Rangers-Capitals in review



1) I know it was a little thing, but I thought it was an important piece of the game. With 4.8 seconds left in the first, Rangers up 1-0, Lundqvist was forced to cover a puck in the crease. Faceoff in the right dot. Ovechkin in the trigger position where, if the Caps win the draw, the puck goes to him and no way anybody can get there before he shoots. And with the Rangers’ ability on faceoffs, well … And Brian Boyle just does a Craig MacTavish and wins the draw, pulling it back harmlessly behind the goal line.

2) I guess Dubinsky thinks a little more highly of Ovechkin than he does of the league’s other, preferred darling (who, by the way, is up next).

3) Ovechkin=Monster. Even when he’s in the worst goal slump of his career.

4) If the Rangers can win two of the next three, start printing playoff tickets. OK, maybe not. But, seriously, if they win two of the next three, I don’t see them having one of those drop-off-the-cliff stretches they had several times last year. I really don’t. Will they lose three in a row at some point, maybe even four? Yeah, they will. And it’ll be Chicken Little time around here. But they aren’t going away (and I’m really starting to like my preseason pick of sixth place in the East; they might do better than that).

5) A lot of guys’ games are improving after slumps or slow starts or whatever: Anisimov, Stepan, slowly Frolov, Rozsival, Lundqvist, Fedotenko.

6) I didn’t see the broadcast so I don’t know what they showed or said about it, but I believe that Avery came out of the box so angry because Hendricks speared him in the you-know-whats. And if so, I don’t blame him at all.

7) The way Avery came out of the box dropping his gloves reminded me of a game in Florida. Bill Lindsay — remember him, noted agitator? — had elbowed Kevin Lowe in the head. I think Lowe had a concussion. Lindsay got a penalty, either a double minor or a major, I forget which. But shortly before his penalty expired, Jeff Beukeboom skated over to the penalty box door and stood there waiting for him to come out. And pummelled him the moment he came out. Gotta love Beuk.

8) Did Varlamov give up seven goals in that entire playoff series two years ago? (Answer: Yes, 7 GA in 6 games against the Rangers).

9) How good are Prust and Boyle? But Prust really shouldn’t fight with that shoulder … and he might be called on to do so this week.

10) I saw ex-Rangers George McPhee and Mike Knuble last night. I have good stories about both of them. Remind me to tell them.

11) Did you know (you probably do) that the Rangers lead the NHL in short-handed goals with seven?

12) I think I said this before. Marc Staal should be used in shootouts. Great, quick hands when he gets in close.

13) Dan Girardi must lead the league in Advil and icepacks. He took one off the ankle/foot last night, and on his way to the bench, got drilled again by another shot. He bounced right back from that submarine job by Ovechkin (I thought it was clean, maybe a little low). Boyle caught a few, too, especially while protecting the shutout late.

14) I actually have a lot more to say, but no time to say it. So we’ll talk later and tomorrow (about Drury, too).


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  1. They won the feats of strength last night.

    Just got an email that my heritage jersey from NHL.com that was due to arrive between sometime last week and tomorrow is now on backorder :(

    They can’t even tell me when it’s supposed to ship.

  2. They are indeed a much different team than last year. I said to book a finish top 5 in the East right after the fourth or fifth game, which they lost by the way.

    I just really hope that Drury’s return doesn’t mess up what they have going. He needs to fit in to what the rest of the team is doing. The danger is that some of the guys change their play and defer to him because of a captaincy reverence thing or some such nonsense.

  3. drurys return wont mess anything up, white will be coming out and hes a non-factor at best so drury couldnt be any worse….i dont see how drury, boogs, and prospal can all fit though

  4. Carp, love the thoughts you laid out here!!! Ovie does = monster!!! If he doesn’t submarine Girardi, no one ever boos him when he touches the puck!!! He’s such a great player but probably more erractic than sausage lips!!! Because he’s more physical than his whiney counterpart, his career won’t last as long. But as far as his stardom compared to Crosby, it’s night & day! Loved the Ranger effort and yet another, “coming out night” for Staal. He played a great game!!! The team played a tenacious, physical game. Wish Green played so our guys could’ve planted him into the boards a few times!!! AND there is no way this team will wilt down the stretch and yearn for a point lost early in the season. They will make the playoffs this year and not by shoot out!!!

  5. Not the brightest bulb announcing for the NHL channel last night. He ignored Ovechkin wearing visor, instigating fight, losing fight, and then found a way to tie it into cindy crosby saying that cindy fought in dallas which ignited the team into the massive hot streak.

    I lost count of the number of times in the game he mentioned crosby. I had to tell my son that cindy crosby wasn’t playing in the game last night.

    Jack Wagon.

    Now we have to beat a red hot Pittsburg team, in Pittsburg, by overcoming both Cindy Crosby…

    and the officiating.

    Tall Order.

  6. Thank you boys for FINALLY winning a game I was at and BOY was it a fun one to watch! Just grinded out the game and never let up like it was close scoring….what a treat! I hope they bring it for the rest of the week!

  7. Up 7-0 and still blocking shots. Got to love this team. Yes, they wanted a SO for Hank, but I think it’s also becoming their mentality. They don’t think about it, they just go and do it.

    I guess after some soul searching Torts realized that the best place to use AA is between Dubinsky and Callahan. And deploy them against the best opposing lines coupled with Staal-Girardi.. AA has shown that he can neutralize most of the opposing centers, even if he doesn’t score. Callahan and Dubinsky can pin the same line in their own zone for long stretches. And they can produce.

