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John Tortorella:

On these games being as important as wins over Washington and Pittsburgh:

“Absolutely. You’re not going to play error-free or disciplined or just dead-on games. The amount of games you play in this league, it just doesn’t happen. So you’ve got to find a way to win these games, and this is just as big a step for us as a young team as it is beating the Capitals the way we did, or coming back the other night in Pittsburgh. 

“I look at Marty Biron; that’s a capsule of how we played. He battled after a start, people chanting for Hank. That’s a hard thing, and he battled through it, made some key saves at key times and found a way to win, and was an important part of it at the end with the shootout.”

On Drury winning faceoffs, particularly on the tying goal:

“He wins the big faceoff, and Sean Avery does a great job from the outside hash, driving to the net, and Step, who I thought struggled through a lot of the game, scores a huge goal. So it’s good. These are small steps for us as we’re trying to win, and I couldn’t be happier for Marty Biron. That’s the guy I’m really happy for because he had to fight a lot of stuff going on around him and he made some key saves at key times to give us an opportunity. And their goalie did, too. At 2-1, he made some great saves. … you don’t want to write it up this way, but it’s a nice way to win a game if you’re involved in it. We found a way to get it done.”

On what he knew about Prust before they got him:

“We didn’t know who he was. I mean, when we traded for him, there was a lot of things (salary-dump issues, etc.) that went into that deal, and Pruster was just a three-minute guy for Calgary. I think he bounced back from Calgary to Phoenix. We knew that he was tough, we knew he had some grit. But to do the things that he’s been doing, he’s part of our core. He’s not home-grown from our minor-league team, or a draft pick, but he has joined in with us and does all the things you ask of him: along the wall, probably one of our better wall players; killing penalties; he’ll fight anybody. And he’s a big part of what we are. You look at a Ryan Callahan, a Prust, that’s what we’re trying to be as a Ranger team, and little by little everybody else is joining in and we’re creating an identity.”

On Christensen, playing very little in the third, but being a weapon in a shootout:

“He is, isn’t he? That’s one hell of a goal he scores there. You just never know when he … and it’s just the world that he’s in within the team. You never know when he’s going to be playing well. When he’s on his game he is a dangerous player. We tried to get him with Gabby a couple of times in the third period just to see if something was there. They had a couple of, not chances, but good shifts. You just never know when it’s going to happen.

“In that situation … we have to do it. You know how I feel about the shootout. But we have to do it. He is a huge weapon for us. That’s just one great goal he scored.”

He was asked, “was there any point in the game where you thought you really missed Callahan?”

“Every minute. Yeah. He’s just such a huge part of our team, in offensive situations, defensive situations, trying to crawl back into it, power play, penalty killing. Cally is who he is. He’s a huge part of our club, but we have to overcome that. We did tonight again. Last night we had him for one shift. I think he played 1:58. So we’re finding ways to do it. But you’re not going to replace him. We just have to figure out how to win games without him, until he gets healthy.

“It’s going to add minutes to Dru. It did tonight. I’m not sure where it’s all going to fall, but everybody’s got to contribute with more minutes, because those are 20-22 huge minutes a game for us. So it’s not going to be one person. It’s going to be more or less a team type situation.”

On Phoenix:

“They’re a good team. Because we beat Pittsburgh and Washington, people say, ‘Phoenix is in here …’ This is a Western Conference team and that conference is very good. They’re one of the top teams there, well-coached. They tried to neutralize our speed, we tried to neutralize their speed. And for a majority of the game, I thought we did a pretty good job with that, too. But we ended up with a couple of big plays. It’s such a fine line between winning and losing, and we’ve been very fortunate the past couple of nights in finding ways.”

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  1. hopefully Gabby gets in a goal scoring groove , Dubinsky and Boyle continue with how they’ve been doing.

  2. As much as EC gets on my nerves, I think he really does have value on this team in the shootout and his occasional huge goal.

    I mean, he is frustrating to watch sometimes but can you name another player his age in the league make less than $1 million that has the skills he has???

    NYR record with him at least scoring a point is unreal. 9-0 i believe

  3. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    CARPED and I should know better (especially with all the new post game comments I know are coming).


    Hey folks

    Been a crazy few days at work and a couple of dvr’d games, but 2 wins!!

    I’m not going into depth about the games, but talk about leadership from avery and drury. Avery’s fight was what started the great comeback against the pens. Did anyone see avery yelling at the rest of the rangers on the bench to get it going as boyle skated back to the bench from his second time in the box? Nice job on both counts aves..(leadership). And drury saying what he said to biron after he had let in the second goal was absolute leadership.

    I’ve never heard drury talk so much as he did the the post game interview tonight.

    What women and prust at the game??

    who is this white guy that was supposedly in the line up??

