Rangers-Pens in review


Take the win, run to the airport. Because for two periods, it was men vs. boys. Not domination, but did the Pittsburgh goalie make a single important save until several minutes into the third?

But these boys don’t care if they’re playing men. They don’t care if they’re down. They don’t care if nothing’s happening. They don’t stop playing, even when one of their glue guys goes down long-term, even when it’s uphill to win a faceoff or to get a single scoring chance. They just don’t.


1) So some of the credit, a lot of the credit — heck, most of the credit — has to go to John Tortorella and Mike Sullivan. Seriously, because they are inside the heads of the Rangers, inflating their confidence, making them believe that if they stick to it, good things will happen. In fact, Tortorella used the word “belief” after the game. Believe in “coach of the year” if this keeps up.

2) I told you I thought Alex Frolov was coming on.

3) It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it, that another Ranger went down blocking a shot. You can only block so many before something breaks. It will be a good test overcoming the Ryan Callahan injury for six weeks or so. And I think the natural thing is for the captain, Chris Drury, to slide right up to Callahan’s spot, and his penalty killing duties.

4) What do you think was going on at NHL HQ when that piece of carcillo Cooke was correctly called for the game-turning power play (yes, it was another slew-foot), and then — holy mother of Mario! — a Sid “The Skid” Crosby goal was correctly disallowed because of contact with the goalie? I imagine the two referees will be cleaning toilets tomorrow.

5) Isn’t it just about 25 games premature to be talking about The Skid’s 20-game point streak and The Great One’s 51-game streak in the same sentence? In the same hour? In the same month? And even if The Skid (or anybody) somehow approaches that record, or breaks it, please keep in mind: TGO had 61 goals and 92 assists for 153 points during his little run. Did you hear what I just said? 61-92-153 in 51 games. And TGO would go on to put up 205 points, which was only his fourth best season total. Fourth best. And that’s why you embarrass yourself by comparing anybody to Gretzky in any way.

6) The Versus guys on Wednesday “guaranteed” that The Skid would shave his moustache because the Pens’ winning streak ended, even though is point streak went on, because “he’s all about team.” Uh. The moustache lives. You connect the dots.

7) Staal and Girardi have had some kind of week against Nash, Ovechkin and The Skid. They have both come a long way this season. A long way. Still, let’s not anoint them the best shutdown pair in the league, OK? Not when there are shutdown guys like Pronger and Chara and even Orpik (who blanketed Gaborik) still around.

8) The captain and the goalkeeper were pretty darn good in this game.

9) Nobody mentioned it, but things started to change after the Avery-Asham fight. Cause and effect?

10) Boyle and Prust. Not quite Mantle and Maris, Lemieux and Jagr or Crosby and Malkin. But, geez, how good are these two together? And who in holy hell could have seen this coming? Seriously.

11) Erik Christensen has a job because, with all his inconsistencies, he has the ability to fire that shot. It went off a stick and it was against the backup goalie, but not a lot of guys have that kind of hand skills and shot. And the coach likes him a lot.

12) Wonder if this and the 7-0 Washington game Sunday will be featured in that HBO reality show on the Penguins and Capitals.

13) As Avery said on at least one occasion last year, this will mean nothing if the Road Warrior Rangers can’t follow it up (tonight vs. the Yotes at home).

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  1. the game was already changing when he had the fight. but I give him full marks for taking on Asham. Boyle and Prust= Tkachuk and Fairburn?

  2. the game did change in the first period when he took another mindless penalty. the power play gave Pitt momentum that they carried well into the 2nd period.

  3. Just read through the game thread (causing me to miss being first btw ha) and I have to say- you guys rocked it last night.

    500 points for each of you that had a stache joke- I for one was just wondering why Mario didn’t hide the fudge-cicles on a higher shelf of the freezer before the game.

    1000+ points to dubi for the Letang joke and may I just say Ba Ba Booey to you all!

  4. HBO did show the Caps game.


    They play up the Pens win streak and the Caps losing streak big time in the show. Coach Humpty Dumpty really looks like he running out of solutions to get the team back on track. And the Ovi-Dubi chat that happens at the end of the 1st has nothing to do with their fight in the 2nd.

  5. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on


    what a great post to wake up to and read Carpy, and what a great victory for the fans to bask in, even though it came at the price of our heart and soul.

    Prust and Boyle, wow. These guys have some pretty dynamic chemistry.
    Drury looked pretty darn good last night, made a pretty nifty play, and now will be called upon to play his best since he’s been a Ranger.


    and bulldog is correct. The last few minutes of the first were BRUTAL. But they made it out only down one, and found their footing midway through the 2nd and just took it from there.