    The other advantage we have is our third line. Prust and Boyle win most of the battles against their lines. And they are physical.
    THe first line isn’t set yet, but having Gaborik pushes the opposing coaches into deploying their best D-men. That itself helps.

    I think Drury’s return will be good. As long as he isn’t deemed the first line center. Let him slide quietly into White’s spot on the fourth line, let him kill penalties and tale important faceoffs. That will give him enough icetime.

    Gilroy seemingly has lost his place on the team. Maybe it’s time for Slats to see if someone wants a puck moving defenseman in exchange of crease clearing D-man. Thoughts?

  8. morning gang!

    win feels even better on this frigid morning.

    i think dubi respects ovenchicken because he’s not a whiny litttle witch who hides behind the refs. that being said, gotta love the dubi is not afraid to take on the stars of the league, either physically or verbally. also, wednesday promises to be quite interesting.

    i might be the only one thinking this, but if drury wins a key faceoff from hot dog lips late in wednesday’s game, we will be happy he’s back.

  9. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    ilb, i think gilroy stays. it should be a very interesting offseason should Rozy be moved.

  10. Yes, Joekuh, I go back and forth on that one. Roszival has a very attractive contract next year for many teams. And I do believe he should be moved and Gilroy should replace him. On the other hand, Gilroy is a RFA next year, Eminger is an UFA. Not a sure thing of signing both. Having said that, the way Gilroy has been used doesn’t show too much confidence in him on Torts’ part.

  11. Anyone know why ovechkin doesnt get the 2 mins for instigating a fight with a visor on? Seems rediculous that these superstars keep getting special privaleges over and over.. even with everyone calling the leauge out it continues..

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Best game of the season.

    JT, he didn’t get the extra 2 minutes because he didn’t instigate.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh and someone noted that I didn’t post as my Pardon Me alter ego yesterday. I was at yesterday’s game, so need to prepare myself for Joe “Pardon Me” Michelletti.

  14. I think Gilroy should be moved this season and Rozsival in the offseason. McDonagh or Valentenko will be the 3rd pair LD with Eminger or another veteran being the other RD.

  15. Doodie,

    I obviously dont know what was said by dubi, but that pretty clearly looked like instigating to me.. he had both gloves off and was throwing punches before dubs could even drop his stick

  16. is anyone else tired of Michelletti drooling over ovie and cindy? as a local broadcast im getting really tired of “oh i really dont like the cheering” when ovie got hit with the puck…

  17. True Blue,

    I agree with you that joe needs to stop getting happy in the pants over all of the superstars that arent on the rangers (even his drooling over some of our guys is borderline suspect to me) but hes an ex-hockey player and a professional, hes right that its wrong to boo when someone gets hurts.

  18. As a general PSA, I hope no one is trying to order anything from NHL.com and have it received in time for Christmas. They are having major delays with their orders. My Callahan heritage jersey that I ordered on Black Friday is not due to ship until January.

  19. >>…hes right that its wrong to boo when someone gets hurts.

    Everyone saw that Ovechkin’s injury wasn’t that serious. I doubt anyone would have cheered had the puck hit him in the face.

  20. “6) I didn’t see the broadcast so I don’t know what they showed or said about it, but I believe that Avery came out of the box so angry because Hendricks speared him in the you-know-whats. And if so, I don’t blame him at all.”

    No blame either which way; Avery did his job once again!

    I don’t think it was so much about him getting speared. If the score is even or Rangers are behind it’s a different story.

    It was more about the Crapitals getting all chippy after every single whistle trying to save face/prove a point and starting fights @ the end of a game which was already decided. (a la Ovechkin jumping Dubinsky, et al.) The game lasted 3 freaking hours due to the Capitals being such crybabies about losing.

    This was one of the best beatdowns ever to a team in recent times that has tormented us. The Rangers answered the bell every time and got the best of them. They got owned in every aspect of the game, plus shutout, tried to send the Rangers a message and the Rangers shot the messenger.

  21. Wow Carp, you are really predicted Rangers sixth place in the East before the season started ????

    I am out of words now :)

    But you didnt predict Torts for the Adams trophy this season ?:)

  22. But by the way Torts..

    I have listened to his press conference last night and it´s seems to be Carp, that you are belonging to his favourite members of the media.. He mentioned your name, gave you an extra long answer to your questions…

    You should probably take advantage of this beneficence:)

  23. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    morning ILB and all!

    how frigid is it there actually? Gone to the “ditch” yet? Cool little bar call the blackthorn to hang out at if you like decent pizza (not too much around there if you haven’t noticed already) and darts!

    cool link.

    Like I said last night, just think how good this team would be with a crease clearing d man. This team always plays better when it fights!!!

    I only think the d man thing works if gilroy and rozy are dealt at some point. I still think pashinin has a shot next season on the blueline along with the 2 guys down with the whale and a slim chance to mcilrath (might be a bit early then). Nice problem to have.

    Prust is on NHL live today!!

  24. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    once again, nice write up and thanks!!

  25. Just a heads up that the Rangers currently have a great ticket deal going. You get 2 tickets to 3 games (you pick 3 from a list, seats are 100/200 level), a shirt, Blueshirts United membership, and an autographed puck for $485. So those are some $1-200 tickets for $80 each, plus all the free stuff.

