The Captain is back


We expect Chris Drury to play tomorrow in Pittsburgh, and I’m sure those guys who are at practice today will be talking to the captain about his return.

But I want to get the discussion going ahead of the pack.

Here’s my take:

I know he’s not the most popular Ranger among many of you guys, and a lot of that has to do with his salary, and with his monotone personality, and his failure to meet the expectations so far in his Rangers tenure. I think a lot of those expectations were unrealistic — that he would score tons of goals, especially every clutch goal every night. Unrealistic, in part, because he arrived with Scott Gomez, the two best free agents on the market at the time (but, in honesty, B-listers) causing too much buzz and excitement for what the Rangers were actually getting.

But I think the Rangers can and will be helped by Drury’s return. The obvious is that Drury helps, immediately, where the Rangers are weakest: on faceoffs. He will also add another very good penalty killer.

I think he’s better than quite a few players in the Rangers lineup last night, and he will be an upgrade on whomever he replaces. Immediately it will be Todd White, and that’s a no-brainer. When Derek Boogaard comes back, it will be somebody else. And Vinny Prospal will replace somebody, too.

You have to love that John Tortorella has promised that no kids will come out of the lineup. None.

Some of you have reservations about adding a player to what so far has been a terrific mix, of adding a guy we haven’t really seen since last year to what is a new team with a new attitude and a new, tough, straight-ahead, all-for-one, never-stop-playing identity. And that’s fair.

Except that I think the Rangers’ current style fits Drury’s game, and vice versa. Yeah, he’s not terribly tough or fast, but he likes to play the cycling game, he likes to forecheck, he is hard on the puck, he’s a great shot-blocker, which has become one of this team’s strengths.

And the main thing is that his teammates totally respect him as a player, as a captain, and are looking forward to his return.I know that the coach thinks the world of his captain.

I suspect Drury will be better on this team than he was on the previous, more confused, softer, inconsistent teams. This team counts on contributions from everybody, and Drury will contribute more than enough, just like everybody else.

So where does he play, besides the PK and on crucial faceoffs?

That’s the big question. I’m guessing he starts off on the fourth line, because Derek Stepan has been so good with Marian Gaborik recently, because Artem Anisimov is re-discovering his game where he had so much success between Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan, and because you don’t want to mess with the Brian Boyle-Brandon Prust combo at all.

So Drury could play on a line with Erik Christensen and Sean Avery at first. Or, if Tortorella wants to experiment and give him a bigger ole, Drury could be tried in Ruslan Fedotenko’s spot with Stepan and Gaborik, or he could be tried in Alex Frolov’s spot with Boyle and Prust.

Whatever his role will be in the near future, and down the road, I think he should be seen as a positive addition. …

Of course, we’ll watch and form opinions that may differ as the games go on, and reserve the right to change our minds (or my mind). I’ve been known to be wrong before.

What do you think?

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  1. onecupin70 yearsand counting on

    I think even if drury didn’t miss one game the rangers would be right where they are now

  2. I know that it is totally irrational for me to feel this way, but every time I look at him I just want to punch him in the face. I know it’s not that he’s a bad player, because he isn’t really. I’m pretty sure it’s just the fact that he has this huge salary that we could be using for much greater things and he hasn’t really done anything that a guy making $1,000,000 couldn’t do. Add to that the fact that he wears the “C”, which to me makes the concept of the “C” pretty meaningless considering he hasn’t played great and has the personality of a brick wall.
    I want not to hate him with such burining passion but I can’t seem to make it go away. Is there a support group for this?

  3. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Agreed. I dont think he will hurt the team unless Torts starts giving him huge playing time numbers. But if he does that Drury will be right back on the IR as I am sure he will break something else blocking a shot.

  4. Does anyone else hate him not because of his personality but because of his seemingly confused play at times? I dont hate him, think he is a good player, but at times he tends to (at least last season) drift abit like Redden. I am not so sure he fits into this line-up, although you can take Frolov out anytime and that is addition by subtraction. And you all know where I stand with Mr. Avery – I really think we do better without him at times – very debateable I know. Drury can make some postivie contirbutions to this team, but it certainly is not in the areas of scoring, neutral zone play, and I have to disagree a bit Carp with the PK – we were doing better without him than with him, at least percentage wise, through the past 25 games or so. He can win a draw –

    And – we DO need someone who can win a faceoff.

    I am not so sure Carp – I like your analysis, but I think that this is not the greatest addition to this group right now – and being Captain is not gonna cut it either. Dudi and Cally are clear leaders on the ice – no question.

    How bout no ‘C’ for him – takes the pressure off – maybe he does better with the ‘A’ – what do you think?

  5. gregm_section403 on

    Chris Drury, who? I pretty much forgot about him.

    Funny, even when he’s in the line up I pretty much have the same reaction (I forget about him).

    Hopefully Drury will prove me wrong and change my mind.

    It’s going to be funny though, when he blocks his first shot or scores his first goal to hear the Rangers announcers describe (read: inflate) his “value” to the team.

  6. Coach Sean I would rather have Mr Avery any day of the week. Even with the baggage he brings he plays with fire and passion and is someone who plays a team concept. If I have to watch Drury chewing his mouthpiece and just skating around like a zombie I think we are better off without him. For now I say give him a chance and see if an old dog can learn a new trick

  7. I have to say that it’s sad, really, that a player that is so vanilla and is regarded with such disdain and disinterest by the fans is the Captain of our team!!!! Unreal. And Carp, I won’t share your positive feelings about how good he will be on the PK. We have plenty of players who are very good on the PK right now so adding Drury isn’t really improving the team on the PK. He wins his share of faceoffs & blocks shots so I agree with you there but I don’t feel he does the “body work” that most of the players do now!! Certainly, he doesn’t hit as much as Calli & Dubi & Avery & others. But hey, he’s our captain so we should be happy he’s back!!! Ho hum…

  8. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    All we can do is hope for the best. Hope he wins those faceoffs and does all the “little things” they keep reminding us he’s so well known for. The one good thing… we won’t hear Sam and Joe carrying on quite as much about Crosby now, because the Drury machine will be back in force. 4th line and pk minutes will not be too bad.

    Interesting point, Coach Sean.

    Have a great day everyone….

  9. the countdown begins…how long until we hear these classics from Schmuckaletti?

    “That’s a play only Chris Drury could make”

    “Look at the heart and the guts to block a shot like that…that’s why he’s Chris Drury”

    “He just wins at every level, doesn’t he? No surprise there”

    For myself, I could do without seeing him in a Rangers uniform ever again. If he had any sense whatsoever, his first job would be to hand the “C” over to Callahan.

    Oh, and promise to never, ever, ever do an interview again. The first time he opens his mouth I can feel the sleep coming on….

    So yeah…Drury’s return means nothing to me. I’m just counting the days til he’s outta here.

    now, of course, if he comes back and plays like he CAN play and realizes this is his last shot to do ANYTHING of consequence in a Rangers uniform…it’ll be a good thing. Maybe.

    My hatred of Drury comes from the fact that not only is he disgustingly overpaid, but he would be underachieving if he were making only $1 million a year. His so-called “leadership” consists of “Buy my pizza” and “Not gonna ruin my christmas” and his on-ice demeanor is that of an extra on The Walking Dead.

    This team is exciting, it’s young, it’s hard nosed, it’s got an identity…

    Does Chris Drury fit that identity? Not in his Rangers’ tenure…maybe I’m wrong…

  10. PK – we were doing better without him than with him, at least percentage wise, through the past 25 games or so.


    Better than the one game he played this season? The Rangers PK is at their lowest efficiency since Drury’s tenure.

    Drury can also absorb time on the PK that free up Dubi and/or Cally to play more ES/PP minutes.

  11. Dreary easily replaces Todd White – I think what Tortorella needs to be wary of is pushing more deserving players down the lineup so Dreary gets more icetime.

    I don’t care if he’s wearing the C – he needs to earn his icetime legitimately (ie he doesn’t deserve at this point in time the right to bump Fedetenko off of Gaborik’s wing).

    Start him on the 4th line with PK duty and if he’s winning more than he’s losing, some important FO draws.

  12. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    CJP: agree with your post.” Who wantsa suma Drury fresha Pizza eh?”