    Have a great day everyone! ‘Yotes tonight!!

  6. 9) Nobody mentioned it, but things started to change after the Avery-Asham fight. Cause and effect?

    Keenan mentioned it in the Post Game Show, and I mentioned it to my 3-yr. old son (tho no one cares).

    It was ABSOLUTELY the changing point of the game. Now, I am aware that the Pens played the night before, and after playing the Flyers this was a surefire letdown game, but the Rangers did something UNTHINKABLE in recent history, and that is scoring 4 goals in 6-7 minutes to win a game.

    I wasn’t expecting much, but this year’s team is getting to be fun to watch. And Cally is a big blow, but with Dru back and Prospal close, I believe they can keep it up.

    What are they, 6-7 games over .500?

  7. I wouldn’t mind seeing Gabby get some time with Prust-Boyle in a pinch. Those guys keep the D on their heels and could create a lotta room for Gabby.

  8. The refs aren’t going anyplace. One of them, Stephen Walkom, is a former supervisor of officials and happens to live in…..Pittsburgh. And how many times have the Rangers had Walkom in Pittsburgh? Way beyond the statistical norm.

  9. I think the biggest infraction with Cooke’s penalty was the arm bar he put on Stepan, their skates did get tangled but I think that was more due to them already being engaged and Cooke following through with his shove that forced Stepan down.

    The waved off goal, a strict application of a call that rarely gets made. Not going to complain and even if it took a tying goal off the board at that time, Johnson didn’t have to get beat like a rented goalie on the AA and Boyle goals. Then again AA was able to skate in the middle of 4 Pens lined up in a box formation so he probably should have never gotten a shot off in the first place. Boyle’s goal was off of good neutral zone pressure to force a turnover right outside the Pens blueline.

    Similar to their last game in Pitt the Rangers weathered a storm and played to the final buzzer, the Pens sort of took their foot off the gas in the 3rd. And I know they played the night before but they were something like 5-0 in the backend of back to backs and they’re still a young-ish team.

  10. Carp- how was your relationship with Wayne when he was here? wasn’t that one of your last years covering the team before you broke away for a while?
    Awesome write up- Love how you put the game streak into perspective. Those stats wont ever ever ever….ever ever get brought up if he made it 51 games though. The leage put blinders on people a while ago with this kid and the pictures they paint in front of them are all that gets seen now. Case in point- a win like last night for a NY team and the headline on ESPN is about him getting a point. Amazing. but sadly enough- not suprising.

    Anyhow- thought Drury played really solid considering it was only his 2nd NHL game since April. I know some of you just love to joke but some of you are way too bitter about his contract and him in general. He’s going to be a positive thing on this team especially with one of our top PK guys out til probably February. I could be wrong, but for now I’m def glad hes back.

    Cally injury sucks. More so than when Gabby went down because this isn’t just about offense. We all know how well Callahan does all the little things and how big his heart is and you can’t replace a lot of it so certain guys are really going to have to step up.

    It would be nice if Frolov could start playing like that consistently. Maybe he can find his way back to a line with Gabby and they could feed off each other.

    Did we really just beat Washington (struggling or not) and Pittsburgh (despite being flat) back to back by an 11-1 score? i’ll take it any week of any month of any season.

    Biron tonight?

  11. actually im gonna go back on what i said in my last post, why not give MZA a shot, hes a right wing i believe, i could see him fitting nicely with dubi and artie if that doesnt work then drury can play there.. i know the coachs were saying that they believe MZA will get a shot with the big team this year, doesnt seem like any better time then now.

  12. There’s almost no sweeter sound in the game than the depressed whimper of Paul Steigerwald in the last couple of minutes of a game the Penguins are about to lose?

    I thought you Yankee doodles spelled it “mustache”?

  13. The only sweeter sound than Paul Steigerwald would be Hot dog lips in Marios basement wimpering like the beaten down
    mustache wearing wanna be porn star he is Love It

  14. Interesting point by LB, despite what some were saying about that Aves fight pumping the team up

    *Avery fought with Aaron Asham at 3:58 of the third and did not get on the ice again. Christensen, meanwhile, did not get on after getting his power-play goal*

  15. Carp: I do see your point about the silliness of comparing Crosby’s streak to Gretzky’s, but it is impressive (as much as I think that the fairweather fans in Pittsburgh don’t deserve him) nonetheless. And don’t forget that Gretzky’s feats were accomplished in a very different era when the stars where basically left alone.

    Gretzky today would not put up those numbers – he’d be pounded continually and not have nearly the room he did.

