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Martin Biron:

On waiting out Belanger on the deciding shot in the shootout.

“I wasn’t happy because I played two and a half years of juniors with him and I knew him really well. We had the same agent, we skated together in the summer. I know he’s confident enough that he can go out there and do whatever. And when he came wide and faked that slap shot, at that point, I was really concerned what he might be able to pull. I tried to be patient and wait him out. Then he tried to go across a little bit the same as Stempniak did, and I just pushed and went with him and he lost the puck.”

“Even when they scored their third goal, I thought, ‘Well, pretty good power play … you’re still in the game, now it’s for you to keep that level until the end of the game. I mean, that goal by Pruster with two seconds left was just  a huge, huge plus for us. When Girardi cleared the zone, I yelled ‘Hard!’ because we wanted to get it out of the zone, and we both looked up and saw he could have had Prust on a breakaway. But it ended up working pretty nice in the end.”

On the bad-hop goal to start:

“You know what? The bad hop, if I’m 100 percent in the game at that point, it doesn’t matter. I probably shouldn’t have come out to play that puck. I know better than to come out to play a puck off the glass here at the Garden, and you guys realized later on in the game I wasn’t coming out to play those pucks. I was letting them bounce and watching them bounce because that’s what you’ve got to do here. I’ve gotten caught a couple of times. But after that, obviously you’re a little unsettled. There’s no good ways, no bad ways, you’ve just got to find a way at the end.

“It’s a huge challenge. It’s not easy. You’re battling the whole game and you’re hoping to see a result, because in the third period I’m (thinking), ‘I’m feeling pretty good now, I wish I didn’t make that first mistake because it would probably be 2-2, or you don’t know what would happen. But you’ve got to give it to the guys. They battled and came through and played extremely well, and Step gets that goal, and it’s all their doing out there that kept me in there.”

The second goal, he said, glanced off his glove, but he never saw it.

Derek Stepan:

“It’s definitely special. That’s a big-time goal, tying the game up, that was the first thought. 

“First (goal) at the Garden. Seven goals on the road. One at home. I don’t know (why). I don’t know how to explain that one.”

On Prust’s goal:

It was a big-time goal It wasn’t that we weren’t playing hard, but we didn’t have any energy or pop. That goal gave us some energy. He has come up with some big-tine gals. His game is exactly what we need.”

Erik Christensen:

On Prust’s goal:

“Right at the end of the second period, it really shifted the momentum. We were in the same position last night — down one goal going into the third. Our game didn’t change. I thought Mary really helped us down at the end.”

On the game:

“Torts said before the game, ‘It’s easy to get comfortable.’ We went against a Pittsburgh Penguins team that is a strong team and our rival and we could easily come out (slowly) against a Western Conference team we don’t see a lot. That’s what it sort of looked like. Like everyone has been saying the past couple of days, we just stay patient, get some timely goals and stick to our game plan.”

Chris Drury:

“We stuck with the game plan, kept playing hard, kept grinding.”

On the faceoff on the tying goal:

“I was trying to win it. Every draw. We were all going to the net obviously and it was a big goal by Step. It was a good job by Rozy to get it all the way through.”

On the back-to-backs 9-0 record:

“I think our willingness to grind it out. We just play hard. We hust choose to play hard every night. We just keep jumping over the board, playing hard in their zone. We know if we keep doing that, good things will happen.”

Brandon Prust:

“I wasn’t sure what he (LaBarbera) was doing on that play. I knew he was having trouble getting to it. I knew he was going to take a penalty (for playing the puck outside the trapezoid) or I was going to be on the puck. The goalie was in between decisions. It was good going into the third only down one instead of two. It’s a big difference.”

On the team:

“Never give up attitude. We just keep coming no matter what the score is. We are going to win a lot of games if we keep doing that stuff.”

On Biron settling down:

“He made some big stops for us. That’s a momentum changer. He picked us up a bit and we were able to feed off of that.”

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  1. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    Hey folks

    Been a crazy few days at work and a couple of dvr’d games, but 2 wins!!

    I’m not going into depth about the games, but talk about leadership from avery and drury. Avery’s fight was what started the great comeback against the pens. Did anyone see avery yelling at the rest of the rangers on the bench to get it going as boyle skated back to the bench from his second time in the box? Nice job on both counts aves..(leadership). And drury saying what he said to biron after he had let in the second goal was absolute leadership.

    I’ve never heard drury talk so much as he did the the post game interview tonight.

    What women and prust at the game??

    who is this white guy that was supposedly in the line up??

    I think carp should go back to the archives and see who was saying what about prust when the deal was made. I seem to remember a bunch of people saying how he sucked and it was stupid to get him and a select few of us saying he was a great pick up…I just think it is funny!

    Anyone else ever looked at all the old “call sign” screen names that you have used in the past from the drop down window in the name section above the comments one? Pretty funny on a few of mine and a couple I must have had ESPN, I mean ESP on!!

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