    I think Dury knows that the team is playing pretty damn good without him, and from all accoutns he is a serious competitor so not playing 31 games must have been killing him.

    I think being hurt for this long is goign to give him alot of motivation to live up at least in part to his Captaincy, and his abilities.

    I don’t hate Drury, he’s a hard working player, he jsut better realize that for him as a player and a leader on thsi team, if there ever was a last shto for him to step up, it’s now.

    No excuses, he’s been off since game 2, wokring out more than he would have been in the gym, only thing that might lack is his stick handling at first due to his injury.

    Woudlnt it be a Drury thing to do to get the game winning goal against Shittsburgh and break there 12 game streak? That’s what I’m hoping for


  13. Disregard his salary for a moment. I have to agree with Carp. As long as he isn’t given too many minutes and too much responsibility, he will help. Perhaps we all forgot, but he is a very versatile player. And he’s been demoted to fourth line before without complaining. Don’t underestimate his ability to win face-offs and PK prowess. Yes, we’ve been doing ok on PK, but having him back spreads out the PK time, people will get less tired. The season is long. One more thing, next year is his contract year. He is a proud player, the last thing he wants is to be bought out. And that is a very good possibility.
    Lastly, this is how I look at it- you think he can do worse than Todd White?

  14. Should have added that just like he doesn’t deserve a whole bunch of minutes right off the bat, he also doesn’t deserve to wear the C, but that’s another argument/discussion altogether, isn’t it?

    The problem is you risk creating a controversy (and therefore unwanted distraction) if you decide to strip him of the C and give it to someone else, so it’s highly unlikely anything of that magnitude will occur. I’ve always thought that if you feel compelled to make such a change you do so via 1 of 2 methods: Trade the current captain or announce the change in the off-season.

    Given Dreary’s stupid NMC, option 1 is out. However, I can see a captaincy change occurring this summer, especially if the team ends up faltering as the season progresses.

    That said, complicating matters (for me anyways) is the fact that there is no obvious choice to take the C at this point in time. I see arguments for Callahan and Staal and perhaps Gaborik, but I also see reasons not to pick any of these 3. Dreary has 1 more season after this left – if the progress we’re seeing this year with Staal continues, then I think in the summer of 2012, when the organization is finally free of the albatross that’s Dreary’s contract, it’s quite possible Staal will become the next New York Ranger captain.

  15. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    The other big question is when Prospal returns as well

    You got to think Boogie will sit some more games as he’s not needed in every game.

    Prust & Boyle aren’t going anywhere
    Step,& Artie, as well aren’t goign anywhere

    To me, however you mix up the lines, a fourth line of with a mix of Avery, Christensen, Frolov and Drury, all being rotated in and out on other lines isn’t the worst thing in the world.
    With Boogie thrown in for heavyweight match ups or divisional games

    But where does Vinny fit?

    I think it comes down to Christensen and Frolov being the odd men out.
    With possibly Fedotenko being a scratch now and then to get one of them playing time

    it’s a tough choice. EC has had his moments thsi season so far, Frolov isn’t a complete bust in my opinion like others think, but could be trade bait

  16. I am in total agreement, if it were not for his salary. I think he is a great fit for this team. But, I am in agreement that his personality (on the air) is that of a rock.

    I would have traded him if possible, just for cap relief purposes. But Slats ego will not allow him to admit two mistakes being made by signing both Gomez and Drury. You can get a player (Blair Betts) at around 50% – 65% of his salary that can win faceoff’s and kill penalties.

    Betts is under contract for 2 years 1.4 million dollars.

  17. Righ ilb, realistically Drury is replacing Todd White or Christensen. Given the Rangers paucity of shootouts this year I can live with that.

  18. Prospal would probably be a candidate to replace Frolov or Avery.

    Drury with a rotation of Frolov/Avery/Boog/Christensen

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Can Drury play left wing? If so, I’d like for him to work primarily as the fourth line center, but also to get shifts on the first line or on the third line in the left wing spot, just to see if anything clicks.

    Also, I would insert him at center on any line (particularly Stepan’s) if there is a defensive faceoff, if for anything else, just to take the faceoff before going to the bench.

  20. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Drury’s line will surely see as much ice time as the Boyle line. If for no other reason than his faceoff prowess. As long as he is pulling a team leading percentage of wins, hes out there for faceoffs. I have been thinking of the immediate impact he will have on the team game.
    pk, faceoffs, team morale, team confidence, defensive forward, depth up the middle…
    I think he makes us even tougher to play against. No he isn’t 21 years old and full of piss and vinegar. He is who he is and he is what he is. He is another Solid Vet that wears our beloved sweater proudly. We never hear of the minor injuries that our heroes play with that may or may not effect their ability to perform. I dont remember ever questioning his want or his passion. I see a different Drury than some of you i know, but he plays hard and dedicated hockey. Measure him in 4 games time. I dont think it will take 4 games, but that seems to be about average for players returning to get their chops back.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, any idea on how far away Prospal is? Are we talking January, February, or even later?

  22. Braunschweiger on

    I think this injury was the best thing to happen him as a Ranger. If we started the season with him as a 1 or 2 center who knows what our record will be or how well Artie or Stepan would have grown and continue to improve. For 30+ games we forgot about him for the most part and the team got better.

    Now they are 18-13 playing well as a team and he can only help a PK thats ranked 16th without him and 29th in faceoffs at 44%, last year he won 52.9 %. I’ll take that over Todd White anyday.

    His salary still sucks and he came back in time to not have his finger ruin his x-mas, but this is only a positive for the team if he plays a 3rd or 4th line role, which he started to do last season.

    I hope we get Captain Cluth posts again too.

    10 more wins til the King gets 200 career
    He could stand upside down in the net, I’ll take him in goal on this team anyday over most goalies in this league.

  23. lb2000: He does nothing – can’t produce on the ice and from what we can see (and yes, fully admit it’s a cursory view – we don’t really know what goes on in the room, nor the room dynamics) he’s not a rah-rah guy. Captains lift a team by doing one (or both) of the above.

    And just so we’re clear – I don’t think the C should be taken from him now (in mid-season). Do it next summer or wait until his stupid contract runs out.

  24. Gravey: Dreary cannot be traded unless he agrees to wherever Sather wants to send him. Not only does he make a ridiculous $7,000,000 a season, he’s also got a no MOVEMENT clause (meaning the Rangers can’t even waive him to Hartford, if they wanted). If for whatever reason the Rangers no longer wanted Dreary around, their only option would be to pay Dreary his $7,000,000 to stay home.

    Nice contract Sather!

  25. Carp,
    Good thoughts and I agree.
    Its going to take Drury some time to also get back in the swing of things. So the 4th line is a great place to start.

    I just wonder who comes out for Propal? Does the “no kids out of the lineup” also apply to Propal’s return?

  26. Blame Sather for giving Drury his overpriced contract, not Drury for signing it. Ilb, I’m with you. He was the best candidate for the “C” when he signed here, and he hasn’t done anything outrageous to lose that honor.

  27. The guy comes out, blocks the shot, breaks his hand. The new season starts, he doesn’t think twice- comes out and blocks many shots on PK again. Breaks his finger. I have no doubt he will come out again and keep blocking those shots. Could that be the reason our young players do it all the time? And lead the league in block shots? Do not underestimate this type of leadership.

  28. And I can hear already someone bringing up Blair Betts. Well, Blair Betts isn’t our captain, or any team’s captain. And he doesn’t make $8M. Think about it. If your highest paid player does tha, this is leadership in my book. Not his fault that he isn’t scoring 50 goals, or it was the market that dictated his salary. But he does what he can.

  29. Everyone needs to get over the contract already. Unlike Dredden and Blowzy, he’s actually a valuable player.

    He has one year left after this, so why complain aboot it more.

    I wonder if Slats would re-sign him if he took less money. Should be an interesting summer that year.

    I wont be looking forward to Michaletti’s orgasmic response to everything Dreary does.

  30. And Dreary shouldn’t be captain, nor should he be making $7,00,000. Just because he’s both doesn’t make it’s right. Yes, Sather offered him that stupid contract and yes Sather played a significant role in deciding Dreary needs the C.