    I just hope I get a Callahan, Gaborik, Staal, or Lundqvist puck, and not a Todd White, Erik Christensen, or Wade Redden.

  26. JBytes December 13th, 2010 at 10:48 am
    >>…hes right that its wrong to boo when someone gets hurts.

    Everyone saw that Ovechkin?s injury wasn?t that serious. I doubt anyone would have cheered had the puck hit him in the face.

    correct as a garden faithfull I dont think anyone and I mean even Cindy would get cheers if the puck would hit him in the face… it was a wrister that hit him in the area with very little or no padding

  27. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    chris f
    yep, the majority will!

    shelley suspended 2 games.

  28. 3CP, that’s one of the funniest plays i’ve ever seen.

    ilb and oleo, Why can’t Mcdonaugh and Gilroy both play next year as 3rd pair?

    Staal – Girardi
    DZ – Sauer
    McD – Gilroy

  29. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    sounds like you could use a few feet of snow!

  30. >>Bobby Ryan picks up Koivu’s stick, scores with it AND it’s the wrong hand.

    For once, the saying “only in hockey” truly stands.

  31. Yeah, something is definitely wrong with 82 degrees in December. It should be 95!

    [Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on.]
    [Some feel the heat and decide that they can’t go on…]

  32. 82 degrees in December is wrong – if you live on the east coast.
    Temperature here is going to drop tomorrow, 77 degrees is predicted.
    Actually after last nights 7-0 win I looked outside to see if it was snowing.
    I figured maybe another Festivus miracle !!

  33. i am not sold on emminger… trading gilroy is probably a little premature.
    i like sauers game for the long run also…drury for white cannot hurt, simply on pk and faceoffs alone…start drury on 4th line…..

  34. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Sauer is good! Give him the ice time and he can score. +9 on the Rangers and threw some hits last night.

  35. Tony- keep bragging, buddy. When was the last time you could watch the Rangers live and blog at the same time?

  36. Joekuh

    b/c Gilroy’s biggest asset was supposed to be his offense but it really hasnt developed. I think its best for him to go to a last place team like the Islanders, Oilers where they can afford to play him and give him the freedom to be creative and give him PP time.

    I just think there are better options for that price in 2011…

  37. Good morning, Sally, 26!

    Yeah, me and Torts go way back. Seriously.

    I wouldn’t be trading your seventh defenseman unless he brings back a seventh defenseman, because there will be injuries and apparently they don’t feel anybody’s ready in Reddenville. That depth is part of a team’s strength, like a backup QB.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Gilroy was just overhyped and overpaid. I said it when they signed him that it was crazy to give him the contract he got.

    He’s just a fringe NHL-er. At best, he’s a 4-5 defenseman who can handle a little PP time.

    I wish they would kick the tires on MA Bergeron. Left handed defenseman, booming shot on the PP, and could be had for a short term deal.

  39. Good afternoon all!!!!! Mama is back! I sadly (major grrrrrr) missed most of last night’s wonderfulness cause of some issues setting up the new toy, but I will be watching AND blogging on Wednesday!


  40. Carp !

    What do you think to write Torts`memoirs ??? Did he ask you to make an offer ???:)

    Well, I can imagine that could be very worthwile :)

  41. MA Bergeron can not be used in any other situation but PP. He is atrocious in his own zone. Gilroy may bring back #7 with some crease clearing ability, Carp. It just isn’t clear to me what are the long term plans on him. Torts may be a little discouraged himself despite being instrumental (as you mentioned) in bringing him in the first place.

  42. Doodie Machetto

    1) i hate when people call players who make under 2 mil overpaid, that is what it took to get him due to the market for him and his contract places 0 limitations on the team whatsoever. Whether he makes 500K or 1.75 mil, is completely irrelevant.

    2) as for Bergeron, the guy is horrendous defensively which is why its Dec 13th and he is still a free agent. unless you plan on converting him to a winger and playing him on the 4th line and PP specialist, he’s of no use to us especially at the price he wants.

  43. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    No way on bergeron. We need a crease clearer that plays in the starting 6, plain and simple!!

  44. Wicky, I think Sauer has been picking up some of that as of late. On the other note, Caps have Erskine, Hannan and somewhat Alzner to do just that. Well, it looked like all they could do is barely clear their own noses at the moment.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    As for Gilroy’s contract, the reason I said he was overpaid is because it contributes to his value on future contracts. I realize that his 1.75 makes little difference in terms of the actual amount available to this and last year’s cap, but it has different ramifications. First, it makes him less likely to be retained since it will inevitably have a bearing on what he is looking for in a future contract (nobody likes a pay cut). It also affected our pay scale on other contracts. When you sign a rookie player to a 1.75 million/year deal, it affects the salary scale for comparable players. What do you think Eminger and Sauer want after the season, or MDZ at the end of next year?

    As for Bergeron, yes, he is awful defensively. But are MDZ or Gilroy that much better?

  46. The crease clearer we get should be Cory Sarich from Calgary. He was one of Tortorella’s disciples from the Tampa Cup team.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    wicky, don’t you DARE call that an “Avery” hat trick. Avery can’t even hold the jock of a regular guy that can’t hold Howe’s jock.

  48. LA-Detroit should be a dandy tonight. Too bad it’s on VS. The other option, of course, is Islanders-Nashville :-)

  49. mdz is impproving and of course is 20 years old.

    doodie the point of the scale gilroy was initially signed at is valid. i just think having a extra d man around for the season in case of injury and bad play is not a problem.

    i thought playing gilroy as 7th d man and on 4th line when they can sit boogard is also a option that will help the team and help gilroy now or to increase value in a trade.

    again all many good young players on the big club; aa is a good player why torts runs hot and cold on him is confusing for me.