  16. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Solid point Jim, but to talk about the different era… it was the hook and hold era so to speak. Crosby can roam around without fear of being hooked, slashed, held or otherwise accosted with a stick or fist. Yes he gets attention… but it’s a free wheeling style with all these obstruction penalties caused.

    Sid may have gotten killed playing in the 80’s.

    Gretzky may be the best hockey player i’ll ever see in my lifetime.

  17. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I may be going out on a limb here… but i don’t recall 99 ever slewfooting someone, or punching a guy in the junk from behind.

  18. “And that’s why you embarrass yourself by comparing anybody to Gretzky in any way.”

    I completely disagree with this. Goalies are about a million times better now than they were back then. There’s a reason everyone else in the league was scoring also. There were 9 or 10 50 goal scorers each year in those days. Last year, there were 2, both with 51 goals. Also, Lemieux, when he was healthy was right on Gretzky’s heels in the late 80s, and he had a terrible team, whereas Gretzky was playing with future HOFers. There’s good reason to believe that Lemiuex would have put up similar numbers in the same situation. On top of that, Bobby Orr, was certainly a better all around hockey player than Gretzky. No one thinks that 5 99’s beat 5 4’s.


    Great points Carp. they had no business winning this gme with how flat they looked in the first two periods. granted they were playing ok, but the point still stands. all in all they just got better as the game went on and i think that Cally’s injury deflated them a bit, then they regrouped, picked it up a notch and the pens tired mightily in the third. i honestly think they miss jordan staal more than they are letting on.

    good to see AA’s game picking it. and as for Frolov, leave him with Boyle and Prust, who seems to make the whoever is their other winger better. i agree that sliding Drury into Cally’s spot in the lineup is the best and easiest thing to do.

    Last two games mean nothin unless they win tonight.

  20. “Sid may have gotten killed playing in the 80’s.

    Gretzky may be the best hockey player i’ll ever see in my lifetime.”

    Comparitively, maybe. But if you transplant Crosby to that Oilers team, he would perform similarly. Gretzky was an amazing skater and so guys couldn’t hit him. Now, Brian Boyle goes through equal if not better training than Gretzky had. Defenseman were a lot slower and goalies were terrible. So, when a guy like Gretzky comes a long who was much quicker and had tremendous talent it forced the whole game to change. That’s why Patrick Roy’s butterfly style was successful.

  21. Jim- I’m going to argue you on that. In modern day NHL without all the clutching and grabbing we saw back before the lock out I’d agree with you. But let’s face it. They’ve done their best to open things up as much as possible for today’s young stars. And Crosby of ALL players has plenty of room because atleat 75% of the time if you get too in his face there’s going to be a penalty. Not crying conspiracy here but let’s call a spade a spade- the officiating leans towards Pittsburgh the vast majority of the time.

    I would have been very interested to see guys like Crosby, Ovie, and even the likes of Stampkos and Pat Kane in the NHL back in the mid-late 90s. I think the stats would look \ different than they do for just about everyone but Ovie who has the most sandpaper to his game out of that list.

  22. Yes the whooping was featured at the end of the show. and next week we will be treated with the rangers awesome comeback from last night.Gotta love it, two weeks of 24/7 and two Rangers victories!

  23. I’m in favor of leaving Frolov with Prust and Boyle for the time being. But if he continues to play like his former self then I’d say you have to put him back on a line with Gaborik. I think Gaby could benefit to having a consistent line mate not so much for chemistry but to have another legit threat on the line with him. And then who knows, when Prospal comes back maybe he clicks with them and we have a legit 1st line going towards the spring..

  24. ClaimPruchaOnReentryWaivers on

    # Gift of GAB-orik December 16th, 2010 at 9:04 am

    I may be going out on a limb here… but i don’t recall 99 ever slewfooting someone, or punching a guy in the junk from behind.

    You left off the part that the guy he was punching in the junk from behind was already tangled with his teammate.

  25. I completely disagree with this. Goalies are about a million times better now than they were back then. There?s a reason everyone else in the league was scoring also. There were 9 or 10 50 goal scorers each year in those days. Last year, there were 2, both with 51 goals. Also, Lemieux, when he was healthy was right on Gretzky?s heels in the late 80s, and he had a terrible team, whereas Gretzky was playing with future HOFers.

    Agreed on the goalies.

    Crosby has very talented players surrounding him just as Gretzky did tho. And I think that while they both have teammates that open/opened the ice up for them and can/could come to their aid if messed with, Gretzky was the better teammate and player. He controlled the game and dominated with his passing and playmaking just as much as he did with his own goal scoring. Skid, while very talented in his own right could never match Gretzky’s playmaking ability even if they’re similar in skating and goal scoring ability.

