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Another one of those see-what-you’re-made-of wins last night. I won’t repeat all the stuff about resilience, and about playing to the end, and sticking to the system, and all that. Even though, it seems, every time they win and even most of the time when they lose, they are all applicable.


1) Marc Staal extended his point streak to four games, which is only 47 short of Wayne Gretzky’s NHL record.

2)  Can you believe these numbers?: Sean Avery second on the team with 14 assists, Brian Boyle has 12 goals, Dan Girardi has 19 points (he had 24 all of last year). Brandon Prust shares the league-lead with three short-handed goals (and is second in fighting majors)!

3) Or these: 9-0 in the second of back-to-backs, NHL-leading 12 road wins, fourth in the overall league standings, league-leading eight short-handed goals.

4) Or this (stolen from Jesse Spector):  The Rangers are 2-0 in games in which Chris Drury plays and doesn’t break anything.

5) There are guys like this, I guess. You don’t notice them and then, pow, they do something. Erik Christensen is like that — that one big shot heard round the new Igloo Wednesday, that great shootout goal last night. Marian Gaborik is like that, too. But Gaborik needs to do it more consistently than Christensen, and Christensen has to do it more consistently than he’s done it. He does have 20 career shootout goals now, including 10 game-deciders, and Tortorella correctly called him “a weapon.”

5) Did I mention the other night that Ilya Kovalchuk scored twice, and he’s catching up to Derek Stepan and Artem Anisimov, but has a way to go to catch Boyle?

6) If the Rangers have a tough guy in Hartford, I’d call him up for tomorrow’s matinee at Philly’s Arena that Changes Names Every Five Minutes. Because Jody Shelley returns and they have those pieces of carcillo Carcillo and Hartnell, and Boogaard can’t play and Prust shouldn’t be fighting with that shoulder. And you have to figure a guy who can fight can’t do any less than Todd White.

7) What was that I said a couple of days ago about the Rangers winning two of these three? How about three?

8) The best part about going to these Rangers games is seeing all the ex-Rangers, most recently: Tony Granato, George McPhee, Mike Knuble, Ulf Samuelsson, Don Maloney. Actually, all of those guys would fit in great on this team. And they would all love the way this team plays.

9) I had forgotten that Bryzgalov was one of those words from the Boneheads vocabulary.

10) Tom Fenton, backup goalie for a night, on the possibility of getting into the game: “I wasn’t even trying to think about that. There was one point that (LaBarbera) came across and made a save and was kind of favoring his groin. I immediately started sweating on the bench. I don’t know. Just seeing these guys shoot in warmups was pretty spectacular. So I don’t know about Gaborik coming down on me or anything like that.”

11) It’s noteworthy when the Rangers can win a game like that and we barely mention, or don’t mention, Brandon Dubinsky, Gaborik, Henrik Lundqvist, Michael Del Zotto.

12) Nice job by Martin Biron after that rough start. And for taking responsibility for the bad-hop off the glass on the first goal (are you listening, Rick DiPietro?).

13) Have I mentioned lately how I feel about the skills competition?


AP photo, above.

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  1. Carp – First!!

    Great win – Prust IMHO is certainly shooting for a team MVP – the guy is everywhere when it counts!

    I will be in Philly tomorrow watching a rare road game – I hope we have someone who can mix it up with them, because I am sure this is gonna be quite a tilt!

    Carp – great posts these past couple of days ! Keep at it – thanks – and Happy Holidays

  2. well the guy in HFD we have is Justin Soryal and i definitely agree we should call him up for 1 game instead of using White.

  3. Great wrap Carp! Especially the comments about Ilka Kovalchuk. Based on those comments, Boyle deserves a big raise!

  4. >>Opps – got beat while trying to type!

    That’s like giving up a short-handed goal. You’re at a -1, fellow!

  5. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    From the Capitals review: 10. I saw ex-Rangers George McPhee and Mike Knuble last night. I have good stories about both of them. Remind me to tell them.

    *Consider this a reminder!*

  6. Shoot the puck Barry on

    This was one of those that they have lost previous years. (They have had problems with the ‘yotes in the past…)

    Also, this team is getting some lucky calls, bounces, etc. First they get the goal waved off in Pittsburgh (when’s the last time that happened… favoring the Rangers.. and in Pitts no less.) Then they get the Prust goal. Once he scored to end the second, I knew this game had turned.