  50. Love how Dubi complimented Ovechkin — in stark contrast to his comments about the captain of the team they play on Wednesday. Good job sticking it to Crosby, and building the rivalry. Creating fan excitement is what they should all be doing.

  51. Doodie, do you really think that Glen the Honcho is aware about this ramification in handing out such a big contract to a rookie ?????

    I have no confidence at all in him to handle those stuff and the Rangers will always have problems staying under the cap under the tutelage of Sather !!!

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not saying MDZ or Gilroy don’t have higher upside than Bergeron (although, I think I may say that about Gilroy), but not to at least give the guy a shot? Pair him with a stay at home guy like Eminger or Sauer and maybe with some good coaching from Torts, he becomes less than dreadful at even strength.

    And I don’t think there is any denying his offensive abilities, especially on the PP.

  53. I think it was Dubi’s third Gordie Howe hat trick.

    According to wikipedia, Gordie Howe himself only had 2.
    While not official, Brendan Shanahan is believed to be the all time leader with 17.


    December 12, 2010 vs Capitals
    fought Alex Ovechkin
    1 G 1 A

    January 19, 2010 vs Lightning
    1 G 1 A
    fought Jeff Halpern

    November 24, 2008 vs Coyotes
    1 G 1 A
    fought Daniel Carcillo

  54. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    when I think of crease clearer, none of those three really come to mind. Erskine can play with grit for sure, but not really what I think of as a crease clearer. For what it’s worth, last night we did not exactly score a ton of goals from the crease area, so the clearing portion wasn’t exactly obvious.

    I like the way sauer plays and i’m not complaining about him at all, I just think we need that constant presence back there. A guy that had a rep like beuk or ulfie. Someone you knew would punish you back there. If we had a guy like that back there in rozy’s spot, we would be a much better team and even harder to play against.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, for the people who are pointing to his plus/minus (not that plus/minus is an accurate indicator of anything), other than his bad number on last year’s Canadiens, (a team that only had 4 guys with higher than a +5) he has only had minus years on truly bad teams, i.e., the 07-08 Islanders and the 06-07 Oilers.

  56. True Blue Mike on

    Vote for Sean Avery 30 times today if you can by sending a text saying “Avery” to 81812. New rankings come out tomorrow and we hope to have Avery in the top 10!!!!!

  57. crease clearing d-men are great, if they can actually play the game. besides Del Zotto (who gets a pass for his age), the rest of our defense is extremely solid including Rozsival.

    besides replacing White/Christensen with Drury and Prospal replacing Frolov, there really isnt anything else they can or should possibly do.

  58. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    howe was before my time, but meant no disrespect to him, avery seems to get them a bit more frequently than most (I think). Howe only had like one or two in his whole career which lasted forever, so i call it an avery hat trick or a maybe I should name it for shanny.

  59. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Macs rock.

    If they can actually play the game?? In all honesty, not sure what that statement is supposed to mean? Tie their skates? Know the rules? Figure out how to buckle their helmet? Permission from their parents?? If they have played hockey at all, it is probably a safe bet they know how to play the game!!

  60. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Now, if you are talking about are they one dimensional? How mobile are they? Questions like that, then that is valid, but again I’m pretty sure they all know how to play the game!

  61. The first goal.

    Great initial effort by Prust getting in deep on the puck and battling two Caps. As Carlson looks like he’s about to escape with the puck for the Caps, Boyle pounces quickly using his strength to cut him off. Then as Poti gathers the lose puck, Boyle, never giving up, spins around and steals it from him, keeping the play alive. It’s that kind of effort and determination that wins games, as well as the hearts of fans. It’s becoming the trademark of this team.

    But also give some credit to Frolov who IMO does a good job hedging his ‘third man high’ position as Poti joins in as a third Cap player low. He then jumps on a lose puck and flips it to Prust who scores.

  62. wicky- it was 6 above this morning witha windchill of about minus 10. felt just like ny in january/february. nada on that place. i will have to look it up though since u r right, the pizza around here sucks. ever had imo’s? its worse that dominos!

    gilroy- i dont get why they dont turn him back into a forward.

  63. With the fierce winds here, it was probably in the teens. I went out walking the dogs shirtless and it was gorgeous!! Beautiful wind, great weather. suits me perfectly!

  64. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    he didn’t did he?

    imo’s is horrible! Have you went to university city yet? If you do look at the tivoli theatre sign and then look closely at the name tivoli!!!

  65. Re: Gilroy.

    Either (1) Convert Gilroy to wing, and consider the fact that he could be an emergency D in case of injury during the game.

    (2) Package him in a deal for Tyutin. Toots has been a healthy scratch lately. He could be a low cost left shooting D we are looking for.

  66. With Drury coming back, and Brad Richards on his way, I would send Christensen and Gilroy to Columbus for Tyutin.

  67. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    not saying I agree or disagree with this, but send assets for him make sure you do get him (if he is the guy you really covet).

  68. No to Tyutin!

    Where does he play? Eminger has been solid, Del Z is the future, Danny G, and Stahl are locked in, Mike Saucer is playing too solid, Blowzy is always going to be the lineup, sadly.