    I think carp should go back to the archives and see who was saying what about prust when the deal was made. I seem to remember a bunch of people saying how he sucked and it was stupid to get him and a select few of us saying he was a great pick up…I just think it is funny!

    Anyone else ever looked at all the old “call sign” screen names that you have used in the past from the drop down window in the name section above the comments one? Pretty funny on a few of mine and a couple I must have had ESPN, I mean ESP on!!

  4. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on

    I agree x 2

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZzust " In Prust We Trust!!! "...says Greg L. on

    We won and Prust is praised.

    See what happens when ya give it an honest effort. Our teams identity is hard working ,gritty and never quits.

  6. True that GREG!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WANT THE CUP!!!!!! WE WANT THE CUP!!!!!!! WE WANT THE CUP!!! You cant take the boy out of this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh they looked so beautiful tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the city of blinding lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WANT THE CUP! WE WANT THE CUP!

  7. 3 straight demonstrative wins. 3 straight wins that all sent a clear message to the rest of the league.

    We told the Caps we’re not the same old pushovers from last season and the playoffs the year before that.

    We told Pittsburgh we’re gonna stand up and take Crosby and Malkin out of the game and make their other bums beat us, and we aint gonna quit until the last second comes off the clock. And we dont care about your Lack of Energy Center or your 12 game win streak.

    And then we told Phoenix that you can have us down, but they’re never out. Whether it be shorties or 3rd chance opportunities, we’re gonna work for what we want to achieve, because aint nothin’ come easy in the NHL.

    Im inspired! This team is answering questions every single game, and posing questions of our opponents.

  8. Reports out of Philly is that if Shelley comes back into the lineup Saturday against the Rangers… they will probably sit Carcillo!!

    We’ll know by tomorrow.


  9. another character win by the Rangers! Game got a little boring at one point but the Rangers picked it up in the third and made the game watchable again!

    Prust is totally AWESOME!

    Who is a bigger floater? Kovalev or Gaborik? At least Kovalev can handle the puck and play physical game.

    Sather’s Wrapup was fudging hilarious! Welcome back, uncle Glennie!


  10. That Carton clown from “Boomer and Carton” is a prick! He would let Boomer talk about the Rangers and their win in Pissburgh! Forking corksucker!

  11. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man and you gotta love the Prust!!) on


    here it is..

    Marty Biron on tonight’s game… “After that second goal, Dru (Chris Drury) skated by and slapped me in the pad and said ‘show them what you got.’ I felt pretty good that the Captain skated by me and gave me a vote of confidence. That helped me a lot to get back in the game.”

  12. Good night, boys and girls.

    Good night, Sally, 26!

    I got a feelin’ Friday’s post will be going up around the crack of noon.

  13. I got a feeling I’ll be greeting you way after noon!

    Good morning all! (and it is!) phew…what a night. We got outplayed yet pulled one out. Yay Rangers! Had a great post-game time at warren with Nasty and his brother, CT and Mrs. CT (thanks again guys!) TR and Mrs. TR, and some other friends :) A lovely NY evening …. and hooray that I don’t have to work today :)

    LGR!! and TA!!!

  14. “this is just as big a step for us as a young team as it is beating the Capitals ” Wow. I can’t agree more.

    Lemme preface this by saying I didn’t see pretty much anything but the OT & SO -heard a little of the first on the radio.

    Chanting for Hank?, I thought I caught that on the radio, that was early too..
    The garden crowd is despicable as are the quitters on this blog.
    There are many here that don’t deserve this team.

    Poop on you, you know who you are? :)

  15. ddeb, I didn’t hear the game, just watched the whole thing (no volume at warren). shame shame on the Hank yellers! I am horrified by that! I love my sport and my team, but i have to sadly and regrettably agree with you :(

    dang….my pals kept the faith tonight and celebrated on the effort and point…friends, take a lesson from the past few games and our team…never ever give up and support your men on the ice.

    OK. first and only wicky for me. Can’t believe I’m still up. Fade to black and TA! debate tomorrow….way after noon :)

  16. Joekuh-rury-mire on

    You honestly dont realize how important F/O’s are until you start winning them. If there is ONE thing Drury can do, its win those.

  17. ON shot blocking………………..I still think they ought to have a talk with the folks at the Museum of Natural History, and those knights gauntlets.

  18. Now I understand why Drury is so much more clutchified on faceoffs than the rest of the centers on the team: “I tried to win it.”

  19. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Happy Friday morning ‘heads!!

    tomorrow= filthy. if our boys can pull that off, I think they’ve earned some respect this week. Well, except from that noted classless ass hot dog lips.