    Great story on Tom Fenton. Gotta love the NHL for things like this.

    Looked at the standings— even though we have played so well, we’re still in the lower half of the conference and just a few points away from 8th. Is this because the conference is very competitive? One bad streak and we will drop down. I like being closer to Pitt and Philly, though… Hope our boys keep it up!

    The Flyers will be a true test. Carp, what do the players think of the Flyers?

  7. Stan, I’m just such a big fan of A-Rod. No, actually my favorite 13 was Sergei Nemchinov, soft-spoken gentleman with a champion’s heart. But the real reason is my fingers get tired after 12, so I do one more and shut it down.

    Joekuh, I’ll get into some stories tomorrow and during the slow period leading up to Festivus and Christmas.

    Good morning, Sally, 26! You need to stop by a lot more in the second half. Ya hear?

  8. What did Bryzgalov stand for in our vocabulary? I don’t remember that one…

    Good game last night. Two points are big at this point in the season. I miss Cally out there every shift, but Dru looks pretty sharp. Here’s to getting through the next 6-8 weeks without him.

  9. Haha thanks Carp! I asked that with a bit of hesitation… lol

    Terrific write up as usual. My personal favorite is #1. I’m only 51 games away, in case you were wondering.

  10. That question about the MVP is a tough one, it’s pretty hard to name just one. Dubi, Cally, Boyle, Staal, could easily be any one of those guys not to mention Prust.

  11. Shoot the puck Barry on

    Had to vote for Dubi— all around between the scoring (even though that’s dropped off somewhat), toughness, teamwork.

    I must say, though, the way Staal has been playing recently, I might change my vote come March or April. I almost picked Prust, but he is a real grinder/role player– a tremendous part of the team, yes, but not most valuable.

  12. Carp, great analysis as always.

    Especially, like the Gretzky reference for Staal. lol

    Seriously, this team continues to improve every game. Torts has been outstanding this season. (Jack Adams?) They are far from perfect but it is amazing how they really have come together as a team and haven’t had to rely on Gaby or Hank to carry the load. Everyone is chipping in, as the numbers show. I’m quite excited for the future of this group. Promising future indeed.

  13. JBytes, and Johnny LaRue, et al:

    “Why do they call it Athlete’s foot? You don’t have to be an athlete to get it. I mean, my father gets it all the time, and believe me, he’s no athlete.

    “I want you to have this piece of material.”

  14. Last year, people were getting antsy and calling for Torts to be fired. Now, we’re starting to talk Coach of the Year. Funny how times change.

    Of course, he has a better group of guys this year who have finally bought into what he is saying. But he’s also been smarter with our kids, and hasn’t pushed a system we’re not built for.

  15. Team of Dreams!! Team of Destiny!! We Want the Cup!! City of Lights!! City Defined by Diversity and Greatness!!

  16. Did you know:

    Erik Christensen has converted 20 out of 37 shootout attempts, which makes him a leader among active players who participated in at least 30 or more shootouts! Not too shabby, eh

  17. Of Course – I am sure that Carcillo is reviewing the tape with Angelo Dundee and preparing to take on Gabby again …. Wonder what the response is this time?

  18. 4generations 4 cups on

    Rangers are playing fantastic. We have a SYSTEM now! Players are ACCOUNTABLE! What? Is this the real world we’re living in?!

  19. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    I’d really like Weise to get a good shot up here while Cally’s out. Hopefully Torts will trust his line rolling and let the kid get some ice time.

  20. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    morning ILB, TR, and all!!

    thanks for the update and good to see ya again!!

    I’ll look into that after I get off of work this evening!

    you’re certainly welcome!

    I would certainly have brought up weise or newbury for tomorrow’s game. Here’s hoping weise is in the line up!!

    I have certainly been a critic of torts at times and still do not think he uses avery and some other players the way he should, but at this point he absolutely deserves the adams and it shouldn’t even be close!

  21. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    back to work, later assens!

  22. BroadwayRoe,
    Don’t know what is our connotation of Bryzgalov, but direct translation from Russian means Splash(er)(who make a splashes), whatever you can make out of it…lol.

  23. Good afternoon all! I awaken in joy this morning! Carp, I gotta say, too, great post. You are my hero :) OK, that’s all I got til second cup of coffee…..

  24. Torts on Weise: “We’re looking for some jam on that 4th line…I like him & thought he had good camp…in that role, it’s an easier call up”


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