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Hey, this is how my day is going. Caught an earlier train than usual, but it was slow and completely packed, including idiots on the phone. No prob. Still plenty of time for a brisk walk to the Garden. But I get there, still early, and the World’s Most Terrible Elevator is backed up, and when I finally have a chance to get on, two elderly women with walkers showed up, so I let them on and waited an additional 15 minutes for the next one. Still no problem, plenty of time. So I get to the press room, check my email, still have about seven minutes to make the two-minute walk to hear Torts pre-game. Only, as me and Jim Cerny make the climb through the stands, about 200 parents from an afternoon kids game get up at the same time and clog the only two entrances that lead to the lockerrooms, so the two-minute walk takes about six minutes. Then we get to the press conference room and the door’s locked, and as we knock nobody answers for another minute or so. Oh, and the press conference began about 5-10 minutes early.

Short story long, I missed the start of the presser.

But here’s the immediate news:

Callahan, they’re saying, is out 6-8 weeks. That could change upon further exams, etc. 

Martin Biron starts in goal; Tortorella called it a no-brainer, and expects Lundqvist will start the next two.

Nobody is being called up at the moment, mostly because they don’t believe anybody’s ready and because after Saturday the schedule gets pretty well spread out until after the holidays, but that could change after tonight’s game, and certainly once the January schedule begins.

Prospal is not expected back until mid-January. Again, that’s an estimate.

Boogaard is now day-to-day, but Tortorella is worried about his conditioning.

And, obviously, Drury will take Callahan’s spot on the Anisimov-Dubinsky line and on the PK.

Back with quotes in a bit.

Oh, and my day is a piece of cake compared to some of the writers coming back from Pittsburgh, one of whom had to fly to Philly, get stranded and threatened by the airline personnel, and rented a car, drove to LaGuardia to get his car, then drove into Manhattan. My day was a lot more relaxing than that.

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  1. davy, I didn’t say or imply that anybody who disagrees on Gretzky with me is on drugs. I will just say that, in my opinion I feel very, very strongly that anybody who thinks Orr or Lemieux or anybody else was as good as Gretzky is grasping at straws.

    He was so so so far ahead of everybody else in his era .. and that includes Mario, who never knocked over any of his records. None.

    People have statistically done what Orr did. Nobody ever has or ever will do what Gretzky did.

    That’s my opinion. You (meaning anybody, not specifically davy) can feel free to disagree. But you will never convince me you are correct or even close. Not on this.

    He was like Tiger Woods in his prime (did you know that only a couple of years ago, the distance in the World golf rankings between Tiger and No. 2 was bigger than the gap between No. 2 and the last guy in the rankings). Argue that one.

  2. Pretty cool ilb, I think The Whale had their Teddy Bear Toss recently. McDonagh with his first goal I believe, set things off.

  3. carp

    if there was news to share id be on here commenting a bunch. ill try to get back into the swing of things, lol.

  4. Hey, just to clarify, I know you never implied that, there was someone else who did.

    But yea, I disagree with things you say sometimes, but I still always love reading the blog. It’s always a great read. It’s the first thing I go to after the game and the first thing I go to the morning after. I love those recaps you give and the straight up analysis. Thanks a lot and keep bringing it on. Being a Rangers fan wouldn’t be the same without this blog.

  5. More ice time for Boyle,Prust and Christensen.(I much rather have Callie of coarse)but,I like these 3 let’s see.

  6. Larry Sacharuk on

    Carp, You have every right to think Gretzky was the greatest. But to say that counter opinions are grasping at straws is simply inaccurate and not fair. Red Fisher has seen them all, is without question the most illustrious hockey writer in the game for the last sixty years, and he says Orr hand down. That doesn’t make him right, that doesn’t make you wrong ———- but it does mean that the argument is strong on both sides, and not to be dismissed as the no-brainer you portray.

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