    Let’s not forget that Glen Sather hasn’t won anything of note since the late 80s and in fact, ran the Edmonton Oiler franchise into the ground (on the pretense of a small market handicap in a non-cap league handcuffing his GMing abilities), then transitioned to the New York Ranger and ran that team into the ground (all the while buying every mercenary he could find and pushing the team’s payroll to over $80,000,000).

    The Rangers (and their fans) are enjoying a renaissance of sorts so far this year, but let’s not forget who’s in charge and his considerable shortcomings, including Chris Dreary.

  31. chef george cooking up some blueshirt passion on

    I want to be optimistic about captain clutch’s return. Frankly, I’d rather never see him play again in a Ranger uniform. But if he can play well I’ll be happy for him and the team. I just worry about shaking up this team’s chemistry right now. They are young, hardworking and passionate. It’s exciting to watch and talk about. I think the only thing really missing with this team is Gabby playing consistently. At the start of training camp I felt this would be the same ol’ rangers mix of old and young and confused….. But it hasn’t been; and i hope Drury either makes an impact or goes away by some way of magic and or luck.
    P.S. does everyone else hate listening to schmuckelletti and his b.s. propaganda?He really makes me sick and says the stupidest things. Straight up that guy belongs on the Islanders Broadcast. Put anyone else in there. Sam is a class act and a pleasure to listen to. The schmuck just ruins it. I’d rather mute the game and listen to the radio…. If I didn’t have to watch every game off the DVR

  32. Anyone else worried that adding Drury to the PK will ruin the offense it has been generating lately? Our PK leads the LEAGUE in short handed goals.

  33. Cross Check, thanks. As soon as I typed those two lines together I wondered how long it would be before somebody made the connection.

    Doodie, after Christmas. Still nothing more exact than that. But he’s close.

    I think Prospal at this point is the same player as Fedotenko, with a little more offensive skill. I wonder if he eventually slips onto the first line and Fedotenko slides down … or perhaps out of the lineup some nights, depending on what happens with Frolov, Christensen and maybe even Avery and Boogaard.

    Get ready for the interviews and analysis tomorrow. You’ll think Messier is coming back.

  34. I predict Drury will have a nice rest of the season. This Rangers team is much more balanced than years past and I think Drury will fit nicely on the top line as a left wing who can take draws for Stepan. He will also help on the power play and PK.

    Drury can finish. It was always getting the play started that was the problem for him. He is not a playmaker. Playing with Step and Gaby, I think Drury can have real success scoring goals and might actually earn his salary this year…

  35. What should or shouldn’t have been done doesn’t really matter now, does it? He is here. With his contract and captaincy. Let’s see if he can make the best of it.

    By the way, if they do decide to buy him out after this season, that will save the team $3.3M in cap space. His cap hit will be $3.7M for next season and &1.66M for 2011-2012.

  36. I’m being a negative person today.

    Terrible news. I wonder who is getting sent down for this dead weight.

    This team will be okay with Drury because they have been a better team with or whithout him. He’s not the captain anymore and they don’t need him. He better be on the 3rd or 4th line if Tortorella knows what’s good.

    Give the C to Cally or Dubi or Stallzy. That would fire this team up especially the veterans. And transfer the leadership role to the kids who will soon need to learn how to truly lead.

    EC is a good center in a contract year (plus he burnt bridges with other teams which makes him cheap). I just wonder who is going to get sent down for a $7.5million Blair Betts at best.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    noonan, first, Drury is $7 mil, not 7.5.

    Second, at best, he is a very good player. At WORST, he’s Blair Betts. At his best, he scored 37 goals with 32 assists.

    Third, EC is not a good center. He’s a placeholder. Drury, at worst, is at least as good as Christensen, with much better faceoff skills and defensive play.

    Honestly, if they stick him on the 4th line, there is no downside.

  38. Jeez, I know I’ve come to expect it on here…but can we let the guy play more than a couple periods before we demand his head?

    There won’t be NEARLY as much pressure on him to perform so while he is drastically overpaid, perhaps he won’t squeeze the stick as much and do what he does best.

    Think happy thoughts! LGR!

  39. Good morning all! Lots of funny comments here today, but I like Kurt’s best :)

    Anyway, I won’t repeat all that’s been said, but I’ll say this. Let’s just see. I am nervous about messing with what’s working, but if he brings faceoff wins and helps the PK, then OK. But I’ve said all along, salary and C or no, he should start on 4th line for sure. With him just returning so far into season, messing with the current first-liners would be stupid, in my humble opinion.

    And unlike Carp, I’m never wrong :)

  40. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury only sucks the life out of this team. They’ve had no Drury-related identity since he’s been here and the first time he gets hurt they really start winning and looking like a team that cares. I’m sorry, but that is a product of Drury alone (ok, maybe the Renney attitude had a piece of it too). Think about it though, this is a sap who, as the captain, watched a 10-12 game losing streak and did nothing last year. Instead Lundqvist and Avery held a team meeting and turned the team around.

    I cannot wait for this waste of salary to be gone. This team WILL NOT be better with him, they will only be the same or worse. July, 2012 can’t come soon enough.

  41. lb2001: I gotta figure with those numbers, if Dreary doesn’t do much this year, he will be bought out over the summer. This will especially be the case if management decides they need a captaincy change for next season.

    I should add that I don’t share the sentiment that the team cannot use Dreary and it would be better if he stayed away. He works hard, is dedicated and clearly is a team-first player with a certain amount of skill remaining. For sure, he’s a bottom 6 guy (meaning I totally disagree with those advocating putting him on the number 1 line) and provided that’s where he plays, that’s fine. Prust/Boyle/Dreary might be a very effective 3rd line as a matter of fact.

  42. There goes our outstanding Shorthanded goal scoring, I say leave him off the PK and stay on the 4th line, forever.

  43. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    When everyone is healthy, Torts will say: “No kids will be sat…neither will Drury… but Gilroy might, and MDZ when he needs to get out of this slump, Stepan may not play some third periods, and Sauer is questionable if he goes cold, Artie might see 4th line time or a suit if he slumps again, but Drury won’t be sat!”

  44. Olga Folkyerself on

    It’s not Drury’s fault, it’s Sather’s.
    It’s not Frolov’s fault, it’s Sather.
    It’s not Rozival, it’s Sather.
    It’s not Redden’s fault it’s Sather.
    It’s not Brashear’s fault, It’s Sather.
    It’s not Zherdev’s fault, it’s Sather.
    It’s not Higgins fault, it’s Sather.
    It’s not Kotalik’s fault, it’s Sather.
    It’s not Jokinen’s fault, it’s Sather.
    It’s not Higgin’s fault, it’s Sather.
    It’s not Gomez fault, it’s Sather.
    It’s not Naslund’s fault, it’s Sather.
    It’s not Kalinin’s fault, it’s Sather.

    And that only covers what Sather SHOULDN’T have done for the last three years.

    FIRE SATHER! And all will return to the way it should be…

  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Why can’t we Garth Snow the remainder of Drury’s contract?! Put him in the office is my vote!

  46. You mentioned Higgins twice, Olga. Was he that bad, or it should’ve beeh the reason to fire Sather twice? Somehow I know the answer….

  47. Drury only sucks the life out of this team. They’ve had no Drury-related identity since he’s been here and the first time he gets hurt they really start winning and looking like a team that cares.
    Given that he’s most likely going to replace EC or White, both of whom he’s regularly outproduced along with playing effective PK minutes (which they don’t) I don’t see a huge downside.

    I’m sorry, but that is a product of Drury alone (ok, maybe the Renney attitude had a piece of it too). Think about it though, this is a sap who, as the captain, watched a 10-12 game losing streak and did nothing last year. Instead Lundqvist and Avery held a team meeting and turned the team around.
    Turned the team around for a few games only to have it slump again and miss the playoffs?

    I cannot wait for this waste of salary to be gone. This team WILL NOT be better with him, they will only be the same or worse. July, 2012 can’t come soon enough.
    I won’t argue that the team will be better off after his contract is up, but it looks like since he’s being used in a smaller capacity than his first two years the performance on the team will be more predicated on the likes of Gaborik/Stepan/Dubi/AA/Cally/Staal/DZ/Lundqvist than him.