    Sooo, what’s the point of getting Tyutin?

    Besides, instead of sending EC to the Blue Jerkoffs, I’d rather see him rot in Hartford :P

  69. It really does disgust me how the Rangers don’t have a defensive crease clearer and haven’t in years.

    Not talking about some guy who crosschecks someone to the face for being near the crease after the whistle but I could literally waltz in there and have my stick hacking away at Lundqvist’s mask unscaved. I’m not even joking it truly does disgust me.

  70. “With Drury coming back, and Brad Richards on his way, I would send Christensen and Gilroy to Columbus for Tyutin.”

    You must be slightly retarded

  71. “Sooo, what’s the point of getting Tyutin?”

    He’s a very good dman. The only point is if he had ties to NY or some chump talked it up on a message board. He is not coming back IMO.

  72. Healthy scratch in Columbus, like Gilroy is for us? I haven’t followed them because the word Columbus alone just puts me to sleep, but if he’s a healthy scratch there, then clearly he’s not playing good enough, so why trade anyone for him.

    I’m sure Toots is making just as much money, if not more than Gilroy. So, it’s pretty much a wash.

    Waste! No room for him. I’d much rather see a “Whale” get a shot over Tyutin.

  73. this is priceless!!

    How Islanders fans handled Quebec Nordiques invasion in Nassau

    • There were chants of “Nor-diques Na-tion!” coming from the front of Section 329: the back of 329 contains a handful of ardent Islanders fans in their early/mid-20s (they’re called Loudville), and they countered with a similar chant, but with no “R” in Nordiques.

    • Out on the concourse, and I think during the game, there were sing-song chants of “DEN-VER! DEN-VER! DEN-VER!” coming from Isles fans.


  74. Thanks wicky! But that was directed at Mama Mia!

    I see your point on Richards, but I wouldnt give up too much for him at this point. Our team is doing well; the addition of Drury and Prospal should help us.

    Im not one to call players a bust like 30 games into a season, but Frolov is a bust. He’s slower than Nik Antropov and has less skill than Nikki Z.

  75. the crowd did exactly the right thing last night. they realized 2 things. 1) that Ovechkin was not seriously hurt, just bruised by a shot, and 2) that it was his own buddy that shot it, so they were simply razzing hotshot for getting dinged by his own teammate

    and in listening to the Wash telecast, it was Craig Laughlin who defended the Rangers and the crowd all night. he was complimentary to the Rangers quite a bit.

  76. The point was EC is expendable, and Gilroy (who let’s face it, will not be back next year) has enough value to consider moving. Tyutin was pretty good when he was here. He was traded straight up for Zherdev. This isn’t a move that would shift the balance of power in the division, but would give us an NHL ready left Dman, somewhat physical, and would make COMPLETE roster sense with Drury coming back.

  77. I never said ANYTHING about trading Gilroy for Richards. Richards is coming one way or another. He will most likely come July 1. I am saying with Drury coming back, EC was expendable. And regardles of the day it happens, Richards is gonna push EC and another center off the roster (Boyle).

    EC and Gilroy in the short term for Tyutin make sense. Especially seeing how Carp has the NYR pegged for the 6th spot in the east.

  78. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Hey Carp… you got a shout out on http://www.espnnewyork.com on their Rangers tab!

    from the website:

    “Rick Carpiniello provides his thoughts on the rout, including a key play with under fives seconds left in the first.
    Also via Carpiniello, John Tortorella called the Dubinsky-Ovechkin bout, “good stuff,” and loves the way Marc Staal’s offensive game is rounding into form. “

  79. “The point was EC is expendable”

    LOL at his contract and the lack of centers we have even with Drursy coming back he is inexpendable (if that’s a word).

    You, sir, are slightly retarded.

  80. wicky- “send assets for him make sure you do get him (if he is the guy you really covet).”

    Unless Dallas were to sign him to an extension before trading him (which he would need to approve) how does sending ‘assets’ for him assure he resigns with the Rangers after this year?

    Or am I misunderstanding something?

  81. This Richards talk is just nonsense. Does anyone thinking we should sign him realize the cap situation? Or are we even more clueless than Sather signing Gomez and Drury to long-term deals?

  82. Stepan

    Dubinsky in event of any injury. Avery has played center. Todd White (who we can’t get rid of) is a center.

    Who’s the retard here?

  83. Keep an inconsistent center, and a guy that is scratched with an expiring contract OR get a lefty Dman that the NYR need?!?

    ummm. . .


  84. After this year Richards will have 11 years before he’s 42

    $9M x 2 years

    $8M x 3 years

    $7M x 2 years

    $1M x 4 years

    $60M over 11 years for $ 5.45M Cap hit

    ; )

  85. “6) I didn’t see the broadcast so I don’t know what they showed or said about it, but I believe that Avery came out of the box so angry because Hendricks speared him in the you-know-whats. And if so, I don’t blame him at all.”

    i had just wakled back into the room and saw the spear. thought it was Fahey at the time. whoops!!
    and i was VERY HAPPY to see Avery take on hendricks and then drive him extra crazy with another minute of verbal abuse.

    nice takes on the game Carp
    as usual

    gotta work

  86. And if we trade Dubi, Cally and Artie for him we’ll have the extra cap space we would have needed to sign them.

    Hey, this stuff’s pretty easy.

  87. ddebened – I think wicky is referring to a window being granted allowing the Rangers 72 hours or something of the like to sign Richards to an extension after an agreement to a trade, or to let the agreed trade fall through. Like what happens in other sports.

