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Hi kids. Will have Torts quotes in a few …

First: Boogaard’s shoulder injury is worse than day-to-day. Not sure how bad, but not day-to-day, the coach said. Eminger was feeling much better this morning, and he’ll be a game-time decision. If he plays, Gilroy comes out.

Drury will have x-rays tonight. So we should have an idea on how much longer he’ll be out.

Lundqvist starts in goal again. 

And I saw your buddy, Joe Beninati downstairs.

Back in a little bit.


John Tortorella:

On whether he’s heard anything from the league about the Matt Carkner incident:

“No. No. And I don’t really care.”

On Lundqvist playing after that bad goal late in the game:

“We don’t want him sitting on it. We gave them 10 scoring chances last night. I thought we played probably one of our better games in the last while. Hank talked about his game, and we don’t need to talk about it any more. We certainly don’t want him sitting on it.

“We were planning to play him anyway in these two games here in order to allow him to try to get some flow here and get some consistency in his game. So he’ll battle back tonight.”

Asked if that goal should never go in:

“Never. Never. Never. Hank knows that, too. (You see it),  but not below the goal line. It can’t be at that time. Though, I think one of our players talked about it, we scored a garbage goal against Ottawa. It wasn’t behind the goal line, it was on the goal line; Erik Christensen’s to tie it up.

“It’s happened. But I don’t care what’s happened. It can’t go in for us, especially at that time. That’s some of the concern that I have. It’s the timing of that type of goal that, as a coach, you really have to worry about. And Hank will bounce back.”

On the PK: 

“Last night, Cally’s in good position, he just doesn’t get his stick. It’s kind of a busted play where he takes the first shot and it comes right back to him and they throw it right back toward the net. Cally’s in good position, just didn’t get his stick. We’re going to have our hands full with their power play tonight. It hasn’t been dead-on, but they’re a dangerous group. We go over it every day. We go over the good and the bad as far as what we’ve done before. We’re always addressing our special teams. I think we’ll be OK. We just can’t be in the box a whole bunch tonight because they have some dangerous people there.”

Stan Fischler asked about using Brian Boyle on the power play:

“You want to coach now, Stan? Is that what you’re trying to say? (he was smiling).

“I have. I’ve used him in front of the net. Actually, I like the way our power play has moved the puck as of late. We’ve been using Gabby with Cally and Erik, and Fedotenko has been getting some time there; made a great play with Staalsie. There are times when I do use him, but the six or seven guys I try to stay involved with, I’m going to continue, because I think it’s coming. I think we’re getting better looks, we’re getting more consistent looks. We had some chances. We make a great play late in the game, shooting for Frolov’s stick for a tip and he makes a great save on that.

“So it’s in our mind with Danny … Danny Boyle? Power play, Danny Boyle? (Brian Boyle) is in the mix.”

On how far off Lundqvist has been:

“Oh, I don’t know. We were trying to get him through it when I was playing Marty and we wanted Hank to work on his game. I still don’t think it’s at the level it needs to be. So we’re trying to have him play through this, and that’s why we’re playing him quite a bit here. He shouldn’t be tired. He has plenty of rest. And he will, he will come back. We’re trying to get him in a flow, and he will.”

On Gilroy/Del Zotto:

“DZ played better than Gilly last night. It’s a different type player. I thought Gilly struggled a little. It was a quick game and I thought he struggled with the speed a little bit. But Gilly hasn’t played poorly. DZ’s a lefty and DZ’s in more situations than Gilly. We feel the six, if we sit out Gilly as a seventh, we feel the six are the six, they’re above him right now.”

Compared Rick Nash to Alex Ovechkin:

“You have to consider then similar players because Nash can beat you bulling to the net, Ovechkin can do that. They’re all over the ice. They’re willing to hit, they’re willing to take a hit. That’s what I’ve always respected about Ovechkin. Nash is the same way. They’re hard players.

“I think we’ll see a little more of Danny Girardi on Ovechkin rather than Marc Staal on Nash. But, hey, these are two quality players. We will play Ovechkin-Semin-Backstrom tonight, then we’ll play Crosby. Marc and Danny, who were outstanding last night against Nash, they’ll have their hands full. Our whole team will because it can’t be just those two. It has to be a team defense, especially against a team like Washington.”

On if he’s happy with the job Staal and Girardi have done against opponent’s top players:

“Yes. Yes. Very.”

Tortorella had some really good, very funny, off-the-record back-and-forths with the media throughout the press conference.

And Jesse Spector said that the players say the reason they are successful in back-to-backs is they keep it simple, so why don’t they keep it simple in the other games?

“They have to say something to you. We don’t change much. We’ll have a couple of things, a couple of wrinkles because of some of the quality players and some of the tendencies they have. But we’re a team that is going to be successful by being simple. If we try to complicate it and try to add too much, it hurts our game. We’re a straight-ahead team, we’re trying to develop our team that way and not try to overcoach.

“And you should tell the players that, ‘That’s bull-(carcillo) what you’re saying to me, that we play simple.’ Because they have to give you an answer. 

Andrew Gross said, if we say that to the players, they’ll never talk to us.

“Then I’ll have to talk to you more,” Tortorella said.

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  1. And that’s it….. for this first STANZA…. The “great 8” unable to ripple the twine….

  2. retirebradpark's#2 on

    LW#H – I think you’re being facetious, no?

    This is exactly the kind of game that goes wrong, with Ovechkin and Semin lighting us up and Hank with the 1000 mile stare, as Sam and Joe say, “I guess the Caps have broken out of their slump.”‘

    And if they have a first-year player, maybe we’ll hear, “That’s the first NHL goal for Joe Lipschitz.”

    Sorry for the pessimism. I’m beaten down by 40 years of third line players, mid-level draft picks, god-awful free agents, terrible management, and rained-on expectations.

    And I’m eternally grateful for 1994. Apparently that one will have to last a lifetime.

  3. Have to admit I was hoping Biron would get the start tonight.
    The only thing worse than Hank at MSG vs the Caps is Hank in Montreal.

  4. Facetious? Moi?

    I’d also pick the 4th line scrub to score a hat-trick/the GWG/shootout spinorama goal, but Orr is so much better at doing that…

  5. the big worry is that the Caps are overdue for a good game. they have lost 5 straight, but have won 3 straight at MSG, with 15 goals scored. so, it will take a big effort tonight by the Rangers to overcome the odds.

  6. Booger was a total waste. I thought maybe it was just a coinkky-dink, but even Wild fans are saying he doesn’t look the same.

    He hasn’t been that dominating. Orr benefited from the weight loss, but it doesn’t seem like Booger has.

    I hear we have a pretty good goon in Hartford. I think his name is “Wade”. Never heard of him. He must be making the league minimum, right?

  7. Enough of the BS against Hank.

    Without Hank, our team is nothing. Start Biron in 70+ games and this team is 10 games under .500

    Start Valiquette in 70+ games and this team is 50 games under .500.

    Start Ryan Miller in 70+ games and this team is at .500.

  8. It is not a phony choice of a #1 vs his backups. it is about Henrik coming down off his high horse and listening to criticism that rightfully points out that he refuses to tweak his techniques, to eliminate the soft goals by playing the angles properly, by using all of his crease, not just being mr goal line planted butterfly.

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