  48. For everyone who’s raving about our SH scoring, I’d rather kill the penalty to be honest. And Drury’s VERY good at that. Especially in 5 on 3 situations.

  49. Jim, the only argument about putting him on a No. 1 line is this. Yes, he’s not a legit No. 1 line player. But the Rangers don’t have a legit No. 1 line. He’s certainly as good, if not better, offensively, than Fedotenko, who is currently the No. 1 LW, and better than Christensen, who has been the No. 1 center.

  50. It’s never the player’s fault for signing the big contract. Did the players go to business school? Are the players entrusted to run the business side of any sport? We all know where the buck stops, but Grandpa Glen doesn’t ever admit to a real mistake.
    Whether it’s unfortunate signings, poor scouting, poor coach selection, poor drafting, etc., Slats is in charge, and he never has to say he’s sorry.
    Drury has been reliable on the 4th line, and doesn’t seem to complain about it. Good for him.

  51. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Think about it though, this is a sap who, as the captain, watched a 10-12 game losing streak and did nothing last year. Instead Lundqvist and Avery held a team meeting and turned the team around.
    …”turned the team around for a few games only to have it slump again and miss the playoffs?”
    Didn’t they finish the season getting like 16 of a possible 18 points after that meeting? Something like that. And if Chris Drury has that meeting sooner, perhaps they make the playoffs?! You’re argument here is moot and only attests to the attributes of Avery/Lundvist and does not explain Drury’s failure as captain.

    And your Drury vs. White/Christensen argument is also silly. Actually, Christensen is on pace for the same # of points Drury had last year, DESPITE Drury being given the entire first half of the season to try and score PP and top-line goals. Todd White has barely played this year, and not with good players, Drury isn’t doing anything different when he’s inserted in his spot.

    I appreciate your reply, but respectfully disagree.

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You’re saying Drury is better than Christensen? In terms of creating offensive chances and producing points while playing on the top line?

  53. agree with Carp 100%. start him on the 4th line and see how things go.

    with a 4th line of drury, christenson, and avery they can play 12 minutes a game. have drury kill penalties and take important face offs…

    see how it goes, he is a better player then white so the rangers are better immediately. the only total waste of a player left is boogie…..

  54. i’m actually looking forward to seeing our captain play! coming into the lineup after missing almost half a season must be tough, especially for an older player…

  55. Good point, Noah. I agree. The fact that there isn’t much expectation for him to produce and the NYR have had balanced scoring all season, should really help Drury.

    Drury is a great hockey player and has a knack for scoring big goals. But even when he isn’t scoring, Micheletti over does it.

    Maybe Drury can play the point on the power play? He does have a good slapshot…

    Redden was a much bigger drain on this team than Drury ever was. I don’t like to see all this hate for the captain of the team.

  56. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    It looks like Sather shops at the Hee Fuc Tup Chinese Buffet. Everything looks good at first, but it’s low quality, tasteless, cold, full of fat, overpriced and been sitting around too long… and occasionally so bad you have to just throw it away.

    Crack of Noon, Everyone!

  57. >>PK – we were doing better without him than with him…

    And, aren’t we also leading the league in short-handed goals?

  58. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    One point that Hockey Rodent loves to make about Drury is that nobody that he’s seen gets injured by shots nearly as much as Drury. I can say the same. Nearly every game there is at least one 5-on-4 that Drury plays which becomes a 5-on-3 because he’s limping around the ice. There’s nothing special about that.

  59. “noonan, first, Drury is $7 mil, not 7.5.”

    Leave it to doody to split hairs. Are you serious, guy? I already said I am in a very negative mood and you are acting like the little schoolboy spellchecker over .5million?

    “Second, at best, he is a very good player. At WORST, he’s Blair Betts. At his best, he scored 37 goals with 32 assists.”

    He does not belong on the top two lines period. Special teams + 3rd or 4th line and faceoff draws.

    “Third, EC is not a good center. He’s a placeholder. Drury, at worst, is at least as good as Christensen, with much better faceoff skills and defensive play.”

    Please son I am talking about the team here. What we have to work with. Drury at his worst cannot play, or is an injured has-been and with no offensive ability. His best days are over. Even if he does win more faceoffs EC brings more to the game than he can. Sad but true.

    In case you haven’t noticed we don’t have many good centers. Dubi could but he’s a better winger and I’d like to keep it that way. Please name 2 better centers on this team that can hack it on the top two lines. And feel free to split hairs over anything I wrote.

  60. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I won’t split hairs because i’m actually amazed that i agree with you … first time, perhaps ever, that that’s happened.

  61. “And your Drury vs. White/Christensen argument is also silly. Actually, Christensen is on pace for the same # of points Drury had last year, DESPITE Drury being given the entire first half of the season to try and score PP and top-line goals. Todd White has barely played this year, and not with good players, Drury isn’t doing anything different when he’s inserted in his spot.

    I appreciate your reply, but respectfully disagree.”

    I LOL’D at that too. White is serviceable but to put him in the same boat as EC is laughable. Come to think he probably will be sent down when Drury and Prospal come back.

    Agree with other poster about Drury taking a much lesser role and point on PP. Modano did it.

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    And Doody, I’ll split your hairs.
    Drury is actually 7.05 million hit and making 8 million this year.

  63. True fans,

    I think the meeting you’re referencing was much earlier in the season, like December-ish. Either way, there’s a ton of reasons aside from Drury’s uncharismatic leadership why the Rangers were bad last year such as having no consistent secondary scoring to support Gaborik/Prospal, busts with wingers like Kotalik and Higgins, breaking in Del Zotto on D despite his defensive shortcomings, lack of a primary set up man, etc.

    I know it’s easy to target the captain, and believe me I wish his deal never happened. But I’ve moved on from the all out hate on the guy and realized some point last year that this team isn’t good enough to win regardless of whether Drury returned to his Buffalo 30+ goal days. The improvement of the team this year is more about growth of players like Dubi, Cally and AA, Stepan adjusting his game to the NHL, Sauer playing like he gives a damn instead of Redden, Staal finding some offense in his game, etc. Drury was already getting relegated to 3rd/4th line duty last year and that’s where they’ll continue to use him. If Torts decides to monkey around with the lines and bump Drury up then that’s his fault and not Drury’s.

  64. Perhaps I eat Crow for this…. perhaps I don’t. Either way… remember you heard it here first. Drury will return to form upon his return. Why? Don’t ask me why. It’s a gut feeling… and I’ve gotta tell ya…. my gut is NEVER wrong. While I’ve been one of his greatest critics over the last few seasons… I’m telling you, the vibe is right. Shockingly and unforeseen, he puts us over the top for a team to be reckoned with in the East.

    PS…. if only his finger weren’t busted… I’d love to see him go after that piece of Cooke, Matt Cooke again.

  65. From Larry Brooks twitter:

    “Sather:NYR have NOT told Tim Kennedy or agent they would put him on re-entry for trade. “Not a chance” GM tells Post.”

  66. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The improvement of the team this year is more about growth of players like Dubi, Cally and AA, Stepan adjusting his game to the NHL, Sauer playing like he gives a damn instead of Redden, Staal finding some offense in his game, etc.
    We will see – and I hope you’re right. Unfortunately, I do expect this team to change a little, and for the worse, with the return of Captain Chris “I won’t let this ruin my Christmas” Drury.

  67. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Craig – which form? Old clutch Drury or recent overpaid/underperformer pizza making Dreary? LOL!

  68. Unrelated note, Devils put Rolston on Waivers

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE watching there entire team fall apart.

    The fans on Fire and Ice ( i was reading for a laugh) are already ready to jump ship

    How long before a 3 player trade or coaching change comes to Jersey?

  69. ” i’m actually amazed that i agree with you … first time, ”

    You would be surprised at how often I hear that. Maybe it’s a good thing maybe bad hehe

    Anyways sorry for being so negative and nasty. I LOVE THIS TEAM!

  70. I LOL’D at that too. White is serviceable but to put him in the same boat as EC is laughable. Come to think he probably will be sent down when Drury and Prospal come back.