  88. NYR isn’t giving anything up for Richards, that is considered the CORE of the NYR. That is why I said July 1 is most likely. The point I was trying to make was that EC is expendable. He is USELESS in any game that has meaning, so there is no reason to keep him around. If the NYR make the playoffs, they need a lefty Dman that can play at the NHL level.

  89. Richards is a short term fix. With Dallas 2nd in the WC, it is highly unlikely that we can trade for Richards. I thought it was a good idea to trade for him when Dallas was out of it. I don’t want to sign him. He is a quick fix and has only a year or 2 left, if that. It makes a lot more sense to go after younger “elite” guys in FA like Parise, Semin, Stamkos…etc.

    I want the Rangers to contend for the cup for years to come. The future top line center on this team is Stepan (maybe even Artie with more time). I’d rather build a homegrown contender through drafting and development over time. We need to patient as fans and stay the course. We should be very excited about the future of this team. Sather has finally realized that it takes patience and FA signings are not the way to build a team. MZA is very close to being called up. V-Tank and McIlrath will become the crease clearers we desperately need. We haven’t even seen what kids like Kreider, Bourque, Thomas, Werek, Hagelin, and Horak can do yet. There is alot to look forward to and be excited about and none of it includes Brad Richards.

    Drury should play wing with Gaby and Stepan. We need someone who can finish to play with them.

  90. If Dallas was smart, they’d keep him, even if it meant losing him for nothing.

    Nobody in the NHL is going to give them exactly what they want for him, and every GM will take advantage of them, and force them into accepting a weaker package.

    It’s in their best interest to keep him for a run for the Cup. They’re going to need him. They’re better off with him this year.

    This isn’t Kovalchoke, or Bouwmeester getting traded from crappy teams to contenders. The Stars are surprisingly a good team.

  91. Plus, putting Drury with Stepan and Gaborik will help the face-off “situation” on that line.

  92. Orr, I agree that there is no sense rushing either of them since we are currently winning games and have enough spare parts. Let him and Grach continue to gain confidence up in Hartford. But, no doubt MZA could play in the NHL right now.

    Mats Zuccarello
    29 GP 12 G 10 A 22 PTS

    I believe he was scoreless through his first 6 or 7 games. Looks like he’s “adjusted” to the North American game just fine to me.

  93. snyrangersblog.com says that Dubi had a fourth Gordie Howe hat trick. It was the game where the Rangers blew the 5-0 lead. Why would I ever to forget that?

    February 19, 2008 vs Canadiens
    1 G 1A
    fought Mike Komisarek

  94. I know I may have fooled a lot of you with my brilliant posts but I am no hockey genius. However, I do realize that Mats Zuccarello is not Jason Krog. And yes, it is the American Hockey League. Thanks boneheads.

  95. thomthum… yeah… poor Howie… I think he’s patiently waiting for the day Sam retires so he can take over the Rangers Television Play-by-play…

    unfortunately for Howie and the rest of us that care… he only has the Mets to look forward too… = (


  96. Welcome back, mama! How’s your new iMac? which one is it?

    I missed a lot of trades today I see….

  97. There’s lots of *real* trade talk, if you know *somebody*, ilb. I can reveal that there will be one or possibly more than one trade at some point between now and the trade deadline.

    But that’s all I’m telling you Pujols.

    Willie Mitchell back tonight, apparently.

  98. Any decent news on why he isn’t a Ranger, LW? It’s becoming a mystery of this century. Perhaps we should chip in and hire a PI?

  99. I am at a loss as to why everyone seems to want to get rid of Gilroy. The guy is nothing but fast! In that game last night he was like a runaway locomotive going thru the caps line to behind their net, smashing a guy there and then like a dart he was back in his own zone helping out on the D. incredible speed. Why not start taking advantage of it? They give more ice time to several plodders who can’t seem to get out of the slush.

  100. fran, Gilly is a great skater and has improved his defense tremendously over last season. It is not fair to him that Eminger is ahead of him on the depth chart. If it stays this way, he deserves to, at least, get a chance to play up front on the wing. Unfortunately, his time is running out and I don’t think he fits into the NYR long-term plans. But who knows, maybe he takes a pay cut to stay…after all, he is ahead of McDonut and V-tank on the depth chart…

    It is a shame that Gilroy is a waste of talent right now and doesn’t have much pro experience. We can’t get something valuable for him in a trade unless other players/picks are involved.

  101. Gilroy sucks!! and so does Stahl, Dublowsky, Anisimov and Softqvist! They should all be traded for Richards, Witt and Carey Price! and also, we should really find out why Willie Mitchell isn’t here yet! thanks!

  102. Gilroy needs to be traded because for some reason Torts isn’t giving him much of a chance. I have no idea why. He was one of the guys who talked him into signing here.

    It’s only fair to trade him to a team that will actually play him. As it is, he just doesn’t have a place in the lineup, and he’s too young to be sitting week in, week out.

  103. Eli needs to sit upstairs and and write a byfuglien 10 page hand written single spaced essay on how to play byfuglien QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I wasn’t saying do the deal, I was simply trying to say if richards is the guy we really want as an organization, then better to give up some assets to get him than a chance at not getting him in July. And like tiki said, we would need to have some sort of agreed upon contract or its a no go.

    In the end it is really simple, if as a team you want a guy bad enough and do not want to risk someone else jumping in and getting him on 01 July, then give up something and get him before then!

