong point). So, he’ll fight if necessary, but Carcillo would outmatch him, and Shelley is out of his league.

    Anyone know how bad Prust’s shoulder is?

  30. Anyone know how bad Prust?s shoulder is?


    It can’t be feeling very good. Weise was called up specifically to bring NYR “jam” as they don’t want Pruster aggravating his shoulder issue in a fight…


    btw, why all the hate towards voros? he had a big heart. let’s not forget his surprising start in the beginning of last season.. now.. if only he kept that up

  32. Even though I’m not allowed to disagree with Carp (lol), I’m not sure I’m buying into that separating Staal-Girardi idea. Torts, with all his creativity in generating new lines (I think even Tom Renney pales comparing to him in that department), has stuck with the same D-men combos for long time. I don’t think there are other better combination at the moment.

  33. I don’t know if “jam” means fighting. I think when Torts uses the term “jam” he means they play a physical game, are good forecheckers, and are good around the net. I don’t think Weise was brought here specifically to fight, though I am sure the fact that he does fight played into the equation. I have to think if they wanted someone here to fight there’s someone better for that in Hartford, but I’m not familiar with their lineup.

    Doesn’t sound good about Prust. I hope his shoulder gets better soon. It’s unfortunate that our two guys who can really fight are injured for a game vs the Flyers.

  34. You are probably right, Doodie. I don’t know how to spell in German. Or Yiddish, lol. I can speak, though..

  35. Doodie

    that interview you posted earlier is freaking hilarious!! i can’t stop laughing!

    “I have to think about it deeply!” LOL

    are you into Rugby?

  36. Ilb

    Actually it doesn’t. Weiss is white and pronounced ‘Vice’
    ‘ in German where a diphthong is involved the pronunciation always takes the second letter for pronunciation. i.e. Wieder … Veeder”again” Niedermeier ….”Needer myer” or Meister…..(Master)
    would take the I pronunciation….”myster” “like Die Meistersingeren von Nurnberg,”
    Or the sausage Braunschweige, the au comes out like ow….not aw,

    Yiddish…………..I dunno……..but German…this is it.

  37. btw, why all the hate towards voros? he had a big heart. let?s not forget his surprising start in the beginning of last season.. now.. if only he kept that up


    His unreal start was 2 seasons ago when Renney was still coach. I liked his attuitude and he was a good guy to have as a teammate, he had a big heart. But he couldn’t skate and he didn’t have good enough pucks skills to last! He should have been called “Virus”, since his play was so infectious!

  38. Yes, Fran, I was wrong, Doodie corrected me. Since you like classic music, check that youtube too, see what he does with Mozart’s 40.

  39. lol Ilb!

    to answer your math question from the other day, which i died in laughter at…… since your BDAY comes before the mrs. and you’re both 26…… you are older and the mrs. is younger!

  40. Hey fellow Boneheads, I only post on here once and a while but I love reading your posts day in and day out. Let’s all make it our objective to get Avery into the All Star Game this year. Avery 2011!!!!

  41. I can’t believe Sutter told Prust he wouldn’t be able to be more than 13th player on that team. I think the way they are playing, Marek Malik could play first line winger in Calgary. Or center.

  42. 13th forward on Calgary last year was really tough. They couldn’t dress a full team a few times.

  43. I’ll be up in CT from 20th to Jan 3 2011, I’m already in shape for freezing after this past few weeks down here, and I hope to see all my beautiful and bright granddaughters..all six of them. I also have to make a flight up again this spring to see my eldest granddaughter
    graduate from McGill, and she’s already got offers from several companies in the NYC area as she’s a wiz at creating Web sites and ad programs. Very creative.
    Irish Hungarian. Oh my, where did all the years go? It seems like only a few years that I was taking her around trick and treating. And not that much longer when I was taking her mother around with the same process. Her mother was an equestrienne, and we had horses for a while, ( did I hate them!), but she wasn’t the rider ..that was her younger sister who took to riding. Glad I didn’t have to get involved with that. Hey, tbw was a horsewoman since a kid and grew up with horses…she used to do barrel racing in the rodeos that they held at the state fairs here. Brrr…long before I met her.

    We had 4 acres in rural CT and did you ever try digging post holes in CT soil> You spend more time with a 16 oz sledge breaking granite boulders than you do planting posts.

  44. Some seem to think that Dale’ the Whale’ Weiss is a tough guy/fighter, possibly because of Carps previous post or misinterpretation of Torts use of the word ‘jam’.