    EC will most likely be the 13th forward (White’s current role) when Drury comes back. EC being on pace to eclipse Drury’s career low in points from last year isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of why he should be in the lineup. Overall, I’m not predicting Drury will turn out a 20G/20A year, but he’s taking a bottom 6, if not 4th line spot from a couple of guys that have easily replaceable offensive production along with marginal or no defensive abilities.

  71. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The only replaceable offensive production on this team is Chris Drury’s. Hell, even Ryan Hollweg could probably do better.

  72. Yeah, Izzy, the family is blessed….By the way, do you know Sather’s ring size? Or is it neck size we are looking for?

  73. speaking of NJD and their fans… remember that those fans have not seen anything like they are seeing right now in the past 15-16 years! So it’s very understandable that they want to die! Which brings me to the point i’m trying to make…SUFFER B!TCHES! {HEAD SPINS 360 DEGREES FOLLOWED BY EVIL LAUGH}

  74. We will see – and I hope you’re right. Unfortunately, I do expect this team to change a little, and for the worse, with the return of Captain Chris “I won’t let this ruin my Christmas” Drury.


    Just for your consideration, I’d wait a few games before making a full judgment. These next 3 games are going to be a bear for the Rangers, regardless of who they have in their lineup. If they were to lose 3 straight, I suspect that will have more to do with superior opponents. The Rangers have not fared well against most of the higher skilled teams they’ve faced so far.

  75. Either one Shattenkirk…. this way I’m right… :)

    LOL no, on a more serious note…. Captain Clutch “light”… The one we saw during his first year on Broadway. I think that’s a reasonable expectation. No, I don’t expect him to be a goal machine, but… I truly believe he took last year’s non-playoff result to heart.

    Look…. the guy’s a competitor… All you need to do is see his play in front of the opposing team’s net. When he’s on, he’s fighting for every inch of ice, and getting in the right places to put those close range shots in the net. It’s the patented “down on one knee” drury shot we’ve seen more than we’d like to admit. He just lost it somewhere along the way. Was it the big paycheck? I sincerely hope not. To be determined I guess… But, I predict a revived, bounceback year which will turn our Blueshirts into legit contenders.

    Are we missing a few pieces? Of course we are. Umm…. how about the US Olympic team in 1980? Yeah… I’d say they werent the most talented, but.. they were the right mix. No, we’re not THAT team… but we’re in your face, we don’t tuck our tails between our legs when the going gets tough… and we’ve bought into Torts system.

  76. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Don’t need Sather’s Ring size. He’ll never win another. I love the idea of a necktie party for him.

  77. TheREALMikeyNJ- thank you! Can you provide the links to that NJ blog (and maybe LI too?). A lot of boneheads are in foul mood today, bet you that would cheer everyone up.

  78. HUH? the blog filters words now?? that letter “B” after word “suffer” in my last post should have had at least 6 more letters after it!

  79. Drury might actually do well playing a 46-52 game season. The guy gets so rundow he is useless at the end of an 82 game run.

    This could be a good scenario.

    But I will be the first to say I don’t like him on this team.

  80. Boy, we need a game! We’ve discussed Drury more than our media said about tax cut ordeal. The reality- not much we can do about either.

  81. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Looking ahead to our game with Pitt.
    Pitt plays Philly tonight. This will definitely work in our favor. It is surely going to be a physical and emotionally intense match. Tomorrow, is their let down game. Even if Pitt wins, they will be drained for us. Who wouldnt love to see them meet the same fate that Washington did…

  82. Parity, anyone? Dallas is in 2nd place in WC. They only have 5 points more than St. Louis. The Blues occupy 12th place at the moment. Luckily, totally different situation in EC.

  83. Drury is a huge addition for us just on penalty killing and faceoffs alone. I understand his contract is a killer and we should try to move him ASAP but he is certainly a positive on the ice for us. I would put him on LW with Boyle and Prust or move him to the top line LW if/when Fedotenko cools off.

  84. Are you sure, Carp? That’s a real headscratcher! :-)

    Let me try to cheer you up, ‘heads. If the Rangers move Roszival (very doable), and decide to buy Drury out, they will have freed up $19.650M of cap space. Callahan, Anisimov, Dubinsky, Boyle, Gilroy and sauer are RFA’s. Eminger is an UFA.

  85. lol come on Drury > Christensen. besides these ridiculous assumptions fans make about him being a bad leader from their computer and his contract, there is no basis for saying EC is better.

    the big question is what happens when Prospal comes back. Avery-Drury-Frolov/Boogaard would be the 4th line…

  86. why on Earth would the Rangers buyout Drury when he has 1 year left on his deal after this season at 5 million in salary which makes him fairly easy to move should he waive his NTC.

    i highly doubt Tortorella would want him gone anyway as he’s still a very valuable player for them.

  87. With that type of money, all RFAs can be signed, they can add Richards easily (if they decide to do so-which is another debate), and have a few bucks to spare.

  88. and I’m no cap-ologist, but even in a buyout a good portion of Drury’s salary counts against the cap for the next few years. So I don’t see how it clears that much space.

  89. Carp- I was being sarcastic. It’s laughable that we even discuss that, to be honest.
    Of course Drury is better than Christensen.

  90. Not so fast, Carp. Buying him out saves $3.3M in cap money next year and they will only have $1.66M in cap hit for one year after.

  91. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Carp, I’m going to throw it out there right now…

    *Erik Christensen will have more points than Chris Drury from now until the end of the season.* Chistensen played 20 fewer games last year and averaged 4:00+ minutes less ice time than Drury and still only finished with 6 points fewer than Captain Crutch.

    If they play similar ice times, PP time, and have similar opportunities to produce, Christensen will out-produce our USA golden (silver?) boy.

  92. Except that Drury is going to play every game, if he’s healthy, and Christensen will be sitting next to me when Prospal and Boogaard come back.

  93. Lines according to Gross’ practice post:

    Ruslan Fedotenko – Derek Stepan – Marian Gaborik
    Brandon Dubinsky – Artem Anisimov – Ryan Callahan
    Alex Frolov – Brian Boyle – Brandon Prust
    Sean Avery – Erik Christensen – Chris Drury

    For some reason, I really like that 4th line.

  94. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If you just look at Drury’s career stat’s trend, stats from last year, and consider he’s probably going to have a very slow start (which may weigh on him even further), I can’t imagine Drury is going to come out and produce MORE or even the same as last year.

    Using that standard, which is about what Christensen is producing, Drury is less effectively offensively.

  95. Honestly I really try to like Drury and all of his “intangibles.” Last year I was totally “meh” towards him save for a few games (vs. Pittsburgh where he got jumped and Rosival jumped in).

    However, with this year’s new team (re: identity) I think he could fit in nicely now that the team has an agenda they’re sticking to. I mean if Todd White is out because Drury is in I’m all for it! Not sure why White is even on the team.

    FWIW I’m more excited to see Prospal and his unparalleled enthusiasm return to the team.

  96. I think there is a chance Drury, in this new style of play, with this new depth in the team’s lines, could produce more than he has in the past few years. I really do. I think he just fits right in with the other grinders on the team.

  97. There’s a reason why Chris Drury sat out this many games with just a broken finger.

    I know we lack centers but Drury doesn’t have it anymore. The team simply doesn’t need him even with his 7.05 million dollar contract (did I get that right, doody?). Peter Forsberg played on one leg and was more serviceable.

    I believe EC will get more points than Drury from now until the end of the season. Tom Renney doesn’t coach this team anymore and you will be held accountable. Tortorella isn’t stupid he’s probably going to be on a short leash

    But we do need another center and a veteran D-man to make a dent in the playoffs. Maybe Sather can pull some magic again like he did in the Gomez deal

  98. Noah-tenko, 28 on

    Drury is at his best when the skill players around him are buzzing. That’s why he was as successful as he was in Colorado and Buffalo (and in the latter half of his first year with the Rangers). He’s a great second-level player (that happens to be paid as a top first-level player).

    If this team keeps percolating like it has with the youth movement, I can’t see why Drury can’t be as successful as he has been in the past.

    Again, I’ve been disappointed in his tenure so far as much as the next person. But piling on before he plays one full game is a bit unfair since this team is COMPLETELY different from the past couple years.

  99. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Tell the mrs happy birthday ILB!!!

    So how about we talk about politics or mythology??