  105. You don’t get Richards (or any other impending UFA) before the trade deadline for any other reason than to help you this year.

    If you want a shot at signing him before 1 July, then you’d have to give up much less to acquire his rights after the season. Even then, I’d think the chances of a player giving up his UFA status weren’t great. Half the league acquired but couldn’t sign Dan Hamhuis last year and I can’t think of too many occasions it has happened other than when the Flyers getting Timonen and Hartnell and the Lightning getting Malone. And all were arguably overpaid to get them to sign.

  106. lol Lindy
    Maybe Tiki should pay Sanchez to not attend the Jets game

    from 30 thoughts
    That Washington loss in New York (7-0 Rangers) was so bad, I thought Mike Shanahan was coaching.

  107. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Evenin’ saucer passers. Are you feelin’ 7-up today?

    Hi Linda!

    Let’s go Giants!

    Sire Father!

  108. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Hiya Headzo!!!

    lol @ saucer passers, that’s gonna stick around!! You’re full of quips already!!

  109. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Well Linda my GF is away this week on business so flying solo…accompanied by a cold, some home work, the g-men, and the boneheads!

    Can we put Dubi in for Eli?

  110. ddebened and Linda and any other NFL fan –

    Mark Sanchez is not a bad quarterback. He is in his 2nd year starting, has been inconsistent at times, but has also shown the ability to make the throws necessary to win, to lead his team back in the 4th quarter, and the ability to manage games.

    Here’s what I am getting at, it’s not Sanchez that should be blamed for his inconsistency. It’s the coaching.

    As I said, New York teams can look great one day and look terrible the next. It’s all due to lack of coaching and lack of preparation by coaches. Which leads to lack of awareness by players.

    Sanchez is a product of terrible and predictable play-calling by Schotty. Like father, like son, both horrific coaches that both get overrated by the media.

  111. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    well, if MDZ has to write a paper, then Sanchez and Eli have to, and the entire Mets organEYEzation. And the Yankee braintrust for twisting Jeters berries.

  112. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    and schotty and the asshat who tripped the dolphin guy! And exactly how many passes did the Jets drop yesterday? I only saw a little bit of the game and saw 2, and was shocked one was Cotchery!

  113. New York has the most mismanaged teams in all of sports. These Jets are the same old Jets. Rex Ryan – I like him and his attitude – is a coward and a buffoon. He spent time burying the game ball from last Monday night, but didnt prepare his team for this Sunday. He talks about getting off to a good start in games, and yet we have gotten off to slow starts in 8-10 games this year. He talks a lot, but prepares his team very little.

    His and the Defensive Coordinator’s most glaring lack of preparation comes in the form of our lack of pressure. We can send 8 guys and not get a bit of pressure on the opposing QB, but other teams just send their front four and collapse our O-line.

    We dumped Danny Woodhead, knowing he was a perfect fit for a short-pass Patriots team.

  114. Linda is correct. Sanchez was the victim of numerous dropped passes yesterday. Again, lack of awareness by players caused by lack of coaching.

  115. Yanks should have to write “We will not twist Jeters berries” a thousand times on the blackboard

  116. Linda is correct again. The Jets could and should be 2-4 losses worse than we currently are. Poor coaching and we’ve gotten away with the poor coaching until last Monday night.

  117. I know some people hate to chat negative after a win, but here are a few comments:

    1. The last two games, Rosival has played poorly; in particular, soft play. He is giving up the puck and appears incredibly body-shy

    2. DelZotto appears to have his confidence shaken a bit. I don’t think he is a favorite of Torts. Torts has intimated ego issues with MDZ.

    3. Cindy Yes, the game was on the NHL network but did the Jack Wagon announcer have to reference Crosby’s name so many times? Even though Crosby did not play for either the Capitals nor the Rangers, he was mentioned more times than Marion Gaborik’s name. This is a pattern for NHL broadcast AND versus games.

    4. “The Great Eight” as he calls himself: wore a visor and was clearly the instigator in an unprepared Dubinsky, who got in 3 right hands to the face of a never-handsome Ovetchkin. I do like that Dubi says kind things about him while calling Cindy a cry baby.

    For some positives:

    Blocking shots after being up 5-0
    Stepan played well, if quiet
    Staal is playing like an All Star shut down nasty dman who LAUGHED at Oveckin
    Callahan: Prediction:

    from age 28-33, he will have 6 straight 30 goal seasons. He is a solid talent in the NHL. Imagine what his work ethic would have looked like in a young Alexi Kovie?

  118. Oh, ok, Mark Sanchez isn’t a bad QB?! In the NFL he is!!!

    The Jets have scored something like 9 total points in 4 games against teams .500 or better. What a disgrace. Have you seen this kid (attempt to) throw? Amateur hour. Frighteningly bad. Hits the other teams DBs in the numbers at least once a game, so horrendous they drop it because they just can’t believe it. How could Brunnell be any worse? Earth to Rex?!

    Wilie Mitchell jokes? Rangers were interested; you jackwagons (I happen to know you like that word) think what you want.

    MZA’s not ready but not far off. Tortorella and Schoenfeld discussed him the other day.
    Not a scoop of any kind, one of the beat writers had it.
    I just think Boyle with MZA would be dynamite. Boyle’s been scoring with Prust and Fedotenko, two of the least gifted offensive players in the league. Get him some speed and scoring ability, open some ice with Boyle’s size, they could be fun to watch.