    Mario was an amazing talent all by himself but his whining and prima dona attitude make him a lot less likeable than Gretzky in my opinion. It’s worn off on Skid too. Would have given anything to see what Crosby and his game would be like if he were under the wing of Mark Messier instead of Lemieux

  26. Goalies are much better these days than in Greztky’s days. A great deal of which can be explained by the equipment. Today’s pads are much lighter, don’t absorb the sweater and water nearly as much and are more ergonomic. The helmets are better as well. Defensemen are all around more athletic, but 51 games is still 51 games. You can handicap the point totals, but that level of consistency is hard to achieve at the professional level regardless of the era.

    A few years ago I think it was ESPN did a split screen of Crosby and Gretzky and honestly I thought the speed of the game in the 80’s looks like it’s in slow motion compared to today. Players are in far superior shape these days. Guys like Crosby, Ovechkin, Gaborik, etc. would blow past the majority of the players back then.

    I just wonder if it was another star player (like one of the Sedins, Joe Thornton, Toews, Kopitar, Backstrom) not on par with Crosby’s recognition if they’d be hyping up the streak as much.

  27. Gift of GAB-orik on

    You can make the goalie arguments all you want… the pads are bigger, the goalies are bigger, better etc…. you still gotta score.

    99 could create by himself, skate like the wind, and had great hands. Players today benefit from advanced training, better stronger and lighter equipment, and still don’t put up the numbers 99 did.

    Basketball hoops haven’t changed in decades… you don’t see guys scoring 100 like Wilt did.

    Just sayin… you still gotta put the puck in the net.

  28. lol Porn stache? see: Parros, George.

    Skid looked more like he was up past his bed time and fell asleep with a twix in his mouth

  29. CT- they wouldn’t mention the streak anywhere else other than the city of the team that the said player on the streak was playing for until it hit about 35-40 games. This is what angers me about the NHL- they’re DESPERATE for Crosby to be great. They’ve put all their stock in him and now the clock is ticking for him to start breaking all the records and rewriting history the way they hyped it up that he would.

  30. I think the average level of skill of an NHL player has increased since Gretzky’s prime. Gretzky would still be the most skilled guy on the ice these days, but his superiority over his opponents would not be as pronounced.

    You can say that expansion might have diluted the talent pool and that may have been true for a stretch in the 90’s, but consider that the NHL was almost entirely Canadian back in the 80’s. The American and European talent has filled that void.

  31. “Mario was an amazing talent all by himself but his whining and prima dona attitude make him a lot less likeable than Gretzky in my opinion.”

    Wow, you clearly know nothing about Lemieux. He is definitely one of THE classiest athletes ever. I can’t believe that you would say that.

    I’m not saying that Crosby is as good as Gretzky. I think there’s a lot of players that are pretty close to Gretzky in terms of overall hockey skill. It annoys me when people say, oh he’s just miles above everyone else. That’s clearly not true. Bobby Orr was definitely a better HOCKEY player.

    As for needing to put the puck in the net, I can put the puck in the net. If I played hockey with a bunch of people much slower than I and with teammates who were better than the other team, I would put up the same points as Gretzky. If you transplanted Gretzky into today’s game. He would do well, maybe he’d win the Art Ross, but definitely not put up anywhere near what his numbers were and he’d have a bunch of people right near him in the race.

  32. Great post, Carp!

    I’d like to add something to #1: Torts out coached Bylsma last night. He made a great adjustment after the first. The Pens’ strength (after Bylsma realized they were not going to get too many 2 on 1 chances) turn out to be the forecheck. Their forwards are very mobile, and defensemen are fast and capable of pinching down low and retrieve fast. That’s what was happening during the first period. The Rangers were trying to follow them and let in a few passes to the middle. By the middle of the second the Rangers just stopped following them to the boards and stayed almost in front of the net, letting the Pens run around down low and not letting any pass to the middle. That type of ferocious forecheck is very physically demanding, especially on back-to-back games. Great job by Torts!

  33. Guys….You ever watch a game from the 80s and 90s and sit there and go, “That’s a hook. That’s interference. That’s a hold.” So the clutching and grabbing in the league has gone down like 85%. Imagine if Crybaby had to deal with that. He’d be crying and whining more.

    Besides, the talent level in the league has gone down since the recent expansion. Nashville, Columbus, Phoenix, Florida (2 teams), etc. You kidding me? There are 30 teams now which means maybe 750 players. Back in the day there were 20 teams and maybe 500 players. You have to assume that the skill level, on average, has come down. So the faster guys are that much better than the average guy now.