    Seriously, I agree with ILB on this, it isn’t a bad thing. I figure EC and white are the first 2 to sit. The thing that worries me is who is the one that sits when prospal comes back.

    Some of you gripe so much about announcers it is ridiculous. You don’t like other team announcers because they are such homers, but you gripe about our announcers if they compliment another team or player. I wonder how many announcers from teams other than the one gretzky was on talked about gretzky during their broadcasts??? Guess what ovechkin and crosby are great players, it is just a fact. So people are going to talk about them. Joe m is no JD, and that is no secret, but he is better than a lot of other guys out there. I like our announcers because they are not homers and do talk about other players and teams.

    The only way you guys like any announcers (our team or theirs or neutral) is if they talk about the rangers and only players from the rangers that you guys actually like?? Get over it and STFU about announcers!!!

    On that note, we had the caps feed up here the other night and mrs wicky and I were shocked that benninatti (sp?) actually wasn’t too bad during that game. He and the other guy actually sounded better than they usually do. We just figured it was a rare occurance because it was the NHLN feed and they were toning down the homerism a bit.

  100. Oi, Carp, I would be very careful sitting next to an angry hockey player which is forced to sit in the press box insteading circling the ice :)

    And you are better not asking him the question ” What is better, sitting press box with the Rangers or having first line duties as a center with the Islanders :)

  101. Trade drury for Gomez. Drury would waive his no trade if Sather asked him and we would have a #1 center. Mont- could use Drury and then buy him out next year. If Gomer does not work out, we trade him back to NJ.

  102. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I agree with oleo on the buy out thing.

    On another note, I think the NHL should make the “take down” during a fight a penalty. If you are getting your butt kicked in a scrap, turtle, don’t throw down or tackle. Boogey and prust are having shoulder issues (I am just guessing on prust from what he said in his NHL live interview from yesterday) from “take downs”. Just dangerous and uncalled for IMHO.

  103. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Here you go for a funny tweet

    EJHradek_ESPN EJ Hradek
    Strange stat of the day: Rangers D Dan Girardi has more points (16) than Devils LW Ilya Kovalchuk (14). Didn’t see that coming.

  104. Noah-tenko, 28 on

    True Fans,

    I mean, if there was a highlight reel out there of me when I was 22-23, I’m sure I had a lot more energy (and more hair).

    So I do agree with you. But what I was trying to get across was that I agree with Carp as far as believing that the structure of this team may allow Drury to revert to a more comfortable and familiar role than the one he was playing (or trying to play) for the last couple years.

  105. Some of the arguments today gave me a good chuckle. Of course Drury is a better player than EC. He does many more things for the team, kill penalties, win faceoffs block shots etc., That far overshadow the one sparkling plat EDC makes every 3 or 4 games.

    Drury brole the same finger twice and required corrective surgery to repair the damage, so it is not surprising that it took a while to get medical clearance. Those that say tha team doesn’t want or need him back have not been watching the faceoffs.

    Just because the fans (some of the less knowlegable ones) despise him doesn’t mean the team and coaches don’t respect and value him. In fact, all indications are that he is held in high esteem by those who know the team and the game best. Yes he had a poor middle of the season last year following the concussion, but he returned to form abd played well down the stretch.

    To close, I am off to Disney with the grandkids in the AM, so I probably won’t be checking in again until Monday (weekend forecast for Orlando is &) and sunny. Sorry if you are stuck in NY or some other cold place.)

  106. I think Drury fits into this team better than any Ranger team since he’s been here. I think he would look great playing with Prust and Boyle and getting some shifts with Stepan and Gaborik. EC shows very little defensive responsibility and Drury could improve that with Stepan and Gaborik.

  107. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Fire and Ice blog is where all thh debbie fans are jumping ship, where Gross’ blog is, same site

    And Sorry Wicky, I dont want a homer annoucer either, but I DO want our announcers to shut up about Crosby. ESPECIALLY when were NOT EVEN PLAYING PITTSBURGH!!

    I mean i understand horse lip cry baby is the princess of the NHL, great, I understand. I jsut dont want to hear about him unless were playing him.

    There is absolutelty NO Sense in discussing a player who is not on the ice during the game, unless he was hit by a truck or scored his 50th goal that night

    This is a NY team, with mainly tri-state area fans, who want to hear about the ACTUAL game tha tis goign on on the ice.

    I dont know how many times I have to watch a scoring chance or a great hit not even get talked about becasue douchelletti and rosen were talking about some steak hsoue they went to, or how cold out side it is.

    There not the worst, and by far better than most, its just Joe M is a terrible color analysyst and shoudl have stayed with the islanders and Rosen is getting old, and hell he’s missing more games doing NFl as it is.

    And I’m no John Giannone fan, but at least he’ll cut off Joe M when a play happens on the ice.

    I’m done, no more complaining about the annoucners

    Thank you!


  108. Buy out Drury? Your captain? Not happening…

    True Fans, EC led the CHL is scoring as a junior one year. That is his only claim to fame. Oh yeah, and he has a striking resemblence to Pee-Wee Herman…

    Clearly, Dru is a superior player. Do I need to list all of Chris Drury’s claims to fame (i.e. Pizza at Colony Grill, best shot blocker ever, Looks like Luke Wilson, etc…) ?

  109. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    You guys believe torts that “no young guys will come out”?

  110. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Just because the fans (some of the less knowlegable ones) despise him doesn’t mean the team and coaches don’t respect and value him.

    The least knowledgeable fan is probably the one who over-values his own beliefs in comparison to other fans!

    Enjoy Disney!

  111. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    My argument is not “who is a better player” or that EC is a better NHL’r, because by that comparison Drury is better. All i am is saying is that if you put them on the ice for about the same amount of time, similar players (ie. not Christensen with Boogard and White vs. Drury with Gabby and Dubi), and similar PP time then Christensen will have more points at this time in their careers.

    It’s a simple comparison of offensive effectiveness.

  112. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    real mike
    I wasn’t talking about you necessarily, there were just so many people griping about it and I really don’t understand why. I do think anytime you are playing either crosby or ovi, the other will come up during the broadcast because they are always compared against one another. But no worries man I just wish everyone would move on about announcing or hit their mute button.

    Old coach
    wooo hooo you’re going to disney land!!!

    you are macalicious!!!!

    like the way MSG is promoting the crosby slew foot revenge for the wednesday game.

  113. BTW, griping about his salary is a gripe worth mentiioning over and over again. His salary has handcuffed this team from being able to fill in some of the gaps. Yes Sather offered it to him and yes he would be dumb not siging it. But, it does not change the fact that he is not worth the money. Any idiot (outside of Sather) knows this and laughs at us for it.

    I have no problem with Drury and the way he plays. My one and only problem is his salary.

    Referencing Betts was a mere attempt at showing someone who has a good faceoff ratio and PK ability and what it is actually worth. I give Drury a higher rating over Betts, but they are similar when it comes to their defensive game.

    The truth is nothing is going to change until his contract is up. I hope of they re-up, it will be for quite less money and better not have a no movement clause.

  114. About 3 months ago I had to have a colonoscapy because they said it was a smart thing to do when you turn 50. I dont know how many of you out there have ever prepped for this procedure but I rate Dreary coming back right up there with a good couple of days with Ducalax shakes and pills. At least after the procedure my system was back to normal, can we say the same for Captain Colonoscapy?

  115. kurt, thanks for solving my problem on what to have for lunch. I’ve now decided on nothing :)

    anybody else have the new wireless mac keyboard? it’s taking me some getting used to it’s so much tinier….

  116. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    we haven’t tried one yet, but the mrs kinda wants one!

  117. True Fans Bleed,
    I’m not saying that my opinions are more valuable than any one elses. How ever, as someone who has coached the game at many different levels over s 20 year span, and has been watching tha Rangers since 1954, I do have some insight into what it takes to be a winning team and an effective player. Drury has, over his career, exhibited many of those qualities that coaches and teammates value and respect the most. The fact that a GM chose to overpay him after a carrer year with a team that was built in a totally different way doesn’t dtract from those things that he can contribute to the team. The fact that some fans choos to overlook them, or don’t even recognize them in the first place. makes them less knowlegable, in my opinion. This being America, you ate entitled to disagree. It doesn’t make us bad people.