  20. Agreed EC may be valuable in a shoot out and does have some skills BUT the kid IRKS me . I cant agree that its a confidence thing the way he acts, it appears to me to be more like Anthony Perkins in Psycho He is nice and accomodating then he stabs you in the shower with a big knife. It wouldnt surprise me if he ran the Bates Motel with his mother in the off season

  21. Morning all… Drury is a huge asset to this team right now. I must be great for him, after what he has gone through. As much as I have said that i don’t like Torts’s coaching style, ya got to give the guy credit for selling the never quit additude. Unlike the last few years this team does not lay down. They are patient and stick to the game plan, they got a bad bounce or two last night, but they just kept on coming. Gabby is really struggeling, it seems when he is not scoring it looks like he is doing everything wrong. I noticed he was not getting much room out there last night. We all should be happy that Frolev is only a one year deal, maybe he should just shoot the puck. He is getting the chances. This is a fun team to watch, I love the work ethics…Later

  22. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The center’s job is to win faceoffs? weird.

    haha… some of the media questions are funny…. “your thoughts on the faceoff before the tying goal?”

    What the byfuglien to you expect him to say? Well i was hoping the other team would win it… and maybe we could steal it from somebody….

    haha. Of course he wants to win every faceoff.

  23. you know what was funny and kind of mean at the same time? When Al “the schmuck” Trautwig interviewed the backup goalie for Yotes between second period i think.

    “The coach tells me you’re going in!” said Al, pretending as if he’s got a message from the Yotes coach through the ear piece. WTF? You know the kid ain’t going nowhere, esp. with that 1-20 record…

    The poor kid looked at Al like “Who the freak is this clown and why isn’t he sleeping with the fishes?” Why mess with the kid? And then Al goes again “Did i have you? I had you for a second!” Yes Al, you had him! You’re so byfuglien brilliant!

    I used to like Al, but now every time he opens his mouth i feel awkward… is that weird?

  24. The team plays better when they are losing.

    The thing that really excites me about is that despite Gabby still not firing on all cylinders, we are getting balanced scoring. We have 6 guys with 8 or more goals and another 4 who have 5-6 goals. That is great.

    Most improved guy on the team is Brian Boyle. For a guy of his size to be that fast and stable on his feet is just awesome. Clearly his power skating work this summer has paid off. BTW, there are plenty of candidates for the Most Improved award at this point: Prust, Dubi, etc.

    The team has grit too. They are always sticking up for each other and covering up for each other. Have not seen that at MSG for a long time.

    Let’s not sk each other’s…..just yet. The season isn’t even half way over. But this team has great character.

    I showed up about 1 minute late last night and missed that shty goal against. Then it was 2-0 shortly thereafter. We all looked at each other and said, “Hey we scored 4 in the 3rd last night, no problem.” I mean that is the kind of excitement and grit this team brings every night. It’s fun.

    Tomorrow will be a battle royal. Seriously. We are as hot as we have been all season. Would be nice to F up the Flygirls in Philly.


  25. The Flygirls look pretty dangerous! It is going to be a huge test for the Rangers.

    I am surprised we haven’t played the Habs this season yet…

  26. CCCP,

    i feel the same way about Al, the guy creeps me out.. hes a real arrogant a** too.. my seats are right next to the vistors runway were he usually watches the game from and ive had a convo or 2 with him and cant stand his smugness.. who does he think he is?

  27. Well it looks like blogmama made it home on time last night. Not a problem, the Mrs. and I were glad to give you a lift to Grand Central.

    The game itself might have been ugly, it definitely had a feeling of a let down game after the wins against the HBO drama film subjects but Prust and Stepan’s goals definitely represent how different this team is than past years. Playing until the buzzer sounds, check. Crashing the net, creating traffic, fighting for rebounds, check. Prust might not be a Rangers farm product, but they’re the team that game him a chance to become a regular player.

    And yes, the chanting for Henrik after Biron gave up the 2 quick goals was pathetic on the MSG crowd’s part. I wonder how many of those people were chanting Marty during the shootout? A clean sweep of the games this week would be awesome, getting it against the traffic cone colored bunch of jackwagons in Carcillo-ville central ,even better.

  28. >>I’ve never heard drury talk so much as he did the the post game interview tonight.

    I also noticed that there was more assertiveness in his voice.

  29. The flyers are playing the best hockey in the league right now. They have been out working everyone. Their tough, fast, and they can score a bucket full if they are given the opportunity. This will be a real test for the Rangers. I wonder if Boogaard will be ready to play? Not that he will help much, but he might be handy to have on the bench. I expect it will be a hard fought battle. Hopefully the Rangers will come out on top.

  30. >>…prust…I seem to remember a bunch of people saying how he sucked and it was stupid to get

    I also remember one Calgary fan stopping by just to tell us how much we were going to love Prust. Boy, was s/he ever right!

  31. i know there are a lot of Christensen haters here but he’s gotta be in the lineup every game. with Callahan hurt i would role with


    with Christensen and Drury also being moved up and down the lineup depending on who is playing well on a given day. Tortarella has been very good at playing the guys who are doing well each game and it has largely gone unnoticed but should be given a lot of praise…

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