Jackets-Rangers in review



1) That was one of the rare ones this season where the Rangers did almost everything they planned to do, and still lost.

2) I am not one to normally give the other goalie credit. I think too often that’s an excuse. Too often a goalie looks good because you didn’t do enough to get pucks at him or by him. But this was an exception. Mason was a difference-maker in this one.

3) Rick Nash=Monster. Still, until the empty-netter, I thought the Rangers did a fabulous job on him.

4) Those terrible-angled goals from behind the goal line, or near the goal line in the corner, are becoming an absolute epidemic for all these goalies who are so quick to go to their knees. That one by Lundqvist last night was crushing, obviously.

5) I thought some Rangers had very strong games including Alex Frolov, who played, in my opinion, his best game of the year by far; and Michael Del Zotto, back from his homework assignment; Ruslan Fedotenko, again.

6) In Frolov’s case, I wonder if he’s hearing the captain’s footsteps and the promise of John Tortorella that it won’t be kids coming out of the lineup with Chris Drury and Vinny Prospal return.

7) I think Matt Gilroy has to stay in the lineup because the Rangers really need some skill back there, especially given the opponents this week. But if Eminger is ready, I’m sure it will be Gilroy who comes out.

8) This week is really going to paint a picture of the 2010-11 Rangers, starting tonight.

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  1. FIRST because im the only A-hole at work 7am on a Sunday morning. This coulda been the game that starts the downward spiral kids. Good effort of not.

  2. Oh by the way- got rearended this morning on the way to work. hit and run and i’m going to need a bumper. luckily no one was hurt.

    back to business though- In response to some of the stuff I saw last night and what is sure to continue today- I understand that was a bad goal let up by Lundqvist but like a few guys said- kinda hard to win when you can’t score. As usual Dubinksy as gotten quiet offensively after he started off pretty hot. He, Boyle and Callahan just aren’t consistent enough scorers. Especially if Gabby isn’t netting them regularly.

    -Can’t wait til Drury gets back just from a faceoff perspective.

    -At this point I’m hoping Prospal comes back and is able to contribute too.

    -Knowing Torts, my guess is after this loss we’ll see Christensen back on the top line, Stepan on the 4th, Avery centering Fedetenko and Boyle, Prust on D and Gilroy on the left side on Gaborik’s line ..and I’m only being semi-sarcastic.

    Carp- Do you think Staal and Girardi stayed paired for tonight?

  3. Good morning, boneheads!
    Good post, Carp.
    Maybe the outcome would be the same last year. The BJs were very physical and last year the Rangers would buckle under the physical pressure and wouldn’t be able to contain Nash as well as they did last night. Or maybe Hank would win it for us last year by standing on his head all game long and stopping all three shots is SO. Who knows? The point is that they are playing better than last year’s team, they are more mature and are going in the right direction. But the point also is that this team isn’t going to even make the playoffs unless Hank regains his form. Let alone contending. The team isn’t deep enough yet. I happen to believe he will.

    Having said that, one has to notice the healthy cushion that exists between 8th and 9th place in EC at the moment. There is no reason to panic and make dumb trades that would sent our young assets elsewhere. Stay the course. Nobody will ask for Frolov or White. They will all want our young assets. The way this team is playing, they will make the playoffs. Providing Hank regains his form.

  4. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Staal + Girardi are always paired against the Ovy line. That said, I really hate them paired together.

  5. I thought the Rangers had good overall effort last night. It was a real physical go around, and they were up to the task. Fluke goals like that really take the wind out of the sails. Its real tough when you are batteling so hard, and just holding your own. I thought the defence played Nash well. Nash brought his A game last night. I happily agree with Carp, Frolev was a lot better last night. As Torts would say his battle level was much higher. He had been so bad at times I was beginning to wonder if he had a good game left in him. Could be he is a little worried about the captain returning. Hopefully they will have the same effort tonight with better results.

  6. Good points in the previous posts BUT wouldnt it have been nice to have a PP PLEEEEZZZZ its getting sad now. The Blue Jackets couldnt stop anything in their previous games . now they look like world beaters coincidence,luck ? no our PP sucks and they keep marching out the same suspects. WAKE THE unknow what UP

  7. 29 other teams passed on Frolov this summer when all it took was money. That’s why the Rangers got him at a one year deal. It was a risk/reward deal not all of them work out.

    White is the likely suspect to go down when Drury returns. Maybe Frolov’s spot is Prospal’s to take when/if he returns.

  8. As for Lundqvist, the alarming part this season is that he’s mixing in as many shaky performances with vintage ones. Still, I give him the benefit of the doubt over almost any player on the team. And he doesn’t shy away from responsibility when he has an off-game. Funny that the Rangers get gifted a bad angle goal to put them back in the game against the Sens and they’re on the opposite side of it against the Jackets. Odd things happen over the course of 82 games.

  9. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on


    I have a good feeling about tonights game. Or maybe its a bad feeling from that horrendous CiCis Pizza we had yesterday.

    I know most of you probably don’t want to see Fankist return, but I hope he’s back soon, if only to see his exhuberance when he scores, AND, of course, his tan, which is in the George Hamilton Tanning Hall of Fame.

    James, sorry to hear about your accident this morning, this year cannot end soon enough.

  10. agreed CT. At this rate Frolov is heading to play in Russia after this season. No one’s going to take him. He’s gonna wind up riding the press box when Prospal comes back.

  11. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    that sucks x2!!

    cici’s is harsh!

    did someone say fankist??

  12. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Did anyone see the goal DP gave up for the fishies? He wasn’t even looking!! LMFAO!!!

    Don Cherry a gimmick in a gimmick line cracked me up (the shoot out IS such a stupid gimmick/skills competition).

    Speaking of Don Cherry, did anyone see Coach’s Corner a couple of weeks ago with the clip of the guys playing hockey in England in WW2 on 8mm? Pretty cool!

    Brooks needs to get beat up at the bus stop again, he’s an idiot!

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