  118. Wicky
    try what, a colonoscopy? Been there, done that, loads of fun! Especially the pre-procedure preparations. They do keep you on the run!

  119. totally agree with CJP at 8:41 a.m.

    I just hope mr monotone does not screw up this good thing that the Rangers have developed lately. what kind of captain says that he “won’t let it ruin his holiday”? THAT is akin to saying “I don’t care”

    he should turn over his C to Cally

  120. wicky, go for it. it rocks. besides, it’s the least you can do since she does all the diapers :)

    tomorrow’s game thread isn’t going to be all about Drury is it? please tell me no.

    I thought we all agreed here a long time ago and 100 times that we agree to disagree?

  121. Doodie Machetto on

    noonan, I wasn’t advocating that he play on the first two lines. All I was saying is that he’s better than Christensen. You said that EC is a good center. I disagree. I think he’s had more than enough opportunities to prove that he is worthwhile and he hasn’t. You also said that Drury at best is Blair Betts. You’re saying he’s washed up and a has-been, but the guy has played HALF of a game this year. Sure, last year he wasn’t good, but neither was the entire offense other than Gaborik and, at times, Prospal. Last season was clearly Drury’s worst and he was Blair Betts. So how can you say that all of a sudden, his upside is Blair Betts?

    The point is, the worst Chris Drury has ever been, has been Blair Betts. But now, all of a sudden, that’s his ceiling? Give the guy a chance this year before you say that.

    I’ll take Chris Drury to outscore EC the rest of the way, as well as to have a higher point per game and goal per game total than Christensen has had thus far in the season. For the record, that’s .161 goals per game and .387 points per game. I also take Drury to have a higher faceoff % than Christensen’s 47.4.

    Don’t get me wrong, Chris Drury is an all-time bust of a signing, but he’s definitely better than Christensen.

  122. Who knew? RR=diet plan :)

    well all, I’m officially bored with Drury rehash, and have to run out for a while anyway, so I leave you with this for now: Sweet 16! discuss….:) later!

  123. I’m baaack. and I will be the $7mill pk-er you’ve all been waiting for. you can’t give me the finger, cuz I already broke it twice. I will score clutch goals, that 7-0 win over the Caps would have been 8-0 if I was there, and I will give interviews that sell Sominex stock and pizza pizza


  124. Shoot the puck Barry on

    I’m not a big Drury fan, but you have to look at him as though he is a mid-season acquisition (as will Propsal, when he returns), except we didn’t trade anyone for him.

    I am looking forward to what he can give us on faceoffs, penalty kill and perhaps even a PP or two when he gets back into it.

    Let’s give him a couple of months to see what he’s got.

  125. I think there is a chance Drury, in this new style of play, with this new depth in the team?s lines, could produce more than he has in the past few years. I really do. I think he just fits right in with the other grinders on the team.


    Amen, Carp. I’m with you…this team really does play Drury’s style of hockey…

  126. Jokeuh, Frolov’s looked pretty good the last two games, and has better upside. So for now I’ll say Frolov.

    old coach, say Hi to Mickey Mouse.

    bigmouth, I’m not afraid of Christensen. Maybe another player.

    Mmmmm. Ducalax. I’m going to have some in January. Can’t freakin’ wait. Yeehah!

  127. True Fans Bleed RW&B-

    Regarding your Hockey Rodent post and boy are you flowing today.
    May I suggest some Pepto- Bismol?

    Even IF that were true do you think the FACT that Drury blocked more shots than any other forward might play a part. Although, I still say Horse Carcillo.

    Drury blocked 21% more shots than the #5 forward and 45% more shots than the #10 forward in the league last year.

  128. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I appreciate that, Old Coach and I don’t think we are bad people. Bad people do things like belittle other people’s opinions or call them less knowledgeable.

    I am glad you’re such a big fan of the sport and have so much historical knowledge. Although, I will contend that it is unfortunate the 2010-11 Rangers don’t get the same skill level “Chris Drury” as you have seen “over his career.” You talk almost like there’s a time machine that will bring that 22-26 yr old Drury back…? I’m also not won over by the “good qualities” argument because there are alot of good quality players who are respected by their teams and yet can’t bring the skill level necessary to maintain NHL jobs (see: Blair Betts). Nonetheless, I’m no coach, i’ve only watched and played for 20 years, but I don’t think the 70 point Chris Drury from 5 years ago reflects anything on how Rangers fan *SHOULD* judge him nor does it earn him the respect you say he deserves. Chris Drury has become a glorified Blair Betts, regardless of his career. If you put his “career” into that light, along with his mega-contract salary, hopefully you’ll then realize that’s just another reason why he’s a disappointment.

  129. Trade Drury for Willie Mitchell!!!

    That will free up $10.87546523 million in cap space and give us the best defense in the league!

    I dare anyone to tell me this isn’t the best idea ever.

  130. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Just an FYI here, but the rangers record when they fight 12-6-1, when they don’t 6-7. THIS TEAM IS BETTER WHEN IT FIGHTS!!!!!

  131. and thanks carp for the hat trick on that topic. and you come with an image, too! wonderful!
    sure wish there were more lady heads here now so we could regale you with stories that would send you all to therapy :) On that note, running and ta for now!

  132. I think Drury will be much more valuable to this team than people realize for several reasons:

    1. Excellent PKer – while the PK has been much better lately, early in the year it was abysmal and I think with Drury around it stays good and gets better.

    2. Faceoffs – have a much bigger impact on the game than people seem to realize, and he is good at them. This will help.

    3. In the past, Drury has always thrived the most in the goals/assists/points department when he is not really being counted on to contribute more than seconday scoring. When you make him your first line center, that is not the player he is. That’s how it was with Colorado. Even his best years in Buffalo, Briere/Vanek drew all the tough assignments. Now that the Rangers have more than just one guy who can score, I would hope that Drury can step up and contribute more offensively. Don’t know how he’d work on the left wing with Gaborik and Stepan, but the very fact that Cally/Dubi/AA have become a major scoring line takes all the pressure off Drury to produce consistently, which is exactly where he thrives.

  133. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    old coach
    the key board, not the colonoscopy!

  134. Just curious- what exactly did he do to be stripped of his captaincy?


    I’ll do you one better, what did he do to deserve it? Nothing.

    I don’t think Drury will make this team better. On paper, yes, of course.

    But Drury has “calming” effect on his teammates, and I mean that in the Xanax sense. We’ve seen Drury out for stretches in the past, and the team always seemed to take on this new energetic identity in his absense, and I believe that is what we’ve seen to start this season. Dubinsky talks about contagiousness, I think Drury’s lethargic skating will take this team down a notch.

    That said, he’ll have a big first game back or course to put the hype machine back into high gear.

  135. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Just curious- what exactly did he do to be stripped of his captaincy?

    Two lap dances and a private table with a happy ending!

  136. Geez, True Fans,
    You agre that to disagree doesn’t make us bad people, then you procede to call me a bad person. I am so deeply hurt that I might not be able to sleep tonight.

  137. True Fans Bleed RW&B-

    Drury played 17:46 to EC’s 15:28 which is only 2:18 not 4+ minutes

    But 3:00 of Drury’s time was PK

    So EC actually played MORE combined ES/PP time without the stress of having to PK

  138. Carp, I hope you have Dulcolax in January and not Ducalax. And what they perform is colonoscopy, not the other one :-). And ask your doctor whether it’s really necessary. There are many situations when you can avoid it by doing some other high sensitivity screening tests. I could go into more details, but I’m afraid that mama will have to skip tomorrow’s breakfast too.

  139. True Blue Mike on

    I can only see this team getting better with Drury and Prospal in the line-up.

    Prospal- Stepan-Gaborik (Prospal can take a lot of the face-offs this way Stepan wont be always getting crushed by the likes of Crosby and other top line center he plays against)
    Pack Line ( This line when its going, its great. When its not its still an okay 2nd line)
    Fedetenko-Boyle-Prust ( i love them)
    Avery-Drury-Frolov ( Has the ability to be a good line and drurys defense can make up for Averys lack of defense.

    Also having Prospal come in is going to boost us a lot. What he brings, his passion, his commitment and his chemistry with Gabby that will only bring us to an even higher level.