    And finally, Crosby is a scumbag. He dives. He slew foots. He cries to the refs at every chance. Everyone does what they have to do. That’s OK. But to speak of him in the same sentence as #99 is an insult to hockey fans everywhere. In stats, sheer domnation, and class, Crybaby cannot even hold Wayne’s jockstrap.

  34. “A lot of players with nearly as much skill as Gretzky.” How many hits on the pipe did you take?

  35. “# Gift of GAB-orik December 16th, 2010 at 9:03 am

    Solid point Jim, but to talk about the different era… it was the hook and hold era so to speak. Crosby can roam around without fear of being hooked, slashed, held or otherwise accosted with a stick or fist. Yes he gets attention… but it’s a free wheeling style with all these obstruction penalties caused.

    Sid may have gotten killed playing in the 80’s.

    Gretzky may be the best hockey player i’ll ever see in my lifetime.


    Perfect post. AO could succeed in the 80s with his physical style and elusiveness. Crosby would not be half the player he is today if the game was still the same. Crosby needs Mamby Pamby Land to succeed as he does.

  36. If Gretzky played in today’s game in his prime, against today’s players, he would still be the best player out there. All you have to do is look at how much he dominated the competetion and by how much. I doubt he would put up the same ridculous numbers but he would still be the best player. Gretzky holds the record for most MVP awards of any player in North American professional sports.

    Better than Crybaby, OvechCANT, Nash, Gaby, your favorite player not named Gretzky, etc…

    You can’t compare anyone to Gretzky until they have have 4 cups and a 92 goal season. End of story. Different game and different era, no doubt. Players are much bigger, stronger, and more skilled. However, Gretz would have been the same player in any era. He revolutionized hockey.

  37. the only thing that works in favor of today’s players is the goaltending. Goalies today are bigger and have much bigger padding. While I dont think Gretsky would get 200+ points in todays game, i think consistent 50-60 goals 80-90 assist seasons would be more realistic had he played now.

  38. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    My mother is visiting for Christmas. As we are watching Ranger games, I find out that she is a closet Pens fan…. mainly due to the NHL marketing. Plus they are the Notre Dame of hockey. Meaning, you can find one of their games on regular TV almost every week of the season. I have been watching both teams for a week now and last night she was cheering for the Rangers. Conversion complete. she was even screaming at the tv THATS WHAT YOU GET… hahaha She has a long way to go as far as fully understanding the game, but i have another 2 weeks to help her with that. truly heart warming to see a loved one spit out the crosby koolaid.

  39. Whether it full our team with energy or not (I happen to believe it did), props to Avery for fighting one of the toughest pound for pound fighters in the league. And he did it because Asham hit Hank with the stick after the stoppage. I thought that was what we wanted.

  40. Ow! Ma-Toe! Ma-Toe! on

    33 games into the year and the Rangers have MORE goals-for than the Capitals. I know the Caps have struggled, but still. And only 4 less than the Pens. Not too shabby for a team that’s not thought about in any offensive capacity. With that in mind, their highest leading scorer (Dubi) is only 33rd in the league in points. Thats what you call a balanced scoring team, something that has been missing for years and years.

    Keep it up boys, I am impressed.

  41. I agree Carp, about the game changing after the Avery fight. I was texting back and forth with TR last night, and said exactly the same thing to him. Great minds Carp, great minds, ha.

    I am going to the game tonight with my bro. I know CT is going. Anyone else? It is going to be my first this year. I am pumped.

  42. Yeah the Pens have clamped down on defense at the expense of some of their offense this season.

    And the balance scoring I think is the type of team we’re going to see for the next few years. They don’t have the a couple of elite scorers or playmakers outside of Gaborik but they do have 3 lines that can regularly make a contribution with potentially more help on the way. As the young core of the defense matures they’ll make it tough on the opposing forwards and you’ll see a pretty complete team top to bottom unlike a team like the Pens or Caps which heavily rely on their top lines to do most of the heavy lifting and in the instance of the Caps we see what happens when a top heavy team struggles.

  43. CTB- Prust and Boyle routinely outplay most of the third lines they play against. And some 2nd. That’s one of our strength this year.

  44. AS posted on hockeyfights.com………..

    I NEVER EVER post- b/c alot of you ppl.. well frighten me- with your curious,..emotion on other peoples lives.. but Avery does ring a bell i suppose- so heres the rub folks:

    A: Hes 5’8 180- 9 listed 5’9 185- but w/e)
    B: His fight card in his career =
    TWO( 2) w/ Matt Carkner- (1) Rayn Malone (1) Jarome Iginla (2) Brenden Morrow (!) Lappy- (1) Tootoo Cam Severson among others…

    I plainly challenge anyone on this site to name a better card on more than ONE hand @ the same size.. ( Asham doesnt count… hes a BIG guy… hes short NOT small) just like Domi is BIG but short ala Mike Tyson..
    Only Com-parables on literally being THIS small and having that kind of card
    Rypien Dimaio Geroge McPhee etc
    Bottom line on Avery
    NO shield literally top 15 smallest guys in NHL and he fights tough guys..