    6-foot-7 and 5-4!

    Tyutin? CB won’t bite on Gilroy. But for a pick? Why wouldn’t you? He’s the guy missing from their young core that’s maturing before everyone’s eyes. Also allows them to move Rozsival (somewhere), freeing up salary and m-a-y-b-e helping pave the way for Richards.

  119. SanAntonio Holmes:

    “There is no explanation for it,” said Holmes, “Inexcusable. Coach has got to let me know that if I’m wide open in the endzone the ball might land right in my bread basket. I was not aware of that”

  120. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    And BTW – F Brett Favre!

    NHL sucks Crosby’s ass, & the NFL does the same to Favre

  121. ddebened –

    Awareness is gained through discipline. Our players are not taught discipline by the coaches. Therefore, they dont have discipline or awareness.

    Rod Lurks – You are a piece of trash. Get the fugg off this site you worthless dirtbag. Mark Sanchez led us to the AFC CG last year by managing games. Going into last Monday night, Sanchez only had 8 INTs on the year, probably about 10 less than Peyton Manning. All Sanchez needs is better play-calling and better preparation.

  122. Ha Ha Tiki (Nice mouth, internet tough guy punk), WHAT A JOKE TO SAY THAT.

    “Going into last Monday night” !!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!

    “Sanchez, the fourth-lowest passer rating (74.2) and third-lowest completion percentage (53.3) among NFL quarterbacks.”

    Sanchez needs the USFL.

  123. Tikki,

    Sorry. I nearly forgot SANCHEZ’ FUMBLE!!!

    But this is a hockey site, right? Sometimes?

    When you’re not being all gangsta?

  124. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    c’mon, don’t get sucked in!

  125. Rod Lurks – You’re the internet tough guy. Im just standing up to the bully.

    What Sanchez could use is better play-calling, receivers that actually catch balls, and better preparation.

    What you need is someone that will buy into your lies. You wont be finding that here.






  127. My bad, Caps are playing NJ next week. Pitssburgh- Philadelphia tomorrow. Too bad I won’t be watching- mrs. birthday tomorrow. Are you watching Detroit- LA? Detroit is totally dominating, but they are down 2-0.

  128. wick-
    I didn’t think you were saying do the deal. The way I see it you’ll have to give up something to Dallas, THEN you’d have to pay a premium to Richards to have him pass on free agency.
    You’re paying for the right to overpay.

    ilb- Wish the Mrs a Happy 26th Birthday

  129. Play Gilroy sit Rosi it’s now a game of speed, best of a situation that doesn’t include a smash mouth d-man.

  130. Thanks, dde, will do.

    There are many reasons not to go after Richards before July 1. I also highly doubt they are trading him. Even if Dallas loses him after this season, they may keep him if for no other reason but to get deep in the playoffs and increase their revenue to make the team more attractive to a new buyer.

  131. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    the mrs birthday is tomorrow? Had no idea!

    you make a valid point my friend!

  132. I believe that as well, ilb- playoff games are pure gravy for the owners IIRC
    I also believe the chances of us trading for him are in inverse proportion to how much we talk about it -it’s a law of nature

  133. Orr, in terms of Gilroy’s playing time – IMO, I really think it is Sather and not Torts who behind it. Torts likes Gilroy but I think Sather is high on Eminger. If it were up to Torts, Boogaard and Eric Christensen would be gone and Eminger would be the 7th d-man. Kennedy probably would have been a Ranger.

  134. Evening gang!

    wicky- we ordered imo’s at work for lunch one day and it was horrible! I nearly gagged it was so bad. Thank god for Racanelli’s (which says it’s NY Style when it clearly isn’t,but it’s really good). I’ve seen the Tivoli’s sign! My friend pointed it out to me when we went down there for dinner one night. I have never giggled so hard in my life!

    ilb- happy early 26th to the mrs!

    Bringing back Tyutin wouldn’t be the worst move that Sather has made.

  135. I got 27 out of 30.

    I kept typing “Dough Weight” by accident. I also kept screwing up Lecavalier’s name, the “Nicklas” on Lidstrom, and the “Brenden” on Morrow, and Alfredsson’s stupid last name.

    I missed out on the Panthers, Sabres, and Preds captains.

    Fuggin weirdo names!

  136. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I missed one frakking guy…I was just typing last names

  137. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    i should have missed two, but it gave me ladd at the end.

  138. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    i thought i didn’t hit enter in time for ladd.

  139. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    i cant take credit for that C3, got it from FB lol…. me, you,mako and sally should all chip in a quarter each! Maybe work on a Tavares for Frolov deal eh?

  140. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    got 68 out of 150 on the last one orr

  141. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    only missed nylander on the rangers

  142. Roszival has ALWAYS been shy about body contact. It’s not a new phenomenon. Yet even the great Renney could not bring himself to sub someone else in his place with a bit more, ah, determination? Which leads me to think that some one in higher authority keeps him clanking along like a car with bad rings, and awaiting a total disaster to occur. ( Which he is perfrectly capapble of producing. He had a nice run for a while, when the other guys were doingthe heavy lifting, but he’s become awfully shy again. And I saw something in Gilroy’s demeanor the past couple of nights when he got on the ice that surprised me. Real top drawer ANGER, and with a touch of mean behind it. I get the impression that he is
    of a mind to do some physical damage to someone, and it won’t be long before he erupts.

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