    When both of the come back i see us as an even better defensive team and at the same time there will be more competition in the line up and maybe that will wake up Frolov and maybe he will actually play well???

  140. I’m checking out for today, ‘heads. Time to celebrate mrs 26th. Behave, will you? The way some people were talking to each other today, I had serious doubts you’d have any orifices left to perform a colonoscopy when your time comes :-))

  141. Carp—- No big deal brother, just have alot of Charmin on or in hand LOL and reservations at your favorite restaurant for when its over. After nothing but jello and broth for 2 days I ate 32 belly bombers with onion rings in under an hour. Oh and Ducolax has nothing on White Castle ;)

  142. Flyers and Pens on VS, hm, another root for the roof to cave in game (said humorously, obviously after what happened in Minny I wish for nothing of the sort to happen).

  143. well
    just saying hello today
    and maybe a brief hello tomorrow

    had a major bloody nose situation today
    and among other do’s and don’ts
    i’m supposed to not allow my
    blood pressure to go up

    gee, wonder if that will happen at all while watching
    the game against the pens tomorrow.
    it goes up just thinking about cindy and the nhl’s inordinate love for
    and ignoring penalties his way.
    see youse later.

    and a word to the snow removal folks out there
    as David Letterman put it
    “Take it easy…”

  144. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    ddebened December 14th, 2010 at 3:13 pm
    True Fans Bleed RW&B-
    Drury played 17:46 to EC’s 15:28 which is only 2:18 not 4+ minutes
    Thanks for catching that, my mistake. I was actually looking at Christensen’s 13 mins p/game this year.

    Still doesn’t explain the 20 additional games Drury played and “accumulated” 6 more points.

  145. What the Rangers should do is make a deal with the Museum of Natural History, and borrow one of those 1200 A.D. Knight’s steel gauntlets for Drury.and let him use it for the remainder of the season. So…maybe he won’t be able to shoot or pass too well with it, but he’d be murder on faceoffs, and seeing as he doesn’t do much else but block shots with his hands, it would be a natural item.

    I never quite understood the tiny cuff gloves that they use nowadays.

  146. Doctor’s round in the morning.

    In the first ward.

    Doctor: What’s his diagnosis?

    Nurse: Hemorrhoids.

    Doctor: How do you treat this case of hemorrhoids?

    Nurse: We paint his anus with iodine.

    Doctor: Complaints?

    Patient: No.

    In the second ward.

    Doctor: What’s his diagnosis?

    Nurse: Hemorrhoids.

    Doctor: How do you treat this case of hemorrhoids?

    Nurse: We paint his anus with iodine.

    Doctor: Complaints?

    Patient: No.

    In the third ward.

    Doctor: What’s his diagnosis?

    Nurse: Sore throat.

    Doctor: How do you treat this case of sore throat?

    Nurse: We paint his throat with iodine.

    Doctor: Complaints?

    Patient: Yes, can I be the first in the line for the iodine treatment?

  147. not to make light on a sad story … but go to … what do you notice about the main headline:)

  148. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Evening “Heads, and Happy 26th Birthday to the lovely Mrs. Ilb!!

    Pimp, the ‘amateur hour’???

    you guys have been busy discussing the RETURN OF THE Clutch. Good posts today ;-)

  149. yeah, but notice that they said that Zherdev has been a healthy scratch 5 times already this year. that says plenty about him not really changing at all.. he is still good with the puck but awful when he does not have it.

  150. “Fifty, 60, 70 people could have been killed — this was not amateur hour,” Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism expert at the Swedish National Defense College, told CNN.

    CLUTCH verbiage

  151. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Drury is a fourth liner at this point in his career. He has no business wearing the C anymore and should do the right thing, captain thing and hand over the C to Dubi or Cally. I am not a fan of his at all. I am also afraid that he will ruin the team chemistry with his dreary personality. I am however certain that he is a better option than Todd White who is no better than a fire hydrant. That is not saying much though. I am looking forward to Prospal coming back. If he plays anywhere near how he played last year than we may have a very good first line. Losing EC off the roster is also a big bonus!

  152. hmmm. Rolston on waivers…didn’t he play left wing opposite Gaby in Minny? interesting.

    It is quite unbelievable how the NJ Devils franchise is crumbling. It’s so funny to think that the Icelanders may become a contender in the next few years sooner then they do. Lou was always considered a hockey genius. It is no one’s fault but his for they way it is going right now…Marty Brodeur was your franchise player, now it is Ilya Kovalchuk….yikes! :)

    PS: Voros was put on injured reserve; injuries from that Aasen-whooping he got from Bieksa…

  153. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    i’m crackin up over here! They are already announcing early dismissals. Yes, it’s cold here and yes, it’s going to rain tomorrow, so there is the possibility of the roads icing over, but they are already CLOSING schools and it hasnt even started! These folks would keel over if they ever experienced a northern or midwestern winter.

  154. watching the NHL Live and the guy who hosts the show (dont know and dont care about his name) right before highlights from Cryers and Pissburgh game says “Welcome to Sydney Craosby show” whaaat?

    Zherdev with his 10th of the season… every goal is a highlight reel goal with this kid

  155. I hope I am wrong but I doubt if Prospal even comes back…when you have knee surgery in your mid-thirties it is a huge challenge to come back and skate at the NHL level….I mean, I hope he can but it doesn’t sound like it is going to be anytime soon…thinking a few more months, at least…

  156. Evening gang.

    Damn, it appears we have opinions on Captain Pizza and strong ones at that. My take is that I am glad to have him back, he’s definitely going to help this team on faceoffs, on the PK (even if it’s by lightening the workload on the likes of Dubi and Cally), and I could even see him getting some second unit PP time down the road. Putting him on the 4th line will also allow Torts to more even roll all 4 lines, which benefits the team down the road. Also, I’m with Carp on his thought that his style of play meshes well with the style that this team’s been playing.

    Any takers on hot dog lips dropping the gloves with Dubinsky tomorrow night?

  157. Linda, they closed schools here on Monday because of the wind chill. It was only minus 10 to minus 20 with the windchill. That’s February up north. Hell, I’ve shoveled in minus 30 windchills before. Pansies down here.

  158. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    i guess they are still afraid. some time in the 80’s they had an ice storm down here, and since they have no sand or salt trucks, the city was shut down for like 4 days because the parkway and interstate froze over. They pretty much use up all their storm repair money for the high winds and tornadic activity (i love when the weather men say that!!!)

  159. miked, CT and Nasty will be at the game, I will be at warren, as will Nasty after, and hopefullly CT….you must come on down! and don’t forget to say hi to Carp if he’s there….

  160. Hi Guys,

    I am going to try extra hard no to be dreary when I am back on the ice tomorrow night! Shucks, I may even score a goal. It’s nice to see that I remembered for my LLWS win. It will always mean everything to me. I am Chris Drury, how dare any of you question my captaincy! EC is a fruit. I mean, even I know that.

    Since I haven’t played much hockey lately, I’ve been skating and cooking awesome delicious pizza. The pizzas have been tasty. Anyway, I am hoping if I give a few pizzas to Alex Frolov, maybe he can put a few in the back of the net. I’ve been dreary just watching him.

    So, I hope Blowzi doesn’t re-re-break my finger again. That would suck.

    Anyway, Let’s Go Rangers!

    #23, Chris Drury, Captain of the New York Rangers hockey club.

  161. We have been blessed with a visit from the captain on the eve of his return. This might be better than Santa Claus!

  162. That’s hilarious, Miami. Not bush league.

    Doodie, all I’m expecting for Festivus is to gather my family together and tell them all the ways they have disappointed me over the past year.

  163. zherdev is soft and a bad player. all you sportscenter fans there is more to a player then the highlights on tv. zherdev is soft, plays no defense, and is a clown.

    we saw him for a whole season, he sucked… he has ovechkin talent and eric christenson results… when the going gets tough he is gone. but hey drool over some highlight….

    btw staal will be the best d man on the ice tommorrow night…

    since when does the captain of a hockey team need to be there best player??? never… The drury hate is over the top ridiculous… he is a decent player and has come up big a ton in his career. I remember the goal against the rangers about 5 years ago to break our hearts, has zherdev ever gotten a big goal?????????????????

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