    Not a Defence of Avery’s antics.. but hes NEVER been suspended on THE ICE ..Pronger?? 6”6 – has literally fought 1 tuff guys in the NHL ( and jumped him) .. hes a dirty player.. but wheres the Orpik Critiques? Wheres the Jeff Schultz shots on here? Those guys are STICK- SLEW FOOT guys.. who NEVER back it up and are BIG ….

  45. Well, how about that goal by AA? Second time in a row he scored with that short swing, deceptive wrister and it again landed high above the glove. But what I was most impressed with is how he took the puck and stickhandled with speed around 3-4 Pens. He has more skills then we know.

  46. dont know and dont need to know what’s wrong, Nasty, but hope everything works out okay for you.

    Agreed on AA. Kid has skill.

    I consider EC’s shot to be quite lucky, but must still give credit to EC anyway, b/c like I always say, just get shots on net and anything can happen. Especially with a goalie named Small Johnson in net! :)

  47. Did I say “full” instead of “fill” before? LOL, Russian keyboard.

    By the way, I strongly believe that this team is deep and strong enough to overcome Callahan’s absence for 6 weeks(it might be more if it is displaced) without any serious issues. I was just hoping to never see White on the ice again, darn it!

  48. You were hoping to never see White on the ice again??

    You want the ice to be colored, what.. Blue?

    I smid, I smid!

  49. Anisimov could be come a hockey god if makes moves like that and can score consistently. It is so exciting to realize he is only 22 years old, ilb.

  50. The preview for part 2 of the HBO show said that this game would be on it. Part 1 we destroy the Caps, Part 2 we beat El Stache, gotta love it.

    Instead of a Dirty Sanchez it should be called a Dirty Crybaby

  51. Anisimov’s pre-NHL career showed he adapts very quickly to the next level of play after one year. He doubled his points in HFD year on year. He’s already got about 2/3rd’s of his points total from last year.

  52. Oh, and we did mention in the game thread, but did everyone see Crosby whack Henrik on the head during his last shift after Lundqvist stopped the play? I would love to see Henrik go Hextall all over him.

  53. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    How long can White stay on the big club before the latest waiver runs out? I am not familiar with anything dealing with waivers, but i remember reading here that he was on his 3rd and final waiver. It seems to me that they will keep him on the roster until his very last day of eligability before sending him down. I would like to know when he goes down because i am curious to see who comes up to replace him.

  54. Per capgeek the Rangers are under the cap so there’s no need to send him down for cap reasons. Although they’re at the max for their roster spots. If they stash Cally on the LTIR they can call someone else up for his spot and use some of the LTIR cap space if needed.

  55. Leetchhalloffame on

    Good one about the refs cleaning toilets today. At the very least they will be Colin Campbell’s bitches for a few days. Has anyone seen Gaborik? He just disappears when they are playing real teams and fattens up his stats on the mediocre ones. I realize he’s the only bona fide “star” forward on the team and that he will be targeted each shift, but he’s got to find a way to be relevant in these games. That’s why he gets the big bucks.

  56. Dave- I’m not uneducated when it comes to Mario. I admire and respect his talent, his strength with battling through cancer and everthing he accomplished. but THE classiest ever? that’s pushing it. When it came to his on ice conduct he was very similar to Crosby. Freaking out everytime he was touched and letting other people fight battles for him a lot of the time. You never saw too much of that from Gretzky. Even later in his career when he was getting knocked around.

  57. cally’s injury is going to hurt….

    drury looked good last night.

    win tonight and then they are getting out of the 5 to 3 games above 500 range…..

    this team is not great but it is pretty good and they are tough.

    when is the last time we said aranger team is tough? 10 years or more ago.

  58. Does anyone find it strange that the Rangers barley go to overtime this year? I feel like the last 3-4 years our games went to overtime every other game.

  59. CTB- they don’t need to use LTIR exception unless they sign someone expensive. Even then, it’s dangerous, because the cap has to go below again.

  60. Mike- you’re correct and we havent really talked about that much on here. The Rangers havent been living and dying by going to OT and shootouts. They don’t blow leads the way they used to either. I’d like to see a stat in reguards to blown leads and overtime games this year as compared to the previous 3.

  61. Noah-allahan, 28 on

    Had a holiday party last night so I didn’t see any of the game but loved the result.