    Like Nessier December 17th, 2010 at 4:52 pm says he is more of an energy guy who’s shown some scoring ability.

  45. No one said anything about the guy’s “Jam” (or is it “Jamb” ?!?)

    I just said he reminded me of the ghost of Aaron Voros when he does fight.

    He loses.

    A lot.

    I can’t watch anymore of his Vorosian fights on Hockeyfights website.

    But I am excited to see a new kid on the block.

  46. . . .but hey, Boogaard looked Vorosian in that fight against Carkener. . . .who has much more jam(b).

  47. Hey guys…I just saw a piece of news that I suppose is true…Rapid Robert has left us.
    Yeah…one of the greatest pitchers of all time, Bob Feller of the Cleveland Indians. He came up to the majors at about 18 and wowed everybody by blowing major league hitters away with a 98 mph fastball Lord only knows how many records he’d have set if he hadn’t gone into the Navy for a little skirmish known as WWII. He was a terrific player and everyone I’ve ever heard who knows him said he was a great guy. RIP Bob.

  48. Tony- I’m guessing she’ll like it better than the size 12 hockey skates you got her 2 years ago :)

  49. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    todd white todd white todd white todd white todd white todd white todd white todd white todd white

  50. blanco weiß bianco white ????? blanco weiß bianco white ????? blanco weiß bianco white ?????

  51. I love that commercial with the little kid who goes nuts when he gets an Ovechkin jersey for Christmas but how great would that be if it were a Rangers player.

  52. Need to root for the Devils to win a some games so that it:

    1) It lowers their draft position
    2) It gives their fans a false sense of hope just so they can be tormented even more

  53. just voted for Staal as team MVP in Carps poll. he was awful to start the season, but since then he has been nothing short of great. I am really glad to be so wrong about him.

  54. Evening gang!

    Just read through the last two post and comments and you guys were freaking hysterical today!

    I think Torts really like PB&J sandwiches with all this talk of jam. I wonder what he prefers though- grape or strawberry? Jam or preserves? Smooth or creamy? Too many choices, there.

    Good for Weiss with the call-up. We’ll need his tough game against the Flygirls. In all honesty, I’m not expecting a win, but I do expect them to play tough and never give up, both of which I am loving with this year’s team.

  55. Maybe, I’m bad luck…this is the first Knicks game I have watched this year…uh, I mean this decade.

  56. I’m sure it was discussed here already, but you have to love on 24/7 that they actually caught the conversation between Dubinsky and Ovechkin…Dubi giving him hell about the Gillette endorsement…priceless!

  57. I think it is – I was kind of surprised at the language out of the refs…i mean, the players i expect, but those striped guys have some off color **** to say too i guess

  58. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    thanks for your support in the todd whites

    bull dog
    you have to be an impostor…right?

    Linda or anyone of the “plank” holders here
    anyone remember who coined the “carped” phrase or who used it first? Just curious. Carp should keep track of the great terms everyone comes up with on the right of the page or something, we have some great ones here!

  59. >>Devs losing 2-0 to the Preds and Lundqvist’s clone.

    Hearing Chico Resch lose his marbles when Langenbisaslowrunner got a penalty for pushing the goalie stick away from the crease area was PRICELESS.

    “NO, NO, NO, NO!! He needed to move it so he could receive a pass… But what was he supposed to do?”

    Um, how about leaving it there, Chico?

  60. Oh, and there was one more rant from Chico. “I know the referees are doing a good job, but they just denied the Devils of an exciting finish. Sometimes, you can’t be, er, er, er [what’s the word I’m looking for?] technical about it…”

  61. >>I love that commercial with the little kid who goes nuts when he gets an Ovechkin jersey for

    Great advert! I can’t help but smile every time I see it.

  62. referees are dirtbags, bottom line.

    Orr – You cost us another key game. Thanks. How about you dont watch New York teams that you dont care for. Make sense? Unless your goal is to screw New York teams.

  63. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    feel free to ruin all of the basketball/baseball games you want, both those sports just suck!!!!

    you doing ok in hell/st louis?

  64. Orr – Hows this. If I mention any of those sports, then you can watch them. I cant control what others talk about.

  65. wicky- No worries, WTB is a “plank” holder?

    MickeyM – say “I am a Ranger” 3 times and you are forgiven

    (no need to click your heels)

    lmao @ Talbot -“I want for Christmas …your two little helpers”

  66. wicky, I’m doing all right. Had a rough stretch right around Thanksgiving, but in all honesty that weekend trip I took to Nashville was the best thing for me. Despite it being a whirlwind time, I came back refreshed, renewed and more upbeat that I had been. Work is always crazy, but it’s settled into a normal crazy. If that makes any sense. People here are wussies about the weather though. Makes me shake my head at them.

  67. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    Why whatever do you mean?

    you know I love you, really do not like either of those sports that’s all!

    You have been watching oakland raider games since 2002 haven’t you? And French national team since the 2000 euro cup as well??

    looking back at old comments from around the prust trade (some good ones) and witt got waived the day after or so and everyone (not just me) was all over slats to claim him, any how, at one point I said something to linda about hopefully I didn’t get waived and she said I never would because I was an original “plank” holder here..

  68. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    just wait until a big “winter storm” that is all ice and then just call in sick and stay home…..

  69. wicky- Interesting, I never heard that term before plank holder or plank owner

    I guess we slapped the Caps because they were flu ridden and banged up- it shouldn’t count

  70. After watching the first episode of 24/7 I have to think the Rangers are the best dressed team in the league. Check out those tie knots ehhhh Thanks again tr

  71. I think Linda lead in positivetyness for yesterdays ‘Go Time’ post. Thank you, it really does work.

  72. I think that Staal and Girardi go together like rama lama lama ka ding a da dinga a dong

    or maybe not

  73. So the Rangers quickly fall behind 2 nothing to the ‘Yotes.

    After wins against the Caps and the Penguins it could have been ‘oh so easy’ for them to write this one off. Could have easily said, “hey it’s just not our night”. “Let’s save it for Philly” or “Hell, the fans are calling for Hank already, we can pin this one on Marty.” What have you.

    Not this team. Not these Rangers. Not these ‘stick to our game plan’, ‘nose to the grindstone’, ‘keep chopping wood’, never quitting, never giving up Rangers!

    And it may not always be a work of art, ha ha who’s kidding who, it seldom is.

    But it is BEAUTIFUL.

  74. wicky, we had one of this on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Freezing rain that well, froze, and they acted like it was the end of the world. Cars sliding all over place, school getting cancelled. It was crazy. I thought the driving conditions were fine, in all honesty. Granted, the parking lot at my complex was a skating rink, and I did take my time, but I’ve driven in much worse. The funniest part was people calling into work. I just could not believe it.

  75. The guy who played Kenicke was on Celebrity Rehab on VH1 like 2 year ago and did not look good at all.

    And yes, I occasionally watch Celebrity Rehab, it’s like watching a car crash in slow motion, sometmes you just can’t look away.

    On the note, nite gang! Gotta get me beauty sleep for the Flygirls tomorrow.

  76. Ok, so maybe I made a mistake posting here and not focusing on some humor (which I see a lot of, much of it quite good ;)and just assumed everyone knows their stuff.

    So let me take a shot, because I’m not sure if anyone else caught this on 24/7.

    On one of the on-ice segments, there was a penalty being called and they showed the players (I forget which side) was arguing the call, I think it was for a high stick, maybe a double minor.

    And the arguing player said to the ref something like “yeah he was bleeding, but he’s got sensitive skin!”

    LOL. That was a good one ;)

  77. 24-7 was pretty damned good. I see a guy aboot to get fired (which in this economy is tragic).

    Can you imagine the verbage Torts uses behind the scenes?!?

    Loved the Dubi-OV fight. Blasting each other, then patting each other,”Good job,Buddy”
    “you too, Buddy”


    Love Ovechkin. . . .

  78. cw,

    check this one;

    Two boys are playing hockey on a pond in a park in Toronto , when one is attacked by a rabid Rottweiler. Thinking quickly, the other boy takes his stick, wedges it down the dog’s collar and twists, breaking the dog’s neck. A newspaper reporter who was strolling by sees the incident, and rushes over to interview the boy. “Young Leafs Fan Saves Friend From Vicious Animal ….. ,” he starts writing in his notebook. “But I’m not a Leafs fan,” the little hero replies . “Sorry, since we are in Toronto , I just assumed you were.” says the reporter and starts again. “Little Jays Fan Rescues Friend From Horrific Attack … ” he continues writing in his notebook. “I’m not a Jays fan either,” the boy says. “I assumed everyone in Toronto was either a Leafs or Jays fan. What team, do you root for?” the reporter asks. I’m a Montreal Canadiens fan,” the child says . The reporter starts a new sheet in his notebook and writes, “Little French Bastard from Quebec Kills Beloved Family Pet”

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