    When was the last time the Rangers and Knicks were both playing relevant games at the Garden in the same year? 1994??

  62. And yes, Carp, good point. EC has the job. Because every now and then he can shoot like that and win us some games. For $960K per year, we can live with it. And Frolov maybe just coming out. Boy, would we love to see that. He’s been playing well for awhile now, btw.

  63. James G-

    By the time Avery’s penalty was up you are 9 minute into the third. EC ties it a minute later. Now you’re tied 1-1 on the road with half a period to play.
    Defense is key. I’m sure Torts was looking to escape with the 1 point.

  64. According to Gross White is going in on the 4th line tonight with Drury being moved up to the AA-Dubinsky line. No other roster moves yet.

  65. I feel sorry for people who feel the need to try to tear down Gretzky. Because in whatever era you put him, he’s the greatest player who ever lived. Second is Orr. Third is Mario. But they’re a distant second and third.

    Look at the record book. Look how much better he was than anybody else who played at that time. Look at how only one player in history (Messier, who played a thousand years) had as many points as Gretzky had assists!

    And he fought through a lot more crap that Skid Crosby did, and without whining and diving like Mario.

  66. Good morning all! I am in fine fine spirits today!

    Carp, on number 9…really? I was all over that like Avery on Assham :)

    won’t be here tonight, but will be at warren….Nasty, can’t wait to see you!!!!!


  67. Noah –

    By the way, the Knicks got cheated last night.

    Why didn’t the refs review that? Hmmm, let me take a wild guess…it was against the Boston Celtics. Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!

    I got home to see the very end of the game, and thought they should have reviewed it, but hey, what can ya do?! Nothin’ but complain!

    And after the referees actually took away a game-tying goal by the Pens on a call they wouldnt give us 99 out of 100 times, New York was 1 for 2 on fairness last night. That’s progress :)

  68. Carp, you know the truth. I can’t beleive it is even debated on a NYR blog. All you have to do is look at the numbers. Case closed.

  69. 7) From what I’ve observed so far, even a paper towel can blanket Gaborik on most nights.

    9) And had Pittsburgh gone on to score two quickies, we’d blame Avery for waking them up. To me, Christensen got the boys going with that timely, and unexpected, goal.

    12) Yes, the 7-0 drubbing is featured in the first episode. The funniest line in that episode is when the referee was explaining to Ovechkin that Backstrom got a major for cutting open John-Michael Liles’ face. Ovie replied, “Well, he probably has sensitive skin, no?”

  70. Noah-allahan, 28 on

    Who else loved the talk between Dubi and OV after their fight? I thought that was the best part of the episode.

  71. Agree Carp. Greatest that ever lived, Gretzky. And by the way, the great Jaromir ended Gretzky’s career with an overtime game winning goal against our NYR!

  72. >>Who else loved the talk between Dubi and OV after their fight? I thought that was the best
    >>part of the episode.

    I didn’t hear anything special in their little chat; they only exchanged, “Good job, buddy!” Fighters say that to each other on regular basis.

  73. Carp hit it on the head with Gretz. The best way to compare players of different eras is to normalize the data by comparing them against the average player of their time.

    Fact of the matter is that Wayne was 100x better than the average player of his era. Crosby is good, but doesn’t blow away the rest of the league like Wayne did – he has peers. Same for Ovi, or anyone else you want to toss in. Wayne routinely led the league in scoring by a 60-80 point margin over the 2nd place finisher (nevermind the lowly “average” player) for nearly a decade.

    The (arguable) 2nd best player of Gretzky’s era – Messier – couldn’t even come close (same era, same team and teammates for the bulk of that time, etc).

  74. CARP—-a masterpiece and another example of why you are the best hockey writer in the NY area.

  75. Carp- I doubt anyone will be ever calling you….There is no one to even close pace. Jagr was doing ok, but I remember it would’ve taken him some extra 28 years to catch up, and he wasn’t a spring chicken by then either.

  76. James G-

    “Carp- how was your relationship with Wayne when he was here?”

    Uh James, that’s Mr. Great One to you… and he got along fine with Wayne BTW. :P

  77. Carp,

    Orr a distant 2nd? What a laugh.

    Gretzky was the greatest player ever in the offensive zone. But he was a joke in his own end, and that is being generous.

    Orr was the greatest player ever in 100% of the rink. Head and shoulders over #99. And it is not even close.

  78. OK all, running off for the day. Have a great time here and I’ll be back tomorrow after tonight’s win! LGR and TA!

  79. Mario’s 92-93 season was about as close as I think we’ll see in a while to a Gretzky-like season. Had he stayed healthy and played at least 76/77 games this year he would probably hit 200 points. Then again that was the story of his career.

  80. Larry, looks like you find yourself on the wrong blog. Go to the Bruins blog where you belong, pal. Orr and his 2 Cups couldnt sniff the combined skill and leadership of Gretzky or Messier.

  81. So Drury scored the GWG in game #4 of the 09 playoffs against the Caps …with a BROKEN WRIST??

    “My heart just goes out to him,” said Drury, who sustained this training camp break the same way in addition to the broken wrist he suffered blocking a shot on the eve of the 2009 playoffs that rendered him all but useless. “It was a hell of a block, but that’s how we have to play.


  82. Tiki

    Thanks for the kind advice but I’ve been a NYR fan since I was six in 1962 (go Earl Ingarfield!) so if you don’t mind I’ll ignore it.

  83. Larry – Okay. Thought you were a Bruins fan, because IMO only a Bruins fan could put Orr above Gretzky and/or Messier. Carry on :)

  84. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I would like to add this point to the Gretzky-Orr debate.

    While i’m not saying Orr wasn’t a good player. Gretzky may have singlehandedly saved hockey as a sport and a business. he was a star wherever he went, and put people in the seats and made them watch. Edmonton almost had bloody riots when he got traded.

    And the cherry on top.

    Out of pure RESPECT and ADMIRATION… nobody has EVER put 99 on the back of a sweater since TGO, and nobody ever will. When you are so good the ENTIRE NHL won’t dare wear your number…. you are a hockey god, and the best player ever.

  85. Sadly enough, 25 years from now a whole other generation is going to be going back and forth on a blog somewhere with the Crosby-Ovie arguement with the same passion as there is for the Gretz-Orr arguement

  86. Gift of GAB-orik on

    But Gretzky will still own the record books. Sid can’t and won’t touch those numbers. Ovie either.

  87. BTW- if the Gretzky/Orr arguement keeps going by the time Im home from work I expect Carp to email Bruce McNall and get him on here to straighten everyone out! ; )

  88. Carp, I respect your opinion though I disagree with it, esp. your characterization of him being “distant” in Gretzky’s wake. To watch Orr behind his own net, gearing for a rush up ice, literally 200 feet from Giacomin or Villemure, was to know fear for a young Rangers fan. No other player that I ever saw, and I saw a ton of games in person between the age of 7 and 47, gave me that dread.

    Tiki, given a choice to build a team between Messier and Gretzky, I would choose Messier —– because like Orr and Howe he did it everywhere on the ice, to say nothing of his leadership.

  89. I think we’ll have to wait to see where #8 and #87 end up in the record books. I mean you can always debate who was better in their particular era, but Crosby has a while to go in his career to accumulate the points in order crack even the top 20 list (Robitaille with 1394) of all time points.

    He’s currently 5th all time in points per game, but his production won’t always be as lofty as it is now. I’ve caught flack for saying it before, but most of the great players, even those without injury issues, started to peak in their late 20’s. Now they didn’t decline sharply, you saw guys go from 110-120 point guys to sub 100 and maintain it for a number of seasons afterwards, but figure that the all time great players usually start in the NHL around 18 or 19. They’ll have 10 years of NHL experience before they’re 30. 800 or so games, and if they’re on good teams they’ll have the playoff games on top of that, playing high stress minutes night in and night out. It takes its toll after a while. I’m not suggesting that Crosby’s career goes the way of Lindros or Forsberg but any comparison to the all time greats for a player only 5 seasons into their respective career is premature.

  90. Carp!

    This is absolutely the one of the best posts I have seen on this site, ever. Very well done! I especially like the last point, because the Yotes are a struggling team, you can’t play down to them, and therefore you MUST win this game tonight.

  91. LOL @ “I imagine the two referees will be cleaning toilets tomorrow.” I can’t believe how fair the refereeing was last night…AND that the Rangers scored that many goals in that span of time. This game was a 1-0 loss last year pure and simple.

  92. I am a Gretzky fan, but Wayne was a big whiner too, and was even more so as a coach

    also, it was much easier to run up point totals in that era. the goalies were not as good, and had much smaller pads

  93. This goes a little off-topic, but, how about some love for Nik Lidstrom? What a remarkable, remarkable hockey player. I find it hard to believe that it took him 1400+ games to get a hat trick, but hey, he got it.

    Also, it’s unfair to compare Bobby Orr or Wayne Gretzky to anyone, but I was on TSN (I use that because it’s less Crosby than the NHL’s laughingstock of a website) and I read a comment that had something along the lines of “If you were an NHL GM, would you rather have 7 years of Orr or 20 of Lidstrom?” Food for thought.

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